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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:07 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Okay Noah, drop it in, the mailman will get it.
00:35 Oh hi boys and girls, Noah look the boys
00:38 and girls are here, can you wave to them?
00:41 Georgie is happy that you're here too.
00:43 And Jesus is happy that you're here.
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:54 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
00:59 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:02 Jesus knows your name
01:05 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:11 Well we have a lot of fun things planned for today.
01:14 Come on inside boys and girls,
01:16 yes we'll take Georgie in too.
01:18 Oh Noah, we have a phone call, I'm so excited.
01:24 Yes, you did, hello this is Auntie Linda.
01:28 Hi Auntie Linda, this is Jacqueline Harris.
01:32 Well hi Jacqueline, we're talking today
01:35 about creation and how God made light on the
01:38 first day, do you like light?
01:41 Yeah, I like light and when I saw Mars,
01:46 and I saw Mars. You saw Mars,
01:49 what color was it? Kind of reddish,
01:51 kind of orangish and reddish.
01:54 Orangish, reddish, well I'm glad that God
01:57 created light, and that he is the
01:59 light of the world isn't he?
02:00 Yeah, he is light of the world and I love him.
02:05 Oh I love him too, thank you for calling
02:08 have a good day. Bye Auntie Linda,
02:11 I love you. I love you too.
02:15 That was Jacqueline Harris,
02:18 he was, oh Freddy, Freddy, he was thinking
02:23 are they gonna give me my breakfast this
02:25 morning or my lunch or dinner, yes,
02:28 there you go, there you go.
02:31 Oh that was a bunch I think,
02:32 yes that looks like enough for
02:34 all the meals doesn't it? There you go Freddy,
02:38 there you go. Oh Kitty cat is reminding
02:41 us it's time to ring our worship bell,
02:43 thank you Kitty. I love worship time
02:49 don't you boys and girls, sing along with
02:51 us okay, come here Georgie.
02:54 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me with
02:59 our best friend Jesus come and worship him
03:06 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:15 Oh thank you, good job; it's time to see what's
03:20 in our present box, that's right,
03:23 I think a Bible is in there.
03:24 You think a Bible, I think something that's
03:27 gonna tell us about the Bible.
03:30 Oh that is a Bible. The Bible is a letter
03:35 that God sent to you and me.
03:39 It tells about the long ago.
03:42 And what is gong to be.
03:46 It tells of how God made creation,
03:51 and how he made the world.
03:54 It tells, can you see Jesus coming?
03:56 It tells how he is coming soon,
03:59 for every boy and girl. Read God's letter,
04:03 read it every day. Keep it with you all the time.
04:08 Learn what God has to say.
04:13 Do you know boys and girls what God made
04:15 on the first day? Do you know what God
04:18 made on the first day of creation?
04:22 Let me give you a hint, he made light.
04:29 You wanna hold our light? God said, let there be
04:34 light and there was light,
04:37 can you hold it still for me? Yeah.
04:42 Oh yes, hold it very carefully,
04:46 oh come on, here we go, it's making light,
04:52 it's making light. Jesus is our light isn't he?
04:56 He is the light of the world.
04:59 Well we're gonna set it right here,
05:01 we are gonna kneel down and thank Jesus
05:03 for making light for us, he made lots of light.
05:07 Can you kneel down boys and girls?
05:09 Can you kneel down? Yeah.
05:13 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:19 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
05:26 and very, very quiet be while our prayer is said.
05:36 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for creating
05:39 light and for being the light of the world,
05:42 we love you Jesus, amen.
05:46 Oh I love Jesus don't you Noah,
05:50 isn't Jesus wonderful. I want the candle now.
05:53 Well you wanna look at the pretty light,
05:55 but do you know what time it is now? What?
05:58 It's time for us to go to the barn,
06:00 come on boys and girls let's go.
06:08 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike. Hey, look who's here,
06:12 look who's here. Oh I'm glad you guys,
06:15 I bet you are wondering today what animal
06:17 Farmer Mike has, I'm wondering.
06:20 I've got some neat animals for you.
06:22 Oh come on kids let sit down and see what he
06:24 has for us today. Let's make it a surprise,
06:26 alright. Everybody sit down first, okay and
06:29 I'm gonna go in the barn and I'm gonna get
06:32 him, alright. Okay wait now watch this,
06:35 what do you think it's gonna be?
06:37 I don't know but he have there something.
06:39 Maybe something, what do you think it's
06:41 gonna be big boy Noah. I want to see,
06:43 we kind of know more or less, ducks, many be.
06:47 I wonder what's in here, what is in here.
06:52 Nothing I'm just kidding, nothing there,
06:55 I've got in what is it? Look there what are
06:58 they? Ducks, what is it? A baby ducks.
07:04 I was right, you were right Noah,
07:07 they are baby ducks. Let's me, sit down over
07:09 here and I'm show to you okay.
07:14 Look he here, I'll pet, see the baby ducks
07:19 good. Oh sweety what's the matter.
07:21 Now you know how they were born?
07:24 In a incubator and they were hatched.
07:28 Yeah, he did, isn't that neat, do you what an
07:32 incubator is Auntie Linda? Is that a place where
07:36 they keep the ducks warm? That's right the lights
07:39 keep them warm and they were hatched in incubator.
07:43 I know where they live, where?
07:45 They were in the nest and they are cracking eggs.
07:48 Well you do know a lot about baby ducks.
07:52 Now these ducks, and there is another
07:54 one out here too, let me get both of them,
07:55 is it singing, oh-oh they are running around.
07:58 What do you think that is a place to play,
08:00 anyway these ducks, they bite me.
08:02 They will bite you? And they won't get very
08:04 big, they stay real small and what color do you
08:10 think they will become. What color would you
08:14 think, black, they will be black and white,
08:17 black and white, black and white.
08:20 Can you pet it Rebecca there you go,
08:24 I pet other one. They like you guys I can tell.
08:28 Oh they are so sweet. Now you know
08:30 something you always ask me, what do they eat?
08:34 I know what they eat. What?
08:36 They eat something like apples,
08:41 and they eat some eggs too.
08:44 You are just exactly right, they eat a lot of
08:46 that kind of stuff. Would you do me a
08:48 favor Hannah? Come around over here with
08:49 me and sit right here hold this one for me.
08:52 I want one. We can, what's that here and you
08:54 can pet come over to me, come here, come here.
08:58 And I'm gonna let you hold him too,
08:59 pet him okay. Yeah see sit right here with me,
09:04 yeah sit there, so help me hold him
09:06 like this, keep him safe okay.
09:11 Can you see that, there you go,
09:12 They singing aren't they Noah?
09:13 they have pretty tails. Now they eat some
09:14 other things too, they eat baby food like for
09:16 little ducks that they sell in the stores and
09:19 they are all they can't eat like real hard stuff
09:22 like hard candy, and hard food yet, because
09:24 they are not very big, so their food has be
09:27 crushed up in real small for them to eat that,
09:31 and they don't, this is gonna surprise you
09:33 because this is kind of different
09:35 than most animals. They don't need their
09:37 mom to feed them, they don't?
09:39 No, and they really don't need their mom
09:41 for a whole lot expect one thing,
09:43 I bet you can't guess what it is?
09:46 What do they need from their mom?
09:48 They need toys. Toys, that's a good answer,
09:55 that's not what I had in mind, but that's a good
09:57 answer you're right. See what happens is
10:00 when they're little like this they don't have any
10:01 oil on their skin. Oh., and so they can't
10:05 swim yet in the water, because that oil is what
10:08 keeps them like water repellent you know,
10:11 keeps the water off them, and they would
10:13 just sink and they couldn't do it.
10:14 But their mommy, guess what their
10:16 mommy does? Do you think God isn't smart
10:18 to know what to do? I know what to do,
10:20 the mommy and daddy does. I'm almost afraid
10:23 to ask but what do you think?
10:26 The mommy duck swim, but they can't
10:30 swim like them. You know what,
10:32 you are exactly right. The mommy can swim
10:34 because she has oil, but what she does,
10:36 when she rubs him like this, watch this Hannah
10:38 she goes she rubs them like this when she is
10:40 rubbing on them like that, and that puts oil
10:42 on them, and when they get oiled up, then they
10:44 can go swimming. Well surprise our ducks
10:47 today okay, you know what
10:49 we are gonna do don't you?
10:50 We're gonna sing the animal song.
10:52 We are gonna sing our animal song,
10:53 so let's sing our song for,
10:55 watch their face while we're singing.
10:58 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:03 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:07 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:11 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:16 Well wasn't that fun today to see the ducks?
11:18 Oh that was wonderful.
11:20 Alright, I hope the boys and girls liked it too.
11:22 Oh thank you Farmer Mike. Can you tell the
11:24 ducks goodbye, oh goodbye they are gonna
11:27 wave bye to you. Say bye ducks, bye-bye
11:29 you guys come back, bye-bye ducks.
11:31 Come back to the farm, and we will see so more
11:33 animals next time. Okay thank you
11:35 so much, bye, bye-bye.
11:45 Another beautiful day for a walk,
11:47 come on boys and girls.
11:50 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:54 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a walk
12:01 today, to see what God has given.
12:07 Do you see anything that God made?
12:10 Do you boys and girls? Noah, what do you see?
12:15 Grass, grass and flowers and more and more.
12:20 And more morning glories, yes, there are
12:25 some morning glories. Do you see the flowers,
12:29 they look like flowers. Yes, oh do they smell
12:33 good? Do you know what, know what they do?
12:36 When the sunlight comes out they open
12:38 up so pretty. Do you know what they
12:40 do in its night time? Close up, they close up,
12:46 yes, the flowers enjoy the day time that Jesus
12:49 made, and they enjoy the night time too.
12:53 Let's sing about God's beautiful flowers,
12:56 yes can you help me sing.
12:59 God made the beautiful flowers I know, I know
13:07 God made the beautiful flowers
13:11 because he loves me so.
13:22 I love stories, don't you boys and girls.
13:25 You like stories too, don't you Hannah?
13:27 Yes I do. Hannah loves stories.
13:29 Well our story today comes right from the
13:31 Bible, it's a story of how our world became,
13:36 and it's you will love this story.
13:39 On the first day Jesus chased the dark away
13:42 and give us light. He made the light
13:45 from darkness and He kept the dark for night.
13:48 Gave us some of each so it would be just right,
13:52 isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
13:55 On the second day Jesus made the
13:57 firmament for you and me. He made the blue sky
14:01 and the fluffy clouds, and He made the air so
14:04 clean and fresh, so that we can breathe,
14:07 isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
14:11 Yes, Jesus made light and then He made sky
14:15 and clouds. On the third day Jesus pushed the
14:20 water back to make dry land;
14:22 He made it soft with pretty grass, so we can stand.
14:26 He fashioned the tress, and the flowers with his
14:30 own hands, isn't He a wonderful Jesus.
14:35 On the fourth day Jesus made this golden sun to
14:38 shine so bright, He made the moon and the
14:42 stars, so we could see each night.
14:45 All the things He made are such a pretty sight,
14:48 isn't He a wonderful Jesus Hannah?
14:52 He is, on the sixth day Jesus, on the sixth day
14:58 no it's the fifth day isn't it?
15:01 On the fifth day Jesus made the
15:03 lovely birds of ever hue. He made the fish to
15:08 swim, and He made the birds and the fish for
15:12 you and me, isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
15:15 On the six day Jesus made animals and man.
15:19 Jesus made some animals so big and tall,
15:22 He made other animals that were very small.
15:26 Jesus then made people to enjoy it all, isn't He a
15:30 wonderful Jesus. On the seventh day Jesus
15:35 made the Sabbath for a day of rest, all his work
15:39 was over and he called it blessed, it's the day
15:42 we spend with him so we like it the best
15:44 don't we, isn't He a wonderful Jesus?
15:49 Well Hannah, let's see if we can remember all
15:52 the things that Jesus made for us.
15:53 On the first day Jesus made light, can you put
15:56 the first day by the light?
15:59 No, where does it go; I think it goes right
16:05 here doesn't it? See the light Jesus made
16:07 the light, yes put first day there good Hannah.
16:12 On the second day He made sky and clouds,
16:17 where is the sky and clouds?
16:21 This one yes, and on the third day He made the
16:24 trees and He made the flowers,
16:29 not that, yes good. And on the fourth day
16:33 He made the sun and moon and stars,
16:36 where is the sun and moon and stars?
16:38 Good job Hannah. And on the fifth day
16:41 He made the birds and the fish, where are the
16:45 birds and fish? That was the animals,
16:48 that's right. And on the sixth day He made
16:52 animals and man. And on the seventh day
16:56 He made something really special, He made
16:59 the Sabbath. You know boys and girls,
17:02 Jesus made all these things for us because
17:05 He loves us so much. Remember Jesus loves you.
17:14 Hi boys and girls. Hi! We are with Miss Cinda
17:19 today and she has something fun planned for us.
17:22 I do, do you know what today, we're not gonna
17:26 do cooking today, we are gonna do a
17:28 fun craft, yeah. You guys want to do craft,
17:32 yeah, okay. Well you what I was thinking,
17:37 Auntie Linda has been talking to you today
17:39 about something God created on the very
17:42 first day, do you know what it is?
17:45 Light, very good Jadis, that's good.
17:48 God created light, and I wanted you to all
17:51 remember what God created on the first day,
17:54 so we are going to make candles.
17:57 We got a glass and see how pretty you can see
18:01 through it, its green, its green isn't it and we
18:04 are gonna take some paints and we are gonna
18:06 paint the glass real pretty on the outside.
18:10 And then I'm gonna give you a candle to put
18:12 inside, and then when you light the candle you
18:15 can remember what God created on the first day.
18:19 And I also, just like our memory verse today.
18:21 That's right I also want you
18:23 to learn a memory verse. Can you all say Genesis
18:27 1:3, Genesis 1:3 and do you know what that
18:33 says? What? That says God created light,
18:37 it says and God said, can you say it with me.
18:41 "And God said Let there be light"
18:46 Genesis 1:3. Okay, we will say our memory verse
18:53 little bit later just so we can learn it.
18:55 But, let's get started I think Tyler is ready to
18:58 paint, are you ready to paint Tyler?
18:59 Okay, I think so, Hannah what color
19:02 would you like? I like red, red, okay
19:05 remember to shake it up really good,
19:07 what color would you like Jadis?
19:09 Pink, pink we will share the pink with Tyler,
19:12 no yellow, yellow okay. And what color would
19:14 you like Noah? Blue, blue okay.
19:17 Now Tyler be really careful and let's paint
19:20 some really pretty design. And boys and girls
19:24 what we are using is we have paint pens
19:27 and these you have to get them started like
19:29 that there you go and paint real careful.
19:32 You want to paint a design or you wanna
19:33 paint a flower? Yeah, let me help
19:35 you do a flower? You help me.
19:38 I'm making a real cross. You're making a cross,
19:42 okay. What are you making Hannah?
19:44 I'm making something. There, Noah has got a
19:49 flower and now you wanna color inside that flower?
19:53 Yeah, and you know what I did, I have a boy
19:56 and a girl that we will name Katie and David,
20:00 and do you know what I did boys and girls?
20:01 I wanted them to remember what God
20:03 created on the first day, and I also wanted them
20:07 to remember that Jesus said
20:10 I am is the light of the world.
20:12 And I wanted them to remember that Jesus
20:14 is the light of the world. So, do you know what
20:16 we did? We made up candles and every
20:20 Friday night we would light our candles at
20:22 supper time just to bring in the Sabbath.
20:25 So, we would remember how special
20:27 Sabbath was and that God created light and
20:31 that Jesus is the light of the world.
20:33 Oh that's pretty Noah, I did mine.
20:35 Now you want some green, yeah.
20:37 You want me to help you make something?
20:39 You know Miss Cinda, candles do remind us
20:41 that Jesus is the light of the world.
20:43 That's right. Can I please have green,
20:44 you may have green, what do you guys know
20:47 what are some other things that have light?
20:51 I still have blue, a lamp did you say it Tyler?
20:54 Lamp A lamp that's right what else has light?
20:58 What else can you say? Lightning bugs,
21:01 lightning bugs that's right. Hannah what,
21:04 do you think of when you think of light?
21:06 Fireworks, fireworks oh that's pretty light isn't it,
21:10 with all different colors. Noah, what do you
21:12 think of when you think of light?
21:16 Fireworks, fireworks, what do think of Jadis?
21:19 Fireworks, fireworks.
21:21 I think it's something too,
21:23 I think of something that uses batteries?
21:26 Flashlight, a flashlight. Can I please have blue?
21:30 You may, oh thank you Noah,
21:33 oh that was nice to share. Would you like a yellow
21:34 center for yours? Yeah, what would you like
21:36 Hannah? I want pink. Kids, can we say our
21:40 memory verse one more time?
21:43 Let's say and God said "Let there be light"
21:49 Genesis 1:3. Remember boys and girls,
21:54 what God created on the first day, and help
21:57 get your mommies and daddies, I made the
21:59 circle. Oh you did I like that Tyler, and get our
22:02 mommies and daddies to help you,
22:04 you can make a candle,
22:05 so you will remember what God created too.
22:13 Yeah, sing time, we've had a good time today
22:19 boys and girls haven't we? We have, do you
22:22 remember what our memory verse is?
22:25 Does anybody remember our memory verse?
22:27 Do you remember Olivia? I do, okay you
22:29 want to say it Jadis? Genesis 1:3, "and God
22:36 said Let there be light." Very good, let's say it
22:42 all together okay. And Genesis 1:3,
22:49 "and God said, Let there be light."
22:56 Olivia is excited about the light that God made,
22:59 and I'm too, we are gonna sing a song that
23:02 will help us remember about the light, okay.
23:06 Jesus chased the dark way and gave us light,
23:13 Made the light for day time kept the dark for night,
23:19 Gave us some of us each so it would be just right,
23:26 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus.
23:33 And Jesus made this whole world in just
23:35 seven days, and we're gonna sing a song about
23:38 that, that will help us remember, okay.
23:42 God made our wonderful world,
23:48 God made our wonderful world,
23:53 He made the stars bright, He made the day light,
23:58 God made our wonderful world.
24:03 Let's try it one more time okay boys and girls.
24:06 God made our wonderful world,
24:12 God made our wonderful world,
24:17 He made the stars bright, He made the day light,
24:22 God made our wonderful world.
24:28 And you know God made light to be in our
24:31 hearts too, right. And we're gonna sing
24:34 a song about that. Oh we're gonna get
24:35 to hold our lights now. We are gonna sing a
24:37 song about the light. Here is one for Isaiah.
24:39 Can you give one to Olivia? Oh I love this song,
24:43 oh thank you Farmer Mike, thank you Jadis.
24:45 And here is one, okay. And we have one for
24:48 you too Farmer Mike, and one for Farmer
24:50 Mike, let's see if I can Alright boys and girls,
24:52 get the light to work. you can get your
24:53 flashlights or whatever and you
24:55 can sing along with us, okay.
24:58 This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine
25:05 This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine
25:11 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
25:18 Hide it under a bushel? No!
25:22 I'm going to let it shine
25:25 Hide it under a bushel? No! I'm going to let it shine
25:31 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
25:37 Let it shine till Jesus comes, right.
25:39 Let it shine till Jesus comes,
25:43 I'm gonna let it shine
25:46 Let it shine till Jesus comes,
25:50 I'm gonna let it shine
25:52 Let it shine, Let it shine, Let it shine.
26:01 We do wanna let our light shine for Jesus don't we?
26:05 Let's sing that one more time just the first verse
26:07 "This little light of mine I'm going to
26:09 let it shine" okay, okay.
26:12 This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine
26:19 This little light of mine I'm going to let it shine
26:25 Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.
26:34 And Jesus wants us always to let our light
26:36 shine for him and we can have big smiles on
26:40 our faces and we can let our light shine for Jesus.
26:43 Thank you, you did Isaiah thank you.
26:47 Isaiah put it all by himself.
26:49 Good job, you are going to be big boy.
26:51 Well boys and girls, we wanna right now thank
26:54 Jesus for giving us a wonderful day,
26:56 Jadis will you thank Jesus?
26:58 Fold your hands and close your eyes.
27:01 Dear Jesus help us, help me to have light and
27:08 help other kids to be smiley and help us to
27:14 have a good day, the rest of the day, amen, amen.
27:22 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's all the
27:25 time we have for today boys and girls,
27:27 come back and see us again.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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