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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys,
00:10 we live here and around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like a rainbow.
00:21 we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 Auntie Linda, are you thinking what I am thinking?
00:30 What are you thinking Hannah?
00:32 I am thinking we are going to heaven.
00:34 Oh, I am thinking about heaven too Hannah.
00:38 Hi boys and girls, can you wave to the boys and girls.
00:41 Hi. Georgie can wave too.
00:44 You know, we are so glad you are here,
00:45 but Jesus is really happy that you are here.
00:50 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:55 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
01:01 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:03 Jesus knows your name
01:06 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:13 Well, I think it's time for us to go inside now
01:16 for worship, common boys and girls.
01:23 Oh, we've got a phone call Hannah.
01:27 Oh, I always get the phone calls, oh thank you.
01:32 Hello this is Auntie Linda.
01:34 Hi, Auntie Linda this is Elisa.
01:37 Hi, Elisa, do you like to think? Yeah.
01:42 What do you think about?
01:45 I think about my childhood friend,
01:47 I think about playing with her.
01:50 I am so glad that you have such a good friend Elisa.
01:54 You know Jesus is also your special friend.
01:57 Thank you so much for calling me today.
02:00 Bye Auntie Linda. Bye. That was Elisa Lehman.
02:06 Is she so sweet? Oh, hi Freddy, how are you today.
02:13 You just having fun splashing around in your
02:15 fishy house. We have some food for you.
02:18 Hannah is gonna feed you just a little bit
02:20 because we don't wanna get, Freddy to get sick.
02:25 There you go Freddy, enjoy your food.
02:33 Oh, hi Kitty cat, Kitty cat says it's time to ring our
02:37 worship bell. Common let's go ring our bell Hannah.
02:40 This will be fun. Boys and girls are you ready too.
02:45 Come in and sing with us, okay. Okay Georgie.
02:50 Worship bells are sweet,
02:53 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:00 Come and worship here
03:02 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:11 Thank you so much Hannah.
03:15 I wonder what's in our box today.
03:19 What do you think it is? I think it's a cat.
03:23 Something special, oh it's a letter from Jesus.
03:30 Oh, I love letters from Jesus.
03:33 Let's see what Jesus says today, okay. Okay.
03:38 Oh, he has a letter from us it spoke to us from
03:42 Philippians, can you say Philippians.
03:45 Tell us from Philippians. Philippians 4 Philippians 4
03:50 8. 8. Whatever things are lovely.
03:55 Whatever things are lovely.
03:58 Think on these things. Think on these things.
04:02 Jesus wants us to think about things that are lovely
04:05 and beautiful, doesn't he. Yes.
04:08 Let's see if there is anything lovely or beautiful
04:10 in our box. Oh, it's a little birdie. Yeah.
04:20 Now that's a good thing to think about it isn't it.
04:23 Let's see what else is in our box.
04:25 Another birdie. Another birdie.
04:30 This is something special to think about isn't it.
04:33 Yeah, I suppose. Oh, I love flowers that
04:36 Jesus made for us. It's a rose.
04:39 You are right Hannah, that's a rose,
04:42 it's a red rose. You know, there is somebody else
04:46 that's very lovely that we can think about.
04:50 Oh, yes little birdie and that is Jesus.
04:55 Jesus wants us to think about him, doesn't he?
04:59 And that's the loveliest thing of all.
05:03 Let's have a special thank you prayer
05:05 and thank Jesus for loving us. He is so good and kind.
05:09 What else in the box. That's all. Let's bend our knees.
05:13 I'll bend my knees I'll fold my hands
05:20 I'll bow my head I'll close my eyes
05:26 And very, very quietly While our prayer is said.
05:34 Dear Jesus thank you for the land and all the stuff
05:37 you gave to us and thank you for the birds
05:40 and the roses, the land and everything in Jesus name,
05:44 amen. Amen. I love Jesus.
05:49 Auntie Linda, Hannah, hi, I was just wondering,
05:54 I am trying to think, I wanna do something
05:57 special for someone, but I can't decide what to do.
06:01 I know you can make a lot of cookies for Farmer Mike.
06:06 Oh! Hannah, that's a perfect idea.
06:10 Farmer Mike work so hard, you know what
06:14 I'll go get everything ready and that way
06:16 you can come and help me, okay. Okay. Okay,
06:19 you come to the kitchen later and help me, okay.
06:21 Okay. Okay. Well boys and girls,
06:23 it's time now for us to go to the barn,
06:25 common let's go.
06:32 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike. I am here,
06:36 but you can't find me out there.
06:38 I think Farmer Mike wants to play hide and seek.
06:41 Let's see if he is in the barn. Hey Farmer Mike.
06:44 Wonder where he could be? Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike.
06:52 I was playing hide and seek. Common and I will show
06:55 what I got today. You have so special.
06:58 I know what you got, it's a lizard I think.
07:00 Yes, right it's a lizard, you saw my lizard.
07:03 Alright. Alright do you guys ever play hide and seek
07:07 when you are at home. Yeah.
07:09 Oh, it's fun to play hide and seek.
07:11 Sit right there and I am gonna sit over here
07:13 and show this lizard, okay. Oh, that's a lizard.
07:16 There we go, everybody sit down now. Let me see over.
07:18 Wait for Hannah. You can't see.
07:19 I'm gonna come over here. Now and sit there
07:21 because you can see it lot better
07:22 if you are sitting down. Oh! wow, that's a big lizard.
07:25 Let's see if I can get the lid open because they are
07:28 real fast and you got to be careful.
07:30 I'm gonna try just take the top.
07:31 Rebecca can you say lizard. Okay. There we go.
07:33 Lizard. Okay, now hang on. Hold it because it still
07:36 so it can't runaway. Right, now I am gonna hold it
07:39 because its real silvery, it's real sleek. Oh, wow.
07:42 Ooh, let me get a good hold on it.
07:44 Oh, it didn't want me to hold it. Oh, he is waggling.
07:51 There I got it, I got it. Now let me hold on to it
07:53 and get it turn around here for you can see it.
07:55 Look at this. Can we touch it. A lizard,
07:59 you can touch it while I am holding it.
08:00 Oh, it's trying to bite me, do you see there, now then.
08:04 Does he straw or something? Well, I tell you
08:07 what everybody sit down there and I am going to tell
08:09 you about it for a minute okay, while we look at it.
08:11 Sit down Steven you can look at it. You do.
08:14 But listen this about him, here is something about him.
08:16 This one doesn't change his color,
08:18 it's always has same color. Oh, it is. Right he has got,
08:22 his name is kind of funny, he is a broadhead skink,
08:26 a broadhead skink. Can you say that Jadis.
08:29 Did you ever hear that. Broadhead skink.
08:32 Skink, okay now while you are sitting,
08:33 I will tell you this, now he doesn't change colors,
08:36 he stays green, but some lizards can change colors.
08:39 Yes, I know that. Oh, Rebecca look at the lizard.
08:43 I saw one change color before on TV.
08:45 That's right Hannah. That they do sometimes
08:47 and I have seen them on TV change colors,
08:49 and they some of them are called chameleons.
08:53 Chameleons. Have you heard that word before Jadis.
08:57 Yes and you know what they do.
08:58 They change colors; they change colors
09:00 whenever they need to hide from people.
09:02 Yeah, I know that because I saw one fish change
09:07 colors before? That's right,
09:09 animals can change colors sometimes,
09:11 God did that so they can hide when they need to for
09:13 their protection. Now let me ask you another question.
09:17 Guess when they sleep? Did they sleep in the grass?
09:22 They do sleep in the grass sometimes,
09:24 they like to be around logs, and like old tires
09:27 and things like that, but guess when they sleep,
09:30 do they sleep? In a wintertime.
09:34 They sleep in the winter time.
09:35 Yes they hibernate. Did they change colors
09:37 in the wintertime. All winter.
09:38 That word hibernate means to sleep,
09:41 go out and sleep, and they sleep all winter.
09:43 I think Jadis is sleeping now.
09:45 Oh Jadis, she is acting like she is sleeping.
09:49 Do you like this lizard Jadis. Everybody sit down
09:54 and I'm gonna let one person pad it and then another.
09:56 Well let's start with Jadis do you wanna pad him first,
09:58 well let Jadis first and we would take turn,
10:00 oh, he has got his mouth open, now Steven,
10:03 I don't want, Rebecca, can you pad.
10:05 I don't want to pad it. Okay, Hannah just wants to
10:08 look at. Well anyway here is something you guys won't
10:11 believe, guess what if something tries to catch
10:13 him like this they snap their tails off.
10:16 Oh, do you mean their tail comes off.
10:19 It comes off so they can get away, and nobody
10:22 can catch them if they don't want them to. Oh.
10:24 Like somebody dangerous is going to try to come
10:26 and hurt him or something because we will never hurt.
10:29 May be a lizard catcher. Oh, look at him.
10:31 Look at it he has got his mouth open.
10:32 Oh, no he is saying, who has got to hold me,
10:34 wow he bite me, look at it he bites see there.
10:37 That's how they protect themselves.
10:38 Do you think may be he would like us to sing him
10:39 a song. Well, I don't know if I am going to sing to him
10:42 because he bit me. I was just kidding,
10:45 I was just kidding, we can sing, let's sing our song.
10:51 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:55 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
11:00 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:03 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:08 That was a good song you guys sang.
11:11 I love that song. It's my favorite song.
11:14 It's her favorite song. But you have to leave now?
11:16 We have to go. We've got lot of things to go to.
11:19 Will you come back, won't you another time.
11:21 Can you give Farmer Mike a hug?
11:22 Okay and be sure comeback another time.
11:24 Okay. Thank you bye, bye. Wave bye, bye Rebecca,
11:27 can you wave bye, bye. Bye Auntie Linda.
11:32 Bye, Bye, common Heather, Hannah.
11:39 Hi, boys and girls we are
11:41 going on a walk come and join us.
11:44 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:50 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:56 to see what God has given.
12:01 What are we gonna see today? A tiger.
12:04 Oh, look what Olivia has found Noah. I think apple.
12:11 Let's see if we can get him. I saw his tongue sticking.
12:15 Do you wanna hold him. No.
12:18 Let's put him over here. Oh, he is clinging to
12:20 the grass. Oh, you can see him. I am touching it.
12:26 Oh look how God made him. He is gushy. He is gushy.
12:30 Yeah. Do you like him Olivia. You can pad up.
12:35 Olivia do you wanna hold him. Hold your hand out,
12:41 do you wanna hold him. I want.
12:42 Hold your hand up, okay put your hand like this,
12:47 and well then we let you have a turn too.
12:50 Oh, look how God made him he put little bumps
12:52 on him. Did you know he He is ticking.
12:55 Yes, he is tickling. He is gonna soon have a little
12:59 house build all around him with leaves like a little
13:02 cocoon and he will sleep most of the winter.
13:07 I want to hold him. You wanna hold him.
13:08 Okay, let Olivia hold him just for a little bit.
13:12 Oh, you don't wanna hold him.
13:16 Do you wanna hold him again? Yeah.
13:17 Oh, God made him very, very special.
13:20 He is gonna turn into a beautiful moth and he is
13:24 gonna fly or butterfly, some of them turn into
13:27 butterflies. God mad them really special.
13:30 Yes, we will turn him over. I am so glad that God made
13:34 the green caterpillars. Yes, look how pretty they are.
13:43 God made the green caterpillars
13:47 because he loves me so.
13:50 What are you doing?
14:00 Yeah, it's story time. And we have a good story for
14:05 you today boys and girls. Do you have a new little
14:08 brother or sister in your house. Our story today is
14:11 about a little baby. Elisha is God's man.
14:17 See them walking, walking together.
14:20 Elisha takes the long walk to Sidon.
14:23 A kind woman sees Elisha coming.
14:27 She says come to our house and eat.
14:32 See the good food? Please eat the kind woman says.
14:40 She gives Elisha some good fruit.
14:43 Do you see the fruit? Look at the fruit
14:45 she is giving him. Do you like to eat fruit Hannah?
14:48 I do too. Elisha eats good food, soon he is full.
14:54 Elisha needs a place to rest, the kind woman
14:56 said to her husband. Let's build a room for him.
15:01 So, the kind woman and the farmer decided to build
15:04 a little room for Elisa. Everyday the kind man
15:11 works to build. What is that? It's a kitty cat.
15:14 A kitty cat and he is watching the kind man work,
15:17 isn't he. His hammer goes tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap,
15:22 yes even the birds are watching him.
15:24 His saw goes cut, cut, cut, cut.
15:31 See Elisa's new room, see his bed, see his table,
15:37 and his lamp, this is the new room for you said the
15:41 kind woman. Elisa likes his new room.
15:45 Thank you he says, you are so kind to me.
15:49 I want to do something for you, but the kind woman
15:52 said thank you but I really don't need anything.
15:58 What do you think he is gonna do for her?
16:00 Elisha really wants to do something for the nice kind
16:04 woman. He knows that the kind woman has no children.
16:12 She really wants a baby. Sometime she is sad
16:16 because she has no baby. God's man said you are kind
16:20 to me. I will ask God to give a baby boy.
16:24 Next year, you will have a baby to love.
16:30 See the little baby. Come see my baby boy the kind
16:36 woman calls to Elisha when he came toward her house.
16:39 Elisha feels happy, Elisha feels happy for the kind
16:44 woman. Her baby is growing. Soon he will be a big boy.
16:50 The kind woman is happy because God gave her a
16:54 baby boy. Oh look at and she is so happy even
16:58 what is this. Is this her doggy.
17:00 Yeah. Even her doggy is happy. Yes. It's the kitty.
17:08 And the kitty, the kitty must have wondered often
17:11 to the farm. Oh, how happy she is for the baby.
17:15 You know Jesus loves to give his children good gifts
17:18 too. If you pray and ask Jesus, he will give you
17:23 something special too because remember
17:26 Jesus really, really loves you.
17:33 Hi, boys and girls. We are helping Ms. Cinda.
17:39 Alright, do you guys know what we are making today.
17:41 Cookies. Cookies. Oh, who likes cookies.
17:44 Me. Oh, you know I used to love cookies so much
17:49 when I was a little girl. I hide them in my pocket
17:54 one time and they went through the wash machine.
18:01 Jadis do you like cookies. Who likes oat meal cookies.
18:05 No. I do, I do.
18:07 Do you know what oat meal is very, very healthy for you.
18:10 I like oat meal. I like too.
18:13 Did you boys and girls know that
18:14 oat meal is very healthy for you. Yeah.
18:16 It is, okay I've already put some of the ingredients
18:20 in your bowls for you. So you can add your oil
18:25 and water, put those in. Look there are cookies
18:26 made for us. Oh, we saw the cookies.
18:30 Oh, Ms. Cinda already made some,
18:31 but after you mix yours up, you can taste some
18:33 I've already made, okay. Since we don't have time to
18:36 bake them. Oh, good catch. Will you bake them later
18:42 for us Ms. Cinda? I promise, I will go,
18:44 I will bake them later, okay. Okay. Okay.
18:50 I have done. Okay, mix it up now.
18:53 Now can I stir it? Yes you may.
18:55 You kind of stir it Justin. Stir it up.
19:00 I'm gonna mix it. You are gonna mix it,
19:03 okay stir it up. Oh, Jadis you are doing so good,
19:08 you must like being in the kitchen. But I will do.
19:11 Do you cook at home Jadis? No. Little bit.
19:15 Well now you can, you can tell your mommy you can
19:18 help. But I cook in the show. You do, don't you.
19:22 I cook in this show. You cook a lot.
19:25 Hold your bowl with one hand Hannah,
19:28 hold your bowl with one hand, and then you can stir
19:31 it better. Look at Jadis is doing, oh she is doing so
19:34 good. Justin can you get, and get all the way down,
19:38 oh get into the corners. And if you need more water
19:44 let me know and Ms. Cinda can pour more water in for
19:47 you. Okay I can't do the corner.
19:49 Well you know what, oh Justin you do need a little
19:52 bit more don't you. I need some more oat meals,
19:55 more water. More okay. I need some more oil.
20:01 I'm a good singer. Oh, how about, I'll give you,
20:03 I'll just. Oh, you want in there, okay.
20:06 Pour a little bit. See it works.
20:08 Can you ask Ms. Cinda to please put some more water.
20:11 I need some more water. More water I need.
20:13 Okay, I am coming, oh you want it here too. Yeah.
20:17 Okay. Okay. Hannah do you want yours in that okay.
20:23 Alright, now you can mix it up.
20:25 You guys are such good cooks. I'm such a good
20:29 cookie. You should, I wish so it will.
20:33 Should we make these cookies for somebody
20:34 and give him for a surprise. Yeah.
20:37 Who do you think we should make him for?
20:39 I think we should make them for Farmer Mike.
20:41 Yeah for Farmer Mike. I will make one for Farmer Mike.
20:44 No. No. No Okay.
20:47 I'm gonna just eat it. Okay. I fell down.
20:51 Hannah said she is making one for someone.
20:53 Who you are making it for? Farmer Mike is gone.
20:56 Farmer Mike is gone. Oh, he will like that.
20:58 But we can get him some when we go,
21:01 when you guys go to the barn. Okay Justin you are
21:04 ready, can you make them into little balls
21:07 and put them on the cookie sheet.
21:08 Oh, you got to mix it, let's mix it. Oh, you can.
21:11 You know what you are gonna have to just
21:13 drop yours on the cookie sheet.
21:14 There we go. I wanna draw mine.
21:16 Just go like this. Round, round, round, round, round.
21:18 Oh no, no, oh you want, well you can take spoon full
21:20 and put it on the cookie sheet.
21:21 Let me move this closer. Isn't it getting better?
21:23 Yeah. Oh, boys and girls, I hope you help your mommies
21:27 in the kitchen. Oh, no, no Justin, use the spoon for.
21:31 Ms. Cinda I see the treats.
21:33 Who would like to try a treat? Me. Oh, there you go.
21:40 Oh, look what Ms. Cinda has. Cookie, I want cookie.
21:43 Say please. You wanna cookie. Please.
21:45 Let me hear that please one more time,
21:49 that was so cute. Please.
21:51 Look I got, I got two cookies.
21:54 Oh, oh you just take one. You want one.
21:56 I want one. Okay Noah would you like one.
22:00 Well thank you. Hannah would you like one.
22:02 You tell her thank you. Thank you.
22:05 You are welcome. There is two cookies left in plate.
22:08 There is you know what you need to make some cookies
22:11 for and put them on your cookie sheet,
22:13 can I eat it, you may. Okay.
22:14 And you can bake this for Farmer Mike okay.
22:17 You can take our cookies and pad them out here.
22:22 See what's your is gonna taste like.
22:24 Well boys and girls remember to help your mommies
22:27 in the kitchen because cooking is fun.
22:39 It's singing time. And it's also time to review our
22:42 memory verse. Do you know, where its found Jasmine.
22:45 Philippians. That's right. Philippians.
22:48 And Farmer Mike, what chapter? Chapter 4.
22:50 That's right, we know the verse.
22:52 You know the Verse. And Noah. Yeah it'8.
22:54 That's right. Philippians 4:8.
22:57 That's right. Whatsoever things are lovely.
23:01 Whatsoever things are lovely.
23:04 Think on these things. Think on these things.
23:08 Very good. Are you thinking of something?
23:11 I am thinking something really lovely.
23:15 I know it's a surprise. I wonder what it is?
23:17 It is Hannah run to the kitchen because I forgot it.
23:21 Can you get it. Boys and girls wait till you see this.
23:26 What is the surprise? I think it's cookies.
23:29 There it is. Why do you want me to hold these Hannah?
23:35 Tell him. This is for you.
23:37 These cookies are for me. That's right,
23:40 Hannah made them for you today in the kitchen.
23:42 Oh thank you Hannah. And I helped her.
23:44 Thank you Hannah, thank you. What a good surprise.
23:47 Because you know what Hanna said that you work so hard
23:50 that we wanted to have something lovely for you.
23:52 Well thank you for thinking of me.
23:55 Well you are pretty special Farmer Mike.
23:59 You are. And you know boys and girls
24:01 it is important to be careful what we think about
24:04 and we want always do good things for others.
24:06 So we are gonna sing a song that will help us all
24:08 remember to be careful little minds
24:11 what you think, okay
24:14 Oh, be careful little minds what you think.
24:18 Oh, be careful little minds what you think.
24:23 For the Father up above, Is looking down in love,
24:28 oh be careful little minds, what you think.
24:31 Let's try that one more time boys and girls
24:34 and just really sing it out, okay. Okay.
24:37 Oh, be careful little minds what you think.
24:41 Oh, be careful little minds what you think.
24:46 For the Father up above, Is looking down in love,
24:51 Oh, be careful little minds, what you think.
24:56 And you know when we think,
24:58 we have Jesus in our hearts.
25:00 We can think about that and we are gonna sing a song
25:02 about there is a flag flying high on the castle
25:06 of my heart. Okay. And you an just wave your arms
25:09 and pretend that there are flags, okay.
25:11 Okay now let's wave arms, ready.
25:14 There is a flag flying high on the castle of my heart,
25:19 in the castle of my heart, in the castle of my heart!
25:23 There is a flag flying high on the castle of my heart
25:28 for The King is in residence there!
25:32 So let it fly in the sky let the whole world know,
25:37 let the whole world know! let the whole world know!
25:41 So let it fly in the sky let the whole world know
25:46 that The King is in residence there!
25:51 And he is in residence right here in our heart,
25:53 isn't he. Let's sing the chorus again.
25:55 So let it fly, okay.
25:58 So let it fly in the sky let the whole world know,
26:03 let the whole world know! let the whole world know!
26:08 So let it fly in the sky let the whole world know
26:13 that The King is in residence there!
26:17 That's right the Jesus is listening to us too.
26:20 That's right Jasmine. And yes. He is singing at once.
26:24 song. You think Jesus is singing with us.
26:28 I think yes. May be so.
26:29 Well boys and girls, lets give our thoughts to Jesus,
26:32 okay. Okay, I was on fishing for now,
26:34 I was on fishing rod. Oh, we will feed Freddy later.
26:37 We will, we fed him today already.
26:40 Okay let's sing here are my thoughts for Jesus.
26:44 Here are my thoughts for Jesus, for Jesus, for Jesus.
26:54 Here are my thoughts for Jesus.
26:58 I give my thoughts to him.
27:02 Ms. Cinda will you have a prayer right now for us.
27:06 Okay, close your eyes. Dear Jesus I thank you for your
27:11 love and for giving us songs and the Bible to read.
27:15 I love you Jesus in your name. Amen. Amen. Amen.
27:23 That's the rooster. That's right, and he says
27:25 that's all the time we have right now boys and girls.
27:29 We will see you later.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 we're God's girls and boys,
28:11 we live here and around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy,
28:16 we're clouds stars of the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:24 we're God's girls and boys.


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