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God Made Sea Creatures

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00:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys. We live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow, we're shining
00:19 like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
00:22 around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:26 Georgie, look at all of these shells
00:29 I got at the beach, aren't they beautiful?
00:31 Oh! I think Miss Cinda is really gonna like
00:34 these shells when she comes by today.
00:36 I wanna show her. Oh! boys and girls,
00:39 I am so glad you're here. Georgie's glad
00:42 you're here too. Aren't you Georgie?
00:44 You know you make Jesus happy because you came.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:54 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:00 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:03 Jesus knows your name. You made
01:07 Jesus happy, just because you came.
01:12 Well, come on in boys and girls Miss Cinda
01:15 is gonna be here pretty soon to pick up
01:17 these shells. We're gonna have so much fun.
01:21 Oh!! We have a phone call Georgie.
01:24 Let's put these shells down by the shells,
01:26 we have for Miss Cinda. Oh! Lets see who it is.
01:30 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Hi Auntie Linda,
01:34 this is Ann Butcher. Oh! Hi Ann,
01:37 I'm so glad you called. Today we're talking about
01:41 the Fifth day of Creation. Do you like
01:44 learning about the things that Jesus made?
01:46 I like learning about animals in the sea,
01:49 I learned a song at Sabbath school,
01:52 I'll sing this for you. I would love to hear
01:55 your song. Why don't you sing it
01:57 for me right now? The great whale comes up
02:00 from the deep, he sounds whoosh,
02:03 he sounds whoosh, he sounds whoosh
02:05 all water in the air. That was a
02:08 beautiful song about the whale.
02:10 Thank you so much for sharing that with me.
02:13 Bye Auntie Linda. Good bye Ann.
02:18 Oh! That was so nice hearing from Ann Butcher.
02:20 Oh!! Freddy, you know God made you
02:25 on the fifth day too. Let's give Freddy
02:28 some fishy food okay Georgie?
02:30 I'm sure he's just a little bit hungry.
02:32 There you go, there you go Freddy, good boy.
02:37 Auntie Linda, yes, do you have those shells for me
02:41 that you got at the beach. Yes,
02:42 I put them right down here. Oh! Good, Oh!
02:45 These are perfect. I'm gonna have the kids make
02:49 something really special with these today.
02:51 Oh! Good. Oh! Thank you. Oh! Can you stay
02:55 for worship? Well, okay, I think I have time
02:59 to stay. Good. Kitty cat is reminding us
03:03 that it's time to ring the worship bell.
03:05 Well, I don't get to do that very often.
03:08 Well, that's right Miss Cinda.
03:10 You're usually in the kitchen.
03:11 Boys and girls, sing along.
03:14 Worship bells are sweet, calling us
03:18 to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:24 Come and worship here, Jesus will be
03:28 near smiling when he sees us.
03:35 Oh! Now, we get to see what's in
03:37 our present box. Oh! Georgie,
03:39 you sit right there. I wonder
03:42 what you have today? Oh! I have something special.
03:52 We have some water. I love your water
03:57 Auntie Linda. It is pretty isn't it?
03:59 We have some water and some fish. Jesus makes,
04:05 Oh! And they're beautiful colors.
04:07 And what do you think this is?
04:09 Oh! That looks like a giant lobster.
04:15 Yes, and we have something else.
04:17 Oh! A crab, a crab and now we have
04:22 something else. What do you think
04:24 this is Miss Cinda? Oh! A Star Fish,
04:27 and notice that they're all different.
04:29 And you know something special about
04:32 the Star Fish. What? When one of their,
04:35 their legs falls off it just grows another one.
04:38 Well, I wish mine would do that.
04:43 And we have a big shell, do you wanna listen?
04:46 Oh! I bet you can hear the ocean with this.
04:51 You can, it sounds like the waves.
04:54 I'm so glad for all things that Jesus
04:56 has made for us to enjoy. Would you have
04:59 a special prayer thanking Jesus for the
05:01 special things he's given us? I would love to.
05:03 Let's bend our knees okay boys and girls.
05:08 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:14 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
05:21 and very very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:29 Dear Jesus, I thank you for all the wonderful
05:33 shells and the fish and the creatures in the sea
05:37 that you've made. We love you Jesus. Amen, amen.
05:43 Well, thank you so much I loved worship
05:46 and thank you for these shells.
05:48 I'm gonna go get something special
05:50 for the kids today. Alright, I wonder
05:52 what she is gonna get special for us.
05:54 I can hardly wait, but right now boys and girls
05:57 it's time for us to go to the barn
05:59 and see Farmer Mike. Come on, lets go.
06:05 Hi kids, boy you got here at the right time
06:08 today. Auntie Linda and my friends are here,
06:10 let's all tell them hi. Hi boys and girls.
06:14 Oh! Today something so good happened here
06:17 on the farm. I went fishing in my pond
06:20 and caught some fish and they're looking at them
06:23 right now and we're just starting to talk
06:25 about these fish. Auntie Linda there's two kinds
06:28 of fish in there. There is. Can you guess?
06:30 Can you boys and girls? Well, just all
06:32 girls today. Big ones and little ones,
06:33 that's two kinds of fishes. Do you know
06:37 what kind they are? What would you guess Anna,
06:40 what kind of fish are they? I touched one.
06:42 Did you touch one? Do you almost caught it?
06:44 Well the big ones. Did you catch a big one
06:47 or little one? I touched that one.
06:49 I touched this. That's the big one
06:51 and they're called Bluegills.
06:52 Oh! If you look real close. How did you
06:56 feel it? This feels weird. Did it feel good,
07:00 it feel weird? What did it feel like.
07:02 Do you feel that one? Okay,
07:04 it feel weird when I touch. Do you feel it.
07:06 Tell me what it feels like? Have you
07:10 boys and girls ever felt a fish
07:12 when you're fishing. Look real close
07:16 and see if you can see some blue right here.
07:18 Right by their gills. I see somewhere
07:21 out there. Right by their mouth up front
07:22 you see it. That's why they call them Bluegills.
07:25 I saw one there. Now, the little biddy ones,
07:27 the little biddy ones, the silver ones are
07:30 called Crappies and they don't have
07:32 those blue gills. Now, you guys
07:34 while you're looking at them.
07:35 Let me ask you a question, what do you
07:36 think they like to eat? Worms, fish food, worms,
07:40 fish food, and worms. And fish foods,
07:42 you're exactly right and there's a couple
07:44 of other things they would like to eat.
07:45 Do you guys eat these? They eat bugs.
07:51 Oh! I wouldn't like to eat bugs.
07:53 But they eat little biddy bugs
07:54 and they eat mosquito larvae.
07:55 You know when mosquitoes are around.
07:57 It doesn't sound good to me, does it to you?
07:59 Maybe mosquitoes on salads, you know.
08:02 Touch that one. That wouldn't be.
08:03 Did you catch one? Alright,
08:06 No I touched that one. You've touched that.
08:08 See. You know what fish have to have?
08:11 Oh! Now here's a puzzle that you guys
08:13 can figure out. How do they breathe air
08:16 when they're under the water?
08:17 They breathe air from their mouth.
08:19 And yet they're under the water.
08:21 We can't do that when we're under the water.
08:23 Can we, we can't, because we would get water
08:25 in our mouth, but they have they're made.
08:28 God made them so, they can breathe under
08:30 the water and they can live under the water.
08:32 They can get air and here's something
08:35 very different about fish. In the winter time,
08:38 you guys know when it gets real cold.
08:39 You know go it's wow its cold outside.
08:43 Now they, the water freezes,
08:45 so they have to do something kind
08:47 of different to stay alive in those ponds.
08:49 What did they do farmer Mike? What do you guys
08:52 think they do when it gets cold?
08:53 When the water gets real cold,
08:55 Anna what do you think they do?
08:56 I think they swim and they hide.
08:58 They get down in the very bottom of the water,
09:01 where it's not frozen. And they
09:03 and they get cold. They get hot some more.
09:07 They can stay a little bit warmer down there,
09:09 but they go down there and they get good
09:11 fresh air down there below the ice
09:13 and that's how they stay alive.
09:15 I know someone eats fish.
09:19 Well, yes sometimes people eat fish
09:22 and if it's cooked right. And sharks
09:24 can eat fish too. Yeah sometimes
09:27 big fish eat little fish, that's right too,
09:29 so that's one of the reasons that again
09:31 we've talked about this with other animals.
09:33 God gives them different colors
09:35 where they can hide. They're a little
09:36 close to, so they can hide from other fish
09:39 and that kind of thing. That's right.
09:41 Well you guys are enjoying the fish today.
09:44 You know I think those fish might like it,
09:46 if you sing them a song. Yeah, I remember
09:49 the farm song. Oh! Our farm song,
09:51 you wanna sing to the fish.
09:52 Now wait a minute, will they be
09:53 able to hear this? I think so. Let's sing to them.
09:56 I like to go to the farm where the cows
09:58 moo, moo, I like to go to the farm
10:01 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:03 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:07 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:13 I said frogs would quack quack
10:14 and I got so mixed up and I know that song.
10:17 Well, this has been wonderful Farmer Mike.
10:20 But we have so much to do, we have to go.
10:22 Can you guys tell the fish good bye. Bye bye.
10:25 Tell them bye. And tell Farmer Mike good bye.
10:27 Good bye. And I'm going to put the fish
10:31 in the pond after you leave okay.
10:33 And let's tell all the boys and girls
10:34 goodbye too. Goodbye boys and girls.
10:37 Bye bye. Come back.
10:43 Olivia and I are out for a walk boys and girls,
10:45 come and join us. Shall we go for a walk today,
10:52 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go
10:58 for a walk today, to see what God has given
11:05 I think we have done enough work
11:07 in the garden Olivia. Let's go see
11:09 what we can find. Miss Linda,
11:11 Oh! Hi, how are you? Fine. How are you guys?
11:15 We are fine Miss Jennie, what are you doing?
11:17 We're looking for our turtle.
11:18 I think Olivia found it. Yes, there he is.
11:23 Oh! Look, let's look at the turtle Olivia.
11:28 We lost our, we couldn't find our pet turtle.
11:30 What's his name? Can you tell what's his name is?
11:32 Myrtle, it's Myrtle the turtle,
11:38 What does he like to eat? He likes to eat grass,
11:44 touch him, and bugs. Yeah, and he likes to eat.
11:50 And if you keep them in your garden,
11:54 they'll eat the little bugs that eat your stuff
11:57 in your garden. So he kind of,
11:59 he kind of takes care of your garden.
12:00 Oh! He is so cute. Yeah, what color is he.
12:05 Olivia, do you like him? You tell me
12:07 what color he is? Is he brown
12:10 and what color is this? Yeah, white.
12:16 Can you see, where's his legs? Very small,
12:20 very good. And he has a little tail too.
12:23 Can you see his little tail?
12:24 Oh! Look at his little tail. And sometimes
12:30 when he get scared, but he's not scared right now.
12:32 He hides in his shell, he pulls his legs
12:34 and his head and go in, but you can see his head
12:37 and his legs. Well, you Miss Jenny I'm so glad
12:40 that God made the beautiful turtles.
12:41 Well, I'm too. Well, touch his head
12:43 sweetheart. God made the beautiful
12:47 turtles I know I know. God made the beautiful
12:55 turtles, because he loves us so.
13:06 I'm so excited that you're here today
13:08 boys and girls. Noah and I were just getting ready
13:11 to talk about what God made on the fifth day.
13:15 Yes, he made some things on the fifth day.
13:18 We'll tell the boys and girls in just, first day.
13:20 Yes, first we're gonna tell you on the first day
13:23 and then this and then this and then this,
13:26 that's right and then this and then this.
13:28 That's right. On the first day God made light.
13:33 And on the second day he made sky
13:36 and fluffy clouds. Do you like fluffy clouds Noah?
13:39 And on the third day, he made land. Look at this
13:43 it sticks together. Yes, they stuck together,
13:45 didn't they? But we're gonna show the boys,
13:47 you can put some of these on the board
13:48 while I'm talking yes. And on the third day
13:52 he made land and trees and grass
13:55 and flowers and food. And on the fourth day
13:58 God made the Sun and the Moon and the stars.
14:01 I'm doing, yes and on the fifth day he made birds,
14:05 all kinds of birds. He also made something else
14:10 very special on the fifth day. Fish, fish.
14:13 That's right, he made fish. Lots of fish.
14:17 Big fish, look, little fish.
14:20 He even made Freddy. He made Freddy
14:26 on the fifth day. Oh! This looks like Freddy.
14:28 Those are pretty. Oh! I love the fish.
14:31 That's look like Freddy. Yes, it looks
14:34 a little like Freddy doesn't he. It is Freddy.
14:37 You think that is Freddy's picture. Yeah.
14:39 Oh! Well he also made some birds.
14:42 It's Freddy. That's right, can we find
14:49 a big fish in here. Look at that one.
14:53 He even made the whales boys and girls.
14:56 Yes. Another one, Jesus made all the special fish
15:01 for us. Yes. With Jesus you'll always find
15:08 more and more and more. Yes,
15:11 there is another bird and another whale,
15:14 another whale. There's a lot of exciting things
15:17 boys and girls to see. Oh crab, yes,
15:20 another crab, next time you go to the lake
15:22 or the ocean look around. I found two crabs.
15:26 Noah's right, there's even crabs isn't there.
15:30 Oh! Yes Jesus made so many things for us.
15:36 On the sixth day he made animals.
15:39 Crabs hurt when they pinch. Yes, they do.
15:42 He said crabs hurt when they pinch, they do.
15:44 Well whales can eat crabs. Isn't it fun
15:49 just seeing all the things God's made.
15:51 Well on the sixth day he made animals
15:53 and the first mommy and daddy.
15:54 And on the seventh day, look at this,
15:58 do you know what God made o the seventh day.
16:01 Look at this. You can put it up here because
16:02 they jump in the air. The whales will jump high
16:05 in the sky. Look at this one.
16:07 Do you know what God made on the seventh day
16:10 boys and girls? This is a baby one. That's right.
16:13 He made the Sabbath and you can enjoy
16:16 all these things. Oh! Noah, I see that fish
16:19 over there swimming. You can see him swimming too
16:23 and Sabbath is a special time to go and enjoy.
16:26 Oh! What's that, what's that, Oh!
16:27 That's another one. Oh! I love to watch the fish.
16:30 Noah, see the fish they're diving
16:32 in the water. Oh! They are so beautiful;
16:35 I love to watch the fish. Freddy, Freddy.
16:38 They had Freddy yes. Freddy's in the water.
16:42 Well, boys and girls you can see that
16:44 we're having a good time. Freddy is in the water.
16:46 Next time you go outside you notice the birds that
16:51 God made and also when you go to the lakes
16:54 and the ocean notice all the fish that
16:56 God has made. It's fun to watch them
16:59 boys and girls. Another, look another, remember
17:02 Jesus made these things for us
17:03 because he loves us, another one.
17:05 That's right Noah, God loves us.
17:07 Oh! yes, look Noah, there's
17:10 another one. That's Freddy.
17:17 Hi boys and girls, we're having fun today
17:21 with Miss Cinda. We're going to do
17:23 something very exciting today.
17:26 Who can tell me what God created on the fifth day?
17:30 Great whales. I'll give you a hint.
17:34 Oh! You're right. She said great whales
17:38 and what else? And sharks and all kinds of fish.
17:44 Let's see Mick Taylor can you help us say
17:46 our memory verse. Okay Genesis 1:21,
17:52 And God created great whales,
17:58 and every living creature. We say
18:02 that again, Genesis 1:21, And God created
18:10 great whales, and every living creature.
18:16 So you know what I wanted to help you remember that
18:20 memory verse, I said creatures. That's right,
18:22 that's right she said creatures.
18:23 I wanted to help you remember that
18:25 memory verse, so we're gonna make a beach
18:28 in a bottle. So boys and girls you can do this
18:32 at home and get your mommies and daddies
18:34 to help you. We got a glass jar,
18:36 take the lid off your glass jar.
18:39 Look, yeah there you Noah, set it right here.
18:41 Now I'm gonna give you each some sand
18:45 and you pour some sand in the bottom of your jar,
18:48 be very, very careful. Miss Cinda
18:51 what is creatures? You can put it your jar, yes.
18:56 Thank you Jadis you're so smart.
19:00 You mean there's little, tiny little animals
19:02 living in the shells and things. I need more.
19:04 And that's right, does anyone know what
19:08 that was okay, that was gonna be
19:11 my next question. They're hanging me
19:13 boys and girls. Do you know, do you know
19:16 what this shell was? Let me tell you something
19:21 special about this shell. Do you know that
19:24 sometimes if you hold it up to your ear,
19:27 you can hear the ocean in it, I will hear?
19:31 I don't know this one might be kind of little,
19:33 but sometimes you can hear the ocean.
19:35 Well boys and girls when you go to the beach
19:37 and you get a shell, put it up to your ear.
19:39 Did you hear anything Noah? But sometimes
19:41 you can hear the ocean. Yeah, I did. You did hear
19:42 something? Now I need more.
19:45 Oh! We don't want too much. Let me see
19:47 I think you have enough. Well this was actually
19:51 a house for a little creature that lived
19:53 in the water. I need more. Okay,
19:56 let's pick out some pretty shells first Noah.
19:58 You want to pick up a couple pretty shells
20:00 and put it in your beach. You wanna pick out
20:03 some pretty shells and put them in. That's okay.
20:06 We'll pick it up later. And you want to pick up
20:09 some shells. Is this what you see in the bottom
20:11 of the ocean, listen carefully. And look what
20:12 I have, does anyone know what this is? Star.
20:15 This is a special creature God created.
20:18 Star fish. That's right, that's a star fish.
20:23 Is this mine? Yes that's yours.
20:25 Hey you gave me more sand. There you go.
20:28 I'm gonna give you a star fish too, look.
20:30 And some shells I need. Yeah.
20:35 Here's a star fish for you. And would you like
20:38 a star fish Taylor? Yeah. I need more.
20:40 Oh! that one might be kind of big
20:42 to put in there, but you can put that in.
20:43 Miss Cinda, yes, Jasmine said hers has a
20:45 funny smell. Oh! yeah. And it's stinky.
20:48 It does. I need more sand. Oh! No you have
20:53 too much sand, because let me show you what
20:55 we're going to do. I need little more.
20:57 No you need more shells. And boys and girls
21:00 you can get lots of shells and put in your,
21:03 in your bottles. You want some more shells
21:06 and now let me show you what's special.
21:09 Now, let me show you what's special.
21:11 Okay, Taylor lets shake this up a little bit.
21:14 Ready. And look every time you shake it up.
21:19 You'll see a different shell.
21:20 Just like the beach. Okay, are you shake it?
21:24 Okay let's, let's show our boys and girls
21:27 at home. I'm gonna shake it right now.
21:30 That's right. Okay and see you can see
21:33 something different. What do you see in yours?
21:36 Well a shell. Yes, and that will remind you
21:42 that Jesus created on the fifth day.
21:47 I see a little one. He had created the fish.
21:49 And let's say our memory verse one more time.
21:52 And God created great whales,
21:57 and every living creature Genesis 1:21.
22:09 Yeah sing time. Sing time. Yes, right.
22:13 We have had fun today, haven't we
22:15 boys and girls? We had. Do you remember
22:17 the memory verse. Genesis 1:21,
22:26 And God created whales, whales,
22:30 And God created whales, and every living creature.
22:37 And every living creature. That's right
22:40 and you're right Jasmine, God created sharks too.
22:43 Didn't he? He created lots of things
22:45 in the sea. Well we're gonna sing a song
22:47 right now about the fishes. And we've got
22:51 some little mitts to put on. Oh! Look at that,
22:53 put that fishy mitt on there. Oh! I want that.
22:57 You want that one. Okay you can have that one,
23:00 give that one to Miss Cinda.
23:01 Oh! I will take this for me. Thank you.
23:02 Alright, put your little fishy mitts on
23:04 and we are sing fishy, fishy swim in the water,
23:09 okay. Fishy fishy swim in the water,
23:16 fishy fishy fishy fishy God made fishy swim
23:24 in the water, fishy fishy fishy fishy.
23:32 Let's do it again okay. Can you sing Olivia.
23:34 Can you make your fishy swim to.
23:37 Fishy fishy swim in the water,
23:42 fishy fishy fishy fishy God made fishy swim
23:50 in the water, fishy fishy fishy fishy.
23:57 We are gonna sing a song now about the fishy,
24:00 the fishies are splashing and swimming.
24:04 Okay, let's make them splash and swim,
24:07 okay, are you ready? Alright.
24:08 The fishies are splashing and
24:11 swimming, swimming, swimming.
24:17 The fishies are splashing and swimming,
24:21 showing God's great love. One more time
24:26 boys and girls. The fishies are splashing
24:29 and swimming, swimming, swimming.
24:36 The fishies are splashing and swimming,
24:40 showing God's great love. He made so many
24:45 wonderful things for us didn't he?
24:47 He did and you know lots of things
24:49 he made are found in the deep, deep sea.
24:52 And we're gonna sing a song about that.
24:54 Oh! I like this song. Let our fishies are
24:57 in the deep, deep sea. Here we go.
25:00 Deep, deep, deep as the sea,
25:05 high high high as the sky.
25:10 Wide wide wide as the ocean blue,
25:14 is Jesus love for you and me is it's as just
25:20 deep deep deep as the sea, high high high
25:27 as the sky. Wide wide wide as the ocean blue,
25:35 is Jesus love for you. Let's do that one again.
25:44 I like that one. I do too. I hope that kids
25:46 are singing with us too. Oh! Are you singing kids?
25:50 Come on ready. Deep deep deep as the sea,
25:56 high high high as the sky. Wide wide wide
26:03 as the ocean blue, is Jesus love for you and me
26:10 is it's as just deep deep deep as the sea,
26:15 high high high as the sky. Wide wide wide
26:23 as the ocean blue, is Jesus love for you.
26:32 And Jesus does love you boys and girls.
26:35 He's so special to us. He is,
26:37 and I'm glad for the fish. Jasmine,
26:40 would you have a special prayer thanking Jesus
26:42 for the fishies. Boys and girls, fold your hands
26:47 and close your eyes. Fold your hands Olivia.
26:51 Dear Jesus thank you for this,
26:54 we had a good day with the fishies.
26:59 We love you amen. Amen. Good, good.
27:04 And Jesus loves you boys and girls
27:06 and he loves Isaiah and Jasmine and Olivia
27:09 and Miss Cinda and Farmer Mike and all of us.
27:13 Olivia, do you love Jesus? Yeah.
27:17 Can you say I love Jesus? I love Jesus. I know.
27:23 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all the time
27:26 we have for the day boys and girls.
27:28 Come back and see us again.
27:36 Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:03 We're Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
28:07 girls and boys. We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy, like
28:15 colors of the rainbow, we're shining like
28:18 the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
28:21 the world we're God's girls and boys.


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