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Jesus Wants Me To Be Honest

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:12 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Justin and I were just been talking about
00:31 how Jesus wants us to be honest.
00:33 I'm so glad that you joined us today.
00:36 Georgie is glad too. Georgie can you wave
00:38 to the boys and girls. That's a good boy.
00:41 Jesus is glad that you are here too.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:51 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:59 Jesus knows your name
01:02 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Jesus is happy isn't he? Oh, that's Freddie
01:14 splashing around his fishy house.
01:16 I think he is hungry. Yeah. Do you wanna give him
01:18 a little piece of food, yeah, not too much
01:20 because we don't want to make him sick.
01:24 Little less, oh yes. Well, he had a, Oh yes,
01:31 I think we are getting a phone call. Oh,
01:34 there we go. We will see who this is.
01:37 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:40 Hi Auntie Linda. This is Michael.
01:44 Hi Michael, I am glad you called me today.
01:48 We are talking about being honest.
01:50 Do you like to tell the truth? Yes, I tell truth.
01:55 Oh, that makes Jesus happy when we are
01:58 honest doesn't it. Can led to his glory.
02:03 Bye Auntie Linda. Bye Michael.
02:08 That was Michael Perkins.
02:10 That was nice for him to call us, wasn't it?
02:13 Yeah. That was really nice.
02:16 Yeah. Kitty cat is reminding us that
02:20 its time to ring our worship bell.
02:22 You want to get our worship bell and come over
02:24 and sit by Auntie, yeah, and you can help
02:26 ringing the bell, okay. Oops, good job.
02:33 You can help me sing it out, okay.
02:36 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
02:40 with our best friend Jesus
02:44 Come and worship him Jesus will be here
02:48 smiling when he sees us.
02:54 You are a good bell ringer. Thank you so much.
02:57 Will you hold Georgie for me?
02:59 You be real good for Justin now.
03:01 Okay, it's time to see what's in our present box.
03:06 Oh, we have a special letter from Jesus.
03:11 Let's see what Jesus is saying to us today.
03:14 A book, oh it's in Philippians 4:8.
03:17 Can you say Philippians 4:8, Philippians 4:8,
03:21 can you say that boys and girls Philippians 4:8,
03:25 whatsoever things are honest, can you say that?
03:30 Yeah. Whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever?
03:36 Whatsoever. It's a big word boys and girls,
03:38 things are honest, think are honest.
03:42 Think, think, on these things, on these things.
03:52 Oh! Jesus always has such good things to say.
03:55 Let's see what else we have in our box today.
03:59 Oh, we have a special story. This is a story about
04:06 Johnny and Jodie. Jodie and Johnny were on the couch,
04:13 but Johnny was crying and Jodie was just there,
04:20 just smiling. She knew something that mommy
04:23 didn't know and mommy said why is Johnny crying Jodie?
04:30 Jodie knew that Jesus would want her to tell
04:32 the truth, so she said I took his blanket.
04:36 Mommy said give it back to him, and so she gave
04:40 it back to him, and he was so happy
04:43 to have his blanket, and mommy was happy
04:45 that she told the truth. Jesus wants us to tell
04:49 the truth too boys and girls. Let's ask Jesus
04:53 to help us to be honest.
04:54 Will you have a special prayer for us Justin?
04:56 Yeah. Thank you, can you fold your hands
04:59 and close your eyes, okay.
05:03 Dear Jesus. Dear Jesus.
05:06 Please help us to be honest.
05:08 Please help us to be honest.
05:11 I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus. Amen. Amen.
05:16 Thank you, oh somebody is at the door,
05:20 just a minute I'll be right back.
05:22 It's wonder who that can be. It could,
05:25 oh Jessie come on in, how are you today.
05:30 Fine. What can I do for you? Nothing,
05:34 but I really accidentally broke your pot
05:37 when I was getting that newspapers
05:40 and I was gonna give you. Oh thank you,
05:46 that makes Jesus so happy when we are honest.
05:50 That's so special of you. I have some work to do.
05:54 So, you have to go now. Yeah, okay, bye.
05:57 Thank you so much. Welcome.
06:02 That made Jesus happy when Jessie was honest.
06:06 Yeah, oh boys and girls its now time to go
06:10 to the barn. So let's gets ready to go, come on.
06:18 Farmer Mike I brought you some feathers that
06:21 I think are beautiful that are from my farm.
06:23 Oh, thank you very much, and I am so glad
06:26 you brought them today because I am expecting
06:28 my friends the children, and Auntie Linda
06:30 pretty soon. Could you stay and
06:32 show me your feathers. Oh, I would love too.
06:34 Oh, they love to see them.
06:35 Farmer Mike. Oh! Here they are now. Farmer Mike.
06:37 Hi everybody. Oh, you are just in time.
06:40 Auntie Linda, I am glad you brought my pals.
06:45 Good to see you Ms. Jennie. Nice to see you too.
06:47 Oh, everybody find a place over there to sit,
06:51 so you can see this. This is gonna be fun.
06:54 Oh, I have some feathers to show you.
06:56 Noah wants to give you a hug too.
06:57 Oh, thank you Noah.
07:00 Oh, now Sylvia wants to hug you.
07:03 Oh, thank you. Everybody find a place
07:04 so we can see this. I like feathers.
07:06 Don't miss this.
07:07 Now what do you have Ms. Jennie.
07:10 These, what do you guys think this are from.
07:11 I got it. Do you know. A bird's.
07:14 These are from peacocks. Peacocks.
07:16 These are part of the peacock's feathers.
07:19 Ah, I hold those for you. Sure.
07:20 And those are all part of his tail.
07:24 What does this look like.
07:25 And here some more of his tail,
07:27 the big long wings and the little short ones,
07:29 and look at the end of the feather,
07:31 what is it look like, everybody might wanna
07:34 see this. What is that look like. Does it look.
07:38 Eye to me. Oh, good I gonna say your nose,
07:40 but it eyes. Looks like eye. It does look. Noah,
07:44 what color is this? Blue. Right
07:48 and what color is this? Brown. Yes. Okay now,
07:52 let me hold that for you, and the end is green.
07:55 Let me hold this for you, she will give you
07:56 another one Noah. She will give another, here,
07:58 hold the short one. Hold this short one.
08:00 Now, all these feathers. Beautiful. Jesus did such
08:03 a wonderful job in giving us beautiful,
08:06 beautiful birds, and this is just an example
08:10 of how beautiful the birds are. They are beautiful.
08:12 Aren't they pretty. Jesus does a wonderful job
08:14 in everything he does. Yes. Do you have anymore
08:16 than just these two? Oh yes,
08:18 I have several more, yeah. Okay, yeah,
08:21 let me have this one, she is gonna give you
08:22 some more I think. What do you guys think
08:23 all these feathers came from? Thank you very much.
08:26 See, peacock. Peacock, peacock.
08:30 Oh, you are right. These feathers are behind
08:33 the big long tail feathers on the bird.
08:36 You bought Miss Jennie years ago,
08:38 I bet the Indians used to put them back in their
08:41 head bands and things. Well, I think they did
08:44 from some birds, but I am not sure they had peacocks.
08:46 Well, I don't think. Those are often big.
08:47 Well, I don't think the Indians had peacocks.
08:50 I bet they used other birds.
08:51 I think they used other ones.
08:52 Did they use to write with? Yes, well
08:56 I think they use turkey ones. Thank you.
08:58 Turkey ones. They cut off, you can cut off
09:00 the tips of them at an angle, kind of like this,
09:03 She has got some different ones over here now.
09:05 you cut this listen, you can cut this off
09:07 at an angle, but you are going to do this at home
09:09 with your mommies and daddies,
09:10 this is the project that needs to be done outside,
09:12 and you have to do once they have very quick,
09:15 this is called a quill and you have to do once
09:17 they have very thick ones. You cut it off at an angle,
09:20 and then you take a bottle of ink and you dip
09:23 it in the ink and you write with it,
09:25 and it can be like a pen.
09:26 It turns into a pen. Oh like a fountain pen.
09:28 That's right. That makes a nice pen.
09:30 Now, these big long feathers are what pushes
09:33 the big tail feathers up. These are wing feathers
09:37 that came off their wings. See how long they are?
09:41 They have lots of different kinds of feathers on.
09:44 Yes they do. Jesus put so many different
09:46 kind of feathers on them.
09:47 You know what I just remember Ms. Jennie,
09:48 years and years ago before we had fountain pens
09:51 and ballpoint pens, I have seen pictures
09:54 where people used to write with these pens
09:56 what are talking now.
09:57 You are right, thank you Noah.
09:58 You are right. How interesting.
09:59 This feather even, looks how filthy that is.
10:03 Well, that's a new one. I like that.
10:06 That feather even came from the peacock.
10:08 There are so many beautiful feathers on that peacock.
10:11 And many, many years ago my grandmothers said
10:14 that people used to sleep on feather beds.
10:16 Yes, those are wonderful to sleep.
10:18 So feather pillows. Yes. So inside the pillow
10:23 there would be feathers and it would be so soft,
10:26 really that's neat. And sometimes they hit
10:29 feather to come from the stick to cover up with.
10:31 Okay very good. Can you say what colors
10:34 in that one, can you see it.
10:35 Oh black. And what else.
10:38 Oh thank you another filthy one.
10:40 Right, see what a beautiful, I don't know
10:43 if the colors will show up or not but they are so,
10:45 so pretty. What is this, is this blue.
10:48 All of those feathers came from the peacock.
10:51 Isn't that amazing that Jesus does that.
10:54 I just love when we get to the farm and learning
10:55 about all the things that Jesus made.
10:57 We have something funky too.
11:00 Thank you, thank you.
11:01 Can you see how pretty this one is?
11:02 They have big ones.
11:03 Thank you very much. That's a turkey feather.
11:05 That's a little one, in all different sizes.
11:07 Yes, these came from a turkey.
11:08 These would probably make better pens.
11:16 Look what else she has got.
11:18 They make filthy ones, these are real feathery
11:20 and they have iridescent kind of globe on them.
11:24 Beautiful, well let's do something for Ms. Jennie,
11:27 let's sing our song about the farm.
11:29 Alright. Because she is nice enough
11:30 to come and show us these feathers.
11:32 Thank you Ms. Jennie.
11:33 Do you know our song Ms. Jennie?
11:34 May be she can sing with us.
11:35 Can you sing with us.
11:36 I love to sing with you. Here we go.
11:38 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:43 I like to go to the farm
11:45 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:46 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:51 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:56 Well thank you so much Ms. Jennie.
11:59 Oh, you are so welcome.
12:00 We have to run though, we've some other
12:01 things to do, thank you guys.
12:02 Okay, I am holding it because
12:04 you guys are going okay.
12:06 Bye guys. Bye, bye. Caleb.
12:08 Have a good afternoon. That's a big jump.
12:09 Bye, bye. Bye, bye. Bye, bye.
12:17 Hi kids, we are going on a Nature Walk.
12:20 Come and join us.
12:23 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:27 a walk today, a walk today,
12:31 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:35 to see what God has given.
12:39 Look Auntie Linda. I see cactus.
12:42 Oh, there is a cactus here. Look at Sylvia,
12:48 look at Hannah. It has all kinds of little prickly
12:52 things on it doesn't it. You know that's to
12:56 protect it, they have got little spirals in that
12:58 to protect it, so that the animals won't eat it.
13:02 Did you know how big the biggest cactus kids.
13:08 How tall do you think it gets, guess. That's tall,
13:10 They are tall. 50 feet tall,
13:15 and it weighs 4000 pounds.
13:19 Yes, that's a big cactus isn't it?
13:23 That has hooks on it. Yes that pokes, you know
13:27 what cactus used to live in the desert,
13:30 and do you know that it doesn't rain very much
13:33 in the desert, right. So, everything is kind a brown
13:36 and what else is in the desert. Sand.
13:39 Lots of sand. And camels. Oh and camels too,
13:45 yes do you know what else lives in the desert.
13:51 There are some snakes that live there too.
13:55 And when it does rain the cactus has underground
13:58 it has big roots that collect lots of water fast
14:02 and then that's how the cactus lives.
14:05 It goes up through the roots and it helps
14:07 them live. Aren't you glad that
14:09 God made the prickly cactus?
14:12 Yeah. I am too.
14:16 God made the prickly cactus, I know, I know,
14:23 God made the prickly cactus,
14:27 because he loves us so.
14:33 God does love us, doesn't he. I love it.
14:43 Yeah, its story time. And we have a good story
14:47 for you today. Justin is here, and Sylvia is here.
14:51 Our story is about a little man named,
14:55 what is his name?
14:56 You know what our story is about.
14:59 Zacchaeus. That's right Zacchaeus.
15:02 Can you find Zacchaeus in this picture?
15:05 That's right Zacchaeus is not tall,
15:08 but he lives in a big house.
15:10 One two three. I'm not good says Zacchaeus
15:16 maybe Jesus does not love me, but I would love
15:19 for him to come to my house. Look Zacchaeus
15:21 is right here. That's right do you think
15:23 Jesus will go to Zacchaeus' house.
15:25 Yeah. Yes. Jesus is coming today and Zacchaeus'
15:29 said I will go and see him. So, Zacchaeus
15:32 put on his hat. Goodbye Zacchaeus,
15:36 I am going to see Jesus, he says,
15:38 he waves goodbye to all the people in his house.
15:42 Jesus is coming, the people shout, can you find
15:45 Jesus Justin. Right here. That's right.
15:48 And Zacchaeus is right here because he is too short.
15:52 That's right. Zacchaeus stands on his tip toes;
15:55 he still can't see what does he do.
15:58 To climb up the tree to see Jesus.
16:01 That's exactly what he does; he climbed up a tree,
16:04 so he could see Jesus. Did Jesus see Zacchaeus.
16:08 Yes, and he say Zacchaeus you come down.
16:13 He did because he said for I am going to
16:15 your house today. Did Jesus loves Zacchaeus.
16:19 Yeah. Yes, he did. He smiled at Zacchaeus,
16:24 yeah for Zacchaeus, Jesus loves Zacchaeus
16:27 all the time. Can you clap for Zacchaeus.
16:30 He is so happy. Yeah. So Jesus goes to Zacchaeus'
16:36 house because Jesus loves Zacchaeus all the time.
16:38 That Zacchaeus' house right here. That's right,
16:42 Jesus loves you and he loves me all
16:45 the time too. Can you say I love Jesus.
16:48 I love Jesus. I love Jesus too.
16:51 Zacchaeus is right here.
16:53 Yes and you know boys and girls Jesus is your
16:57 best friend, and he wants to come to your house
17:00 too because he really, really loves you.
17:09 Hi, boys and girls. We are having fun in the
17:12 kitchen with Miss. Cinda today.
17:14 We are gonna make something really
17:17 yummy today. I have a big word for you though.
17:21 Who knows what kebab is. See this.
17:24 Oh you guys see, you saw those sticks.
17:29 Boys and girls our fruit kebab is something
17:31 on a stick. You can have vegetable kebabs
17:35 or fruit kebabs, it just means that you put
17:37 fruit on a stick. Okay. Jasmine doesn't think
17:41 a vegetable one sounds good to her.
17:43 You don't think that vegetable one
17:44 sounds good. Alright, now this end is very sharp
17:51 because its pointed see the difference,
17:52 see how this end is sharp, and look at this end
17:56 is not as sharp. So this is the end that you stick,
18:00 you put your fruit on, okay, because it sticks
18:02 into your fruit. So don't. be really careful,
18:06 don't get that around your face.
18:07 Okay. And don't start till I'm ready Hannah,
18:10 and what I did was I gave you each some fruit,
18:15 and you don't have to choose all the fruit,
18:17 you just pick your favorite fruit
18:19 and boys and girls when you do this just pick
18:21 the fruits you like. I do this. You do this,
18:23 well let Miss Cinda show you how to do it.
18:26 You go like this, you take your favorite fruits,
18:30 I love strawberries, so you put a strawberry,
18:33 and you slide it all the way down.
18:36 Now, let's see what should I have next.
18:39 How about that. Oh, good idea
18:42 and I love pineapple, I am gonna put
18:45 a pineapple on, and then you keep flaming it
18:49 until you get all your favorite fruits,
18:50 and then you can eat it. Can we try it now?
18:53 Would you guys like to try. Okay. Grapes,
18:57 okay start with grapes. I like watermelon,
19:03 no you know what it is. Can you say cantaloupe.
19:06 That's right. You like cantaloupe. Well, Hannah
19:09 you put in the stick and then you could eat it.
19:12 What's your favorite fruit? watermelon.
19:15 Oh I like watermelon too.
19:17 Do you want to me to help you?
19:18 I do like watermelon. This is sharp Jasmine.
19:20 I need some help.
19:21 And it will stick, oh there you go.
19:23 Jasmine says she doesn't need a help.
19:25 Jasmine what's your favorite kind of fruit?
19:27 Strawberries. Oh, I love strawberries.
19:30 Okay, and Linda what's your favorite kind.
19:32 Oranges. Oh, I like oranges too
19:35 boys and girls. Okay I like watermelon.
19:39 Do you like watermelon?
19:41 Oh, I like watermelon. Oh, Hannah just
19:43 wants grapes; you really like grapes,
19:46 don't you. Don't put it in your mouth,
19:48 slide a grape off. Oh, I like cantaloupe too.
19:52 You like cantaloupe too.
19:53 Now, eat that one. There you go, is that good?
19:58 Is that pineapple?
19:59 Let's see what else I want for mine.
20:01 That's pineapple, that's right,
20:03 you like pineapple. Yeah.
20:04 Oh, I am glad Jesus made so many good fruits
20:07 for us to eat. Can I eat.
20:08 Sure, is it good? What it taste like?
20:14 Pineapple. It doesn't taste like a strawberry.
20:21 Aren't you glad that Jesus made all these good
20:25 fruits for us, and they all have such deliciously
20:28 different taste? Oh, wow look at that, is that yummy.
20:37 Look at Auntie Linda's, how is this Brittany?
20:41 I put a hat on mine. Oh, let's help you,
20:44 you are having a hard time, let me help you Tyler.
20:48 Okay, I will hold or you just gonna eat yours.
20:51 Oh, that's okay too. You want Auntie Linda's.
20:53 You are gonna just, oh look at Auntie Linda
20:56 we will trade you and then Auntie Linda
20:58 can start that. Oh is it good, is it good.
21:04 Is yours good, oh Noah's got his all finished,
21:07 and you are eating yours. You know what
21:10 fruit is very, very good for you too. Okay.
21:13 You should eat fruit everyday.
21:15 Yes, and I am glad Yes, and I am glad that
21:17 Jesus made so many colors, is its not boring.
21:20 That's right, it's also beautiful.
21:22 Oh, yes you know what I am so glad that Jesus
21:26 gave us all the fresh fruits to eat, pineapple,
21:30 and you know what else. I am so glad that you
21:32 all came to help me in the kitchen today.
21:35 Do you guys like being in the kitchen.
21:37 Its fun to be in the kitchen.
21:39 It's fun to be in the kitchen boys and girls.
21:47 Yes sing time. I love sing time, and I love it too
21:53 because it's a time that we can see what
21:55 our memory verse is. Do you know where it's found?
21:59 I know, I know, Philippians 4:8.
22:05 That's right. Philippians 4:8 and
22:08 it says whatsoever things are honest.
22:11 Whatsoever things are honest.
22:14 Think on these things. Think on these things.
22:18 That's right. We are gonna sing a song
22:20 that will help us remember to be honest.
22:24 Jesus wants me to be honest in all I say and do,
22:32 In every way try to please him and always honest be,
22:40 Be honest, be honest, Jesus wants me to be honest,
22:49 Be honest, be honest, I will be honest for living.
22:59 That's very good time to remember to be honest.
23:02 That is, what is that mean Farmer Mike?
23:05 I think it means always tell the truth,
23:07 even if it's hard to do sometimes,
23:10 always tell the truth.
23:11 I think you are right Farmer Mike.
23:14 Let's sing another song that will help us
23:16 remember to be honest.
23:20 I won't say something that isn't true,
23:25 I will be honest in all I do,
23:29 I always do what I promised you,
23:35 For that's what Jesus wants me to do.
23:39 Let's try that one again.
23:41 That's a good song to remember. That is.
23:44 I won't say something that isn't true,
23:48 I will be honest in all I do,
23:53 I always do what I promised you,
23:58 For that's what Jesus wants me to do.
24:05 And you know Jesus loves us so much that
24:08 he made so many animals and things for us,
24:11 and we are gonna sing about that right now.
24:14 And you know what I know one of the animals
24:17 we are singing about, it's a butterfly.
24:19 That's right, and I love butterflies.
24:22 You make a butterfly like this.
24:23 You make a butterfly.
24:24 Yes, can you make a butterfly?
24:26 How do you that Auntie Linda. Just put
24:27 your thumbs together and clap your hands.
24:31 Can you hook your thumbs together?
24:32 Okay, alright. Good job Sylvia. Can you do
24:36 it Rebecca? Okay, if were a butterfly.
24:40 If I were a butterfly
24:44 I'd thank you Lord for my mighty wings
24:48 And if I were a bird in a tree
24:52 I'd thank you Lord that I could sing
24:56 And if I were a fish in the sea
25:00 I'd wiggle my tail and I'd giggle wiggle
25:04 But I just thank you Father for making me,
25:09 me, who me, who me, me, me
25:12 Well He gave me a heart and He gave me a smile
25:16 You gave me Lord Jesus
25:19 and He made me His child
25:20 And I just thank you Father for making me,
25:25 me who me, who me, me, me.
25:29 You know what Auntie Linda.
25:31 I got to tell the truth. Alright.
25:33 Because we are supposed to be honest.
25:34 That's right. Sometimes when nobody is around
25:37 my farm except me and the animals,
25:39 I sing that song because its fun.
25:44 Would do you pretend to be an elephant.
25:48 Do you pretend to be elephant?
25:49 I am not gonna tell all my secrets.
25:52 Well we are gonna pretend for elephants
25:54 right now boys and girls.
25:55 Okay. Can you just wave your arm
25:56 and turn in your nose? Like a trunk. Yes.
26:00 If I were an elephant
26:04 I'd thank you Lord for my mighty fine trunk
26:08 And if I were a kangaroo
26:13 I'd hippy hop right over to you
26:16 If I were a fuzzy, wuzzy bear
26:20 I'd thank you Lord for my fuzzy, wuzzy hair
26:24 But I just thank you Father for making
26:28 me, me, who me, who me, me, me.
26:31 Well He gave me a heart and He gave me a smile
26:36 He gave me Lord Jesus and He made me His child
26:40 But I just thank you Father for making
26:45 me, me, who me, who me, me, me.
26:51 Jesus made each one of us special.
26:52 I can make a heart with my finger.
26:55 You can, how do you do that.
26:58 Yes she made a heart, very good Hannah.
27:01 Well Farmer Mike, would you just ask Jesus
27:04 to help us all to be honest.
27:06 Father, that is really important,
27:08 help us to be honest, and do what we say
27:12 we would do. Thank you for helping us. Amen.
27:17 Amen. Oh, this was a fun day.
27:20 I had fun today. Being a kangaroo.
27:24 There's a rooster. And he says that's all the time
27:27 we have for today boys and girls.
27:28 We will see you again.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God love you.
27:58 Goodbye, goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 where God hears our voice.


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