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Jesus Wants Me To Be Clean

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live for him
00:11 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow, we're shining like
00:19 the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
00:23 the world, where God hears our voice.
00:28 Oh! Hannah you're making Mr. Frog nice
00:32 and clean. Good job. Oh! Hi, boys and girls.
00:38 How are you today? Woh!
00:41 We are having a wonderful day. We are just
00:42 getting Mr. Frog all cleaned up. You know, we are
00:45 really happy that you are here,
00:47 but there is someone else that really
00:49 happy that you are here and
00:50 that's our best friend Jesus.
00:54 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:59 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:04 Welcome, welcome, You are welcome Jesus
01:08 knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:12 just because you came.
01:16 Oh! Georgie is happy today.
01:19 We are gonna have so much fun.
01:21 Georgie, we got a phone call. Pick up boy.
01:25 Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
01:28 Hi! Aunty Linda. This is Jordan
01:31 Hi! Jordan. Today, we are talking about
01:34 being clean. What you do to stay clean?
01:36 I get in the tub and I wash my body.
01:40 That's a good thing to do to take a bath, isn't it?
01:44 Haha! Is there anything else you do?
01:47 I wash my hands before I eat.
01:50 That is a very good thing to do because that
01:53 will help keep us healthy and well.
01:56 Well, thank you so much for calling today, Jordan.
01:59 Okay! Thank you too. Bye Aunty Linda.
02:03 Bye, Jordan. That was Jordan Robots.
02:06 He is doing lots of things to stay clean.
02:08 Well, I do clean.
02:09 You do. I think Freddy is trying to tell us
02:12 that he stays clean too.
02:14 I take clean vegetables when I eat.
02:16 That's a good thing to do.
02:17 Hi, Freddy. Are you hungry?
02:21 Look Freddy is hungry today.
02:23 There you go we are just gonna give you
02:25 a little bit, Freddy. There you go.
02:28 Eat your food Freddy. Good boy,
02:31 Oh! Kitty cat. We love you too. Oh! You are right.
02:38 It's time to ring our worship bell.
02:39 Yeah We are gonna ring our worship bell.
02:42 Oh, I just love worship time, don't you?
02:44 Come here Georgie?
02:47 To get his prayer bell?
02:48 That is right. Well, boys and girls
02:51 can you sing along with us, okay.
02:56 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
03:01 with our best friend Jesus.
03:05 Come and worship Here Jesus will be near
03:10 smiling when he sees us.
03:17 Oh! Hannah. It's now time to look at our box.
03:21 We are gonna see what we have,
03:23 oh! we are gonna see what's in it?.
03:24 We have a letter from Jesus.
03:27 Oh! I love getting letters from Jesus, don't you?
03:32 I'll open this. Yeah. Umm! Umm!
03:34 Can you say Psalms 51. Psalms 51.
03:38 10. 10.Create in me, create in me,
03:43 a clean heart, a clean heart. Oh! God! You know,
03:51 Jesus wants us to be clean on the outside.
03:53 But he wants us to be clean inside too, doesn't he?
03:56 Oh! That's red. Yes, that's red.
03:58 Oh! We have something else in here today.
04:04 Oh! Bowl. Oh! We have a bowl and we
04:08 have someone water. Can we put some water
04:10 in our bowl today, alright. Good job, Hannah.
04:16 I'm so glad God gave us water because that
04:19 helps us stay clean, doesn't it?
04:21 Yeah. Right. Good job.
04:24 Oh! We have a mother duck
04:28 and we have some babies. Even the little
04:32 ducky is like to stay clean. Oh! I'm so
04:36 glad that Jesus made water for us to stay clean.
04:39 You know, Hannah would you
04:41 just thank Jesus for being so good and
04:44 kind to us. We need him to help us
04:46 stay clean. Let's kneel down boys and girls, okay.
04:49 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
04:57 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:04 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
05:11 Thank you for the land, and the flowers, and the
05:13 grass, and the ocean, and the water,
05:16 the trees, and the animals, and the clean,
05:21 in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
05:25 We always have so many things to thank Jesus
05:28 for because he does everything for us.
05:31 Alright, now boys and girls, it's time for us
05:34 to see what farmer Mike has for us at the barn.
05:36 I heard it something pretty special.
05:38 Come on, let's go.
05:44 Woh! Miss Jeannie thank you very much
05:47 you didn't inform me they are gonna give me
05:48 this one. Yes, we are. We
05:49 thought that your farm needed a couple more
05:51 animals. Oh! There we. Farmer Mike.
05:52 Oh! Here's friends voice. Who is here? Who is here?
05:56 Oh! Good. I'm glad you guys are here today.
05:59 Look, did he get, oh! Did he peck at you.
06:01 Did he peck at you. Well, these are bird friends
06:05 that Miss Jeannie has given me.
06:07 Did it hurt, no, it didn't hurt. Alright, very good.
06:08 Let's go around. Let's sit down. We will talk about.
06:10 Wow! Wow! It pecked at you that time too.
06:12 Oh! Wow! Let Aunty Linda in here.
06:16 Oh! Be careful that's so. That's waving. Yeah.
06:19 This is a pheasant. Yes, this is pheasant.
06:22 This is a girl and this is a boy.
06:24 A big boy. Yes, I am a boy
06:29 Farmer Mike is a boy and He is a boy.
06:30 We are boys and he is a boy.
06:31 And look how pretty he is.
06:33 I'm a girl and this is a girl and Miss Jeannie is a girl.
06:36 Yes, Right. Did you see how pretty?
06:38 He is a boy. Yes, he is a boy.
06:40 I'm a boy. I know, did you see how pretty his
06:41 feathers are. He is a boy too.
06:42 I know, did you see how pretty his feathers are.
06:44 Oh! Yes, pretty. Look at that.
06:46 Beautiful. Oh! Don't do that he might peck your hand.
06:49 See all these pets, always not,
06:50 me only telling you about being careful with animals.
06:52 What color, what color do you see in him?
06:55 What color do you see?
06:56 What colors? Red. And what else?
07:02 I see gray color, gray. Well, gray.
07:04 Oh! Wow! He is really getting. Oooh! Man.
07:09 They don't bark, Noah.
07:10 We said gray. I guess he didn't like to
07:12 say gray, Noah. Easy.
07:15 Yeah! He left you a feather. Big feather.
07:18 He is very strong. Yes, he is, he is very strong.
07:20 What color is that feather at the end?
07:23 Turn it around look at it? What color is that on top?
07:25 It's brown? Isn't it. Good! Yeah!
07:28 To see how pretty he is, so pretty.
07:31 She is all brown and kind that's because
07:35 she can hide when she sits on the egg in
07:37 the nest and he tries to make the harm
07:41 anybody that might come after him. He tries to get
07:43 him to go away and get away from the nest that's why.
07:45 We like to far close he is. So, he was
07:46 acting like he was protecting right there. Yes.
07:49 That might have begun. And that's
07:50 why God give him that ability and
07:51 all his pretty colors. Yeah!
07:54 And she wasn't worried because she has protector.
07:57 That's right. That's exactly, right, right.
07:59 Farmer Mike you ask me if they
08:01 fly, yes, they fly very well.
08:03 I wondered. They can fly.
08:04 They don't fly real high, very often,
08:08 but they. Oh! Now she has got the wings,
08:10 but they, but they, oh! she has gonna howler,
08:11 but they will fly a long way.
08:13 Mostly out in the wild. He whistles.
08:16 Yeah! She is screaming, screaming at him.
08:18 They make good pets or just do.
08:20 Oh! They don't make very good pets. Some people,
08:21 you know, you can keep them on your farm,
08:24 but you don't wanna handle them a lot.
08:26 They are very nice just to look at. Right.
08:28 And then in the wild they run around, loose out
08:31 in the wild and they hide from you,
08:34 if you come up they try to hide. They
08:35 hide in the grass. They hide in the bushes.
08:37 How many babies do they have?
08:39 It just depends on how many the mommy wants to.
08:41 How many eggs she wants to lay.
08:43 But now when they lay eggs, there something
08:45 very different about their eggs.
08:46 The eggs that you guys eat what color are they?
08:48 What color of the egg? Are they white?
08:52 Yes. White. Mine is red.
08:55 You have red eggs Yeah! I'm wearing red.
09:00 Oh! You like red. He like red. I like red okay.
09:01 you like red. Well, there is anybody, is anybody's
09:07 favorite color green? Jessie's
09:10 Oh! Jessie's is? Well, these girls
09:12 lay little green eggs. Oh! I bet they
09:15 are beautiful color. They are. They are very
09:18 pretty. They are small and they are green
09:20 and then she hatches six on them and hatches them out.
09:23 Green ice cream is eggs. Green ice cream
09:27 is egg, do you think? Yeah.
09:29 Oh! I don't know about that. Green eggs. Green eggs.
09:32 Yeah. Well, hers is only green on
09:33 the outside when you open them up
09:34 they look like a regular egg on the inside.
09:36 And it has a baby inside when you open the egg. Right,
09:38 and for these guys. Oh! Watch his feathers, he looking
09:41 scary moving feathers. well this guys,
09:43 You scared him. Mike, hold his legs, right.
09:47 Yeah! There you go. I got him.
09:49 And then these guys they have to sit on their
09:52 egg for 23 days before a baby comes out.
09:54 Wow! I found another his feather.
09:56 Oh! He didn't, didn't he. That's cool.
09:58 Let me, let me pick it up. Okay,
10:00 go pick it up, so then you have one to. Okay.
10:01 It's little. Oh! That's a very little one.
10:04 That's a little feather.
10:06 And what color are those. What color is that?
10:08 That's kind of black, isn't it?
10:10 Yeah! When these guys babies hatch out
10:13 they are a kind of yellow or a brown color.
10:17 And do you guys, do you guys know how come their that
10:19 color? That's because they blend in
10:22 with the weeds and you can't see them.
10:24 Oh! They can hide. Do you like to play
10:26 hide and seek. If they are gonna be
10:28 on our farm there is one thing
10:29 they are gonna have to get used too. Singing.
10:32 We always sing a song about the farm.
10:34 I think they like it. Well, I love to sing.
10:37 That's a little bitty one. Let's sing our
10:38 song today. Okay.
10:42 I like to go to the farm, where the cows
10:44 moo, moo. I like to go to the farm,
10:47 where ducks quack, quack. I like to go
10:51 to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:53 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:59 Well, thank you so much. It's always
11:02 fun to see more of God's creatures.
11:04 And God made them so beautiful.
11:06 He did. Thank you Miss. Jeannie.
11:08 Thank you farmer Mike. You're welcome.
11:09 You wave them bye. Bye, guys.
11:11 Bye, bye, bye, bye. See you later.
11:14 Bye, Bye guys.
11:20 I'm so glad boys and girls that you are here
11:23 because Olivia and I are on our way to
11:25 the apple tree. Come on.
11:27 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:31 a walk today, a walk today,
11:35 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:39 to see what God has given.
11:44 That's a baby raccoon,
11:48 That's a baby raccoon, isn't a cute?
11:53 So cute. Yes. We don't want to touch him,
11:58 boys and girls because they could bite us.
12:00 So, we don't want to touch raccoons,
12:02 but you know, Jesus made them special.
12:05 Did you know that they wash their food
12:07 before they eat it? They like to be clean
12:11 and they also wash it because they
12:13 don't have any saliva glands.
12:15 Oh! That baby coons used to come to
12:19 my door and I would even give them bread
12:21 and they like that they even like oatmeal.
12:24 Do you like oatmeal Olivia?
12:26 No. No. Do you like oatmeal boys and girls,
12:30 no, but the raccoon likes oatmeal.
12:33 The raccoon loves to eat good food.
12:37 Do you like to eat good food?
12:39 Do you like apples? No.
12:42 You don't. Do they taste good? Yeah!
12:46 Can you say I like apples? I like apples.
12:50 She like apples. God made so many wonderful
12:53 things for us to enjoy. I'm so glad he made
12:57 the little raccoons.
13:00 God made the little raccoons,
13:05 I know, I know. God made the little raccoons
13:12 Because he loves me so.
13:24 Yeah, it's story time. I'm glad you are here.
13:29 Justin is here and Titus is here and
13:31 we have a special story about a desert boy.
13:35 Oh! Look at Justin. Can you find
13:39 Zachariah in this picture?
13:40 That's right. He is very old and that's his wife
13:45 Elizabeth. They do not have any children.
13:48 Zachariah is a priest. One day while he was
13:53 in the temple an angel appeared to him.
13:56 The angel told him that he and Elizabeth
13:59 were going to have a baby boy.
14:01 Oh! He said, I'm too old and my wife is
14:05 too old. An angel said because you
14:08 didn't believe you are not gonna be able to
14:11 talk until the baby is born. So when Zachariah
14:14 came out to talk to the people he had been
14:16 praying for. He couldn't talk, could he?
14:18 He couldn't say anything.
14:21 One day, it was true what the Zachariah had.
14:28 A baby. A baby. Now the angel.
14:33 And she is scream.
14:34 And the baby was crying, wasn't it?
14:37 And everyone was trying to name it,
14:39 but Zachariah said, no he asked for
14:43 paper and pencil. Can you act like you are writing?
14:45 And he wrote John and as soon as he
14:50 wrote John he can talk. And he was so
14:53 happy and as John grew older.
14:57 He took good care of him. He had him
15:00 help do the work. What is this?
15:02 A chicken. A chicken and he took care
15:05 of the chickens, and what is this?
15:06 A camel. A donkey. What is this Titus? Donkey?
15:13 Is this is a donkey? No.
15:15 That's a sheep, isn't it? Sheep.
15:17 Yes, that's a sheep. He worked very hard,
15:20 and he taught him about Jesus
15:23 and that some day Jesus was gonna come
15:26 to save his people from their sins.
15:28 What are those? Those are chickens.
15:31 See how the chickens. How many
15:32 are there Justin. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
15:36 Five Chickens. Well, as he got older John
15:41 went out and he started preaching to the people.
15:44 What is wearing? So, wearing some animal skins.
15:48 No. And he ate special food.
15:52 He had Locust and Honey. He was
15:55 really careful about what he ate,
15:57 so that God could speak to his mind
15:58 and he told all the people that they needed to
16:02 get ready for Jesus to come.
16:04 These are bags. Those were the soldiers.
16:06 They were listening too, weren't they?
16:08 Yeah and their bags.
16:10 You know, Justin, John told that there is about
16:13 Jesus. We want to tell others about Jesus too
16:16 because he is coming really, really soon.
16:18 Did you know, Jesus is coming to take us
16:20 home with him? He is, isn't he Justin
16:23 and we wanna be ready don't you boys and girls
16:26 because Jesus is coming because he
16:28 really loves us. Look boy, girl, boy.
16:31 That's right. He is coming to take all the
16:34 boys and girls home with him,
16:35 so don't forget to tell Jesus that you love him
16:38 boys and girls. Jesus is your best friend.
16:47 Hi, boys and girls. We are really
16:50 gonna have fun today. We are guess what?
16:54 Who likes cookies? Me, I, yeah.
17:00 Oh! Good! I'm so glad because today
17:02 we are gonna make some cookies
17:04 and these cookies are good for you.
17:08 I want too. Taylor, well, we gonna, we gonna
17:10 divide the dove in a minute, but Taylor can you
17:13 put our flour in for us? Oh! Put it in the bowl.
17:17 We have two Taylor's Miss Cinda.
17:18 We do. And let see big Taylor. Can you put
17:24 nuts in and we got salt over there, and
17:28 put the salt in, and we gonna wait for the canola oil
17:34 just a minute. Let's see Jasmine, can you
17:36 put nuts in? No, those nuts gonna be peanut cookies.
17:42 Oh! Can anybody, our Aunty Linda guessed.
17:44 She is right. They are gonna be pecan cookies.
17:48 Can you put our Rumford baking powder in?
17:51 Oh! Let's see. Good job. Taylor can you
17:57 stir it up first? You will get the stir first.
18:01 Oh! I bet you a good helper. Do you help your
18:04 mommy? Oh! I help my daddy mommy.
18:08 Oh! Oh! That's funny.
18:19 Okay, now it's big Taylor turn.
18:23 You can put your oil in and lets him stir it up.
18:26 Okay, you stir in your oil.
18:30 Miss Cinda have that. Okay, you stir in your oil?
18:35 Oh! I think you have done this before.
18:41 What a good job. Do you help your mummy make
18:43 cookies Taylor. Oh! Yes.
18:45 What's your favorite kind? Peanut butter.
18:47 Oh! I love peanut butter cookies.
18:50 I love, I love peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
18:54 Oh! I love too. I like, look at Taylor, you
18:56 even got it on Miss Cinda.
18:58 I even like cookies. You do.
19:02 Okay, let's have them and stir a little bit.
19:05 Okay, Hannah you can add in your soy milk and vanilla.
19:09 You can stir while she is adding it, okay,
19:11 Jasmine. Okay. Okay, start stirring.
19:13 Oh! What a mess. Me. Ha! Ha! Stir it up.
19:17 Stir, stir, stir. You guys, you guys can
19:20 pretend your stirring. You are stirring
19:26 really good. Okay, you guys can pretend
19:29 your stirring. Let's stir, stir. You and
19:32 Aunty Linda and Taylor you pretend your
19:34 stir, stir, stir, stir Okay, I really get mine mixed.
19:37 Oh! I mix pretty good. Done.
19:40 You are done. Me too. You done too.
19:45 Hannah is almost done.
19:47 Oh! I've done. Oh! Would you like Miss Cinda to
19:49 help now Hannah. No, I can do it.
19:52 Oh! You can do it.
19:53 I can even do better it was supposed to be.
19:55 Oh! Boys and girls, I bet you like
19:58 to help your mommies in the kitchen, don't
20:00 you? We are gonna get this all stirred up
20:02 and then you kids wanna make, make
20:04 a cookie and put it on the, on the tray.
20:07 Let me just stir like this.
20:09 Oh! Look at this Miss Cinda. Oh! Wow!
20:13 You have enough soy milk.
20:15 Okay, I think I do Aunty Linda.
20:20 Okay. Can I get the soy milk in.
20:22 Well, I think I have enough now let's see.
20:25 Now we will use our pink bowl,
20:27 use the spoons, and we gonna give,
20:29 well, we are gonna give you two girls the pink
20:31 bowl, and we are gonna give the boys
20:33 the blue bowl how about that. Okay, Jasmine put
20:36 it down. Now you two girls make some cookies
20:40 and you roll them into bowls.
20:43 No, no, you can use your hands.
20:44 Roll them into bowls here Aunty Linda.
20:46 This is for the boys.
20:47 That's for Hannah. While she is going to.
20:50 Here boys and then let's put it here. Let's
20:52 straight it out. So the boys and girls could see,
20:54 we could get little of that, you guys can see
20:55 what there in. And you can roll it into bowls.
20:57 Now we will roll into bowls. Now,
21:00 how much do we, one step for a second,
21:01 Oh! Taylor gave some. Just put it in your hand
21:03 and then roll it into a ball. Come on girls let's.
21:06 The guys gonna another cookies made.
21:09 We got to hurry, get our cookies made.
21:11 Miss Cinda I see some cookies over there,
21:12 but they are not in bowls.
21:14 You must have made two different kinds.
21:17 Well, see you can flatten it if you want
21:18 like this and then they flatten out really good
21:20 when they bake. Hurry up and make some,
21:23 do we get it taste and I'll let you taste them, okay.
21:25 She has gonna let us taste a cookie. Alright.
21:33 Who wants to taste one? Me.
21:35 Are they good Taylor. They are what do they taste like?
21:40 Cinnamon. Cinnamon. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!
21:44 What do they taste like? What you think Taylor?
21:48 Chocolate chip. Chocolate chip. They are pecan. Yes.
21:54 Well, are you guys getting all yours made?
21:57 Mine too like chocolate.
21:59 There is no chocolate in yours.
22:01 But God made good peanuts and I mean
22:03 pecans and that's what in it.
22:05 That's right. Thank you for letting us
22:08 help you today. I'm so glad. Did you guys have
22:11 fun in the kitchen today?
22:12 Yes, okay. Boys and girls you will have
22:15 fun in the kitchen too.
22:18 Hey! Sing Time. And it's also time to
22:28 see if you remember, where our memory verse
22:30 is found. I know, I know. Isaiah.
22:36 Isaiah, Isaiah. I'm supposed
22:41 to say that. Although it's
22:43 not Isaiah, Miss Cinda. Isaiah
22:46 It's in Psalms Oh! Oh! No, but that
22:51 was a good guess. Psalms 51:10
22:55 Okay. Okay, Psalms 51:10 Yeh, yeh, and it says,
22:59 create in me Create in me A clean heart A clean heart
23:06 Oh! God! Oh! God!
23:08 Jesus wants us to be clean inside
23:11 and he wants us to be clean outside and we are
23:14 gonna sing a song about being clean on the outside.
23:16 I'll comb my hair and brush my teeth,
23:23 I'll wash hands before I eat.
23:27 I'll take a bath when the day is through.
23:32 For that's what Jesus wants me to do.
23:38 And Jesus even gets the earth a bath.
23:40 We are gonna sing about the rain.
23:42 The raindrops fall with the petre, patre, pick.
23:47 A petre, patre, pick, a petre, patre, pick,
23:51 The rain drops fall with the petre, patre, pick.
23:55 Showing God's great love.
23:59 That one is fun. Let's try that one again.
24:01 Justin you do it this time.
24:02 The raindrops fall with the petre, patre, pick.
24:07 A petre, patre, pick, a petre, patre, pick,
24:11 The rain drops fall with the petre, patre, pick.
24:14 Showing God's great love.
24:19 Well, I do. Oh! I do too.
24:23 You know the flowers even get some nourishment.
24:27 They get the rain, yes. Farmer Mike can
24:30 you get our flowers for us.
24:32 You know what we have got flowers
24:35 while we sing about flowers boat.
24:37 Oh! Oh! Look at that. I want the red one,
24:41 I want a blue one, a pink one.
24:44 You want a pink one. She wants the
24:46 blue one, there you go. Oh! Here.
24:47 Oh! Thank you, Noah. Okay. Thank you, Noah.
24:53 Sing about the flowers.
24:55 There you go, Alright. The pretty little
24:58 flowers go, nod, nod, nod
25:00 Okay ready. The pretty little flowers go, nod, nod, nod
25:06 The pretty little flowers go, nod, nod, nod
25:10 Dear Jesus made the flowers
25:12 for us to see, nod, nod, nod
25:18 I still nodding. Your ear is still
25:21 nodding. We also have something else.
25:24 Who likes to, what bird likes to swim in the water?
25:28 I'll give you a hint.
25:30 It's a duck. It's a duck.
25:32 Oh! We got ducks too today.
25:35 We have ducks the pretty little duck goes,
25:37 quack, quack, quack
25:39 I wonder if the children have ever seen ducks.
25:41 They've seen ducks probably out on the park.
25:44 Well, I think so. Boys and girls sing
25:47 with us the pretty little ducks.
25:48 The happy little duck The happy, this ducks are happy
25:51 out there That's right Miss Cinda. The
25:53 happy little ducks go, quack, quack, quack, okay.
25:56 Alright. The happy little ducks go, quack, quack, quack
26:01 The happy little ducks go, quack, quack, quack
26:05 The Jesus made the ducks for us to see.
26:09 Quack, quack, quack.
26:13 Let's try that one more time. Yeah.
26:15 The happy little ducks go, quack, quack, quack
26:20 The happy little ducks go, quack, quack, quack
26:24 The Jesus made the ducks for us to see.
26:28 Quack, quack, quack.
26:32 You know, I heard farmer Mike,
26:34 and he can quack like a duck.
26:36 Can you quack for us.
26:37 You know, we have had so much fun today.
26:51 Sylvia would you just have a special prayer for us, okay.
26:55 That was funny. Yeah it was.
26:56 Close your eyes and bow your heads.
26:59 We are gonna talk to Jesus.
27:00 Thank you Jesus. Thank you for this nice day,
27:05 his father son, Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
27:09 Do that again. You want me to pray
27:15 in quack. I can't do that in bow.
27:18 He just want the quack.
27:21 Oh! We got the rooster. There is the rooster.
27:23 Just in time too. That's right.
27:24 That's all the time we have boys and girls.
27:26 Bye, bye, bye.
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:40 so we will have to go.
27:43 Goodbye, goodbye.
27:46 Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:54 God loves you. Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:10 we live here and around the world
28:12 we spread love and joy
28:15 like clouds start the rainbow
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
28:21 Tiny Tots around the world, where God hears our voice.


Revised 2014-12-17