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Jesus Wants Me To Be On Time

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Oh! Hi, boys and girls,
00:29 I am the friend of Auntie Linda, she is late.
00:32 Oh! I am sorry. I wasn't on time.
00:34 Auntie Linda, turn there boys and girls are here.
00:37 Oh! Hi, boys and girls, I am glad you are here today,
00:41 Georgie is glad that you are here too
00:44 and Jesus is happy that you are here.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:54 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:59 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:02 Jesus knows your name.
01:04 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:11 Oh! We want to be on time for the rest of the
01:14 things today, so come on in boys and girls
01:17 we have some fun things planned for you today.
01:21 Oh! I got the phone call. I am so excited.
01:25 Can I hold Georgie for you?
01:26 Yes, you can hold Georgie for me.
01:28 Thank you so much. Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:32 Hi, Auntie Linda. I am Carson.
01:35 Hi Carson, do you like to be on time?
01:38 I am always on time, and I get up in the morning.
01:44 Well, when do you get up in the morning?
01:46 My mommy says we are waiting for Jesus come
01:51 and lead us. It's good that you are on time,
01:55 but it's also good that you obey your mommy
01:59 because that makes Jesus happy.
02:01 Good bye Auntie Linda. Call me if you need me.
02:05 I will. Thank you for calling Carson.
02:09 That was so sweet for Carson Jackson to call
02:12 and she is always on time. Oh! And you are always
02:16 on time for your breakfast too Freddie.
02:19 We are getting it. There we go. Have a good breakfast.
02:30 I think Freddie is gonna eat it. Look at,
02:32 have a good breakfast. Am I on time for worship?
02:36 You are just on time. I don't usually get
02:40 a hum to worship. I did make it on time.
02:43 You did, Kitty cat says it's time to ring
02:44 our worship bell. Oh! Good.
02:46 I will worship and I am so excited that you made it.
02:49 Well, I just put some in the oven,
02:51 so I was hoping I would make it. You made it.
02:54 Are you know ringing?
02:55 And boys and girls sing along with us, okay.
02:59 Worship bells are sweet
03:01 calling us to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:09 Come and worship him Jesus will be here
03:13 smiling when he sees us.
03:22 It's time now to see what's in our present box.
03:25 Oh! I love this time. Oh! We have a letter from Jesus.
03:31 Oh! I do too Miss Cinda. Oh! Ecclesiastes.
03:39 Can you say Ecclesiastes? Ecclesiastes.
03:42 3, 3, 1, 1, to everything, to everything,
03:48 there is a season, there is a season, a time, a time,
03:54 for every purpose, for every purpose.
03:57 That was a lot of words wasn't it?
03:59 But Jesus does have a time for everything.
04:03 Yes, he does. Let's see what else
04:06 is in our present box.
04:07 Yeah. Oh! We have a little caterpillar. Oh! He is cute.
04:14 He is cute. Well, you know, how little
04:18 caterpillar turns into a chrysalis
04:22 and it looks like this. Oh! Wow! And inside this
04:26 chrysalis, God is doing some amazing things
04:30 to this little caterpillar. He is doing all kinds of
04:33 special things and just at the right time what
04:38 God says it's time and he is all finished making him
04:41 beautiful outcomes, it's, it's turn into a butterfly,
04:49 a butterfly. Hannah, isn't that beautiful?
04:54 God makes everything beautiful, doesn't he?
04:57 You know, that's what God does in our lives.
05:00 He in his own time, He makes something beautiful
05:04 out of each one of us. That's right.
05:07 That the yellow and orange. Yes, it is.
05:10 Just like your shirt. That's right, Miss Cinda.
05:13 Would you just thank Jesus for us. Let's have a special
05:17 prayer right now, okay, boys and girls you kneel
05:19 with us too, okay. Can you bend your knees?
05:24 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:31 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
05:37 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
05:46 Dear Jesus, I thank you for making something
05:49 beautiful out of each one of us in your own
05:52 time in Jesus name, Amen, Amen.
05:58 I better get back. Oh! I do smell something.
06:01 I think my casserole is ready.
06:04 Okay, boys and girls it's time for us
06:08 to go to the barn. Come on, let's go.
06:18 Oh! Goodness, what is it? Oh! Miss Jennie,
06:21 come here, quick, quick. Hey, Farmer Mike
06:22 I came here to see what? Oh! Look up,
06:23 glad you got your gloves, what is it down there?
06:25 Oh! Miss Jennie is it, is it....
06:27 Oh! it's a little possum. Farmer Mike, farmer Mike.
06:32 Oh! Isn't it cute. Oh! Hey. Hi, guys.
06:35 I thought it was a great big,
06:37 but we saw little possum. Look what farmer Mike have.
06:39 Well, you scared farmer Mike. I was scared.
06:41 I got to tell the truth. I don't know
06:42 what it was first, you know.
06:44 He just didn't see it. You won't afraid, Miss Jennie?
06:46 No, I've got my gloves on. He is kind a little.
06:49 If he was a big one I would be scared,
06:50 but he is kind of little. Oh! He is so cute.
06:54 I think he lost his mommy,
06:55 he should stay with his mommy.
06:57 Can we sit down, sure, and look at it.
06:58 Let's sit down here and look at.
06:59 You guys want to sit closure, so you can look at.
07:01 See him, Wow! Well, where you think he came from?
07:05 Oh, he was probably with his mommy
07:07 and he just kind a get lost maybe. Isn't he cute?
07:11 You think he is missing his mommy?
07:12 Yes, I do. I think he disappear.
07:15 I think he is. What did you say Noah?
07:17 I think he disappear. You think he disappear.
07:21 I wonder if he has a name.
07:23 His mommy might have named him.
07:25 Wonder if we could name him.
07:26 What would you name? What would you call
07:28 it Noah, big boy Noah. Thinking about it.
07:31 You are thinking Yup! He is thinking.
07:35 Okay! Well, you think of the name? You tell us okay.
07:37 He is so little that I think maybe we should take
07:39 him to the Rehab Lady and let her take care
07:41 of him because she knows how to take
07:42 care of him special. We could call him, little bit.
07:45 Yes. That's a good name, little bit, yeah,
07:47 because he is little bit. Now you are holding
07:50 his tail. Don't possum kind a hang by their tail,
07:53 yes, or something like that. Yes, see him,
07:54 wrap around my finger, wow! See that,
07:57 they use it like a little, yes, their tail is strong
08:00 and they use it kind a like another hand.
08:02 They hold on to things. The mommy will arch her
08:05 back and sometimes carry the babies up there;
08:08 the baby is right on her back sometimes.
08:10 But they use this to hang from on trees
08:13 and kind a like an extra hand. Noah,
08:15 there is no hair on his tail. No, and he never
08:18 even when he gets big. He still won't have
08:20 any hair on his tail. Doesn't he ever
08:21 have the hair on his tail? I wonder what.
08:24 It makes easier to hold things and he uses a hand.
08:27 What does he eat I wonder?
08:29 In the wild, he eats things that are dead
08:32 and he eats fruits. Oh! I like fruit. Yes, he likes to
08:37 fight for simon trees and eat for simons
08:41 just about anything he can find he will eat.
08:43 Wow! He eats something. And can you see.
08:45 Can you pat him just a little bit, can you pat?
08:47 Do you want to pat him Noah? On his back.
08:49 Noah wants to pat him. Only on his back.
08:51 Only his back. Does his hair real soft? But you know
08:56 what you got gloves on which is so good because
08:59 if someone accidentally found a little possum
09:02 make sure a big possum, they shouldn't run up and grab.
09:05 No, and if you would find something like this
09:08 you should go get your mom and your dad
09:10 or an adult and tell an adult and let them know
09:13 because lot of times, they are just out in the field
09:15 minding their own business and you just
09:17 think they are lost. Can he see really good?
09:19 That's what I was gonna ask, yes, does he have
09:21 good eye sight because you see him get run over a lot.
09:23 He has good eyesight and he sees really good
09:27 in the dark because usually they are outside there.
09:29 They are night animals and they are out at night.
09:32 And when a car comes along light real bright
09:34 light or something. Kind a blind them.
09:35 It blinds them up. Yeah, yeah, we must be careful,
09:39 yes and I don't know if I can get him turned around,
09:41 but he has little fingers kind a like we do
09:45 and a thumb and he has a little thumb.
09:47 Noah said he's got fingers too. Yes,
09:50 and he has fingers like you do.
09:51 Can you count them? And he has a little.
09:53 How many are there? Can you count?
09:54 Can you count his fingers? How many fingers?
09:56 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and his thumb, and his thumb.
10:02 See that little thumb makes five. just like us.
10:05 And he has him on the front and on the back.
10:07 Does he hear good because look at his ears
10:09 that is sticking up. Yeah, he hears really well.
10:12 He hears good. Let's see if he can hear this.
10:14 Let's see if he can hear.
10:15 I don't know he might be just ignoring me.
10:17 Sometimes when they get scared they'll act like
10:20 they are asleep or dead and they curl up and then that
10:23 way if something is trying to get him
10:25 it thinks they are dead and they leaves him alone.
10:27 Pretty smart. Yes. Who taught him to do
10:29 that I wonder. I think that was something
10:32 Jesus gave him. I think that was something
10:35 that Jesus gave him when he made him.
10:37 As I've learned about animals,
10:39 Auntie Linda, all through the years.
10:40 I found out that Jesus teaches them all kind
10:43 of things like that. What did you say Noah?
10:45 I want to pat again. You want to pat him
10:47 one more time. Okay, wait, wait, wait,
10:48 let me hold on, let me hold him different.
10:51 Oh! Look he is biting. See he could bite,
10:53 see that's why. Maybe you better not.
10:55 Better not, he is getting excited.
10:58 Well, let's surprise him and do something for him.
11:00 Can you see his little teeth even though he is a baby
11:02 he has little teeth. He does.
11:04 He does have little teeth. So that's why if you
11:05 should find when you should leave them alone
11:06 and tell an adult. Well, let's sing our song to him,
11:09 okay. Okay. Oh! Can we sing to the possum. Yes.
11:14 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:18 I like to go to the farm
11:20 where the ducks quack, quack,
11:22 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:26 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:30 He just looking at you when you sang, did you see that?
11:33 He did. Oh! What a fun day at the farm.
11:36 I am glad you guys came today.
11:38 Now we never know what we will find,
11:39 do you? And I am glad you are here Miss Jennie
11:41 with those gloves. Good thing,
11:43 I have was good against strong, I had my gloves.
11:45 Can you tell the possum goodbye?
11:46 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye Bye guys nice to see you.
11:51 Goodbye, bye guys, come back to the farm.
12:01 Hannah and Sylvia and I are on the way
12:03 to the garden. We're gonna play radishes.
12:05 come along. Shall we go for a walk today,
12:09 a walk today, a walk today,
12:13 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:18 to see what God has given?
12:24 Oh! Look at we already have carrots growing
12:28 in our garden and you know what these are?
12:31 Tomatoes. Yes, there are little cherry tomatoes.
12:35 Umm! Do you like cherry tomatoes?
12:37 I do too. You do too.
12:39 Do you like salad? But you know,
12:42 I think we will play these for your mommies and daddies
12:45 because they probably like radishes in their salad too.
12:48 Yeah. Well, Jesus made so many neat things for us.
12:53 You can open them up and open the seeds.
12:55 Can you open the top at? Alright, good job girls.
13:01 What else do you like in your salad?
13:03 I like radishes. You like radishes.
13:12 I like it too. Oh! Look at the little seeds.
13:17 Isn't it amazing? You can take the little seeds
13:21 and you plant them in the ground,
13:23 Auntie Linda open mine, I'll help you.
13:26 Please help me. I'll be glad to help you.
13:28 It's important boys and girls that
13:30 we help each other. And also our mommies and daddies
13:34 are always willing to help us too. Okay,
13:37 oh! I can't wait to plant these it will be so fun.
13:41 We plant them in the garden, we just dig a little
13:45 tiny hole not a big hole and then we will put some
13:48 what soil back on top and a little bit of water
13:52 and then when it's time, we will have radishes.
13:56 God has everything in just the right time it comes up.
14:00 Can you make a little hole, a hole.
14:02 Well, you better push yours down because we need
14:04 to dig a little hole. Can you dig a little hole?
14:07 Okay, put some in. Now dig a little hole
14:10 and I'll put some in mine. Do you got little hole?
14:13 Did you put yours in Hannah? Okay, cover it up.
14:17 Cover your hole up. Oh! Have you help your daddy
14:21 plant in the garden? Do you help your daddy plant
14:23 in the garden? What's your favorite thing to plant?
14:29 Do you like to plant tomatoes?
14:32 Okay, you want to put your water in yours?
14:34 I am so glad boys and girls that Jesus made
14:38 the red crispy radishes.
14:41 Okay, let's hope we have a tree.
14:45 God made the red crispy radishes, I know, I know.
14:52 God made the red crispy radishes
14:56 because he loves me so.
15:01 You know, it was nice to share.
15:11 Yeah, it's story time. We have a good story
15:15 for you today. It's about Juraish's daughter.
15:18 Hannah, what's happening in this picture?
15:23 Her mommy and daddy are sad.
15:26 Her mommy and daddy are sad.
15:28 Do they look sad, Noah? They are so sad
15:31 because there little girl is sick. Oh!
15:33 The mommy is crying. She has a doll.
15:35 Yes, can you say bohuu, they are crying
15:40 because their girl is sick. Father Juraish says,
15:43 I am gonna to ask Jesus to help me.
15:46 Where is Jesus? Oh! What do you think the little
15:51 children are saying to Jesus?
15:55 Are they saying I love you Jesus. Yeah.
15:58 Yes. Can you say I love you Jesus.
16:02 I love you Jesus. Yes. Jesus loves the children too.
16:07 He smiles at them. And he smiles at Juraish,
16:10 Juraish. Can you say Juraish?
16:13 Juraish. Juraish, that's the little girls' daddy.
16:16 Juraish kneels down and says oh! Please come
16:19 to my house. Why does he want him to go to his house?
16:23 His little girl is sick. The little girl is so sick.
16:27 She is gonna die. She is gonna die.
16:31 She is gonna really die. She is.
16:34 The people stop talking. Can you go?
16:40 Listen to Jesus. Does Jesus go right away to help?
16:45 Yup! There is a lady that touches his garment
16:50 and she gets well and there is a little boy that
16:52 wants a hug. Poor Juraish, does he look sad?
16:56 Yeah. He is waiting and waiting.
16:59 Oh! Somebody is coming to talk to Juraish.
17:01 Who is that? The servant, isn't it?
17:05 What did the servant tell him?
17:08 Did he tell him that his little girl had died?
17:11 Yup! He said, she had died.
17:13 Will Jesus still go to the house with Juraish?
17:15 Yup! You think Jesus would still go. Yeah.
17:19 Yes, Juraish is sad, don't worry said, Jesus.
17:22 Your little girl will be okay.
17:25 Oh! Don't cry he said, mother your little
17:29 girl will be okay. I will help your little girl.
17:33 What is Jesus doing to the little girl?
17:35 Did she is dead, she is dead.
17:36 What is Jesus doing to her? He has her hand,
17:40 he has her hand, doesn't he?
17:42 Do you know, what Jesus says to her?
17:45 Can you say what Jesus says? Little child get up.
17:50 Little child get up. That's right.
17:53 Mrs. Juraish looks, Mr. Juraish looks,
17:56 what is the little girl doing? Smiling.
17:58 And she sits up. The mom and daddy are so happy
18:03 and what does Jesus tell her. He says give her
18:05 some food because he knew she was hungry.
18:09 Jesus cares for us. Does Jesus care for you, Noah?
18:11 Yes. Yes, does he care for you, Hannah? Yes.
18:14 He cares for you too boys and girls
18:16 and you have a friend in Jesus and you can always
18:19 ask him to help you because Jesus really,
18:23 really loves you. Here's the mommy bringing the food?
18:32 Hi, boys and girls. We are having fun today
18:36 in the kitchen. We are and today we are gonna
18:40 make graham cracker sandwiches.
18:47 So, I am gonna give you each a graham cracker.
18:51 Well, actually how many graham cracker
18:53 we're gonna need Justin for a sandwich?
18:57 Two. Very good. I want two.
19:01 You want two too, I want two too, okay,
19:04 I want two too, I want two,
19:08 I want three, chocolate on it.
19:10 Okay. You can have three.
19:12 I want my chocolate on it.
19:13 You're gonna have a double decker, sandwich there.
19:17 It tastes like chocolate.
19:18 Boys and girls you can have your mommies help
19:21 you make one at home. Oh! These are so yummy.
19:24 Okay, we have, we took some carob chips
19:28 and we melted them and we put some peanut butter
19:31 in the carob chips, and then we have some
19:34 non-dairy with topping and we will put that on it too.
19:38 Will you put some more on? Yeah.
19:40 Would you, what would like on your,
19:42 you just gonna eat yours plain,
19:44 you just like graham crackers. Well, you know
19:45 you could do, you could break them in half
19:47 and make a tower. I want to break them in half.
19:50 You want to make a big stalk?
19:51 I want to make a big stalk.
19:52 Oh! Truly help you. Okay.
19:54 See there is a line right here in your
19:56 graham cracker and you can break them like this.
19:58 Okay. Oh! Look at Miss Cinda did.
20:02 But we can go like, you can go like that,
20:04 then you can spread it around that.
20:05 Yeah, you can, and you can munch on them.
20:09 Oh! That's a nice snack. Oh! Yours looks
20:13 good Jasmine? That's a good boy,
20:16 you are spreading very good.
20:18 Is that a house? Oh! Is that a house?
20:20 Very good. That's looks good.
20:23 Now we want to stick that in there.
20:25 Okay, now you can put them together and take a bite.
20:28 Okay, put this on top, put that one on top.
20:33 That's okay. It's gonna look like a sandwich.
20:37 It's gonna look like a sandwich. Try it Noah.
20:40 What's your favorite sandwich, Justin?
20:43 Chocolate and muskmelon. Oh!
20:50 I know how you put muskmelon and crackers.
20:55 Is that good? Is that muskmelon melts with cream.
21:00 You are very quick at. It's good. It's good.
21:03 Well, boys and girls Noah think it's good.
21:05 So you could get your mommies and daddies
21:08 and ask them that they'll help you make one.
21:10 You like yours Justin?
21:12 Yeah. Let's see if you like yours.
21:15 Wait not yet. Oh, not yet. He is just about ready.
21:19 Are you about to ready, Jasmine?
21:21 Yeah, I want to make, I'm ready
21:22 You do want to put this on it.
21:23 No. No. Okay. Put them together, oh!
21:28 Good job. I like this, here is mine.
21:32 Okay, you try yours. Oh! Is that good?
21:40 Umm! Oh! How is your Justin?
21:44 Is that good? Oh! That's a nice treat.
21:49 Thank you Miss Cinda. Isn't that a nice treat?
21:52 Oh! Noah likes that don't you Noah?
21:55 He is gonna have extra on his.
21:57 Can you tell all the boys and girls,
22:00 what is it fun being in the kitchen.
22:02 Yeah. Yeah, Tell the boys and girls.
22:05 I like being in the kitchen.
22:08 And you boys and girls will too.
22:11 Yeah, it's Sing Time.
22:15 We have a special letter from Jesus today.
22:19 Do you know where it's found?
22:20 What do you say? Where it is found?
22:22 I even though. I think Caleb knows.
22:25 Caleb do you know? Yes. Where is it?
22:31 Can you say Ecclesiastes? Ecclesiastes.
22:35 That's right. That's a big word Auntie Linda.
22:38 That's a big word. You got a good.
22:40 Ecclesiastes 3:1, 3 and 1, That's right.
22:49 There is a time, there is a right time
22:51 Say there, there is a right time
23:01 For everything. Everything.
23:06 Can you see that. Right now is a special time
23:09 that we're gonna sing. And I love,
23:13 we got a surprise here. We're gonna sing about
23:15 the clock and that helps us tell time.
23:18 There is some more. Oh, may be you want
23:21 some Miss Cinda? Well, I think I better help you
23:24 with those sticks. Alright. Well, let's give Caleb too.
23:26 Okay, Caleb. Alright, boys and girls,
23:29 and you can sing along with us.
23:33 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
23:38 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
23:42 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
23:47 Now it's time to sing of Jesus love for me.
23:52 Let's start it out once more. Let's do, that's fun.
23:55 That one is fun. Olivia, you were singing too,
23:58 won't you? Yes.
23:59 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
24:05 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
24:09 This is what the clock says, tick, tack, tick, tack
24:14 Now it's time to sing of Jesus love for me.
24:20 That was fun, I like that song about the clock.
24:23 When you hit the sticks it sound just like
24:26 the clock is tick, tack. Well, let me have those
24:29 Caleb and we're gonna sing another song,
24:32 right Auntie Linda.
24:33 We're gonna sing Jesus loves the little children.
24:37 Jesus loves the little children
24:41 All the children of the world
24:46 Red and yellow, Black and white
24:48 All are precious in His sight
24:51 Jesus loves the little children of the world
24:55 We sing that again because I got a special
24:57 surprise for you Auntie Linda. Alright. Here we go.
25:01 Jesus loves the little children
25:06 All the children of the world
25:10 Red and yellow, Black and white
25:13 All are precious in His sight
25:15 Jesus loves the little children of the world
25:19 Put it back, okay we will put it back.
25:23 Olivia says, we've already done that.
25:25 That's fun, I'm sorry farmer Mike was wrong.
25:28 But you know Olivia? Jesus does love
25:30 the little ones like me, me, me
25:32 Let's sing that one, okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah Okay.
25:36 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:41 Say me, me, me. Jesus loves the little ones
25:43 like me, me, me. Little ones like me,
25:48 sat upon His knee.
25:51 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:56 And now we're gonna sing Jesus loves
25:57 the little ones like you, you, you, okay.
26:01 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:05 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:10 Little ones like you, sat upon His knee.
26:15 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:21 Almost had sat upon on him too, say sat upon him.
26:26 Let's sing Jesus loves me, and he does love us so much.
26:31 Jesus loves me! This I know,
26:35 For the Bible tells me so; Little ones to Him belong,
26:44 They are weak, but He is strong.
26:48 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:56 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
27:04 Well, boys and girls let's fold our hands
27:06 and close our eyes and talk to Jesus.
27:09 Dear, Jesus thank you for loving us.
27:12 You are so good and kind. We love you too,
27:16 Amen. Amen. I am glad he loves us.
27:21 I am too. That's Mr. Rooster, and he says,
27:25 that all the time we have for today boys and girls.
27:27 Good Bye. Let's wave bye to them. Bye.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:50 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 we're God's girls and boys,
28:10 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:15 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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