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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Oh! Hi, boys and girls. Hannah and I were just reading
00:31 my Bible friends. We're glad that you're here today.
00:35 And you know Jesus is really happy that you're here too
00:41 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:46 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:51 Welcome, welcome you're welcome Jesus knows your name
00:57 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:05 Georgie is happy that you're here too,
01:07 aren't you Georgie. Oh! We've got a phone call,
01:10 and be a good boy Georgie, okay. Hello,
01:16 this is Aunty Linda. Hi, Aunty Linda,
01:20 this is Matthew. Oh! Hi, Matthew,
01:23 can you tell me something special that Jesus
01:28 wants you to do. Jesus wants me to grow big
01:32 and strong just like my daddy.
01:36 What something you can do to become big
01:38 and strong like your daddy? I like to eat vegetables and
01:42 it makes me big and strong. I'm gonna to be a big man
01:48 just like Goliath. Wow! That's big.
01:52 It sounds like you're growing for Jesus already.
01:58 I'll be good for Jesus and I love Jesus.
02:01 Oh! I love Jesus too. Bye Aunty Linda.
02:06 Bye, bye honey. That was so nice to hear from
02:11 Matthew. It's really big to be like Goliath, isn't it?
02:18 Freddy, I'll take Georgie. I think Freddy is hungry.
02:22 How are you today Freddy? Can you say hi, to Freddy?
02:24 Hi, Freddy. Hi, Freddy, hi, Freddy is happy,
02:28 but I think he is hungry. Let's just give him one flake
02:30 today okay. You don't wanna make him.
02:33 He can't have too much food 'cause he'll get sick. Oh!
02:37 There you go Freddy, you have a happy day yes. Oh!
02:42 Kitty Cat, we love you too. Kitty Cat is reminding us
02:46 Hannah that it's time for worship; it's time to ring our
02:49 worship bell. Thank you, Kitty you're so sweet.
02:54 You want to ring our bell for us? Yes. Okay, you
02:57 can ring it. And you can sing along with us
03:00 boys and girls. Thank you, Hannah.
03:04 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet,
03:08 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:14 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:23 You're a big helper, thank you. You're growing to be such
03:26 a big girl. Can do so many nice things?
03:31 What do you think, is in our special worship box?
03:35 I think a baby. You think a baby. Oh! I think we have
03:40 some thing else first too. Oh! We've a special letter
03:44 from Jesus. I love getting letters from Jesus,
03:48 don't you? I'm happy. Yes, can you say Luke 1, Luke 1,
03:55 80, 80. Can you say that? Our message from Jesus
03:59 is Luke 1:80. This is our special letter. So,
04:04 the child grew and became strong.
04:08 So, the child grew and became strong.
04:12 That's right, the child grew and became strong.
04:17 Well, Hannah you're getting to be a big girl.
04:19 What do you do to be strong? And how are you growing?
04:24 I'm growing like my mom. Like your mom. Can you do,
04:30 can you dress yourself in the morning? You do?
04:33 What do you do to get ready?
04:35 I put on my shoes and I put on my pants.
04:38 You put your shoes all by yourself? Could you always
04:42 do that? Yes. Even when you were a baby?
04:45 Oh! My mom helps me to get dressed.
04:48 That's good that God gave us moms to help us,
04:51 isn't it? Oh! We have something else in our box.
04:55 It's a baby. Yes, we've got a little baby and you can
04:59 help her; turn your little head, come here Georgie,
05:03 yes. You can help give her a bottle. Turn your head.
05:07 There we go, yes. Jesus wants us to be good helpers
05:13 and we always need his help for growing big and strong.
05:16 You know Hannah; let's just thank Jesus for being
05:20 so good to us. You know boys and girls;
05:23 I want to grow up to be big and strong like Jesus too.
05:27 Can we have a prayer now? Let's bend our knees
05:30 and fold our hands, we'll lay her here right down o
05:33 the couch there. And Georgie can sit right beside her,
05:37 okay. I will bend my knees. I will fold my hands.
05:45 I will bow my head. I will close my eyes.
05:50 And very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:58 Oh! Jesus I thank you for all the things you've given us.
06:03 And all the joy you've given to us and send your lovely
06:07 angels to us, in Jesus name, amen.
06:10 Amen, I love Jesus, don't you Hannah. Jesus is so special,
06:18 well boys and girls. It's time now for us to go to
06:21 the barn, so come on let's go. Farmer Mike,
06:29 I'm so glad that you asked me to come by and teach
06:31 the kids a little about grooming of horses.
06:33 Oh! Thank you for bring them, stormy.
06:35 And I brought stormy. Thank you, he is so beautiful,
06:37 look beautiful. Well, I knew all the kids would want
06:39 to see him. Yeah. And he is just the right size
06:41 for these guys to work with. Alright,
06:44 Steven wanted to know, if he can ride him.
06:46 No, he's still a little bit too small to ride him,
06:48 if we ride him it would hurt his back, yes.
06:49 His back is not strong enough yet.
06:50 You might fall off to, you know.
06:53 He needs to be strong, yeah. Steven,
06:54 I feel off the car Steven, he did.
06:57 Yeah. You felt off the car, yeah, do we turn.
06:59 He picked me up one day and throws me out.
07:03 He picked you up and you fell. Well, that was bad.
07:04 Well, you're gonna to show us how to, how to groom.
07:08 I'm gonna tell you what, some of the brushes for grooming
07:11 a horse are four, which one's that one?
07:14 This one is a Curry Comb. Okay, good, okay,
07:17 you're gonna brush him, brush him.
07:19 This one is used to brush the horse and to remove some
07:22 of the hair and the dirt. And it kind of scratches on their
07:24 skin and it really feels good. And if they have
07:27 the itches, they love it. Wow! Do you use that like
07:29 for back scratches that be perfect for scratch
07:31 Farmer Mike. No, because I think that might hurt,
07:33 that might hurt, if it goes on your skin.
07:35 Oh! I guess so, I guess so, they have the hair
07:36 to kind of coat it out first. I was just joking.
07:38 Thank you, Steven. And this one that Steven
07:41 just gave me is a special comb for their mane
07:44 and their tail. This part of the horse is their mane,
07:47 it's just like a comb for when you comb your hair.
07:50 You comb their mane and then you can also comb their tail,
07:54 but now when you comb the horse's tail, you need
07:56 to not stand right behind him, very careful,
07:58 you need to stand off to the side because
07:59 he might get scared and he might accidentally kick you.
08:02 So, we don't want that to happen,
08:04 when you're doing a horse? Right,
08:06 you want to trade brushes Steven? Thank you,
08:09 what would you like now Steven?
08:10 I want, this one, that one, okay, alright.
08:13 Does he like to be brushed? Oh! Horses love to be brushed.
08:16 They do. Yes, it's just wonderful. Okay,
08:18 you can hold that. Now, I know this because
08:20 of course I have his grandmother.
08:22 Yes, you do have his grandmother.
08:23 But in the winter time they lose their hair.
08:25 Yes, no, they lose their hair they get over.
08:28 I just, I just call him. You told him wrong.
08:30 Oh! I said, he said; give me some more food Farmer Mike,
08:36 okay. In the winter time they get real, real thick coats.
08:39 Oh! Just to stay warm up, it's not sure.
08:42 It's kind of like when you put on a coat.
08:44 And then in the spring, when it starts getting warm
08:47 then the hair starts falling out and this brush here
08:51 is called a shredder comb and it's excellent for removing
08:54 the hair that is dead and falling out.
08:57 Right. It's just, it's just works great.
08:59 And it also works good on dogs.
09:01 When your dogs shed it, it does really get on the dog.
09:03 Now, of course horses have and even miniature
09:06 horses have very hard little hoofs, yes, for feet, yes.
09:11 What do you do to those, when you groom them
09:12 or do you cut their. You can, you pick up
09:15 the hoof, those fingernails or what? Yes, you pick up
09:17 the hoof and you clean them, yeah. The dirt get packed
09:19 up in there and you clean out the dirt with a thing
09:22 called the hoof pick. Wow! And then you have big
09:26 clippers, let's see it, kind a like toenail clippers.
09:28 I don't know stormy hold your foot up like that.
09:30 Yeah, there is, yeah. This is kind of like your
09:34 finger nail, uh-uh. And you just go along and you clip
09:37 that off, just like you would clip your fingernails.
09:40 Wow! And they have a quick just like you do on your
09:42 fingernail. And you don't want to cut into the quick
09:45 because then that will hurt them like it would
09:46 hurt you. How do you know when they are big
09:49 enough to have shoes on their feet?
09:52 Miniature horses usually don't need shoes.
09:53 Oh! Stormy, stormy don't go out there,
09:56 come here Storm. Miniature horses usually
09:57 don't need shoes, because they're not out where
10:01 they need them to protect their feet.
10:02 So, their whole life they won't have shoes.
10:04 They don't really no. Now bigger horses you put
10:07 shoes on. If you going to ride them in the road
10:10 or in places that were would wear down their hoofs,
10:13 right, or if they have a hoof problem to fix that.
10:16 Well, sometimes people hang horse shoes in the barns
10:19 and those shoes are for big horses yes and
10:21 sometimes they really put them on horse, big horses,
10:24 yes, yes, but not little ones. And they actually
10:26 hook those on with nails, but so you have to have
10:28 a special person called the Horseshoer and a Farrier,
10:31 you call either one to come out and trim the horse's
10:33 hoof and actually nail it to the hoof, but
10:37 you nail it where it's into like what would be your
10:39 finger nail and not into what would hurt them.
10:41 Aren't you glad you don't have to wear a horseshoes?
10:43 Can I have another one? How about this one?
10:45 Are you having fun Jadus, you like that one.
10:46 Ah, Oh! Well I know he likes to hear music yes.
10:51 So, let's sing our song for him, you wanna sing
10:54 our song, you didn't want that one.
10:55 Let's sing our song you are ready.
10:56 How about this one? Alright.
10:58 I like to go to the Barn, where the cows moo, moo.
11:03 I like to go to the Barn, where the cows moo, moo,
11:06 the ducks quack, quack. I like to go to the Farm,
11:08 I like to go to the Farm, I like to go to the Farm
11:12 and learn of Jesus. Well I forgot this song
11:17 that time, but you guys, I do too. Stormy liked it I saw
11:20 him wiggling his ears. Yeah. Well, I'm glad that you
11:23 guys came to see Farmer Mike and Stormy
11:25 and learned so much about grooming a horse.
11:27 Well I'm too, well thank you for asking me.
11:28 I like to teach kids that. Thank you for coming,
11:31 can you tell Ms. Jeanie thank you? Bye, bye, bye,
11:34 bye it's time to goodbye, come on kids it's time to go.
11:37 Stormy says thank you for, Stormy is want to go
11:40 through Oh! Stormy wants to go with us.
11:42 No, you stay here with us. Bye Stormy.
11:44 You guys made him feel so good
11:45 by brushing him. Bye, bye guys.
11:54 Hi boys and girls Olivia and I are out for a walk,
11:57 come and join us. Shall we go for a walk today,
12:03 a walk today, a walk today?
12:08 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:11 to see what God has given?
12:18 Olivia, you're growing up to be a big girl,
12:21 why you're big enough to play in the leaves. I love leaves.
12:25 You know boys and girls I think Jesus made leaves
12:27 to play in. Give me up over there.
12:36 That's a big apple here comes some more leaves Olivia,
12:40 here we come. I'm so glad Jesus made the pretty
12:46 leaves. Look at it Olivia, do you see this one,
12:50 Oh! Thank you. God made the beautiful leaves,
12:57 I know, I know. God made the beautiful leaves,
13:05 because he loves me so. Aren't they pretty?
13:18 Yeah story time, Justin and I are just reading about
13:23 how Jesus goes to church. Little Jesus likes
13:27 to go to church. Do you like to go to church? Yes,
13:30 I like to go to church too. At Church the Rabbi reads
13:34 from the Bible School. Can you see the Bible School?
13:36 Yeah. Look at how he has the school there,
13:39 little Jesus likes to hear the Rabbi read the Bible School.
13:43 Jesus comes to the Synagogue Church.
13:47 See how big Jesus is, the boys whisper, how big Jesus
13:52 has grown the men whisper. Jesus likes to be at
13:55 His Church. He likes to sing and pray with friends.
14:00 Jesus takes the Bible school, shhh listening, listening,
14:06 the people listen, the children listen, sssh,
14:10 nobody talks, everyone smiles, Jesus will read the Bible
14:14 School. Jesus opens the Bible School, he finds the place
14:18 to read, Jesus looks at the people, he smiles at them,
14:22 hear the word he says, can you go like this Justin sssh,
14:29 listen to Jesus read, hold a finger sssh to your lips,
14:34 can you do that again? Jesus is reading.
14:39 The Spirit of the Lord is upon me he says,
14:41 the big people listen, the children listen,
14:44 the Bible School is telling about Jesus.
14:47 This is talking about me Jesus says, the Bible reading's
14:51 all finished. Jesus sits down, all the people are smiling.
14:56 Amen. Can you say Amen, Amen, Amen. The children
15:02 say thank you Jesus, can you say thank you Jesus?
15:04 Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.
15:08 The big people are proud of Jesus. He is their friend,
15:10 the little people love Jesus. He is their friend,
15:14 look she is running to Jesus. We like to be in Church.
15:20 Jesus likes us to be in Church each week too.
15:23 Oh look W, that is a W. Jesus likes us to hear
15:29 sing and pray, Jesus likes us to hear His stories.
15:32 He's glad when we go to church every Sabbath morning.
15:37 The Bible said; let us go to the house of the Lord.
15:41 You know Jesus loves it when we come and visit Him
15:44 at Church on next Sabbath He wants to see you
15:48 there you too, you know why,
15:50 because He really, really loves you.
15:59 Hi boys and girls; Miss Cinda is gonna teach us
16:03 to make something fun today. I'm today;
16:06 I wanted something that would be really special for
16:10 all of you. Guess what I am making? What are making
16:14 Bananas, frozen Bananas, frozen Bananas Umm!
16:20 Boys and girls, have you ever had a frozen Banana? Oh!
16:23 These are great. Okay boys and girls do what I am doing;
16:27 can you do what I am doing? Take your banana,
16:29 and I've already started it for you.
16:30 So, you can peel your bananas and then lay your
16:33 banana back down on your plate. Like this? Uh-uh,
16:36 take your peeling off and then we'll lay it, we'll lay it.
16:41 Good try Tyler. Can you help me Auntie Linda? Sure,
16:44 and then we'll lay it back down on, no can I use your
16:46 plate and I'll help you. Yeah, I forget to peel plate
16:49 down here from me. Okay Tyler lat it on your plate,
16:53 and then good job Noah, there laid on your plate,
16:58 wow! Okay, lay it on your plate, okay now what I am
17:02 gonna do. Auntie Linda can you cut their as an half,
17:05 oops Jasmine do you need help? Let's cut out bananas
17:09 in half. Boys and girls, cut your bananas in half,
17:12 peel this banana, Hannah let me cut yours in half.
17:14 I know it remind like my dad. It will fall off the stick
17:17 like that, oh good job, okay we're gonna cut it in half,
17:22 oh here Tyler, I will cut yours. Here we go,
17:24 now I'm gonna give you each a stick.
17:28 Can you have a stick; now don't, wait till Miss Cinda
17:30 shows you what to do with the stick. Be careful
17:32 because they're very sharp, I know. Hannah about
17:36 to do that, here Auntie Linda, Hannah is about
17:38 to do that. Take this, now look take your sharp end,
17:44 boys and girls the very sharp end. See this end Tyler.
17:47 And stick it right in the middle of your banana,
17:51 see, oops don't go all the way through, push it,
17:58 help me push it, can you get it, let me to help you,
18:00 yeah, good job. Tyler ready, Mommy, Daddy, I broke it.
18:05 You broke it Oh! It's okay. I'll help you.
18:08 Let's do this other one, okay there you go. Oh!
18:11 That hurt it. That hurt it, you got to be very careful,
18:15 I wanna eat it like this. Did you get it Noah?
18:17 I wanna eat it like this, because she is gonna to show
18:20 you one. Okay you wanna dip it, you know what I melted
18:23 Carob and Peanut Butter together, Umm! That now
18:27 sounds good, yeah okay and we gonna dip it in.
18:31 Let's let them dip theirs in first. Auntie Linda,
18:34 Miss Cinda look it. Oh! my, just put one on a stick,
18:38 just one because you might, lets let Hannah start.
18:40 I don't want any one. You don't want this.
18:42 Noah, you want some of this? Yeah, okay oops you know
18:44 what? What? This one broke so let's use this one okay,
18:48 okay now dip it into here, okay, now dip into here
18:52 and then what first do you like peanuts or pecans?
18:55 Peanuts okay, so boys and girls pick your favorite
18:59 nut and chop, you have a chopped nut,
19:01 okay let's roll it in. Can you roll it around? Just kind of
19:06 twist it, Oh! that looks neat. Hannah what's your favorite
19:09 thing to eat? And I'll help you. Banana. Bananas,
19:13 you are getting to your favorite thing. Oh! look,
19:16 Oh! that's like a quite so much. Okay now lay it
19:22 in the peanuts, okay and lets roll it around the peanuts
19:25 and here Auntie Linda they can dip theirs Jasmine
19:29 and Kay, okay, now roll this side alright.
19:34 And then you know what we do? We are gonna stick
19:36 these in the freezer. You want yours dip,
19:42 you don't want yours dip. Mine dip either,
19:43 lets just sprinkle some that's on yours.
19:45 Okay put your stick back in and then we'll lay it on a big
19:50 cookie sheet, wow! They just want to eat theirs
19:54 plain Miss Cinda Oh! Alright, there Noah, me too,
19:57 you want taste it like that, or you wanna freeze it.
20:00 Taste it like that. Okay go ahead you can taste it,
20:06 is it good? Umm! You kids want to try just a little dip
20:10 you want to dip yours just a little bit?
20:13 You want to dip yours in? They are having fun like this.
20:16 Well, if they like this, if boys and girls if you like
20:18 it like that you can too, because you know what
20:20 you should have a banana everyday, did you kids
20:24 know that? Bananas are so healthy for you that you
20:28 should eat a banana every day, and bananas maybe
20:33 that, do you think that's why monkeys like bananas
20:37 so much, they know they're healthy.
20:42 Well boys and girls, when you are in at home
20:46 and with your mommies, get ready to helpful you make
20:48 a really nice healthy treat and remember to eat
20:52 a banana, because they are so good for you.
20:55 And also remember to help in the kitchen,
20:59 because being in the kitchen is so much fun.
21:07 Yeah, sing time and it's also time to remember
21:12 our memory verse. I know. Where is it found?
21:19 Do you know, Jasmine? Luke. Luke, that's right very good.
21:25 Luke chapter 1, Luke chapter 1, verse 80, verse 80,
21:32 alright, and you know what it says boys and girls,
21:35 it says. So the child grew So the child grew
21:40 and became strong and became strong.
21:45 And you know one way we can be strong
21:46 is to read our Bibles and pray everyday.
21:50 That's right, alright let's get down. Get down,
21:53 way down. Okay here we go and we'll see
21:55 how you can grow okay. Read your Bibles pray
22:01 everyday, pray everyday, pray everyday
22:07 Ready your Bibles pray everyday,
22:11 and you grow, grow, grow and you'll grow, grow, grow,
22:20 and you grow, grow, grow Read your Bibles pray
22:28 everyday, and you'll grow, grow, grow.
22:34 Good, these are really big did you? So good.
22:38 I like Jesus being bigger than everybody.
22:41 He was hoping I pick him up and do it,
22:43 then he really be tall, wouldn't you?
22:44 That's the truth; if we grow when we eat food
22:47 and when we need water helps us to grow.
22:49 I see my animals do that on the farm. That's right,
22:52 and when we read the Bible and pray everyday
22:54 we grow spiritually as we know more about Jesus.
22:57 That's right, and you know Jesus gave us two little
23:01 hands that we can go clap, clap, clap with,
23:04 lets sing that one. I have hands that clap, clap, clap
23:11 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
23:15 I have hands that clap, clap, clap I'm growing for Jesus.
23:24 Let's sing it again okay.
23:26 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
23:30 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
23:35 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
23:38 I'm growing for Jesus. And its Jesus that makes our
23:45 hands clap for joy, lets sing about that.
23:49 Jesus made my hands, so they can clap for joy.
23:53 Jesus made my hand so they could clap for joy,
23:59 Jesus made my arms so they could hold up joy,
24:04 Jesus made my feet so they could walk like this
24:11 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus. And he made us to have
24:20 two little hands that go clap, clap, clap and two
24:23 little feet that go tap, tap, tap and one little head that
24:26 go nod, nod, nod. Yes, so yes, I'm a child of God.
24:30 And boys and girls you can stand up while you're doing
24:32 this one. Stand up, okay, we're gonna stand up.
24:35 Two little hands. Two little hands go clap, clap, clap,
24:41 Two little feet go tap, tap, tap,
24:45 One little head goes nod, nod, nod
24:49 Yes so yes I'm a child of God.
24:54 Let's sing it again. I like that.
24:55 Two little hands go clap, clap, clap,
24:59 Two little feet go tap, tap, tap,
25:03 One little head goes nod, nod, nod
25:08 Yes, so yes I'm a child of God. And you know it is
25:15 and Jesus loves us so much. Let's sing Jesus loves me
25:17 this I know Oh! I like to do. Okay, and you can help me
25:21 sing that one couldn't you, alright.
25:24 Jesus loves me this I know, For the Bible tells me so.
25:32 Little ones to Him belong; they are weak but He strong.
25:41 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes,
25:51 Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
25:58 Miss Cinda will you have a prayer for us.
26:01 You want to help me Sylvia? Yeah. Dear Jesus,
26:03 dear Jesus thank for loving us, thank for loving us,
26:09 thank for giving us hands that can clap and voices
26:14 that can sing, I love you Jesus Amen. Amen.
26:23 That Mr. Rooster, that right and he says that's all of our
26:26 time we have bye, bye, bye, and bye.
26:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
26:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
26:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
27:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:07 where God hears our voice,
27:09 we live for him around the world, we spread love and joy,
27:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
27:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
27:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:22 where God hears our voice.


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