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Jesus Takes Care Of Me Pt. 3

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:07 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:16 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda, I'm so glad that you're here,
00:33 Georgie is glad that you are here too.
00:35 Wave to the boys and girls Georgie,
00:38 yes, kitty cat is glad that you are here too.
00:41 And you know Jesus is so
00:44 happy that you've come today.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:52 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
00:57 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:59 Jesus knows your name
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:08 Jesus is happy, oh that's Freddy,
01:12 did you hear that he was splashing
01:14 around in his fishy house. He knows that when you
01:17 come he gets some good fishy food to eat.
01:20 Okay Freddy, it's time to eat,
01:22 the boys and girls are here.
01:24 I'm so glad God give us pets.
01:27 I'm glad today, I'm glad today
01:31 For dear Freddy I'm glad today
01:34 Thank you, God in heaven.
01:40 Freddy is happy isn't he, he got his food.
01:43 Oh! We're getting a phone call.
01:46 Georgie, that's exciting, I wonder who it can be.
01:51 Hello, this is Auntie Linda, oh hi Rodiana,
01:57 oh that is really special. Yes, oh! Well I have two
02:06 big brothers too. Yes, okay well Jesus
02:12 loves you, have a happy day, bye-bye.
02:17 That was Rodiana Washington and she said
02:22 that when her mommy is busy that her big brother
02:26 takes care of her and that he is so good to her and
02:30 he helps her, and he's just really,
02:33 really sweet to her. And she said that she
02:36 loves her big brother a lot.
02:38 Do you have brothers and sisters?
02:40 Yes, that is really special and I have
02:43 brothers too and they help take good care of me too.
02:46 Well, Jesus loves us doesn't he Georgie?
02:49 Yes, oh kitty cat thank you so much for
02:53 reminding me. It's time to ring our worship bell.
02:56 Do you wanna ring it today Georgie, okay.
03:00 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
03:06 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:12 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:20 Thank you Georgie, well this is a fun time.
03:24 Are you wondering what's in our worship
03:26 present box today? Georgie and kitty cat
03:29 are wondering too. I wanna see too,
03:32 you can sit right there okay.
03:35 Let's see what's in our box,
03:37 oh! It's so pretty isn't it?
03:40 Oh! That's really special, we have some
03:46 water, we're gonna pretend that it's water.
03:50 Oh! I like to go swimming don't you.
03:52 Do you like to take a boat ride?
03:54 I do too, I love boat rides, we're gonna stick
03:58 this under here and then oh what else do we have?
04:04 Oh! We have a sailboat,
04:07 that's really special isn't it?
04:10 Oh! That's a nice sailboat and out in the
04:13 water, oh how much fun, I have fun when
04:16 I get to go in boats. Well, you know
04:20 there are some boats that are like fishing
04:22 boats and they have nets like this,
04:27 and they through their net out, now shut your
04:30 eyes and don't peek, I'm gonna put something in
04:32 the net, do you have your eyes shut,
04:35 okay you can open your eyes.
04:38 And when they throw the net out there is fish
04:41 in it, isn't that special? That Jesus made so
04:46 many neat fish, and fishermen have fun
04:50 catching all those fish. Can you sing a little
04:53 song with me? Make a little boat
04:56 like this okay, just take your hands together and
04:59 go like this and we are gonna sing a song about
05:02 Peter, James and John they were three special
05:05 friends of Jesus. And they went fishing
05:08 in a boat like this, okay make it rock.
05:12 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
05:15 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
05:19 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
05:22 Out on the deep blue sea.
05:25 We are gonna fish.
05:26 Fished all night caught no fishes,
05:30 Fished all night caught no fishes,
05:34 Fished all night caught no fishes,
05:38 Out on the deep blue sea.
05:41 Jesus said fish on the other side,
05:45 Jesus said fish on the other side,
05:48 Jesus said fish on the other side,
05:52 Out on the deep blue sea.
05:55 Then something happened, don't peek
05:57 I'm gonna show you, okay, got your little boats.
06:00 Then their boats were full of fishes,
06:03 Then their boats were full of fishes,
06:05 Then their boats were full of fishes,
06:08 Out on the deep blue sea.
06:11 Wasn't that fun? We'll have to sing that
06:14 song again sometime. We'll put the fishes
06:16 back in the net, right now let's just thank
06:19 Jesus for taking such good care of us, okay.
06:24 Let's bend our knees, I will bend my knees.
06:29 Fold your hands, I will fold my hands.
06:34 Take your little heads and bow them okay like
06:36 this, I will bow my head. Close your eyes tight,
06:41 I will close my eyes and very,
06:46 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
06:52 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for you loving
06:57 us and taking good care of us Lord.
07:00 Thank you for Rodiana's brother who
07:03 takes good care of her. And thank you Lord for
07:06 giving the fishermen fish. We love you Jesus
07:10 in your name amen. I love Jesus don't you?
07:17 Well today, we've got some other fun things
07:19 planned for you, oh there are
07:21 so many neat things to do.
07:23 But, right now Farmer Mike is waiting for us
07:26 at the barn, come on, let's go to the barn.
07:31 Hey kids let's go to the barn.
07:38 Auntie Linda and my best friends
07:40 this is little John, well that's neat,
07:44 do you know what he is don't you?
07:45 He is a donkey. You got a little bit bleed.
07:49 Oh! Yeah, I scratch my hand on the barn a
07:51 while ago over there, see it right there.
07:53 But, this donkey's named Little John
07:56 and he is a, if I remember that,
07:58 he is a mini donkey. And he is about two
08:01 years old, two years old, two years old.
08:05 Does he like to be brushed? I'm three. You're three.
08:08 He likes to be brushed, you guys wanna
08:09 brush the donkey? I want this, okay.
08:11 You wanna brush the donkey,
08:13 you can brush him right here, yeah.
08:14 I brush him right there.
08:16 You know how many colors donkeys come in?
08:18 What color is this color? A black, yeah there's
08:22 some black there and brown.
08:23 Mostly brown with a little black that's right,
08:25 and sometimes they're spotted.
08:28 And sometimes their color is tan,
08:30 he is teddy, he is teddy, yeah.
08:33 Now there is something really, really wonderful
08:34 about the donkey. Do you remember
08:37 in the Bible, the donkey is dirty.
08:40 Jesus rode a donkey one time.
08:42 And the donkey is dirty, yeah and you're helping
08:45 him get clean and he rode a donkey,
08:46 Jesus rode a donkey and there's
08:49 something about donkey. They will have a white
08:52 streak here, and a white streak
08:54 across their shoulder. n shape of a cross.
08:58 Well, that is really neat, I can see the cross there.
09:01 Yeah, isn't that something, yeah.
09:03 This one's markings are black and they
09:06 sometimes are white, different marks,
09:07 buts they're always a cross.
09:09 Do you wanna brush his head down there?
09:10 That's kind of amazing isn't it, and it makes me,
09:12 can you help it down, no, okay, it makes me
09:14 wonder if Jesus is trying to tell us
09:16 something to remember the cross.
09:19 Yeah, okay let's him eat some corn in there and
09:22 some other stuff. Oh! I know something I need
09:24 to tell you guys, they're not very big but they
09:26 can carry a lot of weight, somebody
09:29 really big can ride on them without hurting him.
09:32 They're not very big but they're strong.
09:34 They use them donkeys and mules in the Grand
09:36 Canyon to go down those canyon trails that
09:38 are real tricky and they don't stumble and fall
09:41 off in a canyon. And they use donkeys
09:43 because they are, they walk real
09:45 careful and real safe. I wanna ride a donkey.
09:49 If I'm gonna ride down the Grand Canyon
09:51 brother, I'm gonna. You ride a donkey too?
09:57 And there is something else people
09:58 say things like well he's stubborn as a mule.
10:02 But, they got their own mind and their own
10:05 determination and sometimes it's not always bad.
10:07 I tell who used to like him, and who use to
10:09 ride him all the time. Kings would ride them.
10:14 Wow! Do you know that? Kings would, that's right.
10:17 Well serious hungry isn't he?
10:20 He is, he just Little John, his name is
10:23 Little John and Little John just eating like,
10:26 Well, God made Little John really special.
10:29 He sure did, and that's what God's is done.
10:31 So many times with all over the animals we got
10:33 here on farm, and even other animals,
10:35 that we don't have, he makes each one kind a
10:38 like unique they are like, got their own
10:42 identity, you know what I'm trying to say.
10:44 Each one is like this is what I'm.
10:49 Yes, yeah you guys still brushing the donkey?
10:52 Well, it's about time for us go 'cause we're
10:54 gonna do something really fun.
10:56 But, before we go we wanna sing a song for you.
10:59 I was hoping we wouldn't forget to sing,
11:00 I love to sing that song.
11:01 Can you help me sing Noah?
11:02 Come here Noah and sing that song,
11:04 come over here and sing will
11:05 help me sing, come here.
11:06 Come over here and stand right
11:07 here and help me sing. I will sit right here.
11:10 Okay, sit right there but sing
11:11 with me okay here we go.
11:13 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:17 I like to go to the farm
11:19 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:22 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:26 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:31 Alright, well thank you for the fun day.
11:34 Can you tell Little John goodbye?
11:36 Goodbye, goodbye Little John.
11:37 Tell Farmer Mike goodbye,
11:38 okay goodbye. We got to go,
11:41 Little John said bye too. Did you hear him?
11:44 He said bye. Here is the brushes, okay bye-bye,
11:47 bye-bye see you later. Bye-bye, we'll see you,
11:50 we are gonna go do some more fun things,
11:53 bye-bye, bye-bye Little John.
11:57 Time for our nature walk.
12:04 I'm excited, my nephew Michael is here today.
12:08 I'm also excited that you are here.
12:10 We're getting ready to go for a walk.
12:12 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:16 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a walk
12:22 today, to see what God has given.
12:28 Michael, look at the tomatoes,
12:30 do you like my garden? You do, do you like
12:33 the watermelon? And look how the cabbage
12:37 and the cantaloupe all grow on top.
12:41 Yes, maybe there is and I have some things in
12:43 my garden that grow under the ground.
12:46 Can you find him? What do we have here?
12:51 Oh! Look at do you like potatoes?
12:57 Can you put potato in my hand?
13:00 Okay, okay, they're dirty, that's okay you
13:03 wanna put in my hand? Okay just do it.
13:07 You want me to do it 'cause it's dirty okay.
13:10 Do you to eat mash potatoes?
13:12 Yuck, you don't like mash potatoes?
13:15 Yucky, I love mash potatoes and I like
13:18 baked potatoes. Can you see if there is some
13:20 more in there. Yes God made so many
13:24 wonderful things in our garden.
13:27 God made the beautiful potatoes,
13:32 I know, I know,
13:36 God made the beautiful potatoes,
13:40 because he loves me so.
13:46 Another one, yes.
13:51 Story time.
13:56 It's story time boys and girls, come and join
13:59 Noah and Sylvia and I. We've got a good story
14:02 today, our story is about Jesus and the storm.
14:09 It's a boat isn't it? What is this?
14:13 Water, lots water and who is this?
14:16 Jesus, Jesus. He'd been preaching and teaching
14:18 all day long and he was tired.
14:21 So, he told his disciples to get in the boat and
14:24 they were gonna take a ride.
14:25 Do you like to take a boat ride?
14:27 Yeah, me too, do you, I do too.
14:30 And they all got in the boat and they went out
14:33 and look at, it become night, a moon.
14:37 That's a moon and what are these?
14:40 Stars and Jesus was so tired he went
14:44 asleep didn't he? He is sleeping, sleeping,
14:47 do you take a nap? Yeah, yes I do too.
14:50 I take a nap, I do too. And while Jesus was
14:54 taking a nap something happened,
14:56 all of a sudden there was lighting and thunder.
14:59 Oh! Sylvia, look at this, that's water and it came
15:03 splashing into their boat, and they got wet.
15:06 Its a splash, it splashed and they went splashing
15:11 in the boat and they were trying to get the
15:12 water out of the boat. And they said,
15:16 Jesus save us didn't they say that.
15:21 Jesus save us, and Jesus woke up, he woke and
15:26 Sylvia, look at the angry winds.
15:31 Jesus stood up and he said, the moon came out
15:36 and he said peace be still.
15:41 and the moon came out and the waves are gone,
15:43 the angry waves aren't there.
15:45 And the rain is gone, and Jesus said,
15:49 why were you afraid? You don't have to be
15:52 afraid when I'm with you. Do we have to be afraid
15:55 when Jesus is with us? I'm not afraid, yeah we
15:58 don't have to afraid. I'm not afraid either,
16:04 I'm not afraid either, I'm not afraid either.
16:08 That's right and you know the disciples
16:10 weren't afraid either. I'm not afraid either,
16:13 that's right, and you know boys
16:15 and girls we don't have to be afraid either,
16:18 because we always have Jesus with us.
16:23 Fun in the kitchen.
16:28 Today we're gonna make peanut butter cookies.
16:32 I love peanut butter cookies.
16:35 Yeah I love them too. Well I'm gonna put this
16:39 bowl right here in the middle so all you can help.
16:43 Let me move you over just a little bit Ashley,
16:46 okay, what are these for? Oh! That's for measuring,
16:49 that's called a measuring spoon.
16:52 And each measuring spoon has different
16:54 sizes and that's when you read a recipe and
16:57 you can tell what how much to put in a recipe.
17:01 I can't reach it either. Oh! You will get to
17:02 reach it, okay Hannah, can you reach this?
17:05 Tyler, can you put this in?
17:08 Ashley, can you put this in?
17:09 Okay. I've already measure this for us,
17:12 so all you have to do is put it in okay.
17:14 You can put all of it in, and you can just put all
17:18 of it in if you like. Good deal Hannah,
17:23 you can take the whole bowl, I mess this.
17:24 Its okay, remember Miss Cinda doesn't
17:26 mind messes does she? So, you know you
17:29 should have fun in kitchen, I'm already done.
17:31 Oh! You're already done. Well, let's give you
17:33 something else. You can put in the
17:35 salt and you can just put it all, you can dump all
17:39 that in and then I can give you more to put in.
17:44 It's fun to help in the kitchen isn't
17:46 it boys and girls? Hey Auntie Linda
17:48 shared with me. Jesus is happy when
17:51 we share isn't he? He loves us to share.
17:55 Do your mommies and daddies takes care of
17:56 you and give you special treats.
17:59 Okay, how about putting in our maple
18:00 syrup for us? I made a mess again, oh! That's okay.
18:04 We got to see Farmer Mike and he was taking
18:07 care of a miniature donkey.
18:09 Oh! I like donkeys, they make
18:13 funny noises don't they? Yeah, hee-haw, hee-haw.
18:16 That's right, okay. Now, what else can we do?
18:24 What else can you do? Well, let me you know
18:26 what sure, you can dump the whole bowl
18:29 in, can, and I'll put the peanut butter in.
18:33 And Ashley you wanna help me start stirring
18:35 this up? Sure, oh way to go Tyler.
18:38 You want me to dump it in? Tyler you wanna take
18:40 your spoon, and you can put the margarine in
18:43 for me. Can I stir? Can you stir just one second,
18:46 we'll let Ashley stir first.
18:49 Oh! This is fun boys and girls, I'll bet you,
18:51 you would like to help your mommies.
18:53 Oh! Ashley thank you are helping me stir,
18:56 oh my goodness. Ashley told me her
18:59 mommy was a good cook.
19:01 She is, is she a good cook?
19:02 What does she cook that you like?
19:04 Oh! Well, let me move it little bit?
19:05 I like broccoli, broccoli, that's good for you,
19:11 strawberries. Oh! Wow, okay Tyler can we get
19:15 all that margarine in there, I'm ready for it,
19:17 okay I'll move over a little Hannah.
19:21 Good job Tyler. Auntie Linda can you
19:23 hold that? And we'll get that in.
19:26 And you get some more Tyler?
19:27 Isn't it fun when we all work together?
19:30 And we can make something,
19:32 Tyler, you're getting butter on me.
19:35 She is getting butter on my finger too.
19:38 She is getting butter on me.
19:39 Shall I butter your nose Tyler?
19:42 What do you think? There is a little bit
19:46 more, oh I don't know Tyler you're getting
19:48 butter all over me, oh there we go.
19:52 This looks good enough to eat doesn't it?
19:54 And you know that these are healthier
19:56 peanut butter cooking because we're not
19:58 putting any eggs in it and
20:01 so they are better for you.
20:04 Well, Hannah I got butter all over me.
20:08 Okay, okay Tyler let's take this and we'll get
20:11 the last little bit out. Now you know what,
20:13 we'll move the tray over here and I'm gonna let
20:15 you guys each spoon some right on the
20:17 cookie sheet. Hey, what else do we need to do?
20:22 What else do you need to do?
20:24 Okay know we're gonna get our spoons,
20:25 and we're gonna get to put some on there.
20:27 And we are gonna get to put, oh it's good?
20:31 Do you want to taste it Tyler?
20:33 There is no eggs in this, so you can
20:34 taste it if you want. You wanna taste it Hannah?
20:37 No I can't, make me this stir.
20:40 Oh! Well, you got a stir, okay I tell Hannah is a
20:44 big helper, I bet you help your mommy a lot.
20:48 There you go, now we're gonna leave this
20:49 down here like this, okay can you take a
20:52 spoonful now. Oh! That good stuff isn't it?
21:00 I hope you boys and girls like to help in the
21:03 kitchen like Hannah and Tyler and Ashley do.
21:06 Because we have a lot of fun,
21:09 Miss Cinda, what is that what the cookies gonna
21:11 like over there. Is Auntie Linda peeking
21:14 again, she is always peaking, what are we
21:17 gonna do with Auntie Linda?
21:19 Do you think put some peanut butter on her nose?
21:22 No, you think we should put peanut butter
21:24 on her nose? No, no, well you go ahead
21:26 Tyler, you put peanut butter on Miss Auntie
21:28 Linda's nose. Hannah protects me.
21:31 'Cause see we're dressed alike,
21:33 oh! So you are twins, we are twins.
21:36 Look what I got kids, would you like to taste this?
21:39 Would you like a peanut, okay.
21:41 Would you like to taste a peanut butter cookie?
21:44 Auntie Linda, oh! And Auntie Linda okay let's
21:47 tell everybody are they good?
21:48 Thank you, you think they are good?
21:49 Let's all taste them ready? Let's tell all our kids out
21:52 there if they like, if we like our
21:54 peanut butter cookies.
21:58 These peanut butter cookies are good.
22:01 Oh! They are, boys and girls, get your
22:04 mommies to help you make peanut butter
22:06 cookies, or maybe your grandmas, they're good.
22:13 It's singing time boys and girls.
22:19 It's singing time kids, yeah.
22:24 Now we're gonna sing a song about Peter,
22:26 James and John, oh good. So, make your little
22:28 sailboats like this and walk them on the water.
22:32 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
22:36 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
22:41 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
22:45 Out on the deep blue sea.
22:49 Fished all night caught no fishes,
22:54 Fished all night caught no fishes,
22:58 Fished all night caught no fishes,
23:03 Out on the deep blue sea.
23:07 Jesus said fish on the other side,
23:11 Jesus said fish on the other side,
23:16 Jesus said fish on the other side,
23:20 Out on the deep blue sea.
23:24 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
23:26 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
23:27 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
23:29 Out on the deep blue sea.
23:34 Can we do that one more time?
23:35 That was fun, let's try that again, but faster.
23:39 Oh! Yeah faster okay we will try.
23:42 Can you guys do it faster, okay.
23:45 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
23:49 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
23:53 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
23:57 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:01 Fished all night caught no fishes,
24:05 Fished all night caught no fishes,
24:09 Fished all night caught no fishes,
24:13 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:17 Jesus said fish on the other side,
24:20 Jesus said fish on the other side,
24:24 Jesus said fish on the other side,
24:28 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:32 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
24:34 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
24:35 Then their boats was filled with fishes,
24:37 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:41 I fastest, you're fastest. I think so.
24:50 Well, we are gonna sing another song about a fishy.
24:53 Can you make fishes like this?
24:55 Put your two hands together and let your
24:57 thumbs go like this, Auntie Linda like that?
24:59 Yes like this, okay can you do that?
25:01 We are gonna sing a song about the fishy
25:03 swimming in the water, okay here we go.
25:05 Fishy, fishy, swim in the water
25:10 fishy, fishy, swishy, swish
25:14 God made fishy swim in the water
25:19 fishy, fishy, swishy, swish
25:23 Let's try that one again.
25:26 Fishy, fishy, swim in the water
25:30 fishy, fishy, swishy, swish
25:35 God made fishy swim in the water
25:40 fishy, fishy, swishy, swish.
25:45 I got wet, I think I got water on me,
25:48 we got water splashed on me.
25:51 That fishy splashed water on me.
25:52 Rebecca things that's funny.
25:54 Are you got another song we can sing, this is fun.
25:57 We are gonna sing a song about who Jesus
25:59 is, okay here we go Rebecca.
26:02 Who is Jesus who is Jesus
26:07 He is God's son, He is God's son
26:10 born to be our Savior born to be our Savior
26:15 worship Him, worship Him.
26:19 Let's try it one more time and when we say
26:20 worship you can hold your hands like this
26:22 okay, show them how to do it Hannah, alright.
26:25 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus
26:29 He is God's son, He is God's son
26:33 born to be our Savior born to be our Savior
26:37 worship Him, worship Him.
26:44 Farmer Mike, would you have a special
26:46 prayer for us today? I will be glad to pray,
26:48 let's fold your hands, oh I got wet.
26:51 You got wet too. Okay fold your hands
26:54 and close your eyes. Well, dear Jesus, thank
26:57 you for the fishes that you put in the sea,
27:01 we love to watch them swim and play.
27:04 And You let us play too Lord and thank you that
27:06 You died for us and that You love us today.
27:10 Amen, amen. Alright, that was fun day that
27:16 we had today on the farm.
27:18 I feel like I've been fishing or something.
27:21 Oh! That's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's all the
27:25 time we have for today boys and girls,
27:27 but you come back and see us again okay.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:54 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 we're God's girls and boys.
28:11 we live for him around the world,
28:14 we spread love and joy,
28:16 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:22 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:24 we're God's girls and boys.


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