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00:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice, we live for him around
00:13 the world, we spread love and joy,
00:16 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
00:22 around the world where God hears our voice.
00:29 What a fun walk we've had today,
00:31 I'm gonna hang my coat up. Okay I'll hang yours too,
00:35 hi boys and girls. I'm glad you're here,
00:37 Jesus is glad you're too here too.
00:40 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:46 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:52 Welcome, welcome you're welcome Jesus knows your name
00:58 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:06 Wow, oh! I hear Freddy, hi Freddy, how are you
01:10 today Freddy? I think he is, you think he's hungry,
01:14 yeah. Okay, just a little bit, we don't wanna make
01:17 him sick, do we? A small little bit, yes, here we go.
01:24 Let's sing to him while he's eating okay,
01:26 I think he'll be happy. I'm glad today, I'm glad today.
01:34 For dear Freddy, I'm glad today. Thank you, God in
01:47 heaven Oh! He's kind of cute, isn't he? Yeah, I like him.
01:50 Oh! We have a phone call today, let's see who it is.
01:56 Hello, this is Auntie Linda, Hi Auntie Linda, hi Michael,
02:01 this is Michael James Coffrin. You're Michael James
02:04 Coffrin, how are you doing today, are you working hard?
02:08 My mommy work enough. What does she do for people?
02:14 Send fixes their boo boos. Oh! What does your daddy do?
02:19 My daddy works, he's a farmer, wow, he drives a
02:25 truck and, he plants flowers. He plants flowers,
02:31 Jesus gave us flowers. That's right Jesus did give us
02:39 flowers, thank you for calling today Michael.
02:42 Bye Auntie Linda, bye, bye. Wow, that was so nice
02:49 of Michael to call and tells us how his mommy
02:52 and daddy work hard. There is somebody at the door,
02:55 come in, I think my father. Hey, yes your papa,
03:00 hi everybody, hi Auntie Linda, hi. Oh!
03:02 How are you doing? Oh! Wow, hey listen look
03:06 what I brought for you, yes. You know what,
03:08 I'm glad because my door has been not working there.
03:12 I heard that it wasn't working. Oh! He knows right
03:15 where to go, this right here, you're right,
03:17 that hinge right there needs a little adjusting
03:20 and so does this one. Because I was fooling
03:23 with the door a while ago, Noah did you know,
03:26 did you know Jesus loves us to work? Yeah,
03:29 we're supposed to work. Okay, come up here,
03:31 let me see if it's fixed, oh! It's working perfect,
03:35 good job, here give me five. Come on give me five,
03:39 yeah alright. Oh! Thank you so much, listen I've got
03:43 to get going, I've got other work to do.
03:45 Can I take this off of you for a second? Yeah,
03:47 let's put it here we have to be very careful with tools,
03:50 so that we want put this hammer where you don't
03:52 get hurt. Okay and when Auntie Linda wants
03:54 you to have it again she will give it to you okay.
03:57 Okay, papa's got to go I love you son.
03:59 Oh, you love papa? Yeah, thank you, bye, bye,
04:04 bye Auntie Linda, goodbye, thank you so much
04:06 for coming okay, bye papa, okay.
04:07 Hey, if you need me again, just call, okay thank you,
04:10 bye, bye, bye, bye. That was so nice of your papa
04:15 to come, oh! Let's go pet kitty cat. I think,
04:19 kitty cat is lonely.oh! You know, what kitty cat saying?
04:24 What? It's time to ring our worship bell.
04:26 Can you get our worship bell? Come on Georgie
04:29 you can sing with us. Worship bells are sweet,
04:38 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
04:44 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
04:48 smiling when he sees us. Okay, you can put the bell
04:56 back and you know what time it is now Noah?
05:00 What? It's times to see what's in our present box,
05:06 just wait sit here with Georgie, I'm gonna open it up
05:09 and see what we have in our box. Oh! We have a
05:14 letter from Jesus, lets see what that letter says.
05:19 I bet you're wondering too boys and girls,
05:22 it says in Second Chronicles 15:7, can you say Second
05:29 Chronicles? Yeah, Second Chronicles, 15, 15, 7, 7.
05:36 Your work shall be rewarded, your work shall be
05:40 rewarded, do you know what rewarded means?
05:45 Yeah, what? Does that mean you're gonna get a price?
05:50 Yeah. Let's see what Jesus has for us today.
05:55 There is a surprise for you, I think, what do you think it
06:00 is? It's a phone, a car, you got a car. Is a car I see,
06:10 is another car I see, is a car in a box, yes it is.
06:14 Why don't you open it right now, you are,
06:17 well maybe we can take a look at it. We can see what it is,
06:21 it's my car box, it is, look there it is. Another car, it
06:28 is, you know boys and girls Jesus does reward us
06:31 when we work for him. Jesus gives us so many nice
06:34 things, look at Noah, it's a white car, it is, and what
06:39 color is that one? Yellow, yellow. Let's thank Jesus
06:45 for giving us rewards. Would you like to thank Jesus,
06:47 can you park your cars, right here. Okay, I will park
06:51 here by, okay. That's right, come on Georgie,
06:55 you can kneel too and Noah is gonna pray.
06:58 Let's bend our knees and kneel.
07:01 I will bend my knees. I will bow my head.
07:08 I will fold my hands. I will close my eyes.
07:15 And very, very quiet be while our prayer is said.
07:22 Dear, Jesus thanks for all the, thank you for,
07:26 thank you for the car, thank you for the cars and,
07:32 and Auntie Linda, Miss Cinda and Mom and Papa
07:39 and Hannah and Harry and Jasmine and Justin.
07:43 Dear Jesus, Amen. Amen. Jesus loves it when we pray.
07:50 Well, you know boys and girls, it's time now to go
07:52 see Farmer Mike, so come on we're gonna have fun.
08:02 Hey, Miss Red eyes I can't wait till the kids get
08:05 here today and see you. They are gonna like you,
08:10 they'll be here. We're here Farmer Mike, oh!
08:12 Here they are, hi guys, oh, oh, what it is there?
08:13 Alright. I'm gonna show you, what it is that?
08:16 If everybody sits down, I'm gonna show each one of you,
08:19 okay. That way everybody can have a turn.
08:22 Is that a mouse? No, no, but it looks like, a hamster,
08:26 you're right it's a hamster. Can you feel it,
08:31 in fact look how little it is. It looks like a mouse to me.
08:34 No. Can I hold him, yeah, well you better not hold him
08:37 because he might fall and get hurt,
08:38 but I'll hold him, so you can pet her.
08:40 Actually it's a her, it's a her, sit down over there
08:43 Hannah and I'll let you hold her too,
08:45 I'll let you pet her too, not hold her.
08:47 Is that girl, yes that's a little girl and you know
08:50 what she's so little they're called a dwarf and she,
08:54 she's trying to get out, yeah I know they're very,
08:57 they like to climb all that. She's called a Russian;
09:02 you ever heard of Russia, yeah, a Russian dwarf
09:05 hamster. That's means she is real tiny, I saw them
09:08 climb on the tree, yeah there is a lot of these things
09:11 that likes to climb like that. What does she eat?
09:14 She loves to eat different things like a lot of things
09:17 like, we like or like other animals like.
09:18 They eat corn, they eat corn. Now here is one,
09:22 we haven't said very much about the different animals,
09:24 but she likes carrots, carrots, I like carrot,
09:28 I do too, lot of you guys eat carrots.
09:36 Does she like apples too? She likes seeds, she does,
09:40 yeah, I guess she might eat apples if you cut them
09:42 up very, very, very small. Look how small,
09:45 okay you sit right there and you can see,
09:47 sit down over there Hannah, sit down over,
09:49 so we can show you. Because I want everybody
09:52 to see, look there, oh it's scratching its head.
09:54 Yes, it's scratching, it looked like he was horsing
09:57 his head. Can I pet her, now sit still now,
09:59 so we don't scare it, okay. Now here is some,
10:03 watch this, watch this, if you sit down,
10:05 I'm gonna show you a trick, everybody sit down,
10:06 I'll show you a trick okay. It's so small and it can
10:10 flatten out and moves his body and get into very small
10:14 little cracks and little bit place. Oh there he comes,
10:16 watch this, let him come up, he's coming out and let
10:20 see if he going my sleeve. Let's see if he would
10:23 go in there, going in there Mister,
10:25 Russian dwarf hamster, go in, let's put him in backwards,
10:29 not back him, like that. Thank you Hannah,
10:31 that's what I needed it's about, now let's see if
10:33 they'll come out, watch it at, sit down, let's see.
10:35 Sit down we will see, come on make him come out
10:37 toward you, okay. Oh! Look at him, she's peaking,
10:40 there he comes. See he's smaller than a normal
10:44 hamster, why are she is? I don't know why
10:47 I keep saying he goes cause it's a She.
10:49 Can you pet it? Okay pet her, okay can somebody
10:53 hold her. Well, you can but very careful, very careful,
10:59 one person very careful and I'll help you,
11:01 so it doesn't fall okay. Can you see how small and tiny.
11:05 What's it feel like Jasmine? It feels like tickling
11:09 in my hand, it's tickling, he's very soft and. Now,
11:13 look at something right here, I want everybody look at,
11:15 I'm gonna show him and then I'm gonna show
11:17 you guys what color, what color Noah is her eyes?
11:22 Red, very red aren't they. I will hold it, wait a minute
11:26 let's show these guys her eyes.
11:28 Oh! It does have red eyes, it has eyes red,
11:31 beautiful now we wanna gave her name.
11:33 so, if she's got red eyes, what would be a good name,
11:37 I thought of one, but lets see what you think of one.
11:39 Reddi, red is good, but I thought of her another name.
11:42 Do you like Ruby? Yeah, it calls like beautiful red Ruby,
11:46 Ruby, I like red. I think Ruby is nice name, Ruby is,
11:51 I think what, I just read I don't only,
11:52 your name what you guys want. Well Ruby,
11:55 let see if Ruby likes to listen the music. You know,
11:58 what we always do, when the animals come to our farm,
12:01 sing our song. I hope you're singing for Ruby,
12:04 I think Ruby will like it, here we go.
12:05 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
12:11 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
12:15 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
12:19 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
12:24 One of the tiny, tiny little animals what Jesus
12:26 makes, he does make so many wonderful things for us,
12:30 He does. Well, kids we better hurry on our way.
12:32 We've got a lot of things to do today, oh bye, bye,
12:35 thank you Farmer Mike, bye, bye Ruby, bye Jasmine,
12:40 we got to over here we will see those later,
12:41 come on Noah. Yeah, don't go out,
12:42 don't go to the cornfields that's it, there you go,
12:45 bye, bye, there you go, bye, bye.
12:53 Hi, boys and girls, we're going out to walk come
12:56 and join us. Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today?
13:05 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
13:10 to see what God has given. Look at that apple tree,
13:18 yes and lots of apples and I see something special.
13:22 Oh! Look at there are some milkweed pods.
13:28 Do you know who likes the milkweed pods, you fell huh?
13:32 Yeah. Do you know who likes them, yeah,
13:36 the monarch butterfly. Have you ever seen him? Yeah,
13:40 the monarch butterflies like the leaves.
13:44 Oh! Look at these are like little parachutes.
13:47 Do you want one, oh! do you wanted put it up high,
13:49 let me show you how it works. Look at,
13:51 they'll fall like parachutes, can you catch them Olivia,
13:56 look at, this is God's way of planting them again
13:59 so the monarch butterfly will have some.
14:02 Okay, let me see if I can pick you another one.
14:06 Here we go Olivia; look you can have this one. Can
14:09 you pull it apart, isn't it special how God made this,
14:14 they flow in the air and they land in the ground,
14:18 yes and then the monarch butterflies will have more
14:22 milkweed pod leads to eat. Oh! Isn't that wonderful,
14:26 how God made the milkweed pods, I will get another one.
14:33 Now, this one is enough, look wow.
14:40 God made the milkweed pods because he loves me so.
14:48 We're having fun.
14:51 Yes, it's Story Time, and we've a special story
15:02 for you today don't we, Noah? Is this that's right?
15:06 Samuel lessons to God, what is Samuel doing?
15:10 See little Samuel, see his broom. Oh! Little Samuel
15:14 has a job to do; he sweeps all around God's tent.
15:19 Oh! Little Samuel is Preacher Eli's helper, little Samuel
15:23 is God's helper too. Are you a helper Noah,
15:28 yes Samuel is a helper, Samuel is a helper.
15:33 See the pretty candles sticks, can you count
15:36 how many there are? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, right, 1,
15:45 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, very good,
16:00 he polishes the candle sticks. He keeps the lights burning,
16:05 little Samuel is Preacher Eli's helper.
16:09 Little Samuel is God's helper too,
16:12 he blows out the candles. Are you a good helper
16:15 for mommy? Yes., Samuel loves to help;
16:21 now he's going to bed. His data is sleeping in the
16:25 next room, it is night in God's tent.
16:28 Priest Eli is sleeping, he's sound a sleep, yes,
16:35 Priest sleeping. Samuel, he's not quite a sleep,
16:41 he's looking at the curtains. All at once he hears,
16:44 Samuel, Samuel, oh, sssh Eli is sleeping.
16:52 I must run and see what he wants. Samuel, Samuel,
16:57 he runs again, but Priest Eli is sleeping he says
17:02 here I am, you called me, no said Priest Eli.
17:07 I didn't call you, go back to your bed.
17:10 Samuel went back to bed, again he heard Samuel,
17:14 Samuel. He ran really quick, but Priest Eli was sleeping
17:20 and Priest Eli said I didn't call you. But I think I know
17:26 who called you. If you hear the voice again you
17:30 say speak Lord, for my, thy servant hearth.
17:35 Samuel went back and listened, Samuel, Samuel,
17:44 God called him again. Samuel sat up, speak for your
17:49 helper is listening and Jesus whispered secrets
17:55 into the little helper. Samuel heard everything God
17:59 said, you know Jesus will tell us secrets too when
18:04 we talked to him. Because he loves us.
18:07 Do you wanna be a Jesus little helper,
18:10 we have lots of thing that we can do to help Jesus.
18:13 And by helping Jesus, we can help mommies and daddies
18:18 and we can do lots of things around the house,
18:20 can't we, and that makes Jesus happy.
18:22 So, boys and girls remember you're Jesus little helpers
18:27 and he loves you very, very much.
18:36 Hi, boys and girls we're helping and Miss Cinda
18:39 make raspberry filled cookies. I wish you
18:42 boys and girls could help, because we're gonna have
18:45 fun today aren't we? Who likes raspberry cookies?
18:49 I do, I do too. Okay, Jasmine would you like to put
18:55 our flour in, let's put our big spoons and Sylvia
18:59 you can put our Florida crystals in.
19:02 Oh Jasmine you're working hard, good job.
19:05 Can I do, can I do something else.
19:07 Yes you may Jesus wants us to work hard;
19:10 he wants us to help doesn't he. Okay Sylvia,
19:13 you can put it in, okay Sylvia you wanna put the salt in.
19:20 I want to do this one, okay and then we will let Sylvia
19:23 do this one. And there is some more over there,
19:25 oh! I forgot this, I'll take that one, okay.
19:30 You can have that one, good job girls,
19:34 no Miss Cinda, no, no don't put that in.
19:37 Miss Cinda is gonna show you, we're gonna,
19:38 we're make our cookies pretty fat.
19:41 Aren't these good helpers boys and girls,
19:45 I bet you're good helpers with your mommy
19:47 in the kitchen aren't you? Jasmine do you help your
19:50 mommy? Do you help you mommy Sylvia?
19:52 Do you help your mommy Jasmine,
19:53 and my daddy what do you do to daddy them,
19:56 you to help them. You have taken care of your kitty?
20:01 What is your kitties names? Phil and Bandit,
20:04 I've two kitties, Phil and Bandit, I've two kitties.
20:10 And Sylvia do you help your mommy in the kitchen?
20:13 What do you like to make with your mommy?
20:18 Macaroni cheese, that sounds good.
20:23 She didn't mean too, look at, I will help you and you know
20:30 what Auntie Linda is there a towel? I think,
20:31 I think I've towel over there and we can just wipe
20:33 with a towel off. Here is one for here and one
20:37 over here, look at Oh! Wow! Look at that,
20:41 it looks so yummy. Oh! Good job, can you keep stirring,
20:48 we got to get it all stirred up and then you know what.
20:51 I think it , let send Auntie Linda out for looking
20:54 for spoons, what do you think, think you can find some
20:55 spoons for us. Some little spoons, I have, okay,
21:01 how about if Miss Cinda helps you stir just a little,
21:03 look at down there girls. Girls look down here,
21:08 what did you forget? There is lots of flower that gets
21:11 stuck down there. Okay, I want the blue one,
21:16 I can see if there are you, oh! That was a nice of you
21:19 Jasmine that makes Jesus happy when we share.
21:21 It sure does, okay now I want you take a little spoon
21:26 full of it and can you put it on our cookie sheet.
21:32 I'm not getting some, are you getting some.
21:37 I was getting some, good job. You know what,
21:41 why don't you put it into a ball like this, look at,
21:43 look at Miss Cinda's gonna do, put it into a ball
21:48 like this just real careful yet we're careful.
21:51 Because those are little sticky look and then
21:54 we'll stick our finger right down in the center.
21:57 Look at the little hole we made, can you do that.
22:00 Can you put a little hole right in that tent,
22:02 Sylvia can you get, please stick your finger right
22:04 in there, get a little bit more. Oh! You got a little,
22:06 can you get a little bit more dough.
22:07 You got a tiny one, let me give you a little bit more
22:09 dough. Jasmine made a really small and she made
22:12 a baby cookie. Oh! My goodness, look at these
22:17 boys and girls, don't these look yummy?
22:21 Okay Sylvia, there's one, and you know what even
22:24 though that's cute jasmine, that's not gonna bake even.
22:28 You should always make your cookies the same
22:30 size boys and girls, if you're gonna bake them
22:33 on the, on the same tray. Can you, you can put that
22:35 on top of that one. If you want, you want do that,
22:39 okay I make one good bring here and you can,
22:42 you put a good job. Now see when that bakes for
22:46 little bigger hole. Jasmine can you put a little hand
22:50 in Auntie Linda hand, then I will make one,
22:52 oh can you little bit one, okay now take a little bit
22:55 of this, the jam. Actually we're gonna do it before
22:58 for little bit of jam and put it right in the center,
23:02 just a little bit thank you. Oh! I'll help you out,
23:07 there you go that's an awful lot of jam.
23:10 You're gonna put a little bit right there, oh!
23:15 That's gonna be so yummy, doesn't it look yummy.
23:19 I think your grandma would love to have cookies
23:21 like this, Jasmine can you put a little jam in the middle
23:24 of your cookie. Put a little bit right in the middle,
23:27 and then you know Miss Cinda I saw something
23:31 over there. Oh! I was just going and to get them,
23:34 look what I have. I made some for you,
23:38 you wanna taste it, want to taste it Sylvia,
23:44 see if it's good. Is it good? Boys and girls remember
23:51 to help your mommies in the kitchen, because
23:54 cooking is so much fun. It is.
24:02 Yeah, it's Sing Time, alright. Does anybody remember
24:07 what the memory verse is, I do, I do, I do.
24:11 What is? Second Chronicles, Second Chronicles,
24:14 15, 15, 7, 7. That's right, that's right, that's right
24:19 and I'm sure Isaiah knew it too, didn't you.
24:22 What does it say Auntie Linda? It says for your work
24:25 shall be rewarded. That's a good verse for your work
24:29 shall be rewarded. That's right, and I look 14, 14, 15,
24:35 see here is 15, verse 7 and boys and girls you can
24:38 have your mommies and daddies help you look it up.
24:41 We're gonna sing a song about the bees who
24:44 worked very hard and their work is rewarded
24:46 because they get honey. Jesus made the bees
24:51 so they could buzz in flowers.
24:54 Visiting the flowers as they hurry by.
25:00 Jesus told them how to make the honey sweet.
25:06 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus And you and Jesus want
25:14 us to work too. You know, lets pretend we're helping
25:17 Farmer Mike in the barn, okay. We'll just shovel that,
25:20 that's strong that hand for you good, okay, okay.
25:24 I've hands that work, work, work, let's help him.
25:27 I've hands that work, work, work.
25:31 I've hands that work, work, work.
25:35 I've have hands that work, work, work.
25:40 I'm working for Jesus. Let's try that again,
25:45 we will really done a lot of work done for you. Thanks.
25:48 I've have hands that work, work, work.
25:52 I've have hands that work, work, work.
25:56 I've hands that work, work, work.
26:00 I'm working for Jesus. Thanks for helping me so much,
26:07 you're welcome. We can also help mommy around the house,
26:12 we can help her cook, lets pretend we're cooking,
26:15 come on Justin pretend you're cooking.
26:18 I'd like to help my mommy with work throughout the day.
26:25 Dear Jesus made my body strong to help in every way.
26:33 And we do wanna help our mommies don't we,
26:35 that's right. But we could help our daddies too;
26:37 okay let's help our daddies hammer. I'll
26:40 like to help my daddy with work throughout the day.
26:47 Dear Jesus made my body strong to help in everywhere.
26:54 Let's thank Jesus for making us strong so we can work.
26:58 Jadus, can you have prayer for us,
27:00 fold your hands and close your eyes.
27:03 Dear Jesus, help us to have a good day,
27:08 help us to be good. Amen, amen. That's an important
27:13 prayer that is an important prayer.
27:16 Because Jesus wants us to be good, that's
27:19 Mr. Rooster, that's Mr. Rooster and that's all the
27:22 time we've for today, comeback and see us.
27:24 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
27:34 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:52 God loves you. Goodbye.
28:02 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
28:05 God hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:10 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:15 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:17 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:20 where God hears our voice.


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