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Jesus Is Happy When I Obey Pt. 2

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00:06 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:08 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:11 We live for him around the world,
00:14 we spread love and joy,
00:16 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:19 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:22 We're Tiny Tots around the
00:24 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Hi, I'm Auntie Linda and this is Georgie.
00:32 We're so glad that you are here, Georgie,
00:35 wave to the boys and girls.
00:37 Yes and Kitty cat is so glad that
00:40 you are here today too. But, you've made
00:42 someone else very glad that you've come.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:51 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:59 Jesus knows your name, you made
01:02 Jesus happy just because you came.
01:07 Jesus is happy, oh that's Freddy,
01:10 he's happy that you're here too.
01:12 He knows that it means it's time for him to get
01:15 some good fishy food. Freddy here we go,
01:20 here is some good food for you.
01:22 I'm so glad Jesus gave us pets.
01:24 I'm glad today, I'm glad today
01:28 For dear Freddy I'm glad today
01:32 Thank you, God in heaven.
01:37 Well Freddy sure looked happy didn't he?
01:40 He likes good food. Oh we have a phone call
01:44 Georgie, I love phone calls.
01:49 Hello, this Auntie Linda, hi Leighton, how are you?
01:58 Oh, that must have made a big mess,
02:02 yes it is important to obey.
02:06 Oh well I'm glad that you love Jesus,
02:09 and you are gonna to try to obey and
02:11 not do that anymore. Thank you for calling
02:15 Leighton, I love you, and Jesus loves you, bye-bye.
02:21 That was Leighton, he said that he got a bottle
02:26 of ketchup, and he took it and he spilled it all
02:30 over the carpet. And his mommy felt bad,
02:35 and he told his mommy he was sorry,
02:37 he was going to obey her and the
02:40 next time he said he did. And Jesus does want
02:45 us to obey doesn't he? Yes Georgie, Jesus
02:48 wants us to obey. Oh you are right Kitty cat,
02:53 it is time to spend special time with Jesus isn't it?
02:56 It's time to ring our worship bell.
03:00 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:05 with our best friend Jesus come and worship him
03:12 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:21 This is a special time. Georgie, you sit over
03:25 here by Kitty cat, okay. They're excited because
03:29 they like to see what's in our worship present box.
03:32 And I know you do too, I'm sure there will be
03:34 something special in here. Oh I love presents.
03:40 Oh there is something special.
03:44 We have a Farmer Mike. Oh Farmer Mike
03:52 worked so hard on the farm, you know what
03:57 Farmer Mike does? He plants some
04:00 seeds in the ground, then he takes his
04:03 watering can, and he waters all the seeds,
04:08 so they can have lots of water because that's
04:11 how you do when you take care of a garden,
04:14 you wanna obey and do the right things don't we?
04:17 And then he takes and he digs up the dirt and
04:21 he gets out the weeds and then he prays and
04:27 God sends the rain, and one day something
04:32 special happens, Farmer Mike has lots of good
04:37 things to eat in his garden.
04:39 He has got cabbage, and carrots, and even potatoes.
04:44 Oh I'm so excited about all the things that Jesus
04:49 makes for us, don't you wanna obey Jesus,
04:52 he is so good and kind to us.
04:55 Let's thank him right now for being so good
04:58 and kind to us, and let's ask him to help us obey,
05:01 can you bend your knees?
05:04 I will bend my knees, take your hands and
05:09 hold them like this. I will fold my hands,
05:14 bow your heads, I will bow my head,
05:18 shut your eyes real tight, I will, shall close
05:23 my eyes and very, very quiet
05:28 be while the prayer is said.
05:33 Dear Jesus, you are so good and kind,
05:37 you do so many things for us, and give us so
05:40 many good things to eat. Help us to always
05:44 obey you, we love you Jesus, amen.
05:50 Don't you just love Jesus, he's so good to us.
05:55 Well you know what; we've got so many fun
05:58 and exciting things to do on the farm today.
06:01 We better get started you know what
06:04 Farmer Mike is at the barn waiting for us,
06:06 come on let's go the barn.
06:10 Hey kids, let's go the barn.
06:15 Oh its so cute, he is so funny and he laugh.
06:18 Oh I love it. Please Farmer Mike,
06:21 can we help you with your work?
06:23 Please Farmer Mike, can we help you with the work?
06:26 Can you help me with my work? You sure can.
06:29 We like to be helpers, there we go and let's go
06:31 out here, let's go now, that's right, let's go out
06:33 here, 'cause I'm gonna show you what we're
06:35 gonna do, you can help me.
06:36 Oh that looks good. I was getting ready to
06:38 do some work. Look at these,
06:40 you know what these are? These came out of my
06:43 garden see, there's a watermelon,
06:46 there's carrots, you like carrots,
06:49 and here's all kind, and here's onions
06:52 and all cabbages stuff. And we've got,
06:55 since I'm taking these out of garden,
06:58 now we got to plant some new stuff in our
07:00 garden and so it will grow like this,
07:02 and guess what we're gonna do?
07:03 You can help me do this, oh how fun.
07:06 We're gonna plant some seeds, so here's how we
07:08 do it, I got to come over here, and you guys
07:11 come around here like this, and I'll show you
07:13 what we're gonna do, now you guys
07:15 got to do this today. I'm going to, here I am,
07:18 alright, come over here, come over here by me,
07:19 I'm gonna see these seeds right here that's
07:21 right sit here right there. See these seeds,
07:23 now here's how you plant. First we're gonna
07:26 go get our pots because seeds, see these little
07:30 seeds, let's open one up, let's open up,
07:32 look in here, look in here Noah, lets see
07:34 these little bitty seeds are little bitty,
07:37 see but in there, see in there, see they're in.
07:40 You plant those now, I'm gonna put one out
07:42 in my hand here, watch this one or two in my hand.
07:45 See that when we plant those, those are little.
07:48 See that when we plant those, guess what,
07:51 they grow into those great big plants, so let's.
07:54 That little bitty seed is gonna grow
07:55 into a big cantaloupe? Like that big watermelon
07:58 or cantaloupe, or onions, so let's put these
08:00 in here, and now you guys are gonna do this,
08:02 okay, you're gonna help, you wanna help
08:04 me, so get those pots come over here.
08:06 I will help get those. Over here, Come over
08:08 here, she will show you where they're at?
08:10 They are over this way, okay, go with them and
08:11 get a pot Noah, go over there get a pot.
08:14 Get a pot and bring it back and I'm bring them back.
08:15 We're gonna fun. And then bring it right
08:16 back here where you were now, here is one
08:19 for you, come back here. I will get these
08:21 seeds ready. Here, can we set them right
08:23 here and this is okay. Yeah this is okay,
08:25 this is okay set them right here thank you.
08:27 Now then come around over here, like you
08:29 were, come over here so you can dig.
08:31 And Noah I tell you what, stay right there,
08:33 and fill those pots up with dirt right there out
08:35 of the wheelbarrow, here go there to the
08:36 wheelbarrow, I'm gonna like this.
08:37 I will see if I can get the big shovel in the barn,
08:40 you still have that big shovel
08:41 in the barn don't you? We will need that
08:42 thank you, thank you Auntie Linda.
08:43 Okay, I will be glad to get that I like to help.
08:45 Okay put that in there, that's right fill him up
08:47 with dirt you put yours in here Hannah and this
08:49 will be his, okay. Put some in this one,
08:52 here we go fill them real good, fill them way
08:54 up high. Oh good job, you see because one of
08:57 the things that makes things grow is good soil
09:00 and you guys have good dirt, good soil there,
09:03 good job, because if it wasn't, if it wasn't good
09:05 soil, the seed you're getting a lot in there
09:07 good, if it wasn't a good soil and the seeds
09:09 wouldn't grow good. I will get a good scoop
09:11 in Hannah's. Now what else, what else do
09:13 you have to have to make seeds grow into
09:15 big plants Hannah? What else,
09:18 because we wanna grow
09:19 food for us to eat. Right and you know what,
09:22 that's right for our food and you know what
09:24 Jesus give us to make the food grow from seeds?
09:27 We plant the seeds, first put a little more in there
09:30 and we are getting there, little bit more,
09:33 thank you Auntie Linda. Do we need some water?
09:34 Just a little more, that's what I was gonna say
09:36 we need some water, can you get water for us
09:38 Auntie Linda? I sure can, and then
09:40 one more thing they got to have,
09:42 they got to have sunshine. See your shirt Hannah,
09:46 see your shirt your top, that's the color of
09:49 sunshine, and that's what plants have to have.
09:51 You know when the sun comes out?
09:53 Okay let's put the seeds in first, come here,
09:55 I'm gonna give you a seed, hold your hand;
09:57 now leave those there, put the shovels there,
09:59 come here set those down, set down.
10:01 Come and get some seeds, alright now you
10:02 got seeds in hand hold your hand, hold your
10:04 hands real careful. Now these we are gonna
10:06 let you plant these first and hold your hand
10:09 right there so you hold your seed, good now
10:11 okay now put the seed right here, you put those
10:14 in there Hannah, wait I'm gonna give you
10:16 some too one there, put one in there,
10:20 okay drop that one, good job Hannah.
10:22 I want one, alright you are next Noah.
10:24 Now let's give you these because these are
10:26 carrots, we need some carrots too see,
10:28 see those carrots, okay here's the carrots,
10:31 hold your hand our, put just a little of dirt,
10:33 that's perfect Hannah. Now put a little more
10:35 top of that seed like you did that one, okay hold
10:38 your hand out now, here we go, alright.
10:41 You know what I got surprise for these guys,
10:44 they not only get to planting now put those
10:46 in there. Those are even little, oh they are even
10:47 little that's it, now put a little bit of dirt on top of
10:50 them like you're doing. And then guess what
10:53 we are gonna get to do, listen this you guys
10:57 because this is a surprise for you,
10:59 not yet, not yet that's enough now that
11:01 enough just don't put too much dirt in there,
11:03 that's enough Noah now set that down,
11:04 set that down. We got to put some
11:05 water in there. Come here I'm gonna
11:07 tell you surprise now, come here I got to tell
11:08 you surprise, come here, come here,
11:10 come here I got tell you the surprise.
11:13 Okay come and see the surprise.
11:14 Now listen this, they will grow up and the
11:17 next time you will come to the farm you can
11:20 bring these back and show me you get to take
11:22 these home. And see your mommy
11:26 and daddy can show you a place to plant
11:28 these at home and if they don't have a place
11:31 than you can bring them back here, and we'll
11:32 find a place here, because Hannah
11:35 when I do my big field, my great big fields I use
11:38 my tractor, my big green tractor, but when
11:41 I plant for eat vegetables like that
11:45 off our table, for ourselves we plant like
11:48 this first, and they grow up and make little
11:50 plants and then we put them in the ground,
11:53 and that makes our own, and we hold them
11:56 by hand when they get weeds and stuff we hold
11:58 the weeds out. That's the surprise
12:00 you get to take these home with you today.
12:02 That's neat; shall we put little water on them?
12:04 They need some water; I want one, just take
12:05 turn, just a little bit. Not too much now,
12:07 just a right amount. Okay take turns that's
12:10 Noah's. Okay know let Hannah put some in
12:13 hers, excellent, good little over here Hannah,
12:18 okay good. Now give Noah little bit,
12:20 he needs just a little more right here that's
12:21 plenty on that one, just a little more Noah.
12:24 Okay and listen, good job, the one thing you
12:27 never do, you never throw water on Farmer Mike.
12:33 Don't do that, I think he was getting hot.
12:35 You got water on your cheek.
12:36 I know I was getting hot, I was concerned.
12:38 Well thank you so much Farmer Mike.
12:40 Thank you for helping me at work.
12:41 This has been a fun day. We need some
12:43 plants though. They are gonna grow
12:45 when you watch. They are gonna grow
12:46 and we will take him home. In a few days you will
12:47 see him come up all the sudden.
12:49 Now it's time to tell Farmer Mike goodbye,
12:50 but first let's sing our song to him.
12:52 Let's do our song, you like to sing?
12:54 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
12:58 I like to go to the farm
13:00 where the ducks quack, quack,
13:02 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
13:06 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
13:11 That was good, bye-bye. Well thank you so much
13:13 can you lift your pots? Take your pots whether,
13:14 can you carry those oh they are heavy now.
13:16 Hannah can you get yours?
13:18 Can you hold it underneath there.
13:19 Thank you Farmer Mike hold underneath.
13:20 Alright bye-bye. good bye.
13:24 Time for our nature walk.
13:28 What a beautiful day, Hannah and I are out
13:31 for a walk, I'm glad you've made it too.
13:34 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
13:40 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk
13:44 today, to see what God has given.
13:52 You found something, what is that? Tomato.
13:57 It's a tomato, do you like tomatoes?
14:00 That's a little tomato. Oh isn't that precious,
14:05 God made the little red winged black
14:07 birds didn't he? He made all these
14:10 neat things for us. Oh I just love all these
14:13 things in the garden, what are these?
14:16 Carrots, carrots. Do you know what this is?
14:20 Those are cantaloupe, have you ever had
14:23 cantaloupes? They're so good,
14:26 you can cut them open and slice them
14:28 up and eat them, and they taste really good.
14:32 All gone, all gone well we finish the watering
14:35 haven't we? What about this,
14:38 do you know what that is? I don't know.
14:41 Its cabbage isn't it? Do you like cabbage?
14:46 I do, sometimes mom makes coleslaw,
14:49 does your mom make coleslaw?
14:52 She doesn't make coleslaw? Sometimes I like to eat
14:56 it just raw in salads. Oh its so good for us,
15:00 God made so many good things
15:01 for us didn't he Hannah?
15:04 God made the tasty green cabbage.
15:08 God made the tasty green
15:11 cabbage, I know, I know
15:16 God made the tasty green cabbage,
15:19 because he loves me so.
15:26 Story Time.
15:30 Its story time boys and girls.
15:32 Come and join Tyler and Hannah and I.
15:35 We've got a God story today.
15:38 Our story is about David the youngest boy.
15:43 David had seven brothers, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
15:47 7 and David took care of the sheep for his dad.
15:53 One day the prophet Samuel was coming to
15:56 town and his brothers said you cannot go;
16:01 you have to stay here and take care of the sheep.
16:05 So, all his brothers went down to town,
16:09 do you think that David was sad?
16:12 Maybe but he loved his sheep.
16:14 He took his harp with him and the sling and
16:19 he said come on, come on little lambs,
16:22 come on sheep you know what they said?
16:25 They went baa, baa, because they like to be
16:28 with David, because he was so good and kind to them.
16:32 He sat on a rock and he would sing to him,
16:35 and what are these lambs doing?
16:38 They're just playing aren't they?
16:40 Yes, they are having so much fun because they
16:43 love to hear David play his harp.
16:47 What's coming up there? That's a wolf, yes that is
16:52 a wolf, and he is sneaking up and David
16:55 says come away little lamb, and he chased it
16:59 away so it wouldn't hurt his little lambs because
17:01 he always took good care of his lambs.
17:05 He would practice everyday with his sling shot.
17:09 He put a stone in there, and he swing it around
17:12 and around and he would throw it and he
17:14 always hit his target, because he was always
17:18 ready to protect his sheep.
17:21 See he could even hit the little hole in the
17:23 tree, couldn't he Tyler? Yes. Oh-oh he hears
17:29 something, what do you think he heard?
17:32 Do you think it was the woodpecker?
17:35 No, he heard that too, but that wasn't it.
17:37 Do you think what is this Hannah?
17:40 Bunny rabbit. That's a bunny rabbit,
17:42 but it wasn't that. It was a scruff sound,
17:47 growling sound. What is that Tyler?
17:51 Bear, it was a bear and what was he doing?
17:56 Was he coming after the little lambs,
17:59 oh David was hurriedly, he got his sling shot and
18:04 he throw his stone and he hit the bear and
18:07 chased him away and he grabbed his little
18:09 lambs and now they were saved.
18:13 David loved his little lambs and they were
18:16 so happy, they just said baa, baa and he cared
18:22 for them so lovingly. Meanwhile his brothers
18:26 were with Prophet Samuel. And Samuel said to the
18:28 father, I want all your sons to come and march
18:33 before me. And so they did, and he said
18:36 here is this son he's nice and handsome I know
18:40 you like him. But Prophet Samuel
18:43 said no it's not him, and then he brought the next
18:47 son, and the next son, how many brothers did
18:49 David have? He had seven brothers didn't he?
18:54 And everyone the prophet said that's not
18:57 the one I'm looking for. Finally he said, do you
19:01 have a younger son? He said well I have one
19:05 more son, and he's taking care of the sheep.
19:08 Well go and get him said Samuel.
19:11 So, they went and they got him and when the
19:14 prophet saw that he had, see they're bringing David.
19:22 One more son they brought David the
19:24 shepherd to him, and look at David stood
19:27 before him and Prophet Samuel heard God's
19:30 voice say, this is the one, I choose him.
19:36 It was the little shepherd boy, he wasn't
19:39 all his big brothers, God had chosen him.
19:44 Now you know David's brothers didn't know
19:48 what he was chosen for, and his father didn't
19:52 even know what he was chosen for, do you
19:55 know Tyler what he was chosen for?
19:57 Do you know Hannah? He was chosen to be what?
20:03 The King, God had chosen to be a King and
20:07 David would be good King, just as he was a
20:10 good shepherd boy, because God knew that
20:15 just as David took good care of all the sheep,
20:19 David would keep good care of God's people too.
20:25 God loves us so much and he loves you too.
20:30 Fun in the kitchen.
20:35 Do you kids like to eat your vegetables?
20:36 Yeah, you do. Me too, you do.
20:40 Do you like to eat your vegetables?
20:42 Well we're gonna make something today that
20:44 will be really special and fun to
20:47 eat your vegetables. What are these?
20:48 What are these Noah, do you know?
20:50 Tomatoes, that's right, these are great tomatoes.
20:54 Well I'm gonna teach you how to make a
20:56 vegetable garden. You know how you
20:58 just put vegetables, your mommy puts
21:00 vegetables out with a dip. We're gonna put it
21:03 out in a real special way, get your cup Noah
21:06 and lets we've I've already ground up
21:10 some, this is graham cracker crumbs and let's
21:12 spread this here, because we are gonna
21:13 pretend this is dirt, okay. Oh that's fun.
21:17 And we wanna get it all over
21:19 because this is our garden.
21:20 Auntie Linda, you have to help us, oh she does,
21:24 doesn't she, she is over there and doing
21:25 nothing, that's right. Well that was good you
21:28 reminded me to obey because that's what we
21:30 been talking about Miss Cinda
21:32 all day in the farm is obey.
21:33 Oh you have, you have been talking about
21:34 obeying, do you kids, Hannah do you obey
21:37 your mommy and daddy? Yes.
21:39 What do you do to obey your mommy and daddy?
21:41 I obey when I cook, yes. Do you come when
21:46 they call? Yes. Noah, do you obey your
21:49 mommy and daddy? Yeah. What do you do
21:51 to obey your mommy and daddy?
21:56 Eat, you eat, that's a good thing,
21:58 that's a good thing, because your mommy
22:00 cooks healthy food for you doesn't she?
22:02 Oops I get some mess remaining oh that's
22:04 okay that's the fun of cooking.
22:07 Miss Cinda doesn't mind messes at all in
22:09 the kitchen, oh that looks good.
22:13 Okay now let's pick your vegetables I will
22:14 spread this like pick a vegetable and let's have
22:17 some toothpicks Hannah and you can
22:19 just you can either use a toothpick or you just
22:21 put them in a row you know like Farmer Mike
22:23 plants his garden? That's what you do,
22:26 you put all the vegetables in a row just
22:28 like Farmer Mike does. I tell you what, I'll do
22:31 the radishes, if I can get them out.
22:35 I can even make vegetables like that.
22:38 Oh you know what, put your vegetables in,
22:41 look go like this, see Miss Cinda will do it,
22:45 and look how we're doing it.
22:46 Oh it's hard work isn't it? Look at our radish,
22:49 oh good job Noah. Can you do that too,
22:53 you know what these are? These are little miniature
22:55 cabbages they are called Brussels sprouts.
23:00 Oh I love that Miss Hannah, isn't this gonna
23:03 be a fun way to eat your vegetables.
23:06 And you can just pull them out of here
23:09 and dip them in our dip that Miss Cinda has made.
23:13 Boy Aunt Linda you brought some really
23:15 helpful kids today, oh I like that Hannah.
23:18 Oh yes, well you know Miss Cinda we're gonna
23:21 have fun in just little bit with in our living room
23:25 and we're gonna do some singing.
23:27 Do you kids like to sing?
23:30 Oh I like to sing, what is that,
23:33 the ice doesn't stick on there?
23:36 Oh you know what I have the ice in here for,
23:38 I cut the celery and the special, so it kind of fan
23:41 out and it look really pretty in our garden.
23:44 And the ice makes it fan out, so that's a little
23:47 trick you boys and girls can teach your
23:49 mommies, when you help make sure boys
23:52 and girls that you help your mommies in the
23:54 kitchen because it's fun to be in
23:56 the kitchen isn't it? And my daddy,
23:58 and your daddies make sure you help them.
24:02 It's sing time boys and girls.
24:06 It's Sing Time, yeah.
24:12 And we're gonna sing a song about
24:14 "David, only a Boy Name David.
24:18 Only a boy named David Only a little sling
24:25 Only a boy named David
24:29 But he could pray and sing
24:33 Only a boy named David Only a rippling brook
24:39 Only a boy named David
24:42 And five little stones he took.
24:47 And one little stone went in the sling
24:50 And the sling went round and round
24:54 And one little stone went in the sling
24:57 And the sling went round and round
25:01 And round and round And round and round
25:03 And round and round And round and round
25:06 And one little stone went up in the air
25:10 And the giant came tumbling down.
25:21 Well I love the stories in the Bible.
25:23 And we have another one about Peter, James
25:25 and John, how they had a little sailboat,
25:27 I love sailboat. You got a sailboat
25:30 you boys and girls make the little sailboat, okay.
25:34 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
25:38 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
25:43 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat,
25:47 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:51 Fished all night caught no fishes,
25:56 Fished all night caught no fishes,
26:00 Fished all night caught no fishes,
26:05 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:09 Jesus said fish on the other side,
26:13 Jesus said fish on the other side,
26:17 Jesus said fish on the other side,
26:22 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:26 Then their boats were filled with fishes,
26:27 Then their boats were filled with fishes,
26:29 Then their boats were filled with fishes,
26:31 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:36 That was fun, it's fun to sing.
26:38 A big whale, you think he saw a whale.
26:42 Well Miss Cinda, would you just thank
26:44 Jesus for the fun day we've had at the farm today.
26:47 I would love to, hold your boys and girls
26:50 and close your eyes. Dear Jesus we love you
26:54 so much, and we thank you for giving us fishes
26:59 and for being with us and giving us all kinds
27:03 of wonderful things like animals and birds and
27:08 trees, and we just ask you to take care of us,
27:14 and thank you dear Jesus because we love
27:16 you so much amen, amen, amen.
27:19 It wake me up. Oh yes, it's a Rooster,
27:23 Mr. Rooster, says that's all the time we have for
27:26 today boys and girls, but you come
27:27 back and see us again on the farm.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 we live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17