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00:01 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Georgie, look at that cloud,
00:31 isn't it pretty?
00:32 Oh! I just love the things God's made.
00:34 Oh! Hi boys and girls,
00:36 I am so glad you are here.
00:38 Georgie, can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:41 You know boys and girls
00:43 Jesus is so happy that you're here.
00:47 You made Jesus happy
00:50 just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children,
00:55 everyone the same,
00:57 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:01 Jesus knows your name,
01:03 you made Jesus happy
01:06 just because you came.
01:10 We have so many fun things
01:12 planned for you on the farm.
01:13 Come on in the house with Auntie Linda,
01:15 let's get started. Oh! Georgie,
01:22 we've got a phone call,
01:23 I love phone calls.
01:27 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:28 Hi Auntie Linda, this is Jordan Roberts.
01:32 Oh! Hi Jordan, we're talking today about
01:35 how God created the sky on the second day.
01:38 What do you like about the sky?
01:40 I like the clouds and they look
01:44 really beautiful and they're like really big
01:46 and the sky is beautiful.
01:48 The sky is beautiful, isn't it?
01:51 What color is the sky?
01:53 Blue, I am glad Jesus made,
01:56 I am glad that He made the animals too.
01:59 I am glad that Jesus made
02:01 all sorts of wonderful things for us.
02:04 Well I have to go now because
02:05 I have to feed Freddy.
02:07 Bye. Bye Jordan.
02:09 That was so nice of Jordan to call,
02:12 wasn't it? Oh! Hi Freddy,
02:15 how are you today? Are you hungry?
02:18 Okay, Georgie,
02:19 let's give him a little bit of food,
02:21 don't wanna make him sick,
02:23 there we go. Just a little bit,
02:25 there you go Freddy.
02:26 There you go, good boy.
02:29 Yes, oh! Somebody is at the door Georgie.
02:35 Come in. Hi Auntie Linda. Hi. I am sorry,
02:41 I can't stay today but I want to be sure
02:43 and drop off Sylvia in time for worship.
02:45 Thank you so much,
02:47 I am so glad you stop by.
02:48 Good to see you. And thanks to you.
02:50 You be a good girl okay. Okay. Okay.
02:52 Bye bye. Bye bye,
02:54 you're just in time, aren't you?
02:56 Just in time for our worship.
02:58 Oh! Kitty cat, you're glad to see Sylvia too.
03:03 He is reminding us that it's time to ring our
03:06 worship bell. Want to ring it for me?
03:08 Boys and girls, can you help me sing?
03:10 Worship bells are sweet
03:15 calling us to meet
03:17 with our best friend Jesus
03:22 come and worship him
03:24 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:34 You know what time it is now?
03:36 Yes. It's time to see
03:38 what's in our present box.
03:39 Let's see what's in here,
03:42 can you hold Georgie for me? Yeah.
03:44 Be good Georgie,
03:45 we're gonna see what's in our box.
03:49 Oh! There's something in here,
03:50 oh! There is you know,
03:56 it's a picture of creation.
03:58 Jesus came, he did something,
04:00 He created something on the second day.
04:02 Do you know what He made
04:04 on the second day? He made fresh air,
04:08 for us, and yes, and he made the sky for us.
04:12 Do you like the sky? Yeah.
04:15 Yes, I love fresh air too.
04:17 Oh! What would we do if we didn't have fresh air,
04:20 can you blow on this?
04:23 Let's see if we can make it go okay.
04:32 Okay. This one needs a little help
04:34 doesn't it? Yeah.
04:35 I'm glad that Jesus made air for us
04:42 because we can have lots of fun, can't we?
04:44 We wouldn't be able to breathe
04:46 if we didn't have fresh air.
04:47 Isn't Jesus good to us to make us fresh air
04:52 for us to breathe and to give us fluffy clouds
04:55 and blue sky?
04:56 Shall we thank Jesus for giving us
05:01 so many wonderful things and giving us fresh air?
05:04 Georgie, can you just come
05:06 and we're gonna kneel down
05:07 and we're gonna thank Jesus.
05:09 Let's kneel down okay.
05:14 I will bend my knees,
05:17 I will bow my head,
05:20 I will fold my hands,
05:23 I will close my eyes and very,
05:27 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:34 Dear Jesus, I am so thankful you
05:37 created fresh air and clouds and sky for us.
05:40 You are so good to us. We love you. Amen.
05:44 I love Jesus, don't you? Yeah.
05:49 Well boys and girls it's time now for us
05:53 to go see what Farmer Mike has for us
05:55 at the barn. I can hardly wait.
05:57 Come on, let's go.
06:05 See what we have today on the farm.
06:07 It's a pretty kitty.
06:08 Yes. Look what we,
06:09 he is a pretty kitty,
06:10 let's go out here so I can show him to you.
06:12 And I think the boys and girls at home
06:13 would like to see this kitty too. Good idea,
06:16 Auntie Linda that's a good idea.
06:18 Oh! Yes, I love it,
06:19 if the kitty would sit by me
06:21 I would like to sit by it.
06:22 Alright. Okay. Okay,
06:24 you want to pet it a couple of times?
06:27 Oh! It's do you wanna pet it Jadis?
06:29 And I am gonna turn the kitty
06:31 so that boys and girls can see.
06:32 Okay now sit down real quiet
06:34 and let me tell you about the Kitty.
06:35 Oh! He's so cute. Yeah,
06:37 they don't mind you petting them,
06:39 but you can't do it too much or be too roughly,
06:41 or they get scared.
06:42 Do you ever get scared some times
06:45 if people run up to you too fast and scare you?
06:47 Jordan always scares me.
06:49 Yeah. Her cousin Jordan.
06:52 So you, they'll do that sometimes
06:53 but you got to be real gentle with animals
06:55 and not be hard, hurting them or holding them
06:58 too tight or all that kind of.
06:59 He's got four little white paws.
07:01 I love those white paws.
07:03 They have, they have sharp claws.
07:05 I call him white feet.
07:07 I think we can call him Sammy?
07:10 Oh! we wanna be kind to our kitties, Sammy?
07:11 I like that name. Sammy sound good for a name.
07:15 Sammy, yes. I've been trying to think of a name
07:17 for the kitty. I like that name.
07:19 Now let me ask you girls a question
07:20 and maybe you boys and girls at home.
07:22 How many think that kitty should drink milk?
07:26 They can't because it will make
07:28 their belly hurt. Exactly right Hannah,
07:31 would you tell the boys and girls at home
07:33 why they can't drink milk?
07:35 Because they'll get sick.
07:36 That's right it makes their belly hurt.
07:38 I know what they can drink.
07:40 What can they have instead of milk?
07:41 Water. Good cold water. That's right.
07:45 And you know what?
07:46 God likes us all to drink water every day
07:49 because he gave us a lot of good cold water.
07:51 I love water. And Farmer Mike's
07:53 learned the more water you drink the better.
07:55 That's right. Other things sometimes
07:58 are not good for your body.
07:59 So we give the kitten plain and cold water
08:01 and then we take it to the kitten doctor.
08:04 What do you call the kitten doctor?
08:06 It's a animal doctor who takes care of animals.
08:09 That is right. That's right.
08:10 And we call animal doctors,
08:11 animal doctors or veterinarians.
08:13 Can you say veterinarian?
08:15 Veterinarian. People have people
08:18 doctors and animals have animal doctors.
08:21 Animal doctors. And when it goes to the doctor,
08:24 the doctor checks him to make sure
08:26 he doesn't get worms inside of his belly
08:29 to make him sick or and he has to give him
08:31 shots because they can get different sicknesses
08:33 like distemper they call it and rabies.
08:37 Have you ever heard about rabies?
08:38 Like the dog sometimes and they get rabies
08:42 and if you ever get bite by a dog who has rabies.
08:44 They have to give you shots
08:45 to help you get well,
08:46 so there's a lot of things to be careful
08:48 about and care. After shots you'll get a
08:50 band aid on you?
08:51 Yeah, they'll put a band aid on you;
08:53 after you get a shot,
08:54 you've shots haven't you?
08:55 And they put a little band aid on you,
08:57 so it won't bleed very much
08:59 and then you're just fine.
09:00 I had a shot when I was a baby.
09:02 Yup, yup, I have had shots
09:03 and animals have shots.
09:04 I notice that you are very gentle.
09:06 I have shots when I was four lot of times.
09:08 I've tried to be, I've tried to be really,
09:09 really, really gentle.
09:10 See how gentle Farmer Mike is with it.
09:13 And they like it, see how they like it.
09:14 Can we pet it?
09:15 Sure, you can pet it one more time
09:17 because I know before long
09:18 you will have to go but there is one thing
09:21 I hope we can do before you go.
09:23 I know what. What?
09:25 We're going to sing the animal song.
09:27 Let's. That's right.
09:29 Let's watch out kitten and what you name him
09:30 Sammy? Sammy. Sammy,
09:31 we're gonna sing for you.
09:32 Let's watch Sammy,
09:33 let's watch Sammy while we sing our song okay.
09:35 I think Sammy likes this.
09:37 I like to go to the farm
09:39 where the cows moo, moo,
09:41 I like to go to the farm
09:43 where the ducks quack, quack,
09:45 I like to go to the farm,
09:47 I like to go to the farm,
09:49 I like to go to the farm,
09:51 And learn of Jesus. You know what?
09:55 I think Sammy really enjoyed.
09:57 I think so. You guys visited today
09:59 because you were. Look at its eyes.
10:01 Nice and gentle with it. He has big eyes.
10:03 That's right. Just like you.
10:05 We have to go girls;
10:06 I just remembered we've got something special
10:08 we've got to do too.
10:09 Oh! You always do. Thank you Farmer Mike.
10:10 Bye, bye. I'll see you bye.
10:12 I love that kitty, that's my favorite.
10:21 Another beautiful day for a walk,
10:24 come and join us boys and girls.
10:26 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:30 a walk today, a walk today.
10:34 Shall we go for a walk today
10:38 to see what God has given?
10:43 Oh! It's such a beautiful day, isn't it?
10:47 Oh! I love being out in nature.
10:50 Well, I'm gonna go sit over here
10:51 by the apple tree. Oh! Me too.
10:53 And I am just gonna see,
10:54 what I can see I love all the things God made.
10:57 Let's, let's blow our bubbles.
10:59 Well you know what?
11:01 The reason we can blow our bubbles
11:04 is because God made fresh air for us.
11:06 Do you know what day He made fresh air for us?
11:09 We're gonna blow our bubbles.
11:10 What day do you think he made fresh air for us?
11:12 I want to blow my bubble. You're gonna.
11:14 One, on the second day. He made fresh air for us.
11:21 What do you think is floating up there
11:24 in the fresh air?
11:25 What do you see up there that's floating
11:27 in the fresh air? Clouds. Clouds that's right,
11:32 Jesus made the clouds for us.
11:34 Why are they moving?
11:36 Shall we send some bubbles
11:38 up in the fresh air?
11:39 Yeah. Yeah, why are the clouds moving?
11:41 Because of the fresh air.
11:43 Wow! Yes, I wanna blow some bubbles.
11:46 Let's see if we can blow really big ones
11:48 in that fresh air, we'll send them up
11:50 to the clouds and that pretty blue sky,
11:53 look at. Oh! Aren't they pretty? Mine is dry.
12:00 Yours is dry, oh! Yes, there you go.
12:03 Thank you. You are welcome.
12:05 Okay, can you blow some?
12:08 I love bubbles. Oh! That's okay.
12:12 Blow it; blow it Noah,
12:17 when you blow bubbles blow real soft
12:20 because air, you can't really feel it
12:24 unless the wind is blowing, can you?
12:26 Oh! I love the fresh,
12:30 fresh air that God made for us.
12:32 Isn't he good to us?
12:33 God made the fresh, fresh air
12:39 I know, I know
12:43 God made the fresh, fresh air
12:47 Because He loves us so.
12:51 You try this. Yes. I love blowing bubbles,
12:54 it's my favorite thing.
12:56 I like blowing bubbles too,
12:57 I'd just love being outside. I do too.
13:00 Hello boys and girls,
13:06 I love stories. Don't you?
13:08 Do you like stories Noah?
13:11 Yes, and today we're gonna tell
13:14 another special story from the Bible.
13:16 We're gonna talk about the days of creation.
13:19 Here it is. Yes, there it is,
13:21 you can put them on the boat Noah.
13:23 On the second, what day are we talking
13:27 about today? The creation.
13:31 Creation on the first day He made light
13:32 but now we're gonna talk about the second day,
13:35 right? Can you put two fingers up?
13:37 That's right two, one, two. And three.
13:42 Yes, but we're talking about the second day,
13:44 Jesus made clouds. This is two what?
13:48 Do you like clouds? Look up in the sky;
13:52 see the fluffy clouds and the blue sky.
13:56 Isn't the blue sky pretty
13:58 and all the fluffy clouds.
14:00 I see a light. You see it,
14:03 yes, it makes lots of pretty light
14:05 from the sun, doesn't it? Oh! Jesus made.
14:08 I see a blue light.
14:09 Yes, that makes the sky look even
14:12 bluer doesn't it?
14:13 I love the things that Jesus made.
14:15 Oh! There's friends, my friends.
14:18 Well, that's right and Noah do you know
14:19 what Jesus said? Yeah.
14:20 Jesus looked and he said
14:23 I want there to be clouds in the sky
14:27 and I want to have a beautiful blue sky.
14:30 So He said let there be clouds
14:32 and let there be sky and there was.
14:35 All Jesus had to do is speak the word
14:38 and there was a blue sky and fluffy clouds
14:42 and it looked at it and He said it's very good.
14:46 And you know what Noah?
14:48 When I look at the blue sky
14:50 and the fluffy clouds
14:51 I just think Jesus is right.
14:53 It is very good, well let's see
14:57 what Jesus made on some of the other days.
14:59 Can you put those circles on the board
15:01 for me? That's right,
15:03 the first day He made.
15:06 Well this is the first day.
15:07 That's the first day and he made light,
15:10 that's right. Right there.
15:13 That's right. Okay where is the second day
15:15 where He made the clouds and the sky.
15:18 That's right Noah,
15:19 on the second day God made
15:21 the sky and the clouds. And this is red.
15:23 On the third day He made land
15:27 and trees and flowers,
15:29 all the good things for us to eat.
15:31 What's this day? On the fourth day,
15:34 what is this Noah? What's this day?
15:37 That's sun and moon. Yup.
15:39 And stars right? Okay and on the,
15:43 Was this right?
15:44 That's the fifth day He made birds
15:47 and he made fish. What this day?
15:52 And on the sixth day. What this day?
15:53 That's the sixth day he made animals
15:56 and he made man.
15:59 Can you put the sixth day on that?
16:00 Yeah. That one on the there you go.
16:02 So sixth day. And here you go.
16:05 And this is the seventh day yes.
16:07 Oops! Yes one and Jesus made this one
16:12 is the seventh day.
16:13 That one goes on that one, that's right.
16:15 He made the Sabbath for us too.
16:18 Jesus. Jesus made.
16:20 That's right and Jesus made
16:22 all these special things for us because
16:25 he loves us so much.
16:26 This one was for what?
16:28 That's right. You can ask your
16:31 mommies and daddies to read you
16:32 this story in the Bible.
16:33 I put it on, I put this on.
16:35 You did and you did a good job.
16:37 Can you wave goodbye
16:38 to the boys and girls.
16:39 We wanna remind you boys and girls
16:41 Noah and I did that Jesus loves you.
16:43 I did, I am. That's right,
16:45 bye, bye boys and girls.
16:46 We'll see you again tomorrow.
16:54 Hi, boys and girls.
16:56 It's time for fun in the kitchen
16:59 with Miss Cinda and she has something
17:01 really fun today. I do. Auntie Linda
17:05 has been talking about what God created
17:08 on the second day. Second day. Justin,
17:11 what did God create on a second day?
17:13 Two. I'll give you a hint.
17:15 Air. What did He create? Air.
17:22 That's right Hannah, God created air,
17:24 let's say our memory verse.
17:27 We're gonna learn a memory verse
17:29 boys and girls; you can learn it with us.
17:31 Its Genesis 1:6 and God said
17:37 let there be firmament.
17:42 That's a big word,
17:44 isn't it boys and girls?
17:45 What does firmament mean? Air.
17:48 Air that's right Jadis and so that you would
17:52 remember what God created
17:53 on the second day. We're gonna make fans
17:56 Justin because what does fans help us?
17:59 Keep us cool because it moves the air
18:03 and so you can feel the air.
18:05 And boys and girls,
18:06 you can get your mommies and daddies
18:08 to help you, I can even talk, can I?
18:11 To help you make a fan. Well Miss Cinda,
18:14 He also made the blue sky
18:16 on the second day and he made fluffy white clouds
18:19 that float in the air. That's right.
18:21 So you know what we're gonna do?
18:23 We're gonna, let's put some fluffy clouds
18:25 on our fans. So Auntie Linda if you could give
18:28 everybody a fan and boys and girls,
18:30 I'm gonna show you what we did.
18:32 We took a piece of paper and we folded it
18:36 like this and then we cut a little scalloped edge
18:40 and if you don't want the scalloped edge,
18:42 you can cut it in any shape you want.
18:44 Yeah, I am gonna do that. You could, yes.
18:46 We've already done it for you Justin.
18:48 Right there. And then we did the same thing
18:50 with the grass and so we could make a little
18:53 pattern but you don't have to make it
18:55 just like this.
18:56 And then you can glue you grass down,
18:59 just a minute let me have help Hannah Jadis
19:02 and then I will help you because.
19:03 I don't know why Miss Cinda didn't get
19:05 more than two bottles of glue.
19:07 Oh! No we don't wanna do it like that.
19:08 You just need a little bit of glue.
19:09 Like this, let me turn. And you get it out.
19:11 Okay. Oh! It's hard.
19:16 What are other ways that you know
19:20 what maybe we have to go like this.
19:22 Yeah, I think that's just not coming out is it.
19:26 Let's just go like this, is it. No.
19:27 What are other ways that you can
19:28 feel the air? Little bit on your finger
19:31 put it right there. Here you go Jadis,
19:32 Jadis, what are other ways that
19:34 we can feel air? By breathing.
19:37 That's right and when the wind blows the trees
19:42 we know there's air though.
19:44 And they have the flowers.
19:45 Yes. Oh! No now put it on here
19:47 and then boys and girls
19:49 you could get some pretty flowers
19:51 to decorate it if you want.
19:52 These flowers you already have,
19:54 here's some stems. I need a white.
19:58 At your craft store you can buy little stems.
20:01 You want some like this? And then some flowers
20:05 and then let's take some cotton balls
20:07 boys and girls and you can.
20:09 Cotton balls? That's right Justin.
20:10 We'll take a cotton ball and pull them apart.
20:13 A cotton ball. Look boys and girls
20:14 and we'll make it look like clouds.
20:16 Hannah can you make it look like a fluffy cloud?
20:19 See pull that apart.
20:22 Jadis can you take a cotton ball
20:23 and pull it apart and make it look like a
20:27 fluffy cotton ball?
20:28 We need a little bit more here, don't we?
20:31 See that cotton ball Auntie, Auntie Linda.
20:34 I can't even talk today;
20:36 I said a fluffy cotton ball Oh Yeah.
20:40 We want to make it look like a
20:41 fluffy cotton ball Justin.
20:42 No, we want to make it look like a fluffy what?
20:45 Cloud. Cloud that's right.
20:48 You need to come out sometime
20:49 Miss Cinda and get some fresh air
20:50 and come on a nature hike or something with us.
20:52 I would love that. Oh Hannah
20:56 that's beautiful and you wanna pick a flower?
20:59 I pick one too. You can,
21:03 you can pick several flowers
21:04 and you can make your fan.
21:06 And then boys and girls what we're going
21:08 to do to finish it off, we took a closed pin
21:12 and we colored them a pretty coloring,
21:14 color your favorite color.
21:16 And then we're gonna glue the closed pen right
21:18 like this and that way we'll have a
21:21 beautiful fan that we can fan ourselves.
21:24 Oh! That will feel so good on a hot day
21:27 and we will remember that God created air
21:31 on the second day. Boys and girls, can we,
21:35 put it right there. Can you help me say
21:36 the memory verse again Hannah,
21:37 can you guys help me say the memory verse
21:39 one more time. So that our
21:40 boys and girls out here
21:41 can learn our memory verse. Yeah. Okay.
21:44 Genesis 1:6 And God said let there be firmament,
21:53 remember boys and girls,
21:56 what God created on the second day.
21:58 Here's some little, you want another one?
21:59 Isn't it He a wonderful Jesus.
22:06 Yeah, Sing Time. Boys and girls,
22:11 we've been learning about creation this week,
22:13 haven't we? How God created
22:15 the world in just seven days.
22:17 Wow! What do you think He created
22:19 on the second day?
22:20 The light. On the second day.
22:24 He made light on the first day,
22:26 He made on the second day the firmament
22:30 and that's the clouds and the sky
22:32 and fresh air. So let's say our memory verse
22:35 together Genesis 1:6,
22:40 and God said let there be firmament.
22:47 That's the day He made,
22:49 what did He made on, what is firmament.
22:52 Fluffy clouds. Fluffy clouds and sky.
22:59 See Auntie Linda has got some clouds.
23:00 We got some clouds for you.
23:02 You hold that one for me Levi okay.
23:04 Yes. Okay, okay I'll hold it
23:06 for you like this cloud. Boys and girls,
23:08 you sing along with us who can make a cloud?
23:10 I am sure I can't, can you?
23:14 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
23:18 I am sure I can't, can you?
23:22 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
23:27 no one but God it's true.
23:32 Let's try that again boys and girls,
23:34 you sing along with us okay.
23:36 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
23:41 I am sure I can't, can you?
23:45 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
23:49 no one but God it's true.
23:54 I like that let's can do it one more time
23:56 and then we will really loud, okay.
23:59 Okay, let's sing it really loud.
24:00 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
24:06 I am sure I can't, can you?
24:10 Oh! Who can make a cloud,
24:15 no one but God it's true.
24:20 Now, can we make fresh air?
24:22 Can we make fresh air or can we make air? Well.
24:27 You can blow it? Can you blow,
24:29 can you blow? Let's sing Oh!
24:32 Who can make the wind blow,
24:34 I can't, can you? Okay,
24:38 I am sure I can't, can you.
24:40 Let's sing that one.
24:42 Oh! Who can make the wind blow,
24:47 I am sure I can't, can you
24:51 Oh! Who can make the wind blow,
24:56 no one but God it's true.
25:02 You know Jesus has done so many
25:04 wonderful things for us.
25:06 Let's sing Jesus loves me this I know,
25:08 for the Bible tells me so.
25:10 Oh! I love that song. Amen.
25:12 Jesus loves me! this I know,
25:17 For the Bible tells me so.
25:22 Little ones to Him belong;
25:27 They are weak but He is strong.
25:32 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
25:43 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
25:53 Let's sing that one more time
25:55 and boys and girls you sing along with us.
25:57 Jesus loves me! this I know,
26:03 For the Bible tells me so.
26:08 Little ones to Him belong;
26:13 They are weak but He is strong.
26:19 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:29 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:40 He must really love us Auntie Linda.
26:42 He does. He gave us clouds and light
26:44 and so many beautiful things.
26:46 That's right, let's thank Jesus for all things
26:49 He's given us. Let's fold our hands
26:51 and bow our heads and Steven,
26:52 will you pray for us? Yes. Alright.
26:55 Here we're gonna pray.
26:56 Dear Jesus, I thank you the clouds
27:01 and the Bible stories.
27:04 Yes Jesus. And Jesus loves me too.
27:09 Amen. Amen.
27:12 That's a good prayer,
27:13 and Jesus does love you too;
27:14 He loves all of us boys and girls.
27:16 Yes. Because He's our special friend.
27:19 That's right, and we love Jesus don't we?
27:21 That's Mr. Rooster and he says
27:24 that's all the time we have for today
27:26 boys and girls; we'll see you next time.
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:57 Good bye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17