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Sabbath Is A Happy Day

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00:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where stars goes on world
00:10 we live here and around the world
00:13 we spend love and joy
00:15 like how it start the rainbow
00:18 like shining like the rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where stars goes on world.
00:28 Georgie, you look at the beautiful butterfly
00:31 Jesus made, he makes everything
00:34 so special. Oh! Hi, boys and girls
00:38 did you see the beautiful butterfly
00:40 Jesus made for us? Georgie can you say
00:43 hi to the boys and girls. I am so glad you are here
00:48 and Jesus is too.
00:50 You made Jesus happy just speak as you can
00:57 Jesus loves the children and everyone the same
01:02 welcome, welcome, you're welcome
01:05 Jesus knows your name you make Jesus happy
01:10 just because you came. Well, we have lots
01:16 of fun things planned on the farm today.
01:18 Come on inside, come on Georgie.
01:27 Oh! Georgie, We've got a phone call. Okay,
01:30 sit right here. Be a good boy. Hello, this is Auntie Linda,
01:37 Hi, Auntie Linda, my name is Joey Hewitt
01:42 Oh! hi Joey. Can you tell me what you like about
01:47 the Sabbath? Yes. I like
01:50 grand daddy. He has special dinner at his home.
01:53 Oh! I bet that is good when daddy cooks
01:56 a special dinner for you.
01:58 What else do you like to do? I like,
02:01 going bank-end sometimes on Sabbath.
02:04 I like lot of that, going for a walk
02:07 and going to church. I am glad that Jesus
02:11 made the Sabbath for us, aren't you? Uh-huh!
02:14 I love Jesus, I talk to him all the time.
02:18 Jesus is my best friend, Jesus is your best friend
02:23 and he is my best friend too. Well, I have to go now
02:27 and take care of Freddie but you have a good
02:30 day, Good bye. Good bye, Linda.
02:33 I love you, Good bye honey.
02:34 I love you too.
02:41 Oh! Freddie, I was just getting your food out.
02:44 But I'm glad you have fun splashing around in your
02:48 fishy house. There you go. There you go, Freddie.
02:53 Oh! Georgie somebody is here.
02:56 Come in, how are you today?
03:01 Oh! I am so glad you're here. Hi Hailey, hi, did you come
03:05 for worship. Yeah, I am so glad you have come.
03:09 Oh! Kitty, cat is reminding us that it's time
03:13 to worship now, boy and girls you sing along with us okay.
03:17 Worship else we need calling us to meet
03:24 with our best friend Jesus, calling worship here
03:40 Jesus will believe smiling when he sees us.
03:41 Let's see what we have in our box today,
03:44 wonder what it could be Okay, Let's see.
03:50 Oh! we have something special. Oh! we have, yes this is a
03:59 discovery box, they got stickers on that
04:03 that's right, just like my friend Jordan
04:05 this is a special Sabbath box, Do you know on what day
04:11 the Sabbath was created on? Seventh day, That's right.
04:16 The seventh day, every Sabbath my friend
04:20 Jordan and his mother take their Sabbath discovery box
04:24 and they go out in the woods and they find
04:27 all the things that they could find in nature
04:29 and they put it in their little box.
04:31 Come close Hailey, I want you to see what's in it.
04:35 Okay, set that right there. There is some vast nest.
04:42 Yeah. They worked really hard to make all those
04:45 little holes in there, didn't they? They're hard.
04:48 Yes. There was a lot of hard work.
04:50 And look some babies. This is, yes. This is a
04:54 Cedar Tree and you know this little berries on it
04:58 the Cedar wax wings, they land on it and
05:00 they eat this little blue berries and they
05:03 love it, again there is a little nest
05:07 some little bird made a next and they found this
05:11 and they have so much fun. What is this?
05:15 Pads only, What do you think it is?
05:18 It's a paper leaf, It looks like it. Doesn't it?
05:21 It's a piece of perk, off of a Birch tree
05:26 and they have some, What is this?
05:28 That's a nut. Yes it's an acorn. Isn't it?
05:34 It's a nut. Jesus made so many
05:36 wonderful things for us, and here we
05:39 have some little pots, they come out and
05:42 they blowed around in the air. Isn't that fun?
05:46 Let me try. Okay.
05:48 And it lands and then it plants again.
05:51 There are so many things that Jesus made for us. And you
05:55 know a Sabbath discovery box it does fly, doesn't it?
06:00 Look at Justin, we'd even got sticks in here.
06:04 There is all kinds of things that we can create.
06:07 Oh! Yes, we can create this little box and put
06:10 all the things that Jesus made in it.
06:12 That would be a fun thing to do, wouldn't it?
06:15 Let's thank Jesus for making the Sabbath and for all
06:18 good things that he has done for us.
06:21 Let's Kneel down okay and Hailey will you pray.
06:25 I will be on my knees, I will fold my hands,
06:32 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
06:39 and very, very quite be while our prayer is said.
06:46 Dear God, Thank you for this day and thank you for
06:53 creating the world, thank you for the Sabbath
06:55 on Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
06:58 God is so good, and kind to us, Thank you so much
07:02 for coming to worship. And boys and girls
07:05 it's now time for us to go the barns, so come on let's go
07:14 farmer Mike, farmer Mike. Hi, How are you guys doing today?
07:18 I am glad you're here. We bought something.
07:20 Yeap. My bird. You bought; this time you bought
07:23 me an animal, huh!. no one wanted to know
07:26 how to feed it and I didn't know what to tell them
07:28 so, we thought we'ld bring it today.
07:29 Let's sit down here and I'll talk about
07:31 with you, I was just working in the barn
07:37 this is perfect, alright. Oh! Let me set that bird
07:38 over here so we can talk about locating,
07:40 Oh! give me to, no leave me.
07:42 Noah is going to do it. Yeah. Thank you, Noah.
07:44 Noah has brought this, thank you Noah, thank you,
07:45 very much, Noah for brining it today.
07:48 Well, what kind of bird have you brought
07:50 to me here? What do you call this bird?
07:53 What's the name of it? You want to stay
07:56 right here with me okay, come on here
07:58 get me closer what kind of bird
08:00 is it now? A pet, a pet,
08:04 a pet is right, but it's a pet, but I think
08:06 I know, I think it's a cockatiel. It's Patchie.
08:09 Its a cockatiel. He named it Patchie, yeah,
08:12 oh! that's his name. yeah, Oh that's it's name. Okay.
08:15 I know and told to Noah, and you want to know
08:17 some things about a cockatiel? So you know how to feed
08:21 your new pet and play with your new pet, things like that.
08:24 Let's see if I can remember.
08:27 I have to think cockatiels they like people
08:31 and they are very social they are real good
08:34 around children and people.
08:35 he is pretty with all of the yellow feathers.
08:38 He picked out really pretty one with yellow feathers
08:41 there, and they live if I remember right
08:44 you can keep cockatiels for may be 15 or 20 years.
08:48 Oh! really, yes but it is very important
08:51 of course like any other animal to feed them
08:53 and give them water to drink and things like that.
08:58 Oh! Don't peck your finger, alright.
09:03 And they love to eat things like fruit and vegetables
09:06 like we do, fruits and vegetables and of course
09:11 you can feed them seeds bird seeds.
09:13 You can usually find that in a good pet store somewhere
09:17 and here is something you guys, here something you guys
09:21 just pull a trick on this cockatiel,
09:23 you can teach her a ham to do tricks,
09:26 tricks and what he does, that's my bird
09:29 he will imitate you. Oh, that's my bird.
09:32 Right. And he will sound just like you know.
09:35 Hear it, that's right let's whistle and see if
09:40 we can make him whistle here it,
09:41 Can you whistle?
09:45 Now listen let's if he does better. Yeah.
09:48 You got him to Whistle, and right,
09:54 and he comes from his mummy hatching eggs,
09:59 oh! he does yeah, this is my bird, that kind of thing,
10:02 now another thing we might get it to say something.
10:07 Let's see if he'll say something.
10:08 Okay, everybody sit down and you mean he
10:10 can talk, yeah sit down you want to sit here
10:14 okay we will try to hear him say something
10:15 he will reply for me, he reply for me,
10:18 let's going to say something you want to go there,
10:19 okay, lets him say something. Well, we are going to
10:22 say now, that good, hi, how,
10:25 Hi Noah, hi Noah, he is talking you hear,
10:30 He is speaking in his creature voice,
10:32 and everyone in hour some cockatiels
10:36 you can teach them as well and I think this
10:38 they can learn this,
10:40 Oh! they can learn to whistle yeah,
10:44 Oh! Oh! did he peck your finger no, no,
10:47 he didn't. Well, I'll tell you one thing you have picked out
10:49 a beautiful, beautiful pet
10:51 and its got beautiful colors.
10:54 He does. And if you take care it good
10:57 you can enjoy it for a long, long time.
11:00 Oh! thank you farmer Mike.
11:02 Thanks and coming and bringing it to
11:03 show me your pet. Sometimes you
11:06 come on our show, I will show
11:07 this things I get on farmer this time you surprise me
11:09 you want to go over there.
11:10 Well Noah. Let's, why don't we sing to your pet.
11:14 Okay, let's sing to your pet, yeah,
11:17 here we go. I like to go
11:21 the farm where the cows omm, omm!
11:24 I like to go the farm where the ducks quak, quak!
11:28 I like to go the farm, I like to go the farm
11:32 I like to go the farm, I like to go the farm
11:34 where I would learn about Jesus.
11:37 Now, Noah, pick up him real easy Noah,
11:41 Oh! take it back, Thank you, farmer Mike
11:43 you got it, bye, bye Thank you farmer Mike, bye, bye
11:48 Thanks for coming to the farm, bye, bye
11:57 Olivia, Noah and I go on a Rock hunt
12:00 come and join us,
12:02 shall we go for a walk today,
12:06 a walk today, a walk today,
12:10 shall we go for a walk today
12:14 to see what god has given us,
12:19 Oh! Olivia you found some, you found some too Noah
12:23 Oh! I got, I got, there is some over here,
12:27 Oh! there is lots of more here,
12:31 they look like crab they look like crab selves
12:34 they look like crab selves, are you find anything, Olivia
12:38 yeah, how many do you have
12:40 I have a, how many many see
12:46 Oh! look what I found is that a big prey
12:53 yes, Oh! Do you know what this one is?
13:00 yes, which one do you have?
13:02 you want to hold it Noah?
13:05 Yeah, yeah, this one is rock
13:08 a special one it's an agate, and look at Olivia
13:10 isn't that pretty? Yes. It's called an agate.
13:14 I think some rockhound must dropped
13:17 this, Do you know what rockhound is?
13:19 what? What is a rockhound?
13:24 Is that a person who collects rocks?
13:27 Oh!, yeah, and you know what you do when Tiny
13:30 Tots collects they called them Pedal Crops.
13:32 Oh! let me hold this one, I have to give it back
13:35 see who owns this one, and that is beautiful
13:37 aren't you glad that god made all the beautiful
13:40 rocks, this one is little bigger
13:43 Oh! Thank you, God made the beautiful rocks
13:49 I know, I know, God made the beautiful rocks
13:57 because he loves me so,
14:01 Oh! Thank you, Olivia, I will keep this one
14:05 do you keep that one, yes this one,
14:08 Oh! Okay, I need some more
14:17 It's story time boys and grills. Yeah.
14:23 and we love the stories don't we
14:25 yes, I love too, we are going to have a story
14:28 about the happy Sabbath day
14:31 When I got up this morning the rain was falling down.
14:37 Was that you? No that's a little girl.
14:40 and look at her alarm clock, will crow up.
14:43 Can you find the rain drops?
14:45 yes, yes there is the rain drops.
14:47 I can't see that. See the little tiny rain drops,
14:50 fall with the peer, patter, pit, pit. I've full key thorns,
14:53 yes, and those, get filled up the little flower
14:58 and muddy up the ground that's the mud
15:02 I ate my breakfast quickly that mummy made
15:05 it was the Sabbath day yes it is seventh day
15:10 yes, I put up my umbrella and we all went to church
15:15 that way, we opened wide our song books and bowed
15:20 our heads in prayer like this
15:23 that's right, always do this I will do this way
15:29 while praying, that's a good thing to do
15:31 and everyone was happy all smiling faces,
15:35 there, give me your smiles you have your smile
15:38 that was an yarn, give me your smile
15:41 Oh! that's right, that's a good one.
15:43 what going to do, I think they are playing now,
15:45 go like this when I got up this morning
15:49 the rain was falling down, can you make the rainfall?
15:54 The rain was falling down, it filled up the little flowers
15:59 can you fill up the flowers filled up the little flowers
16:02 and muddy down the ground and I ate my breakfast
16:07 quickly, can you eat your breakfast quickly, quick
16:10 and I put up my umbrella and went to church
16:14 that way, isn't this good boy
16:17 we opened wide your song books
16:19 do you opened you song books now
16:21 open wide your song books, and bowed our head
16:26 Oh! this. Ummh! ummh! can you bow your head
16:29 in prayer, yes, Ah! Now you do this
16:33 Oh! yes, I did that you and everyone was happy
16:37 with smiling faces there that's what a good idea
16:40 that's a good idea. can you smile?
16:43 yes, we are always happy Oh! that man
16:48 that's right and you know that's right, Jesus made
16:52 the Sabbath for us, that's right, he made the Sabbath
16:56 for us, so that we can have special time with him
17:00 and enjoy all the things he has made.
17:02 And remember boys and girls that Jesus really, really loves
17:07 you, that's why he made the Sabbath.
17:15 Hi boys and girls, girls, Ms. Cindy is going to teach
17:19 just something special today you know Auntie Linda
17:23 has been talking about creation and she is being
17:25 talking about the seventh day can you girls tell me what
17:28 God created on the seventh day
17:30 the Sabbath, the Sabbath that's right, do you know
17:34 why god created the Sabbath
17:35 so we can have sometime with him, that's right
17:39 So that we can spend time with Jesus
17:41 That's right, God wanted us to rest on the seventh day
17:45 and he wanted to spend time with him
17:47 didn't he? the words to set a side everything we do
17:50 during the week and Sabbath should be a
17:53 a very special day shouldn't it?
17:54 So, Ms. Linda want to make it very special by
17:58 when we have real time I want to set the table
18:02 very nicely and have special food
18:04 I will tell a verse. Yeah, Hannah your right
18:08 Thank you we got to learn our memory first
18:12 boys and girls, can you girls help me
18:15 and Auntie Linda will teach you boys and girls
18:17 you can look it up into your Bibles if you like
18:20 It's Genesis 2:1 and God bless the seventh day
18:27 and declared holy let's say it one more time
18:31 God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy
18:37 Thank you, so much Hannah I have forgot that,
18:41 well, do you think you girls could help to serve
18:43 the table and let's make what's special
18:45 okay, Ms. Cindy has got a really pretty table cloth
18:50 we love table cloth you do, this is a really
18:53 pretty one isn't it? Do you know why I
18:55 picked this table cloth why because it looks
18:58 like a kind of creation doesn't it? yeah
19:01 Thank you Jennie, that's right
19:08 Okay, can you girls go and get bowls
19:11 and plates, and let's set the bowls and plates
19:15 really nice, and you boys and girls can do this at home
19:18 when it Sabbath tell you mummy let's set the table
19:21 really special like, thank you Hannah
19:24 I like green, okay Jenny can you give them
19:29 a bowl, I want it, orange okay,
19:32 and I will take pink and I will get the
19:35 silverware okay, now remember
19:41 let the forks are in the left side of the plate
19:44 like that, yes, it's very good and the knife
19:48 the knife and the spoon take a spoon
19:53 and the knife and the spoon on the right
19:58 that will be easy to remember I did it, good job Hannah.
20:03 Now, let's lay out the napkins out
20:06 and Ms. Cindy is going to teach you a special way of
20:09 folding your napkin folding the napkin
20:11 ah! ah! I am going to set your bowl over here
20:14 so that the boys and girls out there can see
20:16 okay, take your napkin this is the folded edge
20:22 right here is the folded edge and so take the point
20:26 hold it up like that and lay it down
20:29 and take one little layer at a time
20:34 and bring it up not right at the top
20:36 because you want a little bit
20:38 just a little bit on the edge good job Jennie, good job
20:41 very good, let's bring it up just a little bit further
20:45 okay, now take the next layer and bring it up just
20:49 a little bit further good job
20:52 girls, I did it, okay good and then the next
20:56 one, oh! that's pretty Ms. Linda
20:59 isn't that pretty? Oh! our table for Sabbath
21:03 can going to look really special isn't it? Oh! yes
21:06 Oh! now the napkin always goes under the fork
21:09 remember boys and girls the knife and spoon
21:12 on the right and the fork on the left and
21:16 always very good and always put your napkin
21:19 that's correct like this Hannah always put
21:22 your napkin under your fork can you give that bowl
21:25 Oh! I am sorry, do we have anything
21:27 for the middle of the table. Oh! I almost forgot.
21:31 We have a pretty centerpiece. Oh! Do you know what I am
21:36 going to do, I got some greenery because,
21:39 because it's creation, you guys can bring some of
21:43 this down and then Hannah, can you get me that
21:46 bowl of animals over there, yeah, and
21:48 boys and girls we are going kind of pretend,
21:51 this is a forest, and we are going to put our animals
21:54 all in the woods, okay, it could be woods,
21:58 that's a good job, okay, words, this can be put on,
22:02 it's going to be a farm. Oh, this is a very woody
22:05 forest isn't it? put some over again Hannah,
22:06 so Jadis can put some. Can you get Jadis some
22:08 put the bowl of animals right here
22:10 and get Jadis some animals
22:12 and you can use tigers and lions
22:14 if you want and bears you can use all kinds
22:17 of animals, and we will have a pretty centerpiece.
22:20 I think that the cows likes eating that grass.
22:23 Lets say our memory verse one more time
22:25 for the boys and girls, the verses like eating
22:28 really good, yeah really do
22:30 can you girls help me to say the memory verse
22:32 one more time, so boys and girls can learn it
22:34 yeah, Genesis 2:1 and god bless the seventh day
22:40 and declared it holy
22:43 yeah its singing time.
22:51 we like this, well, farmer Mike
22:57 can you read memory verse for us today.
22:59 Oh! I am glad to one of favorites
23:01 Psalm 18:24. This is the day the Lord has made
23:06 and we will rejoice and be glad in it.
23:10 Amen. well, that's a wonderful one.
23:14 There is song that I just thought, there is a song
23:16 like that, this is the day that the Lord has made.
23:20 can you sing that, alright let's sing it.
23:23 you sing with us boys and girls
23:25 Let's sing Jessie
23:26 This is the day, this is the day,
23:30 that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made
23:35 I will rejoice and be glad in it, This is the day
23:46 This is the day that the lord has made
23:48 we will rejoice that the god has made
23:52 This is the day, this is the day,
23:57 that the Lord has made, let's sing that again
24:02 that boys and girls can really learn
24:04 this memory verse, okay
24:05 this is the day, this is the day
24:10 that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made,
24:14 we will rejoice, we will rejoice
24:19 be glad in it, This is the day
24:21 and we glad in it. This is the day,
24:25 that the Lord has made, we will rejoice
24:30 be glad in it, This is the day
24:34 This is the day, that the Lord has made,
24:41 Yeah!, and you know what Justin was trying
24:44 to get seven finger on his hand because its
24:47 the seventh day, that's very good, Justin you were trying
24:50 let's sing Sabbath is a happy day
24:53 ready, Sabbath is a happy day
24:58 happy day, happy day, happy day, Sabbath
25:04 is a happy day, I love every Sabbath
25:11 yeah, if your happy than you know it clap your hands
25:15 If you're happy and you know it,
25:18 Clap your hands. If you're happy
25:21 and you know it, Clap your hands.
25:23 If you're happy and you know it,
25:26 Then your face will surely show it
25:28 Clap your hands.
25:32 If you're happy and you know it,
25:33 If you're happy and you know it, say Amen.
25:34 If you're happy and you know it say Amen,
25:38 Amen. If you're happy and you know it say Amen,
25:42 Amen. If you're happy and you know it,
25:46 Then your face will surely show it
25:48 If you're happy and you know it, say Amen.
25:51 Amen. Amen. Ms. Cinda are you teaches
25:55 a song about our great big god
25:57 I real can you Justine you help me.
26:02 See boys and girls watch Jadice and Justin
26:05 they going to crowds way down
26:07 ready, my God is so big so strong and so mighty
26:14 There's nothing that He cannot do for you
26:19 my God is so big so strong and so mighty
26:24 There's nothing that He cannot do for you
26:29 the mountains are His the rivers are His,
26:34 the stars are his, and they were too
26:38 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
26:45 There's nothing that He cannot do for you.
26:50 Our God is really special, let's fold our hands
26:53 and close our eyes, and we will have a little prayer
26:57 just thanking Jesus. Jesus you make us so happy
27:02 your such a big and wonderful god
27:05 and we just love you so much, thank you
27:08 for loving us, in Jesus name. Amen. Thank you Jesus
27:13 Thank you, Jesus. Amen.
27:23 That's Mr. Roster and he says that's all the time
27:26 we have for the day, we will see you boys and girls.
27:29 Our time together is over so, we will have to go
27:42 good bye, good bye, remember god loves you
27:49 good bye, good bye, remember god loves you
27:56 good bye


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