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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world
00:12 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds start the rainbow
00:18 we're shinning like the rainbow,
00:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:29 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for this happy day.
00:31 I love you, Amen. I just love talking to Jesus. Oh!
00:37 Hi, boys and girls. I'm so glad you're here.
00:40 Georgie, can you wave to the boys and girls.
00:44 Jesus is happy that you're here too.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
00:54 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:59 welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus
01:03 knows your name, you made Jesus happy
01:07 just because you came.
01:12 This is going to be a happy day. Come on Georgie,
01:15 come on boys and girls. Let's go on inside.
01:24 Georgie, we've a phone call. Okay, you be real
01:27 quite Georgia while I talk on the phone.
01:29 Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
01:33 Hello, Aunty Linda. My name is Leah Burton.
01:37 Oh! Hi Leah. Today, we're talking about prayer.
01:43 Can you tell me some things that you pray for?
01:45 I pray to Jesus that Connie should be in good health.
01:50 I pray for Mark. Well, that's very thoughtful
01:55 of you to pray for them. Is there anything else
01:58 of you to pray for them. Is there anything else
01:59 you ask Jesus for? Thank you for everything I have.
02:02 Oh! That's a good thing to ask Jesus for yes.
02:08 And, we need to always thank him for lots of things,
02:11 don't we because he does everything for us.
02:13 Well, Leah I've to go now, it's about time
02:16 to feed Freddie. Bye, bye. Goodbye Aunty Linda.
02:22 That was sweet; we need to always talk to Jesus,
02:24 don't we? Hi, Freddie oh! You're having fun today,
02:29 swimming around in your fishy house,
02:32 here's some good food for you, here you go Freddie,
02:35 eat your food. Come on Freddie.
02:39 Oh! Georgie, somebody is at the door.
02:44 Hi, Ms. Halima. Hi. It's so good to see you.
02:50 Noah and I were out taking a walk
02:52 and we decided to stop by and have worship.
02:55 Well, good. That's nice that you came for worship.
02:59 Hi, Georgie. Georgia, Oh! Georgia,
03:02 do you want to sit with Ms. Halima.
03:04 Oh! Yes. Okay. Oh! Georgie look at you.
03:08 Well, it's time to ring our worship bell.
03:10 Oh! Great. Kitty cat thank you. Yes, Katy.
03:15 Kitty. I'm sorry I beat you this time.
03:18 Oh! Kitty cat likes to remind us
03:19 that it's worship time. Oh! I love worship time.
03:23 Boys and girls will you sing with us too.
03:25 And Noah you can ring the worship bell, okay.
03:30 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:35 with our best friend Jesus
03:41 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near smiling
03:46 when he sees us. Thank you, Noah. Oh!
03:53 Now, it's the time when we get to see
03:55 what's in our present box. Oh! God.
03:58 Oh! This is gonna be, oh! So good.
04:01 This is gonna be the Bible. You think is it a Bible in here.
04:05 You think it's a Bible. You're right;
04:07 we've a letter from Jesus.
04:10 I love letters from Jesus. That's right. Let's see
04:13 what Jesus says today. He says in James 5:16.
04:18 Can you say, James 5:16. James 5:16.
04:22 Pray for one another. Pray for one another.
04:27 Yes, that is so good. Is there anybody special
04:31 that you pray for it? Yes, I pray for my sister,
04:34 Aunty Linda. She wasn't feeling well and she had
04:37 to go to the hospital, but I prayed for her and now
04:42 Jesus is making her so much better.
04:45 Oh! Good. Noah, is there anybody that you pray for?
04:51 Mina and Hailey and Jessie, and Justine,
04:52 and papa and me and mom and dad.
04:55 Oh! That's wonderful to remember them
04:58 in our prayers. Well, let's kneel down.
05:00 And, Noah will you have a prayer for us.
05:02 And then Ms. Halima pray for her sister. Okay.
05:05 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:11 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:17 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:28 Dear, Jesus prayer for papa and Mina
05:31 and Hailey and Jessie and Justine and dad and mom,
05:36 Jesus, amen. Amen. Dear, Jesus please be
05:40 with my sister and please help her to feel better,
05:43 amen. Amen. Amen. Well, thank you so much
05:49 for coming today. And, we had such a good time.
05:53 We're gonna have to comeback again sometime.
05:55 Yes, we would love that anytime you guys
05:57 are out taking a walk. You comeback for worship,
06:00 okay. Okay. Okay. And, boys and girls,
06:02 it's time now for us to go to the barn,
06:15 come on let's go. Let's go, come here,
06:18 okay wake him up, wake him up, jump on him.
06:21 Oh! Oh! Who is this? Who is, Oh! Ha, kids Oh!
06:30 Hi, Aunty Linda. I was just laying there thinking
06:34 about things I gotta do today. Oh! Man.
06:38 That was fun. Well, I bet you thought
06:40 I was sleeping, huh? Yeah, very sleeping.
06:44 I might have been. That's okay,
06:46 we know you work really hard.
06:47 Well, I'm resting up special because we've got
06:49 so many chores to do today. I saw you sleeping.
06:53 You woke me up. So I jumped on you.
06:56 I know you did. Hi, guys. Oh! Hi, Jennie.
07:01 Ms. Jennie, oh! This is saying hi to me.
07:03 Yes. Farmer Mike I brought the dogs over?
07:07 Oh! Great. Where do they sleep?
07:09 Where do they sleep at my house,
07:11 they sleep in the house on the bed porch
07:12 I promised, I will watch them for you over
07:14 the weekend. Yes, you did.
07:15 What are their names? The black one is Rocksy.
07:24 Rocksy. And the brown and black one is Annie.
07:27 Annie and Rocksy. Yes, Annie and Rocksy.
07:30 Annie and Rocksy'. And Annie is usually pretty shy.
07:33 Rocksy is not. Yeah, you can tell.
07:37 How old are they? Well, they're about 10 months old.
07:40 They're not even a year old. Oh! Wow!
07:42 Do you know, what I spilled some food right there.
07:45 Yes, he counted till ten. Very good.
07:48 I spilled some food right there and they found it.
07:51 Oh! Yes, they found it and, yes.
07:53 What did they eat? They eat apples?
07:54 Or you're going to have to feed them apples.
07:56 Sometimes they eat apples. They apples and carrots.
07:58 Sometimes for a tree. Umm! Umm! And they love cheese.
08:03 They think cheese is wonderful,
08:04 they'll think sit believe it or not for cheese.
08:06 And, I bought some special dog,
08:08 I'll feed them this weekend, while you're gone.
08:10 That, that's what they eat normally eat.
08:11 They eat, they eat dog food, that's their main thing
08:15 and then they get treats. Alright.
08:17 And, they get, they're learning by how.
08:20 Here, here is a funny question
08:24 we can ask Ms. Jennie. I think I was.
08:26 Do they tails fall off? All the time.
08:29 Their tails don't fall off.
08:31 They keep their tails all year. Tails stay on all the time.
08:35 They wag when they're friendly.
08:36 Yeah. Like your dog, don't wag, oh dog.
08:39 Do they bite? No, these guys don't bite.
08:41 They could bite, but these guys are very friendly
08:43 and they don't bite. And they're used to being
08:45 around kids. Oh! Or even like the mailman.
08:47 Yeah, I like just about everybody.
08:49 They are good dogs then. The worse thing these
08:52 guys do is they get excited and jump on you.
08:54 Oh! They like you. Yeah, usually we go running,
08:58 we go for a walk in the field everyday and then
09:00 sometimes they, when I go out to feed they go with me.
09:02 How often should I give them water while you go on.
09:05 They should have water all the time. Everyday.
09:08 Dogs need water everyday, they need fresh water
09:10 and they need to have the bowls checked in to see
09:13 if they have fresh water. I will keep fresh water
09:15 all the time for them. Jump me.
09:18 Sometimes they knock over their bowl
09:20 playing with it. And, sometimes they get hot
09:22 and they try to lay in the bowl sometimes too
09:24 in the summer. He was loving on you,
09:28 yes she was. She was, they're both girls.
09:30 Oh! And yes she was loving on you.
09:32 That'll affect their sisters. Now, this is what?
09:35 This is Rocksy. Rocksy. Rocksy.
09:37 And this one is Annie. Annie.
09:39 Hey, Rocksy, hey Rocksy see Rocksy knew her name.
09:42 Right Annie, you're right. I don't know.
09:44 And, these are like, somebody dropped these
09:47 guys off when they are very, very small puppies.
09:50 Oh! At one of my other neighbors sister's houses.
09:54 Oh! And they were going to take them to the pound,
09:56 so I went, the neighbor and I went and got them
09:59 and brought them to our house and we were gonna
10:01 put a free ad in the paper. She is just playing
10:03 with you, she is playing. Jabus,
10:05 do you wanna touch them. We were gonna put
10:06 an ad in the paper, but they had something
10:08 called mange, which is a mite and it makes them
10:10 itch and their hair fall out. Wow!
10:13 So, we had to get them over the mite,
10:14 which is very contagious and hadn't in the barn
10:18 and they were within so long that they're still with me,
10:20 they couldn't leave me. Well, they look happy
10:22 and healthy now. Yeah, they're.
10:24 Now, I got a surprise for you, do they like music.
10:29 Oh! Yes, yes they like music and they hear very well.
10:33 Can we sing our song, can we sing our song too?
10:35 That would be wonderful, they would like that.
10:36 Okay, Sylvia, let's go and sing song.
10:38 Come and sit here. I like to go to the
10:39 farm, where the cows moo, moo.
10:42 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
10:46 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:50 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:56 Well, farmer Mike, we will have to come
10:58 and help you some other time because we've got to hurry
11:01 on our way. Oh! Okay,
11:02 well I'll do chores later on, when you're back to help.
11:05 Oh! Thank you, Ms. Jennie. Thanks for coming in the way.
11:07 Oh! Your welcome. Let's fight, and you have fun
11:09 with Rocksy and Annie. Oh! Oh! I know, I will.
11:12 Bye, bye. Okay, bye. Lets see you next week.
11:15 Lets see you next week. Bye, guys. Bye, bye.
11:16 I'm so glad that you gonna keep Mike.
11:25 Justin and I are out for a walk, come and join us.
11:27 Come on Justin. Shall we go for a walk today,
11:34 a walk today, a walk today,
11:38 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
11:47 Look a praying mantis. There is a praying mantis.
11:51 Oh! They call it that, because he looks like
11:55 he is praying. Do you pray Justin?
11:58 No. Do you like to pray to Jesus?
12:03 I like to pray to Jesus. Me too. Yes, you know,
12:08 what that little bug can turn its head all the way around,
12:11 can you turn your head like this. All the away around.
12:14 Can you turn it? Wow! That little bug
12:16 is the only one that can do that and see his front legs.
12:20 He catches the bad bugs that would come in and eat
12:23 the leaves and he catches them, so they're really
12:26 good for the garden. Oh! Look at his jogging.
12:29 Yes, Justin. What. I'm so glad that God
12:34 made the praying mantis, aren't you.
12:36 They got them, he is getting dirty.
12:37 Watch it, this one. God made the praying mantis,
12:43 I know, I know God made the praying mantis,
12:51 because he loves me so. You can touch him and
12:56 he won't hurt humans. I, I think he is praying.
12:59 You think he is praying. Yeah. Okay.
13:06 It's story time, boys and girls. And Taylor and Julie
13:09 and I have a good story for you today.
13:12 Our story is about of blind man named Bartimaeus,
13:16 what does it look like he is doing here.
13:19 Can you tell Julie, what he is doing,
13:22 what is he doing? No. Yeah, he is, was he a beggar.
13:28 He is begging isn't it? As people would walk
13:30 by he would say, food for the blind,
13:34 food for the blind, and the people would drop him
13:39 some money or sometimes they give him
13:41 a crust of bread to eat. Oh! Bartimaeus said, oh!
13:47 I wish I could see, but everyday he just got
13:52 older-and-older and he just kept begging
13:54 and begging. Food for the blind, food for the blind,
14:00 and they would drop it in his little bucket there.
14:06 One day, someone came by and said, it's too bad
14:09 you can't see Jesus. Bartimaeus said,
14:14 well who is Jesus? Could Jesus help him Julie?
14:17 Yes, he could. Do you think Jesus could help
14:21 Bartimaeus? Well, Bartimaeus said, Oh!
14:25 I wish so much I could see Jesus.
14:28 He said well Jesus can heal you;
14:31 he can make you to see. Oh!
14:35 Why he even made dumb people to speak.
14:39 He made people that couldn't hear,
14:42 so they could hear. And even raised people
14:45 from the death. Oh! Bartimaeus was so excited
14:49 to hear these things. And, he said if ever I hear Jesus
14:53 passing by, I'm gonna call to him. One day,
14:57 he heard something, he heard a noise and he said,
15:00 what, what is that noise, why are people running.
15:02 What do you think, they were running Taylor?
15:05 Do you think they heard coming?
15:10 You think it was Jesus. They said,
15:12 Jesus is coming and everybody wants to see him.
15:15 Bartimaeus put his ear to the ground,
15:18 because he could hear best that way.
15:20 And, as he got closer, and closer, he realized.
15:23 Oh! It must be Jesus coming and so he began to shout
15:27 really loud, Jesus, Jesus, but some other people
15:32 said, shh, shhh, don't shout so loud.
15:36 But he knew this was his only chance and he said,
15:39 I'm gonna shout louder Jesus, Jesus.
15:42 Can you shout loud? Yes, I would,
15:45 would do have shouted loud for Jesus?
15:47 Yes, I would too then somebody came and they took him
15:52 by the hand because the crowd stopped and all
15:56 of sudden the crowd got quiet and they brought
15:59 him to Jesus. Do you think Jesus said,
16:02 you go away? What do you think Jesus did?
16:09 Do you think he healed him? He said,
16:12 Bartimaeus, he said I will heal you.
16:17 And he just touched Bartimaeus and all at once
16:22 Bartimaeus could see. And, he looked at and he saw grass
16:27 and trees. What do you think else he saw Taylor?
16:29 Jesus. That's right Taylor, he saw Jesus the beautiful
16:36 face he could ever have imagined was standing
16:39 before him with such love in his eyes. Oh! Jesus
16:44 loved Bartimaeus and Bartimaeus knew it
16:47 and he was so, so happy and he was so excited
16:51 that Jesus had made him to see. You know,
16:54 boys and girls, if you're in trouble or you've a problem,
16:58 if you call on Jesus, he will stop and he will hear you
17:02 too. Because Jesus really, really loves you.
17:12 Hi, boys and girls. We're helping Miss. Cinda make
17:15 banana bread. And, they're such good helpers.
17:19 I bet you boys and girls are good helpers too.
17:22 Who likes banana bread? Me. I, oh! Good,
17:26 well I've already pre-measured most of your ingredients,
17:30 okay. So, I want you to add your water in your oil
17:33 and stir up with your spatchulas real good,
17:36 okay. Let's go ahead and do that. Oh! You want to
17:44 start with your oil, that's fine Jasmine and then put
17:49 your all water in or if you haven't put your oil in,
17:52 put your oil in Sylvia. Okay. Good job, girls.
17:58 And, then you can stir it up real good.
18:04 Oh! Jasmine, you're so clean and neat. I like that.
18:09 Miss. Cinda, we were talking today about how important
18:12 it is to pray and Jesus wants us to pray to him.
18:15 Jesus does want him to, us to pray. Do you what?
18:19 What you kids like to pray for, do you like to pray
18:22 for your families. Oh! I always like to pray
18:26 of our food, if we're eating.
18:27 That's very good. And I was praying
18:31 when I go to school. You pray when you go to
18:34 school? Oh! Oh! Should we pray in the morning?
18:38 Yeah. Yeah. Always shouldn't we.
18:42 Jasmine always praying for me.
18:43 That's very good. Lets pray when I go to sleep.
18:47 That's very good too. Sometimes I don't.
18:49 You don't, but you know what Jesus loves to hear
18:54 from you, yes you know, that from only for you.
18:58 I do too. You pray too. Well, it's very nice and you know,
19:03 keep stirring and you know what do should we only pray
19:07 when wanted to ask Jesus something. Yeah.
19:10 No, we should thank him. Yeah.
19:13 Like when good things happen. We should say,
19:16 thank you dear Jesus like you could even thank him
19:19 for the bananas that go in the banana bread.
19:21 Oh! Banana bread, I just really just thank you.
19:28 But Jesus made the bananas, didn't he? Oh!
19:31 The looks so good, do you want me to help you?
19:34 Yes, let's put it in this hand and lets stir up
19:38 and you want to get right down into the corners
19:43 because see that flower that was peaking down there.
19:45 Sometimes Miss. Cinda I like to go outside
19:48 and just look at the clouds and say. Thank you,
19:51 Jesus for the clouds you know, I like clouds.
19:55 Do you know, why I like clouds?
19:56 Why do you like clouds? Because it reminds me
19:59 when Jesus is gonna come in the clouds
20:01 of heaven to take us home. Can I lick this?
20:03 No. Are you excited to see Jesus, yes.
20:06 Yeah, he is going to, isn't he, someday soon.
20:09 Great. That's right. And, you know what,
20:13 oh you know, I was wondering, how can I talk to Jesus.
20:17 Pray. Do I need a telephone? No, no.
20:22 We just need to pray. We need to pray.
20:25 I don't need a telephone do I, right. I can just,
20:29 I can just talk like I'm talking to you, can't we?
20:32 Pray. That's right. And, you know,
20:34 what when we're, when we're playing
20:38 or when we're just sitting or when we kneeling
20:44 beside our bed. There is all different ways to pray,
20:47 huh. I pray beside my bed. You do. Wanna put your
20:49 batter in here now Jasmine, Hannah.
20:51 She prays beside her bed. You do.
20:53 Okay, now put it, put your banana bread batter
20:56 in, into your pan. You do too. Yeah.
20:59 And we'll bake them both. I like them with scouse.
21:00 Oh well, we're gonna use it to scoop it out.
21:02 See you're gonna like this, hold your,
21:04 hold your dish. Oh! And scoop it out.
21:07 This is gonna be good banana bread.
21:08 You want to put yours, is it ready to go in your pan.
21:10 No, no. Can you scoop it all out.
21:12 You know, I wondered, do you think Miss. Cinda
21:15 made some banana bread to taste. Yes.
21:19 Oh! They know me don't they boys and girls.
21:22 Can you handle this, if I go get the banana bread, okay?
21:28 Oh! You wanna. Oh! Aunty Linda,
21:29 could you get the banana bread for.
21:30 Sure, I can get the banana bread.
21:32 Miss. Cinda did.I, I need some baked some,
21:35 so that you guys could taste it.
21:37 Oh! It works good. If you couldn't get them
21:39 out of your bowls, you can taste it.
21:42 Oh! You guys are such good cooks.
21:46 Do you like being in the kitchen. Yes. Yes.
21:51 It's really fun. Yeah. Okay, who wants to taste
21:53 my banana bread. Me, me.
21:55 Alright, here is a piece for you. Here's a piece.
22:00 Here is a little bit, more you want me to get it out for
22:01 you. Wow! This was kind a, it's still warm.
22:04 It's gonna be oops, its breaking because
22:07 it's still warm. Sylvia you want to taste it?
22:09 Do you want to taste it Hannah, there you go.
22:16 Big one. Well, what do you girls think? Good.
22:22 It's good stuff. Oh! Boys and girls remember
22:25 to help your mommies and the daddies
22:27 in the kitchen because being in the kitchen
22:29 is so much fun. Yes, it is.
22:40 Yes, sing time. Does anybody where our memory
22:45 verse is found. I do, I do. Where is it Isaiah?
22:48 James. That's right. James 5. 20. 16. 16.
22:59 Can you say that Noah, James 5:16. Do you know,
23:02 what our memory verse is Noah. Yeah.
23:04 What is it? James 5:16. That's exactly right. Pray. Pray.
23:10 Pray for another. Pray for another.
23:14 Pray for another. That's right. Yes.
23:16 Jesus wants us to talk to him all the time boys and girls.
23:20 Let sing a song that are help us remember that, okay.
23:23 Okay. I talk to Jesus. Sing the song.
23:25 I talk to Jesus when I pray. When I pray, when I pray.
23:34 I talk to Jesus when I pray. And he is near I know.
23:43 And, does he answer prayers. Yes, he does.
23:46 Yes, we're gonna sing a song about that.
23:50 God answers prayers. God answers prayers.
23:59 God answers prayers. He is so good to me.
24:10 Well, we want to talk to Jesus all the time.
24:11 Do you think just in the morning Farmer Mike?
24:14 No, in fact, was it Daniel. Yes. What did he do?
24:17 He prayed three times a day. Three times.
24:19 Morning. Morning. Noon. Noon. And night. And night.
24:24 Well, let's sing a song that are help us
24:25 to remember to be like Daniel.
24:30 I talk to God in the morning.
24:35 I talk to God at noon. I talk to God in the evening.
24:46 To keep my heart with him.
24:53 I think Levi likes to talk to God too. Yeah.
24:56 I know that Farmer Mike likes to talk to God,
24:59 because sometime I look out my kitchen window
25:01 and I see him kneeling in the barn. Wow!
25:04 And sometimes I will just see him standing right
25:07 there and he will bow his eyes closed,
25:09 his head bowed and I know
25:11 Farmer Mike talks to God. You saw me that time
25:14 when the cow switched his tail and hit me
25:17 the face and I was praying and saying. Oh! God
25:20 don't let that cow do that to me
25:21 while I'm trying to milk him.
25:22 You know, what kids let's see if Farmer Mike likes,
25:28 loves Jesus. Yes, let's sing to him. Okay.
25:33 Farmer Mike, do you love Jesus.
25:35 Oh! Yes, I love Jesus. Are you sure you love Jesus.
25:41 I'm sure I love Jesus. Then why do you love Jesus.
25:46 Here is why I love Jesus. Because he first loves me.
25:54 That's the reason we all have to love him.
25:58 Oh! How I love Jesus. Oh! How I love Jesus.
26:10 Oh! How I love Jesus. Because he first loves me.
26:22 And Jesus does love us, doesn't he?
26:25 Yes and make that joyful noise underneath
26:28 and that's exactly what Levi.
26:30 Levi, you love sing time, don't you? Its fine, isn't it?
26:35 You do Isaiah? Jesus love me okay, just the chorus.
26:40 Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me.
26:48 Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so.
26:56 Hey, lets be really quite and lets fold our hands
27:00 and Sylvia is gonna have a prayer for us.
27:02 Okay. Close your eyes. Thank you Jesus,
27:10 thank you for this day. Please bless us in Jesus name,
27:14 amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Jesus loves to hear us pray,
27:20 doesn't he? Yeah. Yes. That's the Mr. Rooster
27:25 and that's all the time we've for today boys and girls,
27:27 see you again.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live here and around the world
28:12 we spread love and joy
28:14 like clouds start the rainbow
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:19 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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