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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:27 Hi, boys and girls. I'm so existed because
00:31 Ms. Halima and Sylvia are coming for worship.
00:34 I'm exited that you're here too
00:36 and so is Georgie, oh! Georgie is waving to you.
00:40 But you know you've made Jesus really
00:43 happy because you've come today.
00:48 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:53 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:58 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:01 Jesus knows your name
01:04 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:12 Oh! I love having everyone here.
01:15 Oh! Georgie, you be a really good little monkey
01:18 for me okay. Hello, this is Auntie Linda,
01:24 hi Auntie Linda, hi Sarah Draves,
01:29 do you have some special news to share with me?
01:33 I'm going to be a sister; you're going to be
01:36 a big sister. That's wonderful news,
01:40 how do you feel? Excited. You're excited,
01:45 that really is exciting news, well it's
01:49 about time for me to feed Freddy, so I have to go.
01:52 Bye, I love you, bye, bye, I love you too.
01:57 Oh! That was so sweet of her to call,
02:00 she's so special. Well, you're special too Freddy,
02:04 are you hungry Freddy? I think Freddy
02:08 would like something to eat, we'll just give him
02:10 a little bit though. We don't wanna feed our
02:12 fish too much because then they will get sick,
02:15 so that's why give Freddy just a little bit.
02:18 Oh! Georgie, that must be Miss Halima and Sylvia.
02:24 Oh! Hi, how are you? Good, I'm so glad that
02:30 you're here. Oh! I'm so happy to be here
02:33 and we're ready for worship, so come
02:35 and sit down. And look at Georgie.
02:36 Oh! Georgie is getting bigger by the moment.
02:38 Oh! Yes, Georgie it's so good to and Kitty Cat,
02:42 yes. Oh! I haven't seen Kitty Cat in such
02:45 a long time. Well, actually Kitty Cat is reminding
02:49 us that it's time to ring our worship bell.
02:52 Do you wanna ring our worship bell Sylvia?
02:54 Yeah, okay you can ring our bell for us
02:56 and boys and girls, you sing along okay.
03:00 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
03:05 with our best friend Jesus.
03:10 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near
03:15 smiling when he sees us.
03:20 Oh! Miss Linda, I enjoy this, thank you.
03:23 Oh! I love worship time, now it's our special time
03:28 to see what's in our present box.
03:31 See, what's in here, oh! We have a letter
03:36 from Jesus, I always get exited when we get
03:40 letters from Jesus, me too Auntie Linda. Sylvia,
03:46 can you repeat after me? Proverbs,
03:49 Proverbs 17, 17, 22, 22. A merry heart,
03:57 a merry heart, does good, does good,
04:00 like a medicine, like a medicine. That's right,
04:06 let's see what else there is in the box.
04:13 There is a cute little puppy, he's adorable,
04:17 you know that puppy is just about as cute
04:19 as my puppy at home, Tiny Fox.
04:21 She is a cute little thing and she runs around
04:23 my feet and that gives a merry heart.
04:26 But my bird Sweet pea, likes to bark like Tiny Fox.
04:30 Sweet pea, yes Sweet pea, you're birdie barks?
04:33 Yes, she is a parakeet and she barks like the
04:36 puppy and it is so joyful. That is. Miss Halima,
04:41 will you have a special prayer for us today.
04:43 I would love too. Okay,
04:45 boys and girls, can you kneel too with us.
04:50 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
04:56 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
05:03 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:11 Dear Jesus, we just love to thank you so much
05:15 for all the animals that you give us,
05:17 where they give us a merry heart.
05:19 I ask you to just bless us and thank you
05:22 for all of the animals, amen. Amen.
05:28 Thank you so much for coming today for worship,
05:32 yeah, it's such a good time and I tell your
05:34 Georgie is as cute as the bud. And thank you Sylvia
05:38 for coming, well boys and girls I'm excited
05:41 because we're gonna get to go see some animals,
05:44 some more animals right now. Come on let's go.
05:52 Farmer Mike, Farmer Mike, oh, where is he?
05:58 He is not in the barn, well I'll tell you what,
06:00 let's just sit down here and wait for him,
06:01 he always comes and we'll just be sitting here
06:05 and smiling when he comes okay, yeah.
06:07 We will wait for him, I'm sure he will be here
06:08 pretty soon. Oh! Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda,
06:11 oh! There he is, I'm sorry, I was in town
06:13 getting some feed and sack. Let me put
06:15 it in the barn. Well, we knew you would come,
06:17 I'll be right back, I got a special surprise for
06:20 the kids today, oh, what do you think it is?
06:22 Alright, hold on I will right back.
06:23 He's got a surprise; I think it's a love bird.
06:26 A leopard? A love bird, oh! A love bird.
06:31 What do you think it is Rebecca? Now, let me
06:34 get my surprise, kitty cat, kitty cat, she thinks
06:37 it might be a kitty? What do you think it is Caleb?
06:40 It's a bird, you think it is a bird.
06:42 A beautiful surprise for you guys.
06:44 Look at this I'm gonna come so you could see this.
06:48 You were right Jadis, well can I set them
06:50 right here, can you see them real good here.
06:53 Alright, look at, wow; come on let you look
06:57 at him first. Oh! Aren't they pretty,
06:59 then I will tell you about him. Is that a birdie,
07:02 that's an orange birdie. Yes, it's got orange on it,
07:08 and it's got red on the one on the bottom.
07:10 And see the blue, maybe we get to see,
07:12 oh, there is orange on the bottom of two yeah,
07:14 on their head is yellow. Aren't they pretty?
07:18 That birdie is on top of another one? Right,
07:21 they're climbing all over each other aren't they,
07:23 they're trying to see if they could both be right
07:24 there aren't they. Birdies can get them,
07:27 yeah they can't eat that though that's too big
07:30 for them. Anyway do you know what they call
07:32 those birds? And I will get the other one.
07:34 What kind of birds they're? Love birds,
07:37 love birds exactly right. Sometimes,
07:41 I've seen love birds sit right aside each other
07:44 on the little pedestal they like to sit on
07:46 sometimes and they look like they're just you know
07:49 in love and I don't think know if that's why
07:50 they call them love birds. But,
07:52 do you like the birdies Caleb? You do, Caleb,
07:55 yeah. Which one is you favorite Caleb?
07:58 Let's not feed him that because we feed him
07:59 other things. The orange one, you like the orange
08:00 one the best. They are, I like the orange one,
08:04 you do. They're in the cage because right now
08:08 we don't want to let them outside because some
08:10 bigger animal might bother them or hurt them.
08:13 That's to protect them, they're very safe
08:15 in this cage and of course they got
08:18 beautiful colors. And everybody loves to look
08:21 at pretty birds, I love the blue on the tail too.
08:24 Oh! That is beautiful, God made them so pretty.
08:27 Yes and he does so many good things for us like
08:30 giving us all these different animals and
08:32 and these like to stay together in pairs
08:35 and of course they like it when they're a lot
08:37 of others around too, they like to have a lot of
08:40 friends. I like friends too, I do too, me too,
08:43 you do too, a friend is a blessing when you think
08:47 about it from God. It is, I wonder if we thank
08:48 about it from God. It is, I wonder if we thank him
08:50 enough sometimes for the animals. Do you think,
08:52 we should thank him? Farmer Mike. Yes?
08:54 Let's have a prayer. I think that would be
08:58 just right, that would be, would you pray first.
09:00 Rebecca we're gonna pray, can you fold your hands.
09:03 Let's close your eyes, you thank him okay.
09:06 Dear Jesus, thank you for this wonderful day
09:11 and help us to have a good day today
09:15 and thank you for the beautiful birds,
09:19 help us, help Auntie Linda to have a
09:24 good day today. Amen, amen.
09:27 That's a nice prayer, thank you. I believe we must
09:30 remember to do that sometimes to thank Jesus
09:33 for all he's made for us and done for us.
09:36 He's done so good to us. The birds, these birds,
09:39 the love birds they like to eat peanuts.
09:42 Oh! I love peanuts, yes, I do too. it's one of my
09:45 favorite things, Caleb do you like peanuts?
09:47 Yes, and they eat bird seed, bird seed, bird seed.
09:52 Do you like to eat bird seed? No, no, no,
09:55 we don't do. But I know something you like that
09:57 they like a bit, they like to eat apples.
10:00 Oh, yum. What's your favorite apple,
10:04 Auntie Linda what kind. I like an apple called
10:07 the gala apple. What's it look like, what color is it.
10:10 It's red and sometimes it has little streaks
10:13 of green in it. It's really, oh! It's so good,
10:16 it's crisp and nice. I like the yellow delicious
10:19 apples, you do? Yeah, funny how with and they like
10:22 apples too, isn't that something.
10:24 I like the red apples. You like the red ones,
10:27 you like the red ones. I meant to ask you,
10:29 you might be surprised, look at them real carefully
10:32 and you will understand when I tell you this,
10:34 they are part of the whole parrot family.
10:38 Don't they look like little bitty parrots, yeah.
10:42 You want to touch him with that foot
10:43 aren't you right there. Do you think they would
10:45 like us to sing to him? Let's sing our song
10:47 to them, because I bet you they sing,
10:49 they might learn our song, okay.
10:53 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:57 I like to go to the farm
10:58 where the ducks quack, quack
11:00 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:04 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:10 You hear them singing, while we were singing,
11:12 they were singing too, aren't they.
11:14 I think they liked our song. Well, thank you
11:16 Farmer Mike, we have to go because we have
11:18 some other things that we're gonna do on
11:20 the farm today. I'm always sad when you leave,
11:22 but I know you're gonna come back soon.
11:23 We will back, okay, bye, bye, and bye.
11:26 Can you tell the birdies bye, Rebecca,
11:28 good bye Rebecca, bye, bye birdies. Bye Caleb,
11:32 bye Rebecca, bye, bye, okay come on.
11:35 Thanks for coming to the farm.
11:41 Noah and Sylvia and I are gonna have
11:43 some fun today, come and join us.
11:46 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:52 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:58 to see what God has given.
12:03 Let's play a game okay, okay.
12:06 Alright take Sylvia's hand and we're gonna
12:09 go round and round and round.
12:11 I like to go on a nature walk,
12:13 a nature walk, a nature walk.
12:16 I like to go on a nature walk,
12:18 until we all fall down.
12:23 Look behind you spiders. Oh! Come over here Noah.
12:28 We don't wanna ever touch a spider,
12:30 there is two, yes but look at the web they made,
12:34 Sylvia can you come and sit by me.
12:37 Come close oh! yes, oh, look at how they made
12:41 their house and all their little web,
12:44 that's pretty neat isn't it. Why is the house
12:47 build like that, I guess they must have thought
12:51 that was a good place to make a house.
12:55 I'm so glad God made all the things in nature
12:58 aren't you? Noah is scary, I know.
13:04 God made all the things in nature. I'm glad, I'm glad.
13:11 God made all the things in nature.
13:15 Because he loves me so.
13:26 Yeah, it's story time and Sylvia is here with me
13:32 today and Hannah. I'm glad you boys and girls
13:34 are here too because we have a really good story
13:37 about Sarah's baby. Why she is crying?
13:41 I think she is crying because she doesn't
13:44 have a baby. Let's see what the story says,
13:47 yes those are figs and grapes.
13:49 Abraham held Sarah's hand he put his arm
13:52 around her and patted her. She cried,
13:59 don't be sad he said, he loved his wife.
14:03 Whom do you love? Sarah blew her nose,
14:06 can you? See how yes, she did hers too.
14:12 She looked at Abraham, she got some another.
14:15 She got another tear, because she wanted
14:17 a baby. I always wanted a baby of my very
14:21 own she whispered. But now, I'm just too old,
14:26 I want a baby too Abraham said God said
14:29 he would give us a son, but now we're just too old.
14:34 One day, Abraham saw some strange men
14:37 come to his house, who are they? Can you count?
14:42 1, 2, 3, they were visitors weren't they?
14:47 They were standing near Abraham's tent,
14:50 come and rest for a while he said.
14:52 Rest in the shade of this tree and I'll bring
14:54 you food. This tree, this tree, that tree right
14:57 there, the men said thank you very much.
15:00 The men sat down under the tree,
15:02 Abraham hurried as fast as he could to the tent.
15:05 Sarah, Sarah, we have company,
15:07 please bake some bread, the servants helped
15:10 Abraham and Sarah mix the bread.
15:12 Can you mix some bread too, mix, mix, mix the bread.
15:18 Sarah can, Sarah can, bake a little fast,
15:23 fast as you can, mix it and neat it and pad it with
15:27 glee and put it in the oven for our visitors three.
15:33 Soon the food was ready. Abraham took it to the
15:36 visitors. Oh! Look how happy they are,
15:39 did that sitting under the tree, yes they're
15:41 sitting right under the tree.
15:43 Where is your wife they said, she's in the tent.
15:46 I will comeback and see you next year the man said.
15:50 Yes, he's saying I'll comeback and see you,
15:52 because your wife Sarah will have her very own baby boy.
16:00 Sarah heard the men say and she laughed,
16:02 and you laughed? She felt she was too old to have
16:08 a baby. Where is Sarah? Yes, she is in the tent
16:13 laughing said the man. She thinks she is too old.
16:16 But is anything too hard for the Lord?
16:19 No. Jesus can does anything can't he.
16:22 Then Abraham knew that he was really a man of God.
16:27 And Abraham and Sarah did have a baby boy
16:31 they named him Isaac, can you say Isaac? Isaac, Isaac,
16:36 his name means He laughs. Sarah and Abraham loved
16:40 Isaac, people and families love one and another.
16:44 Remember boys and girls, that there is nothing too
16:48 hard for Jesus. You can tell him anything
16:50 or ask him anything, Jesus can do anything.
16:54 Jesus wants you all to know, that he really, really
16:59 loves you. I was gonna say, he got one minute.
17:08 Hi, boys and girls, we're helping Miss. Cinda
17:11 make apple treats. Who likes apples, me, I do.
17:16 You know what Farmer Mike just brought me
17:19 these apples, fresh from the apple tree.
17:22 He picked them for us, I'm gonna take a stick.
17:26 I'm gonna put it in the center of the apple like
17:29 that and you don't wanna make,
17:31 you wanna make sure boys and girls that
17:33 you don't go all the way through.
17:36 And Justin take that and roll it in your melted carob.
17:41 And then you can dip it in the nuts.
17:43 That's a wrong way, oh, you want me to do
17:46 the other way. Okay, there you go.
17:49 it's hard, I know, Taylor roll it like the other way.
17:52 Oh, you want to use the other way too.
17:54 Noah, you want use this way.
17:56 Okay, Jades could have put that way.
17:58 You guys want to use this way, it could be tiny,
18:01 alright, yes. Oh! You guys are making it hard for me,
18:05 good job. Let's see if I can get it, I'm working hard.
18:09 You're working hard, oh! I think I got it,
18:11 I think I got it, I got it, okay.
18:14 Now, the Taylor you want one, roll it
18:16 and put it. Put it in your, in your melted carob
18:19 and then you can roll it nuts. Do you want me to help
18:21 you? Oh! There you go, I want apples.
18:26 Well, it's carob apples, you wanna just eat your apple,
18:28 it's a little different, okay. You can just pad it
18:30 on if you like, you now take it just pad it on
18:33 the hole. If you take it with this hand and just put
18:36 it, spread it on your apple. And then dip it in the
18:38 nuts, are you helping, yes, take your carobs,
18:40 you want me to help you, yeah, can you pick
18:41 your carob up like this and just go like this.
18:44 Do you need help Jades? It's trying to be candy apple.
18:47 You can make a whole bunch of it,
18:50 make a whole bunch. And you guys can eat them,
18:56 you can try them whenever you want.
18:57 You wanna take a bite, okay I did.
18:59 You want a little bit, I take a bite.
19:01 Okay, take a big bite, are you almost ready to,
19:04 Justin is almost ready. You might wanna hold it
19:05 with both hands, remember we have to hold it
19:07 with this hand too, yeah like put.
19:09 Okay, you wanna roll it in the nuts, try that,
19:13 you wanna roll it in the nuts. Okay.
19:15 Do you want to roll it in some nuts, look at Justin's,
19:18 okay. Justin that looks so good, that looks almost
19:24 good enough to eat, what do you think?
19:28 That's okay, good job, it's raining nuts isn't?
19:31 Yeah, you can take a bite, you wanna take a bite.
19:37 No, I'm gonna roll it in nuts, oh! you're gonna roll.
19:39 Well, you know what the nuts won't stick to it
19:42 unless you put the carob on it.
19:44 Shall we put a little bit of carob on it, yeah, okay.
19:47 Lets just stick it, okay let's just stick it on.
19:50 I want you to do it. Oh! Alright I will help you,
19:53 Auntie, put all it there. Noah, do you need help,
19:55 there you go, no I can do it, you can do it.
19:57 How is it Justin? Do you need help?
19:58 I would need help, yeah, is it good, yeah?
20:01 Alright, alright. I love apples, you know what,
20:06 there is red apples, how many colors of apples are
20:09 there, does anybody know. Yellow, yeah, there is
20:11 yellow apples, what others, the green apples are sour?
20:15 Oh! Wow, aren't they? But I like them sour.
20:19 What, you know what, I do when I take a bite of them,
20:21 no what do you do Jadis, what do you when you take
20:25 a bite of a sour apple, you kind of just go.
20:29 Well, what do you do? There you go.
20:31 Well, one time me and Tom tasted a sour apple,
20:35 he danced silly. Show me what he did,
20:39 did he make a face, show me his face?
20:46 Okay, you want to dip in the nuts now, yeah.
20:48 Okay, let's dip it in the nuts, oh boys and girls
20:52 doesn't this look fun, oh and it tastes so yummy too.
20:56 How is it Justin? Yummy, is there any other kind of
21:02 apples? Kernel apples, oh! Those are good too,
21:06 anything else. Oh! Noah you're doing a good job,
21:11 you like it Noah, I got it, we love to put it on this
21:16 type. Oh! I can't do this, well I will help you,
21:19 my favorite way is just to eat an apple clean.
21:24 I like apples plain too, but you know what else
21:26 I like sometimes I like to slice it and just eat it with
21:29 peanut butter. There you go, now you can try it,
21:32 so is it good Jades? Well, boys and girls when you
21:37 see an apple tree remember to thank Jesus
21:40 for making the delicious apples and then you can
21:45 ask your mommies. If you can have an apple
21:48 and when you're in the kitchen, remember
21:51 to have fun, because it's lots of
21:54 fun to be in the kitchen, it is.
22:01 Yeah, it's Sing Time. And it's time to review our
22:06 memory verse too, I know where it is, where?
22:09 Proverbs, that's right. Proverbs 17, Proverbs 17,
22:16 verse 22, verse 22. A merry heart, a merry heart,
22:22 does good, does good, like a medicine, like a medicine.
22:29 Did you know Jesus wants his children to have fun?
22:32 Lot's of fun and we're gonna sing a song about that,
22:35 we like fun don't we Noah? Yes.
22:41 I'll laugh, I'll play, I'll jump,
22:44 I'll run, I'll swim, I'll splash
22:47 I'll have some fun, I'll walk,
22:51 I'll skip do some climbing too.
22:55 For that's what Jesus wants me to do.
23:00 Let's try that again.
23:03 I'll laugh, I'll play, I'll jump,
23:07 I'll run, I'll swim, I'll splash
23:11 I'll have some fun, I'll walk,
23:14 I'll skip do some climbing too.
23:18 For that's what Jesus wants me to do.
23:24 I didn't know when to do when he said skip.
23:26 I was going skip do, would you know what to do
23:29 Auntie Linda, let it jump, like that, okay.
23:33 Yeah, we just jump, okay that's close enough.
23:37 If you're happy and you know it,
23:39 clap your hands, okay.
23:41 Oh! I wanna clap my hands, okay.
23:44 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
23:47 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands
23:52 If you're happy and you know it,
23:54 then your life will surely show it
23:56 If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands.
24:00 If you're happy and you know it, kick your feet.
24:03 If you're happy and you know it, kick your feet.
24:07 If you're happy and you know it, kick your feet.
24:12 If you're happy and you know it,
24:14 then your life will surely show it
24:16 If you're happy and you know it, kick your feet.
24:20 If you're happy and you know it, say amen.
24:24 If you're happy and you know it Say "Amen!" Amen!
24:28 If you're happy and you know It Say "Amen!" Amen!
24:32 If you're happy and you know it
24:35 Then your life will surely show it
24:37 If you're happy and you know It Say "Amen!" Amen!
24:42 I'm so happy today, I like that happy song.
24:45 Let's sing that song, I'm happy today.
24:48 I'm happy today, I'm happy today,
24:53 In Jesus Christ I'm happy today,
24:57 Because he's taken all my sins away,
25:01 And that's why I'm happy today.
25:08 That was fun, I'm just in right out right,
25:11 up right down right, happy all the time,
25:13 okay you ready, see if you can get.
25:16 I'm in right, outright, upright,
25:18 downright happy all the time.
25:21 I'm in right, outright, upright,
25:23 downright happy all the time.
25:26 Since Jesus Christ came in,
25:28 I gave my heart to him.
25:32 I'm in right, outright, upright,
25:35 downright happy all the time.
25:39 Did you like that one Noah, you
25:41 think we can sing it faster. Yeah. that's what Noah
25:43 says, we can do it faster, alright.
25:46 I'm in right, outright, upright,
25:48 downright happy all the time.
25:50 I'm in right, outright, upright,
25:52 downright happy all the time.
25:54 Since Jesus Christ came in,
25:56 I gave my heart to him.
26:00 I'm in right, outright, upright,
26:03 downright happy all the time.
26:05 I wonder if the boys and girls did that too with us.
26:08 One more time. They get it right too.
26:11 Thank, you wanna do it again.
26:12 Boys and girls are you able to keep up.
26:14 Olivia wants to do it again. We will do it again,
26:17 one more time, okay Noah sit
26:19 and beat me, do it faster.
26:21 I'm in right, outright, upright,
26:23 downright happy all the time.
26:26 I'm in right, outright, upright,
26:27 downright happy all the time.
26:29 Since Jesus Christ came in,
26:33 I gave my heart to him.
26:39 I'm in right, outright, upright,
26:40 downright happy all the time.
26:42 Yes. Oh! We do have a lot of fun with Jesus,
26:47 don't we? And he makes us so happy,
26:50 well Sylvia would you have a special prayer
26:53 just thanking Jesus today? Yeah, alright.
26:58 Thank you Jesus, thank you for this nice day,
27:02 crispy apples in Jesus name, amen, amen.
27:07 I think that made Jesus happy when she prayed too,
27:10 I think so too Jesus is happy when we sing
27:13 and when we pray. Yes, and he loves us doesn't he?
27:18 Yeah and Noah and I are happy when we sing
27:21 and prayer too, aren't we? Oh, that's Mr. Rooster
27:25 and he says that's all the time we have for today,
27:28 we will see you next time.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:58 Goodbye. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 where God hears our voice.


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