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00:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:09 girls and boys. We live for him around the world, we
00:14 spread love and joy, we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:19 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
00:23 around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda,
00:31 I'm so glad that you've come today.
00:34 Georgie, the boys and girls are here.
00:37 Oh he is so happy that you're here,
00:38 wave to them Georgie? Yes, Georgie is so
00:43 happy, Kitty cat is happy too.
00:46 Oh yes, but you've made someone else
00:49 very happy because you've come today.
00:52 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:57 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
01:02 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:04 Jesus knows your name
01:07 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:12 Jesus is happy. Oh! Freddy is happy
01:15 that you're here too. He's hungry and he
01:18 knows that when you come he gets some
01:20 good fishy food. We won't give him too
01:23 much will we, just a little bit because we
01:25 love him, here we go Freddy.
01:29 I'm glad today, I'm glad today
01:33 For dear Freddy I'm glad today
01:37 Thank you God in heaven.
01:43 I know he'll like that, yes, got a phone call,
01:49 that's exciting. Lets see who it is.
01:54 Hello, this is Auntie Linda, oh hi Caitlin.
01:59 Oh that makes me happy too, oh yes.
02:06 Oh that'll make Jesus happy; you have a good
02:11 day and thank you for calling bye-bye.
02:15 That was Caitlin Sealy, she said that Jesus loves
02:20 her so much, and she's so happy that Jesus
02:24 loves her that she is gonna be a good girl for
02:27 her mommy and her daddy all day long,
02:29 isn't that wonderful? I love Jesus too don't you?
02:35 Oh! Thank you Kitty for reminding me that
02:38 it's time to ring our worship bell,
02:41 you are such a good kitty.
02:43 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
02:49 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
02:55 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:04 Well Georgie, I think you need to go sit by
03:07 Kitty cat because it's a special time now,
03:11 when we get to see what's in our worship box.
03:15 I'm so excited; I wonder what's in it today?
03:19 Oh! I love presents don't you?
03:22 Oh! We have a special letter in our box.
03:28 Oh! This letter is from Michael, and this is a
03:33 picture of his mommy and his daddy.
03:38 Can you believe, isn't that special?
03:41 Well Michael wrote a letter, we're gonna read
03:44 what Michael wrote and his mommy helped him write it.
03:49 Dear Auntie Linda, this is why I love my
03:54 mommy so such, she takes care of people
03:58 when they are sick or hurt.
04:00 And I said hooray mommy, you are a
04:04 nurse, I'm proud of you, love Michael James,
04:08 he's two years old. And here's another he
04:11 wrote on this side too, this is where his
04:13 mommy wrote, and he put all kinds of pit
04:16 stickers on it. Well thank you Michael,
04:19 that was really special of you to send
04:21 a letter to Auntie Linda. I think there is
04:24 something else in our box, let's see what it is.
04:29 Someone else sent us a letter;
04:32 oh this is a very special letter from Jesus.
04:38 Do you know why Jesus sent us this
04:40 special letter? It's because he loves us so much.
04:45 Can you sing "Yes, Jesus loves me"
04:48 I want you to sing real loud okay
04:50 'cause he loves you so much.
04:53 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
05:00 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
05:08 I'm so thankful that Jesus loves us so much
05:11 and he gave us the Bible. Let's just kneel down
05:15 and thank him for loving us, okay.
05:17 Can you bend your knees, okay bend your knees.
05:22 I will bend my knees, fold your hands.
05:27 I will fold my hands, bow your head,
05:32 I will bow my head, close your eyes real
05:36 tight, I will close my eyes and very,
05:42 very quiet be while our prayer is said.
05:48 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for loving us
05:53 and for writing us a letter and giving us the
05:57 Bible that is so special. Thank you for
06:01 Michael's letter too. We love you Jesus, amen.
06:08 I just love talking to Jesus, he is so special
06:12 and he loves us so much. You know what;
06:15 we've got a lot of fun things
06:17 planned today for you.
06:19 But, right now let's go see Farmer Mike, okay.
06:25 Hey kids let's go to the barn.
06:30 Well Miss Jeanie I sure appreciate your coming
06:32 over because I just bought these chickens,
06:35 and I don't know a thing about them
06:37 and you've raised them for years.
06:38 Yeah I've raised several of these; these are nice
06:40 breed of chicken. These are called silkie
06:42 chickens, and you won't have
06:43 any problems with them. Well I'm especially glad
06:46 that you came today because guess who is
06:48 gonna come and see me? Are the kids coming today?
06:50 Anytime now, oh wonderful.
06:52 Farmer Mike! Oh! Here they are, here they are.
06:55 Hi guys, hi Miss Hannah. Hi how are you? Good.
06:59 It's nice to see you again.
07:00 You too, we have been having so much fun and
07:02 we were excited about coming today.
07:04 Oh good, okay what are these?
07:05 I might sit over here, so they
07:06 can sit by the chickens. What did you got today?
07:08 Let me get up here Noah and you sit here
07:10 where I was at because I want you to see that
07:12 chicken right there in this way.
07:14 We have, now what did you ask me Auntie Linda?
07:17 What do you have, what are these?
07:18 Well she is gonna tell, us about him close.
07:20 She has raised these for a long time they are
07:22 called silkie chickens and she can tell you a
07:24 lot more than I can. But, I'm sure I'm glad
07:26 to have him here on the farm.
07:28 You're right Hannah, they are silkie chickens.
07:31 They are silkie chickens, the white one here is a
07:34 rooster, and I don't know if you can see but
07:37 their feathers are very different, instead of
07:39 being like a normal chicken, they're little
07:41 bitty skinny things and they kind of puff out.
07:44 Oh! They are. And the black one that Farmer
07:47 Mike has is a hen. And a rooster is a boy,
07:51 a hen is a girl. Let me hold this hand
07:53 up here, 'cause they're starting to get kind of
07:55 warm, I've been holding them so close there.
07:58 Now then, go over and pet the white one too.
07:59 See, aren't they pretty? Yes, I'm not sure but a
08:03 long time ago woman would were boas and
08:05 wrap them around their necks that were real
08:07 fluffy and I think maybe these with the
08:09 type of feathers that they used to make those boas.
08:12 They sure are beautiful that's for sure,
08:14 yes and they are very different,
08:15 they're very different. These guys, you can
08:19 just let them run around out in
08:20 your field during the day. Do you here that?
08:22 They can just run around out in the field,
08:24 I like to run around too. Yeah, these guys do too.
08:27 Now what about when it gets dark at night,
08:28 do they stay out in the field?
08:29 Now at night when it gets dark they should come in.
08:32 Do I go get them put in a barn will they come in?
08:34 Mine always came in themselves, okay,
08:35 you got feed for them and stuff, yeah,
08:37 and we have what they call a ruse which is
08:41 poles that are up off the ground higher,
08:45 so the chickens can go in and roost up there,
08:48 and no predator can come and get them in
08:50 the middle of the night. So they sit way up high
08:51 at night, they sit way up when they sleep they
08:53 are sitting on this pole like and
08:54 they are sitting like that? Right and then that way
08:56 they feel safe, nothing can get them.
08:58 They lay eggs? They lay eggs, these guys
09:01 will lay brown eggs, brown eggs.
09:03 And at my house we have little circles cut
09:07 and kind of like metal strings, oh little holes
09:10 like, right and a little place for them to go in,
09:13 and then can lay their eggs in there, and what
09:15 we do to try and teach them where to make
09:18 him is we put little wooden eggs or little
09:21 plastic eggs in there. They live in trees.
09:23 No they don't live in trees, they live in a
09:25 house, kind of like in a hen house usually.
09:28 But, we can put little eggs in there, hen house?
09:29 Right hen house, we put little eggs in there till
09:32 that they know that's where they're
09:33 supposed to lay their eggs.
09:34 Did you hear what she said, do you ever get
09:36 any plastic eggs? No, little toy eggs or
09:38 wooden ones? I don't have. They put in there and
09:40 trick them into laying eggs.
09:42 But, now sometimes we will have one of those,
09:44 I don't see those, that's why. Yeah you haven't
09:46 seen well maybe one of these days you will.
09:48 Some times we have ones that sneak off,
09:50 and they lay a bunch of eggs and we don't know
09:53 it, and then they sit on them
09:57 and they hatch him out. And then one day we
09:58 will go out there, and there is a mommy
09:59 chicken with a whole bunch
10:00 of little fluffy baby ones.
10:01 What a nice surprise, kind of a nice surprise.
10:04 Let's ask Miss Jeanie if they make any noises
10:06 besides this that I hear, let's ask her, say do they
10:10 make any noises? Well they kind of talk
10:11 back and forth, the rooster goes cock-a-doodle-doo
10:14 and he crows just like a normal rooster.
10:17 Well can that chicken do that?
10:19 It crows, it goes cock-a-doodle-doo,
10:22 you can make that noise can't you?
10:23 Cock-a-doodle-doo right and then some
10:25 times they go pok-pok-pok you can do that one too,
10:28 pok-pok-pok. You can do that one
10:30 can you go pok-pok-pok?
10:31 Listen here pok- pok-pok, very good.
10:35 Well do they make good pets?
10:36 Sometimes they do, if you get them when
10:38 they're small and they had they just hatch out
10:41 and you handle them quite a bit and play with
10:44 them, they can make pretty good pets.
10:45 I had one niece that took one when it was,
10:47 she was about Hannah age, she carried it
10:49 around with her, and kept in her, I'm Hannah,
10:51 I know, my niece was about your age.
10:53 She kept it with her and it would go to sleep in
10:56 her arms and stuff and she could always catch that.
10:58 She can go out there anytime
11:00 in the field and catch it. That is neat,
11:03 well thank you for telling us so much now
11:04 that I'll know how to care of him and I will
11:06 appreciate even more. We wanna sing our sing
11:08 for you. Oh! Wonderful, yes.
11:11 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:15 I like to go to the farm
11:17 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:19 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:23 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:28 Very nice, well thank you so much this was a
11:30 treat. Well thank for the song that was nice.
11:32 Well tell Farmer Mike good bye and
11:34 Miss Jeanie because we have some
11:36 fun things to do. Good bye Miss Hanna,
11:38 good bye Mr. Noah come back and see me
11:40 and come and see the chickens.
11:42 Bye-bye, that chicken is almost gonna fly.
11:45 He want to go away. Yeah, it might fly away.
11:47 Bye-bye, he is going to fly in farm, bye guys.
11:52 Time for our nature walk.
11:56 You're just in time, Noah and Hannah and
11:59 I are just taking a walk, we're gonna find some
12:01 pine cones, you wanna come and help us?
12:04 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:08 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a walk
12:14 today, to see what God has given.
12:19 You found some pine cones, Noah,
12:23 did you find some too? Yes, yes oh wow that's
12:30 a lot of pine cones isn't it?
12:33 Where is another pine cone?
12:35 Where is another one, you know you have to
12:37 look in, oh that was nice to share, yes.
12:42 Well I have pine cone. Where is it,
12:45 oh it's right there. Oh Noah do you know
12:50 where pine cones come from?
12:53 I stepped on one. Oh you know who else
12:57 steps on them? The deer, they step on
13:00 the pine cones and they like to sleep right
13:02 underneath the pine cone. Would you like to sleep
13:05 on a pine cone? I like this, you like that
13:08 one well deers don't mind either, do they?
13:11 They like to sleep on it, did you know that God
13:14 made the beautiful pine cone for us to enjoy.
13:18 Yes, God loves them, he made
13:21 the beautiful pine cones.
13:25 God made the beautiful pine cones
13:28 I know, I know
13:31 God made the beautiful pine cones
13:35 Because he loves me so.
13:38 Here is another one, wow.
13:43 Story time.
13:48 Come on its story time, we have Caleb and
13:51 Kristy here with us today. And our story is about
13:55 Jesus and the children. Look at all the children,
13:59 they wanted so bad to see Jesus, even little
14:03 Mark and Sara, I got burned, the little
14:06 baby wanted to see Jesus too, I got burned.
14:10 Oh yes Jesus could make the baby better
14:14 though couldn't he? Yes, but the disciples
14:19 said no you can't see Jesus he's too busy,
14:24 was Jesus too busy to see the children?
14:28 Was he too busy, no. And as the children
14:33 started to leave Jesus said oh no, don't send
14:38 the children away, let them come to me,
14:40 I love the children. So, Jesus took the
14:44 children in his lap and he talked with them and
14:47 blessed them, and what's that little girl
14:49 bringing to Jesus? Flowers, flowers that's
14:53 right, flowers, flowers, and
14:55 did Jesus like the flowers?
14:57 Yes, yes Jesus loved the flowers.
15:00 And after the children saw Jesus they were so
15:03 happy, and one day Jesus came into their
15:08 city, and what was he riding on?
15:11 A horse, a horse only, it was a donkey,
15:14 and he was riding on him, and he was riding
15:18 through streets and the people were taking their
15:19 coats off and the donkey was walking on
15:22 their coats and kids had palm branches and they
15:26 were waving their branches and saying
15:29 Hosanna to the son of David and they were
15:31 singing and jumping up and down and
15:33 everybody was so happy, they wanted to
15:36 make Jesus their King. Jesus kept riding and
15:41 riding on the little colt and he came right up to
15:43 the hill, what do you think he saw,
15:46 when he looked over the hill what did he see,
15:51 can you tell what he saw?
15:53 He saw the beautiful temple, and a temple is
15:56 like a big church, where people go to worship
15:59 God, yes. Well Jesus went down into the
16:05 temple and Mark and Sara went in with him,
16:08 and when he went into the temple what did he
16:11 see in the temple? What is that Kristy?
16:14 A goat, that is a lamb isn't it?
16:20 And what's that? Horses, horses and
16:23 moo-cow and what's this? I know what that is.
16:28 What? Bird, a cow that's a cow and bird,
16:32 and they have should have those things in
16:34 God's church? No, Jesus was so sad he said
16:42 take all these things away right now.
16:46 And so all the people started running out,
16:50 they were afraid and they took all the things
16:53 out, look at the cows were running out and
16:55 the birds were flying. Yes, that was a cow,
17:00 a cow yes that was the cow, and then after they
17:05 left, were the children afraid of Jesus?
17:08 Were the children afraid? No, the children sat in
17:13 Jesus' lap, and the one little boy fell asleep in
17:18 Jesus' lap, and then you know what happened?
17:22 What's wrong with that little boy?
17:25 His leg is hurt isn't it? And Jesus made him
17:29 better, and he was well and the little boy was
17:33 jumping up and down and saying I love Jesus,
17:36 I love Jesus, I can walk, I can walk and he was
17:40 so happy and look at there was another little
17:43 crippled girl and what did Jesus do?
17:47 Did he make her well? Well, he made her well
17:52 and then there was a blind man, look at his
17:56 eyes, he couldn't see, and a little boy brought
18:00 him to Jesus what does he have in his hand Caleb?
18:05 A stick, he has a stick doesn't he, you know
18:08 why? Because yes he couldn't see and he had
18:11 to use it to feel his way, yes and he brought him
18:15 to Jesus and Jesus made him well.
18:18 Oh the man was so happy and all the kids
18:21 were so happy. Yes, but, Jesus made them
18:26 all well and they loved to spend time with
18:29 Jesus because even when they were
18:31 naughty they knew that Jesus still loved them.
18:34 And you know what boys and girls, I got
18:36 burned, yes that's right Jesus will make them well.
18:41 Yes he does Jesus loves you Caleb and
18:43 Jesus loves you too. And Jesus really,
18:47 really, really does love you too.
18:52 Fun in the kitchen.
18:56 I'm so glad you joined us in the kitchen
18:58 today boys and girls. What are we making
19:01 Miss Cinda? What are we making Miss Cinda?
19:05 Do you know what we're making today?
19:07 Yes. We're making carob brownies, yeah.
19:14 Doesn't that sound fun boys and girls,
19:16 I wish you all could be in our kitchen.
19:18 But, since you can't maybe you can get your
19:21 mommies to help you make some at home.
19:23 You can watch how we're doing, huh Michael?
19:27 Alright, would you like to pour some
19:28 stuff in our bowl? Yes, okay, I want to pour
19:33 sugar. Okay Justin pour the sugar, would you
19:35 like to pour the carob powder in Michael?
19:37 Yeah, okay pour it right in our bowl.
19:41 Oh! Good job, okay go Justin yeah.
19:48 Okay, Jadis and Jasmine go ahead
19:51 pour yours in, yeah. Miss Cinda we had lots
19:55 of fun in the farm today. Okay its, let see it's
20:00 Justin and Michael's turn again, would you
20:02 like to pour some more? Yes I will pour that one.
20:05 Okay, don't you love how Auntie Linda don't
20:09 you love how all these kids are helping so
20:12 nicely and they're taking turns.
20:14 Boys and girls, I hope you take turns at your
20:17 house when you are helping, because Jesus
20:19 wants us to take turns doesn't he?
20:22 Okay, we are gonna share you put some of
20:25 the nuts in and Michael put some of the nuts in.
20:29 Thank you Justin, Michael can you put,
20:31 I'll put one, yes and you know can you get Jadis
20:34 to help you put some of the carobs, you can use
20:39 your spatula if you like. I want two, you gonna
20:42 get to help stir, oh that's fun boys and girls.
20:45 I wanna stir, you wanna stir, okay let's put it in.
20:51 We had a Bible story today about how Jesus
20:54 loves all the children and he held them on
20:55 their laps and told them stories and hugged them.
20:59 Do you know what Jesus loves children
21:01 Auntie Linda and you know what Auntie
21:03 Linda and Miss Cinda love children too.
21:06 Okay please let them put it in,
21:09 that's because we love Jesus.
21:10 Here Jadis, I'll help you. Okay help her Jadis,
21:15 okay, gets your spatulas ready it's yours,
21:18 we are gonna take turns, now it's mine.
21:20 Okay Justin and Michael can you help
21:23 stir, when we are all done.
21:25 And you are gonna get to help stir too.
21:27 Oh it's okay what does Miss Cinda say?
21:32 Miss Cinda says its okay to make a mess
21:34 isn't it? Yes its okay, it's okay. That's right,
21:38 it's okay to make a mess boys and girls we will
21:40 clean it up, won't we? And I bet you will help
21:42 clean this mess. That's flour, that's flour
21:45 yes these are gonna be yummy, yummy carob
21:48 brownies. I will stir it. Okay let's share okay
21:52 boys can we share with the girls.
21:55 Oh you know what Justin, come over here
21:59 on the other side, yes you may come over
22:02 here and Michael can you reach in there and
22:05 Auntie Linda can you, Justin can you come
22:07 over here by Auntie Linda and can you
22:10 reach in there and stir, hold him Auntie Linda,
22:12 can you reach in there and stir.
22:14 Michael can you reach in there and stir.
22:15 Now everybody can stir. And you know what
22:18 boys and girls that's just what Jesus what's us to
22:21 do; he wants us to work together, that's right.
22:23 Yes, and you know what whenever you are
22:26 in the kitchen make sure that you help your
22:29 mommies too because you know what,
22:31 helping in the kitchen is fun.
22:36 Its sing time boys and girls.
22:41 Its sing time boys and girls. Yeah.
22:47 Now we are gonna sing a song about our great
22:49 God, can you get down like us?
22:51 Oh let's get down, oh can we get down,
22:53 and be ready to jump up when we sing great.
22:57 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
23:02 There's nothing my God cannot do For you.
23:08 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
23:13 There's nothing my God cannot do For you.
23:18 The mountains are his The rivers are his
23:24 The stars are his handy works too
23:29 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
23:35 There's nothing my God cannot do For you.
23:40 Alright I like that song, that was a fun song, okay.
23:45 Farmer Mike, you liked it good, do you love
23:47 Jesus? I do love Jesus Auntie Linda.
23:51 Well we are gonna sing a song for Farmer Mike
23:53 okay, to me, yes. Oh Farmer Mike do you
23:58 love Jesus Oh yes, I love Jesus
24:03 Are you sure you love Jesus
24:05 I'm sure, I love Jesus And why do you love Jesus
24:11 Here is why I love Jesus Because he first love me
24:18 That's the reason we all are to love you.
24:23 Oh how I love Jesus Oh how I love Jesus
24:34 Oh how I love Jesus Because he first love me.
24:45 And you know how I know that he first love me?
24:48 How? Because he died for me.
24:50 He did died for us, he did. And Miss Cinda
24:53 knows the song about that.
24:54 This is one of my favorite songs,
24:57 but you have to pay attention boys and girls
24:59 because this one goes fast.
25:02 And how do the first words go?
25:04 It goes when I remember Jesus died
25:06 for me, I'll never go back anymore.
25:09 That means I won't go back to doing bad
25:12 things again. I just want to be good,
25:14 I just want to be good like
25:15 Jesus, okay are you ready.
25:18 When I remember Jesus died for me,
25:22 I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
25:27 When I remember Jesus died for me,
25:31 I'll never go back anymore
25:34 Okay be ready this is tricky part.
25:37 No, no, never, never uh, uh, no way
25:41 I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
25:46 No, no, never, never uh, uh, no way
25:50 I'll never go back anymore.
25:55 Shall we try that one more time?
25:56 Yes do that, I like that song, fun song.
25:59 Okay I'm gonna sit Noah right here,
26:00 so that I can clap and you can clap okay are
26:03 you ready Noah. Okay, and I'll try to clap
26:05 and hold Hannah here. Let up put this up here
26:06 so you will get to sit up there you go,
26:09 you are ready, okay. Noah can clap good, okay.
26:11 When I remember Jesus died for me,
26:15 I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
26:20 When I remember Jesus died for me,
26:25 I'll never go back anymore
26:30 No, no, never, never uh, uh, no way
26:33 I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
26:38 No, no, never, never uh, uh, no way
26:42 I'll never go back anymore.
26:47 That was really special, let's thank Jesus for all
26:50 he's done for us. Miss Cinda will
26:52 you have our prayer? I would love to,
26:54 let's fold our hands and bow our heads.
26:58 Dear Jesus, I love you dear Jesus for you are
27:03 such a awesome and precious God,
27:07 and I thank you for taking care of us,
27:11 and I thank you for all the ways that you bless
27:14 us, and I ask that you help to always be good
27:20 and kind in Jesus name, amen, amen.
27:24 Mr. Rooster says, that's all the time we have for
27:26 today boys and girls, but you come back and see us.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:55 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:09 we're God's girls and boys.
28:11 we live for him around the world,
28:14 we spread love and joy,
28:16 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:24 we're God's girls and boys.


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