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God Made The Animals

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Georgie, look there's that squirrel,
00:30 it's running up the tree, oh it's so cute.
00:33 Oh hi boys and girls, I'm so glad you're here.
00:38 Georgie's glad you're here too and you know
00:41 what, Jesus is happy that you're here.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:57 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:00 Jesus knows your name, you made
01:04 Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 I'm so glad you're here; well we have lots
01:13 of fun things planned come on in.
01:16 We're ready to get started.
01:21 Oh Georgie, we got a phone call, I wonder
01:24 who it can be? Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:28 Hi Auntie Linda I'm Michael James Cochrane.
01:32 Well hi Michael, I'm so glad you called.
01:36 We're talking about creation today and
01:38 how God made the animals on the sixth day.
01:41 Do you have any animals? I have a bunny rabbit.
01:45 You do, what's his name? Oreo Cookie.
01:49 That's a sweet name for a bunny.
01:53 What does Oreo Cookie like to eat?
01:55 He eats carrot, apples, those things.
01:59 Oh it sounds like Oreo Cookie gets lots
02:03 of good things to eat. Well I need to feed
02:06 Freddy now. So I have to go.
02:07 Bye bye Auntie Linda I love you.
02:12 Bye Michael, I love you too.
02:16 Oh that was special from Michael to call.
02:18 Oh, hi Freddy, I bet you're getting hungry.
02:23 Would you like a little fishy food,
02:25 we'll just give him a little bit Georgie
02:27 because we don't want him to get sick yeah
02:30 there you go, there you go Freddy.
02:33 There you go there's your food.
02:35 Oh we're having a visitor.
02:38 Who that can be?
02:41 Oh hi Miss Jeanie. Hi Miss Linda,
02:42 how are you? I'm doing good, oh good.
02:45 I'm so glad you are just in time
02:47 for worship, do you wanna join us?
02:48 Oh wonderful, I would love too, thank you.
02:50 Well come in and sit down. Oh that's
02:53 Kitty Cat. I'm here kitty, hi kitty.
02:54 Yes, kitty cat always meows and
02:57 reminds me that it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:00 That's wonderful! Yes, would
03:01 you like to ring it today?
03:02 Oh I would love to. Okay boys and girls,
03:04 you wanna help me sing?
03:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me
03:12 with our best friend Jesus,
03:17 Come and worship here Jesus will be near,
03:22 smiling when he sees us.
03:30 Well thank you Miss Jeanie.
03:31 Well you're welcome. Now is the time that
03:33 Georgie and Kitty Cat and the boys and girls like.
03:35 So we're gonna see what's in our
03:37 present box, be a good boy Georgie.
03:39 Every body likes presents.
03:40 Oh I do too. You're right Miss Jeanie.
03:43 Oh look what we have?
03:48 Oh a cute little puppy.
03:50 Do you have any dogs at your house?
03:52 Yes, we have five dogs.
03:54 Two of them are small, one is medium
03:56 size and two are large.
03:58 So we kind of cover all sizes.
04:00 Well that's special, yes. Well you know
04:03 I'm really excited because God created
04:06 all our animals on the sixth day for us.
04:08 God is wonderful, God gave us so many
04:09 wonderful to us, He did, let's sit him here.
04:12 Oh isn't that cute Georgie look,
04:15 he's got another monkey. He is adorable,
04:20 this is something we don't have on our farm.
04:22 You don't have him on your farm.
04:23 No, we don't have a monkey, no.
04:25 Oh well what other animals do you have
04:26 on your farm? Well we have pheasants,
04:28 and peacocks, and turkeys, and geese,
04:31 and ducks, and horses, and donkeys.
04:34 And a little bit of everything.
04:35 Oh you do, I bet you have lots of fun.
04:38 Well do you have one of these on your farm?
04:41 No, we don't have a camel either.
04:45 Camels are pretty neat though.
04:48 They are pretty neat. Some people use
04:51 them to ride on to get across the desert.
04:53 Yes, they're a wonderful transportation
04:55 across the desert. I think may be
04:56 that's why Jesus put them there,
04:58 so that those people could
05:00 have them to get around easy.
05:01 He made them all special. Oh we have
05:04 one more in our box. Isn't he cute,
05:10 a little cow. I don't have a cow,
05:12 but my neighbor Farmer Mike does.
05:14 He has a cow in his farm.
05:15 Look at that sweet little cow. I'm so glad that,
05:18 she is adorable. Jesus made so many
05:21 special animals for us to enjoy, yes. Now,
05:24 let's just fold our hands and thank Jesus
05:26 for being so good and kind to us.
05:28 That would be wonderful.
05:31 Dear Jesus, thank you for all the special
05:33 animals that you made for us to
05:35 enjoy. We love you Jesus amen, amen.
05:40 Well, thank you for coming
05:42 for worship Miss Jeanie.
05:44 Well thank you for having me. I love it.
05:45 Oh come again some time.
05:47 Oh I would love to.
05:48 Well that would be wonderful.
05:49 Well boys and girls it's now time
05:51 to go see Farmer Mike at the
05:52 barn, come on, lets go.
06:01 We're here Farmer Mike.
06:02 Oh hey, hi guys come here, come here,
06:04 sneak around here come on this side.
06:06 Come over here this way, okay.
06:08 I want you to see what I have got,
06:10 but we got to be real quiet now.
06:11 Somebody sit right here, oh, oh be
06:13 real quiet and stay there.
06:14 You know what that is?
06:16 What is that Farmer Mike?
06:18 That is a Canadian goose. And it was
06:21 hand raised this one. It wasn't raise in
06:24 the wild, this is like somebody raised it,
06:27 instead of just being born out in the wild.
06:29 What's its name? Well that's what I got
06:32 to ask you guys to do, I've been sitting here
06:34 today thinking what can we name this goose,
06:37 if you got a name be thinking of a name,
06:39 what can we name this goose?
06:41 Jasmine, Jasmine okay,
06:45 that's a beautiful name. Why did you think of that?
06:49 Because, it's a beautiful name isn't it?
06:51 You said your name? That's
06:54 what I thought, I knew that.
06:56 She wanted to name, that too her,
06:57 that's a good name. How about Levi,
06:59 Levi can you think of a name, Levi.
07:03 Levi don't want to, Becca, do you like,
07:06 do you like the big goose? I will sit up.
07:11 Have you ever looked up in a sky Noah?
07:13 And saw a whole bunch of geese flying by.
07:16 Yeah. That's the kind of geese,
07:18 he is a Canadian goose. I can't see this,
07:21 I saw him in the sky. That's exactly right and
07:23 you see a bunch of them and
07:24 they're always flying like in a V shape.
07:27 I saw when flying, remember.
07:28 They usually fly a whole bunch of them
07:31 together and they make a V up
07:32 in the sky if you look up in the sky
07:33 the boys and girls can look up some times
07:35 and see them. Yeah, thank you for that.
07:38 See girls are always decorating and
07:41 fixing pretty things, that's the truth.
07:42 You know what he eats?
07:44 What do you think he eats Noah?
07:46 Well, is that his food down there, that.
07:49 Yeah, you can see some of it. He can eat that.
07:51 Right he eats corn and he eats Milo and
07:54 grain and let me see your face
07:57 when I say this. And eats bugs,
08:00 you don't like bugs. You don't like bugs.
08:03 Becca, what do you like to eat? I like them.
08:05 I like apple. Apples, apples, that's
08:09 good Becca. I like to eat apple and
08:12 Macaroni cheese. I got a feeling geese
08:15 would eat apples too.
08:16 What do you like to eat Jasmine? A banana.
08:17 I like to eat Macaroni cheese. Banana,
08:21 a Macaroni cheese. I bet that goose
08:24 would eat those, goose would eat apples
08:26 and bananas those are good.
08:28 And if somebody comes around him
08:30 and he's afraid of them and he his is
08:31 afraid they might harm him.
08:33 You know how he defends itself?
08:34 How? He kicks at him, he hawks.
08:38 Can you guys hawk like, like he does? Oh,
08:42 that's perfect, that's perfect
08:43 Jasmine, Honk, honk. One other thing we'll
08:47 see if you can do. He has wings,
08:49 he had them spread them real big like that,
08:51 but he does like that. Let's spread our
08:53 wings real big like this. Here Auntie Linda,
08:56 everybody spread their wings.
08:57 Can you spread your wings?
08:58 Spread your wings Becca.
08:59 Becca, Becca, Becca spread your
09:02 wings like this. How can you
09:04 take a tray? Like that, real wide act like
09:06 you're flying , and like a goose and act
09:07 like you're flying now, like this, okay.
09:10 Can you wave to him, Levi, yeah?
09:11 And if somebody gets close to him he goes
09:12 and he says go away, get away,
09:14 get away from me. That's how he defends himself.
09:16 He's drinking water Farmer Mike.
09:18 Yes, he's thirsty, see like we get thirsty.
09:20 Water is good for even gooses isn't it?
09:22 It look like he was even watching himself
09:23 I've been studying him and trying to learn
09:25 more about him even. And I like his color
09:28 look how that pretty black head
09:30 and neck and he is got that brown.
09:32 I like back in that. That's pretty
09:34 together isn't it black and white.
09:36 It is pretty, yeah I like black and white.
09:37 That's one of the thing that God
09:39 did for us. He made animals beautiful.
09:40 That's my favorite color black and white.
09:43 Black and white is his favorite color.
09:45 I like to see black and white.
09:46 You know why God gives them those?
09:48 That is my favorite color, it is.
09:49 Noah, you know why God makes him
09:51 different colors? Why. Because some
09:53 times they can hide from other animals
09:55 that might try to harm them or people.
09:57 They can blend in and hide with whatever
09:59 scenery they're around and whatever woods,
10:01 whatever colors they're around.
10:03 Well Jasmine do you wanna eat your food?
10:06 You think it know it, did you know
10:08 that she knows her new name?
10:09 I don't know ask her if she knows her name.
10:12 Let's ask her, let's say Jasmine,
10:15 say Jasmine to her. Jasmine,
10:18 see if she knows, see if she's looking up, may be.
10:20 Jasmine. And one last thing I want to tell you
10:24 about their color. The other reason
10:26 I think God makes the color on the animals
10:27 is because he makes them beautiful,
10:29 Jasmine, jasmine. Yes he made that one beautiful.
10:32 Think about when you put everything
10:34 together the color of the trees and flowers,
10:37 and animals. He is looking at you.
10:39 And even me and you, he makes us all
10:41 beautiful. He was, all part of his creation.
10:45 He is not flying away, anyway
10:47 he is gonna fly. He is not running away,
10:49 he said he's staying right here.
10:50 No I think because he likes you guys.
10:52 Do you think maybe he thinks that
10:54 Jasmine thinks we're gonna sing to her.
10:55 Let's sing our song to her,
10:57 are you ready? Alright.
10:59 I like to go to the farm
11:03 Where the cows moo, moo,
11:05 I like to go to the farm
11:07 Where the ducks quack, quack,
11:09 I like to go to the farm,
11:11 I like to go to the farm,
11:13 I like to go to the farm,
11:15 And learn of Jesus.
11:19 Well thanks for coming today in my farm.
11:21 Well thank you good bye Mr. Goose.
11:23 Do me one favor, when you guys leave,
11:25 when you would wave like that and
11:27 leave real quietly that way
11:28 so he won't fly away.
11:29 Oh can you, can you wave bye, bye.
11:30 Okay this time wave bye.
11:31 Bye-bye Mr. Goose.
11:32 Good bye this time. Bye-bye Jasmine.
11:34 Bye-bye Noah, bye Becca,
11:36 bye Auntie Linda, bye Levi.
11:38 Good bye. Oh he's looking
11:40 at Levi. Bye-bye.
11:49 Justin and I are out for a walk come
11:51 and join us. Shall we go for a walk today,
11:57 a walk today, a walk today,
12:01 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:05 to see what God has given? Squirrel,
12:11 that's right oh lets see what he's doing.
12:14 What do you think he's doing?
12:18 What do you think he's doing? Let's watch him.
12:20 Eating a nut. Oh here's one, okay.
12:25 he's eating an corn. Look at it looks like
12:28 it also a little head on it.
12:29 Look at, see the little hat.
12:31 It look two hats, I know we won't
12:36 bother Mr. Squirrel but let's see if
12:37 we can find some Oh I found one
12:40 and another that. Okay can you see
12:42 how many we can find? Okay.
12:44 It went is that, this one, where?
12:47 That's a little one isn't it?
12:50 Yeah, that's a little one. That's a little one.
12:53 God made so many unique things.
12:55 I found another one Justin. Look at,
12:59 I found another one, can you find some?
13:01 I find some of the big ones.
13:04 Okay, you see what you can find okay.
13:06 Oh, I found this big one. Oh yes
13:09 it's one right here. I'm gonna put
13:12 mine in a pile right here.
13:13 I'm gonna put mine in my own pile.
13:16 Okay you have your own pile.
13:18 I'm so glad that God made good things
13:21 for squirrels to eat because you know
13:23 when squirrels have these nuts to
13:26 eat they're not hungry in the winter time.
13:28 Isn't it nice boys and girls? Yeah.
13:30 That Jesus takes care of all this creatures.
13:33 Did you know Justin that God made
13:36 the squirrels on the sixth-day.
13:37 Can you count to six? Yeah, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
13:42 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Very good, 13 nuts.
13:48 A nut, I found a black one.
13:50 That's right and what day did
13:51 God make the squirrels on? How many is this?
13:55 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. On the sixth day, didn't he?
14:04 I'm so glad that God made
14:06 the cute little squirrels. Maybe I'll
14:09 put this in my own pile.
14:11 God made the cute little
14:13 squirrels I know, I know.
14:18 God made the cute little
14:21 squirrels because he loves me so.
14:26 Oh look, there's a hat I put on.
14:28 The hat came off didn't he?
14:30 Oh Justin here's another one isn't that one nice.
14:39 We have a special story for you
14:41 today boys and girls.
14:43 Do you like stories Sylvia? And our
14:46 story is from the Bible, we're talking
14:49 about creation. Do you know what
14:52 creation is? That's how Jesus made
14:55 our world. Let's see if we can
14:58 remember what he made on the first day.
15:00 Can you think of what He made
15:01 on the first day? He made light,
15:04 I like light, don't you?
15:06 And on the second day,
15:09 He made fluffy clouds and blue sky.
15:13 And on the third day, can you do three
15:16 fingers, good job Sylvia.
15:18 On the third day he made land,
15:21 and trees, and grass, and flowers and so
15:25 many good things to eat.
15:26 And on the fourth day, keep four
15:29 fingers up, He made the Sun and the
15:32 Moon and all the twinkling stars do
15:35 you like the twinkling stars, Sylvia? I do too.
15:37 And on the fifth day, He made birds,
15:41 lots of birds, do you like birds?
15:44 Do you like big birds and little birds?
15:47 And He made fish that swim in the water, yes.
15:51 And on the sixth day, He made
15:56 something really special. What do
15:59 you think He made on the sixth day?
16:03 Let me see. Animals. That's right,
16:08 I helped her didn't I. But, she
16:11 taught me, animals, lots and lots of animals.
16:15 Big animals, and little animals.
16:18 We have some animals, here Sylvia.
16:20 Can you put them up. So the boys and
16:21 girls can see. He made monkeys
16:24 that swing from tree to tree.
16:27 Oh the monkeys have so much fun.
16:29 He made loins, and tigers and Moo-cows.
16:35 And he made horses and pigs and ducks.
16:40 I bet you can think of a lot more animals
16:43 that Jesus made. I love all the
16:46 things that Jesus made for us to enjoy.
16:49 What is your favorite animal Sylvia?
16:51 A monkey. A monkey,
16:54 they're pretty cute, I like all the animals
16:58 that God's made. Well you know God
17:01 also made something else on the sixth day.
17:03 He made the very first mommy and daddy.
17:06 And then on the seventh day God
17:10 rested from all his work and he made
17:14 that day special. Just so we can
17:15 spend time with him and enjoy
17:17 all the things that he's made.
17:18 I love Sabbath best of all. Oh Sylvia,
17:23 you have lots and lots of animals
17:25 don't you? Well you know boys and girls,
17:28 Jesus made all these animals for us,
17:32 all the trees and flowers for us,
17:35 and the grass and all the good food,
17:37 and the stars and the Moon and the
17:40 Sun and everything he made for us.
17:42 Because he loves us, so next time you see
17:47 something that Jesus has made,
17:48 I want you to think about how
17:51 much Jesus really, really loves you.
18:01 Hi boys and girls, Miss Cinda has
18:04 something fun planned for us today.
18:06 I do, does anyone what day
18:09 of creation we're talking about.
18:11 Animals. Oh, and you answered my
18:14 next question. God created animals
18:17 on the sixth day. So, let's
18:20 learn our memory verse.
18:22 Its Genesis 1:24 can you say that Tyler.
18:27 Genesis 1:24, "and God said,
18:33 Let the earth bring forth every kind of animal."
18:40 So, I want you to remember what the
18:43 sixth day what God created.
18:45 So, I've given you each play-dough and
18:48 and put it out here and roll it out.
18:52 And then we have animal cutters.
18:55 Can you roll it? And we are gonna make little
18:57 animals out of our play-dough.
18:59 I want butterfly, okay. Let's try a little bit.
19:03 I want a kitty cat, okay. I want the ducky.
19:07 What does the duck say Justin? Quack.
19:09 What does the kitty say Tyler? Meow, meow.
19:12 What's a kitty say? Meow, meow.
19:14 What's the butterfly say?
19:17 Show me what the butterfly does?
19:25 That's right, and Jasmine, what animal
19:29 would you like? I have a duck,
19:31 a doggy or a bear! Bear.
19:35 What does a bear say? Growl! That's right.
19:40 And boys and girls you can have fun
19:42 doing this at home too. And then you'll
19:44 remember what God created on the sixth day.
19:47 Look. Oh look you have a kitty cat,
19:53 oh it's a kitty. Press it down.
19:55 What does kitty, say Tyler? Meow, meow.
19:57 Do you have a pet at home Tyler?
19:59 Yeah. What's your pet? A kitty cat and a dog.
20:03 Oh and a dog. What is your pet's name?
20:06 I named them Jake and Levi.
20:10 Oh wow. Hannah do you have a pet?
20:13 You don't have a pet.
20:14 If you had a pet what would you have?
20:16 I would have a kitty. And I have a bunny.
20:19 What's your bunny's name? A baby. Fluff. Fluff.
20:23 Hannah, you'd have a baby kitty
20:25 and what would you name your kitty?
20:28 Sara. Oh Sara. I have a baby Sara too.
20:33 You do, what kind of animal do you have?
20:36 Bubba. A Bubba, what kind of an
20:40 animal is Bubba? Is a cat?
20:45 Mine is a funny kitty.
20:49 Oh you have a funny looking kitty.
20:53 I think it's a pretty kitty.
20:54 I'll get another one.
20:56 Do you wanna cut one of yours out? Yeah.
21:03 Do you all take good care of your pets
21:05 and feed them? Yeah. And pet them.
21:08 Because you know pets not only
21:10 need water and food boys and girls.
21:13 Pets need love don't they?
21:16 Oh wow, quack, quack. Like a burrito.
21:19 I had a kitty. You did, was it soft.
21:22 Oh I want a doggy. You want a doggy?
21:27 Okay. I want a fishy. What's your doggie's
21:29 name at home? Levi. Levi.
21:32 So I'm making Levi and am I being.
21:34 Oh that's good, I need some more play-dough.
21:38 Are you making, you need.
21:40 We should have a bunny for you Justin,
21:41 you could make a bunny.
21:42 You see Justin made a duck.
21:44 What, A bunny. We don't have
21:46 a bunny, I'm sorry.
21:48 Can you kids help me say our memory
21:50 verse one more time? Okay, okay.
21:53 Genesis 1:24, and God said Let the earth
22:00 bring forth every kind of animal.
22:10 Yeah, singing time. We have been learning
22:14 about what God created on the sixth day.
22:18 What did he create on the sixth day?
22:20 Animals. Animals. That's right good. Animal yeah.
22:26 That's right. Where is our
22:29 memory verse on today?
22:30 Genesis 1:24, Genesis 1:24,
22:38 And God said, And God said,
22:41 Let the earth, Let the earth,
22:44 Bring forth, Bring forth,
22:46 Every kind of animal. Animals,
22:52 right here with us. Now we have
22:56 a bug right here. What kind of
22:58 bug are you Jasmine?
22:59 A bee. What does a bee say? Buzz.
23:03 Does the bee sting you like buzz.
23:05 Can you sting Farmer Mike?
23:08 She's got a sting she says,
23:09 Oh your stingers back here, okay, well it is.
23:12 And what, you can't touch a tiger. You're a tiger?
23:16 Jadis is a tiger and what does a tiger say?
23:19 Wow! You're vicious tiger, that's right.
23:27 Olivia, what are you? A Lion, She's a lion.
23:31 What does a lion say? That's right,
23:38 she's going growl! Growl! Well boys and girls,
23:43 we're gonna sing a song about
23:44 the animals, sing along with us okay.
23:49 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
23:53 Great big animals, Little tiny animals.
23:58 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:03 Here is an animal that I love.
24:10 Sing it one more with us okay.
24:12 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:18 Great big animals Little tiny animals.
24:23 Animals, animals Jesus made the animals
24:28 Here is an animal that I love.
24:34 You know in heaven we'll be able to play
24:37 with the lions and pet the tigers.
24:40 And we'll even be able play with the
24:42 bumblebees and they won't sting us. Wonderful!
24:44 We're gonna sing about a real little lion
24:47 to play with. A real little lion to play with
24:54 A real little lion there will be
24:58 I'll play with the lions in heaven
25:02 And the little lions won't hurt me
25:06 A real little tiger.
25:08 A real little tiger to play with
25:12 A real little tiger there will be
25:15 I'll play with the tigers in heaven
25:20 And the little tigers won't hurt me
25:23 A real little bee.
25:25 A real little bee to play with
25:30 A real little bee there will be
25:33 I'll play with the bees in heaven
25:38 And the little bee won't bite me.
25:43 They don't hurt us and they won't
25:45 bite us. Or sting us. Or sting us.
25:47 How there you go. We've got it all covered.
25:49 Alright, you know Jesus made so many
25:52 animals for us and we're gonna sing
25:54 about isn't Jesus a wonderful Jesus.
26:00 Jesus made some animals so big and tall
26:05 Jesus made some others to be very small
26:10 Jesus then made people to enjoy it all
26:15 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus?
26:23 That's a bumblebee. Let's sing it one more time.
26:26 Jesus made some animals so big and tall
26:31 Then he made some others to be very small
26:37 Jesus then made people to enjoy it all
26:43 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus?
26:49 He should, He is. Farmer Mike, will you
26:52 thank Jesus for being so wonderful, alright.
26:55 And boys and girls, fold your hands
26:57 and close your eyes. Thank you Jesus,
26:59 you really are wonderful. You not only made us,
27:02 you made all the different animals big
27:04 and small. Every kind of color,
27:07 every kind of different animal for us to enjoy.
27:10 Thank you for your world,
27:12 you made it because you love us, amen, amen.
27:19 Oh! I just love Jesus. Oh! That's Mr. Rooster,
27:23 he said that's all the time we have
27:26 for today boys and girls, we'll see you later.
27:36 Our time together is over,
27:39 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 we're colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world,
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17