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God Made The Birds

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:09 girls and boys. We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny
00:21 Tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Georgie, that's a beautiful blue bird.
00:31 Look Georgie, oh Georgie, the boys and girls
00:34 are here can you wave to them Georgie.
00:38 Oh we're so glad you are here but Jesus
00:40 is really happy that you are here. You made
00:44 Jesus happy just because you came.
00:48 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:54 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows
00:57 your name you made Jesus happy just because
01:03 you came. Oh are we gonna have fun on
01:08 the farm today boys and girls, come on in,
01:11 let's get started. Oh Georgie, I wonder who
01:17 can be calling us. You can sit right here, be a
01:20 good boy okay. Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:25 Hi Auntie Linda, this is Jasmine.
01:29 Hi Jasmine, I am so glad you called we're
01:33 talking about how Jesus created birds on the 5th
01:36 day? What is something special about birds?
01:39 They can fly, they flap wings, they eat grains.
01:44 I think they like to eat seeds too and berries
01:48 and bugs. I am glad that God made so many
01:53 colorful birds for us to enjoy, what are some
01:56 of the favorite bird colors that you like.
01:59 Those that are red, pink, black, all kind of colors.
02:05 Wow that really is an awesome God to make
02:08 so many colorful birds well thanks for calling.
02:13 Bye Jasmine. Bye Auntie Linda.
02:16 That was Jasmine Easterwood she is so
02:19 sweet, I am glad she called today.
02:22 Oh we have somebody at the door today.
02:25 Hi Jessie come on in. Hi. How are you today?
02:29 Fine and I wanted to show this bird that
02:33 I found in my backyard. Oh what kind of bird is
02:36 that? A Cardinal. A Cardinals, oh
02:38 I love Cardinals, we're talking about how God
02:40 created birds on the 5th day. Why don't you
02:42 come in and sit down. Okay. You can sit by Kitty
02:45 Cat. Oh that's Freddy every time he hears
02:49 somebody come or something he knows it's
02:51 time for him to eat. Would you like to give
02:52 him some fishy food. I guess. Yeah he is,
02:56 we just give him just one little piece and then
02:58 just crumble it up. Maybe a little bit less
03:00 because we don't want to make him sick. Okay
03:03 I just love Freddy, he's such a cute little fish.
03:06 Hi Freddy, come on Freddy, he's hiding
03:08 back there he will come up after awhile.
03:11 Oh I'm gonna take my binoculars out, I went
03:13 out for a walk today. Oh Kitty cat, Kitty cat's
03:19 reminding us that it's time to ring our worship
03:21 bell, could you ring it for us? Okay.
03:23 Oh thank you and boys and girls why don't you
03:25 sing along with me okay. Worship bells are sweet
03:33 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:40 Come and worship here Jesus will be near,
03:44 smiling when he sees us. Well thank you Jessie,
03:52 this is a special time that Georgie and Kitty cat
03:55 just love, because we get to see what's in our
03:57 present box. Oh, we have a special book and it's
04:05 about Peter Penguin, Peter Penguin,
04:10 Peter Penguin marching by toes turned up and
04:15 his head turned up high. A long black coat,
04:20 and a clean white vest. Peter, Peter Penguin,
04:24 you're the best! I like Penguins don't you?
04:29 You like Penguins? Yeah. Yeah, I did too.
04:31 I am gonna tell you something special about
04:33 Penguins. We have daddy Penguins here.
04:38 That's a big Penguin. That's a big Penguin
04:42 and then we have mommy Penguin and a
04:45 little baby and you know what's really
04:47 special about these they really don't know
04:50 how to tell which is the mummy and which is
04:53 the daddy you know how they tell? They sing
04:57 and the daddy has a real deep voice and he
05:00 goes and he sings really deep and loud and the
05:05 mommy's voice is just like she sings like that,
05:11 and so that's how they can tell what the girls
05:13 are 'cause the girl Penguins sing really
05:16 soft and gentle and the boys Penguins sing
05:19 really loud. Now something special about
05:22 the little baby Penguins is when they're in a
05:25 little egg and the mom lays the egg and the
05:29 daddy Penguin sees the egg he starts singing
05:31 really loud, he starts going and the mommy
05:36 Penguin kicks over that little egg to the daddy
05:39 Penguin and he sits on it and starts signing and
05:43 then if you would listen inside the little egg,
05:46 the little chicken is singing in there,
05:48 the little chick, it's not a chicken is it,
05:51 it's a chick, the little chicken goes and when
05:56 it hatches out and it loses its mommy and
05:58 daddy all it has to do, it just starts listening to
06:01 daddy and he'll be singing and the little
06:05 chicken will run over to daddy isn't that neat
06:08 how Jesus made them so special I love how
06:11 Jesus made the animals so special, only these
06:14 are pretty nice birds and you know they don't
06:15 even fly, these birds don't fly and they live
06:18 in cold weather. But Jesus made them special.
06:22 Did they swim? They like to swim in the water,
06:25 in the cold arctic water. I would like to swim
06:28 in cold water, would you boys and girls?
06:31 But you know let's thanks Jesus
06:32 for the special birds that he gave us okay.
06:36 Can we knell down beside our chairs.
06:41 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
06:48 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
06:53 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
07:02 Dear Jesus, thank you for making so many special
07:05 birds for us to enjoy. We love you Jesus, Amen.
07:13 Jesus is so good to us and I am so glad you came
07:16 today Jessie. Well boys and girls it's time
07:19 for us now to go the barn so come on let's go.
07:27 Farmer Mike. Farmer Mike. Farmer Mike.
07:29 Let me stand at Farm today, give me a hug
07:32 alright, Alright. Oh yes and I have Becky even
07:36 with me today. Oh yes, we got to get your doll.
07:38 That bird can talk and I am glad you came
07:39 today to the farm. That bird can talk and I am
07:41 glad you came today to the farm. Yes.
07:44 I want to tell you about, a friend of mine owns
07:47 him and his name is Kaylee. He's pretty
07:50 Farmer Mike. Thank you, I think so too,
07:52 but it's not mine but I think so too, but my friend
07:55 said could you watch him for a few days while I go
07:57 on vocation 'cause you got all the other animals
07:59 here at the farm. I gave him that. So I am learning.
08:02 He gave him a stick. Oh he likes sticks too.
08:04 Now he likes though he is guess what he is kind of
08:07 bird he is, Noah do you know what kind of bird is?
08:10 He's a big bird. He is Cacatua, good now
08:15 okay listen, can you guys. Can you say Cacatua?.
08:17 I want you do some let's see what he does?
08:19 Cacatua. Cacatua let's see what he does?
08:21 Let's look at him and say Cacatua.
08:24 Cacatua, Cacatua. Now you know some
08:27 things about him he likes to eat food guess
08:32 what type. I like to eat food. Everybody likes
08:34 snacks and food and guess what he likes.
08:38 Look how pretty his feathers are when he
08:40 raises up like that he eat coconuts, do you ever
08:44 eat coconuts? Yeah, give him this one Noah.
08:49 He was silly wasn't he right there. Now let's
08:52 sit down and not scare him for a minute,
08:53 let him rest for a minute. Hey Noah what is your
08:55 favorite food. Macaroni. Macaroni.
09:00 You know my favorite food is Macaroni cheese.
09:01 Is it. Macaroni cheese. Caleb, what's your
09:04 favorite food? What's your favorite food?
09:05 Macaroni and cheese. Macaroni and cheese.
09:09 Well, I love oranges and apples. And so does Kaylee.
09:12 I love everything. You love everything.
09:15 You know why he likes bananas because,
09:19 wait a minute I'm gonna tell you a joke,
09:21 you know why he likes bananas? 'Cause he likes
09:23 food that a peels to him. I am sorry it was a
09:26 corny joke. Bananas have peels. Hannah said
09:30 she likes bananas, now let me show you something,
09:32 you guys sit real still, sit real still, so I can
09:35 show you this about him okay, now sit real
09:36 still I'm gonna try to show you this here we go
09:38 and watch this, his wings, his wings are clipped
09:42 now sit real still, so don't scare him,
09:44 look at there, see there wow! Look how pretty
09:47 they are, they're yellow, yeah they're clipped
09:49 look at that nice, nice there's a good boy here,
09:53 good boy. I can even go near him. I'm being
09:57 very careful with him, you be very careful
09:58 too because his beak right it's very strong,
10:02 he can break sticks into, watch this and watch
10:05 this. Now I'm being very careful with him,
10:07 he's beautiful but his very strong, look at there,
10:10 you feel that, we'll just put that in his foot,
10:12 'cause he can pick them up with his feet.
10:13 Lets see if he will. May be wants a thinner stick?
10:16 Well let's sit back down because I think I am so
10:18 close I think I'm probably scaring him
10:20 a little bit, okay. Now what are some other
10:23 things we can know about him. You can buy
10:25 food from a store for him. Well how old is he,
10:29 he looks like a pretty old bird. He is 5
10:33 he's exactly right 5 years old. That's good
10:36 big boy Noah that was a good guess.
10:39 Now, but here's the thing about him,
10:41 he's very young. Yes. He can grow,
10:43 he can be 60 years old. I guess, you guessed.
10:47 Good guess. You guessed right Noah.
10:49 I know how many years. How many.
10:51 He is 2. He is 5. He is 5. He is 5 years old.
10:55 That's too many. He's 5 but he can be 60
11:00 years old, he grows they can well old.
11:05 Caleb can count to five Way to go Caleb, that's
11:08 how old he is, that's how many years he's
11:10 been here. 1 2 3 4 5, Alright now let's see
11:13 what it, you know what you asked me a question
11:16 when you first got here Hannah, that's right.
11:17 Lets see if we can get him to, we got be real
11:19 quiet because he can talk. He can talk?
11:23 Okay, now lets be real quiet for a second.
11:28 Show him how to do that Hannah, okay show
11:29 him how to do that. He's watching you,
11:32 okay everybody be real quiet, let's see if we can
11:33 get him to say. I love you, I love you,
11:41 he just doesn't listen, sit real still,
11:43 sit real still. I love you. Let see he can
11:48 say I love the baby bird, I love the baby bird.
11:55 Oh he's just real quiet, real quiet sometimes
11:58 aren't you? In other times we talk, that's the
12:00 way he's doing right now. Let see he can also
12:02 say what you doing. He can go what you doing?
12:09 He just not want to talk. He is just looking
12:13 and looking at us. Well I will tell you
12:14 what let's surprise him if he won't talk to us.
12:18 Let's sing our song for him okay. Oh yes.
12:25 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
12:29 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack,
12:33 quack, I like to go to the farm,
12:36 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:40 And learn of Jesus. Well you thank Kaylee.
12:45 Oh! I think he likes it. Well let's say bye-bye
12:50 to the birdie and Farmer Mike.
12:52 Bye-bye birdie, say bye bye birdie. Tell him bye,
12:56 tell Kaylee bye. Noah, come with Auntie Linda,
12:58 come on Caleb. We're in the barn, No,
13:00 we'll come back to the barn and see Farmer Mike.
13:03 Come on Caleb, can you tell him bye, bye Farmer Mike.
13:12 Sylvia and I are out looking for birds,
13:13 do you see any? Well, come and join us.
13:17 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
13:23 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk today,
13:29 to see what God has given. Did you see any birds?
13:37 Yeah. Where? Let's see if we can find some.
13:41 Can you see boys and girls, oh there is one
13:44 right in front of us. Do you know what
13:46 kind of bird that is? What color is it?
13:54 It's a yellow bird, it's a hummingbird isn't it.
13:57 Yeah. A hummingbird! I love hummingbirds,
14:01 do you see any other birds? Yeah, right there.
14:05 Oh do you know what kind of bird that is?
14:08 Black. Yes, it's a red wing black bird
14:12 because it has some red on its wings. Yeah.
14:14 Did you know what day God made the birds on?
14:17 Yeah. What day? Show me how many fingers.
14:22 That's right, count can you count 1 2 3 4 5,
14:32 5 on the 5th day God made birds. I see
14:38 another bird and he's looking at us I think it's
14:41 a momma bird 'cause it's sitting on an egg,
14:45 isn't that neat, can you see it? Oh jump up.
14:50 Now can you see? Oh isn't that pretty, yeah,
14:56 do you see any other birdies? Yeah.
14:59 Where? Right there. Oh that's Antpitti,
15:02 I'm so glad Sylvia that God made all the
15:05 wonderful birds for us, aren't you?
15:09 God made so many colorful birds.
15:12 God made all the colorful birdies.
15:15 I know I know.
15:19 God made all the colorful birdies.
15:23 Because he loves me so.
15:30 I love the birds don't you, I love Jesus don't you.
15:39 I am so glad that you've come here today
15:42 boys and girls, and I know that Hannah's
15:44 glad that you're here too, we've been talking about
15:47 a very special story in the Bible.
15:50 The story of creation and how Jesus made so many
15:53 wonderful things for us, let's see if we can
15:56 remember what we've been talking about
15:58 what was created on the first day Hannah?
16:00 I think birds. No, it was light.
16:04 That was a good guess though, and the second
16:07 day, he made clouds and blue sky and on the third
16:13 day he made land and grass and trees, big trees
16:17 too, little trees, all kinds of trees for us and lots
16:21 of good things for us to eat and beautiful,
16:24 beautiful flowers and on the fourth day he
16:28 made some thing that shines bright in the sky
16:31 the sun shine and what twinkles at night.
16:35 Stars. The stars and what else do we see
16:37 at night that's round and white.
16:39 A moon. A moon. He made all those things
16:43 for us but we're gonna talk today about
16:45 something special that he made on the fifth day.
16:49 I know what it is. What? Birds.
16:51 Birds, that right Hannah. Oh Hannah, look up in
16:54 the sky there is a little bird.
16:57 I know what color that bird is.
16:59 What color is it? That one's black,
17:02 oh there is a big bird flying.
17:05 That one is red.. It's beautiful.
17:08 He is red. Yes, he's so pretty there is
17:11 so many birds Jesus made so many different colors.
17:15 I know what color that one is?
17:17 What color is that one? Pink.
17:19 Oh he even made pink birds.
17:22 Well you've got some birds here can you put
17:23 some on Felt Board, oh boys and girls, Jesus
17:27 loves us so much that's why he made all these
17:30 things for us to enjoy.
17:31 Oh, that is a big bird isn't it.
17:35 Well you know he also made on the 5th day he
17:39 made fish and on the 6th day he made lots and
17:44 lots of animal, he even created the first mommy
17:48 and daddy and on the seventh day,
17:52 oh Jesus what did Jesus make for
17:54 us on the 7th day Hannah?
17:56 He makes people. On the seventh day
17:59 did he make the Sabbath for us?
18:01 Yes. Yes, he made the Sabbath for us, so that
18:04 we could just come together and spent a
18:06 special time with him and then we could see all
18:10 the things that he's made and we can enjoy him.
18:13 Do you like to enjoy the birdies and splash in the
18:16 water and sit underneath the shade tree, I do too,
18:21 but you know boys and girls Jesus made all these
18:24 things for us because he loves us so much
18:27 so next time you're outside, look around
18:30 and see some of the things that Jesus made
18:33 just for you because he really,
18:35 really does loves you.
18:42 Hi boys and girls, come and join us.
18:45 Miss Cinda's planning something fun today.
18:46 I do, do you know Auntie Linda is talking about
18:50 creation and. What is that? What did God
18:58 create on the 5th day? Birdies.
19:02 That's right and I wanted you kids to remember
19:08 what God created on the 5th day, so we're gonna
19:11 paint bird houses today.
19:15 Isn't that's cool. But first I wants
19:20 us to say our memory verse, can you boys and
19:22 girls help us. Yeah. Okay, Genesis says 1:20,
19:29 "and God said Let the skies be filled with birds
19:35 of every kind." Shall we can say that again. Okay.
19:41 Genesis 1:20, "and God said Let the skies be filled
19:49 with birds of every kind." Not just our little bird,
19:57 Jesus made him to sing so pretty, isn't he pretty
19:59 okay let's paint the house for the birdies
20:02 and you can take these home and you can put them
20:06 out may be a bird will come and live in them.
20:08 You think. That would be a little bird, and boys and
20:13 girls you get your mommies and daddies
20:16 to help you and may be you already have a bird
20:18 house but you can get your mommies and
20:20 daddies to help you. Okay, let me open this.
20:27 You want yellow? No, I want red..
20:29 Okay. Noah do you like birds?
20:33 I will open it for you Hannah.
20:34 What's your favorite birdie?
20:39 There you go. You like blue birds?
20:40 Yeah, I do too. And red ones.
20:43 And red ones. What kind of bird do you,
20:45 what color birds do you like. I want this color.
20:49 Do you like yellow birds? No, pinks birds.
20:52 Pink birds, okay I get it, they all come up, what
20:55 kind of birds do you like, I like a Hummingbird.
20:58 Oh I like Hummingbirds too, they're so, do you
21:03 like hummingbirds too? They are so tiny.
21:07 Yes, boys and girls, do you have a favorite
21:10 birdie that you like? I do, you know at my house
21:15 there are all kinds of birds that come, I have
21:19 Cardinals, does any one know what color a
21:21 Cardinal is? Noah, it's your favorite color.
21:24 What color do you think a Cardinal is?
21:27 Well I don't know. Red.
21:28 Red like my paint brush and my paint.
21:33 That's right and I am in the, there's blue birds
21:40 and I like to call, there is one that's called
21:43 the blue jays that I always and you know what
21:44 I have Miss Cinda? come to my feeder.
21:45 What? I have chickadees, and I will put some
21:48 sunflowers seeds in my hand and the little
21:50 chickadees come and land right on my hand
21:53 and they eat the seeds. Oh maybe we should all
21:56 go out and see that some time that would be so
21:59 nice and you know what I learned.
22:02 There is a birdie that's called a Whippoorwill
22:04 and you know why it's called whippoorwill?
22:06 Because it goes, no that's a Bobwhite,
22:09 that's a Bobwhite, he goes, doesn't it goes
22:10 whippoorwill, yes I like those too.
22:13 Do you like those too, God made so many
22:17 beautiful birds for us boys and girls, I like to
22:20 watch the birds eat, we have birds feeders,
22:23 you know what guys, do you have bird feeders
22:25 at your house? It's gonna be dry
22:27 tomorrow. Does it. Yes.
22:28 Do you have a bird feeder Jadis, it's like where
22:33 it's a piece of wood and it has a stand that your dad,
22:37 my daddy used to build me one and you put seeds
22:40 on it, and the birds would land on it and eat and
22:42 then you get to watch all the birds.
22:44 That's going to be, does she. Yes, down that
22:47 Columbus. Black. Oh that was nice.
22:51 And you know there's all different kinds of bird
22:53 houses if you don't have to have one like ours,
22:56 you know some people get real fancy houses for
22:59 their birds, ours are kind of like light houses
23:02 and I like them 'cause I just think they're really
23:04 cute and you guys are doing such a
23:07 good job painting. Thank you.
23:10 Can we say our memory verse one more time,
23:12 so the boys and girls can learn it with this
23:16 can you guys say while you are painting it.
23:17 Yeah. Genesis 1:20, "and God said Let the skies
23:26 be filled with birds of every kind."
23:36 Yes, it's sing time. Oh good, I love to sing.
23:41 Anybody remember where our memory verse is found?
23:44 Oh! Yeah. Genesis 1:20.
23:48 Very good Genesis 1:20.
23:51 What's it say. Then God said
23:54 Then God said, Let the skies be
23:59 filled with birds of every kind.
24:04 Alright. Very good. And what day was
24:06 the birdies created on. 5.
24:09 That's right just 5th day.
24:12 5. Yes. We're gonna sing a song
24:15 about our wonderful Jesus.
24:19 Jesus made the lovely birds, they're very cute.
24:26 Jesus made the fish to swim the ocean blue.
24:33 Jesus made the birds and fish for me and you.
24:40 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus.
24:48 We're gonna sing another little songs about birds.
24:50 Up, up in the sky the little birds fly.
24:54 Oh I like this song, you like this song Sylvia?
24:57 Up, up in the sky the little birds fly
25:03 Down, down in the nest the little birds rest
25:09 With a wing on their left
25:12 and a wing on their right
25:15 the dear little birdies rest all through the night.
25:22 I can just see birds in their nest
25:24 when we sing that. Oh bird. There is a bird.
25:29 Look, Auntie Linda got a bird. God makes so
25:31 many birds and they can fly so, so nice and sing
25:35 so sweetly, we're gonna sing about birdies flying
25:39 swiftly okay, the first our swiftly flying,
25:44 well you got a green one Justin.
25:46 Oh I want this one. Alright this one.
25:49 Okay boys and girls you can sing along with us.
25:53 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying.
26:01 The birds are swiftly flying.
26:05 Showing God's great love.
26:09 Let sing that one more time.
26:11 The birds are swiftly flying, flying, flying.
26:19 The birds are swiftly flying.
26:24 Showing God's great love.
26:27 Don't they. They do. Noah and me have birds
26:32 and they were kissing each other,
26:33 because God is love. That's right,
26:37 just as Jesus loves the little birds he loves us
26:40 too and we're gonna sing a song about that.
26:45 He loves me too, He loves me too
26:50 I know he loves me too.
26:54 Because he loves the little
26:57 bird I know he loves me too.
27:03 And he does loves us you know God made
27:05 our wonderful world and we're gonna sing a
27:07 song about that boys and girls so
27:09 sing along with us okay.
27:12 God made a wonderful world.
27:18 God made a wonderful world.
27:23 He made all the birds. He made all that too.
27:28 God made a wonderful world
27:32 Lets sing it again.
27:34 God made a wonderful world.
27:40 God made a wonderful world.
27:45 He made all the birds. He made all that too.
27:50 God made a wonderful world
27:56 Lets thanks Jesus for making the birdies.
27:59 Justin, will you have a prayer for us.
28:01 Close our eyes and fold our hands.
28:04 Dear Jesus, thank you for making
28:07 the birds dear Jesus, Amen.
28:09 Amen. That was beautiful prayer
28:14 and Jesus loves us to talk to him.
28:16 Did you see mine praying?
28:19 Your birdy was praying Noah.
28:21 That is wonderful. That's Mr. Rooster,
28:25 he says that's all the time we have
28:27 for today we'll see you next time.
28:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
28:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
28:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
28:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
29:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
29:07 we're God's girls and boys.
29:09 we live for him around the world,
29:12 we spread love and joy,
29:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
29:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
29:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
29:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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