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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:13 we live for him around the world,
00:18 we spread love and joy,
00:20 like how he started the rainbow,
00:22 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:23 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 where God hears our voice.
00:27 Good Georgie, oh! That's right,
00:31 the boys and girls are here.
00:33 Hi, how are you? Georgie,
00:35 can you wave to the boys and girls.
00:37 We are so glad that you're here
00:39 and you know Jesus is glad that you're here too.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:50 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:59 Jesus knows your name, you made Jesus happy
01:04 just because you came. I'm so glad that you're here,
01:11 we are going to have lots of fun today come on in,
01:14 lets get started. Oh! Georgie, we got a phone call,
01:21 who it can be today. Hello, this is aunty Linda.
01:25 Hello Aunty Linda. Hi Megan,
01:29 we are talking today about how Jesus wants us to obey,
01:33 what does it mean to obey?
01:35 Well, if you do something good.
01:38 So if your mommy asked you to do something,
01:42 what do you do? Do that thing for her,
01:45 by cleaning the mat that's hidden in the bath tub.
01:51 Well, Megan it sounds like you do know a lot about
01:54 obeying. Thank you so much for calling me today.
01:57 Thank you Aunty Linda. Goodbye.
02:03 That was so special for Megan to call.
02:06 Oh! Hi Freddy, you're special too,
02:10 I love you Freddy, are you hungry Freddy?
02:13 Just give you a little bit of fishy food,
02:16 here you go, good boy, you can eat your food now.
02:20 Oh, someone is at the door. Oh hi Hannah.
02:26 Hi Ms Rita Beth. Hi Aunty Linda.
02:29 Georgie was getting so excited,
02:31 he was about to jumping out of my arm.
02:32 Did I get Hannah in, here in time for worship?
02:35 You should why don't you stay today.
02:37 Okay, I'd love to. Alright come on in,
02:41 kitty cat says its time to ring our worship bell.
02:44 Oh my! Hannah, you want to ring the bell today.
02:49 Yeah! Alright,
02:50 that's exciting that you are here Ms Rita Beth.
02:53 Okay boys and girls, sing along with us okay.
02:58 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:03 with our best friend Jesus, come and worship him,
03:10 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:20 This is the time when everyone likes
03:23 to see the best because we are going to see
03:25 what Jesus has for us in on our present box. Wow!
03:28 Would you like to hold Georgie?
03:30 I would love to. Okay.
03:32 Hi Georgie. What do you think Hannah?
03:34 I think there's a letter from Jesus.
03:36 There is a letter from Jesus
03:40 and lets see what Jesus has to say today,
03:45 it's in Hebrews, can you say Hebrews.
03:49 It's in Hebrews.
03:55 And it says Obey those Obey those
03:59 Who rule over you Who rule over you.
04:03 That's an important thing, well who rules over us
04:07 what does that mean Ms Rita Beth, do you know?
04:09 Well our parents, our authority
04:14 and then we also need to obey the laws of our land.
04:16 That's right and Hannah, what were you going to say?
04:20 I was gonna say Jesus made the land.
04:24 Jesus did make the land and that's important Hannah,
04:27 we want to obey Jesus most of all.
04:30 That was a wonderful thing Jesus told us.
04:33 Oh, we have something else,
04:36 there is someone else that learns to obey
04:39 and that is the little birdies
04:41 when the mother calls them then they come right away,
04:44 so even the baby birds they learn to obey.
04:49 And you know what when mommy gives us chores to do
04:53 what's that little girl doing Hannah?
04:54 She is making something. She is helping her mommy,
04:57 isn't she? She is making something.
04:59 And what is this little boy doing?
05:02 Feeding cow. Feeding cows. That's right.
05:05 And what is this Hannah. Stop sign.
05:09 That's a stop sign, is it important to obey
05:12 when we see a stop sign. Yeah.
05:14 What do we do when we see the stop sign?
05:16 We stop. We stop don't we,
05:19 I am going to let you take this picture home with you
05:22 so you can color it, I am going to lay it right there
05:25 because I have something else for you,
05:27 there is all kinds of things that we can do,
05:32 you want to come over here I have a paper for you
05:36 and we have some other signs too,
05:38 may be Ms Rita Beth can help up know what they are,
05:43 this one is for what? That's for a place
05:47 that we are not supposed to go,
05:48 it says do not enter. That's right.
05:51 Right there. Alright.
05:54 What other one do you want to pick?
05:55 This one. Oh what is that one for.
05:58 It means that there is a dip in the road,
06:01 so you are going to need to slow down
06:02 so you don't get hurt. So it's important to obey
06:05 all these rules. I want to take this?
06:08 Alright, you know lets thank Jesus for he is so good
06:13 and kind to us, I want to obey him.
06:16 Hannah would you have a special prayer for us.
06:18 Yes. Let's kneel down
06:20 boys and girls okay. kneel down
06:25 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
06:31 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
06:37 And very, very quiet be While the prayer is said
06:45 Dear Jesus, thank you for all the stuff you've given us
06:49 and thank you for, we can obey you
06:54 and obey our parents in Jesus name.
06:56 Amen. Amen. Amen.
06:58 I am really excited boys and girls
07:02 because I heard that farmer Mike has something
07:06 that he wants to show us today, so come on lets go.
07:15 Farmer Mike, we're here.
07:17 Hi everybody, oh! I like it when you come to
07:20 farmer Mike's farm to see him.
07:22 It looks like you have something in your pocket.
07:24 Oh it does, yeah I put something in there
07:26 a while ago, we'll sit down and I will tell you
07:28 about the surprise today.
07:29 Yeah. Alright.
07:31 You said it, beautiful birds. There's little birds.
07:36 And look how tiny they are, see how tiny,
07:39 oh we got to sit down there, sit down here by me okay.
07:42 You're going to sit by me right here sit right here.
07:46 They are tiny. I will tell you what.
07:47 I think they like. I'll tell you he wants
07:49 to see the birds okay so you sit right here,
07:51 you sit right here, you sit right here okay,
07:52 sit right here now, listen sit right there,
07:55 now you heard me, 'cause I want them all to be,
07:58 everybody can see them at the same time that way.
08:00 What do you have in your pocket?
08:02 Oh, that's just my wallet, well, I went to town
08:04 and I brought some seed a while ago
08:06 and I had to pay for it you know to feed the animals.
08:08 So, I put my wallet right here.
08:10 Are you just joking? No, its really my wallet
08:12 you want to see it right here.
08:13 Yeah. I cant unbutton
08:15 it very good with this holding,
08:16 let me set the birds down and I will show you
08:17 right here, you know when you go buy bird feed
08:20 and clothes and food and all that kind of stuff,
08:22 you have to pay for it. So, I just had my wallet
08:24 there a while ago from the store.
08:27 Okay. And I put it in there.
08:28 You have any more. No I just got these two birds
08:30 to tell you about but let me tell you then,
08:32 look at what color are they. One is white and orange
08:36 and one white and gray. And chocolate actually.
08:39 Yeah. Yes.
08:41 And that one up, that's the highest,
08:42 its got the two colors that's called the white chocolate
08:46 and the other one is just a white bird
08:50 and they also called that one is chocolate
08:52 and white a society bird
08:55 and I don't know if that means he is just real good
08:57 out in society with a lot of people,
08:59 I probably don't know why, but that's her name.
09:01 Now which one is the society bird?
09:03 That's the one with the chocolate
09:05 and the white and the other one is just a white bird.
09:08 Which one do you like Sylvia?
09:11 Which bird is yours favorite?
09:12 Just don't poke the cage 'cause it might scare him,
09:14 You like the white, and the white and chocolate.
09:20 Look look Yeah, I hope you don't bite your finger,
09:23 no he won't, he won't now anyway.
09:27 The chocolate one. We keep these inside.
09:30 What do they like to eat? Oh! They like to eat bird
09:34 seed mostly. Mostly bird seed.
09:36 Yeah, but I will tell you something,
09:38 that's kind of neat about having them inside,
09:39 they don't fly around outside very much.
09:41 No. Where do they live?
09:43 They live inside like if you want to have one for a pet
09:46 you have it in your house in this cage
09:47 and here is what's kind of neat,
09:49 to give him a bath they will take a bath themselves
09:53 if you hang this little thing you can get
09:54 that at a little pet store, it hangs on the side
09:58 of the cage like that and its got water in it
10:00 and they will come out and get in it and take a bath.
10:04 And then they go back into their cage
10:06 and here is something that's amazing.
10:09 God does so many amazing things in all he creates.
10:15 No two, no any bird like no two of them
10:19 are just alike. They all look different,
10:23 every single one of these kind of birds are different,
10:27 they are not Do you like those birds Hannah.
10:30 Yes You do? Which is your favorite.
10:32 The chocolate. You like the chocolate and the white.
10:35 And usually people don't, they don't like the way
10:37 people handle them. They like to be free
10:40 and they don't like people to handle them very much.
10:43 Some animals don't mind if you touch them
10:45 and handle them but these birds don't want to be
10:46 handled like that, maybe because they're too small,
10:49 I don't know aren't they pretty.
10:52 They are having fun now. They are having fun today,
10:54 they like to just do that kind of thing
10:57 and play around there and climb up on the cage
10:59 and usually when you buy them like if you went to
11:02 a pet store to buy these, you want to buy two of them.
11:05 Why is that? They sell them in pairs,
11:07 I think they get along a lot better if there is
11:09 two others. And they get lonely.
11:11 They might get lonely. I like to have friends too,
11:13 don't you? Sure.
11:14 Do you like to have friends?
11:16 Everybody needs companions. Yes.
11:17 There are some things about all of us,
11:19 even the animals that God did,
11:21 you notice how we all have eyes
11:24 and we all have mouths and ears and noses,
11:27 we all like to eat. We all have hair almost
11:31 everything has hair almost, almost all the animals
11:35 and people. That thing has hair.
11:36 And another thing they like to sing
11:39 they like music I like music too.
11:42 Reminding me of something Aunty Linda,
11:44 do you know what I am thinking about?
11:46 I know what you are thinking farmer Mike.
11:48 You know, our song? Yes.
11:52 I like to go to the farm where the cows mow mow,
11:56 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack,
12:00 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:04 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
12:09 I like that song. I like these tiny birds too
12:13 and I am glad you guys came to see them today.
12:15 I am too. They enjoyed your visit I think
12:18 Well, we have lots of things to do Kayla and Jades
12:22 and Sylvia we are gonna have to to be on our way.
12:25 Bye. Bye, bye. Goodbye,
12:27 goodbye come back to see farmer Mike. Bye
12:30 Bye bye. Thank you. Bye.
12:42 It's a beautiful day for a walk
12:43 come and join Hannah and I
12:45 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
12:51 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
12:57 to see what God has given.
13:02 Oh, I love it outside, I love it,
13:04 don't you Hannah. Yeah. It's so fun,
13:07 oh what do you see that God made?
13:09 I see the birds and the apples.
13:12 Oh I love apples, don't you? Yeah.
13:15 Oh Hannah there is something over there in the bushes.
13:19 It's a deer. It's a baby fawn
13:22 boys and girls Lets see how close
13:25 we can get okay, we have to be quiet oh yes,
13:29 oh we better not go any closer,
13:36 what do you think. Yeah! Yes.
13:39 Oh! Isn't it sweet? Yeah!
13:43 Its such a sweet, why do you think
13:45 its here all by itself. Because his mommy said
13:49 he has to stay there. Yes, does it's mommy ask
13:56 him to obey? Yeah.
13:58 Yes, you know the little deer thinks
14:01 that we can't see him, he thinks he is hiding
14:05 because he is just obeying his mommy
14:07 and I wonder if his mommy is around here
14:10 somewhere watching us. I think the mommy is close by.
14:13 Don't you? Maybe its there, hidden in that bush.
14:17 Maybe so, you know, what when your mommy says
14:20 to you Hannah, you need to stay in your bed
14:24 and take a nap. Do you stay in your bed
14:26 and take a nap. Yeah.
14:28 You do don't you? I love naps.
14:30 You do too, I do too, I think the little fawn
14:33 like naps too, I am so glad that Jesus made
14:36 this sweet baby fawns.
14:37 Aren't you? Yeah.
14:41 God made the sweet baby fawns, I know, I know,
14:49 God made the sweet baby fawns because he loves me so.
15:02 It's story time boys and girls.
15:04 Yeah. We love story time and
15:07 we've got a good story for you today,
15:09 its about a man named Jonah. Jonah is doing
15:12 something, what does he have on his back.
15:14 He has a stick, it has polka dots on them.
15:18 Yes, and he has his clothes in it and he is
15:20 heading to what is this. A boat.
15:22 A boat, God told Jonah go and preach but here is
15:28 what Jonah said, I am going to do things my
15:30 own way, I'll ride a boat instead.
15:35 He got in the boat so God sent mighty winds to
15:39 blow, Jonah cried its all my fault, this storm is
15:43 for my sin. The waves, oh its rocking the boat.
15:50 Yes, the men exclaimed what shall we do,
15:54 God sent this storm for him, we must throw
15:57 Jonah overboard he is going to have to swim,
16:00 throwing Jonah into the water.
16:07 Then God prepared a great big fish to swallow
16:11 him inside, Jonah found it doesn't pay to disobey
16:16 and hide for three long days and long nights poor
16:23 Jonah prayed and prayed, he is sitting inside the
16:28 whale's belly, see all his teeth, he said dear
16:32 God forgive me please for I have disobeyed.
16:35 So God heard Jonah's earnest prayer there
16:41 can't be any doubt, God made the fish close to
16:45 land, where it spit Jonah out, right onto the land
16:50 that fish spit him out. Then Jonah hurried on his
16:54 way, he couldn't wait to preach. So Jonah learned
16:58 the lesson well, that God had meant to teach him.
17:04 Its important to do what we are asked to do isn't
17:06 it? Do you do what your mommy ask you to do
17:08 Justin. Yes, do you do what your daddy and
17:12 mommy ask you to do, I want to do,
17:14 even more don't you boys and girls,
17:16 what Jesus wants us to do. Remember boys and
17:20 girls that God loves you so much.
17:23 Can you remember that? Yeah.
17:26 Yes, we will remember that Jesus loves us.
17:30 Hi boys and girls, Today Ms Cinda is gonna
17:39 teach us how to do something special.
17:41 We are going to make, does anybody know what
17:44 we are going to do today? Make dough.
17:46 That's right, that's right, Noah, only well
17:50 that's kind of right because we are not
17:52 making the dough and Ms Cinda has already made
17:54 the dough, but I thought you could help me make
17:57 it into dinner rolls because we need rolls for
17:59 dinner tonight, what do you think
18:01 Oh that sounds good And boys and girls,
18:04 you can watch how we do this and when your
18:07 mommies make bread, you can ask them if you
18:09 can help make them dinner rolls, I am going
18:12 to give each of you a little bit of dough.
18:16 On the plates? Yes, I am going to put it
18:19 on your plates now Aunty Linda if you could show
18:24 Hannah and Taylor, because you know kids'
18:25 aunty Linda is a very good bread maker
18:26 Thank you. And Taylor aunty Linda
18:30 will show you how to put yours.
18:32 Can you roll it on your mat, like that, roll it,
18:34 take a little piece and roll it.
18:37 Do you like to eat rolls? I do.
18:38 What do you like to eat on your rolls?
18:40 I like cinnamon rolls. Ms Cinda will you pass
18:46 this vegetable spray please.
18:48 Oh, that's right, make sure before we put
18:51 make sure you guys spray it and kids at home make
18:56 sure you spray your pan with a cooking spray.
19:00 So that your rolls don't stick, because that if
19:03 you don't, when you bake them, it will come out of
19:06 the pan, then you won't get to eat them.
19:08 I sprayed yours Ms Cinda. Oh thank you, okay kids,
19:15 I will show you too, take a little bunch of dough,
19:18 just a little one and you can do bigger now.
19:21 I have a bigger pan. So I am going to do a
19:24 little bit bigger dough, but you have a little
19:26 pan, so you can do, just grab a little bit of
19:29 dough and let's roll it into a ball.
19:31 See look at my ball, you can just roll it into
19:35 a ball. It is sticky. Or you can go like this
19:37 if you want see, see how I am tucking it under
19:43 and making a really nice round ball, see look at
19:47 that, nice round ball. Good job Taylor.
19:48 Do you like that? Yeah. We are done with this,
19:51 lets get this out of our way.
19:54 You want to try it? Oh, you'll need a bigger
19:55 piece Noah, look, lets help you, here you go oh.
20:00 You don't want to eat that dough, it really
20:02 doesn't taste very good. Oh the taste,
20:03 that's perfect. now make some more.
20:06 This fruit cake tastes so silly.
20:08 It tastes silly, well you are following directions
20:11 very well, roll it, roll it into a dough, into a
20:17 ball, roll the dough into a ball.
20:18 How are you kids doing over here, how are you
20:19 doing Hannah and Taylor. Good.
20:21 Good, you guys are doing just what I say, you must
20:27 be good at obeying. They are.
20:29 We saw a little farm on our nature walk and it
20:33 was obeying its mommy, its mommy told it to stay
20:36 and it just sat real still and stayed right
20:38 there. Do you kids obey your mommies and
20:41 daddies. Taylor what do you do to obey.
20:43 I listen. I already did.
20:47 You listen to her. I already did, Oh good
20:50 job Noah, put it in your pan, what do you do to
20:54 obey. I just listen.
20:56 You listen and you do what they tell you.
20:59 Remember that day when Jasmine hit me with her
21:02 ducky. And she said she was
21:06 sorry didn't she? Yeah.
21:07 Hannah, what do you do to obey?
21:10 I do obey by listening to my mommy and daddy.
21:12 And you do what they tell you?
21:14 Do you obey, Noah? Yes, what happens when
21:18 we don't obey. They get mad at us and
21:22 spank us. Oh! I wouldn't like that.
21:26 Me too. Would you like a
21:28 spanking? No. No.
21:32 They just really don't get mad, they just get
21:33 disappointed. And you know what it
21:35 makes Jesus sad when we don't obey doesn't it.
21:38 Yeah. Yeah.
21:40 And look at, Aunty Linda is helping me, so I will
21:43 help you okay. There you go, that's a little bit and
21:48 we will bake these and then we could have them,
21:50 you will have these for supper tonight, I will let
21:53 you get, you each can take your rolls home
21:55 tonight okay. Because I am really thankful that
21:58 you are going to help me. Thank you for letting us
22:01 help you today Ms Cinda, this is fun.
22:03 Do you guys like being in the kitchen?
22:04 Yeah. How about lets tell all
22:07 the boys and girls that cooking is fun shall we
22:12 tell them? Yeah.
22:13 Boys and girls we want you to know
22:15 that cooking is fun.
22:23 Yeah, sing time. Does anyone remember
22:28 where our memory verse is from.
22:31 Do you know Hannah? I will help you, Hebrews.
22:35 That's right, our memory verse is found in Hebrews
22:40 13:17, 13:17 that's right. Obey.
22:48 Obey. Those. Those.
22:51 Who have the rule Who have the rule
22:55 Over you Over you
22:57 Well, who has the rule over us?
23:00 Mommy and daddy and Jesus.
23:03 That's right and God gave us two ears that we can
23:08 hear when they call us and we are going to sing
23:10 song about that.
23:14 I have two ears and I am glad to hear the voice of
23:21 mom and dad, I will obey them everyday as they
23:29 teach me in Jesus way.
23:33 You hear mommy saying come here, we run and
23:37 come running fast and that's what little kitties
23:41 do too, when they hear their mommies and little
23:43 doggies, we are going to sing when a kitty says
23:48 come here, who comes running?
23:53 When a kitty says meow meow, who comes
23:58 running, who comes running.
24:01 When a kitty says meow, meow, little kitty
24:08 comes on running.
24:13 Now when a doggy says bow wow. When a doggy
24:18 says wow wow, who comes running, who
24:24 comes running. When a doggy says wow wow,
24:31 all the puppies come on running.
24:37 And that's what Jesus wants us to do,
24:38 is to come right away, you know boys and girls
24:43 Jesus loves all the children so much and
24:46 that's why he wants us to obey. Lets sing Jesus
24:49 loves the little children of the world okay.
24:53 Jesus loves the little children.
24:56 All the children of the world.
25:02 Red and yellow, black and white
25:03 They're all precious in his sight.
25:06 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
25:11 Lets sing that one again. Jesus loves the little
25:15 children. All the children of the world.
25:20 Red and yellow, black and white.
25:24 They're all precious in his sight.
25:27 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
25:30 Jesus loves us so much, lets sing Jesus loves me
25:35 this I know. Oh! I like that song.
25:38 Jesus loves me! This I know,
25:43 For the Bible tells me so;
25:47 Little ones to him belong,
25:52 They are weak but he is strong.
25:56 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:07 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:17 Let's sing that once more. Jesus loves me!
26:21 This I know, For the Bible tells me so;
26:28 Little ones to him belong,
26:33 They are weak but he is strong.
26:40 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:47 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:57 Lets fold our hands and close your eyes and Ms
27:01 Cinda, will you have a prayer.
27:04 Dear Jesus, I thank you for giving us mommies
27:06 and daddies who love us so much and I thank you
27:11 for that you love us and help us to have a good
27:15 day, in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Amen.
27:23 Mr Rooster and he says that's all the time we
27:26 have for today boys and girls,
27:27 we will see you later.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have
27:40 to go. Goodbye, goodbye, remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye, remember God
27:54 loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:07 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy, like how he started the
28:16 rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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