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Jesus Wants Me To Be Gentle

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:08 girls and boys. We live for him around the world, we
00:13 spread love and joy, like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots
00:22 around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Hi, boys and girls, I am excited because Noah
00:30 is bringing his mommy to worship today.
00:33 I am also happy that you are here.
00:36 Georgie, can you wave to the boys and girls?
00:38 Good boy Georgie. And you know you have made
00:41 Jesus so happy because you've come today.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:52 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:57 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
01:00 Jesus knows your name
01:03 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:10 We are glad that you are with Georgie?
01:14 Oh! We are getting a phone call Georgie.
01:16 I want you to sit here real quite, okay.
01:19 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:25 Hi, Auntie Linda. This is Jordan. Hi, Jordan.
01:30 I hugged my mom and I rubbed her on the back
01:34 and I kissed her. Well that sounds like
01:37 you are kind and gentle to your mommy.
01:40 Are you gentle with your animals too?
01:42 I am gentle with the kitty and we have one
01:45 dog and we have one cat.
01:47 Well, that makes Jesus so happy when we are kind
01:51 and gentle with our animals. Well, it's time now for
01:54 me to feed Freddie, so I better go.
01:56 Bye, Auntie Linda. Good bye Jordan.
02:00 I am so glad Jordan Roberts called.
02:04 Oh! Freddie, you are just having so much fun
02:07 splashing around today. Here I have a little bit
02:10 of food for you. There you go.
02:14 There you go Freddie. Yes. Oh! Good boy.
02:17 Oh! That must me Noah and his mommy.
02:20 Come on Georgie, let's go see who is at the door
02:23 we know that's got to be their mate.
02:25 Oh! Yes, Georgie and I were hoping
02:28 that's who it was? Hi, Miss Melody.
02:31 Hi. Good to see you.
02:32 You are right in time for worship.
02:35 Come in and sit down. Oh! Kitty cat. Hi, kitty.
02:41 Yes, kitty cat is reminding us that it's time to ring
02:44 our worship bell. You gonna ring our worship bell
02:46 for us today. Okay, boys and girls you sing
02:49 along with us, okay. Worship bells are sweet
02:54 calling us to me with our best friend Jesus
03:01 Come and worship him Jesus will be
03:05 here smiling when he sees us.
03:13 Thank you Noah. It does make Jesus happy when
03:16 we have worship time. You know what time it is?
03:21 It's time to look in our worship box.
03:24 Okay, Georgie you sit real quite.
03:27 We're gonna to see what's in our present today.
03:31 Oh! We got a letter from Jesus.
03:34 That's always exciting. We're gonna see what Jesus
03:38 is going to say, Okay, Noah can you say 2 Timothy.
03:43 2 Timothy, 2, 2, 24, 24, 2:24. Okay,
03:52 and in our memory verse boys and girls you can say
03:54 along with Noah. Be gentle, be gentle, to all, to all.
04:02 Well, Noah, do you know what it means to be gentle.
04:05 Yeah, yeah. Are you gentle with the kitty? Yeah.
04:11 What kitty's name you want to tell Auntie Linda.
04:13 Felix. Felix the cat. Does Felix eat lots of food?
04:22 Do you feed him more, give him water too.
04:26 No, you don't give your kitty water. Hailey does,
04:29 Oh! Big sister does. We have some mails in our box.
04:35 It's a lion. You think so. Oh! It's a sweet little
04:43 lion. I carry it with you know.
04:44 And you know what its momma does?
04:48 Its momma, it goes over by its momma and it does
04:51 a fake little growl but its momma does not hurt it.
04:54 His momma takes her paws and puts on it,
04:56 but he doesn't hurt it. Its momma is very gentle
05:00 with the lion just like you are gentle with your kitty.
05:04 Yes, we need to be gentle with our animals, don't we?
05:08 That's right. Oh! Let's kneel down now and
05:11 we will thank Jesus. I will bend my knees,
05:19 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
05:26 I will close my eyes and very,
05:31 very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:39 Dear Jesus thank you for all things,
05:41 thank you for mom and dad and Hailey and Jessie
05:44 and Jason and their papa and Miss Cinda
05:49 and Aunt Brenda and the children, dear Jesus, Amen.
05:53 Amen. Well, I just want to thank you so much
05:58 for coming to worship with us today. Thank you.
06:00 That was really fun. Well, boys and girls you
06:04 get ready because it's now time for us
06:06 to go to the barn.
06:13 And so you've got well, it must have been lot of fun.
06:16 Farmer Mike, farmer Mike.
06:18 Hi, look who is here. Oh marvelous,
06:20 I am good. Oh! Good I love those hugs.
06:23 Thank you Auntie Linda for bringing them
06:25 to the farm today. Sylvia and Steven
06:28 and all the boys and girls are here to see you.
06:31 That's right. What have you got today?
06:32 Well, we've got a beautiful Border Collie,
06:36 but this time she is girl. Well she has always
06:39 been a girl anyway. Sylvia look at she has got
06:44 a black eyes. And she does such neat things,
06:47 where do you find out about her.
06:49 You want to pat her Steven.
06:51 You want to pat her. Really easy just pat
06:53 her right there. There you. Yeah, good girl.
06:55 Okay, that's it. Now sit down and we will
06:57 show you what she can do.
06:58 Do you like the doggy Steven? Yeah.
07:01 First of all let me tell you she is a girl
07:03 and she is five years old.
07:05 Five, can you tell Sylvia? How many years that?
07:09 How many years this, can you tell?
07:10 How old are you Sylvia? How old are you? Five.
07:12 You are just three. Oh! Just three.
07:14 I thought you maybe four but anyway she is five,
07:17 she is five. Tell us something about her Kay.
07:20 Well, she is a Border Collie like you said,
07:23 and she is search and rescue dog.
07:25 Oh! That's very special. Now that means if
07:28 people are lost like out in the woods or in.
07:31 She will try to find them.
07:32 She is licking you farmer Mike.
07:34 She wants to see if I got something in my hand.
07:36 Oh, that is farmer Mike have treat in his hand.
07:40 And this would, and we can you tell them
07:41 to sit and then you could. Okay,
07:42 I will ask her to sit. Oh! She did that when
07:44 you even suggested. She said that she may like.
07:47 Oh look at here she gave me five like that and
07:51 she gave me ten and because you know what
07:54 that she know I got that treat in the hand
07:56 and she wants that. Let's see if she would
07:58 do without the treat. Okay. Give me five. Oh! I got,
08:01 give me ten and now do you have a treat.
08:04 Yeah, I do, I do, very good girl.
08:08 Well, anyway tell us about search and rescue a
08:10 little bit, so the kids, when somebody is lost
08:12 she can find them. Yeah. She has been training
08:16 for about 2 years now. She just got a fly you
08:18 just see that? She catch the fly. She does.
08:22 I didn't even see it. She did, so she has been
08:24 training for a couple years and she goes out
08:26 in the woods and we practice twice a week,
08:28 and people hide and she will go for a miles
08:31 to find the people. And not just people you
08:34 were telling me that she can find things.
08:36 That's right, that's another command you can give her.
08:38 She thinks she has another treat. Look at her.
08:39 I don't have any. But like if you are lost your
08:42 car keys or what else could she find.
08:45 Yes, people don't usually call for that but
08:46 she can do that for me. She can find items that are lost.
08:50 Can I get one of those for farmer Mike's wife
08:54 because she never can find her key.
08:55 That's right that comes in very handy.
08:56 That would be great, and she goes out lose
08:59 things you know. Now I have found that something else
09:01 about Border Collies. They are happy when
09:04 they are actually working and getting to do what
09:06 they are made for. That's right, they have very
09:07 strong work, work ethic. Do you like to work Steven?
09:11 Yeah. You do. What you do to work? You help daddy.
09:17 Yeah, I help daddy. You help daddy. Do you
09:20 work too, Sylvia? What you do? Do you help mommy
09:24 to dishes? You do. Now there is one special
09:27 thing that she does that I can't wait till these
09:30 kids see this. Watch what she can do.
09:32 She has also been trained as a helper dogs
09:35 so for like a handicap people she could do things
09:37 for them and one of the things that she can do
09:39 is get the mail for people.
09:40 Watch what she can do. She goes to the mail box
09:43 and gets the mail. Let's see if she could get it,
09:45 we will set real quite and watch she does.
09:46 Remitch you can get the mail, get the mail.
09:49 It is the mail and she brings the mail, look.
09:53 Bring it to me Rem, bring it to me back.
09:56 And when she does, look what, see what she does.
09:59 Good, okay. That's the girl, come here. Good girl.
10:06 I am so glad that the kids got to be here today.
10:09 I like her collar to it's say on,
10:11 you probably see that K-9 search and rescue
10:14 that is nee, but we won't forget about her.
10:16 We have a song you know that we sing. Oh! Really.
10:20 I wonder if we could sing it to her. She like that.
10:23 Here we go. I like to go to the farm
10:27 where the cows moo, moo, I like to go to the farm
10:31 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:34 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:38 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:44 Look at there really good. Oh! One more treat.
10:47 Good girl. Thank you for showing us your dog
10:49 and thank you farmer Mike.
10:51 Oh! You are welcome. You guys come back and we
10:53 will see some more animals when you come to my farm.
10:55 Can you say bye, bye to the doggy.
10:56 Bye, bye, bye, bye, doggy.
10:58 And bye, bye you guys. Goodbye. Noah
11:06 and Olivia and I found a cricket and we're gonna
11:09 to the woods to turn it loose. Come on with us.
11:14 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:20 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:26 to see what God has given.
11:30 Okay, Olivia come over here, we're gonna look
11:33 at our cricket. Yeah. And we're gonna,
11:35 oh! Sit right over here. I will open it.
11:38 That's the crickets going to jump away
11:39 and he will run into the woods. So we're gonna
11:42 watch him, see look at him. Oh! Isn't he cute?
11:47 Do you know that cricket can see?
11:48 We will take off in just a minute.
11:50 We're gonna let him go. I want to tell you that
11:53 he can sing. And you know what he does.
11:55 In the daytime, he goes and hides,
11:59 he will hide under a bed or in a corner and he
12:02 will sing and sing and all the other bugs know
12:05 his song and they will know that that's the cricket.
12:09 They hide their little baby eggs and all dead stumps
12:15 all in live plants. Isn't that funny?
12:19 God made the cricket really, really special.
12:23 I will hold for you. You are holding it for me.
12:26 Well, sit over here because we're gonna let him
12:28 go and we will see if he hops out, okay. Okay.
12:32 Okay. You know cricket like to eat leaves in fact
12:37 that's all they eat is leaves and he might be hungry.
12:43 We will see if he wants to hop out and get a leaf.
12:44 There he goes. There he goes.
12:47 Look at there he goes. There goes Mr. Cricket.
12:50 I am so glad that God made the crickets.
12:54 You want to sing. Yes. God made the cricket
12:59 to sing, I know, I know God made the cricket to
13:07 sing because he loves me so. He is coming.
13:14 He is going to go find a new home in the woods.
13:16 Say bye Mr. Cricket. Bye Mr. Cricket
13:19 Bye. Can you say bye Mr. Cricket. Bye Cricket, bye
13:30 Its story time boys and girls. Yeah.
13:36 We have Titus with us today. Can you wave Titus.
13:39 Yes this Sylvia, oh! Yes, and we are so glad that
13:43 you are here just in time for a story.
13:45 Our story is about Jesus the good shepherd.
13:47 What's happening in this picture?
13:50 They are trying to sleep.
13:51 They are trying to sleep. What's in the sky?
13:56 Stars. There are stars in the sky,
13:59 and the shepherd is sleeping too.
14:02 And the sheep don't look worried because
14:04 they know the shepherd will take care of them.
14:06 Don't move fluffy sheep, the sun is up and the
14:11 shepherd must count you. One, two, three,
14:17 four, five, six, all the way up to hundred.
14:24 Yeah, all the sheep are counted and all the sheep
14:30 are safe. The sun is high on the sky,
14:34 oh! Look up, oh! The sun is high in the sky.
14:40 The sheep felt thirsty. Where is the water?
14:43 Titus, can you find some water for the sheep?
14:46 Right here. That's right.
14:48 Can you see the little black lamb? That's right,
14:53 he is right there. Sniff, sniff, the sheep,
14:56 now the water, let's run to the water. Oh!
14:59 They want to run as fast as they can.
15:02 Walking, walking, the sheep are getting tired.
15:07 Let's stay here and rest a while the shepherd said,
15:09 he takes good care of the sheep.
15:11 Look at the sheep. Yes. The big ugly flies buzz
15:15 around the sheep. Titus, can you find the flies?
15:20 How many flies are buzzing around?
15:22 Count them out loud. Can you count them?
15:25 One, two, three, four, five, six.
15:31 Six flies buzzing around big, big ugly flies buzz.
15:38 Can you make a buzzing sound?
15:45 We're gonna out I went down.
15:49 Do you have, have you seen flies buzzing around
15:51 before, well, flies buzz wooly lamb's eyes.
15:54 I got bees at my house. You got bees at your house.
15:59 Yeah. Well, wooly lamb had bees by him too.
16:03 He stomps his feet, all the sheep's stomp their
16:06 feet to get rid of the flies. Don't move,
16:09 fluffy sheep don't move, look what the shepherd
16:12 is giving them medicine. The shepherd gets medicine
16:15 and counts again. One, two, three, four, five six,
16:24 all the way up to a hundred, but he didn't get
16:28 a hundred. He said, ninety nine. Oh! no wooly lamb
16:32 is not here. Where is wooly lamb?
16:34 Do you see him in the picture?
16:36 No, I don't see him either.
16:40 The shepherd looks and looks and looks wooly lamp
16:43 where are you. He runs to the pool.
16:46 Wooly lamb is not there. Where is wooly lamb?
16:49 Listen, oh! Wooly lamb where are you,
16:52 wooly lamb, baa. Can you make sound like a sheep?
16:57 Can you go baa, baa, baa, baa. That shepherd finds
17:03 wooly lamb. Thank you shepherd for finding him.
17:07 Thank you for bringing him home and thank
17:09 you Jesus for loving your own little lambs.
17:13 You know boys and girls you can always count
17:15 on Jesus to help you when you are lost.
17:19 Remember that Jesus loves you.
17:27 Hi, boys and girls. We are helping Miss Cinda
17:31 make lemonade. We are. Who likes lemonade?
17:36 Me. Oh! I do too. Okay, everybody get a lemon.
17:41 Grab a lemon guys. Here Noah,
17:45 can you reach one? Okay, push down,
17:48 you have to push down really hard.
17:50 Like this. That's right, Hannah, yes,
17:53 and then twist it. Twist them like this.
17:57 Oh! Justin, you are doing it. Oh! Now twist.
18:00 Are you getting Noah? Can you twist it?
18:02 I think I am. Oh! Go. I am.
18:06 Oh! You are. Oh! That takes up lot of muscles.
18:10 Can you twist it Noah? Can you twist it little bit?
18:14 This! Can you got Hannah, let me help Noah a minute?
18:16 Okay, push down and twist it. I almost got it.
18:20 Oh! Boys and girls lemonade is so good.
18:23 And it's not hard to make. Can you twist it?
18:27 Jadis you are getting some. Oh!
18:30 Look at guys you are getting some.
18:32 I need another one. You need another one.
18:35 Yeah. Taste your lemon.
18:36 Taste the one you just did. Okay, I need more lemon.
18:40 Do you like it? You can taste that one,
18:42 see if it is good like that. Do you like it like that?
18:46 Yeah, sweet lemon. No that's your own lemon.
18:49 We will get you another one. That's not really.
18:52 You want taste your lemon. It is
18:54 sour. Oh! Miss Cinda what is your favorite drink.
18:59 My hat fell down. Oh! Well that's okay,
19:03 we will put it back on. How is that?
19:05 That happens to chef sometimes. Yes.
19:09 Because you really working hard.
19:13 What's my favorite drink? Umh!
19:15 I like lemonade. I think that's pretty close.
19:19 I like orange juice too. What's your favorite?
19:22 I like water. Oh! That's right. What does she like?
19:26 I love carrot juice. That's right.
19:29 Hannah knows she is coming into the kitchen before.
19:31 And I have been drinking it. I need another one.
19:33 Oh! You need another one.
19:34 You got a whole bunch in here. Look Noah.
19:36 You got to just push down. Use some muscle.
19:39 Oh! You've got a push down hard
19:40 and use the muscle. Oh! Look now you know what
19:45 as soon as you get some pour into your glass
19:48 and then we will, we've got some pure Florida
19:51 crystals and you need to put just a little bit.
19:54 You want a little help. Unless you like it sour.
19:57 Do you like it sour Jadis? You don't, are you sure?
20:00 You want me twist for you.
20:02 You like your a little sweet.
20:03 And give bottom for me.
20:05 Get some, you've got quite there.
20:07 You want me to help you. I've got quite a bit.
20:10 Okay, give your glass.
20:11 Oh what about if I hold your glass.
20:15 Okay, let's see if you can pour some in.
20:17 Can you pour some in here now?
20:20 Now you want to add a little bit of Florida
20:22 crystals to it. Oh! I need more lemon.
20:24 Oh! You need more lemon, okay, well,
20:26 let's get some more lemon.
20:28 Doesn't this look like fun boys and girls?
20:31 Ask your mommies and daddies that they will help
20:32 you make some lemonade. How are you guys?
20:36 It's fun working in the kitchen.
20:38 How are you guys do in down there? You make an,
20:40 oh! Justin you could probably add some Florida
20:43 crystals to it now and taste it.
20:45 You want to pour it in here.
20:46 Oh! Noah. Here how about if I help you?
20:51 May I help you? Yeah. Okay. Oh! No. Oh! No.
20:56 Okay, Noah just put it, pour some in your glass.
20:59 Too much because that's not much. May I
21:01 hold your glass for you. I need this often now.
21:04 And then taste it. Okay, pour in your glass.
21:07 Now you want to add a little bit of Florida crystals
21:11 and you can taste a little bit of it.
21:13 Okay, put just the little. Justin,
21:17 are you ready to taste it? Not yet.
21:19 Okay, now stir it up with your spoon,
21:20 and then you can taste it. Stir it
21:24 up really good. Justin is tasting his Miss Cinda.
21:27 Oh! Is it good Justin? Not tasty. Taste your Noah.
21:36 Are you ready to taste yours?
21:39 Is it taste still too sour? No.
21:49 Could you taste your Hannah?
21:52 Well, let's mix your? Did you want taste yours Jadis?
21:55 Well, thank you Miss Cinda for the fun day.
21:58 I am glad you guys are having fun.
22:01 And boys and girls you will have fun too.
22:04 Just whenever your mommy is cooking, run
22:05 in and tell her you want to help because being
22:08 in the kitchen is so much fun.
22:17 Hey, it's sing time. You have a ivy.
22:22 Olivia has a ivy? I will kiss it for you okay.
22:24 Oh! Miss Cinda is being gentle.
22:27 It's a marker too. I bet it's all better now?
22:31 Well, Farmer Mike has something to share with us.
22:33 I do from the Bible. Hannah, here is our memory
22:37 verse for today. It's in 2 Timothy chapter 2
22:42 in verse 24, and it says, be gentle to all.
22:49 in verse 24, and it says, be gentle to all.
22:50 Be gentle to all. That's my memory verse.
22:56 That's your memory verse, that's right.
22:58 That's right. And we're gonna sing a song
22:59 that will help us remember that.
23:00 Being gentle. That's right.
23:04 Jesus wants me to be gentle and kind to all I see
23:12 In every way try to please him and always gentle be.
23:20 Be gentle, be gentle, Jesus wants me to be gentle.
23:29 Be gentle, be gentle, I will be gentle for him.
23:38 I can tell so. You girls were being so gentle.
23:41 And you know Jesus wants us to be gentle to our
23:44 animals too. We're gonna sing a song about kitty cat.
23:47 It's nice to be gentle to our animals.
23:49 That's right. Alright. I love little kitty,
23:56 Her coat is so warm, And if I don't hurt her,
24:01 She'll do me no harm. I'll not pull her tail,
24:06 and I'll give her some food. And kitty will love me
24:13 because I am good. I kiss that kitty.
24:18 She kissed the kitty. Gentle with the kitty
24:21 that is good Olivia. Miss Cinda can you teach us
24:24 another song about animals. Oh! Another animals.
24:27 Yes. Let's make a big trunk like an elephant.
24:30 Alright. Make a big trunk We're gonna sing about
24:33 that elephants and the kangaroos and the fuzzy
24:37 wuzzy beer. Oh! Good. Let's get your trunk, okay.
24:42 If I were an elephant, I'd thank you Lord
24:47 for modifying trunk And if I were a kangaroo,
24:53 I'd hope right up to you
24:58 And if I were a fuzzy wuzzy bear,
25:01 I'd thank you Lord for my fuzzy wuzzy hair
25:05 And I just thank you Father, for making me, me
25:10 Woo, me, woo, me, me, me, me
25:13 Well, he gave me a heart and he gave me a smile
25:19 He gave me Lord Jesus and he made me his child
25:23 And I just thank you Father for making me, me
25:27 Woo, me, woo, me, me, me, me
25:31 Well, when you said who it reminded me about an owl.
25:34 As I woo, woo, woo. Woo, woo, woo.
25:39 You know, Jesus love us so much and we're gonna
25:44 and Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
25:47 Okay, here we go. Me, me, me. That's right.
25:50 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
25:55 Jesus loves the little ones likes me, me, me
25:59 Little ones like me Sat upon His knee
26:03 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
26:08 And Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:10 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you
26:15 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you
26:19 Little ones like you Sat upon His knee
26:24 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you
26:27 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you
26:29 And Jesus does love us all. Let's just fold our hands
26:31 and close our eyes and thanking for loving us.
26:34 Dear Jesus, thank you so much for loving us.
26:39 You are so good and kind. We love you too, amen.
26:45 Amen. Amen. We can always remember to be gentle
26:49 to each other and to our animals.
26:52 Oh! That's Mr. Rooster, and he is,
26:55 that's right he said that all the time we have.
26:58 Goodbye boys and girls.
27:06 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:13 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:20 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:24 God loves you. Goodbye.
27:35 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're
27:37 God's girls and boys. We live for him around
27:42 the world, we spread love and joy,
27:45 like colors of the rainbow,
27:47 we're shining like the rainbow.
27:50 We are Tiny Tots around the world
27:53 we're God's girls and boys.


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