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Jesus Wants Me To Be Wise

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like colors of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the
00:23 world we're God's girls and boys.
00:29 Hi, boys and girls. I am so glad that you are here.
00:32 I am really excited too because Miss Brenda
00:35 is coming for worship. You know,
00:37 Jesus is also coming to be with us.
00:44 You made Jesus happy just because you came
00:50 Jesus loves the children everyone the same
00:55 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome
00:58 Jesus knows your name You made Jesus
01:02 happy just because you came.
01:07 Georgie you are happy that they are here too,
01:09 aren't you? Yes. Ah, we have a phone call.
01:13 You need to be real quite while Auntie Linda
01:15 is on the phone. Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:22 Hi, Auntie Linda! This is Danielle.
01:25 Well, hi, Danielle. What did you do last night?
01:29 I stepped in campfire last night.
01:33 You stepped in campfire that must have really hurt.
01:38 I am staying away from it. That is a very wise thing
01:44 to do Danielle. We need to be careful around
01:47 campfires. Thank you for calling me.
01:49 Bye, Auntie Linda. Bye, Danielle. Danielle
01:55 perhaps learned that she has got to be wise around
01:58 campfires. I want to be wise too. Don't you Georgie?
02:02 Well, Hi, Freddie. How are you today?
02:06 Are you hungry? We will give you just a little
02:10 bit of food here. Oh! There you go Freddie.
02:15 Good boy. Eat all your breakfast and your
02:18 lunch and your supper, okay. Oh! I bet you
02:25 Georgie that is Miss Brenda. Let's go see.
02:31 Hi, Auntie Linda! How are you?
02:34 Hi Brenda, oh it's so good to see you.
02:36 Hi, Georgie! You are just in time for worship too.
02:39 Oh! Good. I love worship. I do too.
02:40 Come in and sit down. Oh! Can I sit next kitty cat.
02:43 You can sit next to kitty cat. Oh Good,
02:46 kitty cat loves. Thank you.
02:47 When we have guests come in.
02:49 Oh! I love kitty cat, so soft.
02:52 Yes, Kitty cat is reminding us that it's time to ring
02:54 our worship bell. Okay Georgie you can ring it
02:57 today, okay. And boys and girls
03:00 you can sing along with us, okay.
03:02 Worship bells are sweet calling us
03:06 to me with our best friend Jesus
03:12 Come and worship him Jesus will be
03:15 near smiling when he sees us.
03:23 Thank you. Okay, Georgie you sit here,
03:27 be a good boy, okay. It's time now to
03:29 see what's in our present box.
03:31 Wait and see. Oh! I always get excited.
03:34 Oh! We have something really special today.
03:38 Oh! What is it? We have a letter from Jesus.
03:40 Oh! Good. I love letters from Jesus.
03:43 Oh! I do too. Let's see what Jesus says today.
03:46 In Proverb 6:6, Jesus says to be wise.
03:51 Miss Brenda could you tell to boys and girls
03:54 how you learnt to be wise when you were a little girl?
03:57 Yes. Well, when I was a little girl I like to
04:00 play with the door handle on the car
04:02 and that's not a very wise thing to do.
04:04 And my mummy and daddy said never to play with
04:08 the door handle. And most of the time I tried
04:10 to behave myself, but one day I did not obey
04:15 and I played with the door handle and the door
04:18 just swung open while we were driving down the road,
04:20 and you know what happened, Miss Brenda
04:23 fell out of the car door and I started rolling
04:26 down the hill and my sister yelled, stopped,
04:29 my mummy and daddy and they stopped the
04:31 car really quick. And my mummy ran after me
04:34 and picked me up and loved me and make sure
04:36 I was okay. And do you know Auntie Linda my
04:39 guardian Angel took care of me.
04:41 And I learnt that day that it is very,
04:44 very important to be wise. It is. Miss Brenda would
04:49 do you have a special prayer for us
04:51 and ask Jesus to help us to always be wise?
04:53 Oh I love to Auntie Linda. Okay, let's kneel down.
04:56 Okay. I will bend my knees,
05:04 I will fold my hands, I will bow my head,
05:10 I will close my eyes and very, very quite
05:16 be while the prayer is said.
05:21 Dear Jesus, please help us always to be wise
05:26 and mind our mummies and daddies Jesus name,
05:29 Amen. Amen. I am so glad that Jesus will
05:34 always help us. Oh! I am too
05:37 and he always will. Yes, thank you for
05:39 coming today. Oh, thank you Auntie Linda
05:40 for having me. Boys and girls,
05:43 it's now time for us to go to the
05:45 barn, so come on let's go.
05:47 Farmer Mike, farmer Mike. Oh! Hi, everybody.
05:54 Farmer Mike! Hi, welcome to the farm today.
05:57 Wait and you see what we got today.
06:00 Is there a surprise? It will, sit down,
06:02 here I'm gonna show you. Oh, what is that?
06:04 I'm gonna show you what's this.
06:05 Yeah, let's go right here. Rebecca said
06:08 that was a Lizard. It looks like a Lizard Daniel.
06:11 Yeah, but it's bigger than the Lizard.
06:13 Well, it sure looks like, just feel like it right
06:15 there. You know what this is? Scales!
06:18 You are doing good. Noah you want to feel this?
06:21 Yeah. Okay, feel this. It's a bearded dragon.
06:25 What is it feel like, Noah? Excuse me,
06:28 cough don't mind it. Does it feel prickly?
06:30 Yeah, I think. Yeah. Wow, look at here.
06:33 And I will show you, she will crawl.
06:35 Sit on this Rebecca can see it.
06:37 It's a female, see, look at that long tail.
06:40 You want to sit on the other side?
06:42 Now what would you guess? Alright!
06:44 What would you guess they would like to eat?
06:45 I don't know. What do you think they would eat?
06:48 I don't know. I don't know. Mice! Mice!
06:51 That sounds like a pretty good guess,
06:53 but I tell you what they like? See how small she is.
06:56 Mice might be a little bit too big,
06:58 so she likes things like Cricket. Crickets!
07:01 Crickets! You are seeing Crickets all
07:03 around the barn. Wouldn't you like to eat cricket,
07:06 Hannah? No. No, that won't be bad
07:09 Oh, he got a hole. And they like,
07:11 they like something, you like a bit.
07:13 They like, they like Romaine Lettuce.
07:16 You eat Lettuce, don't you? I do.
07:20 Can you see them eat in hurry?
07:22 I am talking about whole lot of them,
07:24 but can you see here eating lettuce.
07:25 Look at there. She is putting her tongue
07:29 out of mouth. And here some kind of sad
07:31 to me they only live for about 7 years.
07:35 Do they stick their tongue out?
07:37 And they have a very short lifespan.
07:38 Do they stick their tongue out?
07:39 Oh! Let's see if we can get her stick her tongue out.
07:42 See if she will, I don't know. We will keep
07:45 watching while I am telling you about it.
07:46 Well, what's her name? Her name,
07:48 we actually we haven't named her,
07:50 and I am hoping you guys would help me
07:53 name her. We could name her a Lizard friend.
07:56 I tell you one thing. Lizard friend! Yeah!
07:58 Well, it might give us a clue. They named her a
08:01 breaded dragon because she has this extra skin
08:04 here like farmer Mike throat.
08:05 And look, I see a hole So, may be we could
08:08 call her Farmer Dragon. I don't know. Now what
08:10 did you call? Yeah. And look, oh, a tree dragon,
08:14 farmer Mike. He said she has got a hole.
08:15 Yeah, right there for the eyes.
08:17 Look at and there are little holes for the
08:18 ears right there. I bet that's where she hears.
08:21 Well, I didn't see her crawl.
08:23 Well, she holds on everything really well.
08:26 See that. Oh! She feels like sandpaper
08:28 and she can just, That's why she won't fall off.
08:29 That's exactly right. And someone told me
08:31 they think they might come from Australia,
08:35 Bearded Dragons, so recently not heard,
08:38 but long time ago. Do you want to touch it?
08:40 Yeah, but Western Side! Now here's something
08:43 funny about them. You can have it's back.
08:45 They like to be handled. They like it when you
08:46 do that but they don't like you to do it too much.
08:49 They don't. No, no. That's right.
08:51 Like I said, that was its tail.
08:53 And you know what else they would like.
08:54 This is something that you guys like and I like.
08:58 And I like it. She has sharp closures
09:01 like there too Yeah, short closure.
09:03 They like to stay warm. They do. Yeah.
09:06 But can they learn from? Well, sometimes you know
09:09 when there is real cold, they don't like to be
09:11 very cold, so you could, you know how you put;
09:13 you get under a lamp. Have you ever been
09:14 under a lamp? Hannah you feel the warmth
09:17 does a light bulb. You know underneath the lamp,
09:20 which is really bright, that's what they are like,
09:22 and they would like to find a warm rock.
09:25 And they can lay on that warm rock to
09:27 stay warm too. I like to sit on warm rocks
09:30 when I hiking in. Me too! Yeah.
09:32 Like turtles you know how turtles get out on,
09:34 they get out on a rock and they get down
09:36 a log just to stay warm in the sun, well,
09:38 they like, and she likes that.
09:39 Do you that Rebecca? Now, there is one thing
09:41 I don't know. You don't like it.
09:42 But remember those holes where her ears are?
09:44 Still. Yeah, you remember where those
09:46 holes are where her ears are? I think she
09:48 can hear what we are saying.
09:50 So, let's have a song for her, alright,
09:53 and let's see if she likes our song, here we go.
09:55 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:00 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack,
10:03 quack, I like to go to the farm,
10:06 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:09 And learn of Jesus. I was so glad you
10:14 guys came to the farm today,
10:16 I couldn't wait until you see her.
10:17 Oh! That was fun. Thank you farmer Mike!
10:20 God has made so many things for us to enjoy.
10:22 Yes, we need to thank him sometimes.
10:25 We do. May be when you come back to
10:27 the farm we will thank God for making
10:29 all the different animals we get to see and enjoy.
10:32 Oh! Yeah. I love that. Okay, I love him too.
10:35 Well, we've got very good things to see
10:36 that God has done for us, so we've got to go.
10:37 Oh! You got a great day ahead. Bye, bye.
10:39 Yes, we do, bye, bye. Bye farmer Mike, bye, bye.
10:49 We are going nature walk. Come and join us.
10:55 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:01 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:07 to see what God has given.
11:12 Oh, I love being outside. Let's see if there is any
11:16 apples on the apple tree. Oh! I see some.
11:19 There is, and it looks like farmer Mike has even
11:22 picked some already. Oh! I love apples,
11:25 don't you? Well, I want to pick apple.
11:28 Okay, well, you can pick one and oh,
11:31 there is something over there in that's top Noah.
11:34 I see already. It's an owl. It's an owl.
11:38 I see at over here. You see it over there.
11:41 Oh! Do you know about owls? Yeah.
11:45 What would they like to eat? Mice!
11:47 Mice and other small rodents
11:49 and what do the owls say? Hoo, hoo.
11:53 They do. And you know the daddy owl has a
11:56 deeper voice. He goes hoo, hoo, hooo..
12:00 And the mummy has a softer, huu, huu, huu.
12:03 Our mummies and daddies talk different,
12:05 don't they? And you know sometimes the owls,
12:11 they go and they find a hawk's nest where the
12:15 hawk isn't there anymore, and they just move right
12:18 in and they have their babies right there in that
12:21 hawk's nest. Then they don't even have to build
12:24 their nest. Wonder why they are called wise?
12:28 Have you ever heard an owl saying wise old owl?
12:31 Yep! Do you think it's because the owl looks
12:35 and looks and thinks and thinks and then he does
12:40 something? He thinks first, doesn't he?
12:42 Having a nap now! Yes, aren't you glad
12:45 God made the wise old owls? I am too.
12:51 God made the beautiful owls, I know, I know.
12:58 God made the beautiful owls because he loves me so.
13:12 Hi, boys and girls, its story time.
13:15 And Tyler and I have a good story for you today.
13:19 It's a story about two trees. Adam and Eve
13:25 had so much fun in their garden home.
13:28 They enjoyed everything in their garden home.
13:31 Did you see the fruit on that tree?
13:33 God gave him good fruit to eat.
13:35 But one tree he said they couldn't eat,
13:41 the tree of knowledge and the tree of good and evil.
13:44 They had to leave that alone, didn't they Tyler?
13:47 Yep! Why couldn't they eat it? Because,
13:52 Because God said, not to right and we want to
13:55 do what God says. Well as long as Eve stayed with
13:59 Adam she did pretty good, she enjoyed everything.
14:03 But one day she wandered away from Adam.
14:06 All at once she found herself by one of the
14:10 trees that God said don't eat.
14:12 And what was in the tree? A snake. A snake!
14:17 Was it a pretty snake? I think it might have been,
14:22 but some people might not think so.
14:25 But as Eve looked at that snake, it started
14:28 to talk to her. Have you ever heard a snake talk?
14:32 You have? I haven't too. I haven't heard.
14:36 You heard a snake talk? I haven't either.
14:39 So she was really surprised when the
14:41 snake said, here eat some of this fruit.
14:46 Oh! Was that a good thing to do?
14:50 No, but the snake she said, I can't eat of the
14:56 fruit of this tree because if I do
14:58 God said, I would die. And the snake said,
15:02 oh! That isn't even true. Why if you eat of the
15:07 fruit of this tree you will no more than even God.
15:13 Did he tell something that was true?
15:15 No. he did not. The snake was lying to her.
15:22 And then the snake said, go ahead, eat the fruit
15:26 and he held that piece of fruit to her.
15:28 And Eve took the fruit and ate it and she said,
15:34 oh! It's so good. I am gonna run and show
15:36 Adam and so she ran to Adam and she said,
15:39 Adam here's some fruit it's so good.
15:41 Adam hadn't eaten any fruit like that in the garden,
15:45 had he? And he looked at that fruit and he said,
15:48 Eve, where did you get this fruit?
15:52 And she said oh, I got it from the tree the
15:57 serpent told me I could eat it. Eve!
16:00 Was that from the tree that God said, do not eat?
16:06 And she said yes, but the serpent gave it to me
16:09 and it was really good. Adam felt so sad.
16:15 He didn't really wanted to eat the fruit,
16:17 but he said, well alright and he took it
16:20 and he ate the fruit. Did it make him feel happy
16:23 to eat the fruit? No. He felt sad all of a sudden
16:29 and we always feel sad, don't we boys and girls
16:32 when we do things we shouldn't do.
16:35 Then, Satan that wicked snake that had been in
16:40 the tree started laughing, ha, ha, ha I got them to
16:45 eat the fruit. God was so sad. He felt so sad
16:52 and when he came to the garden in the evening
16:55 to walk with Adam and Eve like he always
16:57 did they hid from him. Oh! That was a sad day,
17:03 wasn't it? Then God said that because they had
17:07 disobeyed him, they were going to have to
17:10 leave their garden home and they looked so sad.
17:14 They were sad, weren't they?
17:16 They didn't want to leave all the animals
17:18 and all the things that God had made for them.
17:25 Then they didn't have the robes to hide anymore.
17:28 They had to wear skins like this on them,
17:30 didn't they? And the animal had to die now,
17:33 so that they would have something to wear.
17:35 Then they had to leave their garden home.
17:40 The angels were so sad, weren't they?
17:43 They were sad that they had to leave their
17:46 garden home. And an angel stood by the gate
17:48 and guarded it so they couldn't ever go back
17:51 to Eden. It doesn't pay to disobey God, does it,
17:54 Tyler? We want to obey God because God
17:58 really does know what's best for us.
18:00 So, next time boys and girls when you are attempted
18:03 to do something that you know that you shouldn't do,
18:06 think about Eve and Adam and how they had to leave
18:12 their garden home because they disobeyed.
18:14 You know, Jesus wants us to obey because
18:18 he really knows what's best for us and also boys
18:21 and girls because he really, really loves us.
18:31 Hi, boys and girls. Miss Cinda is letting
18:34 us make treats today. Oh! These are yummy.
18:39 You know, what we are making today?
18:40 We are making cherry, isn't that?
18:42 That's right, cherry tots. Cherry tots!
18:47 Yeah. Okay, I am gonna, you guys do what just
18:51 what I do, and boys and girls, you can
18:54 get your mummies to help you make some at home.
18:56 Let's take our cherry filling. We fill in here.
19:01 That's right, Hannah. Do you guys like cherries?
19:04 Yeah. Oh! Look at that. I love cherries.
19:10 Good job, Justin. I'm going to make this one
19:11 for my daddy. It's getting,
19:13 Oh, your daddy will love that. You must love
19:16 your daddy a lot Hannah. I put cream on it for daddy.
19:21 Oh! Okay, look at this boys and girls.
19:27 And then I'm gonna take a little nondairy
19:30 with topping. Oh! That's pretty,
19:33 let's put in the middle. Okay.
19:34 You want that? Oh! Look at that.
19:36 Or you want to fill your tart up? You need more
19:38 cherries Eleanor. You got an empty tart,
19:42 and then look I'm gonna sprinkle
19:43 a little bit of nuts over there. Oh! That's pretty
19:46 Miss Cinda. Oh! Look, oh! Justin got some
19:49 many. I want the next too. Okay, you got to get
19:53 the topping first, oh! Jadis is ready for her
19:56 topping. I am in need, here, from nuts.
19:59 What's your favorite kind of pie?
20:03 I want some cream too. You want cream too?
20:04 Okay. You want little more cherry? I like it.
20:08 You want little more cherries? Cherry! Okay.
20:11 Yeah! Oh! Yes. I need that. Okay, I will help
20:16 Let's do on Jadis, Jadis, listen I will help you.
20:18 I need that. I need that. Okay, we will bring it
20:21 right over. She want it, you wanted some more,
20:24 didn't you? There you go. Can I do it? There you go.
20:27 Sure. Oop, just a minute I will get you..
20:31 Oh! That looks good. Okay.
20:33 And you want some nuts? No I need a fork.
20:36 Okay, I would, if I hold this one.
20:38 We will get you some cream too.
20:40 What's your favorite kind of fruit?
20:41 Do you want nuts on it? Strawberries!
20:44 Strawberries! Is it good? Good job.
20:47 No. Oh, I will go for nuts. Okay, put it between
20:51 you then you can share. Okay, Auntie Linda,
20:54 we will sprinkle a little bit. I need.
20:55 Auntie Linda has got it. There you go.
20:57 Now, I do this. Here is your spoon.
20:59 There is your spoon Noah. Here a fork,
21:02 I will wait, okay. Okay. You finally found the
21:05 right one. That's right. So, boys and girls
21:09 if you can ever fork or a spoon,
21:11 and I guess Noah wants the fork.
21:13 Oh! Here how about if I hold this? Sound good?
21:18 I had a fork. You, yes, you may.
21:21 You can use your spoon that was in
21:23 or you can just pick it up and eat it.
21:24 Oh! You can use this spoon if you want.
21:26 Well that spoon if you want. Well I don't want
21:27 it. Alright! Alright, it's good, get it back on.
21:31 Justin you're gonna try yours? Yeah. Okay.
21:37 Oh! Good job. Can I use this one?
21:38 Okay, but don't put it back in here.
21:41 Alright, good. Yes. Oh, good. I need some nuts.
21:44 Alright. Sure. I need some nuts.
21:46 Okay who wants nuts? Me, me. Okay, I want that.
21:51 Okay, let's.. I need a fork. I don't know what
21:54 nuts will do, yes, but I guess they will.
21:56 Okay, they will be less. You know, Miss Cinda
21:59 we love this. Miss Cinda I love picking up peanuts
22:02 underneath the tree. And you know what
22:05 there are so good for us. And they are fun
22:06 to crack too. But they are little hard to crack.
22:10 Yeah. Sometimes. Yeah, we got to have the
22:12 daddies to help us. Yeah. They are hard to crack.
22:16 Is that good? Oh! Hannah that's good.
22:18 Are you gonna try yours Noah? You can taste it.
22:21 May be I will give this to my daddy.
22:23 I hold this. Okay. I know and your
22:25 daddy's gonna love that. He is.
22:27 But my daddy has gone away.
22:29 I will prepare for my mummy and daddy too.
22:31 Is that good? You know Miss Cinda its
22:34 fun with you in the kitchen. Oh!
22:37 Do you kids like to be in the kitchen?
22:39 Yeah. And you kids will too.
22:48 Hey, it's singing time. Hey, viva.
22:52 And we also have a time that we can
22:55 go over our memory verse. I know what is this?
22:58 What is it Sylvia? Proverbs.
23:04 Can you help her? Proverbs.
23:05 She is getting proverbs, 6:6, proverb, 6:6 and it
23:15 says: Be wise, be wise, be wise,
23:20 that's right. That's you need to remember,
23:22 be wise. Well, little owl is wise and he
23:26 wants to teach you a song right now.
23:28 Who? Who? Who loves you? Jesus, he's the one.
23:37 Who? Who died for you? Jesus, God's of son.
23:43 Who? Who will take you to his home above?
23:50 Jesus Christ my Lord and king, He's the one I love.
23:56 Well, let's sing again boys and girls.
23:58 We will sing along with Mr. Owl, okay, okay.
24:01 Who? Who? Who loves you? Jesus, he's the one.
24:08 Who? Who died for you? Jesus, God's of son.
24:14 Who? Who will take you to his home above?
24:20 Jesus Christ my Lord and king, He's the one I love.
24:27 And the one that's really wise is Jesus.
24:31 That's right. Okay, Mr. Owl. You can sit back here,
24:34 and you're gonna sing wise and wonderful,
24:36 wise and wonderful, isn't Jesus my Lord,
24:39 wonderful, okay. Wise and wonderful,
24:44 wise and wonderful Isn't Jesus my Lord,
24:51 Wonderful! Eyes have seen,
24:55 ears have heard It's recorded in God's Word
25:00 Isn't Jesus my Lord Wonderful?
25:07 Miss Cinda, you know a song about a wise man?
25:10 Oh! Do you know about the wise man
25:12 who built his house upon the rock?
25:14 Can you do that? Yeah. Okay.
25:17 I remember this. I am ready.
25:18 Get it ready Noah, could you?
25:19 The wise man built his house upon the rock
25:24 The wise man built his house upon the rock
25:29 The wise man built his house upon the rock
25:33 And the rains came tumbling down
25:37 I think about. The rains came down
25:40 And the floods came up The rains came down
25:44 And the floods came up The rains came down
25:48 And the floods came up,
25:50 And the house on the rock stood firm.
25:56 You know there is also another part
25:59 of the story, the Foolish Man.
26:02 Oh, no. Yeah, when you are not wise.
26:04 Right, Okay, you ready? Let's sing that. Let's go.
26:07 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
26:12 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
26:16 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
26:20 And the rains came tumbling down,
26:24 The rains came down And the floods came up
26:28 The rains came down And the floods came up
26:33 The rains came down And the floods came up,
26:37 And the house on the sand went lost.
26:46 Oh! What does that song teach us?
26:48 To build our house on Jesus.
26:51 That's right and when we thank him for
26:54 letting us be with him and loving us so much
26:57 Farmer Mike. Thank you Jesus that we, if we build
27:02 our house on you, know about you, read about you
27:06 in the Bible that you'll help our house be
27:09 strong. Thank you. Amen. Amen.
27:14 You like that song, don't you, Noah.
27:17 You were just hammering away.
27:19 You still Levy is building his house.
27:21 He is building it. Oh! There is Mr. Rooster.
27:24 Yeah, Rooster. Well, we have to go now
27:26 boys and girls. See you later. Bye, bye.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:54 God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:06 we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like colors of the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 we're God's girls and boys.


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