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Jesus Wants Me To Be Kind

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like how he started the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice.
00:28 Aunty Linda, the boys and girls are here.
00:30 Oh! They are. Hannah, can you wave to boys
00:33 and girls. Hi.
00:34 Georgie wants to wave to you too,
00:36 he's glad that you're here,
00:38 but someone else that's happy that you're here too.
00:42 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
00:47 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:53 Welcome, welcome, you're welcome
00:56 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:01 just because you came. Oh! We've so many
01:06 fun things planned today, Hannah I think we're
01:09 through watering the flowers.
01:10 Let's take the boys and girls inside, okay.
01:12 Come on, I can't wait. Oh! Hannah we're
01:16 getting a phone call. Yeah.
01:18 Oh! What a nice day it is today.
01:23 Hello, this is Aunty Linda speaking.
01:25 Hi, Aunty Linda, this is Carrie.
01:28 Hi Carrie, I heard you did something really kind.
01:34 Can you tell me about it? I made a card for my papa
01:37 with a bandage on the heart.
01:40 He had to get his heart fixed.
01:42 Oh! That was a nice thing for you to do,
01:45 why did you do it?
01:47 'Cause Jesus wants me to be kind.
01:50 When we're kind that makes Jesus really happy.
01:53 Thank you for calling today Carrie.
01:57 Bye Aunty Linda. Bye, bye,
02:00 that was Carrie Dyle. Isn't it she a sweet girl,
02:03 I really love. Oh! She was doing
02:06 kind things for everyone, oh! Freddy,
02:12 he was hungry Georgie. Okay, let's just give him
02:15 one little flake okay. Well not too much,
02:18 'cause we want to be kind to him
02:20 and not make him sick. There you go Freddy,
02:26 I think that made him happy.
02:27 Look at Georgie, oh! Kitty cat, kitty cat's
02:32 reminding us that it's time to have worship.
02:35 Thank you kitty, you want to ring our
02:38 worship bell today. Yes. Alright,
02:42 now we'll have the boys and girls
02:43 sing along with us okay.
02:47 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to read with
02:51 our best friend Jesus, come and worship here.
02:57 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:06 I wonder what's in our box today,
03:09 Georgie, you can sit right here okay.
03:12 Okay, I'm excited. I'm so excited,
03:15 are you excited. We've a letter from Jesus today,
03:23 it's always exciting to get a letter from Jesus,
03:25 isn't it boys and girls. I like to.
03:27 You like to too, let's see what Jesus says today.
03:33 Can you say Ephesians 4:32.
03:36 Ephesians 4:32. Ephesians 4:32
03:43 and be kind to one another.
03:46 And be kind to one another.
03:48 That's right, Jesus wants us to always
03:50 be kind doesn't he. You know we have
03:53 something else in our box, oh!
03:57 Yeah. We've something really special,
04:01 well hi, how are you today?
04:07 Do you know what that says?
04:08 That says buddy, he's name is Buddy.
04:13 Buddy is a really special dog,
04:15 you know Pastor Kinn, he loves Buddy so much.
04:20 He's kind to him he gives him good food to eat.
04:23 That's a collar. Umm!
04:25 That's a collar and he gives him baths.
04:29 One time Buddy was outside and Pastor Kinn called
04:34 Buddy, Buddy and he didn't see him and he
04:38 called again and Buddy came up to the porch
04:41 and he was just shaking and oh!
04:44 He smelled so bad, he stopped
04:48 Pastor Kinn was going, you know what happened.
04:53 It was a skunk. It was a skunk,
04:56 sprayed him all over and he smelled so bad,
05:00 but Pastor Kinn loved Buddy and he said.
05:03 Its okay Buddy and he went and got
05:05 some tomato juice, 'cause that helps take
05:08 the stink out and he poured it all over buddy
05:11 and rubbed it all over then he gave him a bath
05:13 and another bath and he put perfume on him
05:15 and he dried him all up and then he took buddy
05:19 and just held him really close,
05:22 'cause Buddy was just shaking
05:25 and he was kind to Buddy. Because he loved Buddy.
05:27 Buddy is. Yes. He ate them.
05:30 Umm! Jesus wants us to be kind too
05:33 always doesn't he. You know Hannah would
05:36 you just have a special prayer for us today.
05:38 Yes. Just asking Jesus to help us
05:41 to always be kind. Okay, Lets kneel down,
05:45 okay and bend our knees.
05:48 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands.
05:53 I will bow my head; I will close my eyes
05:59 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
06:07 Dear Jesus, thank you for everything you give
06:11 that's in all of our foods and please give our Buddy
06:16 and all the animals and I just pray ask
06:21 you the same. Amen. Amen, Oh I'm thankful
06:27 that Jesus gave us all the animals.
06:29 Speaking of animals, it's time for us to go
06:32 see Farmer Mike. Come on boys and girls,
06:35 Let's go to the barn.
06:41 Aunty Linda, you see what we've today
06:44 on the farm for you guys. Oh! Yes, I think
06:46 the boys and girls at home
06:48 are gonna like to see this too.
06:50 I'm glad you guys came today to see,
06:53 this is a beautiful peacock.
06:55 Oh! He's so pretty.
06:57 You see the color on his neck right there.
06:59 Isn't he, isn't he beautiful Jasmine.
07:03 What color is his neck Jasmine?
07:05 Blue. That's right and he's called an Indian
07:09 blue peacock and he came. Oh! Look at the
07:13 feathers on his head. Isn't he cute?
07:16 Of course he's from around here,
07:17 but many years ago. They had him in India.
07:20 Oh! Really. And course he is blue,
07:22 Indian blue peacock. He's looking at us.
07:24 He is studying you guys. Look at, he's looking at us.
07:27 I like that on a back of his head right here.
07:29 If I don't scare him, see that on back
07:31 of his head it almost looks like a beautiful
07:34 crown on his head or something. Don't scare him;
07:36 I never stopped being surprised at how many
07:40 different things Jesus makes
07:42 and God gives us to enjoy. Don't throw at him now,
07:46 you'll scare him okay, but he's a.
07:50 He likes to eat, you can see his.
07:52 He might eat some apples we put there for him
07:55 and we got some seeds. Oh! He'll eat the apples.
07:57 I hope so, if you're very quiet.
07:59 If nobody throws anything at him or makes
08:02 a loud noise he might. He is looking at you Jasmine.
08:05 Yeah, that's why we talk very quietly. yes.
08:09 And we don't throw anything at him,
08:10 because we don't want to scare him.
08:13 But he's a beautiful bird, you ever seen a peacock
08:15 when it just spread its tails like that.
08:17 I see a bug on him. There is a bug on him.
08:20 Here's something that surprises me,
08:22 most of the time I've always thought that
08:25 girls were awfully pretty and boys were
08:27 not supposed to be pretty. We're handsome,
08:29 you know if they're nice looking,
08:32 but with the peacocks it is the boy,
08:35 the male that has those beautiful big tails
08:38 that spread Aunty Linda. Aha. It's always
08:40 the male and not the girl. Really. With the peacock,
08:43 the girl, the females usually kind of gray
08:46 and white, green head and the boy has those
08:51 great big beautiful feathers,
08:53 'cause right now the feathers,
08:55 a lot of them are gone on the tail because
08:58 peacock's every year lose their feathers
09:01 and like the end of the summer or August,
09:03 September. I can hold, there was awhile ago.
09:06 Yeah, I don't know. If we will try to hold him
09:08 only because he may not hurt you.
09:10 But you might scare him and he want to run away.
09:13 We couldn't enjoy, just looking at him
09:16 and see if he's been eating everything.
09:18 But anyway they lose their tails in the summer time.
09:21 He's not eating. No, he's not eating,
09:23 yes him. But maybe he's about to start.
09:25 I will sit there. Okay, that's okay,
09:27 that's fine like that. Now here is something else,
09:29 before they get their. He looked at us.
09:31 Before they get their feathers
09:32 around their eyes, they have to be
09:34 at least two years old before
09:36 they get eye feathers. Oh! Wow. Now,
09:39 they don't have those until they're two years old.
09:42 Well I wonder if Mr. Peacock would like
09:44 us to sing him a song. He might like music
09:48 and I didn't tell you by the way he eats normally
09:50 stuff like grains you know like the other animals
09:52 eat small apples and things like that.
09:55 But he might like to hear us
09:57 sing our song on the farm, our song about
09:59 the farm we sing. Lets see what he does okay.
10:02 Let's if he likes our song.
10:04 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo moo,
10:09 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack,
10:12 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:16 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:18 And learn of Jesus.
10:23 Maybe if you comeback and
10:24 we have him some other time.
10:25 He'll have new feathers on his tail.
10:27 Oh! That be great. I want to sing a song.
10:29 Well, we just did, but right now we've to
10:31 do something else. Let's tip toe out,
10:32 so we don't disturb him okay.
10:34 You've to sing on the way till next place,
10:36 because you're going see some other fun things.
10:38 I want to sing too so. Bye, bye comeback, bye bye.
10:41 Oh! Maybe we're get a sing him another.
10:49 Noah and Hannah and I are out for a walk
10:51 come and join us.
10:55 Shall we go for a walk today,
10:58 a walk today, a walk today.
11:03 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:07 to see what God has given.
11:12 Oh! The flowers are so pretty. Yeah.
11:16 What colors are they? Yellow, purple and yellow
11:22 and pink and yellow. Purple.
11:25 Oh! Jesus made them so pretty didn't he?
11:29 Do you like flowers?
11:31 Do you think flowers make people happy?
11:35 What can we do with flowers?
11:36 We can give them to people,
11:39 who are, the doctor make them feel better.
11:42 Oh! That's a good idea, Miss Jeannie wasn't
11:46 feeling so good, maybe we should take some
11:49 flowers to Miss Jeannie. That's a good idea,
11:52 why don't each of you pick two flowers,
11:55 one, you can pick them by down here.
11:59 Oh you got top off, lets try another one.
12:02 Try this one and try picking right down here,
12:05 so you can get some of the stem.
12:07 Look I just got yellow. You just got yellow.
12:10 Umm! Oh! Okay well that's good too.
12:13 Well I'm so glad that God made the beautiful flowers.
12:20 God made the beautiful flowers,
12:24 I know, I know.
12:27 God made the beautiful flowers,
12:31 because he loves me so.
12:36 I think Miss Jeannie's gonna like these flowers.
12:39 Yeah. Let's go give it to her right now.
12:43 Yes, we will.
12:49 Yeah it's Story Time. We've a good story
12:54 for you today boys and girls,
12:56 it's called breakfast by the sea.
12:58 Oh! What is this? Stars.
13:02 Stars and what do you think,
13:04 who are these men? Who do you think they're?
13:09 Are they Jesus disciples, I think so and
13:13 what are they doing? Making net.
13:17 You're right Julie, they're catching fish.
13:19 Peter and his friends are in a boat.
13:23 Can you see it? They're making the net.
13:26 They're making the net. Yeah.
13:28 What is Peter doing? Making the net.
13:32 He's catching fish; he and his friends are
13:35 fishing with a net. They've been fishing
13:38 all night. Oh they're sleeping.
13:39 That's because they've been fishing all night
13:42 long and they're so tired and they,
13:45 did they catch any fish. Do you see any fish?
13:47 No. There is no fishes in there,
13:51 see the sun come up.
13:54 Can you see the sun come up? Yeah.
13:57 You see the stars; yes it's starting to get light.
14:03 Oh! Peter is yarning, can you yarn.
14:09 He's yarning; he's so tired the night is over.
14:12 It's time to stop fishing,
14:15 but oh is there fish in his net. No.
14:19 There's no fishes, no fish for Peter,
14:22 no fish for his friends and Peter is tired
14:27 and he's hungry. Poor Peter,
14:32 listen somebody is calling them.
14:35 Who's calling them? Jesus.
14:37 Jesus, is the sun out bright.
14:41 Yep. Yes, is there fishes in their net?
14:45 No. No. Jesus says throw the net out,
14:50 throw it out again and the fisher men say
14:53 it's too late see the sun, throw it out again.
14:59 The voice called back, so they threw the
15:03 net on the other side of the boat.
15:05 Can you pretend you're throwing the net,
15:07 throw it out, just throw it out on the other side?
15:13 Oh! Down, down, down the net goes,
15:17 down under water, down under the boat.
15:20 What do you see now? Fish.
15:23 Are just a little bit of fish? Nope.
15:27 Lots and lots of fish and they're swimming
15:31 in the water, can you make them swim.
15:34 Make your fishes swim in the water. Look at me.
15:37 Yes, you're make and a good fishy,
15:39 that fishy. I make a new one.
15:41 You're making a new fishy,
15:43 oh! There was a lots and lots of fishy
15:45 swimming all around. Oh!
15:47 Were the disciples surprised?
15:49 Yep. Peter said, I know that had to be Jesus,
15:54 were they, are they laughing.
15:56 Yeah. Do you think they were happy?
15:57 Yeah. Yes, they're surprised to see
16:01 so many fish, the net fills heavy.
16:04 Peter pulled the net and the net was full of fish,
16:10 see the big fish. Can you find a big fish?
16:12 Right here. That's right;
16:14 can you find some little fish?
16:15 Yes. They are big fish and little fish and lots
16:19 and lots of fish. Look, look they cried that is,
16:24 who was that? Jesus.
16:26 Jesus, oh! Jesus is our friend,
16:30 they said. Jesus did this for us,
16:33 Jesus, Peter shouts. He jumps out into
16:36 the boat and did he get wet.
16:38 Yeah. Look at he's in the water and what is this?
16:44 Jesus. Jesus and did he make breakfast for him.
16:47 Yeah. What is this? Fire. That's fire,
16:50 he's cooking some fish for them and what is this?
16:55 Bread. Bread, that's right Julie,
16:58 see the fire on the beach, see the food.
17:00 Jesus made breakfast for his friends.
17:04 Thank you Jesus, thank you for being
17:06 kind to Peter and his friends.
17:09 Our Bible says, be kind to one another,
17:13 does Jesus want us to be kind to one another?
17:16 Yeah. Yes, well we wanna be kind,
17:18 don't we? Jesus wants all of us to be kind
17:21 to each other boys and girls.
17:23 We want to be like Jesus and always remember.
17:27 There is smoke, smoke going up.
17:28 That's why, that's from the breakfast Jesus made.
17:31 That's right Noah smoke is coming there,
17:34 because Jesus is cooking a good breakfast.
17:36 Jesus will do special things for you too
17:38 boys and girls, because he really, really.
17:40 This fish is dead. That's right;
17:42 he really, really loves you.
17:44 This fish is in the fire of that.
17:52 Hi, boys and girls, we're haven't fun today
17:55 with Miss Cinda. We are,
17:57 we're making veggie burgers.
17:59 Yum, I love veggie burgers.
18:02 Everybody here know what veggie burger is?
18:04 What. Yeah. Veggie burgers, it's not a hamburger,
18:10 because Cinda doesn't eat meat.
18:12 Does she? But I can.
18:13 No. I cannot either. No, you don't eat meat either,
18:19 no and so. Not eat. You know,
18:22 and so this is healthy. So this is better for you,
18:25 because there is no meat in it.
18:26 This is tofu and this is veggie burgers,
18:32 so it's not a meat product.
18:33 It's made out of soy products.
18:35 And this is broccoli. So, its lot better for
18:36 you boys and girls. And that's milk.
18:38 Okay, Hannah, can you put our veggie burgers
18:41 in the bowl. You can just,
18:42 you can just dump it all in if you like.
18:46 Or you can go spoon by spoon.
18:47 You can put that in, Taylor can you put that in?
18:51 I want to put all in.
18:53 And I wanna pour soy milk in. Okay,
18:57 you get to pour the soy milk in Justin.
18:59 Okay Taylor, there comes our tofu.
19:05 Comes out. You want me help you or. Good job.
19:07 Can I help you, how about if I go like this?
19:10 Why don't you help him too?
19:14 Oh! You guys are such good helpers.
19:18 And what about me. Some fell out of the bowl.
19:20 You're good helper too and you know
19:22 what you had the best job, because you get to.
19:26 Oh! Can you move this on my near.
19:28 I will move the bowl over by you Justin,
19:31 so you don't feel so left out okay.
19:33 Alright. Let's get all of it,
19:34 okay Hannah I need some more burger here.
19:37 Okay. Okay, you wanna just take it
19:39 and dumped it all in for me.
19:41 Uh huh! Okay. Here this. Just.
19:45 That's a good job. Oh! Good job,
19:50 there we go. And then when. Hannah come here,
19:51 you take the spoon, I will hold the bowl
19:53 and you take the spoon,
19:54 we're not gonna forget you Justin.
19:57 Really. No. We're not forgetting you.
19:59 We won't forget you.
20:01 You know what you can do Justin.
20:03 Can you shake up the milk for us.
20:05 Yes. Oh! Hold, yeah shake it up.
20:06 Oh! Let's given it. Let's make shake,
20:08 shake for some time. Okay now shake it up good.
20:11 Shake it up good,
20:13 oh! Good job. You must have a lot of
20:17 muscles. We should start, can you get it out Hannah.
20:18 Do you've big muscles? Yeah. Wow!
20:21 I can't see it, can you get it out.
20:22 Almost. Wow! that's good.
20:25 Oh! Good job Hannah.
20:27 That one is heavy for babies. Good Job.
20:30 For babies, it's soy milk. Okay. Yes. Good job.
20:34 Okay, now it's Jadus' turn
20:36 with her bread crumbs and seasonings.
20:38 Can I. Is that seasoning. Oh! Sure come here,
20:40 come over here by me.
20:42 I will stir it too. And you can help to;
20:45 you can take your little spoon.
20:46 Come on Hannah. And pretty soon Justin
20:48 is gonna come around with the milk.
20:50 Can you stir? Okay Justin.
20:55 Can you squeeze in there and put in a little
20:57 bit of milk, who you wanna use the big spoon.
21:00 Hannah use my big spoon, okay.
21:01 Just scoot it a little bit.
21:03 Okay, can you reach it, can you put a
21:05 little in up and down. Can you guys reach it?
21:06 Maybe. Open it up, that's ready. Okay,
21:08 put in a little bit of milk Justin,
21:12 oh! Good job. Good job. Okay, let them stir
21:15 little bit more up, okay stir it up.
21:19 It's good, I love it. Why don't we take this
21:22 yellow spoon out, 'cause I don't think we need that.
21:25 It's gluey. It's gluey,
21:27 oh! It's gonna be yummy. You don't think that tastes
21:28 good in there Miss Cinda. Oh! I don't think
21:30 I would like a yellow spoon in my veggie burger.
21:32 Gluey. That's gonna be gluey. Gluey.
21:36 Oh! That's gonna be good. Okay Justin,
21:40 I think that's enough right now.
21:42 Well, wait till they get it all stirred up.
21:46 How's it going guys, you want me help you Hannah.
21:49 Oh! Hannah, those are gonna be good
21:52 veggie burgers, what do you think Justin?
21:54 That's good, Well, that's good.
21:55 Better. You think they will be better.
21:58 Yeah. You want a little more milk.
22:01 Let me get it real stirred up.
22:03 And then who wants to make a veggie patty up,
22:06 a patty for me. Me. Me. You're gonna shake
22:10 it up good. Okay. Better.
22:13 Justin I think it's moist enough;
22:16 you only want to add enough of the soy milk
22:19 so to make it soft. Can I stir it?
22:22 So, now you're gonna just a minute.
22:24 Now Hannah can you reach in there
22:26 and I want you to grab a handful of it.
22:28 Can you make it like a patty?
22:29 I don't think so. Make it look like a.
22:33 Justin, just a minute, I will get you here.
22:35 Can you get some here, do you wanna make some.
22:36 I put this one over on the counter or
22:38 you wanna make a patty. No. You don't want to.
22:44 I wanna make a patty,
22:46 Alright, you may make a patty.
22:47 How do you do. Can I. I put some in your hand.
22:50 I want to make a veggie burger.
22:52 That's what she's doing and then pat it out
22:54 into a patty. There we go.
22:56 I'm gonna make it too tight. And then put it
22:57 on the cooking sheet. Okay get it out tight.
22:59 Oh! James that's perfect. You're wanna make one.
23:02 You do the Hannah. Yeah. Okay
23:03 make one we don't need this any more.
23:05 Oh! Here, I will show you look.
23:07 Get over here. You don't want to get
23:09 your hands dirty; you know what
23:10 I will get a towel for you. How about that?
23:13 Miss Cinda's got lots of towels.
23:16 There you go, now you can wipe your hands.
23:18 Can I have a bowl now? Guess what,
23:20 I have a treat for you guys.
23:22 Oh! She's got one for you to taste look.
23:27 I want this one. Okay,
23:28 take it over here Hannah. You got to try one.
23:31 Oh! Look at this guys,
23:35 lets taste your veggie burgers
23:36 and see what you think, tell us if they're good.
23:38 This is good. This is good. This is good.
23:43 Oh! Good, well boys and girls remember
23:48 that when you're in the kitchen cooking.
23:50 To cook healthy, so that you can be healthy,
23:53 so our bodies can be strong and healthy
23:56 and remember. It's fun to be in the kitchen.
24:04 Yes, it's Sing Time. It also time for us
24:09 to review our memory verse.
24:10 Oh! Good. Do you know where it's found.
24:12 In Ephesians 4:32. That's right Jacob.
24:18 That's very good. That's very good and be kind.
24:21 Be kind. One. One. To another. To another.
24:27 That's right, Jesus wants us to be kind
24:31 not only to one another, but to our animals
24:33 boys and girls and we're gonna sing a song
24:35 that will help us remember that.
24:37 Okay, let's sing. I will be kind to
24:38 my kitty each day.
24:39 I'll be kind to my kitty each day.
24:45 It makes Jesus glad. It makes Jesus glad.
24:50 I will be kind to my kitty each day.
24:56 For this makes dear Jesus glad.
25:01 And you know Jesus was kind to his disciples too
25:04 and we're gonna sing a little song about that.
25:07 Can you make little boats? Make a boat.
25:09 Okay, make a boat. Make a boat.
25:10 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
25:15 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
25:20 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
25:24 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:28 Fished all night and caught no fishes.
25:34 Fished all night and caught no fishes.
25:38 Fished all night and caught no fishes.
25:43 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:48 Jesus said, fish on the other side.
25:52 Jesus said, fish on the other side.
25:57 Jesus said, fish on the other side.
26:01 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:04 Oh! Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:08 Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:10 Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:12 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:16 Let's do that last verse over and you can really
26:20 shake it up good okay. Because your boat
26:21 is just full of fishes, because Jesus is
26:23 so kind to us. Isn't he.
26:26 Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:28 Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:30 Then their boat was filled with fishes.
26:33 Out on the deep blue sea.
26:36 I bet they were glad when that boat
26:38 was filled with fishes. I think they were,
26:41 Farmer Mike will you have a special prayer just
26:44 thanking Jesus for being. And Jasmine want to pray too.
26:47 Yeah, Jasmine can pray, okay. Then we will have Jasmine.
26:49 Okay Jasmine. And close your eyes and hold our hands.
26:52 Thank Jesus, thank you for this well
26:55 a good day in heaven. Be good at tiny tots
27:00 and help us to be good. Amen. Amen.
27:04 Perfect prayer, Jesus liked that prayer.
27:07 He did and he loves it when we wanna pray to him.
27:11 That's right and Jesus wants us to be as Tiny tots,
27:15 he wants us to obey, doesn't he.
27:18 Oh! Oh! That's Mr. Rooster. What was that?
27:21 He says we have to go. We'll see you again boys and girls.
27:24 Bye, bye. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
27:35 Our time together is over, So we will have to go.
27:41 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you.
27:49 Good bye, good bye, remember God loves you.
27:57 Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:07 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy, like how he started the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We're Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


Revised 2014-12-17