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God Made Adam And Eve

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Georgie look at the beautiful flower
00:32 Jesus made. Doesn't it smell good?
00:37 Oh hi boys and girls I'm so glad you are here.
00:41 Georgie, the boys and girls are here.
00:44 Can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:46 Jesus is happy to cheer here too.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:00 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:03 Jesus knows your name.
01:06 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:13 And we have a lot of fun things planned
01:16 for you today boys and girls. Come on,
01:18 come on into the living room let's get started.
01:23 Oh Georgie, we've got a phone call,
01:25 I wonder who is calling us. Oh yes,
01:31 hello this is Auntie Linda. Hi Auntie Linda
01:35 this is Alyssa. Hi Alyssa, we are talking
01:40 about creation today? Can you tell me
01:43 who is created on the six day? Adam and Eve,
01:48 on the sixth day that's right. Can you tell me
01:53 something about Adam and Eve?
01:54 They did something that God said not to do.
01:58 What did they do? They get apple off the trees.
02:02 Oh you mean the one that God told them
02:06 not to touch, yeah. But what did they do
02:10 with the apple? They ate it.
02:12 Oh it's not good to disobey.
02:16 Thank you so much for calling Alyssa,
02:19 bye, bye, bye Auntie Linda.
02:23 Oh that was so nice for Alyssa Layman to call.
02:26 Wasn't it Georgie. Freddie you must be hungry.
02:36 Oh, Freddie I am so glad that Jesus
02:39 gave us Freddie. You are such a sweat fish.
02:43 I'm glad today, I'm glad today,
02:48 oh, dear Freddie I'm glad today,
02:52 thank you God in heaven.
03:00 Oh I wonder who is here. The Walker family,
03:04 come on in. Hi, oh Tyler can you say
03:08 hi to Freddie, hi. You're just in time for worship
03:12 come on in and sit down. Thank you.
03:15 Oh, kitty cat is reminding us that
03:19 it's time to ring the worship bell.
03:21 Tyler would you like to ring our worship
03:23 bell for us? Okay, oh we'll teach you a little
03:27 song okay. This is a little song we always sing.
03:31 Georgie likes it. Worship bells are sweet,
03:35 calling us to meet, with our best
03:39 friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:43 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:50 Thank you good job. This is the time that Georgie
03:55 likes the best and kitty cat because we get to
03:59 see what's in our present box.
04:02 Oh, we've been talking about creation.
04:07 Do you know who this is? Who, Adam and Eve,
04:12 that's Adam and Eve. And maybe, could you
04:15 tell us something about this in what day
04:17 they were created on? Sure, they were created
04:19 on the sixth day and God formed Adam
04:22 from the dust of the ground and then
04:24 He breath into him the breath of life.
04:26 And did you know that Adam was the first daddy.
04:30 Yes it was, did you know that. Yeah, let's see
04:33 if your daddy can tell us how the first mommy
04:35 came about? The first mommy came about
04:38 and God took a rib from Adam and He made
04:41 woman from it. Oh, that is wonderful.
04:46 Tyler can you have a special prayer just
04:48 thanking Jesus. Would you like to sit on my lap?
04:52 Okay, we'll just talk to Jesus and we'll
04:55 thank him. Help me keep Georgie quite,
04:57 let's close our eyes and fold our hands.
05:00 Dear Jesus bless my mommy and daddy amen.
05:04 Amen, well thank you so much for coming today
05:08 that was special having you.
05:10 And boys and girls we're getting ready to go
05:12 to the Barn really quick now get ready to go.
05:20 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike, where are you
05:25 Farmer Mike? Where is Farmer Mike?
05:27 Hey, hi guys, oh, where are you,
05:30 Hey, Hey oh I am glad to see you guys.
05:33 Oh what is, what he has got, come on here
05:35 and I'll show you the surprise today?
05:38 Come on here first and I'll show you the surprise.
05:41 Alright, what did you think it is?
05:43 I think Lizards. Lizards, lizards what else.
05:46 Bunny rabbits, she guess it, he guess it,
05:51 and she guess it. Its bunny rabbits look here.
05:54 Not, you got to sit down so I can hand
05:56 them to you. So everybody sit down
05:58 so I can hand them to you.
06:00 Do you want to pat them.
06:01 Yes, you got to pat them. We get to hold them.
06:02 Oh there is, they are trying to sleep in there.
06:04 Look here, here is one, now you got to sit down
06:06 whoever sits down first gets the pat it first.
06:08 I did, alright, Noah sit down first.
06:11 Let's allow him pat and then each one okay.
06:14 Oh, there you, you want to hold this one
06:16 Auntie Linda, okay. And I'll get the other one,
06:19 okay little bunny, hold on tight. Okay
06:22 and that one what color is that Hannah?
06:24 Yeah, what color is that one?
06:26 Yeah it's white, right, and guess what color
06:28 this one is? It's, it's you are not sitting down
06:32 I can't show you here you go okay.
06:35 It's, it's, look at that little rags on them.
06:39 I'll get that way too. You pat it like that.
06:42 They are so cute. Now everybody guess
06:44 how old these little rabbits are?
06:48 They are little, how old do you think they are?
06:50 Okay I want you to guess how old they are.
06:51 What do you think? I don't know,
06:52 you don't know. Two, two years old,
06:54 no they are younger than that.
06:57 I'll tell you because it's not fair to make your
06:59 away five-and-half, a-weeks old.
07:03 It's saying hi, it's saying hi to you.
07:04 They are only five-and-a-half weeks old.
07:06 Noah, did you know that?
07:08 See, they tickle me, he is tickling you.
07:12 They drink milk from where? Where do they get milk?
07:16 They get milk from cows. Originally sometimes
07:20 and but in this case they get it from their mommy.
07:23 They do, yeah. Do they like to eat
07:26 anything special? In fact Auntie Linda,
07:29 they do and I want you to go in the barn
07:31 if you will. I'll hold that one for you.
07:33 Hey, I know where the food is.
07:35 I know where to feed him?
07:37 Did you see the food? Yeah. You want to get it,
07:38 oh get me the food, that's what I told
07:40 Auntie Linda to do. Okay well Hannah
07:41 will can the food. Okay, well get me the food.
07:44 I see it's boo, oh see he is having it,
07:46 he does, yeah, he is having a little problem,
07:49 isn't he. Now okay, now bring the food
07:51 around here. Okay, now you take some,
07:55 take something out there for him,
07:58 and everybody takes one and sit down
07:59 so we don't scare him. Okay,
08:02 Hannah you want to come and feed this one.
08:04 Wait, I am gonna bring him over to you okay
08:05 sit over there, sit over there so I can come
08:07 over to you and we'll put this here.
08:09 Now, then okay they like what are those Noah,
08:12 Apple. That's an Apple, slice of Apple,
08:14 see if they will eat it, and what do you have.
08:18 Do you like the apple? What is that,
08:20 it smelling it? See if they like the carrot,
08:23 okay because they like apples and carrots both.
08:25 I'll give them the carrot. Okay.
08:27 I'll give the carrot. Now let me ask you guys
08:29 a question. Everybody sit down, I'm gonna ask
08:31 question here we go. Here is a question,
08:35 you know how to catch a rabbit.
08:37 Oh no, you tell how. I'll tell you how to catch
08:40 a rabbit. Did you jump and catch it.
08:42 No, no, they are not fast enough to do that.
08:44 Let me show you; let me see what you
08:45 got there. Okay listen this Hannah,
08:48 mine job. You get behind a tree and you make
08:52 a noise like a carrot, how do you make
08:55 a noise like a carrot? I was afraid you would
08:57 ask that Auntie Linda. I don't know how to.
09:00 You do. Hey, hey if you chop it.
09:03 Are my ears wiggling, yes, every time
09:06 I get around rabbits. My ears do like that.
09:10 Can you do your ears like that Noah?
09:12 I can, maybe Jadis can do hers, here,
09:13 see if they like this here. Noah, I can do it.
09:15 Okay, let me tell you one last thing about
09:17 these rabbits. Before you have to go one
09:19 of those things see these little bitty feet
09:21 in the front. They are two, see how little
09:22 they are, and look how big they are in the back.
09:25 Okay how bigger, bigger in the back,
09:26 you know, why? Have you ever seen rabbits hop.
09:30 Carrots, they push off with their back feet.
09:33 And they make some hop fast with the little feet
09:36 in the front and the big feet in the back.
09:39 I never quit being amazed at how God creates
09:42 animals all different. They don't want these.
09:46 They don't like those today? Maybe they are
09:47 just not hungry right now.
09:49 They might not be hungry; maybe we would rather
09:50 have a sing to them. Can we sing our song to them?
09:54 I want these back.
09:55 Let's sing to the rabbits okay, here we go.
09:59 I like to go to the farm
10:00 where the cows moo, moo,
10:02 I like to go to the farm
10:04 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:07 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:10 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:17 Can you pat him both at same time before you go?
10:19 Can you say Goodbye to the bunnies?
10:21 Pat them and say Goodbye. Pat them
10:23 and say bye, bye. Goodbye, let's see;
10:26 let's see if they are going to wave bye to you.
10:27 Oh Goodbye little bunny. Bye, bye, bye, bye,
10:30 Oh! He is waiting, goodbye. Okay, I will put them
10:32 back here. Well, Thank you Farmer Mike.
10:34 You are welcome. Thank you for coming to the
10:36 farm today. Oh! that's was fun. Bye, bye. Goodbye.
10:49 Noah and Hannah and I are out for a walk,
10:51 come and join us.
10:54 Shall we go for a walk today.
10:58 a walk today, a walk today,
11:03 Shall we go for a walk today.
11:07 to see what God has given.
11:12 Oh I just love the garden, and I love all
11:16 this nice dirt. Do you know what day
11:20 God made the vegetables on? Count,
11:25 one, two, three, three, three what about dirt,
11:29 yes and he made the dirt on the third day,
11:33 and you know what else he made on the sixth day,
11:37 can you count? One, two, three, four, five,
11:42 six, six, six, one, two, three, four, five, six
11:47 he made man, he made the first daddy.
11:52 And he called him Adam and he took
11:55 and he made a head like that, and then he made
12:00 some arms like that, and he made a body
12:05 and some legs. You are doing it, yes,
12:11 and then and only God can make a man right.
12:15 I did it for you, you were, and then God
12:19 breathe into him and he became a real daddy,
12:22 and then God had him go to sleep and he took out
12:26 of rib and he made a mommy.
12:29 God made the first mommy and daddy.
12:32 Aren't you glad that God made
12:33 mommies and daddies for us, I'm too.
12:38 God made the first mommy and daddy I know, I know.
12:45 God made the first mommy and daddy
12:49 because he loves me so.
12:52 I wet his whole body.
13:00 Its story time boys and girls and we have
13:02 a good story today from the Bible.
13:05 Our story is about creation. We're gonna
13:08 talk about some of the things that were created
13:10 on each day. What was created on the first day
13:13 do you know Hannah? Moon. No, but that's a
13:16 good guess, light was created.
13:20 And on the second day, do you know what was
13:22 can you make two fingers, on the second day
13:25 what was created? Animals, clouds and sky.
13:32 Yeah, and on the third day something else was
13:37 created on the third day. What's this, tree,
13:41 trees, and what else was created, lots of flowers
13:47 boys and girls, and lots of good food.
13:51 Hannah told me, is this your one of
13:53 your favorites? Yeah, what do you say?
13:55 Celery, celery, what is this? Apple, apples
14:02 and what's that, Peer and what is this?
14:06 Strawberry. Do you like strawberries
14:08 boys and girls? Well Jesus made them all for you.
14:11 And on the fourth day, he created something else,
14:14 something that's bright and shiny in the sky.
14:17 Stars, yes and the sun and the moon,
14:22 and on the fifth day he created something else
14:26 for us. He created the birds and what else
14:32 did he create, the fish, big fish, and little fish.
14:38 And on the sixth day what is that Hannah?
14:41 An ant eater, he created animals for us to enjoy.
14:45 What one is that one? Monkey, a monkey,
14:48 oh, crocodile, crocodiles and alligators and
14:55 all kinds of things for us to enjoy.
14:57 Do you know what else he made on the
14:59 sixth day Hannah? People and, that's right
15:03 He made the first mommy and daddy.
15:05 Oh and when Adam looked at all the things
15:09 that Jesus made and when Eve looked at all
15:12 the things they said oh can you see Eve and Adam?
15:16 Oh Adam look there is a monkey swinging
15:18 from the tree, and Adam laughed and God smiled,
15:22 he loved to see his children enjoy all the
15:25 things he made, and Adam said oh,
15:27 oh there is a bird in the sky, and he loved
15:30 looking at the birds and he love seeing
15:33 the animals and they loved the food that God
15:36 made for them. What's your favorite food Hannah?
15:40 Celery and apples and corn and bananas,
15:46 and Jesus made them all for you to enjoy,
15:48 didn't he. Adam and Eve loved it so much
15:52 everything that God made even the pretty flowers
15:55 they love the pretty flowers.
15:57 But you know Hannah what they
15:59 liked best of all? Oranges no do you know
16:03 boys and girls? They liked what God created
16:06 on the seventh day, he created rest,
16:10 He made the Sabbath day, so that we could enjoy
16:12 all the things that he has made.
16:14 And that would make us think about Him more.
16:17 Oh I love Jesus don't you?
16:19 Isn't He a wonderful Jesus, yes he is.
16:23 And boys and girls next time you are outside
16:26 and you see the birds flying and you see
16:29 the animals and you see the fluffy clouds
16:32 in the sky. I want you to think about
16:35 how much Jesus really, really loves you.
16:40 Look at that fish he is really
16:42 diving out of the water isn't he.
16:49 Hi boys and girls. We are in the kitchen with
16:53 Miss. Cinda and we are going to have fun today.
16:56 We are doing something different then cooking
16:59 today because you know what, what Justin,
17:02 do you know what we are talking about today?
17:04 We've been talking about creation
17:05 and what God created on the sixth day.
17:10 God created something very special on the
17:13 sixth day who knows. That was the seventh day;
17:16 He created the very first mommy and daddy.
17:20 So let's learn our memory verse.
17:22 Look Adam and Eve, that's right.
17:26 My grandma tells us the story about
17:27 Adam and Eve when they sinned.
17:29 Oh that's right, that's right.
17:31 I have, I have a book about that.
17:34 Can I paint; you can paint but first let's say
17:38 our memory verse. Boys and girls
17:39 can you help us learn our memory verse?
17:41 It's Genesis 131, and God saw everything
17:49 that He had made and it was good.
17:55 Can we say that one more time,
17:56 okay and God saw everything that
18:01 He had made and it was good, Genesis 131,
18:09 and I wanted you to remember that so
18:12 we've got little treasure boxes for you to paint,
18:15 and then when you are done you can say
18:17 that you did a good job. See the pretty flowers
18:21 on the top you can paint those with
18:23 different colors, I want that, I was mixing.
18:25 Oh, don't mix. Okay see the pretty flowers
18:28 on the top, I want to do, okay you can start.
18:32 I can't do the flowers, would you like me
18:34 to help you. Yeah, because the flowers
18:36 what color would you like I'll help you.
18:38 What color would you like pretty that was good,
18:41 pink or red, because red is your favorite color,
18:43 okay, let's see look, but red is my favorite
18:46 color too. It is, girls do you have a
18:50 favorite color? My favorite color is pink.
18:53 My favorite color is pink and purple,
18:56 pink and purple. My favorite color is pink
18:59 and purple and red. I don't have purple.
19:03 I don't have red. We make the petals
19:06 like that see. I love the way Jesus made
19:10 all the flowers; he painted them so pretty for us.
19:13 There, what's your favorite flower Jadis?
19:16 I'll need your help. Right. Flower that blossoms.
19:19 My favorite flower is rose.
19:21 And now you can dip in the water before
19:22 you dip in another color or paint.
19:24 And see Justin dip it in the water before you dip
19:26 it in another color or paint. Boys and girls
19:29 you may like to try painting always
19:32 kids like it, don't you kids? You like to paint.
19:35 My pad is trying to turn red,
19:38 oh that's because you put your paint brush in it,
19:40 its cleaning your pad, it means it's cleaning
19:42 your paint brush. Okay now I love to,
19:46 what's that, that looks like a deep blue,
19:50 that's a pretty one that looks like a pretty color.
19:52 Okay I'll try this, okay you can try that.
19:57 Oh you girls are doing such good,
19:59 okay I can do it. Do you know what else
20:00 God created on the sixth day?
20:03 Oh, I know. What? He made something that,
20:12 do you know something that comes to my
20:15 back door and I give it food, it's a Raccoon,
20:19 oh. Do you know, any other animals
20:23 do you think God created on the sixth day?
20:25 Yeah, what, okay, painting, oh Noah,
20:35 it is not, an animal. I know it, he made.
20:37 What? A deer, that's right, He did.
20:41 He made elephant. One day I saw a deer
20:43 that on the road and he was really dead.
20:48 I am doing this, well paint your pad okay,
20:50 but isn't this nice too see when it go to heaven,
20:52 deer's will not die anymore, nothing will die
20:55 in heaven, nothing, you know what when
20:59 I get to heaven, you know what animal
21:01 I want to see, what, what do you think?
21:05 I like cats, you like cats, but when we get
21:08 to heaven, I want to pet a big lion.
21:11 Oh that would be fun, what would you guys
21:14 like what animal, what you favorite
21:16 animal Justin? Deer, oh I like deer,
21:20 you do. Yeah Jadis, what's your
21:22 favorite animal? Cats and dogs, oh Hannah,
21:26 you know I think. My favorite color,
21:29 my favorite color is pink and my favorite
21:32 animal is bunny and cat. Oh, I am shrinking,
21:37 oh it is. It was, oh it is. I am,
21:41 I mean this is turning purple. Why don't you,
21:43 why don't you paint the edge of your box now.
21:46 You know I think Adam and Eve had fun naming
21:49 all the animals, I think they did too.
21:52 Okay now let's put the orange,
21:54 oh choose orange okay. I like, you know let's say
21:57 our memory verse one more time,
21:59 and God saw everything that He had made
22:04 and it was good, Genesis 131.
22:15 Yeah Sing Time. We've been talking today
22:20 about creation and what God made on the sixth day.
22:23 He made Adam and Eve, that's right.
22:26 He made Adam and Eve the very first
22:28 mommy and daddy. Well our memory verse is
22:32 Genesis 131. And God saw everything that
22:42 He had made and it was very good.
22:49 And everything God did make was very good.
22:51 I am so glad He made mommies and daddies
22:54 aren't you. We're gonna sing a song
22:56 about our mommies and daddies.
22:59 With daddy in the family happy, happy, home.
23:04 happy, happy, home; happy, happy, home
23:09 With daddy in the family happy, happy, home.
23:13 happy, happy, home.
23:16 And with mommy in the family happy, happy, home
23:20 With mommy in the family happy, happy, home
23:25 happy, happy, home; happy, happy, home
23:29 With mommy in the family happy, happy, home
23:33 happy, happy, home.
23:38 With Jesus in the family happy, happy, home
23:42 Oh that's right.
23:43 With Jesus in the family happy, happy, home
23:48 happy, happy, home; happy, happy, home
23:52 With Jesus in the family happy, happy, home
23:57 happy, happy, home.
24:02 Do you love your mommies and daddies?
24:05 I love my mommy and daddy;
24:07 I love my mommy and daddy.
24:08 Do you love your mommy and daddy?
24:09 Yeah, I too. Do you love your mommy and daddy
24:13 Isaiah? Yep. And daddy and mommy love her
24:18 daddy and mommy, that's right.
24:22 We're gonna to sing I love daddy yes I do.
24:27 I love daddy yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
24:35 I love daddy yes I do, and he loves me too.
24:45 I love mommy.
24:46 I love mommy yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
24:54 I love mommy yes I do, and she loves me too.
25:03 I love Jesus.
25:05 I love Jesus yes I do, yes I do, yes I do.
25:14 I love Jesus yes I do, and Jesus loves me too.
25:23 And Jesus loves you too, doesn't He, Isaiah?
25:25 Yeah. Do you love Jesus? Yes. You know,
25:31 I love my mommy and daddy.
25:34 Do you love your mommy and daddy?
25:36 Do you love your daddy? Yeah,
25:38 and I love everyone. Oh that's what Jesus
25:43 wants us to do, that's right.
25:45 Oh we're gonna to sing a song about our
25:47 dads and our mommies and you sing
25:49 along with us okay boys and girls.
25:53 Jesus loves our dads and mommies,
25:57 All the families of the world,
26:01 Red and yellow, black and white,
26:04 All are precious in His site,
26:06 Jesus loves every family in the world.
26:12 Let's sing it one more time.
26:14 Jesus loves our dads and mommies,
26:19 All the families of the world,
26:23 Red and yellow, black and white,
26:26 All are precious in His site,
26:29 Jesus loves every family in the world.
26:36 Oh I love you Isaiah and I love Rebecca
26:39 and Hannah, we have so many wonderful children
26:42 in this world don't we. Hannah would you just
26:44 have a little thank you prayer, thanking Jesus
26:47 for our daddies and our mommies.
26:49 Bow your heads and fold your hands boys and girls
26:51 and close your eyes. Dear Jesus thank you
26:55 for all the dads and mommies and thank you
26:59 for everyone on earth and everything
27:04 you have given us in Jesus' name amen, amen.
27:09 Good prayer Hannah, thank you Hannah.
27:12 Well, are you thankful to your dad and mom?
27:15 Yeah, yes, and I am glad we thank Jesus for Him
27:19 in prayer that we should always do that,
27:22 that's right, that's right. Do you hear that?
27:24 Ms. Rooster says that's all the time we have for
27:27 today boys and girls. We'll see you next time.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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