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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:08 girls and boys. We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the
00:17 rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:24 girls and boys. Would you like a cracker?
00:30 Yes, please. Oh! I love you Hannah. You are so sweet.
00:36 We'll, just put that there. Oh! Hi, boys and girls.
00:39 I am so glad that you are here. Hannah's glad that
00:43 you're here, and Georgie's glad that you're here.
00:46 But you've made Jesus really happy by coming today.
00:51 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:57 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
01:02 welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows
01:06 your name. You made Jesus happy
01:10 just because you came. And Georgie
01:16 is happy today too. Oh! Georgie we have a
01:18 phone call. You be a good boy, okay.
01:23 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Hi, Auntie Linda
01:27 I am Michael James Coffin. Well, hello,
01:31 Michael James Coffin. Today we're talking about
01:35 love. Who loves you? Jesus loves me.
01:39 Jesus I Love Jesus. Oh! I love Jesus too.
01:44 Jesus is my friend. He is my friend too.
01:49 Can you tell me where you come learn more about Jesus?
01:52 Sabbath school. I love Jesus. Yes, that's right,
01:58 because in Sabbath school we can open up our Bibles
02:02 and we can learn about Jesus. Thank you so much
02:07 for calling me today Michael. Bye, bye, Auntie Linda.
02:11 I love you. I love you too. I love hearing from Michael.
02:17 He's so sweet. Well, I think Freddie wants us to pay
02:23 attention to him too. You're sweet too Freddie.
02:26 We have some good fishy food for you. There you go.
02:31 Eat all your food. I love Freddie, don't you?
02:37 I love you too Kitty cat. That's right, Kitty says
02:42 it's time to bring our worship bell. Come on let's
02:45 bring our bell. Oh! How fun. Come here Georgie.
02:50 Oh! Yes, we'll let Georgie sit on my lap here, and
02:53 Hannah is going to ring our bell for us, okay, okay.
03:00 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet with our
03:06 best friend Jesus. Come and worship him Jesus will be
03:14 here smiling when he sees us. Well, thank you Hannah
03:23 for being such a good helper. We're gonna to have
03:26 something special now. Let's see what's in our
03:30 present box. Okay. Alright. We have a letter from Jesus.
03:36 I love letters. I do too. This is in Deuteronomy.
03:42 Deuteronomy 11, 11, 13, 13, Love the Lord your God,
03:50 Love the Lord your God and serve him, and serve him
03:55 with all your heart, with all your heart.
03:59 Oh! that was a beautiful thing I want to love Jesus,
04:02 don't you? And serve him. Oh! I have my Bible
04:05 right here. Oh! We have something else in our box.
04:08 Oh! We have a tree, and we have another tree.
04:19 Oh! And we have another tree. This is a story about
04:25 three trees. We all wanted to be something special.
04:29 Well, one day the men came and they were chop, chop,
04:32 chop, chop, chop and they cut down the first tree.
04:38 And you know, what they made, a little manger
04:41 out of the first tree and they put the baby Jesus
04:45 in the manger. So that tree became something
04:47 very special. Then the men in the force came and they
04:51 cut down the other tree. I wonder what will they
04:55 make out of that tree? They made a boat out of that
05:01 tree, and that boat helped Jesus and he even went to
05:07 sleep in the boat. That tree became something
05:11 very special. Then they came and they chop, chop
05:15 chop, chop. And they chopped down this other tree.
05:19 This tree, they made something very, very special
05:24 out of, they made a cross, and that was the tree
05:30 that Jesus died on. So that tree became very special
05:34 too. I love Jesus so much, don't you?
05:38 He died for us. He died for us because he loves us.
05:42 Let's kneel down and thank Jesus for loving us, okay,
05:46 okay, boys and girls can you kneel with us.
05:51 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:58 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
06:05 very quite be while the prayer is said.
06:11 Dear Jesus, thank you for the land and the flowers
06:15 and Aunt Linda and thank you for Miss Cinda
06:19 and everyone, in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
06:24 I love Jesus, Auntie Linda, farmer Mike says to hurry
06:27 to the baronies, got something really special to
06:30 show us. Alright, thank you for telling us. Okay,
06:34 Well, come on boys and girls, let's go.
06:43 Okay, I am so glad you brought your dog Knight
06:46 to the farm today. Farmer Mike, farmer Mike,
06:48 farmer Mike. Hey, Look at there some friends of mine.
06:50 How is Hannah? Hi, Noah. Hi, Auntie Linda. Hi.
06:54 And you brought Kelly with you I got Kelly
06:56 with me today. Oh! They got on pretty shirts.
06:59 Kelly, look at the doggy. And let me introduce with
07:02 our friends. This is new friends for you and me too.
07:05 Her name is Kay Karr, and she brought her dog
07:09 Knight to the farm for a very special reason.
07:14 You think he's afraid. Hey, that's exciting that
07:16 you are here. He has a long nose.
07:18 He has a long nose, and there's long ears.
07:21 Why does his ears stick up like this sometimes?
07:24 Well, when he is alert. When he is ready to work,
07:26 his ears will go up like that. Aha! Wow! Well,
07:29 my ears wiggle. They do, yeah. They do, yeah.
07:32 Like this. Here he does. Yeah, one time before day
07:36 we got that. That's right. Any more questions you
07:39 guys you got about Knight because I am learning
07:41 about him too for the first time. He has, huge paws
07:45 and he's different color is white and black.
07:47 That's right. See, I mean, be real careful with him,
07:50 but see his paws are white. Let me see if I can hold
07:53 that paw for you like this. Oh! He is white.
07:55 Look at here, and he is so black. Now he is a collie,
07:59 what kind of collie? A border collie. A border collie
08:03 and why he is called a border collie? Well,
08:05 they originated in the border region between
08:08 England and Scotland. Oh! Two countries.
08:10 Over in Europe, England and Scotland right on the border.
08:13 They used to have a lot of sheep well, they still do
08:15 I think. Noah's saying something. What did you
08:17 say Noah? He want to know. Oh! he eat a wood chip
08:22 he said. Oh! He do. Absolutely. I do that on the
08:25 farm too. I cough a lot on farm there's a lot of straw
08:28 and hay and do this. No need to feel bad about it.
08:30 What does the dog eat? What does he eat she wants
08:33 to know? The dog eats food from the store.
08:36 Wow. You know, and sometimes it gets treats
08:39 So you know like you go to the pet store,
08:41 and you can buy the right kind of food. It's made just
08:44 right so it's healthy food. Do you get treats?
08:46 Yup! And you buy a puppy too and I saw a puppy
08:48 at the pet store. I like to go to the pet store.
08:50 I am looking a pet. At the mall. Yeah, at the mall,
08:52 there have been many malls, pet stores as right.
08:55 Now you ask something just Auntie Linda.
08:57 What was that you just say? Well, I asked Noah,
08:59 if he got treats. Oh! He had to, you get treats at home.
09:03 If you're good.. I bet the boys and girls like treats
09:06 too. Now he learns to obey, doesn't he? Oh! Yes,
09:09 he has to know how to obey because he is working,
09:11 he is a working dog. And they like to work you said.
09:13 Oh! They have. Could you show the kids some other
09:15 things that you trained him to do because you were just
09:17 get ready to show me when they came.
09:19 Watch what he can do. The big boy Noah likes
09:21 to work too. That's right. You're a good worker, Noah?
09:25 Yes. That's right, well what he can do?
09:27 Well, he normally will herd sheep or cattle but
09:30 here he can get the ball and bring it back to us.
09:33 My dad works. I know, a lot of daddies work.
09:35 Watch what he can do with this ball? She's going to
09:37 show you a trick, watch it, here we go.
09:39 Go get it, Knight. Look at that. Oh! He's got it.
09:42 Good boy, that's a good boy. He has a long tail.
09:48 And a long tail. He does have a long tail, Hannah.
09:51 Hannah, what were you asking about his tongue
09:54 or something being real long? His tail.
09:56 His tail is long but you said something about his
09:58 tongue too. Why does he have a long tongue?
10:02 Well, dogs have to sweat through their tongue,
10:04 see so they could stick it out They could sweat like
10:07 I sweat here on my lip or under your arms. They sweat
10:10 with their tongue. Isn't that interesting?
10:12 In order to cool off. It's different. It's funny
10:14 he has eyes like me. Yeah, he does. He has eyes like
10:17 yours. Now he likes to work and what he really does
10:21 he goes out where there's lots of sheep and he brings
10:24 them like back to the barn and back where we're gonna
10:27 stay. That's right, he learns how to d what
10:30 you say and if you tell him to go out get the sheep,
10:32 he will go out and get the sheep for us.
10:33 Look at his ears go up. He is listening right now.
10:36 He's listening like. Do they make good watch dogs
10:39 that one? They very good watch dogs.
10:41 I think so, do they bark like if a stranger's coming
10:44 round or something, yeah, yeah, they do and I like
10:46 what you said Ms Kay. You said, he's learned to obey.
10:49 You guys remember the Bible says, we must obey
10:52 our mom and dad. We must obey parents.
10:55 We must obey God. Jesus is there on the sky.
10:59 That's exactly right and he can, he's learned to obey.
11:02 Did you see it? What else can you have him do?
11:04 Did you have him sit down or what else have you
11:06 taught him? Well, he has to learn how to lie down
11:08 in the field when I tell him to, to stop. Watch this,
11:10 Watch this, like if he gets too tired. He knows he's
11:12 tired, watch. Knight lay down. Look he,
11:17 Knight he's looking for sheep, Look at him.
11:22 Now here come back, he's out look around see my sheep.
11:26 There he go. Oh! Yeah, do you think he will come
11:28 when she calls. Here he comes back. Where did you go?
11:32 So he comes to a whistle. Well, we got a little
11:35 surprise for you. We always sing a song for our guest.
11:37 You guys ready to sing our song. Oh! Yes. Alright.
11:41 Here we go. I like to go to the farm where the cows
11:47 moo, moo, I like to go to the farm where the ducks
11:52 quack, quack, I like to go to the farm, I like to go to
11:57 the farm, I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
12:03 Thank you. Well, thank you Miss Kay for coming today.
12:06 Well, we better go. It was so nice to meet you.
12:09 Nice to meet you. I know the boys and girls like to
12:11 meet you too. Come back, we will see you. Bye, bye.
12:14 Come on let's go. Bye, bye Come Knight, wave bye, bye,
12:17 to them. Say, bye, bye. Olivia and Justin and I are
12:30 out for a walk. Come and join us. Shall we go
12:36 for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
12:43 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
12:52 Olivia, what is that? A bunny. A bunny, you know,
12:57 that must have be one of Miss Jennie's bunnies.
13:01 She probably doesn't know it's in our garden.
13:04 You know bunnies. Do you know, what they like to eat?
13:07 They like to eat carrots and salad.
13:11 And what else do they like to eat? Lettuce.
13:16 Yes, and they like fruit and they like all kinds of
13:19 things, And vegetables. And do you know how to hop
13:23 like a bunny. Can you show me how bunny hops?
13:26 Hop, hop. Can you like a bunny? Hop, hop, show me
13:29 how they hop? Hop, hop. Can you hop?
13:31 Hop, hop. Hop, hop. Hop, hop. Yes, and bunnies
13:38 like to hop and you know what else they do.
13:41 They make a little hole in the ground and they put
13:44 their babies in it. And the bunny is there at the
13:49 old house. You had bunnies, yeah, and they put their
13:52 babies in the ground and then they cover them up
13:55 with grass and fur. Aren't you glad Jesus made
13:58 the bunnies? Let's hop like bunnies. Can you hop?
14:03 God made the soft floppy bunnies, I know,
14:09 I know. God made the soft floppy bunnies,
14:15 because he loves me so. I love Jesus. Don't you?
14:28 It's story time, boys and girls. We have Titus with us
14:33 and my name is Hannah. And we have Hannah with us today.
14:36 And we have a good story for you today.
14:39 Our story is called Food for Elijah.
14:42 What's happening here? That's a King.
14:48 Why is he running? Because he is running from the King.
14:51 He is running from the King because he had
14:53 a special message to tell the King.
14:55 He said there would be no rain for how many years.
14:58 Three years Three years, no rain.
15:03 Oh! The King was angry. He was so angry.
15:08 Elijah knew he better run away, Elijah's God's friend
15:12 and God is Elijah's friend and he will hide him,
15:16 run Elijah, run. Oh! Where is Elijah?
15:23 He's in a cave and he is hiding from the King
15:28 He is hiding and where he hiding by what is this?
15:31 Water. That's water and what is this, Titus?
15:36 Big bird. He is a big bird.
15:39 He's keeping a Elijah company.
15:42 As Elijah is hiding, hiding, hiding from the King.
15:46 Elijah hears something. What you thing he hears?
15:50 I don't know. He hears the wind in the trees.
15:54 He hears the birdies and God hears Elijah praying,
16:00 dear God please take care of Elijah.
16:03 Rest Elijah, rest by the water.
16:08 Elijah, what is he doing? Drinking water.
16:13 He's getting a drink, isn't he?
16:15 Who else is getting a drink. Deer, deer.
16:18 The deer is getting a drink.
16:20 But Elijah does not have any food.
16:23 He has no potatoes. He has no rice. He has no bread.
16:29 Oh! Dear God please take care of Elijah.
16:34 What's happening? I don't know. What is this?
16:38 I don't know. Raven. It's a raven
16:40 and what does he have in his mouth? Bread.
16:43 He has bread, yum, yum, yum said Elijah.
16:47 He was eating the bread and thanking Jesus
16:50 for sending the birds to feed him.
16:53 Oh! Look at they have big pieces of bread
16:56 in their mouth. It's time to sleep. Elijah kneels
17:01 and talks to God. Do you pray to Jesus
17:04 before you go to sleep, Titus? Yeah.
17:06 Do you pray for Jesus? Yes, we want to pray to Jesus.
17:09 Thank you for the water.
17:11 Thank you for the big black birds and for the food
17:14 and thank you for loving me, Amen.
17:17 Oh! Look at who brought him breakfast.
17:21 Who is bringing Elijah breakfast?
17:24 That's the birdies, isn't it? The birds again.
17:28 Yes and who's with him? A deer. That's a deer.
17:31 Every morning and night the big birds fly to Elijah.
17:35 Big birds bring him bread for one, two, three years.
17:40 How many years do they bring him bread?
17:42 One, two, three. The trees dry up, the water dries up,
17:48 but God takes care of him. Thank you Jesus.
17:52 You are so good to me.
17:55 I know you love me said Elijah and you know what
17:58 God will take care of you too boys and girls,
18:01 because he loves you so much.
18:09 Hi, boys and girls. We're going to help
18:13 Miss Cinda to some fun today.
18:15 I am so glad you all here today
18:18 because I have a lot of work to do.
18:20 Do you guys know what we're doing today.
18:22 Bread stick. That's right,
18:25 we're going to make bread sticks, that's right, Titus.
18:28 Boys and girls, may be you can help your mommies
18:31 and daddies in the kitchen, and we're going to show you.
18:34 Miss Cinda is already made some bread dough.
18:37 See my bread dough right here, yeah,
18:40 and we're going to shape it into bread sticks.
18:43 This is going to be fun. I love bread sticks.
18:46 You like bread sticks Auntie Linda? Me too.
18:49 Me too. Now you know bread dough's real sticky,
18:51 so I'm gonna to take some cooking spraying.
18:54 This is the non-stick kind
18:56 and I'm gonna spray your hands.
18:58 So everybody hold your hands like this, okay.
19:00 And then I'll give you some dough,
19:03 and then I'll teach you how to. Oh! I'll put some dough
19:07 on your plate, but that tickles and that tickles,
19:10 Oh! I'm not going to spray your plate.
19:14 I'm gonna let this down, okay.
19:16 I'm gonna give you each some dough I want on this,
19:19 a while plate. Lets give Jasmine
19:22 and let's give Noah. You like bread sticks, yeah,
19:28 you know what I am having big Italian meal tonight.
19:32 Who loves spaghetti? I do. I do.
19:37 Do you boys and girls like spaghetti?
19:38 I do too. It's so good. Give me a meal Okay.
19:44 Now break off a little piece dough like this.
19:49 Oh! this is so much fun boys and girls.
19:52 That's your, okay, and I will take
19:54 some of Miss Cinda's. And then we'll roll it like this.
19:56 You know what. What is in mine?
19:58 See look how I'm making a, it looks like a stick.
20:01 Now you don't want to get it too thin, okay.
20:04 But you also don't want to leave it real fat
20:06 because remember that we're gonna set this aside
20:10 and let it raise, and so it gets twice this size.
20:14 So this is actually going to be a very big bread stick.
20:17 Can I put, can I put some Miss Cinda.
20:19 Yes, and then when you get your bread, roll it though.
20:21 Look at what Miss Cinda's doing. Make it look like this.
20:23 Oh! Look at Miss Cinda is making it long.
20:27 Oh! This is going to be a daddy bread stick.
20:31 What you think? Whoa! What you think boys and girls.
20:35 This is gonna be a daddy bread sticks.
20:37 This is going to be a sister bread stick.
20:41 Oh! what's this one? Mine is a baby one.
20:47 I think yours is a baby one too Mummy one.
20:52 Mine is a little bit water. This is a mommy one.
20:55 May be we should make one for mommy.
20:56 Do you love mummy? Yes, You know Jesus wants us to love
21:03 our mommies and daddies, don't they. I love Jesus.
21:06 I love Jesus too. I will keep here like.
21:09 Well, can you roll it like this a little more. Okay.
21:12 Let me give you some more dough.
21:14 You need a little more dough.
21:15 Let's make yours a little thicker.
21:17 Here you go now, now tight, now roll, roll like,
21:21 roll like Miss Cinda see. Look how mine's starting
21:24 to get long like a snake almost.
21:28 Is this fun? You like bacon.
21:31 You do you like bacon. I would like bacon.
21:34 Oh! Yours is getting good. I put this now. Okay.
21:38 But look at can you get it look like mine,
21:46 look It's looks like a flag. Oh! It does,
21:48 and you know what boys and girls,
21:50 if you break yours that's okay.
21:51 Roll it back into a ball and you can start
21:54 all over again. Isn't this fun? Yeah.
21:57 Thank you Miss Cinda for letting us help you know.
22:00 Oh! Thank you for helping don't I have good helpers
22:03 and boys and girls, remember to help your
22:06 mommies and daddies in the kitchen because not only
22:08 can you be a help to your mommy and daddy
22:10 but you'll have fun doing it.
22:19 Hey, Sing time. And we are having so much fun today.
22:25 Does anyone remember where our memory verse is found?
22:28 I don't. Where? Where is it? Deuteronomy.
22:33 That's right. 11, verse 13 Can you say Deuteronomy
22:40 Deuteronomy Say 11, 11 I like your hair.
22:46 You like your hair, don't you? It's beautiful.
22:50 11, verse 13 and it's says, "Love the Lord your God."
22:57 Can you say that? Love, Love, the Lord,
23:00 the Lord, your God, your God. I love Jesus.
23:07 Does he know. Let's tell him right now, okay.
23:11 I love Jesus, does He know? Have I ever told Him so?
23:21 He is my friend and your friend too.
23:25 He loves me and he loves you. Yes, Jesus loves me!
23:35 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
23:44 The Bible tells me so. And Jesus loves us so much
23:51 that he's got the whole world in his hand.
23:53 Sing along with us boys and girls.
23:56 He's got the whole world in His hands,
24:02 He's got the whole wide world in His hands,
24:06 He's got the whole world in His hands,
24:11 He's got the whole world in His hands.
24:15 He's got the little tiny baby in His hands,
24:21 He's got the little tiny baby in His hands,
24:25 He's got the little tiny baby in His hands,
24:29 He's got the whole world in His hands.
24:35 And he does, doesn't he? He sure does.
24:37 And we love him so much. Let's sing love him,
24:40 love him, all ye little children.
24:43 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
24:47 God is love, God is love;
24:51 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
24:56 God is love, God is love. Let's sing it again.
25:02 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
25:07 God is love, God is love;
25:12 Love Him, love Him, all ye little children,
25:16 God is love, God is love. And you know Farmer Mike.
25:24 His love is just as deep, deep, deep as the sea.
25:28 Yes, it is. That's right, Auntie Linda.
25:30 We're gonna sing about that. Oh! I like this one.
25:34 Deep, deep, deep as the sea,
25:37 High, high, high as the sky,
25:42 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
25:45 Is Jesus' love for you and me.
25:50 It's just deep, deep, deep as the sea,
25:54 High, high, high as the sky,
25:59 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:03 Is Jesus' love for you. Let's sing it again.
26:11 I heard that at my mommy's farm. You did.
26:13 Oh! I like that song, don't you? I love it.
26:16 Let's sing it again and maybe
26:17 we can sing it a little faster.
26:19 Deep, deep, deep as the sea,
26:22 High, high, high as the sky,
26:27 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:30 Is Jesus' love for you and me.
26:35 It's just deep, deep, deep as the sea,
26:39 High, high, high as the sky,
26:43 Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue,
26:46 Is Jesus' love for you.
26:54 Miss Cinda, will you thank Jesus for his love for us.
26:59 Okay, bow your heads, close your eyes.
27:00 Dear Jesus I thank you for loving us.
27:05 You love us no matter for happy over sad
27:10 and I just thank you for all you do for us
27:15 in Jesus name, Amen. Amen. Thank you Miss Cinda.
27:21 I love Jesus too. Don't you boys and girls?
27:24 And there is the rooster. That's the rooster
27:26 and that's all the time we have for today.
27:28 So come back and see us.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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