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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, we're cloudy
00:16 stars of rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Hannah, let's get the mail before Worship Time.
00:29 Okay. You know, the boys and girls will
00:30 be here soon. I wonder if I have any letters.
00:33 Oh, there is a letter it says to Auntie Linda.
00:37 Somebody must think I am special.
00:39 You know, Jesus thinks you're pretty special.
00:42 Oh, hi boys and girls. Hannah, can you wave
00:46 to the boys and girls? Hi. Georgie,
00:48 can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:49 You know, boys and girls Jesus
00:51 thinks you are special too.
00:55 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:05 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:08 Jesus knows your name, you made
01:12 Jesus happy just because you came.
01:18 Well, we have lots of special things
01:20 planned for today. Come on inside with
01:23 Hannah and Georgie and I.
01:26 Oh, Hannah we have a phone call.
01:30 Auntie Linda, can I hold Georgie?
01:32 Yes, you can honey.
01:35 Hello, this is Auntie Linda?
01:37 Hello, Auntie Linda, I am Zachariah Burman.
01:42 Well, hi Zachariah Burman. Jesus made me
01:46 special. Yes, Jesus did make you special because
01:50 He loves you so much. Auntie Linda pray for me.
01:55 Goodbye, Zachariah have a good day.
01:59 That was so special, that was Zachariah Burman.
02:04 Freddy we wouldn't forget you.
02:08 He has so much fun splashing around this
02:11 little fishy house. We are just giving you a
02:14 little bit Freddy; we don't want you
02:16 to get sick. Oh, somebody is at the door
02:19 Hannah. Let's see who is at the door.
02:23 Ms. Selema. Oh, who do you think it is?
02:25 Hi, Auntie Linda. Good to see you.
02:30 Hi, Hannah how are you and Georgie?
02:35 You are just in time for worship. Oh, great.
02:38 Come and sit down. Oh, Auntie Linda
02:40 I was at my house reading and I thought,
02:43 I will love to go to Auntie Linda and
02:45 have worship right now. So, I decided to come
02:48 over and join you and Kitty and Georgie
02:56 and Hannah. And Kitty Cat has just reminded us
02:57 that it is time to ring our worship bell. Hannah,
02:58 can you bring it today? Yes. And boys and
03:00 girls you sing along with us, okay.
03:04 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:09 with our best friend Jesus come and worship him
03:16 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:24 Oh, I really enjoy worship. I do too,
03:29 and this is a special time because we are
03:31 gonna see what is in our
03:33 worship box. It's a Bible from Jesus.
03:35 You think it's a Bible? I think it's a Bible.
03:38 Not today, it's something else.
03:41 We will put our present top under there.
03:43 Oh, we are talking about what Jesus made
03:47 us special. Oh, where do you think this
03:50 little girl is from? Let me, Germany?
03:54 That's right, she is from Germany.
03:58 She is beautiful. Isn't she? Let's see
04:00 what else we have? Where do you think
04:06 she is from? China maybe. Do you know
04:09 boys and girls, oh, no, Australia. That's right,
04:13 she is from Australia.
04:15 You know, she is beautiful! Jesus made all
04:17 of us so special. Let's see what else we have?
04:20 What do you think Hannah? Oh,
04:25 who is this little girl from? Where is she from?
04:28 China. No, she is from India. That's right,
04:35 she is from India. Jesus made us all special.
04:40 Ms. Selema do you know anybody that
04:42 Jesus made special? Yes, Auntie Linda,
04:45 Manis Brianna, she is so special, whenever
04:48 I am down she always calls me and reminds me
04:51 that Jesus really loves me. Jesus does love us,
04:55 doesn't it? Yes, he does. Well, I am so glad
04:58 Jesus make each one of us special. Hannah,
05:02 would you have a special prayer for us today?
05:05 And then we will ask Ms. Selema to pray too.
05:08 And we can leave our little
05:09 dollies; we just put them right up here.
05:12 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:19 I will bow my head, I will close my
05:24 eyes and very, very quite
05:28 be while the prayer is said.
05:33 And Jesus, thank you for my
05:35 mommy and daddy, and thank you
05:38 for the Angels and Auntie Linda and
05:42 Ms. Cinda in Jesus name, amen.
05:45 Amen, and dear Jesus thank you so much
05:47 for all the children and all the mommies
05:50 and daddies from all over the land
05:52 that you made so special, amen.
05:56 Amen, amen. I just love Jesus; he is so good
06:00 and kind to us. He is, I enjoy worship with
06:04 you Auntie Linda and Hannah. You come again.
06:06 I will. Thank you for coming. And you know
06:09 what boys and girls, it's time now for us
06:12 to go to the barn. So, come on let's go.
06:20 Yeah, lucky won't they be surprise?
06:23 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike. Farmer,
06:24 Mike Farmer Mike. Hey, how are you guys.
06:27 Oh, I have got such a surprise to
06:30 show you today. That is, oh, they are so cute.
06:33 Let sit down and I can show them to you.
06:35 Okay, let's sit down. Alright, this will
06:38 be fun moment let's sit. Come on I am
06:41 going to show them to you, sit down over there,
06:42 sit down and I want to, so that I can show
06:43 these to you down here by where
06:44 you are at. Look at these Auntie Linda.
06:46 Oh, there is so silent. Oh, you wanna
06:47 hold one Auntie Linda? Oh, thank you
06:49 Farmer Mike. There you go.
06:51 Okay, so Steven can see and I will put him over,
06:54 so you can see him better.
06:55 You guys know what these are? Pigs, pigs.
06:58 And what kind of pigs, they are pigs,
06:59 that's right. Can you pat him Steven?
07:01 What kind would you guess? If they were
07:04 stand up, you could probably tell a little
07:06 more like that. Well, their bellies are pretty big.
07:09 Their pot-bellied pigs, that's right Auntie Linda
07:12 and guess how old they are? How old you
07:15 think they are? How old? Three,
07:18 it's a good guess. One and three quarters.
07:22 One and three quarter is even closure
07:24 believe it or not these pigs are
07:26 one-and-one-half weeks old, and they are
07:30 brand new babies. He is shaking Steven
07:31 can you pat him? They have only been
07:33 here a week and a half, and their mommy
07:35 pig is the same size they are pot-bellied pig.
07:38 And their daddy pig is a regular size pig.
07:42 Pot-Bellied pig. Oh, she is a miniature;
07:45 I guess they call miniature really. Just like that.
07:47 And that, and that's regular one,
07:49 but anyway you got, you want to pat him.
07:51 You want to pat him like that here.
07:53 Do you have pets at home Jasmine?
07:56 What does that feel like?
07:58 Banda, what's Banda? What kind of?
08:02 A cat. A cat, oh, Wow! Now,
08:05 what does that feel like?
08:06 Pretty, my brother has a little pussy cat.
08:10 Oh he is excited in here.
08:11 Let's see how is squealing.
08:13 Look at he is squealing. It just sounds like
08:15 they are hurt every time, but they are
08:16 not that just, while they're still.
08:17 He is talking? Yeah, look at that.
08:19 And do you know what they like to eat?
08:21 What would you guess they eat? Milk,
08:27 they would drink milk and they get
08:29 their milk from their mommy.
08:30 That is exactly right, that was good.
08:34 And they eat; when you go to like a pet store,
08:38 you can buy pig food for them,
08:40 they make it for them and they like that.
08:43 And what else do you think they like?
08:45 Look at this, what else would you guess?
08:48 Do they like to play in the mud? Well, they like,
08:52 oh sure they like their pigs, aren't they?
08:55 And they like to eat apples, and they
08:58 will eat corn. You know, I have noticed
09:00 about a lot of animals on my farm.
09:02 Lots and lots like corn. And lots of them like
09:05 fruit just like you do. Do you like corn,
09:06 Jasmine, is that where you are saying,
09:07 you want corn. Oh, as soon as you
09:10 said corn and fruit, they started squealing.
09:12 I like them. See if it eat a straw. Yeah,
09:17 we like that too, don't we? Now,
09:19 do you got any questions about these pigs?
09:21 About my brother. About your brother?
09:30 You know what? Let me ask you one
09:32 about your brother. Does your brother
09:34 like treats? Do you like treats?
09:37 Guess who else like treats. Steven,
09:39 do you like treats? Guess,
09:41 who else like treats? These pot belly pigs
09:44 like treats. Oh, and they just like us
09:48 like that. Do you think they look like me.
09:51 Do they like to be sun too? Oh, my mind.
09:54 I bet they do. Let's see, if we can sing
09:56 to him our song and see how they do?
09:58 You want too, okay. Okay, let's sing our
10:00 song. I think they are going to sing with us.
10:03 Okay, they are gonna sing with us?
10:06 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:09 I like to go to the farm
10:11 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:13 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:17 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:22 Then Jesus makes me different. Oh,
10:24 he does and thank you so much for
10:27 sharing this with us. Thank you guys
10:29 for coming to that, couldn't we? Well little
10:30 one, we are gonna have to give you back as we
10:32 have lots of things to do today. Okay. So,
10:33 we have got to get on our
10:34 way Farmer Mike. Okay, bye, bye.
10:36 Thank you. Goodbye, comeback again.
10:39 We will have some more animals. Okay,
10:40 bye, bye. Okay, boys there
10:43 they go. Bye, bye piggies.
10:44 Noah and I are on the way
10:50 to the garden. Come and join us.
10:52 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:58 a walk today, a walk today,
11:02 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:06 to see what God has given.
11:11 There is water in here. There is water in there.
11:14 Do you know what we are going to do
11:16 today Noah? Plant. We're gonna plant.
11:19 Well, I will do the water. Okay,
11:20 you will get too, we will put it here.
11:22 What do you think we are gonna plant? Seeds.
11:25 Seeds and flowers. What color, blue,
11:29 red, pink, purple, okay, red, white.
11:35 Yes, God made so many special flowers for us.
11:41 I am watering down here. Do you know
11:45 that on the sixth day God made Adam
11:48 and that's where we come from?
11:50 And he made us all special. We are gonna
11:54 plant seeds. and we are special too.
11:56 God made us special. Can I open this?
11:58 Yes, just like you need. All the
12:00 flower special, oh you are pretty good.
12:02 Do you need some help? I think I'll tear it.
12:08 You think, you can do it, okay while
12:10 you are doing that. Oh, I almost did.
12:12 You almost did it, can I help you?
12:14 Yeah, okay I need your help.
12:17 You need a little help. I sometimes
12:19 need help too. Okay, now just dig out;
12:23 dig a little hole first, just a little hole,
12:26 just a little one, that's good. Okay,
12:29 now put some seeds in it.
12:30 You put a little seeds in it. Oh,
12:33 that's pretty good. Now, cover it up.
12:36 Move plant this kind, can you cover it up
12:39 with dirt? Cover all the seeds up with dirt,
12:42 okay you want to water it a little bit. Yeah,
12:44 oh I am so glad that God made that
12:48 beautiful flower for us. Okay, you
12:53 are gonna plant some of these.
12:54 God made the beautiful flowers,
12:57 I know, I know God made the beautiful
13:03 flowers, Because He loves me so.
13:08 Wow, there we see. Yes, okay.
13:11 Do you want to water it?
13:13 Here we go, good job Noah.
13:17 It's Story Time boys and girls. Yeah.
13:26 Hannah and Justin, I, are just getting
13:28 ready to read a story about how God
13:31 made our world? God made our
13:34 wonderful world, first God made light.
13:36 God call the light day, and He made
13:40 day and night. The next day He made
13:43 beautiful, what are these? Clouds.
13:45 Clouds, an ocean, blue sky.
13:49 With clouds and wind. Can you blow like
13:53 the wind? Yes, God made wind.
13:57 The third day God made soft green grass
14:01 and pretty flowers. Can you find
14:02 some pretty flowers in the picture?
14:04 It's here and right here. That's right;
14:07 can you reach up and touch the apples
14:10 in the tree? Yes, he made juicy
14:15 apples for us. The earth is very nice
14:17 God said and he was happy.
14:20 Oh, on the fourth day God made sun,
14:24 the sun and the moon, moon and
14:26 what are these? Stars and the stars.
14:30 He made the twinkling stars that
14:32 shine so bright at night. Can you reach
14:35 your hands up in the sky?
14:37 And make twinkling little stars.
14:39 I can, yes good job. There is this.
14:42 You are doing good Justin. Look at,
14:46 the next day God filled the waters with fish.
14:50 Can you find some fish? I can't reach it.
14:54 Well that picture in the sea, you don't have
14:56 to reach in the sky. See and look at,
14:58 they are the and the birdies. Oh,
15:01 I can reach a fish, I can reach that fish.
15:04 Yes, you can. That's right;
15:06 He gave the birds pretty voices to sing
15:09 and happy songs. God saw everything
15:12 that He made. And he said, it was very good.
15:15 On the sixth day, God made the rest
15:18 of the animals. What kind of animal is that?
15:20 A giraffe. Oh, that's a giraffe, what is this?
15:23 Horsy, what is the horsy say?
15:26 Hee, hee, Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee,
15:28 aren't they? What is this? A puppy dog.
15:30 What do the dog will say,
15:32 ruf, ruf, ruf, ruf, ruf, right.
15:33 And what are these? Butterflies, oh,
15:37 they fly high in the sky. God saw
15:39 the animals he made, and he said
15:41 this is good. And then God did
15:45 something else, what did He make?
15:47 He made people, Adam and Eve,
15:52 the first mommy and daddy.
15:54 I like Adam. Do you know how God
15:56 made them? He took some mud and
15:59 he made a man. The man had strong
16:02 legs and smiling lips, he made a woman too.
16:06 And God blew into the man's nose
16:09 and the man yawned and stretched,
16:12 can you stretch? Oh, yes and he
16:17 opened his eyes, he said I am alive.
16:20 God called them Adam, then God
16:23 made the Eve. On the seventh day,
16:27 God created everything he had made,
16:29 do you see something in this picture that
16:31 you like. Yeah, the kitty cat and
16:34 two kitty cats and there is a peacock.
16:36 That's right, he made beautiful peacocks
16:39 and what is this? A sun, sun and what are these?
16:43 Flowers, what's that sitting on the rock,
16:45 a frog. The Froggy, do you know what the
16:48 Froggy says, rebec, rebec. rebec, rebec,
16:51 and the birdie, what's the birdie say,
16:53 chui, chui, chui, chui, chui, chui,
16:54 chui, chui, chui, chui, I found what's that?,
16:56 there is birdie too. You know, what?
16:58 That's another birdie. God rested from
17:00 his work. This was a special day.
17:02 That's another butterfly, that's
17:04 another butterfly, this is rest day and so
17:07 God made the Sabbath. A special day
17:10 to spend with us, He love us, God made
17:12 our world because He loves us.
17:14 That's right, so boys and girls,
17:19 when you go out, when you see the pretty
17:21 things that God has made remember that
17:23 He made them special for you.
17:25 And especially He made the Sabbath
17:28 for you because Jesus really, really loves you.
17:39 Hi, boys and girls. We are doing something
17:41 special with Ms. Cinda today.
17:43 We are and before we start, I have a
17:47 memory verse for you. Can you all say,
17:50 Psalms 23:1, "The Lord is my shepherd."
17:58 Can you say that boys and girls,
18:00 let's say it once again you say it with us,
18:02 okay. Psalms 23:1, "The Lord is my shepherd."
18:10 I want you to remember that verse,
18:13 so today we are going to make the little
18:16 lambs like, like you did. That's right,
18:20 just like I did. I pat it. You want to pat it;
18:22 you want to pat my little lamb. Okay,
18:25 you want to pat my little lamb.
18:26 What is the lamb say bae, bae,
18:30 bae, bae, bae, bae, what's the lamb
18:33 says, ma'aa'aa, ma'aa'aa,
18:38 oh mine fall. That's right, Noah
18:39 what's the lamb saying, ma'aa'aa, ma'aa'aa.
18:43 They are Jesus' little lambs aren't
18:45 they Ms. Cinda? That's right, mine, mine
18:48 is running away. Oh, yours is running away.
18:51 I gonna catch it, go back little lamb,
18:54 go back. Mine is running, mine is
18:57 running away. You know what,
19:02 I think you guys better put a coat
19:04 on that little lamb because he is gonna
19:06 be cold. That's right, so lay him down,
19:09 and pull your cotton balls like this
19:12 and take off a piece, but you know
19:13 what first let's put glue on it. Okay,
19:16 can you put glue on your lamb?
19:18 All were its white, spread it up all around.
19:20 You get up from the knees,
19:21 high on your knees and you could still,
19:23 there you go, spread around,
19:24 lay your lamb down. No, no put
19:26 glue all over, Jasmine. Can I help you?
19:28 Boys and girls you can get your
19:30 mommies and daddies to help you and
19:32 make a little lamb right. And then you
19:35 can tell them your memory verse that
19:36 you are learning today with our boys
19:38 and girls. I can't do it. Oh,
19:40 goodness let me help you.
19:41 Sometimes that glue gets stuck?
19:43 I think glue it. Oh, okay now you
19:48 can put some cotton balls on them. Oh,
19:49 man. Let's see, you know, what?
19:52 That's because, this glue I don't think
19:54 was ever cut. You know,
19:56 how you cut the top of it.
19:57 Do you need some of ours,
19:59 Oh that's nice of them to share with us.
20:01 Here we go Ms. Cinda. Thank you
20:03 isn't that nice? Now, you can do it.
20:05 Take your cotton balls and spread like this.
20:07 Okay, now can you take your finger and
20:09 spread all that glue around.
20:10 We're gonna make itself, aren't we Tyler?
20:13 I can do it. Tyler can you put
20:14 some on yours? Oh I, spread your
20:16 cotton ball. Okay, try this one and
20:17 just Noah, Noah. Oh, let me,
20:20 let me get some on. Okay, rubbed it
20:21 on the table. Because we put paper
20:22 on the table, so it will be okay. Wait,
20:24 get some little ones. I can do it.
20:25 Okay, let me break it up. Now, put,
20:27 now put your cotton balls. Is that one,
20:29 I can do it. Good job, I can do this one.
20:33 Okay, okay pull your cotton ball
20:35 from the end, see pull it from the
20:37 end and then put it on your,
20:40 put it on your little lamb. Okay,
20:43 Tyler, oh you are gonna make such
20:45 a fluffy little lamb. Could you know
20:47 lambs have really nice royal coats?
20:50 Good job let me give you a little bit
20:53 more Noah. Okay, wait we will put
20:55 some on the other side,
20:56 has anybody ever felt a real lamb. Oh,
20:59 I did. Oh, Auntie Linda did. And do you
21:04 know that when the Lambs when its
21:09 summer time and it's real hot they cut
21:11 the wool off and then they make coats
21:13 for little boys and girls like you.
21:15 Did you know that Jasmine? Oh,
21:18 good job Tyler. Okay, Jasmine here
21:19 I will help you. Okay, put some, very good jasmine
21:24 Well, we will get the fuzz off, when we are
21:25 all done okay, okay, boys and girls
21:29 have you ever felt the little lamb,
21:30 they are so soft, okay here is a little,
21:31 here is a little flesh to put on it.
21:32 Okay, I have done, oh you got a
21:34 whole bunch, see look. Noah you got
21:36 to pull it off like this. See, there is
21:38 a little piece. Pull it this one off too,
21:40 pull that off and then pull another piece
21:42 off that. We are doing it, see and look
21:44 get some get some more, you got a
21:46 whole bunch more Noah. Oh, that's nice;
21:49 oh it's sticking to my hand too.
21:51 Can you put some more of the glue.
21:52 Go up, okay, okay, oh you got some
21:54 more Noah right there and look. See,
21:56 oh and you pull it off like that and go
22:02 fluffy like that, oh Noah has got a
22:05 good one, how is yours. How are you
22:07 doing Sylvia? Oh, that's so pretty;
22:10 you need a little bit more glue right here,
22:12 don't we? Oh, yes do you know what?
22:17 Can you boys and girls help me say
22:19 our memory verse one more time?
22:20 So, that all our boys and girls are here
22:22 can learn it. Okay, let's share them,
22:24 oh sure you do. You got to learn
22:25 our memory verse then you can teach
22:27 Justin our memory verse. And Hailey and Jessie,
22:30 okay, okay boys and girls. Let's say
22:32 our memory verse one more time, okay.
22:34 Psalms 23:1, "The Lord is my shepherd."
22:50 Yes, Sing Time. We are having so much fun,
22:56 but do you remember boys and girls
22:58 what the memory verse is? Does
23:01 anybody remember what the,
23:02 what is it Jasmine? Is it Psalms 23, Psalms.
23:07 Psalms, Psalms, Psalms 23:1. Alright,
23:14 and let's say it together.
23:15 "The Lord is my shepherd."
23:20 We must be pretty special to Jesus.
23:23 I think we all are special to Jesus,
23:26 but especially the children.
23:29 I think they are special. You know,
23:31 Farmer Mike you wrote a song about
23:33 God's kids being special. Could you sing
23:36 it for us? Oh, yes we love to hear it.
23:39 Well, thank you, thanks for all
23:41 of the kids. No matter what's our age.
23:47 God's kids sometime stumble and fall
23:51 God's kids they are not perfect that all
23:55 He watches over them hears when they call
23:59 Because there His God's kids
24:02 God's kids a very special to Him in Him
24:07 They can always repent
24:10 He is always there when they need a best friend
24:14 There His God's kids.
24:17 God's kids sometimes laugh and they cry
24:21 Fall down, but He sees when they cry He smiles
24:27 When they call out his name and he knows
24:31 When they are in pain
24:34 God's kids jump and laugh and they play
24:37 They know, there is a land far away
24:41 They will be in heaven with Jesus one day
24:45 'Cause there His God's kids
24:48 God's kids sometimes laugh and they cry
24:53 Fall down, but He sees when they cry He smiles
24:58 When they call out his name and He knows
25:01 When they are in pain
25:04 God's kids jump and laugh and they play
25:08 They know, there is a land far away
25:12 They will be in heaven with Jesus one day
25:16 'Cause there His God's kids
25:19 God's kids a very special to him in Him
25:25 They can always repent
25:27 They always know, when they need a best friend
25:31 That there His God's kids
25:35 There His God's kids
25:38 And there His God's kids There His God's kids
25:50 We are, lovely. I think Enoch like that song.
25:52 He was wanted to sing with me,
25:54 thought that was a microphone. Oh, Enoch.
26:00 Well you know, boys and girls Jesus
26:03 loves his kids so much that He just
26:05 made butterflies and all kinds of things,
26:08 but most of all He made us.
26:11 And He made all your kids really special.
26:14 We are gonna sing, if I were
26:16 a butterfly. You can put your fingers like this.
26:22 If I were a butterfly I thank you, Lord for
26:28 giving me wings And if I were a
26:32 robin in the tree I thank you,
26:35 Lord that I can sing
26:38 And if I were a fish in the sea
26:42 I wiggle my tail and I giggle with glee
26:46 But I just thank you Father for making me, me,
26:51 Me, me, me, me, me Well, He gave me a heart
26:56 And He gave me a smile
26:58 He gave me Lord Jesus and
27:01 He made me His child
27:02 But I just thank you Father for making me, me,
27:08 Me, me, me, me, me, me
27:11 Let's just thank Jesus right now.
27:13 Dear Jesus thank you so much for making
27:17 us all special. We love you Jesus, amen. Amen.
27:25 That's Mr. Rooster, and he said,
27:27 that's all the time we have for today
27:29 boys and girls, come back and see us.
27:38 Our time together is over,
27:41 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:48 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:55 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:09 we're God's girls and boys.
28:11 We live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy, we're cloudy
28:17 stars of rainbow, we're shining
28:20 like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
28:23 around the world we're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17