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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:26 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:28 where God hears our voice,
00:29 we live for him around the world,
00:30 we spread love and joy,
00:31 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:32 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:33 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:34 where God hears our voice.
00:35 Hannah you are so helpful. Thank you for taking such
00:36 good care of kitty cat. Oh! Hi boys and girls, Hannah
00:37 the boys and girls are here. Hi, Georgie is glad that you
00:39 are here too. But, you know you've made
00:41 Jesus really happy because you come today.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:51 Jesus wants the children everyone the same
00:57 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:59 Jesus knows your name
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 Georgie is happy today too. We are gonna have so
01:12 much fun today. Oh! Georgie, can you watch
01:16 Georgie for me? You be really good.
01:20 Hello this is Auntie Linda.
01:22 Hi, this is Bobby. Hi Bobby it's so good to
01:28 here from you. Do you like to help around the house?
01:32 I help my momma cook. You help your mommy cook.
01:39 Well that's make Jesus happy when we help our
01:41 mommies. Well I better go now, you have a happy day.
01:46 Bye Auntie Linda. Bye Bobby.
01:50 That was Bobby Gallovex and he helps his mommy
01:53 cook. Do you like to help your mommy?
01:59 He splashed around in his fishy house. I think he
02:02 wants a little food, just give him a little bit okay.
02:06 You are such good help Hannah thank you,
02:09 there you go Freddy, there you go.
02:14 Eat your food Freddy.
02:17 Oh! Kitty cat thank you kitty cat for reminding us
02:22 that it's time to ring our worship bell.
02:24 Do you wanna ring it today Hannah? Yeah.
02:26 Alright, okay Georgie you gonna sit up straight okay.
02:32 Boys and girls do you wanna sing along with us?
02:37 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
02:43 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
02:49 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
02:58 Thank you Hannah for being such a good helper.
03:02 Guess what time it is? It's time to see what's in
03:05 our present boxes isn't it? Let's see what's in here.
03:11 Oh! We got a letter from Jesus.
03:14 I love letter from Jesus. I do too.
03:18 I love to here what Jesus has to say.
03:21 We're gonna what he says today.
03:24 Psalms 37, Psalms 37, verse 40, verse 40.
03:32 And the Lord shall help them, and the Lord shall
03:37 help them, very good. Jesus is a wonderful helper
03:41 does isn't he? Yeah. Let's see what else we have in
03:45 here. And we see I just put my Bible right over there.
03:56 This is a cute little doggy what shall we name him?
04:00 I think Sammy. Sammy. Oh! Sammy needs help
04:05 though, you know Sammy needs to have some water.
04:09 Do you think you could help give Sammy some water?
04:13 Alright, let's see we have a little dish here there
04:17 we go and if you could put some water in the dish then
04:22 Sammy would have a drink wouldn't he?
04:25 Because Sammy is just little and he can't help himself.
04:28 He needs to have help. Oh! Thank you so much
04:34 there you go Sammy. You can give Sammy a drink.
04:39 And here is a bone for Sammy to have.
04:43 You know just like we help Sammy you know Jesus
04:48 will help us too, when we need help. Oh! He likes
04:52 that doesn't he? Let's kneel down and thank Jesus for
04:55 being such a good help to us. He is so good and kind.
04:58 He smelled it. He smelled it.
05:01 Okay would you like to pray Hannah? Yeah.
05:03 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:10 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes and very,
05:18 very quite be while the prayer is said.
05:23 Dear Jesus thank you for the land and the ocean in
05:29 Jesus name Amen. Amen.
05:34 I love Jesus don't you Hannah? Jesus is such a
05:37 special friend to us. Alright, now boys and girls
05:40 it's time for us to go to the Barn, so come on let's go.
05:50 Well Bev what a beautiful, beautiful bird you
05:52 brought to the farm today, yeah.
05:55 Farmer Mike, Oh! Look our friends here.
05:59 Look come here and sit down, and I'll show
06:01 you what we got today. Look what I have.
06:03 Oh, you got Levi, can I hold Levi? You can. Hi Levi.
06:07 He was excited to come today, I know you
06:08 boys and girls are too. Come here let's sit down
06:11 Miss Bev is gonna tells us some really neat things
06:13 about this bird what kind of bird is it?
06:15 This is a Red Tail Hawk because her tails are
06:19 brown red, yeah, okay and this is very, very common
06:24 around here. And they love to hunt around farms
06:27 they like to find the open fields.
06:30 Her nose a little as yellow.
06:33 Yes little bit of yellow on his nose. That's actually
06:36 a long beak to help catch his food with.
06:40 These birds like to hunt around farms though
06:43 because there are lots of mice around farms.
06:46 And that's why they like to hunt around.
06:48 I know he likes to eat mice too.
06:52 Yeah, kittens and puppies. No, no, they don't able
06:56 to eat anything like that, but he likes to eat mice,
06:58 likes to eat mice. Levi is getting to used to him
07:00 little bit, scared little bit, yes, but that's
07:02 good actually isn't it? That is good because
07:04 these are not pets. If you would have find one
07:08 he would not be a good idea to pick one up because
07:10 they could try to hurt you because they are wild
07:13 animals and they have these long sharp nails that
07:16 might hurt you. If you try to pick one up that was hurt.
07:20 Right look at those feet right there
07:23 I won't point too close. Oh wow those are
07:24 big aren't Steven? Oh they could scratch you.
07:26 She had a chain, so he can't fly anywhere.
07:30 That's why we have got it right now, yes.
07:32 Steven what color is the birds eyes?
07:34 Brown, Brown. Very brown eyes,
07:36 Can you see him? Brown. Can you name this
07:39 particular Hawk, have you given this Hawk a name?
07:41 This bird is one that states with us, so she does
07:46 have a name. This bird name is Journey because,
07:49 what a beautiful name, teaching people about
07:52 animals is her journey in life now.
07:55 Because she was hurt so bad, she cannot go back
07:59 to the wild, but she does have a journey
08:01 in her life now. Does she have any baby
08:03 bird that look like her? No, no, not now she might
08:07 have had some if she was living in the wild,
08:10 but now at our house, she doesn't.
08:12 You know what I just thought about? What?
08:14 Everyone of us that are born are on a journey just
08:17 like she is on journey. That's right, that's right.
08:20 And I'm glad if any of us ever get heard or if we
08:24 get in trouble, who takes care of us.
08:27 Who helps us get away? Who takes care of us?
08:29 Who loves us like that? Does Jesus take care of us?
08:31 Yeah. Yes. Yeah Jesus loves us, yeah that's right.
08:34 And he cares for us and he helps us get well.
08:37 And parents take care of us Hannah said.
08:39 And he gave us parents good Hannah that's right.
08:41 I forgot that our parents help us get well too don't.
08:44 Help us eat right, and help us stay clean and
08:47 help us in lot ways like that.
08:49 And help us learn about, And they help you
08:50 Jesus. Yeah, try new things if you like or not.
08:53 They learn new things and they teach us new things
08:56 and most of all they teach us about Jesus,
08:58 which is the most important thing while
09:00 you are on this journey. That's right.
09:04 But, why were on this journey Jesus give us
09:06 other animals to enjoy as we go along.
09:10 And that's what this bird is helping us learn as
09:13 how God created all sorts of animals not
09:16 just people, he did, that's right.
09:18 Now what is that big spot is that a
09:20 yellow spot on its nose? Well that is actually the
09:23 part of the nose that called the sear that
09:28 you can see the little holes.
09:30 Yeah there is little bit holes right there.
09:31 That is her nose, that's actually where she
09:34 smells is up there. Because below that is
09:37 her beak and she doesn't smell with the
09:39 beak she smells right up there.
09:40 So, we call our like our nostrils, but
09:43 what would she call though? Well those are actually
09:45 nostrils too, for her, yeah. You know sometime when
09:48 I drive down a highway, sometimes when I'm going
09:50 to another farm or the town you know or something
09:53 I started noticing you can see Hawks all the time on
09:57 fence poles or on the telephone poles..
10:00 Telephone poles. That's right have you seen
10:02 any Steven? Yeah. There is a lot of if you look
10:03 for, do you ever look one Hannah?
10:05 Because sometimes we overlook them.
10:08 Keep looking and you will see him because they
10:10 sit on fence poles and telephone poles.
10:11 There is a old saying about having eyes like a Hawk.
10:18 And that means good eyesight.
10:21 What were you seeing Hannah? So to see a Hawk,
10:23 she got to have eyes like a Hawk.
10:24 So, like even if they way up high
10:26 flying around, they can see way down.
10:29 They can see a mouse or a rabbit a mile away.
10:34 Well she is staring like everything right now.
10:36 She is watching literally. Journey, Journey.
10:40 Well, let's do something and see if Journey
10:41 will see this. Let's sing our song for her.
10:44 Yes. And see how she likes it okay.
10:46 Let's sing it for okay. Ready, you help us.
10:50 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:55 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
10:59 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:03 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:08 Oh! I'm so glad you guys come to the farm and we
11:10 can talk about these animals and Jesus. It was fun today
11:13 can tell the bird bye, can you wave goodbye?
11:16 Bye. Come on Levi, we are gonna
11:18 go do some other things come on.
11:20 Look he says, he is waving bye, Good bye, bye-bye.
11:25 Come one Steven. Bye-bye.
11:33 Olivia and Hannah and I are on the way to the
11:35 garden come and join us boys and girls.
11:38 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:42 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a walk
11:49 today, to see what God has given.
11:56 Oh! It looks like the carrots are growing good.
12:00 And what is this cabbage. Can you say cabbage Olivia?
12:04 Cabbage, cabbage. And these are little tomatoes,
12:08 can you say tomatoes? Tomatoes. And we have
12:12 cantaloupe, can you say cantaloupe? Cantaloupe.
12:16 And we have squash, squash. Yes look at the
12:21 squash can you pick some squash for me and put
12:23 it in the basket. Yes I'm sure Miss Cinda is gonna
12:26 love this. Yeah. Oh! You wanna pick some more
12:30 squash? I think she oh, we don't need the bind do we?
12:35 Okay, there we go. Oh! I'm so glad God made the good
12:41 yellow squash and it's so good for us to eat, it has
12:45 lots of vitamins and good things in it for us.
12:48 Do you like squash? Yum. Yum, do you like carrots
12:52 too. Well I'm sure Miss Cinda won't mind a carrot.
12:55 I'm glad God made the yellow squash.
12:58 Do we need this too? I think she doesn't need that.
13:03 God made the sweet yellow squash I know, I know.
13:11 God made the sweet yellow squash
13:14 because he loves me so. I love that squash.
13:20 You like squash. Do you like squash? Yeah. Oh yes.
13:25 There was green on it. It does have green.
13:32 Yeah it's story time. Yes and we have a good
13:37 story for you today boys and girls. Noah and Julia
13:42 with us today. And our story is about fish.
13:46 That's right our story is about fish and bread.
13:51 Oh, let's see what we have. Who is in the boat? Jesus.
13:55 And he is feeing tired, do you ever feel tired?
13:59 He was probably yawning, can you yawn?
14:05 Can you stretch? Yes, Jesus needed a break didn't he?
14:11 He was tired. No more stories for now he had
14:15 to go in the boat with his friends and take a rest,
14:18 wave goodbye to Jesus. Goodbye Jesus, take care
14:21 Jesus. Where is Jesus going? He is going across
14:26 the lake, the next day look all the people do you
14:31 see the boys and girls? Yes. What did they have?
14:34 Fish and bread. Yeah, fish and bread.
14:37 Come little children let's go find Jesus.
14:42 What are the children doing? Running.
14:44 They are running, why are they running?
14:46 Because they find Jesus. They want to find Jesus,
14:51 run little children, you will find Jesus.
14:53 Did they find him? Yup. They did, Julie what
14:57 does this little boy have? Bread and fish.
15:01 That's right bread and fish. Do you think the
15:05 little boy is hungry? Yes. But, he wants to here
15:08 everything Jesus says. Where is your lunch little
15:12 child said someone. Jesus needs it.
15:18 Ssshhh! Jesus is praying, how do we pray when
15:22 we talk to Jesus? Can you show me how we pray
15:25 when we talk to Jesus? Do you fold your hands? Yep.
15:28 That's right, Jesus is praying and he is saying
15:32 thank you God for the food, thank for the little child
15:37 who shared his food today. Do you share? Yep.
15:40 Yes do you share with your brothers and your sister?
15:43 Yeah. Yes do you share too, I like to share too
15:47 and I know you boys and girls do too. See Jesus he
15:50 is breaking the bread. What is he gonna do with it?
15:56 Do you know what he is gonna do with it?
15:57 He is gonna give it to all the people and they are
16:00 gonna get to eat a peace of the bread because Jesus
16:03 is sharing with everyone. Do they have bread left
16:07 over? Yep. Yes they had 12 baskets left over.
16:12 Jesus loves us so much and it made him so happy when
16:17 little Lord shared his lunch. You know it makes Jesus
16:21 happy too when we share with others.
16:23 Can you remember to share your lunch with someone?
16:26 Yep. Remember who loves us Noah? Jesus.
16:31 Jesus. Who loves us Julie? Jesus.
16:33 Jesus loves us and he loves you too.
16:43 Hi boys and girls we are helping
16:46 Miss Cinda make apple pie.
16:47 That's right, you boys and girls like apple pie? Yeah.
16:52 You all I'm so glad because we're gonna make
16:56 some cute little pies. I'm gonna
16:59 give you each some doe I know momma gonna
17:02 make that pie for it. Who do you want to make
17:04 the pie for it? Can we role it.
17:06 Oh, you loves your daddy don't you?
17:08 Can we role it? Yes, okay, role your pie out.
17:12 Oh, roller. Role your pie,
17:14 that's pie crush this is gonna be your crushed of it.
17:20 Okay, Jadis here yours, role it out.
17:28 Good job Hannah. I can't do it.
17:31 You can't do it? Here let's turn it around this way.
17:35 I can't do it. Want me to help me Noah?
17:38 Alright, let me show you, put like this,
17:41 I'll hold this, that's better.
17:45 Oh look you almost got it on. Good job.
17:52 I've done. What are you guys gonna do pies, okay.
17:57 Roll it a little bit, would be do with your pie
17:58 when you make it Noah. I can't do this.
18:01 God job you have big muscles.
18:03 I'm gonna do this one for my dad.
18:07 You are gonna do for your daddy aren't you?
18:08 Alright let's see if we can get it in here.
18:10 Oh it's sticking to the thing.
18:12 I think it's sticking. It is just sticking, you know,
18:16 if it sticks you just go like this.
18:20 Good job Justin, see that Do you help your
18:24 mommy in your home? I want sugar.
18:27 Now wait a minute I put this in.
18:28 Oh! Wait, wait see here what you can do, you
18:31 can put your pie like that, oh no we got to make yours
18:33 little bigger Noah. Let's make it little bigger.
18:36 Oh! I hold this. We got to make yours
18:38 almost a little bigger too don't we?
18:40 Can you push down little hard on them, not real
18:43 hard but you got a push down a little hard.
18:46 Oh yeah, wait let me help you ready.
18:48 See can you do that push it down a little more.
18:50 Oh look at Noah, we can make good aren't we?
18:55 Do you like helping in the kitchen. Good, do you
18:58 helping in the kitchen? We got it get it up like
19:01 this, get some more patch it up, there is a tears.
19:05 Boys and girls if yours tear its okay,
19:08 you can just pad it, okay Noah I think it's ready
19:10 to put this in. Sugar. No you got to put your
19:13 pressed in first, lets go like this, okay ready and
19:19 we will put it in your pie, turn it, we got to get some
19:23 Noah, a little peace, a little peace.
19:27 And you know what Noah put that little
19:28 peace right there. Apple pie. Apple pie.
19:31 Oh, this is gonna be such a good apple pie.
19:34 You can make this for someone.
19:37 Good job. Who do you make it for? Me.
19:41 Oh you make it for you. Well that's good,
19:46 you like apple pie? Okay Jadis, she is making
19:50 a big one, making yours for someone special or
19:52 you like Noah. Now time for sugar.
19:57 No, no you gonna put apples in now.
19:58 Okay let's see, okay you put apples in.
20:02 And Hannah let me help you. Just put little bit not
20:04 too much. Okay, now sugar.
20:06 Can you get it yes and now fill it with apples.
20:09 Okay now and you sprinkle little cinnamon in there.
20:13 That cinnamon is a little spice container.
20:19 See the little spice container, is it that?
20:22 Here is the cinnamon. Do you know I use to have
20:24 a horsy that like to eat apple pie.
20:27 Oh can you believe it, its okay you need to.
20:33 Sprinkle a little bit on that. Can I use apples?
20:35 You may, you wanna stand up on your chair.
20:39 Miss Cinda you know that I use to have a horsy
20:42 that like to eat apple pie. Oh that's funny,
20:45 can I do it? Yes you may.
20:47 Have you guys ever heard a horse that eats apple pie?
20:50 No. Auntie Linda says has a horse that eats,
20:54 You boys and girls have heard that's eats apple pie?
20:57 Okay let's we gonna put the apples,
21:01 its funny isn't it? Yeah funny, yes.
21:04 That was good that make you recipe look pretty.
21:07 Oh! Wow okay, Noah you wanna little more apples?
21:11 We need some apples I think you have enough
21:13 to some, no, no we don't want to eat. Put some more
21:17 Noah. Let's we are done with this one for right.
21:20 Oh, you gonna put some more. Role this out now,
21:23 so we can put some stuff on it. Okay now you can
21:24 put little more cinnamon, here some apples
21:26 for you Jadis. And guess what you guys, I can't,
21:30 okay you have a tree, but look what I got Noah.
21:37 What is that? Apple pie. Miss Cinda
21:41 made some just so you could taste it.
21:44 That was nice of you Miss Cinda.
21:46 There you go Justin, would you like to taste some, no.
21:49 And Jadis would you like too, I do.
21:51 Well you don't have too. I want too, okay can you
21:55 spread this all around. It was so good,
22:03 it's fun helping you Miss Cinda. Boys and girls
22:06 remember to help your mommies
22:07 in he kitchen cause cooking is fun.
22:16 Yeah sing time. Does anyone remember
22:21 where our memory verse is found?
22:23 I know, I do, I know. Where?
22:26 Psalms, that's right, that's right Noah,
22:28 you Sylvia didn't you. Psalms Caleb.
22:32 Psalms 37, Psalms 37, verse 40, verse 40.
22:38 And the Lord shall help them, and the Lord
22:42 shall help them. And he wants us to help others too.
22:47 And we wants us to help our mommies and daddies
22:49 and we are gonna sing about that, oh good there we go.
22:53 When we help our daddies, happy, happy home,
22:58 Happy, happy home, happy, happy home.
23:02 When we help our mommies happy, happy home,
23:06 Happy, happy home, And he wants
23:10 us to help each other too.
23:12 When we help each other happy, happy home,
23:17 happy, happy home, happy, happy home,
23:21 When we help each other happy, happy home,
23:25 happy, happy home, And he wants us to work
23:31 together and so we gonna sing about that.
23:34 You don't worry, you and Farmer Mike will work
23:36 in that's right and you know Caleb and I saw what you
23:39 and Farmer Mike were doing and so we, we were
23:41 working like just like you. You are teaching us.
23:47 Okay. Hold out here, so we can do it some more,
23:49 alright, here we go.
23:51 Work together, work together it such fun, it such fun
23:59 we will work together, we will work together,
24:03 till we're done, till we're done.
24:07 Oh, that was fun let's sing that again.
24:10 I saw them and, they were all working together
24:15 won't we? Let's do it again.
24:18 Work together, work together it such fun, it such fun
24:26 we will work together, we will work together,
24:29 till we're done, till we're done.
24:33 You know what that's important till we're done
24:35 because if we just work a little bit and stop before
24:37 we're done that's not good. We must we got to finish
24:41 what we do, that's right. Even the Bible tells us that,
24:44 that when we start something we should finish it.
24:46 Does that mean when the toys are all spread out we
24:49 should go mommy says pick them up, we should
24:51 keep picking up until every toy is picked up.
24:55 That's how we can help mommies and daddies too.
24:57 That's right well let's be good little helper
24:59 okay boys and girls. We are little helpers,
25:04 helpers, helpers We are little helpers,
25:10 helping all day long. Let's sing it again and
25:14 let's all remember to be helpers,
25:15 we won't clap on this one okay.
25:17 We are little helpers, helpers, helpers
25:23 We are little helpers, helping all day long.
25:28 And with Jesus help, we can be helpers.
25:32 We are gonna sing a song about that and
25:34 Farmer Mike can you teach it to us? Okay let's try.
25:39 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,
25:46 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,
25:52 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.
26:00 That's what that memory verse said.
26:02 That he would help us. That's right and you know
26:05 what that's the verse out of the Bible it's in
26:08 Philippines 4:13 because that's my favorite verse,
26:11 that's important can we sing that again?
26:13 Okay let's sing it again. Okay.
26:16 I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me,
26:41 Philippines 4:13, that's right, can you say that
26:46 Caleb? Philippines, Philippines 4, 4,
26:51 13, 13. That's right. Philippines 4:13.
27:00 Noah would you have a special prayer for us
27:02 right now, okay. Hold your hands and close our eyes.
27:07 Dear Jesus thank you so for us thank you for mommy
27:11 and daddy and Hannah and Jasmine and Justin,
27:13 grandpapa and nanny and Farmer Mike
27:16 in Jesus name Amen. Amen.
27:20 Very special prayer, that was.
27:25 That's Mr. Roster and that's
27:26 all the time we have for today boys and
27:28 girls we will see you again.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:53 Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys.
28:10 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:15 we're cloudy stars the rainbow
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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