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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow, we're shining like
00:19 the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
00:23 the world, where God hears our voice.
00:27 Hey Georgie, it's time, the boys and girls are here.
00:32 Oh! I'm so glad you are here. Hannah can you wave
00:35 to the boys and girls. Hi. Georgie can you wave.
00:38 There is someone else, who is happy that you are
00:41 here today. You made Jesus happy just because you
00:48 came. Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:55 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your
00:59 name, you made Jesus happy
01:07 just because you came.
01:08 Well Hannah and I are all finished sweeping and
01:09 we've got so much fun today planned come on
01:12 inside, come on Hannah, we are goanna have fun.
01:16 Oh! The phone is ringing. I'll get it.
01:20 Oh! Thank you Hannah. Oh! Thank you. Hello
01:25 Aunty Linda speaking. Hi! Aunty
01:34 Linda, this is Jasmine. Oh! Hi Jasmine, can you
01:35 tell me what makes you happy.
01:36 My sister makes me happy and my mummy makes me
01:39 happy too. Is there anything
01:42 else that makes you happy.
01:43 Jesus makes me happy too. Oh! Jesus makes me happy
01:48 too Jasmine, you have a happy day okay.
01:52 Bye Aunty Linda. Bye Jasmine. Oh!
01:56 That was so nice for Jasmine Easterwood to
01:59 call wasn't it. Oh! That's Freddy and he is
02:04 hungry, we better give him some good fishy food.
02:07 Yeah! He is goanna be hungry.
02:08 We don't want to give him too much just a little
02:10 bit because we don't want to make him
02:11 sick. Yes, so glad that Jesus gave us Freddy.
02:17 Oh! We better go pay attention to kitty cat, he
02:21 is goanna feel neglected. Oh! Kitty cat thank
02:27 you for reminding us that it's time to ring
02:30 our worship bell. You are so good about that,
02:34 do you wanna ring our worship bell Hannah.
02:36 Yeah. Let's sing our worship song and you
02:39 boys and girls can sing along with us okay.
02:42 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
02:47 with our best friend Jesus.
02:51 Come and worship Here Jesus will be near
02:55 smiling when he sees us.
03:01 Oh! Thank you Hannah, do you know what time
03:05 it is now Hannah. I don't know.
03:08 It's time to see what's in our worship box.
03:14 It has stars on that. Okay, it does have stars
03:15 on it isn't it pretty? I hope there is goanna
03:17 be a surprise. Georgie sitting very quite.
03:19 Do I have to close my eyes? We have a special letter
03:23 from Jesus, we are goanna find out what
03:26 the letter is okay. Oh! I love the Holy Bible
03:30 don't you. Well our special verse from Jesus
03:34 today is from Psalms 144:15, can you say
03:38 Psalms 144 144. 144:15. 15.
03:47 Okay, happy are the people happy are the people
03:50 whose God, whose God, is the lord
03:54 is the lord. We are happy when we
03:57 have Jesus aren't we. Let's see what else we
04:01 have in here. We have some special here just
04:06 for you. Oh! See all the things Jesus made for
04:12 us; he made all these things so his children
04:14 would be so happy. May be the boys and
04:17 girls would like to see this? I think they would
04:19 Hannah. See boys and girls, see all the things
04:23 Jesus made for us. Hannah can you show
04:25 the boys and girls some of the things that Jesus
04:27 made? He made tortoise, he made dogs, he made that.
04:31 What is this a fish? Yeah. Yeah. He made a hamster.
04:38 Yeah, a little mouse and what is this?
04:41 A cat. What is this? A horse. Oh! It is,
04:47 what is this? Parrot. That's a parrot. Jesus
04:51 made so many nice things for us boys and girls.
04:54 My favorite animal is a cat and that a horse
04:59 and that. A bunny that Jesus makes you happy
05:03 doesn't he. Well, Hannah do you have a
05:05 special prayer for us today. Yes. Okay, boys
05:09 and girls, let's kneel down okay.
05:11 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:19 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:25 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:33 Dear, Jesus, I thank you for all the stuff that
05:38 you have given us and Lord Jesus gave us some
05:43 prayer that we have to in Jesus name, Amen.
05:46 Amen. Thank you Hannah. Well, boys and
05:50 girls, I'm excited because today farmer
05:53 Mike has something special to show us at the
05:55 barn, come on let's go.
06:03 Ms. Jeannie, I've been so excited about seeing
06:06 this little horse. Why don't the kids get here
06:08 and see him through. Well, I hope they like it.
06:10 Hey here they are. Oh! Hi! Guys.
06:13 Look here. You can pat him.
06:15 Look he there. Oh! Wow.
06:17 His name is Stormy and he is happy to see you
06:20 too. Do you want to pat him Hannah. Hey how
06:21 about, I give you guys brushes and you brush
06:25 him and then I'll tell you about, yeah, and
06:27 let's give him some feed to eat, give him some feed.
06:31 There is some brushes. There is some brushes.
06:32 Okay, there is the pink one, there is one, there
06:33 is the blue one and here is one for Noah.
06:36 There you go. Now you guys can brush him. I
06:39 want you to come stand over here behind by the
06:41 bells of the hands and brush him. How is that?
06:43 And you know what Aunty Lynda, Stormy is
06:46 actually the grandson of my horse Ginger, that's
06:50 right, that we met before. That's right, his mommy
06:54 is, his grandma is all brown, his daddy
06:58 is white, and his mommy is black, and
07:01 he is brown and white the same color as him.
07:03 Well, he is beautiful. He is four months old.
07:06 Four months old, he is just four months old.
07:08 He is still a baby. He is just four months
07:10 old Hannah, yeah, he is a baby isn't he.
07:11 Right yeah. Does he still drink milk like a baby?
07:13 Yes, he drinks milk from his mommy. Does
07:17 he, you think he does. He drinks milk from his
07:19 mommy, he looks really good, but he still likes
07:21 horse feed that has grains and stuff in it.
07:24 I can tell, he is eating some right there.
07:25 Yes, he is eating some right now.
07:26 Oh! He is. And when he was a baby, he didn't
07:30 drink right from his mommy and he had some
07:32 problems. Oh! He tickles. Oh! He tickles.
07:37 So, we help feeding with the bottle like this
07:39 and the like mommy feeds your little
07:42 brothers and sisters. This is how we fed him,
07:45 we fed him with this. We took some of the
07:47 mommies milk and put it in the bottle and then
07:49 he drank this and that helped him and he did
07:52 better, but when he was very first born he
07:55 couldn't drink from the bottle, so we have to
07:57 take him to the doctor. He has some apples
08:01 would you like to feed him some apples.
08:02 Yeah. Oh! Beautiful. Noah would like to feed
08:05 him apples. And be very careful here. Okay,
08:07 okay, now let me tell you how to do it Noah.
08:09 Okay, do you have it, okay you can too, I can
08:13 help. Okay, here, okay, Noah can supposed to
08:16 see as first, you always want to keep your
08:19 fingers straight out like this.
08:21 Okay, let Noah have a turn first and then we
08:23 will let you have a turn okay.
08:25 Alright, keep your fingers out oh.
08:27 Oh! Look he is eating now, he is eating them,
08:30 does it tickle yeah. I like apples.
08:34 Yeah, they are feeding him apples. Oh! Yeah.
08:37 Okay, I wanna see your fingers Jasmine. Let's
08:40 Jasmine gets to feed him now.
08:42 Okay, now you wanna keep your fingers all
08:43 out, so that he doesn't make a mistake
08:45 in get a finger. Oh! that tickles.
08:48 Does that tickle. He likes, he likes
08:53 apples, Hannah brushing him too.
08:54 Oh! Yeah. Look how good she brushes him,
08:57 you want to give him another apple okay you can
08:59 give him another apple. I want that pink.
09:02 You want that pink. Okay you goanna brush too.
09:04 I want more. Very good. No this one is enough.
09:06 Remember keep your fingers up out of the
09:08 way because we don't want him to accidentally
09:09 get your finger. This is petty horse.
09:12 Yeah! That wouldn't feel too bad.
09:13 He is a miniature horse, so he is going to stay
09:16 small. He is not gonna to get great big.
09:17 He is always going to be this size.
09:20 He is gonna be a little bit bigger, but not
09:22 a whole lot. He is what you call a paint?
09:24 Yes, he is a paint because he has the white with the
09:27 brown on it, alright, so two different colors
09:29 makes him a paint and he has just little bit
09:33 different, he has blue eyes. I do like this one.
09:36 Blue eyes. Their eyes bluish.
09:37 I do like brush to you. Oh! Thank you, do you
09:42 hear what Ms Jeannie said, he has got blue eyes,
09:44 the same color as your brush, it's blue.
09:46 Oh! He has sky blue eyes. Well let me ask you this,
09:49 does he like music? Oh! He loves music.
09:52 Oh! Let's sing for him then.
09:54 Music is wonderful. Can we do our song for him.
09:56 Yes, we will sing for him. Do you sing to him.
09:59 I like to go to the farm, where the cows
10:02 moo, moo. I like to go to the farm,
10:05 where ducks quack, quack. I like to go to the farm,
10:09 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
10:13 and learn of Jesus. Oh! Well he liked it.
10:18 Look at that. He shook his fur at us. Alright.
10:21 And do you think maybe sing him like that would
10:23 put him to sleep and make him take a nap.
10:24 Yeah. So, well we have to go. Thank you Ms Jeannie.
10:29 Oh! You are very welcome.
10:30 That was so sweet of you bringing Stormy.
10:32 Wasn't this fun today guys. I'm glad the
10:33 kids got to see him and he is happy too.
10:34 We got to tell the horse good bye.
10:36 Let me have your brush, give me your brush.
10:38 Come on we got to go. I like this, so I have
10:42 That your wish. Bye, bye.Bye, bye, thank you
10:46 Bye, bye, we will wait for you Noah come on.
10:57 Hannah and I are out for a walk, come and join us.
11:00 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:06 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a
11:14 walk today, to see what God has given.
11:20 Oh! I love being outside don't you.
11:24 I think she hanging out Aunty Linda.
11:27 Oh! It's a monkey, he looks so silly, he is
11:35 swinging from a tree. Actually that looks fun
11:38 don't you think, wouldn't you like swinging from a
11:40 tree from branch to branch, you know,
11:43 sometimes I think he even uses his tail to swing. Do
11:47 you know what noise he makes?
11:48 He says uhahaha. Well, I am sure the other
11:53 monkeys understand what he is saying, you know
11:56 what it's funny that he is out here by himself
11:59 because usually monkeys stay together and they
12:01 like to be around each other. Do you
12:04 know what he eats? He eats seeds and salad.
12:08 Seeds and salad. And grass. Grass and weeds.
12:14 Do you think he likes bananas, I like bananas,
12:18 do you like bananas, you like bananas
12:21 Mr. Monkey. He is just swinging in his swing
12:25 isn't he, but I know he likes bananas. I'm so glad
12:28 that God made the happy little monkeys for us to
12:32 enjoy aren't you that's so good.
12:34 God made the happy little monkeys
12:39 I know, I know, God made the happy little
12:45 monkeys because he loves me so.
12:59 It's story time boys and girls, we have a good
13:03 story today, don't we Noah. Yes and Abby is
13:06 here with me. Our story is about Jesus the
13:09 little helper. You are happy aren't you?
13:12 Little Jesus makes us happy. Do you wake up
13:16 happy, yes do you wake up happy. He roles up his
13:21 bed role and then he folds his hands and
13:25 he talks to God. Dear God, thank you for
13:27 good sleep, help me to listen today, make me a
13:32 happy helper what's that, kitty cat, kitty cat, this is
13:38 the town of Nazareth. Little Jesus lives in a
13:42 little house here, he is a happy helper at home.
13:45 Jesus lives there? Yes, some of the people
13:51 in the town are bad, some people are sad.
13:55 I've seen that. You have, little Jesus wants to
13:59 be a happy helper to. Do you wanna be a
14:02 happy helper? Yes. Oh! Little Jesus learns
14:07 outdoors, he learns that God is out there, he
14:11 moves the caterpillars from the path to keep it
14:14 safe, see the birds nest, can you find
14:17 the birds nest? I found it there.
14:20 That's right, little Jesus doesn't want
14:23 to touch the eggs. A frog, a frog.
14:25 And so frog. Little Jesus is a happy
14:28 helper for all Gods creatures. The frog is
14:30 staying there. That's right and what is this?
14:33 A tiny birds. A caterpillar isn't it. Jesus
14:38 is kind to the caterpillar, can you help me hold the
14:40 book Noah. You can be a helper and Abby you can
14:44 help me too. Little Jesus learns at home, his
14:47 mother is his teacher, do you see the flowers.
14:50 I'll hold it. Okay, I'll help you, he can
14:54 I can hold it. You can hold it, I know
14:56 you can, he can say his memory verse. Little
15:00 Jesus is God's happy helper. He listens to what
15:04 God says. Can you listen and help today. Okay, we
15:07 are getting ready to turn the page. Oh! Look at,
15:11 come out and play the children say, not yet little
15:16 Jesus calls. I'm helping mother, little Jesus will
15:20 play when his work is done. You don't go to
15:24 school the big boy said do you see the big boys,
15:27 where is the big boy, that's right. Yes, I do
15:31 Jesus said. Jesus goes to school at home. Bang,
15:37 bang, bang, see Jesus hammer. Do you find, do
15:42 you see Jesus hammer, where is it, that's right
15:45 Abby. Little Jesus pounds a nail, squat, squat,
15:48 squat. See father Joseph's playing, see what he is
15:52 doing that's called the playing. The playing
15:55 smoothes the wood see the wood curve can you
15:58 see all the wood? Wood. Yes, father Joseph works
16:03 so hard. Little Jesus works hard beside him.
16:08 Oh! He is such a happy helper, listen, listen the
16:13 ware by is blowing the horn to call the people to
16:15 worship on the Sabbath day. Listen, listen, Jesus
16:19 hears, his mother hears, father Joseph hears,
16:23 Jesus likes to be at church. Come he says,
16:27 come help us sing and pray. Jesus wants us
16:31 to be happy helpers too, you know, what do you
16:36 wanna be a happy helper for Jesus.
16:38 Do you wanna be a happy helper Abby, yes, we
16:40 want to be happy helpers for Jesus. Remember
16:43 boys and girls when you are going about your
16:45 choice to be happy helpers for Jesus, also
16:49 remember that he really, really loves you.
16:58 Hi! Boys and girls. Today, we are helping Miss
17:02 Cinda make apple sauce. That's right boys and girls
17:05 and you know what I'm so glad you are gonna
17:08 watch because you will see just how much fun it is.
17:11 You are goanna love this today Jades and Jasmine.
17:15 What is this? This is a handle and you will see
17:18 how to use it. I will hold that Cinda.
17:19 Okay you may. Are we gonna make apple serving.
17:22 No, we are gonna make apple sauce, yeah, do you
17:26 like apple sauce. Umm! Umm! Do you like, I use
17:28 that a lot of times. You did.
17:31 I can have it five times. Five times oh!
17:37 You can have it five times a day, but I can
17:40 have it six times a day. Oh! But, I can have all
17:44 22, one time a day. Well, you know what,
17:45 let's get started Ms. Cinda has
17:47 already cooked some apples in my pots. It's not
17:51 hot, it's a little warm, but you can use your
17:53 hot pad and take the lid off for me. Yeah,
17:55 I'll eat one. Oh! Okay, now what I have done is
18:00 I've already cooked the apples boys and girls
18:02 and if you are gonna help your mommy make them
18:05 maybe if your mommy doesn't know how to make
18:07 it you can tell them you know how to make it.
18:10 All you have to do is wash your apples
18:12 and then just cut them in half, you don't
18:15 have to core or peel them in anyway any
18:18 either now that you have a special machine
18:22 like Ms Cinda does. And that looks like kids
18:24 gonna be a lot of fun. It is and this is what is
18:29 called a apple sauce maker. Now do you know
18:32 what this is for? Is this for like if you don't
18:34 put the apples in there, no, I'm gonna
18:37 get you no, are you sure? You smash it.
18:39 Oh! You are right I can't scare you, can I.
18:43 Okay, and you roll this in, okay, you take turns
18:49 you wanna smash first and you wanna roll
18:51 first, and the big spoon is there Cinda right
18:56 there, alright. I'll put an apple in. Okay Aunty
18:58 Linda is right, she found my spoon. Now
18:59 wait, let me put a bunch of apples in and then
19:03 you can smash the apples down and you
19:06 can turn and we will see boys and girls help us
19:09 what because some apple sauce is gonna
19:12 come out right there, you will get to see it
19:15 and then all the peelings and the core and the
19:19 seeds that's all comes out right there.
19:22 Right there and right here too.
19:24 And this is where the apple sauce comes out.
19:25 Okay, you ready, turn and you push down real
19:30 hard, push out get both hands. No don't, don't,
19:33 you just do it like that. Oh! Put some pressure
19:37 on it, oh! are you turning it Jasmine, oh
19:41 you guys are good helpers. Oh! There you
19:45 go see you are pushing that. Oh! Some is coming
19:48 see, oh! oh! you gonna push hard, oh! look, it's
19:55 coming Ms. Cinda, oh! are we getting it keep
19:59 turning, keep turning is this fun. Oh! Put some
20:08 more in, oh! thank you Aunty Linda. See this is
20:11 teamwork, oh! well we better put our dish over
20:16 like this, we are not gonna have any apple
20:18 sauce. I just love to have apple sauce, I like
20:23 to put peanut butter on toast and then put our
20:25 hard apple sauce on top of that.
20:27 Oh! That's sounds good, umm! it's so good, well
20:29 do you know what we are gonna do with this
20:30 apple sauce, we are gonna can it and that
20:33 way all went too long and all year. Well, till it
20:38 lasts, but with these two it may not last that long,
20:41 but we will get fresh apple sauce that's for us
20:46 like to put at the way things to for winter. Oh!
20:51 Oh! It's not coming from there. Oh! It will be,
20:52 you got to turn faster keep turning.
20:53 Jasmine do you know what this girl like to do.
20:55 Oh! Turn. Jasmine turn, oh! she is doing it, turn
20:58 jasmine turn, can you turn it faster, oh! turn
21:05 you need both hands, you need to turn it with
21:08 both hands. Okay turn oh! she is doing a good
21:13 job, turn hard, good job, doesn't this look fun
21:18 boys and girls and it is good on our
21:21 cold winter night. Oh! It tastes so good.
21:23 Oh! Ms. Cinda you know I think the crows
21:26 like it too when they ate corns and stuff put
21:29 away for the winter and they get them out on a
21:31 cold winter night they probably enjoy that too.
21:33 That's right, would you girls like to taste this
21:35 apple sauce, you have already made a little bit.
21:37 Let me get a couple of spoons. Oh! You guys
21:42 are doing a good job. I'll just give you a bite
21:45 of it, you wanna bite? Is it good. Is it good.
21:51 Would you like to taste it. I'll get you a blue
21:55 spoon. Jades would you like to taste it.
21:57 Sure. Okay ready, eat like this.
22:01 Is it good, umm! see how good a job you did,
22:10 you are good helpers and now see how the
22:13 peelings are coming out look at that that's all the
22:17 stuff we don't want and this is the good stuff.
22:20 Boys and girls remember that when your mommy
22:25 is going to kitchen to cook run and say mommy,
22:27 mommy can I help because cooking in the
22:30 kitchen is so much fun.
22:40 Yeah! It's sing time. And I'm happy because
22:45 we have a special memory verse. Do you
22:48 know, where it is found, where is our memory
22:51 verse found. Do you know what?
22:53 Psalms, psalms, that's right it's psalms 144.
23:07 Oh! 144 Verse 15. 15. Let's say happy, happy,
23:17 are, are, the, the people, people
23:22 whose, whose God, God is, is The, The Lord, Lord
23:31 Jesus wants his people to be happy and we are
23:38 gonna sing a song about that. Okay. Noah and I
23:42 are happy. Okay we will go and sing.
23:44 Jesus wants me to be happy wherever I may
23:51 be, sharing his joys so that others may Jesus
23:59 loving me, be happy, be happy, Jesus wants me
24:08 to be happy, be happy, be happy, I will be
24:16 happy today. Jesus does want us to be happy
24:23 and if you are happy and Noah clap
24:25 your hands. We know it don't we Noah.
24:27 Alright. We will sing a song.
24:28 If you're happy and you know it,
24:30 Clap your hands If you're happy and you know it,
24:34 Clap your hands If you're happy and you know it,
24:38 Then your life will certainly show.
24:40 If you're happy and you know it, Clap your hands.
24:43 If you're happy and you know it,
24:46 Say Amen Okay. If you're happy and you know it,
24:50 Say amen, Amen If you're happy and you know it,
24:53 Say amen, Amen. If you're happy and you know it,
24:58 Then your life will certainly show.
24:59 If you're happy and you know it, Say Amen.
25:03 Amen. If you're happy and you know it, Kick
25:06 your feet. Oh! No. If you're happy and you know it,
25:10 Kick your feet. If you're happy and you know it,
25:14 Kick your feet. If you're happy and you know it,
25:18 Then your life will certainly show it
25:20 If you're happy and you know it, Kick your feet.
25:23 I'm so happy, as happy as can be. Well, I have
25:35 a Bible true that Jesus gave to me.
25:38 Oh! I am so happy, so happy as can be, where
25:49 I have a Bible true that Jesus gave to me.
25:54 I am happy today are you happy today.
25:59 I think we are all happy today.
26:00 Noah, why are you happy today?
26:03 What are you happy about?
26:05 Because we are singing. Yeah.
26:10 Oh! I thought that so you are happy. I know
26:13 Olivia is happy do, tell you to aren't you. So we
26:17 are gonna sing, I'm happy today, I'm happy
26:19 today with Jesus my Lord I'm happy today.
26:22 I'm happy today, I'm happy today with Jesus
26:28 my Lord, I'm happy today because he taken
26:34 out my sins away and that's why I'm happy today
26:40 Isaiah most of all make cheer out listen because
26:42 he take my ear and go, ee, what you were
26:45 saying happy I will take his ear and I'm happy
26:47 today. Well, Jesus does make us happy. Ms. Cinda
26:50 will you just have a special prayer for us
26:52 right now, okay, let's close our eyes.
26:55 Dear Jesus, I'm so glad for all the happy smiles.
27:00 Thank you for giving me so much to be happy
27:04 for we love you dear Jesus, amen.
27:08 Amen. Did you have fun today. Isaiah is
27:15 still happy, isn't though. That's Mr. Rooster and
27:21 he says that's all the time we have for today
27:23 boys and girls. We will see you next time.
27:38 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:39 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:45 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
28:01 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:04 where God hears our voice,
28:06 we live here and around the world
28:09 we spread love and joy
28:11 like clouds start the rainbow
28:14 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:17 Tiny Tots around the world
28:19 where God hears our voice.


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