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Jesus Wants Me To Help Others Be Happy

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys,
00:10 we live here and around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:31 Oh! I love the early morning walks.
00:34 Oh! Hi boys and girls I'm so glad you're here.
00:37 Georgie is glad that you're here too.
00:39 But Jesus is really happy that you're here.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:50 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
00:58 Jesus knows your name,
01:01 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:08 Well, Georgie its time for worship
01:11 come on boys and girls.
01:17 Georgie, we've got a phone call.
01:22 Hello this is Auntie Linda,
01:24 hi Auntie Linda this is Forrest.
01:27 Hi Forrest it's good to hear from you.
01:29 I want to talk to you about helping others.
01:33 That's a good thing to do.
01:35 What does it mean to help others?
01:38 Helping others is kind of like a good deed.
01:43 That's right. How do you think
01:46 that makes Jesus feel?
01:48 That makes Jesus happy. That's right Forrest,
01:52 it makes Jesus happy when we do things for others.
01:55 Thank you for calling. Have a happy day in Jesus.
01:58 Bye Auntie Linda. Bye, bye.
02:01 That was so nice for Forrest Bach to call.
02:04 That was really good to hear from him.
02:07 Oh Freddie we haven't forgotten you.
02:10 You need some good fishy food
02:12 to keep you strong and healthy,
02:16 we're just gonna give you a little bit though.
02:18 There you go, just a little bit
02:21 more okay there you go.
02:25 Good boy. You can eat your food. Oh!
02:28 I wonder who that can be.
02:32 Well hi, mailman Wayne.
02:35 Good afternoon Auntie Linda
02:36 I have a certified package for you to sign for today.
02:38 Alright, oh! You must have a lot of fun in your work.
02:42 I enjoy my work very much.
02:44 What do you like best about your work?
02:46 Best thing I like about my work is being outside
02:48 and meeting the people and delivering
02:50 their checks to them.
02:51 Oh! I bet they really enjoy that.
02:54 Oh! They really do.
02:55 You work really hard, I really appreciate
02:58 you coming by and bringing this to me.
02:59 Oh! I enjoy bring it by.
03:01 Thank you, so much bye mailman Wayne. Yeah,
03:04 you have a good day. You too.
03:08 Oh! I am so glad that we have mailmen.
03:10 Oh! Kitty cat how are you today?
03:15 Oh! That's right its time to ring our worship bell.
03:19 You want to sing along with me boys and girls.
03:23 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:28 with our best friend Jesus,
03:33 come and worship here Jesus will be near
03:38 smiling when he sees us.
03:45 This is the time that kitty cat
03:47 and Georgie like the best.
03:49 Georgie you sit over here by kitty cat.
03:51 Be real quite. We're gonna see
03:53 what's in our present box today.
03:57 We have a letter from Jesus,
04:00 I love letters from Jesus.
04:03 Let's see what Jesus says today.
04:05 Oh! It's in Colossians 1:10,
04:09 Jesus says always be doing good
04:12 kind things for others.
04:15 That's what we need to do isn't boys and girls.
04:18 Let's see what else we have in here.
04:21 Oh! We have a get well card.
04:27 This is so pretty. I wonder;
04:31 I think I'm gonna send it to my papa
04:34 he is not feeling very well.
04:35 And I want to help him make feel better.
04:38 I like to see my papa happy.
04:41 I think I'll just tell him I love him.
04:46 Oh! Yes, Auntie Linda. Okay.
04:49 Then I can get this all ready
04:51 and then I can put it in the mail tomorrow.
04:55 Oh! I'll just address it to Papa Mitchum.
04:59 I think this is going to make papa Mitchum happy.
05:03 I sure hope it makes him feel better
05:05 I love him so much.
05:07 I can finish the rest of that later.
05:09 Well boys and girls, let's just thank Jesus,
05:13 he is so good and kind to us
05:15 and he always makes us so happy
05:16 can you bend your knees and fold your hands.
05:22 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:29 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:35 and very, very quite be while our prayer is said.
05:43 Dear Jesus, you are so good and kind to us
05:47 and you make us so happy,
05:49 help us always to make others happy too. Amen.
05:56 Well, boys and girls this is a special time for me
05:59 because I love going to the barn
06:01 and I know you do too.
06:02 So, come on boys and girls let's go see farmer Mike.
06:11 Well Bev, thanks for bringing her back.
06:13 I know when she got hurt on our farm that you
06:15 were the right person to bring her to,
06:17 to help her get well again.
06:18 Yes. Farmer Mike, Oh! We got company, look.
06:21 What do you have? Look who's here,
06:23 give me a hug. Oh! Hey you guys sit down right here,
06:27 I will tell you something. Okay,
06:28 okay wait. Because we got to be real quiet today
06:32 because we got a real,
06:33 really special bird here today.
06:35 What is that Justin? It's a bird.
06:37 What kind of bird do you think?
06:40 Owl. Yes it's an owl, that's right, that's right.
06:45 It's a great horned owl,
06:48 that's because the features that stick up
06:49 like on the top of the head sometimes look like horns.
06:53 That's why its called great horned.
06:55 I told you Auntie Linda Bev is the right person.
06:57 Take any animal that gets hurt to her 'cause
07:00 she knows a lot about helping them get well
07:03 and getting over their injuries and things.
07:05 So, she's brought him back to the farm.
07:07 Tell us more; tell the children about him,
07:08 what noise does he make Bev.
07:10 Do you know what an owl makes?
07:11 What kind of noise they make?
07:13 How does an owl go? They hoot,
07:15 can you make a hoot. We can do that can't we go,
07:19 hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, can you do that?
07:21 You can do like this. That's a real hiya,
07:26 but that's the way they go.
07:27 Can you do that? Hoot, hoot, hoot.
07:30 I do, he wanting to fly away.
07:34 That's what he wants to do and we will do that
07:35 with him a little bit later after,
07:38 after we are all done talking about him.
07:41 They also did you see when he flopped his wings
07:43 how big his wings are? Yeah. Big.
07:46 That helps him fly. He was really big.
07:48 Because they fly at night and hunt at night.
07:53 You don't see owls out during the day do you?
07:56 No. They hunt at night that's why
07:58 their eyes are so big.
08:00 Yes. Because they get to get all the light
08:04 that you might not even be able see
08:05 anymore to help them hunt.
08:07 So, it has good eyesight? Very, very good
08:10 eye sight especially at night.
08:13 Oh! So, they sleep during the day.
08:16 Okay, usually. Usually.
08:18 And they see they sleep during the day
08:20 and we are up during the day playing
08:21 and everything and then they're up
08:24 at night while we're sleeping.
08:25 That's right. And then we could hold them to that low.
08:29 No you don't get to because I have got a special
08:31 glove on if you held him these big long toe nails
08:36 called talons would hurt your hand.
08:40 Scratch it, wouldn't it. Yes. Yes, oh! yeah.
08:42 Well, what are some other things that children
08:44 would like to know. I like it, I like her, her eyes.
08:48 Well, one of the things the eyes are
08:50 very, very large and they see when you don't even.
08:55 You won't even be able see at night
08:59 and this bird can still see.
09:00 Now, the other thing though that is that
09:02 they are good hunters, they hunt mice.
09:05 Oh! Mice. Do you guys like mice in your house.
09:09 Yeah. You like mice to come into house.
09:11 Does your mommy like mice in your house,
09:13 probably not, its probably not, no, no.
09:15 These guys hunt mice. So, they are good to
09:18 have around especially around a farm because
09:21 you don't want the mice eating up
09:22 all the grain on the farm,
09:24 like in my barn for instance. That's right.
09:26 In fact some owls actually like to move into a barn
09:30 because of all the mice. Justin thinks he is too big.
09:33 He likes to live in a barn, he is a big bird
09:35 used to seeing birds this big at home are you.
09:38 Oh! We live in a house and we have
09:40 our own little bed room, our own beds to sleep in
09:43 and they like to live in barns.
09:44 Sometimes up in the loft and everything.
09:46 That's because of all the mice.
09:47 That's right. And I like,
09:49 she has an extra eye lid to help,
09:52 she does. To help, looks like she is winking at you.
09:55 Watch her, she goes like this, she goes.
09:59 When she winks you wink at her, okay Justin.
10:01 Can you wink? Oh! Here she goes,
10:04 here she goes. She wanted to flap those wings,
10:07 that's right. Can you wink Justin.
10:09 You can't wink. Wink, let's wink at
10:11 the owl like this let's go.
10:12 Can you wink? Do like that. You can do like this.
10:15 That's it. And look, look under here
10:18 what she's doing under there.
10:19 See, I see him doing that, to see her doing it,
10:21 look under here what she is doing,
10:22 she is breathing very fast because that,
10:26 they can't sweat so they pan
10:28 just like dogs pan sometimes.
10:30 You know how you get hot when you sweat.
10:32 And you know when you're playing you get hot
10:34 and you sweat, they can't sweat like that.
10:36 So, they do that breathing. Watch this,
10:37 watch when they go.
10:39 You can't them feel little better. No, no look.
10:42 Look at my neck, watch my neck;
10:43 you see his neck. Can you do your neck like that?
10:45 It is how they do. That's how they do.
10:47 Just like that. Just like that. How old,
10:50 how old is she. Do you know?
10:51 Well, we know it's an adult
10:54 but the thing is we know it's a,
10:56 we know it's a girl by her size.
10:59 With owls the girls are bigger than the boys.
11:03 Oh! Girls are bigger than boys.
11:05 With owls and hawks. No doubt,
11:08 because the girls when they become mommas,
11:14 they have to help hunt
11:16 to help feed all those babies.
11:18 So, they are much bigger than the men.
11:21 How many babies do they have?
11:23 They can have up to four, but normally
11:26 we only see two in the nest. Two babies around here.
11:30 So, we got a surprise for you
11:32 we always sing a song for our guest,
11:34 oh! That'd be wonderful and we want to sing
11:36 our song for you. Oh! Yes.
11:41 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:45 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:49 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:53 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:59 That's nice. Thank you for showing us the owl.
12:02 You're welcome. I am glad you guys
12:03 came to the farm today. Say bye, bye to the owl.
12:05 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, everybody bye, bye
12:07 and very, very bye to you, come back bye, bye.
12:17 Hi kids we are going on the nature
12:20 walk come and join us.
12:23 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
12:29 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
12:35 to see what God has given.
12:41 Oh! We have a humming bird don't we. And a bat.
12:46 A bat. Look, oh! Do you know about bats?
12:51 No, look up there. Come here and sit,
12:53 I will tell you about bats.
12:55 Bats are right over here, sit right over here Justin.
13:00 He won't bite you, we'll come,
13:01 well we don't want to get real close to him do we.
13:03 Okay. Now we're close to this one, I know.
13:07 Well, you know bats like to hang up
13:08 side down like that, look up there.
13:11 Yes, there is another one.
13:13 Did you know the smallest bat
13:15 weighs less then a penny.
13:17 No, it does and that biggest bat
13:21 looks like a flying fox.
13:22 It has wings that are six feet long.
13:27 Yes, but they live mostly in Australia or Africa,
13:31 Asia. And they got feet, yes they do.
13:34 Like two and you know what they like to eat.
13:37 What? Bugs, bugs, and they eat about
13:45 seven thousand bugs in one night.
13:49 Oh! That would be like a brother
13:52 or big brother sister eating like a
13:54 136 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
13:58 Yeah. That's a lot you think you would like that?
14:01 I do. Do you know what they do? I don't like.
14:04 Some of the bats they go in caves
14:06 they like that's probably why he liked the bush
14:08 or basket 'cause may be it's a little dark
14:10 in there for him. They go in the caves
14:12 and they take their babies
14:14 and they put them all in one spot
14:17 and then the mothers all go and
14:19 they fly to the other end of the cave.
14:22 And then do you know how they know
14:24 when their babies are hungry.
14:26 Ya, ya, how? They fly.
14:32 Well, they do fly, they hear the little noises
14:34 and each mother knows what her baby sounds like.
14:40 And she goes and flies to him and she also knows
14:43 what he feels like. The baby bats are pink.
14:45 Are they? Yeah. Well, the little,
14:48 I don't know what color the baby bats are
14:51 but I know the mothers are black
14:52 and brown aren't they? Some are black and
14:55 some are brown and these are black.
14:57 Yeah. But that's how Jesus made them
14:59 and they take care of their babies that way.
15:01 They are looking at the apples.
15:03 Yes, they are looking at the apples and
15:06 there is this, I am so glad that.
15:08 And there is no stick here. No there is not.
15:11 I am so glad that Jesus made that little black bats.
15:14 Can I have one? Okay.
15:16 God made the little black bats I know, I know
15:24 God made the little black bats
15:28 because he loves me so.
15:31 Like a apple, you have got an apple.
15:40 It's story time boys and Girls, yeah.
15:45 We love story time.
15:47 Do you like parades boys and girls?
15:49 I do, do you like parades. Yeah, yes.
15:52 Well we're gonna read this story
15:53 about the great parade.
15:56 See the donkey,
15:57 Jesus will ride on the donkey in the parade,
16:01 the boys and the girls they want to see Jesus.
16:05 They want to see Jesus in the parade.
16:07 Look at the little boy hugging Jesus.
16:11 Oh! Jesus loves him so much.
16:14 See Jesus the children shout,
16:16 Jesus looks like a King he sits up tall
16:19 and straight on his little donkey,
16:22 he could be our King, the adults whisper.
16:24 Yeh for King Jesus. Can you say Yeh!
16:27 For King Jesus. Yeh! For King Jesus.
16:32 And for the donkey and the parade.
16:35 The kids were so excited to be there.
16:37 Hosanna to the son of David they shouted.
16:40 The people shouted, the little donkey,
16:42 what is he walking on?
16:45 He is walking on their coats isn't he?
16:48 Does your donkey walk on the coats. Yeah.
16:50 He does. Well, this donkey did too.
16:55 See the palm branches the children are waving them
16:58 hosanna to our King,
17:00 can your wave your palm branch,
17:01 hosanna, hosanna to our King.
17:07 We can too sing praises to Jesus.
17:09 See the angry men, can you count the angry men.
17:13 One, two, three angry men. Hush children,
17:20 don't shout praises to Jesus but Jesus said
17:24 don't stop the children.
17:26 I like to hear their praises clip clap,
17:29 clip clap the donkey steps on the pretty clothes.
17:35 What's running down Jesus cheek? He is crying,
17:39 he is crying because there are so many people
17:42 that don't love him or don't know him.
17:45 Don't cry said the little children.
17:47 We love you Jesus, don't cry.
17:52 Jesus smiles, he smiles when we tell
17:55 him that we love him.
17:56 Can you say Jesus I love you,
17:59 can you say Jesus I love you?
18:01 I can say that Jesus I love you.
18:04 You can't see him. No, clip clap, clip clap,
18:08 the parade moves on.
18:10 The donkey steps on the pretty coats.
18:12 I can see him, Yes, there he is.
18:15 Hosanna, hosanna, what a wonderful parade.
18:19 You know boys and girls some day soon Jesus
18:21 is coming again to us home.
18:23 Is he going to come in the clouds of heaven.
18:25 Yes, and there was going to be lots of angels
18:28 and that's gonna be the best parade ever,
18:31 he is coming back because he really, really loves us.
18:39 Hi, boys and girls, we're having fun in
18:43 the kitchen with Ms. Cinda today.
18:44 We are. And you know what we're making today.
18:48 Little tiny peanut butter Carob treats. Oh how fun.
18:54 And I have already for you kids look at this.
18:58 We have bowls, you each have a bowl
19:01 and I put peanut butter in the bottom.
19:05 Crunchy peanut butter and then some Carob chips
19:08 and I melted it just a little bit in the microwave.
19:11 Now, take your spoons and you get to stir it all up.
19:16 Can you stir it up? Oh stir.
19:21 I'm mixing mine up. Good job. Good job.
19:28 You can look at, even I can get it with this.
19:32 Yes, you may, you may. Kids do you know
19:35 what we are talking about today?
19:39 How we can make people happy.
19:42 By sharing. Yes we can.
19:45 What are some other ways we can make people happy?
19:48 I will make stir. By being their friend.
19:51 By being a friend, yes. Tyler.
19:53 Being nice to people.
19:55 That's right. Being nice to people.
19:57 Tyler, how can we make people happy?
19:59 Because it's good. Yes. It is good isn't it?
20:04 Sylvia, how can we make people happy.
20:06 Okay Tyler you wanna put it in your little cups.
20:08 It's good. What can we do to make people happy?
20:10 What can you do to make, make your mommy happy?
20:16 Obeying. That's right.
20:20 What else can you kids do to make someone happy.
20:24 I know. What. We could take some
20:26 of these treats to somebody that maybe,
20:28 they don't get to get out much may be
20:31 like a grandma or grandpa somewhere.
20:33 What do you think?
20:35 Jadus, can you put some of your,
20:36 I mean Jasmine can you put
20:37 some of yours in the tar pan.
20:40 She is enjoying hers. Oh! Is yours good.
20:44 You look your treat now,
20:45 how about you boys and girls
20:47 what can you do to make somebody happy.
20:50 You think about that and then try
20:52 and do something for someone today.
20:53 Oh! Ms. Cinda, I see something
20:55 on a plate over there. Oh! Auntie Linda saw.
21:01 Ms. Cinda's got some treats.
21:04 Oh! Look would you even like to have some of this,
21:07 I do, what is it?
21:10 Oh! This is some of this Carob Peanut butter treats.
21:14 You want a little bite, you want a little bite?
21:16 I want it. You want your own huh? Is it good,
21:23 I like that. Boys and girls whenever your mommy
21:28 is in the kitchen remember to help her
21:29 because cooking is fun.
21:38 Yes, singing time and it's also time
21:43 to see if we remembered our memory verse.
21:45 Do you know where it's found.
21:46 Colossians, Colossians. Colossians that's right
21:51 Isaiah and Jadus.
21:53 Its Colossians 1 verse 10,
21:58 always be doing good; always be doing good;
22:03 kind things for others; kind things for others.
22:07 I wonder if the boys and girls
22:08 at home say that with us.
22:10 Alright, lets say it again.
22:13 Always be doing good, kind things for others.
22:20 That's nice. Jesus wants us to share him
22:23 and we're gonna sing some songs about that.
22:25 Share him, share him all you little children.
22:28 Share him, share him all you little children,
22:33 God is love, God is love
22:38 Share him, share him, all you little children
22:42 God is love, God is love.
22:46 Okay, sing it again with us.
22:48 Okay boys and girls. Hold my hand,
22:49 hold my hand while you sing it. Okay.
22:51 You don't want to hold hands with farmer Mike,
22:53 Okay. Alright, Auntie Linda gain.
22:56 Share him, share him all you little children,
23:01 God is love, God is love
23:05 Share him, share him, all you little children
23:10 God is love, God is love
23:15 And one way we can share him
23:16 is by wearing our smiles
23:19 and being sunbeams for Jesus
23:21 Oh! we're gonna sing about that.
23:23 The sun always makes you think of
23:25 being happy doesn't it.
23:26 Right. Yeah. Okay. Lets be a sunbeam.
23:29 Put your hands up like this. Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
23:31 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,
23:35 To shine for Him each day;
23:40 In every way try to please Him,
23:44 At home, at school, at play.
23:48 A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
23:53 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;
23:57 A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
24:02 I'll be a sunbeam for Him.
24:07 Jesus does want us to be sunbeams for him,
24:10 you know because he loves us so much
24:13 and his love is just as deep, deep, deep as the sea.
24:16 We're gonna sing that one boys and girls,
24:18 Isaiah and I like that song.
24:20 I do too. Come on Isaiah.
24:22 Deep, deep, deep, as the sea
24:27 High, high, high as the sky
24:31 Wide, wide, wide, as the ocean blue
24:35 is Jesus love for,
24:36 for you and me it's just as
24:40 deep, deep, deep as the sea
24:44 high, high, high as the sky
24:48 wide, wide, wide, as the ocean blue
24:52 is Jesus love for you.
24:56 Do we have time to sing that again?
24:58 Because I always say you and me too quick
25:01 and I want some of the kids
25:02 at home do that too?
25:04 That's a good idea,
25:05 let's sing it again. One more time.
25:07 Oh! Okay, come on sing it Isaiah. Okay.
25:10 Deep, deep, deep, as the sea, watch this
25:15 High, high, high as the sky
25:19 Wide, wide, wide, as the ocean blue
25:22 is Jesus love for you,
25:26 and me, it just as
25:28 deep, deep, deep as the sea
25:32 high, high, high as the sky
25:36 wide, wide, wide, as the ocean blue
25:40 is Jesus love for you.
25:45 God still in my heart, that is right.
25:48 And I think that got right that time too. Yes.
25:50 I think so too and you know Jesus loves us so much.
25:54 Let's sing Jesus wants me this I know.
25:56 And we're gonna sing it really loud okay. Okay.
26:01 Jesus loves me! This I know,
26:05 For the Bible tells me so.
26:10 Little ones to Him belong;
26:14 Look at your muscles
26:15 They are weak, but He is strong, very strong
26:19 Yes, Jesus loves me, yes Jesus loves you,
26:29 Yes Jesus loves me, the Bible tells me so.
26:38 Aunty Linda, one day I went up town to get
26:41 some feed for my animals and I was smiling
26:44 real big 'cause it was a beautiful day
26:45 and I had Jesus in my heart and somebody said
26:48 why do smile all the time.
26:50 And I said because Jesus lives in my heart.
26:53 And he said, how can that happen to me.
26:55 And I got to tell him you can ask him
26:58 enter your heart and then you be happy
27:00 and smile like a sunbeam.
27:02 That's right. Just like we were singing about today.
27:04 Let's talk to Jesus right now.
27:07 Bow your heads boys and girls and close your eyes.
27:10 Dear Jesus help us always to be good
27:13 and kind to others,
27:14 we love you. Amen. Amen. Amen. That's right.
27:21 That's Mr. Rooster, well, that's right.
27:24 And he says that's all the time we have right now,
27:27 see you later.
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:56 Goodbye.
28:03 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys,
28:08 we live here and around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy,
28:13 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
28:16 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:18 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:21 we're God's girls and boys.


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