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Jesus Wants Me To Cooperate

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:12 we spread love and joy, like colors of
00:16 the rainbow, we're shining
00:19 like the rainbow.
00:20 We're Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:27 That's a good job Silvia,
00:29 I think it has enough now;
00:31 you can just set your cane down.
00:32 Oh! Hi, boys and girls,
00:34 I'm so glad that you're here,
00:37 Georgia is glad that you're here too.
00:39 But there is someone else
00:40 that is so happy that you've
00:42 come and that is your
00:44 best friend Jesus.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just
00:49 because you came.
00:51 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:56 welcome, welcome you are
00:59 welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:10 Oh! Georgia we're gonna have
01:12 so much fun today, oh!
01:13 Thank you Silvia keep him.
01:16 Make him be quite, okay,
01:18 I wonder who is calling us.
01:19 Hello, this is Auntie Linda,
01:22 hi Auntie Linda, my name is
01:25 Ann Butler, well hi Ann,
01:27 can you tell me something
01:29 that you have learned.
01:30 I'm learning how to cooperate,
01:33 you are learning to cooperate,
01:35 that is good Ann. How do you cooperate,
01:39 I share my toys, I help momma,
01:42 I work nicely with my sister.
01:45 I'm so proud of you Ann, you
01:49 make Jesus happy when you cooperate.
01:51 I have to go now because it's time
01:54 to feed Freddie, thanks for calling.
01:56 Bye Auntie Linda, goodbye.
01:59 She's learning to cooperate, oh!
02:05 Freddie, I think Freddie's hungry
02:09 you can sit right here for a minute
02:10 Georgia we're gonna feed Freddie,
02:12 okay Freddie, Silvia is gonna
02:14 give you just a little bit,
02:15 don't want you to get too much food.
02:18 There are you go Freddie,
02:20 I think Freddie likes that,
02:23 do you like that Freddie.
02:25 Oh! Its Kitty cat reminding us
02:30 that it is time to ring our worship bell.
02:33 Do you wanna ring it for me today
02:34 Silvia? Yeah, thank you so
02:37 much and boys and girls,
02:39 you can sing along with us okay.
02:43 Worship bells are sweet calling us
02:47 to meet with our best friend Jesus.
02:53 Come and worship him Jesus will
02:57 be here smiling when he sees us.
03:06 You know what Silvia, what?
03:07 And Kitty cat and Georgia,
03:09 it's time to see what's in our present box.
03:11 Okay, Georgia, you can sit right there,
03:14 we're gonna see what is in our box,
03:17 okay we'll set that down there.
03:20 Oh! We have a letter from Jesus,
03:23 I love to get letters from Jesus
03:26 let see what Jesus says today.
03:28 It's in Romans 8:28, can you say Romans,
03:33 Roman 8, 8, 28, 28 And we know
03:39 that all things work together for good,
03:49 that was a wonderful message that Jesus
03:52 gave us. Shall I see what else
03:54 is in the box? Yeah, alright, oh!
03:59 We have something else in our box,
04:04 we have a mommy and a little baby
04:10 and a little girl names Suzie.
04:13 Mommy was rocking little baby Bobby
04:17 and Bobby didn't feel good so
04:19 he was crying and little Suzie
04:24 was saying mommy, mommy read me a book.
04:30 Then mommy said Suzie,
04:33 if you cooperate with me then I
04:36 will read later to you. You go over
04:39 there and you sit and you read
04:40 you book just look at the pictures.
04:43 And then when Bobby is sleeping,
04:46 then I will read you a story
04:48 and Suzie said okay.
04:51 And, look yes that's her blanket
04:55 and she is snuggled up with
04:56 her blanket and at last Bobby
04:58 was sleeping and mommy said okay Suzie
05:01 and Suzie came over by mommy and
05:04 mommy read her a wonderful story.
05:07 Isn't it nice when we cooperate?
05:10 Yeah, yes Silvia, would you have
05:14 a special prayer, yeah yes we wanna
05:16 talk to Jesus and thank him.
05:18 He so good in kind, boys and girls
05:20 can you kneel with us.
05:24 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:30 I will bow my head, I will close my
05:36 eyes and very, very quiet
05:41 be while the prayer is said.
05:47 Dear Jesus, thank you for
05:50 this wonderful day and we
05:52 pray in Jesus name Amen. Amen.
05:56 I just love to talk to Jesus, don't
06:00 you boys and girls? Silvia likes
06:02 to talk to Jesus too,
06:03 well right now it's time for
06:06 us to see Farmer Mike, he had
06:08 something really special to show us
06:10 at the Barn. So, come on let's go.
06:17 Hi, Farmer Mike, hi guys, Auntie Linda.
06:21 Hi Farmer Mike can I hold this?
06:22 What do you have Farmer Mike?
06:23 Oh! I've got, what am I got here Noah?
06:26 A duck, no it's not a duck,
06:29 but that's a pretty good guess,
06:31 it's a baby chicken, that's right.
06:32 Sit down right there and you can hold it,
06:35 sit down, come over here, let sit,
06:37 he's gonna sit over there right there.
06:39 Okay skit over, because I promised him
06:40 first to hold it, you can hold it,
06:42 now hold it real carefully,
06:44 always be careful with babies and
06:48 you're gonna put it down,
06:49 I will get something to eat.
06:50 Noah now let Jasmine hold it,
06:52 can Jasmine hold it, Jasmine yeah
06:54 then you can hold it. I will let
06:56 Jasmine hold it now, alright,
06:58 well that's the baby, okay let Jasmine
07:01 hold it, yeah. There are you go,
07:05 that's a good boy to share,
07:06 see Jasmine you get too that
07:07 is very nice to share, I will dropped it,
07:09 that's okay. You didn't drop it very much,
07:11 I always drop it, you too and
07:13 I always give it, Jasmine's got it,
07:15 come over here, so Silvia can see it.
07:18 Now, let me ask you a question Noah.
07:21 Is this the baby or the mother?
07:23 It's a baby, now come over here
07:25 and let me ask you this.
07:27 Who is that then? The mother, that is right.
07:31 That's the mother and look at the
07:33 mother while I tell you something,
07:34 see that red on top of her head.
07:36 That's called her comb, yup,
07:38 a comb, did your mommy ever comb
07:40 you hair with a comb, yeah.
07:42 But not that kind of comb,
07:43 that just what they call it,
07:44 I think that little baby likes Jasmine,
07:47 oh! Jasmine's good with that baby too.
07:49 What should we name it, did you name it?
07:51 I haven't name it yet, Noah
07:53 what could we name it.
07:54 Don't you know what we could name it?
07:56 Do you have a name daddy,
08:00 what do you wanna name it?
08:02 Daddy chicken, daddy chicken,
08:05 well maybe not for a baby,
08:09 but let's see but that's a good try,
08:12 that's a good name.
08:13 The funny thing about these chickens,
08:15 I don't know if you notice that is not,
08:16 but the mother is a dainty,
08:19 that's a different kind then the baby here.
08:21 He's eating, he's eating,
08:23 she said Farmer Mike, yeah.
08:25 And listen to him, because the mother's
08:27 trying to tell the baby where the food's at,
08:29 watch this and that mother can
08:32 have chicken or can have babies
08:34 Auntie Linda, that mother can
08:36 have babies whether there's
08:37 a Rooster there or not.
08:38 No, I told you wrong,
08:40 I told you wrong she can only have babies
08:44 if there is a Rooster there, baby chicks.
08:46 But she doesn't have to have them
08:48 to lay eggs is what I meant to say.
08:50 Oh! It's so sweet,
08:51 can I hold the big boy Noah, yeah.
08:53 Oh! Thank you, right, oh!
08:57 Do you wanna hold it Silvia, no isn't it sweet?
09:02 I will give it to her; okay hold it real careful,
09:05 okay, yes it's a little baby.
09:07 And how many days I mean she sits on
09:10 those eggs for them to hatch,
09:11 how many days do you think
09:13 it takes those eggs to hatch
09:14 when she sits on them,
09:16 you know they crack open
09:17 and then open up, how many days,
09:19 guess a number 21, 21 that's
09:28 a perfect guess. I'm gonna hold
09:31 this and she turns them over
09:32 three times a day the eggs by herself.
09:35 But Noah has to take it back off,
09:37 do you think this little baby
09:39 would like us to sing to it.
09:41 I don't know, let's sing and see what happens.
09:43 Let's sing a song to it okay,
09:45 okay bring him over here at the center.
09:48 Okay go by Farmer Mike and we will sing.
09:49 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
09:53 I like to go to the farm
09:55 where the ducks quack, quack,
09:57 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:02 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:07 My hands make noise too; you are clapping your hands.
10:10 And that's right, we would had a lot of fun Farmer Mike
10:14 thank you, well thank you for coming to farm and
10:16 seeing my chickens. When I go, I will give this back
10:18 to you, thank you and give that baby chicken to me.
10:20 Yes, because we have to go we have got a lot of things
10:22 that plan today, bye, bye come on boys and girls.
10:24 You go with Auntie Linda,
10:25 come on okay bye, bye, bye, bye.
10:33 It's a lovely day for a walk come and join Noah and I.
10:38 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
10:44 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk today,
10:50 to see what God has given.
10:56 Oh! I love apples, oh! You like apples too.
11:00 Somebody's coming, well hi Auntie Linda,
11:03 well hi thanks, I just got off from my little nature
11:05 walk today also and I'm gonna show you what I
11:07 found down the trialer little ways.
11:10 I found a beautiful green, a rough green snake.
11:15 Do you like snakes Noah? You do, He was in the bush
11:18 and you usually find these in bushes or trees
11:20 and they just really pretty, this is a very gentle
11:23 and harmless snake. But I don't know if I would like
11:26 to touch him, Noah, Noah which snakes you never
11:30 wanna go and pick a snake up unless you have a
11:32 adult with you and they tell you it's okay because
11:34 even though this is a very gentle and harmless snake,
11:38 there are some snakes that can really hurt
11:40 a person very badly and so you never want to go pick
11:43 up a snake unless your parents say that it's a good
11:47 snake okay. Because we don't want anybody
11:49 to get hurt, but this little snake,
11:52 he likes to eat insects and spiders.
11:55 His tail had wrapped around your finger,
11:57 did you see that. And do you know how it has
12:02 babies. It lays eggs and, snakes lay eggs.
12:07 Some snakes do, but not often do, but this one does,
12:10 this one lays eggs and then the eggs hatch out,
12:12 you have more little baby snakes.
12:15 Isn't that neat, I didn't know snakes lay eggs,
12:18 birds do, that's right yeah birds do too, that's right,
12:22 right, right birds have eggs too. Now,
12:25 every once in a while you will see his tongue
12:26 coming out. I don't know he is not doing it right now.
12:30 But what he is doing, is collecting little samples
12:33 of air and then it puts in his mouth into a very
12:37 special place inside his mouth.
12:39 And that's how he smells and how he gets
12:41 information about what's happening around it. It's
12:44 really interesting, he is not trying to sting people
12:46 like some people think when the tongue goes
12:49 flashing out of the snake mouth.
12:52 It's just getting information about it's surroundings.
12:54 He looks like he is listening doesn't he?
12:57 That snake is real quite, doesn't he? He is really
13:00 cooperating with you. Right, he just cooperating,
13:02 he just being very, very calm and quiet right now
13:06 and so we like things to cooperate, just like mommies
13:11 and daddies like their little boys and girls to cooperate.
13:15 Oh! That is so neat, isn't that neat what God
13:17 has made, he has God has made the beautiful
13:22 snakes hasn't he? God made the beautiful
13:28 green snake, I know, I know.
13:34 God made the beautiful green snake,
13:38 because he loves me so.
13:44 Oh! It still quiet Noah look at it, it must happy,
13:48 it's a happy snake isn't it?
13:56 It's Story Time boys and girls, yeah.
14:01 We have Titus here and Silvia here today.
14:04 Our story is about Noah's big boat, this man is Noah
14:11 can you find Noah? There he is that's right Titus;
14:16 Noah lived a long time ago. Noah was God's special
14:20 friend, Silvia are you God's special friend, you are.
14:23 I wanna be his friend too, don't you boys and girls.
14:27 One day God told Noah, rain is coming it's going to
14:31 rain and rain and rain. Water will cover the whole
14:35 world, make a big boat you and your family will
14:39 be safe in the boat. Can you imagine it's gonna rain,
14:43 can you make it rain, make it rain all the rains gonna
14:46 come. Well, no one believed God, except Noah.
14:51 God showed Noah just how to make a boat.
14:57 Oh! Look at he is making a big boat,
15:00 so Noah started to make a boat, see the people.
15:04 Noah cut the boards for the boat, this is a saw,
15:09 can you see the saw? Noah knew just how to use
15:14 the saw, can you make? Can you cut wood?
15:18 Can you cut wood? Yes, we can cut wood, cut, cut,
15:21 cut, cut. And hammer, hammer, hammer, hammer,
15:26 and hammer. He worked so hard to make that boat,
15:31 one day Noah's big boat was finished, then out
15:36 of the trees and forest animals came walking,
15:40 what kind of animals are these Silvia? What are
15:44 these Titus? Lions, lions what are these elephants,
15:50 elephants, what other animals do you see?
15:54 What's that a turtle, turtle, turtle and what
15:57 are these? Birds, birds and what are these
16:00 little ones running into the ark? Bunnies,
16:04 they were bunnies, the bunnies came, the cows came,
16:08 the chicken came and horses came and the pigs came.
16:12 That's right even the kangaroos came didn't they?
16:16 They came two by two walking into the ark,
16:21 then the angels led them ride up into the ark yes,
16:25 oh! That's right what are those? A giraffe,
16:28 that's right, those are giraffes. They were peaking
16:31 out of the bushes weren't they? Then Noah
16:35 and his family went into the boat and God shut the
16:37 door and locked it. Then what happened,
16:40 what's falling? Rain, rain can you make the rainfall?
16:47 It's falling harder and harder and harder, yes.
16:51 Day after day it rained and rained and rained.
16:55 The water outside the boat got higher and higher
16:58 and higher. But who was watching over the boat,
17:02 who are these? Do you know who these are Silvia?
17:06 Angels, they're Angels, God sent the angels
17:09 to watch over the boat. Noah was safe inside,
17:14 his wife was inside. That's his wife, that's right
17:18 that's Ms. Noah and the animals were safe.
17:21 Oh! What are they doing with the animals,
17:26 are they feeding them? What are these? Cats,
17:30 they are kitty cats. What are these Titus? Horses,
17:34 Horses and what are these? Elephants,
17:37 is that elephants, what are these? Ducks,
17:41 ducks it was hard work taking care of all those
17:44 animals. But the animals were saved, what is that?
17:48 A cow, that's right it's a moo cow,
17:51 they took good care of them didn't them?
17:54 God took good care of Noah's family and the animals
17:57 and the earth, can you find some birdies in the picture.
18:01 Then God opened the door of the ark,
18:04 when all the water had gone away.
18:07 And who can run out of the ark? The sheep
18:11 came running out and what are these? Bears,
18:15 then the bears came running out and what are
18:17 these? Lions, and the lions came running out,
18:20 were they glad to get out of the ark. Yes,
18:23 they were, then God said look up Noah, see the sun,
18:29 no more rain what did God put in the sky? Rainbow,
18:34 a rainbow he said this is a promise that they were
18:38 never be a flood to cover the whole earth again.
18:40 Noah and his family thanked God for taking care
18:43 of them, oh! Isn't that beautiful?
18:47 God takes care of us too, we wanna thank
18:49 Jesus for taking care of us don't we? Can you?
19:00 Hi, boys and girls, we're helping Miss Cinda today
19:04 and they are such good helpers.
19:07 I bet you boys and girls are good helpers for your
19:09 mommies and daddies too aren't you? Well,
19:12 you know what we're gonna make Macaroni and
19:14 Cheese today. Yeah, and this is a healthy
19:24 Macaroni and Cheese, because we're using soy
19:27 cheese and soy is very good for you, we'll do that,
19:31 let me get that. So how about Auntie Linda,
19:34 you help the girls make theirs and I'll help the boys,
19:37 okay we will work together Miss Cinda.
19:40 We just do, just a minute Noah, first Tyler put some
19:44 noodles down. So, boys and girls if you're helping
19:46 your mommies, tell him first you're gonna put your
19:49 noodles down. Can I put the cheese on them;
19:52 wait till he gets a whole layer of noodles in here.
19:54 Oh! Good job, keep going, keep going Tyler, good job.
20:02 Oh! Now can I, yes you can sprinkle some on now,
20:08 good job, sprinkle it right on top of the noodles.
20:10 You can do it with the next layer because I
20:11 already did this one, good job, boy Auntie Linda
20:13 we're team over here, yes when we work together
20:17 we're really cooperating for Jesus. That's right,
20:20 looking good, yes and Jesus wants us to work
20:25 together doesn't he? You want this sprinkle little soft
20:27 Tyler does Jesus wanna so work together,
20:30 just little bit. Don't you think some, Tyler taste that
20:32 well I'm little bit, Noah would you like a little taste
20:36 what? You wanna taste the noodle. Alright,
20:39 little bit more, little spread the cheese all
20:41 around with it. Okay, more soy cheese,
20:46 okay can you put a little more. Tyler, Tyler, Tyler put
20:49 you're falling behind here. Okay, now wait this is fun
20:53 Miss Cinda, hurry Noah you got to get some cheese
20:56 over on this side. Oh! We have to hurry,
20:59 how are you girls doing over there? We're just about
21:02 done oh! Guys they're just about done come on maybe
21:07 you better get up on your knees Noah okay, alright.
21:10 Okay, Tyler you need some over here make sure you
21:13 spread your noodles evenly. Okay, I think that's
21:15 enough Jadis, just a wait little of that.
21:17 Some more soy cheese over here, okay.
21:21 You boys and doing such a good job,
21:24 you can put a little more now, this looks,
21:25 we're doing good. Wait till she gets, you can,
21:27 what do you think does is this look delicious.
21:29 Yeah, oh, suppers gonna be good enough.
21:33 They're almost done, we better hurry guys,
21:39 faster, faster, the girls are gonna get it.
21:42 Okay, Tyler slow down let him get some cheese,
21:49 that's good job. Okay, get some soy cheese on there,
21:51 put them all let me turn the dish Noah,
21:54 how about that. Put some soy cheese on, okay.
21:58 Oh! That's good stuff, that's good, I think we got
22:00 enough okay little bit of milk now. They almost done,
22:04 okay you can put some more Tyler right over here
22:06 you can put some more good job okay. You kids,
22:10 would you like being in the kitchen? I got the cap,
22:13 it's fun to help in the kitchen isn't.
22:17 My daddy gives me some apple juice,
22:20 your daddy gives you apple juice,
22:21 you better get your aim better because you just
22:24 missed the dish. Miss Cinda we're just about done,
22:30 oh! Wow, we are done with ours, here guys soy milk,
22:35 look guys okay Noah you wanna pour a little bit
22:37 of the soy milk on top now yeah. I'm gonna do it,
22:40 no me alright we will share you pour a little bit
22:43 and then Noah pours a little bit, my turn okay lets
22:47 share we cooperate put some on.
22:49 We work together maybe put a little bit in your
22:52 hand and sprinkle it, hold it up little higher there
22:55 you spread it all over Noah, spread it all over,
22:58 wow! You're just, you're just put milk on Miss Cinda.
23:01 Okay, okay if I gone we're done boys and girls,
23:10 good job guys, and boys and girls you can see
23:12 that we're have a lots of fun in the kitchen aren't we?
23:21 Yeah, it's Sing Time, it's also time to see if
23:27 everyone remember the memory verse do you
23:31 where it's found? Romans, Romans good Hannah,
23:36 now Olivia is gonna help me find it Romans say Romans
23:43 8:28 I will speak, you are speaking,
23:49 I will be speaking, okay Olivia is speaking.
23:54 All things work together for good to those
24:04 who love God. And I know that we all love God
24:10 don't we? And he is so big and so mighty
24:12 and Miss Cinda is gonna teach us a song.
24:14 Oh! I love this song Hannah and Steven can you
24:17 get up and help me do this, okay, okay boys and girls,
24:20 stand up and then crunch way down, crunch down
24:24 way down and then we will sing
24:25 "My God is So Big" jump up okay, you are ready.
24:30 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty.
24:35 There's nothing my God cannot do for you.
24:40 Jump, My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
24:45 There's nothing my God cannot do for you.
24:51 The mountains are His, the rivers are His.
24:55 The stars are His handiwork too
25:00 Okay, crunch down. My God is so big,
25:04 so strong and so mighty There's nothing my God
25:08 cannot do for you. Can we do it one more time,
25:13 okay, get down, ready boys and girls.
25:17 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
25:22 There's nothing My God cannot do for you
25:27 Get down, get down. My God is so big,
25:30 so strong and so mighty
25:33 There's nothing my God cannot do for you.
25:37 The mountains are His, the rivers are His.
25:43 The stars are His handiwork too Get down.
25:49 My God is so big, so strong and so mighty
25:54 There's nothing my God cannot do for you.
26:01 Do one more time, one more time you like that,
26:03 you like that didn't you? Well our big God helps
26:06 to make us good and we're gonna sing a song about that.
26:13 God will make you good boys and girls,
26:16 good boys and girls, good boys and girls.
26:22 I will make you good boys and girls, if you come to me,
26:30 if you come to me, if you come to me.
26:40 I will make you good boys and girls, if you come to me.
26:51 Jesus will make us good boys and girls,
26:54 Miss Cinda will you have a special prayer for us
26:56 today I will, close your eyes.
26:59 Dear Jesus, please help us to always be kind and good
27:04 to everyone and to show others your love, we
27:08 love you dear Jesus, in Jesus name, Amen. Amen. Amen.
27:16 This was a fun worship yeah, he loves us talking to him,
27:21 and there is the rooster. That's Mr. Rooster,
27:24 I can't sing you anymore, that's right.
27:28 You can't sing anymore, goodbye boys and girls.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:58 Goodbye, goodbye.
28:06 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
28:09 girls and boys, we live for him around the world,
28:13 we spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
28:22 around the world we're God's girls and boys.


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