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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God girls and boys,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 O come let us sing to the Lord,
00:29 for the Lord is the great God,
00:32 Oh! Georgie I just love reading God's word.
00:36 Oh! Hi, boys and girls,
00:38 Georgie and I were just reading our Bible.
00:41 I'm so glad you've come,
00:43 George can you wave to the boys and girls,
00:46 you know Jesus is glad that you're here too.
00:50 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:56 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
01:02 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:05 Jesus knows your name,
01:07 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:15 I'm looking forward to all the fun things
01:18 we're gonna do on the farm today.
01:19 Come on let's get started.
01:25 Georgie, we have a phone call.
01:27 Okay, Georgie you sit right here
01:30 and be a good boy okay.
01:31 Hello, this is Auntie Linda, hi Auntie Linda,
01:38 this is Anthony. Hi Anthony,
01:42 can you tell me something about the Sabbath?
01:45 Yeah, Daddy used to stay home on Sabbath
01:49 and we get to do special things and we go to church,
01:55 sometimes we ride our bike. Oh! Anthony it sounds like
02:01 you do have lots of fun on the Sabbath,
02:04 I love the Sabbath too.
02:06 I have to go now it's time to feed Freddy,
02:09 bye Anthony, bye Auntie Linda.
02:11 That was Anthony Isensee, he's so sweet.
02:16 Hi Freddy, oh! I see you are hungry,
02:21 we're gonna give you a little bit of fishy food
02:23 not too much so you won't get sick.
02:26 Oh! Somebody's at the door.
02:28 Come on Georgie, let's see who's there.
02:32 Oh! Hi, Miss Angie and Pastor John,
02:35 come on in, hello Auntie Linda.
02:37 So good to see you, it's good to see you too.
02:40 You know after we had such a wonderful Sabbath
02:43 we decided before we go on our visit we have to stop by
02:46 and see how things are going with Auntie Linda, yes.
02:48 They're going good, in fact we're ready have worship,
02:51 come and join us. Oh! We're glad to.
02:53 Kitty cat is reminding us
02:55 that it's time to ring out worship bells.
02:58 Miss Angie would you ring out bell for us?
03:00 Oh! I'd be glad to.
03:01 Boys and girls you sing along with us okay.
03:06 Worship bells are sweet;
03:08 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus,
03:15 come and worship here.
03:18 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:27 Now is the special time that Georgie and Kitty cat,
03:30 and boys and girls like to see
03:31 what's in our present box.
03:33 Ah! We see, Oh! I think I'm gonna
03:37 show this later boys and girls.
03:39 Pastor John, would you tell us
03:43 what's special about the Sabbath to you.
03:46 Sure, well you know when the Sabbath comes
03:48 even a pastor looks forward to it,
03:51 because it gives us a chance to really relax
03:54 and have that special day totally for Jesus.
03:57 And then to share with all those who come to church
04:00 and so when the Bible says in Mark 2 verse 27 that
04:04 "The Sabbath was made for man"
04:06 what the Bible actually means is the Sabbath was made
04:09 for the good of everybody, man and women,
04:11 boys and girls, moms and dads.
04:13 That's right; I look forward to that.
04:15 Well, Miss Angie what do you like about the Sabbath?
04:17 Oh! I just enjoy the Sabbath, going to church,
04:20 meeting all the boys and girls,
04:23 I just enjoy the Sabbath and it brings me
04:26 close to Jesus every Sabbath.
04:28 I just enjoy the fellowship with everyone in church.
04:31 Well, you know what I like is on Sabbath too,
04:35 we can go visit people like you are going to visit.
04:38 Is the person not feeling well
04:40 that you're going to visit?
04:41 Yeah, they're kind of under the weather
04:43 and we're gonna kind of go cheer them up
04:45 and remind them that Jesus even loves those
04:47 who can't come to church.
04:48 Well, now I know why we have
04:50 this special present in our box.
04:52 We have a special present in here
04:55 and I'm just gonna put the box down here
04:57 and we have some flowers and I think
04:59 you could take this Miss Angie to those people,
05:03 yes, so that they could have a happy Sabbath too.
05:06 And maybe that would cheer them up
05:07 when they look at all the colors.
05:09 Oh! That is so beautiful, because we've been talking
05:12 about how God created all kinds of things for us
05:15 and only in seven days.
05:18 That's right, isn't that amazing?
05:19 It is and he created the flowers on the third day.
05:22 Oh! So many beautiful colors
05:25 and he created the Sabbath on the seventh day,
05:28 yes that's right and that's why it's special,
05:30 every week when it comes around it's a reminder
05:32 that we have a special relationship with our creator
05:35 who made us, who made the flowers,
05:37 made the boys and girls.
05:39 And that's what makes the Sabbath so special,
05:41 that's right. Pastor John, would you just have a
05:43 prayer, just thanking Jesus for the Sabbath? Yes.
05:46 Dear Jesus in Heaven,
05:48 we thank you so much for your love for each of us,
05:51 for our moms and dads, boys and girls
05:53 and we ask that you bless us as you fill our hearts.
05:56 Remind us of the special day that you've given
05:58 to all of us and your love for all of us
06:01 in Jesus name we pray amen.
06:04 Well, thank you so much for coming today,
06:07 it was special having you Pastor John and Miss Angie
06:10 and it's good to be here Miss Linda,
06:12 And now, boys and girls it's time for us to go
06:16 to the barn. So, come on let's go.
06:20 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike, Oh! There he is.
06:24 Hi. I will be there in just a minute okay;
06:26 I'm going get something really special.
06:27 Okay, let's wait, okay, what do you think it is?
06:31 Okay, look at what I've been hiding in the barn,
06:34 until you guys got here. Oh! I wonder what he has,
06:37 look at this, this is called a hedgehog.
06:42 What is that, it looks like
06:43 a sponge or something isn't it?
06:45 That's what I thought.
06:46 Well you feel it, now that's not soft is it?
06:47 No, well that will stick in your hand.
06:50 Oh! That picks, right, is it a porcupine?
06:54 No it's a hedgehog, but you know what Hannah
06:57 you're very right, it's close to a porcupine
06:59 in the way it's got quills instead of feathers.
07:01 Yes, sit down there and the Hannah can see too,
07:06 now, lets see if we can look at his face.
07:09 In fact we'll have to find which end to looks at first.
07:13 In fact, where's it's head.
07:14 Oh it's really, you got to hand it well,
07:16 are you sure that's an animal? Yes, it is.
07:19 It looks like a sponge to me, did you think
07:21 I was tricking you Auntie Linda?
07:22 I think you were tricking me. No, it's an animal,
07:24 it's just some more of God's creation
07:26 you know how much variety it has, where's his face.
07:29 Oh! Well we're trying to, there it is right in there
07:31 but let's turn it this way, away from you guys
07:33 everybody be real quiet, lets see if he'll show us,
07:35 her, it's a her. It's a her? Her face.
07:38 Is this is a girl or boy? It's a girl.
07:40 Oh! No, you're hurting your hand,
07:42 no, it's not hurting my hand now
07:44 everybody be real quiet for just a minute.
07:46 Okay, let be real quiet we'll see if the face
07:49 will come out, it's right there.
07:51 I don't see anything if you see it.
07:55 See, can you see, that's her nose, its picking.
07:59 Now we'll just talk about it and act like
08:02 you're not looking at her
08:04 and she might come out for us okay.
08:06 Anyway I'll tell you some things about her.
08:08 I just kind of talk like this,
08:10 like we're not paying any attention to her,
08:12 but she can live to be
08:14 five, six, seven or eight years old. Really?
08:18 But she might come out right there.
08:21 Oh! You can kind of see her nose a little bit.
08:24 Auntie Linda see, oh! I do a little bit
08:27 and she's really got a cute face,
08:29 anyway let's look at her, I see her nose.
08:31 Everybody look off with me like this,
08:33 like we're not even looking at her
08:34 and 'cause she's very, she's very shy.
08:38 She's very shy and she stays awake at night time.
08:44 Oh! Excuse me and she sleeps during the day time,
08:48 they usually during the night time?
08:51 Yes, or the day time?
08:53 Night time that's what we did,
08:56 that's right but she sleeps, in day time.
08:58 And she sleeps in the day time just the opposite
09:00 and is wake at night. I better not touch it harder.
09:04 What does it like to eat farmer Mike,
09:06 well hedgehogs like to eat insects,
09:09 they like to eat worms, worms, yeah and they like.
09:15 Oh! You guys like these too,
09:17 I remember they like fruit, Oh! I like fruits;
09:20 they eat all kinds of different fruits.
09:23 Yeah. What is that? Oh! That is just my bandana,
09:27 I'm holding because, so she won't pick you,
09:30 so she won't stick you, you know.
09:33 You know how you touch porcupines and hedgehogs
09:37 very carefully because oh! They will stick you.
09:42 But you know why they are like that?
09:43 One of the reasons why would God make an
09:45 animal that would do like that?
09:46 To protect it, for protection, other
09:50 animals that would come up and try to harm them,
09:51 if they get stuck they go oh I better leave her
09:53 alone. I got something stuck in my shirt,
09:57 you got something in your shirt, well lets get
09:59 that out of there. There you go, thanks alright,
10:02 always have straw on the farm don't we,
10:05 no she don't bite, she don't have to bite.
10:07 She probably would bite little bit but not bad
10:09 because nobody is coming very close to her.
10:11 Well, you know maybe she would like us to sing
10:14 her a little song. Okay about our farm okay.
10:20 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:24 I like to go to the farm
10:26 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:28 I like to go to the farm, she is looking
10:30 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:34 And learn of Jesus. Yeah, she got shaggy
10:39 and maybe when you guys leave and you wave
10:41 bye maybe she'll look at you then.
10:44 Okay, well we do have to go
10:46 thank you farmer Mike. Okay, alright bye, bye,
10:50 Be sure to look back and see if she's
10:52 looking, bye, bye, bye, bye.
10:57 We're out for a special picnic
10:59 today come and join us.
11:02 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:06 a walk today, a walk today,
11:11 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:14 to see what God has given.
11:18 Olivia come and help us, we're having a special
11:22 picnic today, can you help us? Yes,
11:24 yes come and help us. Oh! We've got
11:28 something in our baskets.
11:32 Okay, do you know what day it is, what did God
11:37 created on the seventh day. The fruit.
11:40 The Sabbath, he made the Sabbath for us
11:44 and we see inside, can you count?
11:46 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, we're gonna open up here
11:56 and let's let Olivia peak first, Olivia, come over
11:59 here I want you to peak in my basket.
12:02 Miss Cinda made some good stuff for us, wait,
12:04 let her see if she can peak in here, what's in there.
12:10 That's raisin, raisins, raisins and we got
12:13 something else Miss Cinda made some
12:16 sandwiches for our Sabbath picnic.
12:18 Would you like one sure, would you like sandwich?
12:21 Oh! Yeah, would you like one Olivia?
12:24 You wanna peanut butter sandwich?
12:26 Maybe Olivia will have one later.
12:28 I ate one, oh I love the Sabbath.
12:31 I ate one. Yes, do you see anything special
12:35 that God made, bananas, yes he did, he made
12:38 bananas. Oh! I love bananas, I do too.
12:44 You can have a napkin. Oh! We need to give
12:46 Olivia a napkin too, there you go Olivia.
12:49 Thank you, thank you. You're welcome.
12:51 I wanna give you. Oh! This is so nice out in the
12:53 fresh air and the sunshine, I just love all the things
12:57 God made. Yes and he made raisins too,
13:00 aren't you glad that Jesus made the Sabbath special.
13:04 Yes, you like raisins too, thank you.
13:07 Well, I'm glad God made the Sabbath.
13:13 God made the Sabbath special I know, I know.
13:20 God made the Sabbath special
13:24 because he loves us so.
13:34 It's story time boys and girls, yes.
13:37 I'm so glad you've joined Justin and I.
13:40 We're telling a story about creation,
13:43 you can find it in the Bible in Genesis.
13:45 So, you can ask your mommy and daddy to
13:47 read you this special story.
13:49 Well, on the first day, can you go like this,
13:53 how many is this? One, isn't it?
13:56 That's one, one and God created light and
14:00 on the second day? Two fingers, two,
14:04 God created sky and clouds.
14:06 And how many is this? Three, and on the third day,
14:10 God made land and trees and flowers and food.
14:14 And how many is this? Four, four and on the
14:18 fourth day, he made the Sun, Moon and stars.
14:22 How many is this? Five,
14:25 five and on the fifth day, he made birds and fish,
14:29 how many is this? Seven. How many? Seven. Six.
14:36 One, two, three, four, five, six, that's right.
14:40 He made animals and man but on the seventh
14:44 day, God made something really special.
14:49 Look at Justin, you boys and girls can look too,
14:53 he set aside a special day on Sabbath just to
14:55 spend time with him. Jesus right here, the
14:59 first Sabbath was really special Adam was so
15:03 excited they heard the little monkeys and the
15:06 trees and they were going,
15:09 can you boys and girls act like little monkeys?
15:13 Yes, and there were moo cows, do you know what
15:15 the cow says? Yes. What does he say?
15:20 Moo, and there were kitty cats and all kinds
15:26 of things and Eve looked and there were
15:28 good food to eat, what is that?
15:32 That is cherry. Can you put it on the board?
15:34 Yes, that was cherries and she saw
15:37 something else good to eat?
15:39 Peas, peas and she saw something else that was
15:44 good to eat, broccoli, broccoli.
15:47 And Adam saw something that looked
15:49 really good to eat, it can't go on the board,
15:52 yes you can just put it anywhere, that's good.
15:56 Right here, okay and what is this Justin
15:58 and that was on the cherry, that's right.
16:05 What is this? That is carrots, carrots?
16:10 Yeah, are you sure that's carrots? Yeah.
16:12 That's corn, corn. Oh! Adam and Eve loved
16:17 all the things that God made, they also enjoyed
16:20 watching the little turtles crawl around,
16:23 they thought they were so cute.
16:26 They enjoyed the fish, fish, they laughed
16:32 when the whales jumped out of the water.
16:36 They loved watching the little monkeys swing
16:39 from tree to tree, you Justin you wanna put
16:42 this little monkey on. Well, I forgot,
16:45 good job Justin. Oh! They had so much
16:50 fun that first Sabbath, they saw the pretty
16:53 flowers and they saw the trees and the water
16:56 and they said oh! Jesus everything you made
17:00 is so good, we just love the Sabbath can we spend
17:04 every Sabbath with you and Jesus said yes.
17:07 Every Sabbath I'm setting aside the seventh day
17:11 so that you, we can all come together and you
17:14 can enjoy all the things that I've made for you
17:17 Jesus said and also I want to enjoy time with you.
17:21 Isn't Jesus a wonderful Jesus, yes, I love all the
17:24 things that he made, what animals do you like
17:27 that Jesus made Justin? I can't think of anything.
17:34 Do you like the little doggies?
17:37 They will make my eye red,
17:40 they will make your eyes red, you must have
17:42 allergies but you know when we get to heaven
17:44 boys and girls, we won't have to worry about that.
17:47 Well, I want you to think about all the things that
17:50 Jesus has made and when the Sabbath
17:52 comes you can have a extra special time with
17:56 Jesus just enjoying everything that he has
17:58 made because you know boys and girls he made
18:00 all these things he really, really loves you.
18:09 Hi, boys and girls, we're doing something
18:12 fun today with Miss Cinda, we are.
18:15 Do you know Auntie Linda's been talking all
18:17 day about what God created
18:20 on the seventh day. He made the Sabbath,
18:23 that's right, the Sabbath, that's right.
18:26 He made the Sabbath. You know what, that's
18:30 right Justin and you know what?
18:32 The Sabbath is my favorite day of the week.
18:35 Because we get to go to church, we get to spend
18:39 time with Jesus, that's right, that's what makes
18:41 it the most special. Can we say our
18:44 memory verse today? Yeah,
18:47 Do you like to sing? I love to sing, okay,
18:51 it's Psalms 118:24: "This is the day that the Lord
19:00 has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."
19:06 That's right and so you always remember
19:09 the Sabbath, Miss Cinda is giving
19:11 you a picture frame. And boys and girls
19:14 maybe you could have your mommies and
19:16 daddies help you do this. We took a picture frame
19:19 and we put the Bible verse in the picture frame,
19:23 so when you decorate it, you can take it home and
19:26 you'll always remember the Sabbath.
19:28 Our memory verse, our memory verse that's right.
19:32 And these, here are some flowers and here are some
19:36 stems and you just peal the white back off and
19:39 you can stick it okay. And then we have extra
19:42 stickers, you know boys and girls you can
19:45 decorate your picture frame anyway you like.
19:48 You can paint it or you can do stickers like we're
19:51 doing and these are foam stickers, you drop it.
19:55 Oh! I'm glad you got it Justin, good job.
19:58 Oh! That great, and then put a stem on it.
20:01 You know I love the Sabbath.
20:04 That's beautiful Hannah and I love the Sabbath,
20:10 you kids love the Sabbath. Yes, yes, sometimes,
20:14 I always want to go home and do you get to
20:18 go for walks when you go home.
20:21 Probably don't need to drive, because it's just
20:23 right across our house. Oh! That's nice,
20:26 I go ride on my bicycles sometimes
20:29 with my mom. And you get to see
20:30 all the pretty things Jesus made us, yeah.
20:33 Sylvia, you like to do, go to Sabbath school
20:35 and church? And you know what I like,
20:40 I always have a special, the table set really nice
20:45 and you know what? We always have a special meal.
20:48 Do you have a special Sabbath lunch?
20:51 Does anybody have special, do you have a
20:53 special lunch on Sabbath? Yeah, I do too, because
20:58 well you know what, we like to made the Sabbath
21:00 special and you know what? Sometimes my
21:01 mommy says I can't eat at Sabbaths. Why?
21:06 Because we're gonna leave some place
21:10 and we're gonna eat, so she doesn't want you to
21:13 snack because she wants you to be hungry
21:15 when you eat the big meal huh?
21:17 Yeah, yeah, I thought so, sometimes my mommy
21:19 doesn't let me because we're always gonna
21:22 eat at home. And so you don't wanna snack
21:26 because then if you snack then you're not hungry.
21:28 Well, these are so beautiful, you're doing
21:30 a good job. I like to go out and look at the
21:33 pretty flowers. Oh! That's fun, yeah I like to go
21:38 to the creek and find pretty stones.
21:41 Oh! We always go, well here's this little fish under
21:45 this lake, but they don't have fins, they just crawl.
21:49 There's glue on it, oh! That's right do you
21:53 like to watch them then? Yeah, I like to see if
21:56 I can see any turtles. I see turtles sometimes
22:00 when I go with my papa at the bird.
22:02 Oh! Justin, do you like to go on walks on Sabbath
22:07 and see what God made and you can take your
22:11 bunny out and play with it in the grass.
22:13 A lot of times, yeah and on side walk too,
22:19 that's right. Lot of times when we go to bed
22:23 when I got my kitty from down here
22:25 I always sleep with it. Oh! I got a kitty it's not
22:31 real but it sleeps with me because it's
22:34 my favorite kitty. Oh! That makes it special huh.
22:38 Well could we say the memory verse one more
22:40 time so our boys and girls can learn it with us?
22:43 Yeah, okay Psalms 118:24:
22:50 "For this is the day that the Lord has made,
22:55 we will rejoice and be glad in it."
23:02 Yeah, It's Singing Time, okay, we've been talking
23:07 about creation, do you know what was created
23:10 on the seventh day? I know, I know, I know,
23:12 I know, what was? It was the Sabbath.
23:16 That's right, very good Noah, that's right
23:20 and our memory verse is found in Genesis 2 verse
23:25 3, can you say Genesis 2:3, Genesis 2:3:
23:30 And God blessed the seventh day,
23:33 And God blessed the seventh day and declared
23:37 it holy, and declared it holy.
23:41 We have a special song that we wanna teach you
23:43 right now. And it's about the Sabbath, you did.
23:50 Okay, get your fingers up, 6, put 6 fingers up.
23:54 Six days we have to work and
23:58 the seventh is for Jesus.
24:03 We worship on his holy day for it belongs to Jesus.
24:13 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
24:17 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
24:22 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
24:26 The seventh is for Jesus.
24:32 Okay, one more time boys and girls,
24:34 I wanna do that again. Okay, get your fingers up.
24:41 Six days we have to work and
24:45 the seventh is for Jesus.
24:50 We worship on his holy day for it belongs to Jesus.
24:59 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
25:04 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
25:08 One, two, three, four, five, six for us.
25:12 The seventh is for Jesus.
25:18 And you know Jesus made a lot of fun things
25:21 that we can do and some of it is a deep, deep sea
25:25 and we're gonna teach you a song about that.
25:27 Deep, deep, deep as the sea.
25:29 Okay, Levi here we go. Ready.
25:32 Deep, deep, deep as the sea,
25:36 High, high, high as the sky,
25:41 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
25:44 Is Jesus love for you and me it's just
25:49 as deep, deep, deep as the sea.
25:54 High, high, high as the sky,
25:58 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:02 Is Jesus love for you.
26:08 One more time boys and girls come
26:10 on sing it with us, okay, okay.
26:12 Deep, deep, deep as the sea,
26:17 High, high, high as the sky,
26:21 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:25 Is Jesus love for you and me, it's just
26:30 as deep, deep, deep as the sea.
26:35 High, high, high at the sky,
26:39 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:43 Is Jesus love for you.
26:50 Miss Cinda, will you have a special prayer
26:52 for us right now. Okay, yes, let's fold our
26:55 hands and close our eyes bow our heads Levi.
26:58 Dear Jesus, I thank you for loving us so much
27:04 that you gave us the Sabbath.
27:07 A day where you wanna spend with us.
27:11 And I just praise your name in Jesus name
27:14 Amen, Amen, Amen. We've had a fun day,
27:21 Oh! Now there is the Rooster, that's
27:23 Mr. Rooster, he said it's time for us
27:25 to go now boys and girls.
27:26 We'll see you some other time bye, bye.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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