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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Fresh Air

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 I just love being out here in the fresh air.
00:31 Me too. Its fun, isn't it?
00:33 Oh! Hi, boys and girls. Can you say hi Hannah?
00:36 Hi. Georgie can you say hi too.
00:39 We are so glad you are here,
00:41 but Jesus is really happy that you are here.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:50 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:55 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:58 Jesus knows your name.
01:01 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:08 Well, we have lots of fun things planned for today.
01:12 Common let's go on inside and get started.
01:16 Oh! Hannah, we can't wait. Oh! Hannah,
01:20 we are getting a phone call.
01:22 Here Georgie you stay with Hannah and be good.
01:27 Hello, this is Aunty Linda. Hi! Aunty Linda.
01:31 Is this Anthony? Yeah, Aunty Linda.
01:36 We fly out a kite way up in the sky one time I fly it,
01:43 flying the kite and then it was
01:45 all gone and it was way up high.
01:50 That sounds like you had a lot of fun flying your kite.
01:55 Yeah. I would wind it up and try to bring to the
01:59 fishing pole and that goes up in air.
02:07 Wow! That was fun. I'm so thankful that Jesus made
02:12 the fresh air for us. Is there anything else
02:14 you want to tell me? Oh! I don't know.
02:18 Well okay. I'll talk to you later.
02:20 I've got a feed Freddy right now.
02:23 Good bye Aunty Linda. Good bye Anthony.
02:26 That was Anthony Isansi. He sure had fun flying his
02:30 kite. Freddy, oh! you are hungry. Aren't you?
02:35 You want to give him a flake of food, not too much,
02:38 just a little bit. Yeah. There you go and go Freddy.
02:44 Oh! We have somebody at the door. Come in.
02:49 Oh! Aunty Linda. Oh! I'm so happy to see you.
02:53 Me too. I don't know Hannah was here with us.
02:57 Yes. Hi Hannah. You are in just in time for worship.
03:00 Oh! I'm so happy, I tell you, I just came home
03:04 from work. Oh! Kitty and I was just thinking
03:08 I really wanted to go and worship with friends
03:10 right now. Oh! Good. So, I had to stop by.
03:13 Oh! Kitty cat has just reminded us that it's
03:16 time to ring our worship bell. Could you like to ring
03:18 our worship bell for us today? I would love too.
03:21 Okay and boys and girls, you sing along.
03:24 Worship bells so sweet, calling us to meet,
03:28 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:35 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:43 Oh! I love that song. I do too. This is a special time,
03:48 where we all get excited because we want to see
03:50 what's in our worship present box.
03:55 Oh! We have a letter from Jesus.
04:00 Yes, let's see what Jesus has to say.
04:04 Oh! Yes can you say Psalms 107. Psalms 107.
04:10 One. One. Ms. Elima will say it with us.
04:14 Oh! Give thanks to the Lord. Oh! Give thanks to the Lord.
04:20 For he is good. For he is good. Yes, he is. He sure is.
04:27 Let's see what else is in our box. Oh! We have a branch.
04:33 Oh! What do you feel? Air. What do you feel? Fresh air.
04:41 That sounds good. Ms. Elima, what can you tell us
04:42 about fresh air. Well Aunty Linda, every night
04:46 when it's time for me to go to bed, I open up the
04:48 bedroom window in my room just so I can let all the
04:52 fresh air come in and I can sleep peacefully
04:55 and feel it on me, and it feels so good.
04:59 How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?
05:01 I feel so good when I wake up in the morning like
05:03 I've just been, just floating with the wind.
05:08 Do you like fresh air? Every morning I had one day,
05:14 I went outside and I felt the fresh air.
05:18 You did, do you like to play outdoors.
05:22 What do you like to play? I like to play in the grass
05:26 and pick a flower and then again silently
05:28 bring it to my mom. Oh. Oh!
05:31 I bet that makes her so happy.
05:34 Well, I'm so glad that Jesus made the fresh air for us
05:38 to enjoy. You know someday Jesus is going to take
05:42 his home to heaven and there is gonna be, oh there is
05:46 gonna be so much wonderful fresh air in heaven.
05:50 I can't wait. Do you another surprise.
05:52 Yes, Jesus is gonna come in the air and he is gonna take
05:56 us home to heaven, and he is gonna be on the cloud.
05:58 Oh! I can't wait Jesus to come back.
06:02 Isn't that wonderful? I can't either.
06:03 I wanna be ready when Jesus comes. I like angels.
06:07 You like angels, I do too. So do I?
06:10 Well, let's kneel down and let's thank Jesus.
06:12 He is so good and kind to us and Hannah
06:15 would you have a prayer with Ms. Elima.
06:17 We will be in my knees, I will fold my hands,
06:24 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
06:30 and very, very quiet be while the prayer is said.
06:38 Dear, Jesus take care for the angels and thank you
06:43 for having Cinda, and thank you for my mom and dad
06:48 and thank you for Aunty Linda in the name of Jesus, Amen.
06:52 And Dear Jesus thank you so much for all the fresh air
06:55 that you gave us because it makes us feel so good.
06:59 Amen. Amen.
07:02 Oh! I just love Jesus. I just really enjoy
07:05 worship Aunty Linda. Thanks for coming.
07:08 All those for the fresh air. Yes come in and see us
07:10 again. I will. Boys and girls, it's now time for us
07:14 to go see what farmer Mike has for us
07:16 at the barn. Common let's go.
07:23 Farmer Mike, farmer Mike. Hey who is here?
07:27 Oh! Good my buddies are here today.
07:30 Hi! Farmer Mike. Oh! I am so glad you
07:32 guys come to see me on the farm again.
07:35 We are excited, do you something special today?
07:38 Oh yes, sit down I got to tell you,
07:39 I got to tell you what we are doing. Come in and sit down
07:41 real quick, I got to tell you. This is gonna be so neat.
07:44 Oh! Alright. My next door neighbor Dale,
07:47 you remember Dale and Jeanne of course. Mr. Dale.
07:50 Mr. Dale is gonna come in and show us
07:52 something today that he found on his farm.
07:56 Oh! I want to know what it is. Hi Mike.
07:58 Here he comes. Hi, Mr. Dale. What is that?
08:02 Look what he has got? You want to sit here
08:03 and show these guys what you got, look at this.
08:06 Well that's a snake. What is that Rebecca?
08:10 That's a snake. What kind of snake is it?
08:13 Is it a big snake? That's big.
08:17 And look at the color on.
08:18 What kind of snake is that farmer Dale?
08:21 A very rare, it's albino corn snake.
08:23 Albino corn snake. Look at that. Can you touch it?
08:28 They hang around in the woods,
08:29 around barns and stuff, and
08:30 that's where I found in my barn.
08:31 And that's how you found him, wow.
08:33 I know lot from grandpa and grandma. You did what.
08:36 I got lot of grandpas and grandmas.
08:39 Yeah you got grandmas and grandpas too, that's right.
08:43 And he is not mean. This one won't bite.
08:47 Yes, Steven what does the snake say,
08:49 does it make a noise? How does this snake go?
08:53 Can you guys show me how snake go. Do you guys know?
08:56 Ssssshhhhh. That's right. That's right Steven.
08:59 Lets all do that. Let's all do that back to him
09:01 everybody. Keep away it will bite you.
09:03 No, he won't bite. Let's hear at him,
09:04 let's hear at him, let's hear at him, Sssshhhh.
09:07 Could you do that back? That's good. Good job.
09:14 Well what would they like to eat?
09:15 Oh! They eat bugs, crickets and some mice around the
09:19 barns. And some mice. So they got a good purpose,
09:22 they are doing something good for us Steven. Yes.
09:23 They help a lot in the barn, keep lot of
09:26 bugs and mice and stuff like that.
09:28 You know when I see a snake, is it a tie or what,
09:31 one of the first things I think about
09:32 is you remember in the Bible and the Garden of Eden,
09:37 and it was a snake that came and started lot of trouble,
09:40 and a lot of people because of that think that all
09:43 snakes are bad and many of them are dangerous.
09:47 He is kind of pretty. Yeah, but he is kind of pretty.
09:50 See look at his marks on Rebecca.
09:52 How are you gonna know when one is dangerous
09:54 and when one is not? What should you do if you see a
09:56 snake somewhere? What do you think?
10:00 We should tell mommy and daddy.
10:02 Right, always ask your mommy and daddy. It bite me.
10:05 Right. You think he does.
10:07 Well tell us some more things, anything else
10:10 we need to know, I like his coloring
10:12 because it got all those little, I don't know
10:14 what you call, what you call those little dots.
10:16 It's a pattern. The dots are here.
10:18 Yeah the pattern. Snakes have patterns,
10:19 different colors. What does it eat?
10:21 They eat bugs and crickets. He just told us
10:23 mice and bugs. And mice and crickets.
10:26 All that kind of stuff. I'm sorry I didn't hear him.
10:29 Yes I do. Sylvia look at his eyes, you see his eyes.
10:34 It's gonna curl. Oh! Look at he can curl.
10:38 They like to hide, they are very shy.
10:40 Oh! Look at he is hiding under that.
10:44 Oh! Look how fast he is. He is going under there,
10:46 he is really fast. Yeah, he went almost
10:48 completely out of sight, that's amazing.
10:50 Lot of snakes are scared of new things and you are them.
10:54 Now you are not afraid of snakes at all.
10:56 Don't like. No, I caught snakes all my life.
10:59 Wow! I was bitten by poisonous ones.
11:03 But of course children as we were saying always
11:05 should ask their mommy and daddy.
11:06 Should be very cautious. I don't want it.
11:08 Be very careful outside, they walk up to dangerous ones.
11:11 Do you think that snake would like us to sing to it?
11:12 Probably, wow lets sing our song,
11:16 lets sing our song, let's watch his eyes,
11:17 and see if he can tell or sing, okay.
11:19 Okay. Alright, here we go.
11:24 I like to go to the farm where the cows mow, mow,
11:28 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
11:32 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:36 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
11:41 Well, thank you Mr. Dale for bringing him.
11:44 Oh thank you Mr. Dale.
11:46 I'm going to take the snake back to the barn
11:47 and turn it loose. It is so interesting,
11:48 so he can catch some mice for me.
11:50 Well, can you tell the snake goodbye?
11:52 Bye, bye. Tell Mr. Dale and Mike bye.
11:56 Bye, bye. You guys come back. Well okay let's go.
12:01 They weren't afraid, thank you farmer Dale. Thank you.
12:04 Bye, bye.
12:11 Sylvia and Hannah and I are out for some fresh air.
12:13 Come along with us.
12:15 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:19 a walk today, a walk today,
12:23 Shall we go for a walk today,
12:27 to see what God has given.
12:33 Oh! I can see things are growing in the garden
12:37 and we've got some flowers to see.
12:39 What else have we to see today.
12:41 We've got carrot. Carrots, oh yes.
12:44 Oh! No, let's be little quiet, tip toe over
12:48 and follow me. I see something on the apple buds,
12:52 a little eagle. Come over here, it's a eagle.
12:55 It's an eagle. That's an eagle.
12:58 Do you know that, that is a beautiful eagle isn't it?
13:02 He loves soaring in the fresh air
13:05 and it flies up really, really high,
13:08 but do you what else is special about those eagles.
13:10 What? Those eagle they only,
13:15 they mate for life that means they just have one daddy.
13:19 And when their mate dies, they will never get another
13:24 one, but not until then. Do you know how many babies
13:28 they usually have? Do you know Sylvia?
13:33 How many guess? Can you guess?
13:40 They have usually two. Two.
13:44 Two, yes and you know how the momma takes care of them.
13:49 How? When the babies are born the mommies stays
13:52 right there in the nest with the babies,
13:55 and she doesn't leave them, and the father goes flying
13:58 in the fresh air and he goes over and he gets some fish
14:02 and he brings it back, but the father doesn't feed the
14:04 baby. You know when he brings it to the mommy eagle
14:08 and the mommy eagle feeds the baby,
14:11 until they are about three weeks old.
14:13 And then you know what happens?
14:15 What? Then the daddy and mommy both go
14:22 and they fly and they help get the food
14:25 and then the daddy eagle helps feed the babies.
14:29 And while they are gone the little babies,
14:32 can you flap your wings. The little babies practice
14:35 and they practice flapping their wings,
14:39 and then one day the mom and daddy come back
14:42 and they land in a tree a little ways away
14:44 from the babies. The babies are so hungry and they are
14:48 flapping their wings, and the mommy and daddy eagle
14:52 tell them in their language that if you want to eat
14:55 you have to come and fly to the tree to us,
14:57 and so the little babies are hungry,
15:00 and so they fly high in the sky over to the tree
15:05 and they get their food. And that's how the mommy eagle
15:08 teach them how to fly, isn't that neat.
15:11 I'm so glad that God made the beautiful eagles,
15:19 aren't you? God made the beautiful eagles,
15:23 I know, I know, God made the beautiful eagles
15:30 Because he loves me so.
15:41 It's story time boys and girls.
15:45 I have Titus with me today and Sylvia
15:47 and we have a story about the beautiful gate.
15:50 Peter and John, can you see Peter and John.
15:53 Yes, they are right here. They like Jesus so much
15:57 they wanted to tell others about Jesus so they are
15:59 headed to the temple. They are telling the people
16:03 how much Jesus loves them, and that Jesus went to
16:06 heaven, but he is gonna come again someday.
16:09 As they went to the gate beautiful,
16:13 they saw somebody at the gate.
16:15 Can you find somebody sitting on the ground?
16:19 Right here yes it was a beggar man,
16:24 and he didn't have any food.
16:27 Do you know what he was saying?
16:30 Give me some food, give me some food.
16:34 Peter and John looked at him and they said we don't
16:38 have any food, but what we have we will give you in the
16:43 name of Jesus stand up and walk.
16:48 Could Jesus help him? The beggar man wondered,
16:52 he took a hold of Peter's hand.
16:54 Can you take my hand. He took hold of his hand.
16:58 He stood up, he started jumping and jumping.
17:02 He was so excited, look what he is doing.
17:04 His crutch up in the air, he is so happy,
17:07 he has never walked before. He said thank you Peter,
17:11 thank you John. And they said we didn't make you well,
17:15 Jesus made you well. It was by Jesus power that you
17:20 can walk. Can you see his old crutch Titus,
17:23 where is it? That's right, its right there.
17:27 He doesn't need his crutches anymore.
17:30 Yes, these were some men and they weren't so happy
17:33 about it, were they? But all the little children were
17:37 happy and the man was happy and you know what Jesus was
17:42 happy too because he loves to make us well
17:45 and he likes to heal us. You know why boys and girls
17:49 because Jesus is your friend and
17:51 he really-really loves you.
17:59 Hi, boys and girls. We are making snack mix today.
18:04 We are do you know why Ms. Cinda is making snack
18:08 mix today. Why?
18:09 Because I want you to be able to go outside and enjoy
18:14 the fresh air Jesus made for us. So I thought it would
18:19 be extra special if you took a little snack with you.
18:22 What do you think about that? I love picnics.
18:25 Okay. I want cereals. You can have cereals,
18:29 so here is what you do. Take and boys and girls
18:32 you can make this at home with your mommies and daddies.
18:34 I've got all kinds of little snacks here
18:38 and you put your favorite in your bowl and then
18:41 Ms. Cinda is gonna give you a special container to take
18:44 home with, okay. Alright, okay.
18:47 Jasmine wants cereals, so here is some cereal.
18:50 What do you want? You want, you want pretzel.
18:53 Okay Noah, what would you like? I want this.
18:56 You want some crackers or you want some wheat sheaf.
19:00 Okay what else do you want now? I want that.
19:02 Oh! You like the corn ones. Okay Sylvia
19:06 what are you having. Oh! You want some different kind
19:09 ones now. Okay there are some crackers right there.
19:12 Okay put pretzels in yours. Oh! That's an awful lot of
19:17 cereals once you put some other stuff in that now.
19:21 You want some crackers in there.
19:23 Kelly you want cereals. Yeah.
19:26 No. Would you like some sheaf mix. Yeah.
19:28 Okay. Let's give someone else the pretzels.
19:31 Noah would you like some pretzels.
19:33 No. You want nuts Noah.
19:35 Would you like nuts and Sylvia would you like
19:37 pretzels. Okay I want nut. Yeah. Here we go
19:39 Alright, would you like some cereals a blue one?
19:43 Okay, what' your favorite thing to do outside.
19:49 You like to eat pretzels outside.
19:50 What is your favorite thing to do outside?
19:53 I'll have fun. I like to eat outside.
19:56 You like to eat outside. I like to eat outside too
20:00 boys and girls. Taylor what you like to do outside?
20:04 Eat those. Oh! You like to eat crackers.
20:07 And crackers and cereals. You like to swing and swing,
20:09 so slide on the slides. Yeah.
20:11 Noah what do you like to do outside?
20:14 Play outside. What do you play?
20:16 That's fine. Ride a bike.
20:18 Oh! I like to ride bikes too.
20:22 Jasmine what do you do outside?
20:25 Can I have your cereals? You do, and do you like to,
20:30 do you like to, is there anybody like to take a walk
20:34 in the woods. You want some of these Taylor.
20:36 Do you like to take a walk in the woods? No, I don't go.
20:39 Yeah, yeah, okay, alright. What would you,
20:43 what would you like Noah, would you like.
20:45 I want some more pretzels. Oh! You like the pretzels,
20:48 okay you are about ready you want some nuts.
20:52 No. Boys and girls you can just get all of your
20:54 favorite snacks and put them in the bowl together
20:57 and then you can put it on those special little
20:59 container or even a baggy works.
21:01 Like those are the berries Noah.
21:03 Ms. Cinda are you. Aunty Linda found little surprised.
21:08 I found little surprised. Oh! Look here aunty Linda.
21:13 Look at what we got. They are little piggies?
21:16 What did the piggy say? Aren't they cute?
21:18 What the piggy say Nova. What's the piggy say?
21:27 So what's the piggy says. Do we take this?
21:32 Oh! Let me help you Noah. Now go like this let's
21:34 unscrew the lid like this. There you go.
21:37 Taylor can you put the snack mix in there?
21:40 There we go, Oh good job Noah.
21:43 May be he might want to use this.
21:45 Okay and then you will get to take this with you
21:50 and then you can take them out of sight,
21:52 some nuts are going away, and that way when you are
21:53 playing you have a healthy little snack to give you
21:55 more energy. What do you think about that?
21:59 Isn't Jesus wonderful to give this fresh air,
22:02 and beautiful sunshine, you know what.
22:05 Oh! I will get it for you Noah.
22:06 I even like to be outside in the ring.
22:08 Who likes to play in the ring? I do. I do.
22:11 You like to play in the ring Noah. Yeah.
22:13 I like the squash in the puddles.
22:15 You are making it mess. Oh! You keep making it,
22:17 how about if I help you. Well boys and girls remember
22:22 that when your mommies are in the kitchen
22:24 and even if your mommy is not in the kitchen say mommy
22:27 can we go in the kitchen and make something really
22:29 special because cooking in the kitchen is
22:32 so much fun. Yes.
22:40 Yes, sing time. And we love sing time.
22:46 We do. We also love our memory verses.
22:49 Do you know, where our verse is found today.
22:51 I know, I know, I know, where is Sylvia.
22:53 Psalms. That's right. Psalms 107 verse 1. Verse 1.
23:00 Oh give thanks. Oh give thanks.
23:04 To the Lord. To the Lord.
23:06 For he is good. For he is good.
23:10 We have been talking about fresh air and God's special
23:14 gift to us, and we are gonna sing a song
23:16 about the wind, okay. Oh! Like this.
23:20 The wind is gently blowing, blowing, blowing.
23:28 The wind is gently blowing, showing God that love.
23:36 Okay, let be trees, the trees are gently swaying.
23:40 The trees are gently swaying, swaying, swaying.
23:48 The trees are gently swaying, showing God that love.
23:56 No, the wind was blowing and
23:59 the trees were swaying over here.
24:03 Well you know the wind was blowing out in the lake too
24:06 where Peter, James and John were.
24:07 Can you make a little sailboat.
24:10 I got it. You got your sailboats.
24:13 Boys and girls do you have yours. Okay.
24:16 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
24:21 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
24:25 Peter, James and John had a little sailboat.
24:29 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:33 Fished all night caught no fishes.
24:37 Fished all night caught no fishes.
24:42 Fished all night caught no fishes.
24:46 Out on the deep blue sea.
24:51 Jesus said fish on the other side.
24:55 Jesus said fish on the other side.
24:59 Jesus said fish on the other side.
25:03 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:06 Get ready. Get ready.
25:08 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:10 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:12 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:14 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:18 We will sing that last part again
25:19 then their boat was filled with fishes.
25:21 I'm gonna do little faster. You wanna do it faster.
25:25 Oh! I get the wind blowing out here.
25:28 Okay, let see if we can go it faster.
25:31 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:33 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:35 Then their boat was filled with fishes,
25:37 Out on the deep blue sea.
25:42 The waves are washing.
25:44 Even they caught fish The waves are washing.
25:46 Well, Jesus does love us and do you know what he loves
25:49 all the children of the world. Let's sing that one.
25:52 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
25:55 Jesus loves the little children
26:00 All the children of the world.
26:04 Red and yellow, black and white,
26:06 All are precious in his sight.
26:09 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
26:13 I think this is a little children
26:15 and I think he is precious.
26:17 So we are precious too, we have Steven, and Sylvia,
26:22 and who would you have Farmer Mike.
26:23 Rebecca. Rebecca.
26:25 Jesus loves her too, he loves Noah too.
26:28 That's right. Let's sing that again.
26:33 Jesus loves the little children,
26:38 All the children of the world.
26:42 Red and yellow, black and white,
26:45 All are precious in his sight.
26:47 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
26:52 Boys and girls let's hold our hands and close our eyes
26:55 and Noah is gonna pray for us. Okay, here we go.
26:58 Dear Jesus, thank you for all this day.
27:00 Thank you for momma and daddy.
27:02 Thanks for having Jeffery and Jeff's mom and dad,
27:06 and papa, thanks for making him, Jesus. Amen.
27:10 Amen. You are thankful for a lot of things,
27:14 aren't you Noah. I am too.
27:17 I am thankful that we can have sing time
27:20 because I love it. And now there is a rooster,
27:23 and he says that's all the time we have for today. Bye.
27:35 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye.
28:03 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:06 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:16 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world,
28:21 where God hears our voice.


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