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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:16 like cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie.
00:32 We are so glad that you have come
00:34 to the farm today. Georgie, can you wave
00:36 to the boys and girls?
00:38 Oh! Georgie is always happy to see you.
00:40 Kitty cat is happy to see you too.
00:43 Oh! Yes, and you know you can make someone else
00:45 very happy because you come today.
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
00:54 Jesus loves the children every one the same.
00:58 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:01 Jesus knows your name.
01:03 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Jesus loves that when the kids come, doesn't He?
01:13 That is Freddy. He's happy too.
01:16 He knows that it means that he gets some
01:19 good fishy food. We tried to take good care
01:22 of our pets, don't we and feed them good
01:24 food that's good for them.
01:25 Not too much because we don't wanna
01:27 make them sick. I'm glad Jesus gave us Freddy.
01:30 I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
01:34 for dear Freddy, I'm glad today.
01:38 Thank you God in Heaven.
01:43 Enjoy your food Freddy, okay.
01:48 Well, Georgie and Freddy they really like this
01:50 food today didn't he? Oh! We got a phone call,
01:55 I wonder who it can be?
01:59 Hello this is Auntie Linda,
02:02 oh! Hi Xavier, oh! That's nice to help
02:08 our friends out. You are right it's good to
02:11 take care of our pets.
02:13 Yes, well, thank for calling, and remember
02:18 Jesus loves you okay. Good bye.
02:24 That was Xavier Cambric,
02:27 and he said that he helps his friend take care
02:30 of his Kitty. Because Xavier doesn't have
02:33 any pets, isn't that nice? If you don't have
02:35 pets you can help your friend too.
02:37 He goes over to his house and he plays
02:39 with the Kitty 'cause it's important for kitties
02:42 to get a lot of exercise, and you know that
02:44 makes Jesus happy when we are really good
02:46 to our pets, doesn't it? Yes, we try to be good
02:50 to you too Georgie. Oh! Kitty cat thank you for
02:55 reminding us again that it is worship time.
03:01 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:05 with our best friend Jesus.
03:10 Come and worship here Jesus will be near,
03:14 smiling when He sees us.
03:20 Oh! I'm so excited that we have something
03:23 special today and that Jesus is here with us.
03:26 Well, Georgie you come and sit by Kitty cat,
03:29 and you can be right there.
03:32 We got a surprise okay.
03:34 You boys and girls wanna see the surprise.
03:36 Let's see what's in our worship present box?
03:39 I know it will be something special.
03:42 Oh! It is we have a lot of special things today.
03:45 But one thing we have is a book.
03:48 And it says Zyon and the puppy.
03:51 Zyon is our little boy who is only 1-years-old,
03:57 yes, this is Zyon. Zyon loves animals very much.
04:04 His Auntie Shasha has a new puppy,
04:06 and Zyon likes to pet the puppy.
04:09 He is so soft but Zyon is always very kind
04:15 to his puppy. So his mommy and
04:20 his Auntie Sasha have to show little Zyon
04:23 how to play with the puppy?
04:26 Now the puppy needs lots of love,
04:32 and Zyon's puppy love him.
04:34 Do you know that Jesus made animals
04:36 for us to enjoy? And do you know that
04:38 He told us to be good and take care of them.
04:42 When we treat our pets nice and we give them
04:45 clean water to drink and good food every day
04:49 to eat that is obeying Jesus.
04:54 And when we are kind to each other
04:57 that makes Jesus smile up in Heaven,
05:00 aren't you glad that Jesus is so kind
05:03 to us each day? I'm too. Let's see what else
05:08 is in there? Oh! We have a little puppy,
05:14 look at the little puppy, isn't it cute?
05:18 It's important to take care of our puppies.
05:21 You want to give them good food and water,
05:26 we give them good water, don't we?
05:29 We wanna our puppies to have good water
05:31 to drink as puppies need water just like we do.
05:36 Let's see what else is in our box?
05:38 Oh! Yes we want to give our doggy some
05:43 good puppy food, don't we?
05:47 Not a large just a little bit, don't we?
05:51 Put a little bit in there and all,
05:54 there we go puppy. Now you can have some
05:58 good puppy food, and I want to give them
06:01 a lots of love. And we will even give
06:05 them a bone, there you go,
06:08 that will give puppy something to chew on,
06:10 so you won't chew on mommy chews.
06:13 I'm so glad that Jesus gave us puppies,
06:17 can you kneel with me?
06:19 We're gonna thank Jesus for the puppies.
06:23 I will bend my knees like this okay,
06:28 I will fold my hands. Can you bow your head?
06:33 I will bow my head, close your eyes little tight.
06:37 I will close my eyes, and very,
06:41 very quietly while I prayer is said.
06:47 Dear Jesus, thank you for taking such good
06:51 care of us. Help us to take good care
06:55 of our pets. Thank you for our pets,
06:58 we love you Jesus. Amen.
07:03 It's really special, all the pets
07:06 that Jesus has given us.
07:09 I heard that farmer Mike has a special pet
07:13 at the barn today. Come on let's go,
07:16 let's all go and see what it is? I just can't wait.
07:21 Hey kids let's go to the barn.
07:26 Farmer Mike, hey farmer Mike.
07:29 Hey hi farmer Dell. Hi Farmer Mike,
07:32 Ms Jeanie, how are you guys today?
07:33 Fine how are you? Doing great, good,
07:35 I am glad that you came over to see me.
07:36 Oh! You got more company, farmer Mike.
07:38 Oh! Look here hi, give me a big hug
07:42 you did Noah. Hey we came over here because
07:46 we can't find our turkey we wonder
07:47 if maybe he flew over here. Did you hear that,
07:50 but I haven't seen but we better look for it.
07:53 Yeah, let's go and look for it. You might be,
07:54 think about, you know what there?
07:56 Let's look over here, let's look down here,
07:57 maybe he's over here. Is he here?
08:03 No, no, you seen. I found him he was in the barn.
08:10 Oh! He found yeah, Oh! He was in the corner.
08:14 Look, he found our turkey, isn't he pretty?
08:19 Oh! He is. I think he got, he got in my barn hah?
08:23 Yeah, I think he got turned our house
08:24 so he came over heard isn't it?
08:25 Well, he's welcome anytime that's okay.
08:27 Well that is right 'cause we always try to see
08:31 how many of God's creatures we can see
08:33 each day? Yes, well, he's a very pretty one.
08:36 Yes he's, what's the red on her head like that?
08:39 Is it he or her? It's her. Oh! Her,
08:41 what's the red on her head. It's just the way
08:43 God colored him. I've got the perfect name,
08:46 and does she have a name? No, as you say,
08:47 Mercy, she's a red head, good. Now it works.
08:52 That works. Alright, did you see that?
08:55 Did you see the turkey? Its head changes
08:57 color sometimes, it's red now,
08:58 sometimes it goes to a blue color.
09:00 Usually when it get super red then it seems
09:02 that they are not very happy.
09:03 Wow! Something upset them.
09:04 It's soft. Yes. Noah did you feel they are soft?
09:08 Now that they come from eggs?
09:10 Yes, turkeys, turkeys, the mommy turkeys lays
09:15 a whole bunch of eggs and then she sits on
09:17 them and then they have this little turkeys
09:19 hatch up. And when they hatch up they don't
09:21 have any feathers they just have down fur.
09:22 Fur, they are just fuzzy like. And these feathers
09:27 that they have one time a year usually
09:30 in September or August they all fall out.
09:33 They don't go completely bald but they slowly
09:34 all fall out and then they get new ones.
09:37 Super! And then they have a new coat
09:39 for the winter. Wow! See how pretty her wings are,
09:42 how that, what color are they?
09:44 Noah what color her wings?
09:45 Can you touch those I guess you like to touch?
09:47 Back and white. Right, you are right,
09:50 black and white. Well, what's some other things
09:53 about the turkey that we may not know?
09:55 They like to fly even though
09:56 they are huge bird, they like to fly.
09:58 Now they won't fly way up in the sky,
10:00 way up to? They fly a tree top high.
10:02 Oh, that high okay. Wow! And she likes to sit up
10:04 on top of our barn, and she feels safe
10:07 in that place. Oh, Noah, Noah tripped.
10:10 Here sit, you are okay with me here.
10:12 She feels safe when she's sitting on our barn.
10:14 Now I will keep you safety.
10:16 Or end up in a tree. We gonna sing for her
10:17 and give a little surprise and sing okay.
10:20 They eat bugs, they drink water.
10:23 They eat corn, a little bit of grass
10:27 and stuff like that. She just kind of wanders
10:30 around our yard out in the field.
10:33 I had turkeys come through my yard too
10:36 and it's always fun to watch them.
10:37 Yes, but this she is a wild turkey,
10:39 and there's quite a few of them in this area
10:43 that wander around through the fields
10:44 just lose in wild. Right. They hatch out in the
10:47 wild and they just run around there for a while.
10:49 Do you like the turkey? Do you like our turkey?
10:51 Do you know what the turkey?
10:52 What kind of noise does a turkey make?
10:54 Can you make a noise like a turkey?
10:55 Yeah. How does it go? How about gobble,
11:01 gobble, gobble. Gobble gobble. Gobble gobble.
11:05 That was really good. Sometime they say
11:07 it really loud. And if something with when,
11:10 with the siren goes by then they do it.
11:12 Well listen and I want you guys to promise me
11:14 something farmer Dell and Miss Jenny. Come over
11:16 and visit me more often you are my neighbors,
11:19 and you came over here 'cause your turkey ran off.
11:21 Oh, we will. You know you are welcome anytime
11:24 'cause we have lot of animals, and we like you
11:26 to come over. I always think when I see the
11:28 different animals, how God makes all these
11:30 different animals so differently.
11:32 He gives some protection by their color,
11:35 and He gives some just beauty for us to enjoy,
11:38 a lot of reasons but it just tells me that God
11:41 should loves us. Do you know that Noah?
11:43 God loves us, doesn't He? Is that our view?
11:47 God sure does, We get to see one of God's
11:49 creatures almost everyday. Yeah. We gonna sing our
11:51 song forward. Oh! Yeah. Oh! Yes, we have a
11:53 special song. Oh! Good. Alright.
11:55 You gonna help me sing? Now, okay, listen at this.
11:58 Alright, I like to go to the barn
12:00 where the cows moo, moo I like to go to the barn
12:04 where the ducks quack, quack.
12:07 I like to go to the barn, I like to go to the barn,
12:11 I like to go to the barn and learn of Jesus.
12:15 That's a very nice song. Well, sometimes we sing
12:18 barn and sometimes we sing farm because
12:20 we are still learning this song.
12:24 Well I am so glad I got to meet you.
12:25 Oh! It's nice to meet you too.
12:27 Oh, we can take that back with us.
12:29 Take that with you. Well take that with you.
12:30 Well, we got to go Noah.
12:31 Can you wave good bye? Take out right here,
12:34 here, there you go. There you go.
12:37 We will see you, Can I keep one?
12:38 Can I keep one? Okay, I wave bye to you,
12:42 wave your feather I mean when you leave,
12:43 wave bye, go away I will wave bye, Bye, bye.
12:44 Bye guys Oh! I am gonna take,
12:47 I gonna take your nose if you tickle on it.
12:52 Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Turkey, bye, bye
12:54 thank you. Well, thanks for guys to coming
12:58 over even if it was to find your turkey.
13:01 Time for our nature walk.
13:06 Michael and I are on a walk today,
13:07 come and join us.
13:09 Shall we go for a walk today,
13:12 a walk today, a walk today.
13:17 Shall we go for a walk today,
13:20 to see what God has given.
13:26 Oh! God gave us so many wonderful things to eat.
13:30 We have tomatoes and oh your getting
13:34 them all water, can you water some of
13:35 the tomatoes too, yes good boy.
13:40 We will get them all nice and watered,
13:43 oh and the cabbages they were thirsty
13:46 weren't they Michael. Oh! Yes, oh that was
13:53 a good job. Well I would love to have some
13:57 sweet potatoes for supper. Would you like to help me
14:00 find the sweet potatoes? No water. No water,
14:03 we are all time watering,
14:04 let's find the sweet potatoes.
14:06 You wanna help me dig them?
14:09 Okay, let's see if we can find a sweet potato.
14:13 It's wet. It's very wet, yes. Oh! There's one.
14:20 Oh! Wow! I think that this one is a big one Michael,
14:27 do you have one too? Wow! That's a big one,
14:34 isn't it? Do you like to eat sweet potatoes?
14:37 No. Would you like a bite?
14:42 That would be good, there's another one
14:44 over here, shall we see if we can find
14:46 that one? Oh! You know some of the vegetables
14:51 they grow on top of the ground then there
14:53 are others that they grow underneath.
14:56 Oh! I think we can find one.
15:00 Wow! There's another one. There's another one,
15:04 right here wow. There's another here.
15:09 You think so. God is the one who
15:13 made us the sweet potatoes.
15:16 God made the sweet potatoes. I know, I know.
15:24 God made the sweet potatoes,
15:28 because He loves us so.
15:41 Come on boys and girls, it's story time.
15:45 Today we have Tyler with us and Sylvia
15:49 with us and we have good story about
15:52 a little boy named Samuel.
15:54 Samuel lived in a temple, do you know who this is?
15:59 This is priest Eli, and Samuel would take
16:03 his hand. And he would go all around the temple.
16:06 And he would watch the men pray, yes
16:11 and sometime he would even watch priest Eli pray.
16:15 Samuel would be very quite and fold his hands,
16:18 how do we fold our hands when we pray Sylvia?
16:21 Do you know how to fold your hands
16:23 when we pray? Yes, do you fold your hands
16:26 when we pray, yes. And he talked to Jesus.
16:30 There was a lot of things to do in the temple,
16:33 and Samuel was a good helper,
16:36 he would help tie up the curtains
16:40 and sometimes he would help priest Eli
16:43 to fill the oil lamps. See how he was preparing
16:46 the seven golden candles sticks.
16:49 And there was bread over here and he would
16:52 help priest Eli put the bread out.
16:55 And sometimes what are they doing there?
16:59 You don't know that's a Bible,
17:01 isn't that funny look in Bible.
17:03 But they had scores back then,
17:06 and that they called those were the Bibles.
17:08 Can you see he is reading to him,
17:10 telling him about Joseph and Moses.
17:14 He's reading and telling him.
17:16 He is reading to him and telling him
17:18 about the great God in Heaven.
17:20 And at night what is he doing?
17:22 What is Samuel doing? Praying. He's praying.
17:25 He's praying to God and he lay down.
17:30 And all of once he heard something,
17:32 what do thing he heard? He heard someone
17:35 say Samuel, he jumped up, he said,
17:40 I must see what priest Eli wants.
17:43 And went to his room, and priest Eli was
17:46 sleeping and he woke him up and he said,
17:49 here I am would you call me?
17:52 And Eli said, I didn't call you, go back to
17:57 your bed Samuel. So Samuel went back
18:00 and he laid down, and then he heard again,
18:03 Samuel, he got up and he went running
18:09 to priest Eli, and he said, here I am
18:11 would you called me. And priest Eli said,
18:16 I didn't call you go lay back down.
18:22 He was so sure someone had called him
18:25 then he heard again, Samuel.
18:29 He ran to priest Eli and he said, you did call me
18:34 priest Eli. Priest Eli got to thinking,
18:38 I bet God is talking to him and then he said,
18:40 you go back and lay down, and if you hear
18:43 the voice again, you say, speak,
18:46 for thy servant heareth. Samuel went back down
18:51 and he laid on his bed and then he heard it,
18:55 Samuel, Samuel, he sat up in bed,
19:02 there in a whisper he said, speak Lord,
19:06 for thy servant heareth. Then God told him many
19:11 things that were going to happen,
19:13 and He even told him that He had chose him
19:16 to be a priest for him. And that made Samuel
19:20 so happy, he was not only just a little boy Samuel,
19:26 he was little Samuel God priest.
19:29 And you know what boys and girls?
19:31 We wanna always be listening for God's voice
19:36 and when He calls us, we wanna be ready to say,
19:39 here I am Jesus loves us and He'll talk to us too.
19:48 Fun in the kitchen.
19:52 I'm so glad that you boys and girls have joined
19:55 us in the kitchen today. Yeah, granola.
19:59 That's right we're gonna make granola today,
20:02 and you know what I like granola at breakfast
20:05 time and I like granola for snacks too.
20:09 Its fun to take just to have a little
20:11 sack isn't it? Well, would guys like to help me
20:15 make granola? Yes. Would you like
20:17 to like to help Michael?
20:18 Yeah. Okay. Michael can you put the oats in?
20:24 You can measure it out in this cup like this
20:27 and put it in, Miss Cinda's bowl.
20:29 Okay, you know Miss Cinda today at the barn,
20:32 we were good helpers. You were?
20:34 Yes, their neighbors lost their turkey
20:37 and it ran into our barn. And we helped farmer
20:39 Mike to find it. Well, I think have some good
20:42 helpers today, here don't I? You sure can,
20:45 would you like to put the coconut in,
20:48 can you help? Auntie Linda can you help?
20:51 Justin lean over and let's put this in,
20:54 and Jasmine would you and Jades like to mix
20:57 the liquid part of our granola, there you go,
21:01 okay. Can you pour? Can you pour? Mix in here.
21:04 Can put in there? And Jasmine can you pour
21:05 over our vanilla in, and then very carefully
21:09 we'll stir it up. Pour it all in,
21:11 Pour it all in Jades. Miss Cinda, do you want
21:13 all this coconut in there? Oh! Yes, okay.
21:17 Keep going, keep going Michael.
21:18 Keep going Michael, you got some more to put in.
21:20 Oh! You know what? Let's give you this cup,
21:23 there you go Michael you are a big helper.
21:26 Okay, good job girls, you help mommy,
21:28 okay, that's good. I hope you boys and girls
21:31 help your mommies in the kitchen,
21:33 and granola is so fun to make and it's lots
21:37 of fun to eat. It's okay. Oh! Do you know what?
21:39 Its okay makes messes. Miss Cinda doesn't mind
21:43 messes in her kitchen. Its okay,
21:45 we just wanna have fun when we are cooking.
21:47 I have messes here too. Oh! That's alright,
21:49 you can always clean up the mess up,
21:52 it's okay. Would you like to put this?
21:55 Would you like to put this into our big bowl?
21:58 And Jades, would you like to put the nuts in
22:00 for us. I want to do if I could.
22:03 Well, how about you do the nut first?
22:05 Jasmine is doing it. Okay. Michael would you like
22:09 to get a spatula and help us stir this.
22:12 Yeah, okay, do you like to cook Michael?
22:15 Here you go, Michael do you like to cook?
22:17 Yeah. Yes, you like to cook you Justin?
22:20 Yes, we do. go ahead and pour it in.
22:24 Oh! Good job Jasmine. Oh! That's okay,
22:28 you can wipe it on the towel.
22:31 This is looking really good boys and girls.
22:33 We have lots of good helpers Miss Cinda.
22:36 Oh! I do and I just love it when you all come
22:39 into kitchen to help me it makes my job,
22:42 and cooking here lot's more fun.
22:43 And you when we are helping you,
22:45 we are really helping Jesus. Yes, we are,
22:49 and boys and girls I hope that you like to help
22:52 your mommies and daddies.
22:53 And when your mommies in the kitchen cooking,
22:55 run and say, mommy can I help you cook
22:57 because you know what? Cooking is fun. Yes.
23:02 It's singing time boys and girls.
23:07 It's singing time, yeah and we are gonna sing
23:13 about some animals, sing along with us.
23:17 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
23:21 Great big animals, little tiny animals
23:26 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
23:30 Here is an animal that I love.
23:34 I like big whales animals, whales, whales.
23:39 What do you like Hannah? I like bunnies, bunnies
23:42 what do you like Noah? I like the fox first.
23:45 You like the fox okay.
23:49 Zachariah what do you like?
23:51 What animal do you like? I don't know.
23:54 He has a kitty cat, do you like kitty cat.
23:58 And what is your kitty cat's name?
24:00 I don't know, is it Welder?
24:02 Yes, yes okay let's sing it again, yes.
24:08 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:12 Great big animals, little tiny animals
24:16 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:21 Here is an animal that I love.
24:26 That make me so happy when we sing about
24:28 the animals and I like to song that talk about
24:31 being happy, do you know song like I'm inright,
24:34 upright, outright,? I love that song,
24:37 can sing that yes sing with us, okay, ready.
24:41 I'm inright, outright, upright,
24:44 downright happy all the time.
24:47 I'm inright, outright, upright,
24:49 downright happy all the time.
24:52 Since Jesus Christ came in, I give my heart to him
24:58 I'm inright, outright, upright,
25:01 downright happy all the time.
25:04 That made me happy, let's sing it again,
25:07 okay. I watching it, ready Hannah?
25:09 I'm inright, outright, upright,
25:12 downright happy all the time.
25:15 I'm inright, outright, upright,
25:16 downright happy all the time.
25:19 Since Jesus Christ came in, I give my heart to him
25:25 I'm inright, outright, upright,
25:28 downright happy all the time.
25:31 That's a happy song, that is it makes me think
25:34 about our wonderful Jesus,
25:35 He is wonderful yes He is. We will sing a
25:37 song about that okay Zachariah.
25:41 Jesus made my hand so they could clap for joy,
25:46 Jesus made my arm so they could
25:49 hold a joy, or a little boy.
25:53 Jesus made my feet so they could walk like this
25:59 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus.
26:05 Jesus made my feet so they could run to play,
26:11 Jesus made my lips so they could smile all day
26:17 Jesus made my heart so they could love him so,
26:24 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus.
26:32 I said he made my heart so I could love him
26:35 so and you guys said so I could love him too,
26:39 so I love him and you do too.
26:40 That's right, that's right. We to need plan that
26:47 Well Farmer Mike would you have special prayer?
26:50 We just wanna thank Jesus for all the animals
26:53 and the things that he does for us,
26:55 and we have so much fun in the farm today,
26:57 we sure have. Let's bow our heads
26:59 and I'll pray, close your eyes.
27:01 Dear Jesus thank you for this day and thank you
27:05 for all the different animals that you make
27:08 and we enjoy we sure love you Jesus
27:13 and I'm glad you love us amen, amen.
27:21 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says,
27:23 that's it that's all the time we have for today
27:25 boys and girls come back and see us again.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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