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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Oh, hi boys and girls. Noah is bringing his mommy for
00:31 worship so I was just getting ready.
00:33 I am glad you came today, Georgie can you wave to the
00:37 boys and girls. Yes, Jesus is so happy
00:40 that you have come today too.
00:42 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:48 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:54 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:56 Jesus knows your name,
00:59 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:07 Yes Georgie, oh Georgie we got a phone call today,
01:11 you need to sit right there okay, yeah good boy.
01:16 Hello this is Auntie Linda Hi, Auntie Linda.
01:20 I am Michael James Coffin Oh, hi Michael today
01:25 we are talking about how Jesus wants us to learn.
01:29 What have you learned lately?
01:31 I have learned how to get dressed by myself.
01:35 Wow, what else can you do?
01:38 I can wear my shirt on all by myself.
01:43 You are really learning to do a lot of things Michael,
01:46 thank you for calling today good bye. Bye.
01:50 Bye that was Michael James Coffin and he is learning
01:55 to do a lot of things. You know, I think Freddy
02:00 you are hungry again, see Freddy, Georgie,
02:04 yes I think he wants some fishy food,
02:06 let us give him a little bit though Georgie
02:08 because we don't want him to get sick,
02:10 just a little bit okay, oh somebody is at the door
02:15 Georgie may be it's Noah and his mommy,
02:18 come in oh it is. Hi, Noah how are you today.
02:23 Hi, How are you? Good, how are you?
02:25 Oh, good its good to see you come in and sit down,
02:28 we are just getting ready to have worship kitty cat,
02:32 look at we have, oh feels there is,
02:34 kitty likes to remind us all the time that its time to
02:39 ring our worship bell. Can you ring the worship bell
02:42 for us Noah? And boys and girls
02:44 you sing along with me okay.
02:48 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
02:52 with our best friend Jesus.
02:57 Come and worship here,
02:59 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:08 Thank you Noah, you are a big helper.
03:12 Are you learning to do a lot of things yes,
03:16 you can put our bell back, can you have Georgie be
03:20 quite he is learning to be quite, he is doing better,
03:24 okay this is the time that kitty cat
03:27 and Georgie like the best. What do you think is in
03:30 our worship box today? What do you think Noah?
03:34 Do you think we have something special? We do.
03:36 Oh! We've got a letter from Jesus,
03:40 I love getting letters from Jesus.
03:43 Okay, let's see what we have. Noah, you can help me
03:48 say this Psalms 96, Psalms 96:1, 1,
03:54 its says O sing to the Lord, O sing to the Lord,
03:59 a new song, a new song, that's right boys and girls.
04:04 O sing to the Lord a new song.
04:06 Jesus likes us to learn new songs,
04:09 let's see what else is in my box?
04:12 I think I'll put my Bible right there,
04:15 let's see what else is in the box?
04:17 Oh! It's a song book. Oh! There are so many songs
04:24 in here, I don't' know, have you learned any songs yet?
04:29 Yes, my friend David just wrote a song
04:31 called Rise and Shine. Oh! I would love to hear it
04:35 and I know the boys and girls would too.
04:37 Can you teach it to us? Sure. Thank you.
04:40 We are gonna learn a new song.
04:41 Rise and Shine, Rise and Shine
04:50 The light of the Lord is yours and mine
04:59 Throughout the day we love the mankind
05:07 It's up to us to Rise and Shine.
05:17 That's beautiful. Thank you.
05:21 And that is important to get up early
05:23 and talk to Jesus and sing to him,
05:26 the first thing in the morning,
05:28 could you just sing it one more time so that
05:31 we could kind a really learn it. Sure.
05:34 I want to learn it, don't you Noah?
05:36 Yes, we want to learn it.
05:37 Rise and Shine, Rise and Shine
05:46 The light of the Lord is yours and mine
05:55 Throughout the day we love the mankind
06:04 It's up to us to Rise and Shine.
06:16 I just love the songs that make us think about Jesus.
06:19 Noah, would you have a special prayer for us today?
06:23 You will, good. Let's fold our hands boys and girls
06:28 and close our eyes while Noah prays.
06:31 Dear Jesus. Thank for Mommy and Dad and
06:35 poppy and nanny, Hannah, Jadis,
06:39 óóóóó Jasmine in the name of Jesus, Amen. Amen.
06:43 Well thank you Miss Melody for coming that was really
06:46 special that you taught us a new song.
06:48 Thanks for having us. And thank you Noah,
06:51 you have to bring your mommy again some time.
06:53 Boys and girls its time now for us to the barn
06:56 so come on. Let's get ready and go.
07:03 We are here. Hi everybody.
07:06 What's in your hand? Come here and sit down,
07:08 real quite and I'll tell you. What do you have?
07:10 This is a Chinchilla. A Chinchilla.
07:13 A Chinchilla look, let's don't hit him with the stick
07:15 though, okay. Becka come over here.
07:17 Becka, okay. We'll see what he has.
07:19 Okay, come and sit right here Hannah on
07:20 my leg over here. Oh, she is wiggling.
07:23 Sit down here, okay. Sit down right here like this
07:26 or here stand up hereby. Oh! He isn't it cute.
07:27 So you can closely pat him okay.
07:28 Do you want to pat him Noah? Yeah, feel how soft he is?
07:31 He, it has, she has a flat mouth. Let's see if you guys
07:34 can say what he is? Everybody together,
07:36 Noah ready. Say this say. He want mummy to ask this.
07:40 Say Chinchilla. Can you say that Noah?
07:42 Chinchilla, Chinchilla, Chinchilla.
07:43 Chinchilla I like it, that's perfect. And he.
07:46 He has chins so. Like we have chins,
07:48 that's right. That's right.
07:49 Rebecca said it can you say what it is?
07:51 Rebecca said it? Can you say it Rebecca? Chinchilla.
07:55 Can you say it, I said Chinchilla.
07:57 Yeah, she said it and he is a boy.
08:00 Can I touch his tail. And Noah and he is a boy.
08:04 Do want to pat him Rebecca.
08:05 And you know why I had you come in.
08:08 Well I'm gonna feel. He thinks he got food to eat
08:12 because you're putting your hand right there
08:14 by his mouth so. They do like to eat
08:16 different things you know. He is holding my hand.
08:19 Do you know what they like to eat?
08:20 His whiskers are wiggling. He is excited because
08:22 he is thinking that you gonna give some apples.
08:24 They would like to eat apples and
08:25 they would to eat carrots. Like do they have
08:27 any food in the barn? And they'd like to eat celery.
08:29 I don't have any food right now,
08:30 but we will feed him in a few minutes okay.
08:32 It's not lunch time for him yet but pretty soon.
08:36 And the reason I had you guys come on real quite.
08:39 I did see him bite me. Did he grab your finger
08:43 didn't he? Yeah I do, yes.
08:46 Noah, the reason I had you guys be little quite is
08:48 because they get scared real easy if you make lot of
08:51 noise, but you guys are really good,
08:53 now here is something funny, this makes me laugh
08:56 when I think about it. Instead of taking a bath
08:58 in water, how many of you take a bath in water,
09:01 when you take a bath? Me. I do.
09:03 Do you like to take a bath Rebecca? Yes.
09:06 I do. Do you know where they take a bath in?
09:09 Where? Dust and dirt.
09:12 Dirt, how can you get clean in dirt?
09:14 I don't, but all makes me laugh,
09:16 oh, dust is here, if that. Dust is in here,
09:19 yeah that's dust on them, when I was a little boy
09:21 my mommy would have thought I like to be a
09:23 chinchilla because I always playing in the dirt
09:25 and dust and I didn't wanna come in and take a bath.
09:29 But now I like the water. Yeah I do like it.
09:32 And here's another thing, he sleeps during the day
09:34 time and he is awake at night and just like you
09:39 boys and girls he likes to jump and he likes to climb
09:45 and do things like a, Can he climb trees?
09:47 I think he can climb some, I don't know how high
09:51 it want to live and get down from
09:52 the tree especially when his little.
09:53 Hey. But they can climb real good,
09:56 yeah they could climb. He is patting my fingers.
09:58 Now how long, how long do you think they live?
10:00 Let's guess. How about 30 minutes.
10:03 How many years? Oh, longer than 30 minutes.
10:07 I want to pat him. Although if I don't feed
10:09 him real nice, I don't know, let's see here, there
10:12 you go, oh, you lost your shoes, no he is not scared.
10:15 He has mistaken. Now, anyway he lives
10:18 10 to 20 years, so he lives in teenage years
10:23 of course and that kind of thing and
10:26 he likes warm temperatures. Warm temperatures wow!
10:31 I want to pat him. Let me ask you Noah,
10:34 do you like to be real cold? No.
10:37 Do you like to be real hot? Yeah.
10:39 You like hot better than cold, oh that's what
10:41 he likes this Chinchilla likes the warm
10:43 temperature better and look at his beautiful tail.
10:46 He has a beautiful tail. Yeah, it's gorgeous.
10:48 He is such a soft and beautiful animal,
10:51 let's see if we can sing our song to him and
10:54 see if he likes it. Watch his eyes while we singing.
10:57 Watch his eyes sing to him, okay.
10:59 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:04 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:08 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:12 I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
11:17 Very nice. That was tickling my fingers,
11:19 he was tickling. I am so glad we got
11:22 to see another one of God's wonderful creatures.
11:25 Yes. But, we have to go. Can you tell him goodbye?
11:29 We got to go. Can you tell him goodbye?
11:32 Watch where he'd likes to stay or you leave out
11:34 put him here like this. See wave bye to him now.
11:38 He is cute. He is cute isn't it?
11:40 Bye, bye come on kids lets go.
11:41 Bye, bye. But, you guys have some others
11:43 things to do today and thanks. Bye, bye.
11:52 We are on our way to the garden
11:53 Hannah and I. You wanna join us?
11:56 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
12:02 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
12:08 to see what God has given. Oh, Hannah, I always
12:15 gets so hungry when I come to the garden.
12:19 Do you? Yeah. What's your favorite
12:20 thing to eat? Celery, you like celery,
12:24 oh, I do too. I can't wait these tomatoes are
12:27 almost ready to be picked. I think, we could
12:30 pick strawberries today. Yeah. I love strawberries,
12:35 don't you? Yeah. Hannah, did you notice
12:39 anything about that strawberry?
12:43 What are these little things on the outside
12:45 of it? Dots. Those are seeds, isn't that
12:50 neat boys and girls. Cantaloupe have seeds inside?
12:54 You can cut it open and there is all kinds of
12:56 seeds, but strawberries have the seeds on the
12:58 outside and they are so good and juicy.
13:03 Hannah do you know who likes to eat strawberries?
13:06 Who? The Birdies. I learned something today
13:13 about the birdies. Do you know what I learned?
13:16 What? I learned that the birdies, they just like
13:20 strawberries so much that they won't leave them
13:24 alone and they just eat them all up and my neighbor
13:27 told me that he took some rocks and he sprayed
13:31 them red and put them all by the strawberry plants
13:34 when there was just leaves and little flowers and the
13:38 birds would come in and they would see the rocks
13:40 that were painted red and they would grab one and
13:44 they would take it and they would go and it would
13:46 be a rock, not a nice strawberry and so then they
13:50 come again and they grab another one and it would
13:53 just be a rock. So, by the time the strawberries came
13:57 they didn't even pick any attention to them and he
13:59 said they just left his strawberries alone and there
14:02 was lots of big juicy strawberries, look I'm
14:06 so glad God made the big juicy strawberries.
14:10 Aren't you. Yeah. I love strawberry. I do too.
14:14 God made the big juicy strawberries, I know, I know.
14:21 God made the big juicy strawberries
14:25 because he loves me so.
14:31 I just love working out in the garden, don't you?
14:38 Its story time boys and girls and we have a good
14:41 story for you today. Julie and I are here and
14:45 we are glad you are here too.
14:46 Our story is about a boat with some men in it who
14:51 got into a storm. Have you ever been into a storm
14:55 before? Have you Julie? Have you seen the
14:58 lightning and the thunder? Well Jesus and his
15:03 disciples have been working so hard look at them,
15:06 they had been feeding all kinds of people and the
15:10 disciples were so tired oh! are you tired when you
15:14 work hard? Yes. I know that our mommies and
15:17 daddies get tired when they work hard too.
15:20 Well Jesus said to all his disciples you get in the
15:24 boat and you just go across the sea and you can
15:29 have some rest and after Jesus sent all the people
15:32 away, do you know what he did then?
15:35 He prayed to his father in heaven.
15:37 He just wanted sometime to talk to him,
15:40 meanwhile out on the sea something was happening,
15:44 what do you think was happening out in the storm,
15:46 oh! I told her, it was a storm wasn't it?
15:50 Out on the sea a storm came up and the boat
15:53 began to rock little bit at first and then it
15:56 just started rocking and rocking and rocking and
15:59 rocking and the disciples thought that they were
16:01 gonna fall out of the boat into the water would
16:05 you have been afraid? Would you have been afraid
16:08 boys and girls? But the disciples were afraid and
16:11 water started coming into the boat,
16:13 oh! Julie help me get the water out?
16:16 Can you help me get the water out,
16:18 yes they worked as hard as they could,
16:21 but more and more water came in and they
16:24 thought their boat was going to sink.
16:27 All at once they saw somebody coming,
16:30 Julie can you put something on the board for me,
16:33 who what do you think was coming
16:35 boys and girls? Who is that Julie?
16:38 Jesus. That's right. That was Jesus, they
16:42 saw someone coming toward them, but they didn't
16:44 know it was Jesus and they said oh! who can it be?
16:47 And then Peter looked and he said that's Jesus,
16:50 Jesus can I come out to you, can I walk on
16:53 the water too? And Jesus said yes Peter come
16:57 and walk on the water, so Peter started walking
17:01 towards Jesus. He thought that was pretty special
17:04 and he looked back at the other disciples as
17:07 if to say look at me, I'm walking on the water
17:11 and then something happened when he took his
17:16 eyes off of Jesus he began to sink down into the
17:19 water. Oh! No he began to sink, sink, sink and
17:24 he began to cry Jesus save me and he hold out his
17:27 arm whenever we cry to Jesus to help us Jesus is
17:32 right there to help us. Jesus took his hand and
17:36 lifted him up out of the water and he said oh,
17:40 Peter why didn't you believe in me more.
17:44 I always will take care of you, see how Jesus is
17:48 helping him. Do you know Jesus wants us to
17:50 believe in him too. He wants us to believe that
17:53 he can take care of us. You know boys and girls
17:57 Jesus loves us so much and he is always there for us.
18:01 So, remember, always remember that you have
18:07 Jesus watching you all the time and
18:11 that he really, really loves you.
18:19 Hi, boys and girls. We are going to learn
18:22 something fun in the kitchen today you are
18:26 and you boys and girls will too. Every time you
18:29 come to the kitchen do you learn stuff?
18:30 Yeah. You do don't you Sylvia? And do you like
18:33 being in the kitchen? Yeah, yeah.
18:36 I do too, do you boys and girls like
18:38 to be in the kitchen? Yes. Well today you're gonna
18:43 learn how to make a sandwich bread. Yeah.
18:46 Yummy. Okay. In your bowls, let's show
18:51 the boys and girls what's in your bowls.
18:52 There is what is it? Hot dog.
18:56 And they're veggie hot dogs, which means
18:58 they are really good for you because they are
19:00 made with soy aren't they. Oh, like soy
19:03 Oh, good, now what I want you to do is take your
19:07 mashers and mash up your hot dogs.
19:10 Oh, you have to push down hard
19:12 Sylvia both hands. Push. I can't do it.
19:15 Oh, go Tyler, oh go, mash hard Tyler, oh, oh, oh,
19:24 oh, it's almost coming. It's almost?
19:27 Oh wow! Oh God. You are strong big boy Noah.
19:31 It was cutting. Good job.
19:34 It's cutting too. It's cutting again.
19:38 Good job, Auntie Linda here is the fork and
19:40 you can help them a little. I got a fork.
19:42 You can take this fork and do it, it will do
19:45 it a little bit better because this is okay.
19:47 Well this mashed up better because this is a,
19:50 if you mashers don't work really good boys and girls,
19:53 oh! look what I did, I lost a hot dog.
19:58 We don't wanna loose those good
20:00 veggie hot dogs, do you? No. Tyler had a big one
20:03 stuck on the bottom of his mashes.
20:05 Miss Cinda look Tyler had on the bottom
20:08 of this, it's cracking. It's cracking oh good.
20:13 Tyler do you wanna use a fork, it's breaking, oh,
20:18 you wanna use the fork and try it with a fork?
20:21 Okay let's try a fork now. Well we got it, you know,
20:27 what after you get your veggie hot dogs all mashed
20:31 up boys and girls then you're gonna add some
20:35 grape seed vegenaise. Do you know grape
20:37 seed vegenaise is? Yeah. It's soy Noah.
20:41 It's smashing. You're smashing, yours are fine way.
20:45 Keep doing this Sylvia, and I'll help
20:47 Noah, oh wow you wanna me to help you with this.
20:54 See look and then, oh, good job, you add
20:58 the grape seed vegenaise. Who likes sweet pickle
21:01 relish, me, oh, we can put, it dressing like and
21:05 Chelsea got, Chelsea got a house. He does, umm,
21:12 umm, I do have a house, you have the house, yeah,
21:15 and we got few cats, oh! Taffy got the cat too.
21:20 He does, what's your cat's name?
21:24 I don't know. Oh, you don't know. I have bunny.
21:28 What's your bunny's name? Oh, Fluf
21:30 Oh, that's a pretty name, Tyler do you have any pets?
21:35 You don't? I would have a kitten, but I didn't
21:38 take very good care of it. Oh, goodness, but you
21:42 would if you got another one wouldn't you?
21:46 If you got another pet what kind of pet would you get?
21:49 Mice. You get a Mice. When I come to your home,
21:53 I would go Aha. Okay Noah now you're
21:59 ready to add some, some vegenaise.
22:03 I want pickle. Okay, you can add some pickle.
22:07 Add little pickles and then add little vegenaise.
22:11 Good job, do you wanna add a little vegenaise?
22:14 Okay. Of course. Is it yummy?
22:17 It's yummy so. And Hotdog.
22:21 Jadis, if you got a pet what kind of pet would you get?
22:24 A parrot. You would!
22:26 What would you name it? Okay, now you wanna put,
22:27 Jadis, some mayonnaise in it,
22:29 you would oh, and stir it around.
22:30 Jadis, is one of my name, oh, and I know how to spell it.
22:33 I don't want that? You don't, well stir
22:36 use up, you want some, some pepper relish?
22:39 Yeah. Okay, you guys lets think of after we make
22:43 our sandwiches, where could we go?
22:45 Sure. Do you wanna have some bread?
22:48 I thought. Okay, you put it on a little on
22:50 some bread, I don't want that, and make a sandwich.
22:53 I don't want bread. Oh you don't.
22:55 If you made a sandwich, where could we
22:58 go to eat the sandwich?
23:00 In the kitchen. What do you think?
23:01 In the kitchen. At the park.
23:03 Oh I like that, where would you go Tyler?
23:06 Lake. Oh! I really like that but won't your sandwich
23:10 get wet if you are in the lake?
23:14 Do you every know it.
23:15 We would eat in the cammy. Do you want some peppers?
23:17 Oh! I would do, boys and girls remember that
23:22 there is lots of places you can take your food
23:26 if you wanna have a picnic, but always remember
23:29 that it's fun to be in the kitchen. Oh, it is.
23:36 Yeah, it's sing time. It's also time to review
23:41 our memory verse. Farmer Mike would
23:43 you review it with us. Sure I will.
23:45 Guess where it's found? Do you know?
23:48 Psalms, Psalms is right and it's Verse 1
23:53 in Chapter 96. Can we say 96:l. 96.
24:00 And it says Oh, sing to the Lord, Oh, sing to the Lord
24:06 a new song! that's what he says. That's right.
24:09 A new song. And that's what we are
24:12 gonna do right now. We're gonna learn
24:14 some new songs. Alright. We're gonna sing some
24:16 songs to the Lord. Do you have some farmer Mike?
24:19 Do you want one Miss. Cinda?
24:21 Oh ok, alright, The Bible I read it everyday,
24:25 it tells that Jesus the only way the Bible.
24:30 The Bible I read it everyday, It tells
24:37 that Jesus the only way The Bible.
24:42 Try it one more time boys and girls.
24:45 The Bible I read it everyday, It tells
24:52 that Jesus the only way The Bible.
24:59 And everyday we want to open our
25:01 Bible books and read, that's right.
25:04 Open the Bible books and read
25:09 He loves me, He loves me
25:16 That is a neat song. Well you know,
25:19 we're gonna learn another song and it's about a bee.
25:23 Alright. It's about a bee, the little
25:27 bees go buzz, buzz, buzz.
25:30 The little bees go buzz, buzz, buzz,
25:33 go buzz, buzz, buzz, go buzz, buzz, buzz,
25:37 the little bees go buzz, buzz, buzz
25:41 for God has made them so. You don't like the bees?
25:48 See how pretty Jesus made them, but we don't
25:51 wanna touch the bees at home, do we?
25:53 Okay let's sing it again.
25:55 The little bees go buzz, buzz, buzz.
25:59 go buzz, buzz, buzz, go buzz, buzz, buzz,
26:03 the little bees go buzz, buzz, buzz
26:07 for God has made them so.
26:12 Miss Cinda would you teach us a song today,
26:15 I will, but Olivia can you sit right here and
26:18 you help me clap. Okay? Alright.
26:20 Boys and girls you got to pay attention
26:22 to get this song. Okay you ready.
26:27 When I remember Jesus died for me,
26:31 I'll never go back anymore Halleluiah to you.
26:36 When I remember Jesus died for me,
26:41 I'll never go back anymore, okay ready.
26:45 No, no, never, never, uh, uh, uh,
26:49 no way I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
26:55 No, no, never, never, uh, uh, uh,
26:59 no way I'll never go back anymore.
27:05 Let's try that one again I wasn't getting
27:07 that too goodness Cinda. Were you getting that Olivia?
27:09 Yes. Olivia was. Would you getting that
27:12 boys and girls? Me too. Okay let's do one more time.
27:16 When I remember Jesus died for me,
27:20 I'll never go back anymore, Hallelujah to You
27:26 When I remember Jesus died for me,
27:30 I'll never go back anymore,
27:36 No, no, never, never, uh, uh, uh,
27:39 no way I'll never go back anymore Hallelujah to You
27:46 No, no, never, never uh, uh, uh, uh,
27:49 no way I'll never go back anymore.
27:54 I love Jesus don't you? Yes. I like that song.
27:58 I do too. I do too. I do too. I do too.
28:01 I really like your song so much.
28:03 Jadis would have a prayer thanking
28:05 Jesus for all the songs. Yes. Dear Jesus,
28:10 thank you for the songs that are Jesus songs.
28:13 Thank you for the Sabbath and the Seventh-Day.
28:16 Amen. Amen! That's Mr. Rooster.
28:23 That's right and he says that's all the time
28:25 we have today boys and girls.
28:27 We will see you tomorrow. Bye, bye.
28:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
28:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
28:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
29:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
29:07 where God hears our voice,
29:10 we live here and around the world
29:13 we spread love and joy
29:15 like how he started the rainbow
29:18 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
29:21 Tiny Tots around the world
29:23 where God hears our voice.


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