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Sabbath Is A Day Of Rest

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00:05 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 That's a good song Hannah;
00:30 maybe we can sing that in sing time,
00:32 when the boys and girls are coming.
00:34 Oh I hear something, the boys and girls are here.
00:37 Can you wave Hi to them Hannah?
00:38 Hi. Georgie wants to say Hi to you too.
00:41 And you know there is someone else that's
00:43 glad that you are here boys and girls.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:57 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:00 Jesus knows your name.
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Oh, we have so many fun things plan.
01:11 Hannah lets take the boys and girls inside,
01:14 we'll get started. I can hardly wait.
01:16 Oh, take the book with us Hannah.
01:18 We will want it for sing time.
01:21 Oh, the phone is ringing, I'll get it.
01:24 Oh thank you precious, oh thank you.
01:27 Hi this is Auntie Linda. Hi, Auntie Linda.
01:33 Oh, hi Sarah Draves. We are talking about
01:37 the Sabbath today. What do you like to do
01:40 on the Sabbath? I like to go Sabbath school,
01:43 and go to church with mommy and daddy.
01:46 Oh that's sounds like a lot of fun.
01:49 Thank you for calling me, bye, bye,
01:52 I love you, bye, bye, bye, bye, I love you too.
01:56 She is so sweat, isn't she? Oh, I think that Freddy
02:05 want some food doesn't he?
02:06 Would you like to help feed Freddy?
02:08 Yes. Just take a little bit because we don't wanna
02:11 make him sick okay. Oh, let's sing to Freddy.
02:15 Oh here, are you hungry Freddy. I'm glad today,
02:21 I'm glad today; for dear Freddy I'm glad today,
02:27 thank you God in Heaven. Yes, but he has a plant
02:36 in there doesn't he, yeah. Oh, God made
02:38 so many nice things for us. Oh, let's go into our
02:41 living room and let's go pet Kitty Cat okay.
02:44 Oh, kitty cat meowing. Oh, kitty cat you are right
02:50 it's time to ring our worship bell.
02:54 It's purring, it's purring, can you ring our worship
02:58 bell for us Hannah, okay. We'll just sing our little
03:01 worship bell song kitty cat likes that you know.
03:04 Georgie does too, Georgia does too right.
03:08 Worship bells are sweat, calling us to meet
03:11 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:18 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:26 Oh, thank you so much. Georgie you can
03:30 sit right there, and let's see what we have
03:32 in our box today. Oh, we have, is it doll.
03:38 We have polly doll. You can help me,
03:42 polly has some clothes too. Here we go,
03:46 you can help me put on the clothes.
03:49 Today is Sunday and such a nice day.
03:52 Daddy is taking me to the beach to play.
03:56 After Sunday is Monday, what do we have?
04:01 Oh, a loaf of bread. On Monday mommy
04:06 let's me help her make bread to take
04:08 to some neighbors. Now it's what day?
04:13 Tuesday, can I put this one Auntie,
04:17 you can good job. Oh, she is gonna have fun
04:20 on Tuesday isn't she, yeah. Tuesday my friends
04:23 came over to play ball. We had so much fun,
04:27 I wish they could stay. Oh, now it's Wednesday.
04:34 Oh, she has a pretty outfit on doesn't she,
04:38 she has collars. On Wednesday,
04:41 we go to grandma and grandpa's farm.
04:43 I like to run and play with the puppies in the barn.
04:48 I can play this one on myself, that's right.
04:51 Now it's Thursday. Oh, that's pretty,
04:56 what color is that dress? Purple, purple,
05:01 I think it's a pretty pink don't you.
05:04 Okay, on Thursday I take some flowers to our
05:08 friend down the street, that's right.
05:10 Jesus wants us to be kind to people that we meet.
05:14 And on Friday, that's a special preparation day
05:20 isn't it. She is gonna clean,
05:22 She is gonna clearn. Friday, I help mommy clean
05:25 the house, and while we work we love to sing.
05:29 Then on, what day is this? Friday, this is
05:34 Sabbath isn't it. On Sabbath she does something
05:38 special, Sabbath is Polly's favorite day.
05:42 She is going to worship; she is going to worship
05:45 at Sabbath School and church. She thinks that
05:48 is such a treat. She had a Bible that's right.
05:50 I love Sabbath best of all don't you,
05:53 that's my favorite day it is are isn't it,
05:56 it's my favorite day too. We will set Polly right
05:59 in there. So, she is watching, that's right.
06:01 Would you have a special prayer for us?
06:03 Yes and just thank Jesus for the Sabbath okay.
06:06 I kneel down, okay you can kneel down
06:09 and we will fold our hands and close our eyes.
06:13 Okay, lift your hand up and fold your hands,
06:16 yes. Dear Jesus thank you for my mom and dad
06:20 and thank you for all of the things you given us
06:23 in Jesus name, amen, amen, thank you Hannah.
06:29 Well boys and girls, it's time now to go
06:31 to the barn, so come on let's go.
06:38 Hello little turtle come out of your shell.
06:42 Did you know that Jesus loves you?
06:46 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike. Oh, Hi Auntie Linda.
06:50 Hi, guys alright. Where do you sing?
06:55 Oh you kid, but sometimes I sing on the farm you know.
06:59 Oh, thank you. There are more turtles.
07:02 Well come over here and look at this one first,
07:04 come and look at this one first even
07:05 I want to show you this one first.
07:06 Come here, come and look at this one first.
07:08 Feel of a shell right there. Okay, oh, and underneath
07:12 there is a shell too see. Oh yeah, it just,
07:15 it won't hurt you, just close.
07:17 Jasmine why don't you sit by Farmer Mike
07:18 and that Levy could see too. Yeah here jasmine
07:19 sit right here, sit right there by me okay,
07:22 there you go, yeah. Oh, Kelly right now
07:24 you can see too. Now, we've look at this
07:27 one now I want to tell you by him real quick,
07:28 he lives on the land, he does yes and he sleeps
07:32 inside his own shell, his own house.
07:35 He just pulls his head in at night and his legs in
07:38 and he goes to sleep, or if he is afraid
07:41 he does that too. Now he comes from eggs,
07:45 eggs, yeah turtles come from eggs,
07:47 did you know that jasmine, right, right,
07:49 you did. And he is called a box turtle.
07:53 A box turtle, do you thin he looks like a box Jadis,
07:56 you don't, I don't think so either.
07:58 And, he eats bugs, and he eats lettuce,
08:02 we like lettuce don't we, that's good, yes.
08:04 So that just like us in one way, we live in our house,
08:08 we sleep in our house, and we let us so we got
08:11 a couple of things like, but let me put him down
08:13 and show you some more. I wanna put him over here,
08:16 so he will be okay there. Now let's look over
08:18 here in the water, because I've got some more
08:20 let me get this one. Oh, there is another one.
08:22 Wait right here, wait right here,
08:23 so I can sneak up on him right here is one right
08:25 here okay. This was, is he wet,
08:28 yeah he was in the water and you guys sit down
08:30 right here we will show him to you right here
08:31 come here. So everybody can see that way.
08:33 Come here Jasmine, so everybody can see you
08:35 sit right here. I always sound, let's let Levy see,
08:38 see Levy, oh Levy, Levy. There is a water, yes,
08:42 a water turtle see, he lives in the water.
08:45 Okay come over here I'll bring it over to,
08:47 Farmer Mike, yeah make sure everybody gets your turn.
08:50 Always have a turn, everybody gets a turn
08:52 see Steven, okay. Now you guys wait right here
08:56 sit right here, sit right here
08:57 and I am gonna show you a baby one,
08:58 okay. Now sit right there I'm gonna to put him
09:01 in the water, but I'll be right back okay.
09:03 You have another one Farmer Mike,
09:05 yes but guess where is it at, guess
09:08 where this baby is at, look at here.
09:10 In your pocket oh yes now I hope it's not a
09:12 snapping turtle, because those were one kind
09:15 of called a snapping turtle that bites,
09:17 but this one is a baby turtle look he there.
09:20 Oh he is a baby turtle, see there,
09:22 look how little he is look. He is so cute,
09:25 look there boys and girls. Will you hold that,
09:28 have you ever seen a little turtle like that?
09:30 Little beating in like that, sure hold your hand
09:33 like this now, he is under the shell,
09:35 it will take turns okay if you say here
09:36 we'll take turns. Okay feeling right there,
09:38 now give him to Steven hold your hand like this.
09:40 What does he feel like Jasmine?
09:42 Give him to Steven like this. Does he tickle?
09:45 now see this Steven, show him to Levy but don't give
09:48 you close because you might scare Levy.
09:49 He hadn't seen many turtles yet,
09:51 what you think Levy and let's get her turn.
09:55 See how it feels, and there it goes one
09:58 but don't worry about him because he likes to
09:59 take off and I want to show you,
10:01 now this is one you guys sit down for this one
10:03 because this one is the one that could bite you.
10:05 Sit back, oh really what kind is it called
10:07 Farmer Mike. This is a snapping turtle,
10:09 Jasmine look at, see that Jasmine,
10:14 look let me get over here where I can show you guys.
10:15 Hey wait come over here, come over here
10:17 and let me sit down right here. Give me room,
10:19 give Farmer Mike room, there you go thank you.
10:21 See that now don't touch him,
10:23 his head is going inside his house don't touch him
10:24 because he could snap out and get your finger.
10:27 She there the baby one and the other one like that,
10:30 but what do think that all my turtles on the farm?
10:33 I think that, I think that there are so special
10:35 why don't we sing to them.
10:37 Let's sing our farmers song too them okay
10:39 to the baby and the others snapping turtle,
10:40 here we go okay. Steven, okay.
10:42 Now you guys wait right here.
10:43 I like to go to the farm where the cow's moo, moo
10:48 I like to go to the farm
10:49 where the duck's quack, quack
10:52 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
10:56 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
11:01 Well the turtles can't wave bye,
11:03 but when you go, they will be sorry to see you
11:06 leave though, but you will come back won't you,
11:08 another time good bye. Give Farmer Mike
11:09 a hug good bye. Good bye, good bye.
11:11 Who knows what kind of animal
11:13 I have next time you visit. I know I can hardly wait,
11:15 bye, bye come on kids we got more fun things to do.
11:18 Bye, bye, bye, bye, I hope you enjoyed the turtles.
11:21 Bye, bye, bye, bye, come on Steven. Bye.
11:27 Hannah, Olivia and I are out for a walk.
11:30 Come on boys and girls.
11:32 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:36 a walk today, a walk today.
11:40 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:44 to see what God has given?
11:51 Do you know what day the Sabbath was created on?
11:55 Sabbath, yes can you count?
11:58 One, two, three, four start here one, two, three,
12:06 four, five, six, seven. God made the Sabbath
12:14 on the seventh day for us. And on the seventh day,
12:21 that's right Olivia, and on the seventh day
12:25 we get to enjoy all the things He created
12:27 on the other days. I have some friends,
12:29 they went to the beach and they brought that,
12:31 oh kinds of things for us to enjoy.
12:36 Oh, I love shells and all the things that you can
12:39 find in the ocean. Oh look, a little creature
12:44 still live in here don't put it in your mouth though,
12:46 yes. We don't want to eat them,
12:48 is that one be good A little creature you still
12:51 live in here Olivia look.
12:54 Teacher you still doesn't hear, oh yes.
12:57 It will need still over here yes a little creature
13:00 you still live here too. Yes, you like that one,
13:05 you can pick one to take, maybe sometime
13:08 boys and girls you could go the ocean with your
13:10 mom and dad and you can get some pretty shells too.
13:13 I'm so glad God made the beautiful shell.
13:17 Oh! This one, This is new one.
13:20 God made the beautiful shells I know, I know.
13:28 God made the beautiful shells
13:31 because He loves me so.
13:42 Its story time boys and girls,
13:45 and we have a good story for you today
13:47 don't we Sylvia. Well I'm so glad you are here.
13:51 We are talking about the great big world
13:54 that God made for us. And all the things
13:56 that He made for us to enjoy. On the first day,
14:01 He made light, because it was so dark.
14:04 See how dark it was, and then on the second day,
14:09 He made sky and what are these Silvia?
14:13 Are those clouds? He made fluffy white clouds for us.
14:18 And that was the second day, but on the third day,
14:23 He made dirt and He made what's this, is that plants,
14:29 and flowers, and trees, and He made all kinds
14:33 of good food for us to eat, but on the fourth day,
14:39 He made something special. What are these Silvia?
14:44 Do you know what shines up in the sky at night?
14:47 Do you boys and girls know what shines up
14:49 in the sky at night? That's right, stars
14:52 and He made the sun and the moon,
14:56 but on the fifth day, God made something else,
15:00 what did He make Silvia, what is this?
15:04 Do you see what that is, I think birdies,
15:07 yes and what's this? Fish and He made little fish
15:15 and big fish. Oh, they were so beautiful.
15:21 What is this, a monkey that's a monkey, and
15:26 do you know what this is, is that a cow,
15:29 do you know what the cow says?
15:33 Can you make a sound like a cow, moo.
15:38 Jesus made the moo cows, and he made so many
15:43 fun things for us to enjoy. He also made the first
15:47 mommy and daddy. Oh look at, there is a first daddy,
15:52 he called his name Adam. Oh, he is feeding
15:55 a little tiger isn't he? Or some kind of little cat
16:02 he had tigers and cheetahs and all kinds
16:06 of things to take care of. What is this Silvia?
16:10 Is that a little bunny rabbit yes,
16:13 even he had bunny rabbits and you know in
16:17 God's new world the bunny rabbits won't afraid
16:19 with the tigers and the tigers like the
16:22 bunny rabbits. The bunny rabbits could even
16:24 go hop, hop, hop right onto their back.
16:27 And the tiger wouldn't even hurt them.
16:30 I like God's new world, Adam and Eve just loved
16:34 so much everything that God made for them,
16:37 and as they looked over everything, they said
16:40 oh it's so good, it's so beautiful.
16:44 God said it is beautiful and I'm making
16:47 something else for you. I'm making the Sabbath for you
16:50 and you can have a special time with me
16:52 all day And all day long, look at Adam and Eve
16:57 they enjoyed everything that God made from
17:01 sun down on Friday night until sun down
17:05 on Saturday night it was a special Sabbath.
17:09 Oh Jesus is so good to make so many neat things
17:13 for us isn't He Silvia. I love Jesus don't you?
17:17 Do you boys and girls love Jesus?
17:19 Well I know you do too. Remember, when you are
17:24 looking at all the things that Jesus made.
17:27 Remember that Jesus loves you and also remember
17:30 that He gave the Sabbath day special just for
17:34 you and me so that we would know
17:36 that He really, really loves us.
17:44 Hi, boys and girls, hi. We're gonna to have fun
17:51 in the kitchen with Miss. Cinda today.
17:53 We are, you know Auntie Linda has been
17:56 talking to all of it's about what God created
17:58 on the seventh day. Do you know Tyler?
18:03 The light, the Sabbath and light was on the first day
18:07 that's right. And God created the Sabbath day
18:10 because what did God want us to do?
18:13 He wanted us to rest didn't He, yes.
18:16 Do you know, do you guys remember in the Bible,
18:19 Jesus, when He was very tired He did something
18:23 so he could rest? Do you all remember what Jesus
18:25 did so he could rest, do you boys and girls remember?
18:28 Yeah, yeah, Miss. Cinda is gonna do something,
18:32 so that you guys will all remember.
18:35 This is just a little something so that you will
18:37 remember that Jesus made the seventh day,
18:40 for the Sabbath so that we can rest.
18:43 And when Jesus was very tired Jasmine,
18:48 He got in a boat. Do you like to ride in boats,
18:53 but you know what I forgot, I forgot a memory
18:56 verse today, I want you boys and girls to learn
18:58 a memory verse. And the memory verse says
19:01 can you say Matthew, Matthew 11:28, 11:28,
19:08 come unto me, come unto me and I will give you rest,
19:13 and I will give you rest, that's right.
19:18 Can you boys and girls say that too?
19:20 We'll say it again a little later so that you can
19:22 remember it just like our boys and girls
19:24 here can remember. Okay, I want you to remember
19:27 that about rest, so I'm gonna give you
19:30 each a boat, I mean a boat I'm gonna give you
19:32 a boat how about that. I'm gonna give you a boat,
19:36 okay and I'm gonna give you each of boat,
19:39 as the boat there is supposed to be riding.
19:43 Here you go Miss. Cinda, oh you know what?
19:44 Oh thank you Auntie Linda could you put little water
19:47 in each of their bowls okay and then I'll give
19:49 you each two boats, okay. Let's, let's give,
19:54 there you go she have different colors.
19:56 Now what I want you to do is put your boat
19:59 in the water, do I think do you know what
20:00 boys and girls, it's already in the water,
20:02 that but you put them in the water,
20:05 because Jesus got into a boat, Auntie Linda,
20:10 Auntie Linda is getting it all over isn't she,
20:13 but that's okay Miss. Cinda will get a towel okay
20:15 we will wipe it up, there you go Jasmine.
20:19 Oh, I want water. Okay put your boats in the water
20:21 you want little more, I want some more,
20:23 and then you know what you can do,
20:24 you could blow on the straw, and you can create
20:27 little waves for your boat. Can you blow,
20:29 can you blow on it? Oh, blow real gently,
20:35 blow right in here Noah.
20:40 Those boats are getting a lot,
20:42 they are gonna be rocked right to sleep aren't they,
20:45 that's right. You are rocking yours to sleep
20:49 so that whoever is in your boats gonna get lots
20:51 of rest aren't they. Right you can put both
20:56 of them in. Oh, Noah that was a big bubble,
21:00 yes can you make a big bubble Tyler?
21:02 Let's see if Tyler can make a big bubble.
21:09 Oh, Justin, oh his boats getting rocked a lot.
21:16 When you kids see a boat you could remember
21:20 that Jesus got in a boat, so he can get
21:23 some rest didn't He? And that water is hot.
21:26 Oh, it's warm isn't it? Can we say our memory verse
21:30 one more time so that boys and girls
21:31 out here will learn, all the boys and girls
21:33 everywhere were learn it, yeah, okay.
21:35 Matthew 11:28 Come unto Me, and I will give you rest.
21:51 Hey Sing Time. Isn't the Sabbath a wonderful day?
21:57 It gives us so much rest. That reminds me,
22:01 do you remember your memory verse?
22:04 Olivia can you say our memory verse?
22:07 Let's say Matthew 11:28 Come unto Me,
22:17 and I will give you rest, good job.
22:28 Jesus does give us rest doesn't He?
22:31 I know a song about rest, you too.
22:33 Well how does it go, Here Christ calling come unto me,
22:37 alright, that is a good song it is,
22:40 thank you Jadis. Let's sing that song boys and girls.
22:45 Hear Christ calling "Come unto Me,
22:49 Come unto Me, Come unto Me."
22:54 Hear Christ calling "Come unto Me
22:59 I will give You rest." "I will give you rest,
23:09 I will give you rest. Hear Christ calling
23:17 "Come unto Me I will give You rest."
23:25 I like that song, I do too.
23:28 Let's sing that one more time and
23:29 boys and girls just really sing out with us okay.
23:33 Hear Christ calling "Come unto Me,
23:38 Come unto Me, Come unto Me."
23:43 Hear Christ calling "Come unto Me
23:47 I will give You rest." "I will give you rest,
23:57 I will give you rest. Hear Christ calling
24:06 "Come unto Me I will give You rest."
24:13 Auntie Linda I love to come over from my barn
24:16 and sing with you guys at Sing Time,
24:18 thank you for let me come to your house
24:20 and sing these good songs.
24:22 Well, we love to have you come Farmer Mike,
24:25 thank you. And we are having fun you now what,
24:28 it just makes me inright outright upright downright
24:31 happy all the time when we are all gather
24:33 together sing and, you ready Levy,
24:35 I love worship time. Let's sing that song,
24:37 okay, here we go, okay ready.
24:39 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
24:44 happy all the time.
24:46 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
24:49 happy all the time.
24:52 Since Jesus Christ came in, I gave my heart to Him.
25:00 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
25:04 happy all the time.
25:06 Levy liked that one, Levy clapping.
25:09 I like that one too let's try it one more time.
25:13 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
25:17 happy all the time.
25:19 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
25:22 happy all the time.
25:24 Since Jesus Christ came in, I gave my heart to Him.
25:31 I'm inright, outright, upright, downright
25:34 happy all the time.
25:36 Hey, that just makes me have the joy, joy, joy
25:40 down in Olivia heart. Olivia has got that joy
25:43 at our heart, she has got the joy.
25:44 Let's sing that boys and girls.
25:47 I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart
25:52 Where? Down in my heart! Where? Down in my heart!
25:57 I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart
26:02 Where? Down in my heart to stay. And I'm so happy
26:10 So very happy I've the love of Jesus in my heart
26:16 Down in my heart And I'm so happy
26:20 So very happy I've the love of Jesus in my heart.
26:28 You know Jesus loves the little ones
26:30 like me, me, me and He just loves to come
26:33 and have worship with us.
26:34 Let's sing Jesus loves the little ones like
26:36 me, me, me, right. Lets' sing this.
26:38 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:44 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:48 Little ones like me, Sat upon His knee,
26:53 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:59 Let's fold our hands and thank Jesus for loving us.
27:03 Jadis will you pray? Bow your head.
27:08 Dear Jesus I love you, everybody else
27:13 loves you too, amen. Amen. We do love Jesus,
27:20 yes we do. Who is that Mr. Rooster.
27:25 That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all the time
27:27 we have for today come back and see us.
27:35 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:42 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you.
27:49 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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