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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Good boy Georgie, the flowers need
00:31 lots of water. Oh Georgie look the
00:34 boys and girls are here. Wave to the
00:37 boys and girls, so glad you're here
00:40 Jesus is happy that you are here too.
00:44 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:49 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:55 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:57 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus
01:01 happy just because you came.
01:07 I am so glad that you are here,
01:09 come on in we have lots of fun
01:11 things planed on a farm today.
01:17 Oh Georgie, we've got a phone call.
01:19 Let us set our watering can down.
01:24 Hi, this Auntie Linda.
01:26 Hi Auntie Linda, I'm Katy.
01:29 Hi Katy what are you dong today?
01:33 Me my mom prepare pears, yummy.
01:38 I love pears, they are yummy,
01:40 you know when I was a little girl I love
01:43 to pick flowers with my mommy.
01:45 I just love to smell the flowers, me too.
01:51 Yes, they do smell good, I'm so glad that
01:54 Jesus made all the good things for us to enjoy.
01:57 Well it's about time for me to
01:58 feed Freddy so I better go.
02:00 Bye Auntie Linda, I love you.
02:03 I love you too bye-bye.
02:07 That was so nice for Katy Gary to call
02:10 Georgie. Oh we have somebody at the door.
02:15 Hi Auntie Linda, hi Auntie Linda
02:18 come back here.
02:21 Oh that was Freddy, he is saying that
02:25 he's hungry. You wanna help feed Freddy
02:28 okay can you hold your hand?
02:31 There you go, you wanna put some in his
02:33 fishy bowel there we go.
02:36 Can you say hi Freddy?
02:38 Hi Freddy, hi Freddy there is
02:39 some food for you Freddy yes.
02:43 Oh that's Kitty cat, kitty cat always
02:46 let's me know when it's time
02:48 to ring our worship bell.
02:50 Pet kitty and say hi.
02:53 Hi, Abby do you wanna ring our
02:55 worship bell? There it is, there we go.
02:59 Okay boys and girls you can help us sing.
03:02 Worship bells are sweet calling us to
03:06 me with our best friend Jesus,
03:12 come and worship him Jesus will be
03:16 here smiling when he sees us.
03:24 This is a special time, Abby do you know
03:27 we get to do? We get to see what's in the
03:29 present box, yeah. Yes, do you know
03:34 what's in here? I don't know.
03:38 Oh let's see what's in the box,
03:42 what do you see? Flowers, flowers.
03:48 Here's some flowers, what color is that? Red,
03:52 that's not red what color is that?
03:54 Yellow, and what color is this? Pink,
03:59 and what color is this? Blue,
04:04 blue and what color is this? White.
04:09 Oh did you know that Jesus created the
04:12 flowers, do you know what day He created
04:15 the flowers on Miss Jeanie?
04:17 On the third day. That's right
04:19 He created him on the third day.
04:21 Jesus made some others things for us
04:23 on the third day. What do you
04:24 think He made for us?
04:25 Trees and fruits and vegetables,
04:29 that's right a lots of good things that
04:32 He made for us. Flowers and trees and
04:35 all kids of things for us. That we could all enjoy,
04:40 do you know boys and girls Jesus made
04:41 these things 'cause He loves us.
04:44 Let's thanks Jesus Miss Jeanie for all the things
04:46 that Jesus made for us. That's the wonderful idea,
04:49 Abby can you sit by Auntie Linda
04:51 and we fold our hands and close
04:54 our eyes tight and let's pray.
04:58 Dear Jesus you are so good and kind to us.
05:01 Thank you for making the flowers and the
05:04 trees and the all the good things to eat,
05:06 we love you Jesus amen.
05:11 Well thank you Miss Jeanie for coming to
05:13 worship. Well thank you for having us.
05:14 And thank you Abby for coming and helping
05:17 feed Freddy. Boys and girls right now Farmer
05:20 Mike has something special to show us at
05:22 the barn, so let's go to the barn yeah.
05:30 Wow! That must have been something Trooper
05:32 Cook and you've got Thor and he is a
05:35 beautiful dog, thank you. Thank you for
05:38 bringing him to the farm. Oh any time,
05:40 any time. Wait until the kids
05:41 get here to see him.
05:42 Farmer Mike, oh here they are
05:44 now, here they are. Farmer Mike,
05:46 hi alright, alright. Good to see you.
05:49 Hi Auntie Linda, I'm glad you
05:50 brought the kids today.
05:52 I can tell you have something special
05:53 for us today. Very special today very
05:56 special here on the farm.
05:58 This Auntie Linda this is Trooper
06:00 Cook and this is his dog Thor.
06:03 I'm so glad to meet you Trooper
06:05 Cook. Hi nice to meet you.
06:07 He is gonna tell the kids and all of us
06:09 about Thor who is a very special
06:11 dog. Oh I can't wait, let's
06:13 sit down kids this is gonna be fun.
06:15 Okay I'm gonna get over here with you
06:17 guys so he can have some room to show
06:20 you what Thor can do and tell us about Thor.
06:23 What I'm gonna do I'm gonna show you what
06:24 Thor can do real quick showing his obedience.
06:28 Thor off, good boy, wow. I will show you how
06:33 he can sit, and down good boy.
06:38 Thor gets little vocal he likes his bark a lot,
06:41 'cause you can see its hovering.
06:44 I think I could see watching
06:45 here. Jadis had a question for
06:47 you. Good boy yes, where does Thor live?
06:52 Oh look at him, wow!
06:54 Where does Thor live? Thor will lives with me
06:57 in my house. I have pen just like,
07:00 do you have pets? You have a dog? No okay.
07:04 But, I'm gonna get a kitty pretty
07:06 soon. Okay, he is gonna be just like a kitty
07:09 he will stay at home with you. He lives in,
07:14 I have a pen for him and he stays in the garage.
07:18 So, I take care of him just like you
07:22 would take of your kitty.
07:23 Is he like to play. Oh he loves to play,
07:25 as you can see when you first,
07:26 when the kids first walked in he was very
07:29 hyper and very energetic, ready to go.
07:32 You throw him a ball what does things
07:34 you do just for fun let him play.
07:35 Like these guys like to fun
07:37 do you? Yeah we do, don't we Steven?
07:40 He loves Frisbee he loves to go and..,
07:41 oh Frisbee. Do you guys like to play with
07:44 the Frisbee? I do too, oh wow,
07:48 yes he loves that anything?
07:51 Big kitties and little kitties.
07:53 Yeah pets are wonderful, but Thor is a very
07:55 special pet, not only you see a pet.
07:57 I don't have any, I has a one
08:01 and that one is died. Oh that's said
08:05 when they died. That's happens doesn't.
08:10 You take Thor with you and a trooper car,
08:13 yes I do. Why do you do that?
08:15 Because Thor works with me. Thor helps me
08:18 finds things and find people.
08:20 Wow! So, like you have somebody
08:23 is lost or, yes. Just one I wont come,
08:27 and that's one too. Okay alright, yes Thor
08:33 helps find people who are lost and also
08:37 people who we try to catch who are bad.
08:41 Yeah they've got out off breakout of jail
08:43 or prison or something did something wrong,
08:45 yes and you guys can catch him
08:47 before and Thor helps you do
08:49 that. Yes he does, before they can harm
08:51 other people yes he does. Oh that's wonderful. So,
08:54 and wow what a good dog. Now do you is Thor
08:58 what kind of dog is he. Because there's lots of
08:59 different kinds of dogs of course. Thor is a
09:02 Belgian Malinois, wow he is a Belgian
09:05 Malinois. It's a mouthful he comes from
09:08 Holland. That's a place far way from here,
09:14 and Thor also has been through a lot of
09:17 training to do what he does.
09:21 It took almost three mouths to do what he did.
09:26 What does he train, did you bring him
09:28 here to training? We train him up
09:30 at Springfield, oh yeah our state Capital
09:33 Illinois. Yes, yes he sure likes that
09:36 ball, yes he does. Thor is basically a little
09:42 puppy yeah. Now he is from Holland,
09:45 yes that's where the windmills are
09:46 exactly and shoes, and the wooden
09:49 shoes. He is slobbering.
09:51 Yeah he is slobbery. Can you guys act like
09:53 a windmill, show how are you do your arms like
09:56 a windmill okay. Look at there like, that's what
09:59 they got in Holland those windmills,
10:01 oh wow exactly. Wow why does that particular
10:05 kind of dog make just a right dog for his
10:08 kind of work. Because they breed these dogs
10:13 just for our needs. They are strong,
10:16 and they are strong and they are very quick
10:19 and they have a lot of spring in him.
10:20 They must be very smart too. They are smart
10:22 too yeah. Well, we got a surprise for you
10:25 Trooper Cook, we sing a song to our guest,
10:28 let's sing our song for Trooper Cook.
10:30 I think Thor like it too. I hope so.
10:34 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:38 I like to go to the farm
10:39 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:42 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:46 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:51 Well thank you for bringing Thor, yes.
10:54 Thank you for having us, thank
10:55 you. Well we have to go now,
10:56 but thank you so much Trooper Cook
10:59 and thank you Thor. That was fun wasn't,
11:02 can you tell Thor good bye, good bye, bye-bye.
11:08 They had so many other things to do,
11:09 oh sure. Bye Farmer Mike, bye.
11:19 Olivia and I are out for a walk come
11:21 and join us boys and girls.
11:25 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:29 a walk today, a walk today,
11:33 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:37 to see what God has given.
11:43 Oh Olivia look, did you know what this is?
11:49 Can you dirt? Dirt, it's dirt Jesus made
11:53 dirt boys and girls on the third day of
11:56 creation and when He make dirt you know
11:59 what Olivia? Things that grow in the dirt
12:03 what is this? Do you know what this is?
12:06 Is that a carrot, can you say carrot, carrot,
12:11 they're strawberries, strawberries lots of
12:15 things grow in the dirt. Can you say cabbage?
12:19 Cabbage, and what about this,
12:21 do you know what this is? Apple,
12:24 apples well they might look like a little
12:26 apple but they are tomatoes, tomatoes. God
12:29 made so many things that grow in the rich
12:32 brown dirt. I'm thankful that God made it
12:36 aren't you Olivia? Yeah, oh yes.
12:39 God made the rich brown dirt I know, I know
12:46 God made the rich brown because
12:52 he loves me so.
13:04 I'm so glad you came today boys and girls.
13:08 We have special story today don't we Sylvia?
13:12 We've been talking about the days of creation
13:14 and today we're going to talk about the third
13:17 day of creation. How many is this?
13:22 Three 1, 2, 3. Jesus made some really
13:27 special things for our world.
13:29 And on the third day He made beautiful trees.
13:34 Can you see that tree over there Sylvia
13:36 isn't it beautiful? I love it, He made
13:41 pine trees and maple trees and weeping
13:45 willow trees and He even made the birch
13:51 trees oh He made so many different kinds.
13:54 He made grass, do you like to play
13:56 in the grass? I do too, it's fun isn't it?
14:01 He also made all kinds of good things for us
14:05 to eat. Sylvia, let's see if we can see some
14:09 of the good things that Jesus has made for us
14:11 to eat, can you put them on our board for us.
14:14 What are some good things Jesus made for us?
14:17 That's right He made apples,
14:19 do you like apples I do too.
14:21 and I think the apples trees are so beautiful.
14:25 What else did He make for us?
14:27 Oh pineapples, I love pineapples.
14:32 He made so many neat things for us.
14:34 And corn yes I love to see corn growing
14:40 in the fields, do you like to see the
14:42 cornfields? And I love it, when we pick the
14:45 corn and get to eat it, it's so good.
14:50 And we have cucumbers and we have cherries
14:57 I love cheries and bananas.
15:01 Oh Jesus made so many neat things for us
15:04 to eat and enjoy. He made beans for us,
15:09 oh I love beans don't you?
15:12 I love to eat it with rice.
15:14 Oh and He made eggplant, some of you boys
15:16 and girls may not know what an eggplant is,
15:19 but I know the girls and boys in Russia know
15:22 what eggplant is and they know how to
15:24 fix it really good. Oh yes and green beans,
15:30 I love green beans. Jesus just made so many
15:34 things that we can even count them all.
15:38 Well you know on the fourth day we are
15:41 gonna talk about that one too,
15:43 but Jesus made the sun, moon and stars.
15:46 And on the fifth day He created the birds
15:49 and the fish. And on the sixth day made
15:53 the animals and He made the first
15:55 mommy and daddy. And on the seventh day
15:58 He give us the Sabbath, I think Jesus is so
16:02 wonderful and everything He made is so good
16:06 and it's good for us. You know Jesus made
16:10 all these things for us, because He really,
16:13 really does love us. So, next time you
16:16 are outside and you see the big trees
16:20 and you feel good grass between toes
16:23 and then you get to pick some apples,
16:26 or you have some bananas I want you
16:29 to remember boys and girls that
16:31 Jesus loves you.
16:39 Hi boys and girls, it's time now to do
16:43 something fun with Miss Cinda.
16:45 That's right, today boys and girls I wanna
16:48 do something that would help you remember
16:51 what Auntie Linda has been trying to teach
16:53 you while about today. She's been telling you
16:56 about creation. And what did God create on
17:00 the third day? Jadis, flowers. Flowers,
17:04 that's right, Jasmine what did God create
17:07 on the third day? Sabbath school,
17:11 Sabbath school, you love Sabbath
17:12 school don't you. He did that on the
17:13 seventh day, that's right. Hannah.
17:16 He made apple trees, that's right.
17:19 Do you know Noah? Watermelon, yes.
17:23 And boys and girls, today we're going to
17:26 take a little pots, and we are going to make
17:28 flower pots. Because we wanna remember
17:31 that God made lots of things on the third day.
17:35 He made dry land, he made plants and flowers
17:38 and all kinds of fun things to eat,
17:40 wonderful, delicious things to eat.
17:43 And I wanna teach you guys a memory verse,
17:48 and our memory verse today is Genesis 1:9
17:53 can you say that with me. Genesis 1:9,
17:58 and God said; let the dry land appear and
18:05 it was so. Boys and girls, you can look
18:10 that up in our Bible Genesis 1:9 and you
18:14 can learn that memory verse too.
18:16 Okay Jasmine is I think ready to paint
18:18 aren't you Jasmine? Are you ready
18:19 to paint Hannah. She is really excited
18:20 about it. Well, boys and girls well Auntie Linda
18:23 is opening your paints I'm gonna tell the
18:25 boys and girls what were doing okay.
18:28 Boys and girls we've got little clay pots
18:30 and my pots real little. Isn't it cute,
18:33 and I just paint in a really cute little
18:36 simple design on it. And you can paint
18:38 anything you want on it at all.
18:41 And then we are gonna put some foam in the
18:42 bottom like I put in this one.
18:46 And then after we put the foam in then
18:50 we'll staple the flowers in and you can get
18:53 any kind of silk flower that you want and
18:55 just poke them in our pot like this.
19:00 And make it look really pretty and you can
19:03 give your own design, that is not really a
19:05 design that you can do. It's just whatever you
19:09 think looks good because we want you to be
19:11 creative. Just like God created everything,
19:15 but we have a wonderful creative God
19:17 don't we. He makes all kinds of things.
19:20 I already did. Oh look Noah did
19:22 already. Noah that's beautiful,
19:24 and Jasmine is making hers purple.
19:27 Oh Jasmine look, Jadis what color
19:31 are you making yours?
19:33 Blue, all kinds of different colors.
19:34 All kids of different colors,
19:36 Hannah is doing red.
19:38 And look what I'm doing with my pot.
19:41 I'm making it look really pretty too.
19:44 Yeah that look cute, can I please have the green.
19:48 You want the green sure, okay.
19:52 And I only put one more leave so that I can
19:53 show our boys and girls what we are doing.
19:56 And then boys and girls I took some moss,
19:59 I don't have any water. And I got some,
20:01 oh you don't have water can you share,
20:03 can you share Jesus wants us to share.
20:07 And I'm putting some moss around.
20:12 Look kids do you like my pot? Isn't that cute,
20:15 that's what you are gonna make.
20:17 We will get little flowers for you and
20:18 that's you are gonna make.
20:20 In that way we can remember what God
20:22 created on the third day.
20:25 That's pretty, oh so pretty, okay.
20:29 Do you want a different color Jasmine?
20:32 No, I'm so glad that God made so many
20:35 wonderful things for us on the third day.
20:38 Oh I'm too, I wanna paint another color.
20:41 I love flowers what is your favorite
20:44 flower Jadis? I wanna paint
20:46 another color. I want the green,
20:50 I want the green for that.
20:51 Hannah, what is our favorite flower?
20:55 The dandelion, you like dandelion they
20:58 are pretty aren't they? Do you have a favorite
21:00 flower Noah? Yeah. What? The red,
21:06 do you like the red, like the rose.
21:08 Hummingbirds like red too.
21:10 Are you a hummingbird? Because
21:12 hummingbirds like red. What's your
21:15 favorite flower Jasmine? A flower, a flower.
21:19 Do you like him all? You know what
21:22 Miss Cinda likes all the flowers too.
21:25 Do you boys and girls have the favorite
21:27 flowers I bet you do? That one open yet.
21:33 Is this one not open yet did it,
21:34 that's going to open though,
21:36 it's a little bud, it's a bud and then
21:38 it will get big like this. Like this one?
21:43 Flowers start with the little bud and then
21:46 Jesus made them, so that when they grow
21:47 they get bigger just like you when you
21:50 grow you will be bigger. Can help me say
21:53 the memory verse again boys and girls?
21:55 Sure, let's say it Genesis 1:9, and God
22:01 said; let the dry land appear and it was so.
22:14 Yeah sing time, singing time.
22:18 Well you know we've been talking about
22:20 creation and how God created this world in
22:23 just seven days. He created this world
22:27 for us, so that we can enjoy so many neat
22:29 things and so today we are talking about
22:31 what he made on the third day.
22:33 Let's see if we can remember our memory
22:34 verse. And God said; let the dry land appear
22:43 Genesis 1:9. Let's try that again,
22:48 and God said; let the dry land appear Genesis
22:55 1:9. Good we're gonna sing some songs
23:01 about some of the things he not only made
23:03 dry land but he made pretty flowers for us
23:06 to enjoy, oh I'm glad did you glad?
23:08 He made lots of pretty flowers
23:10 with lots of colors. Oh I love flowers,
23:15 yes and he made lots of flowers
23:17 lots of flowers for us. Do you take flowers
23:18 to your mommy Noah? Yeah, yeah.
23:21 This one for Rebecca, Rebecca this one for you.
23:23 And here is one to matches your outfit
23:25 Farmer Mike. Thank you Auntie Linda.
23:27 We are gonna sing this world is
23:28 full of pretty flowers, ready.
23:32 This world is full of pretty flowers,
23:37 pretty flowers, pretty flowers
23:40 This world is full of pretty flowers,
23:43 God made it so God made it so
23:52 God made it. so This world is full of pretty
23:58 flowers, God made it so.
24:04 He not only made this flowers,
24:05 but he made He made the roses for us too.
24:08 The pretty red roses, I love roses. You love
24:11 roses I do too, I love roses too. Let's sing
24:14 God made roses grow in my garden.
24:18 God made roses grow in my garden
24:24 He loves me
24:28 God made roses grow in my garden
24:33 I love him.
24:38 Let's sing that one again.
24:40 God made roses grow in my garden,
24:46 He loves me
24:51 God made roses grow in my garden,
24:57 I love him.
25:04 Well I'm so excited about the things that
25:06 Jesus made aren't you? Oh! I'm too,
25:09 Jesus even made the flowers to nod in
25:11 the breeze. We're gonna sing the
25:13 flowers are gently nodding okay.
25:17 The flowers are gently nodding,
25:21 nodding, nodding
25:26 The flowers are gently nodding
25:30 showing God's great love.
25:35 I like that song don't you? Let's sing
25:37 it one more time, okay I like it.
25:39 The flowers are gently nodding,
25:44 nodding, nodding
25:49 The flowers are gently nodding
25:53 showing God's great love.
25:57 This flowers really nodding, that's good job.
26:03 Okay we are gonna sing a song that will
26:04 really help us remember about creation.
26:07 How Jesus push the water back to make
26:09 dry land and he made it soft where
26:13 with grass where we can stand okay, okay.
26:18 Jesus push the water back
26:21 to make dry land,
26:25 Made it soft with pretty grass
26:27 where we can stand,
26:31 Fashioned all the trees and
26:34 flowers with his own hand
26:38 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus.
26:46 Noah, would have a prayer and
26:47 thank Jesus for the flowers? Yes,
26:49 let's bow our heads boys and girls
26:51 and close our eyes, fold your hands.
27:00 Dear Jesus, dear Jesus, thank you for this day,
27:05 thank you for mom and dad and Hannah
27:08 and Jessie and Justin and Grandpa
27:10 and Nana and dear Jesus amen, amen.
27:16 Mommy, daddy the flowers thank you
27:18 Jesus. God made him all for us
27:20 didn't he, he made him all special.
27:23 Oh that's Mr. Rooster, and he says that's
27:26 all the time we have for today
27:28 we'll see you next time.
27:36 Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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