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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Sunshine

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Oh, Georgie the sun is so bright,
00:30 I need my sunglasses on. You need yours on too
00:34 Georgie, if you don't want to hurt your eyes,
00:37 there is that's better. Oh, hi, boys and girls,
00:42 Georgie and I are out enjoying the sunshine.
00:45 If you get to go outside today and enjoy the
00:47 sunshine, you might wanna put your glasses on to.
00:51 You know, Georgie and I are now happy that you
00:53 are here, but Jesus is really happy that you are here.
01:00 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
01:04 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
01:10 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:13 Jesus knows your name
01:15 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:23 We are gonna have fun today on the farm.
01:26 Common let's go inside. I can hardly wait.
01:29 We've got some fun things planned for worship for
01:32 you today. Oh, Georgie we've got a phone call.
01:38 I wonder who can be calling.
01:42 Hi, this is Auntie Linda. Hi, Auntie Linda.
01:46 I am Carson. Oh! Hello Carson,
01:50 what do you wanna talk about today.
01:52 Can I tell you about my light?
01:54 Yes, I would love to hear about your light.
01:58 Jesus is the light. That's right Carson,
02:04 Jesus is the light. He is also our very best friend.
02:08 Well, I better go now. You have a really good day,
02:13 bye Carson. Bye Auntie Linda.
02:16 That was so nice of Carson Jackson to call.
02:19 Georgie, we don't need our sunglasses inside.
02:25 Oh, Freddy, we won't forget you, will we Georgie.
02:29 I think Freddy needs a little bit of food.
02:31 You are kind of hungry today. There you go,
02:34 enjoy your food. Good boy.
02:40 Oh! Georgie someone is here. Well, Noah
02:45 you are here. Can you stay for worship.
02:48 Oh! No I have some errands to run,
02:50 but thanks for asking me anyway. Okay.
02:53 Be good Noah. He will. Bye, bye.
02:56 Thank you for bringing him. That was so nice
02:59 that your mom brought you. Oh! Kitty cat you are right,
03:06 and we love you, you always remind us that its
03:08 time for worship. You want to ring our bell.
03:11 And boys and girls you sing along okay.
03:16 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with our
03:22 best friend Jesus. Come and worship here
03:28 Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:37 Do you know what time it is now?
03:39 Time to look into the box. It's time to look in the
03:42 box. You can put our bell up and then we are
03:45 gonna look into the box. Okay, what do you think is
03:50 in here? It's a Bible. It is we have a letter
03:55 from Jesus. I love letters from Jesus don't you?
03:59 Oh! Noah is anxious to see what Jesus has to say.
04:03 Can you say Matthew 13. Can I hold this book,
04:08 yes you can hold my book mark.
04:10 Matthew 13:43 Mathew 13:43.
04:17 Then the righteous will shine forth as the sun.
04:30 That's right when we are good we just shine for
04:35 Jesus, don't we. Jesus loves to have a shine.
04:38 You want to put my book mark right there
04:40 and we will see what else is in there.
04:43 Oh! What's there right here on the table.
04:46 Oh! What is this. A flower.
04:52 It's a flower, do you know what its called.
04:54 What? A sunflower. I want to know
05:00 what's there in next. There is something else in here,
05:03 do you know why it's called a sunflower
05:06 because they turn their little faces towards the sun.
05:10 Sunflowers love the sunshine. Do you like sunshine?
05:16 Yeah. What do you like about the sunshine?
05:18 I can ride my bike. You like the sunshine
05:23 because you can ride your bikes, yes that's fun,
05:26 what else do you like to do out in the sun.
05:28 Play toys. I do too that's fun isn't it.
05:34 And we can go swimming and do so many wonderful things.
05:38 Let's thank Jesus for the sunshine.
05:40 Would you have a prayer for us today, Noah.
05:42 Yeah. Okay, let's kneel down boys and girls.
05:45 Can you bend your knees?
05:50 I will be bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:57 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
06:03 And very, very quietly, While the prayer he say.
06:11 Dear Jesus thank you for the sunshine and helping
06:19 Jessie, and Justin, mom and daddy, Amen.
06:23 Amen. We are gonna do some other fun things in
06:29 the sunshine. It's time now for us to go to the barn
06:32 and see Farmer Mike. Common boys and girls, let's go.
06:41 Farmer Mike. Farmer Mike.
06:43 I wonder where he is, well we might just sit down
06:46 and wait. I am sure he will be here pretty soon
06:49 because he knew we were coming.
06:51 There is Farmer Mike. Where is he.
06:53 Hey Auntie Linda. Oh, there he is.
06:56 Oh you beat me here. We did. Hi.
07:01 I was over to neighbors' house because she said
07:03 she had something and she want to show me
07:05 and when I saw him I said you got to bring in,
07:07 so we can show the kids, and Auntie Linda.
07:09 Well thank you. Common over and show them right here.
07:12 This is a chucker. A chucker.
07:15 It is just a pretty name. Do you ever hear the chucker.
07:20 I never heard this chucker. Can I pat him.
07:22 Sure you can pat him. He is stinky.
07:28 He is sometimes yeah. He got nails. Yes he does.
07:31 Yes he does, he has long nails, and he has a long
07:35 beak. Beautiful wings too. He is looking at us.
07:38 And those beak doesn't scratch me.
07:42 It could peck you, see how his beak is kind of a
07:45 red color, and his eyes are kind of red around his
07:48 eyes, and what color is this. That is red and black.
07:56 Right and what are these. Those are.
08:00 Can we pull his wings out a little bit just to show,
08:02 oh look under those wings, look how pretty.
08:05 Can you see, what are those,
08:06 and those lines would you call those pen line stripes.
08:10 Isn't that pretty Sophia? Yes.
08:11 Now, these tamed and can we have them as pets.
08:14 Can I touch the back. Sure you can touch him,
08:15 these are, some people do keep them
08:17 domestically as pets, but they don't make real good
08:20 pets. They are wild bird that runs around out in
08:23 the woods. They hide in brushes and in the bushes
08:28 and they try to hide from you.
08:29 Boys and girls do they look just alike.
08:32 Well they look pretty much alike,
08:33 but the boys are little bit bigger than the girls.
08:36 You know how boys are usually,
08:37 guys are whole lot bigger than girls.
08:39 And they lay eggs, their babies hatch out of eggs.
08:49 How many eggs? It just depends on the girl.
08:52 Sometimes, she will lay a bunch and then sometime
08:54 she won't lay a whole lot. It just depends
08:56 on how many she wants. Now, I was gonna ask you this.
09:00 Do they like to hide like we play hide
09:02 and seek sometimes. Yes, yes they try to hide from
09:05 you. You think so Justin. That's right.
09:07 They hide, did you hear that.
09:09 They will hide from us. Yeah, and when they are out
09:10 in the wild then they are hiding from us,
09:12 they can eat berries, and they can go to corn field,
09:16 where the farmer just cut the corn
09:17 and they can eat the corn. Now they look you know
09:21 like the woods, and the weeds, and the
09:23 trees sometimes, is how they hide with the color.
09:26 Yes, God painted them this way,
09:29 so that they can hide and they would camouflage down.
09:31 They are beautiful look how it's got the color
09:33 underneath there. Those are, that must be how they
09:35 smell too right there on the top of the beak.
09:38 Right, right on the top of the beak is where they
09:39 smell. Sometimes these guys are kind of mean,
09:43 and they want to fight each other,
09:44 and when they do that, some people if you have them,
09:47 if you have them inside they usually cut their
09:50 beaks off to keep them from fighting,
09:52 and then another thing you can do is
09:55 you have seen kids that have braces on their teeth.
09:57 Yes, you have braces on your teeth.
10:01 Let's see, let's see, no.
10:03 They have braces on their teeth.
10:06 Well, sometimes they take braces.
10:10 Jesus did. Jesus had braces on his teeth.
10:13 No, she was saying Jesus puts them on the bird,
10:15 but Jesus hadn't put them on the bird.
10:17 No, it's the owner that has them and put them on,
10:19 they kind of put like a little brace thing on the end
10:21 of their beak, so that they can't pick and fight
10:24 at each other. That way they can't hurt each other.
10:27 Now what do they eat? They eat wild berries,
10:30 they go into the farmers fields and eat corn,
10:34 where they harvested the corn.
10:36 Justin do you eat wild berries and corn
10:40 and stuff like that. You eat berries, you don't you?
10:44 Do you like berries? No, I like strawberries.
10:49 Strawberries. Oh, that's good berries.
10:51 He like things like blackberries,
10:53 and little while red berries anything he can find
10:55 when he is out in the wild, he has to eat.
10:57 Well thank you for showing him to the children.
10:59 You are welcome, I am glad that you have seen him.
11:02 Can we sing our song. Oh, that would be wonderful.
11:03 Oh, that would be wonderful.
11:05 Let's sing our song. Let's sing to the birdie.
11:06 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
11:11 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:15 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:19 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:26 Oh, that was fun. Oh, I am so glad you
11:29 guys got to see him. Thank you Justin we got to go,
11:32 we got other things to do. They have to go.
11:33 Bye, Bye. I don't know, but you got to go.
11:36 Bye, go this way, you guys go this way.
11:38 Yes, we are going, bye, bye.
11:40 Okay, I didn't call you that, okay, bye, bye.
11:49 Hi kids, welcome to Nature Walk.
11:51 Come and join us.
11:54 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:59 a walk today, a walk today,
12:03 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:07 to see what God has given.
12:11 Auntie Linda it's a beaver.
12:13 Oh, a beaver. Oh, it's so cute.
12:20 Look how he made little marks in the log right
12:22 there. Isn't that cute. Do you see the little
12:26 teeth marks. Yeah. I wonder how he got out here.
12:31 How he moved without here. Do you think he crawled.
12:37 Yeah. Where do you think his home is?
12:40 Right there. That's not his home.
12:42 He is building his home. That's right,
12:48 he lives in the water. He builds his house
12:52 underwater and then he has some sticks
12:54 that stick up on top of the water and then he swims
12:59 underneath the water and there is a hole
13:02 and he swims right into his house and
13:04 there are lot of other beavers in there.
13:07 Yeah, and how did he got outside.
13:10 He crawled, he cross to get some sticks,
13:13 he needs all the bark off the trees,
13:15 he eats plants, and he really enjoys it too.
13:20 Yeah. Did you know that he also eats
13:23 pond weeds? Do you like eating weeds?
13:27 No. No, that wouldn't taste too good would it.
13:31 That will taste bad, and that's make us puke.
13:36 You think so. I think you are right,
13:39 we shouldn't eat weeds, should we.
13:41 God made other things for us to eat.
13:42 He made fruits and vegetables and seeds
13:46 for us to eat, but he made the beaver different.
13:48 Not seeds. Well like sunflower seeds,
13:53 have you ever had that. Yeah. Well, see
13:56 Jesus did made good things just like he made
13:58 good things for the beaver.
14:00 But I don't like seeds to eat. You don't like them.
14:03 I like watermelon. You like watermelon.
14:07 And I like watermelon with yellow seeds.
14:10 Yellow seeds are yummy. They are yummy.
14:13 Well, Mr. Beaver likes the bark,
14:16 and he like the things that Jesus made for him.
14:18 You know, I am so glad that God made the busy beaver,
14:22 aren't you. Yeah.
14:24 God made the busy little beaver, I know, I know,
14:33 God made the busy little beaver,
14:37 because he loves me so.
14:47 Yeah, it's story time. And we are so glad that
14:52 you are here today boys and girls do we ever
14:54 have a good story don't we Tyler.
14:57 Tyler can you tell me who that boy is. Isaac.
15:01 That's Isaac, and who is this. I forgot.
15:05 Abraham. Abraham.
15:07 And his momma Sarah. Oh! Abraham loved this
15:11 little boy. He took him outside at night
15:15 and he looked up and what was in the sky. Stars.
15:18 Lots of stars, can you count them all.
15:21 I can't either boys and girls.
15:23 When you go outside at night can you count the stars?
15:26 There are so many stars, but you know what
15:30 God told him that his family would be as many
15:35 as all the stars in the heaven.
15:37 That's a lot of family, isn't it. Oh! Little Isaac,
15:43 he loved having fun with father.
15:47 What is he doing now? Riding on a donkey.
15:51 A donkey, he helped his daddy all the time,
15:54 and did whatever his daddy told him to do.
15:56 His daddy worked very hard and Isaac
16:00 liked to help his daddy. One day Isaac was so tired,
16:08 when it was nighttime he just crawled right up
16:11 in this bed and what is he doing. He is sleeping,
16:15 but all at once he felt somebody go like
16:18 this to him, who was this. Was that his daddy,
16:23 and what's his daddy name? I forgot again.
16:29 Here maybe you forgot too boys and girls.
16:32 His daddy's name was Abraham,
16:35 and he said wake up, wake up,
16:37 God wants you to come with me.
16:39 We've got a special work to do.
16:42 Isaac jumped right up. He helped his daddy
16:46 carry things and his daddy said we are going to
16:49 go up to offer sacrifices to our God.
16:53 And Isaac said okay father and he is singing
16:57 and he was happy, and who is this.
16:59 A donkey. Donkey, and he is carrying some
17:03 of the supplies, isn't he. They walked, and walked,
17:07 and walked, do you get tired Tyler when you walk,
17:09 and walk, and walk. I do too sometimes,
17:12 but it's good for us. When they got to the
17:15 top of the mountain, Isaac looked around
17:19 and he said father we have the wood for the
17:23 offering, and we have the fire here for the offering,
17:27 but where is the lamb. Then father told him.
17:32 He said my son, God has provided an offering,
17:38 he will provide it, and then he told him that
17:41 God wanted him to be the offering.
17:43 Isaac loved God and he said if that was God's will,
17:48 then he was willing to die,
17:51 if that's what it was, and Abraham even
17:54 though he loved his only son so much.
17:59 He was willing to do what God ask,
18:01 and just as he raised the knife,
18:03 God said don't take your son's life.
18:08 I know now that you love me more than you
18:11 love your son, and Abraham looked and what did he see.
18:15 A goat. He saw an offering yes, a ram right in,
18:21 a sheep right in the bush there didn't he,
18:24 he is all caught in the picker brush isn't he,
18:26 and he became the offering.
18:28 You know boys and girls do you love Jesus
18:32 more than anything. Tyler do you love Jesus more
18:36 than anything. I do too. Boys and girls,
18:41 always remember that Jesus loves
18:44 you very, very much, and he wants us to love him too.
18:57 Hi, boys and girls. We are helping Ms. Cinda today.
19:00 And I am so glad you came.
19:02 Do you know what Ms. Cinda, I asked Farmer Mike
19:06 if he would go out in his garden and get me all
19:09 kinds of vegetables, so you guys could taste them,
19:13 that's sound good. Yes, and we are going to put it,
19:17 I am gonna get you to help me make a dip,
19:19 and we are gonna stir it up, so let's see how
19:23 about if you too help me with the parsley,
19:26 and Jades can you lean over.
19:29 May be Auntie Linda let Jades stand right
19:32 here by you. Alright Jades.
19:34 Can you Noah, can you and Jades put in,
19:37 put in my, this is called Vegenaise. Okay.
19:41 Its Grapeseed vegenaise, you know,
19:43 grapeseed oil is very good for you and grapeseeds
19:45 are very good for you. You don't have to.
19:48 You are gonna put this in here for me. What?
19:51 You want to put this in here for me,
19:54 and well how about if I do it. I'll go like this
19:57 and you should stir it up. Okay. Okay.
19:59 Oh, you want to help it, you want to do it now.
20:01 No. You want to stir up. Yeah.
20:03 Okay. There we go, how about,
20:07 now you can help stir it. Here Jades come here,
20:10 you can come right here by me, and there now you
20:14 stir it and I am gonna put this bowl over here.
20:17 Oh! Watch out. Can you two, can you two take a
20:21 little sprinkle of that, and lets see, stir it,
20:26 here is the spoon, there he go here is another
20:29 spoon Tyler. Can you put a little bit sprinkle of
20:31 parsley in. Oh, that looks good. Good job guys.
20:38 Okay, may be little more parsley.
20:42 Okay can you guys stir it up little bit more.
20:44 Oh, you like the parsley. You guys like the parsley.
20:49 Okay are we ready to taste. Okay, I think that's
20:55 enough parsley. Now you know what you guys
20:59 can take your plates, I put the parsley in here,
21:02 and put some vegetables on,
21:03 put what vegetables you would like on your plate.
21:06 Okay, I'll bring it over to you Hannah.
21:08 I want broccoli. I want a carrot. I want a broccoli.
21:13 You want broccoli, alright you can dip it.
21:17 Let's put some dip on your plate.
21:18 I don't like this. You don't want the dip.
21:21 You like tomatoes. You want some dip, okay.
21:23 He got away from you almost. There you can dip it
21:28 in there and try it and see what it tastes like.
21:30 You want to have more tomatoes. Broccoli.
21:35 You want a piece of broccoli. You like broccoli.
21:36 Put in there, you want another one.
21:38 Oh, you know what broccoli is very, very
21:41 good for you boys and girls. You should eat
21:43 broccoli everyday. Did you know broccoli
21:47 is that good for you. Do you want a little dip?
21:51 We have those kind of tomatoes at home.
21:53 You know what those are called grape tomatoes,
21:56 they are little tiny tomatoes,
21:58 and they are called grape tomatoes.
22:00 I have it too. Well, a raw tomato like that.
22:04 This looks really good. And you know this is a
22:06 really healthy snack boys and girls.
22:08 If you kind a, just kind a hungry,
22:10 and you just want a little something there by,
22:13 ask your mommies if you can have some fresh
22:15 vegetables because they are very healthy for you
22:18 and they are very good. Okay.
22:20 Isn't that wonderful that Jesus made us so many nice
22:23 vegetables. I am glad he set the sunshine,
22:26 so it would help them grow. I know,
22:30 I love the sunshine. Do you guys like
22:34 coming to Ms. Cinda's Kitchen. Yeah. Is it fun.
22:37 Yes, yes. I just like to cheer with the white leaves.
22:41 Because you never know what you are gonna do
22:43 in the kitchen isn't it. It can be,
22:48 there can be lots of fun things.
22:50 What would you like Noah. I think Tyler like this.
22:53 Tyler do you like the tomatoes, are they good.
22:56 I have broccoli. Okay, you can have another broccoli.
23:00 I don't want another. Boys and girls remember
23:02 to always go in the kitchen and help your mommies
23:05 and daddies, because being in
23:06 the kitchen is lots of fun.
23:16 Yes, it's sing time. And I also have a special verse
23:21 to share, and it's found in Matthew 13:43,
23:28 Then the righteous. Then the righteous.
23:33 Will shine forth. Will shine forth.
23:37 As the sun. As the sun.
23:41 What does righteous mean Farmer Mike.
23:43 Well, I think it means when we ask Jesus into our
23:47 heart, then everything is made right with God.
23:51 That's right. Well you know boys and girls,
23:55 we were talking about sunshine and Jesus wants
23:57 us to be a sunshine for him. Can we put our smiles on.
24:00 Yes, we are gonna sing Jesus wants me for a sunbeam.
24:04 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam,
24:09 To shine for Him each day;
24:13 In every way try to please Him,
24:17 At home, at school, at play. Smile.
24:22 A sunbeam, a sunbeam,
24:27 Jesus wants me for a sunbeam;
24:31 A sunbeam, a sunbeam, I'll be a sunbeam for Him.
24:41 Who makes the sunshine? Jesus.
24:44 That's right, Jesus makes the sunshine.
24:50 Oh, who can make the sunshine,
24:53 I am sure I can't, can you,
24:57 Oh, who can make the sunshine,
25:00 know one that God is true.
25:04 Let's try that one again. Let us sing that Caleb.
25:07 Oh, who can make the sunshine,
25:11 I am sure I can't, can you,
25:14 Oh, who can make the sunshine,
25:18 know one that God is true.
25:24 Well let's just open up our hearts
25:27 and let the sunshine come in, okay.
25:30 So, let the sunshine in, face it with a grin
25:38 Smilers never lose and frowners never win
25:43 So, let the sunshine in, face it with a grin
25:49 Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.
25:55 Auntie Linda, I believe the sun and the sunshine
25:59 is a special gift from God for us.
26:01 I notice even the animals on my farm like
26:04 it when the sunshine comes out, they seem happier.
26:07 You know what I become unhappier
26:09 when the sunshine comes out.
26:10 I know I am. Let's sing that song
26:13 again and let's clap our hands this time.
26:16 Oh, let the sunshine in, face it with a grin
26:23 Smilers never lose and frowners never win
26:27 So, let the sunshine in, face it with a grin
26:33 Open up your heart and let the sunshine in.
26:40 I like that song. I do too, I love the sunshine.
26:46 Well lets bow our heads and close our eyes,
26:49 and Hannah would you have a special prayer for us
26:53 and then let's keep our eyes shut,
26:54 maybe Farmer Mike can say a special prayer too.
26:56 Dear Jesus, thank you for the sunbeam flowers
27:01 and the sun in Jesus name, amen.
27:04 And thank you Jesus at the rain and the sunshine
27:09 help us grow. And my animals like it too, amen.
27:13 Dear Jesus, thank you very much for the bucks
27:17 and we are making it very well, amen.
27:22 Jesus loves when we pray to him.
27:27 That's all the time we have for today.
27:29 We will see you next time.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember
27:53 God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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