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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Exercise

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:08 girls and boys, we live for Him around the world
00:13 we spread love and joy, we're colors of the rainbow
00:18 we're shining bright where we go.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:24 girls and boys.
00:28 Auntie Linda I'm exercising. You are Noah. Noah look
00:33 the boys and girls are here. Can you wave,
00:36 hi, to the boys and girls? Georgie wants to wave hi
00:41 to you boys and girls. Jesus is so happy
00:44 that you're here. I got my jumping rope.
00:46 Yes, you make Jesus happy just because you came.
00:53 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:57 welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:04 You made Jesus happy, just because you came.
01:09 I am so glad you did come boys and girls,
01:13 come on inside we have fun today, that's right Noah.
01:16 He is so anxious to get started.
01:18 I will bring my jumping rope.
01:20 Oh! Just leave the jump rope on the front porch,
01:22 the phone ringing. Okay. Oh! Who that can be?
01:28 Thank you, Noah. Hello this is Auntie Linda.
01:30 Hi Auntie Linda this is Forest.
01:35 Hi Forest, what are you doing today?
01:38 Did you call to talk about something special?
01:40 I want to talk to you about exercising.
01:45 Okay, what do you do to exercise?
01:48 I've a really big backyard, that I can run and play in
01:53 and there is lot of work to do back
01:55 in my backyard. Oh! Really,
01:58 what kind of work do you do?
02:00 there is a whole bunch of leaves back there
02:02 and I rake leaves and get lots of exercise.
02:08 You're right raking leaves is not only good exercise,
02:12 but it's helpful too. Thanks for calling Forest,
02:16 bye, bye. Thank you, Linda.
02:17 Bye, bye. I think Freddie want some food.
02:20 That's sounds nice. That was Forest.
02:22 I think Freddie wants some more food.
02:25 You think Freddie needs some food, Well,
02:27 come you sit right here Georgie.
02:29 I got it. Oh! That was Freddie
02:31 and he does need some more food.
02:33 Let's see, you want to give him some?
02:34 Yeah. Okay, let's sing to Freddie.
02:39 Can you feed him? Okay. I am glad today.
02:42 I am glad today for
02:45 dear Freddie, I am glad today,
02:48 thank you God in heaven. Oh! he not green there.
02:55 His not, well, we have somebody at the door.
02:58 Oh! come in. Hello. Hi, it's your Papa.
03:03 Hi Noah, how are you, oh! My oh!
03:06 Your just in time for worship, can you stay.
03:08 Oh! Yes, I want to do worship. Then I want to know if,
03:11 Noah could come and get little exercise with me.
03:14 Would you like to go get exercise with Papa?
03:16 With a Basketball. Alright.
03:17 Okay let's sit down for worship. Ha. Yeah.
03:19 Alright. Will kitty mind if we sit with him.
03:21 Yeah. Do you want to sit with the kitty?
03:23 Yeah. Oh! Yeah. Okay.
03:25 Let me put the ball down?
03:27 Kitty is reminding us, that it's time to ring
03:29 our worship bell. I will do it.
03:30 Yes, you can ring our bell Noah. Alright.
03:33 Sing along with us boys and girls.
03:36 Let's sing. Worship bell so sweet
03:40 calling us to meet. With our best friend Jesus.
03:46 Good! Come and worship here. Jesus will be near, smiling
03:51 when he sees us. Good job Noah.
03:56 Good job Noah. I was smiling.
03:57 You were smiling and you sang good,
03:59 papa was listening. And Auntie Linda
04:01 put the bell up. Okay. Thank you,
04:03 Now it's the special time, when kitty cat Georgie
04:08 and Noah we're going to see what's in our box today.
04:11 Oh! Wow! Oh! We have a letter from Jesus.
04:15 Oh! Oh! Yes, we have something special
04:21 it's in III John 2. Can you say III John 2 Noah?
04:25 III John 2. Good. Yes. It says Beloved.
04:30 Beloved. That means that Jesus
04:32 loves us so lot. I pray. I pray.
04:37 That you may prosper. That you may prosper.
04:42 In all things. In all things.
04:45 And be in health. Oh! be in health, that's good.
04:50 Oh! That's a wonderful Bible Verse.
04:52 It is. Noah, I wonder maybe
04:55 your Papa could help us to know.
04:56 How we could do that? Do you think so?
05:00 Oh! Yes, you know how Papa here.
05:02 Let me tell you something,
05:04 see this little basketball. Yeah.
05:06 Papa takes this basketball with some friends
05:09 and we go to gymnasium and we shoot
05:12 in the basket and you know what.
05:14 What happens when we shoot in the basket?
05:16 What. When we miss it
05:17 we have to run and get it and then we run.
05:20 We get exercise and it's fun when you exercise,
05:24 but it makes you healthy. Did you know that?
05:26 Yeah. Now let me ask,
05:28 yes it does, let me ask you how you get exercise?
05:31 What does papa do with your bicycles?
05:33 Where do I put in them in the back of my what?
05:35 And take you to ride them, where do we put
05:39 your bicycles? In the back.
05:45 Of my truck. Yeah. Oh! How fun.
05:48 And then we take Noah to 3ABN.
05:50 And then ride. And then we ride
05:51 and we ride and we ride some more don't we.
05:57 Now guess what's your doing,
05:58 when you do that. You're exercising
06:00 and that makes you grow big and tall
06:03 and strong. Because you breathing fresh air
06:06 Auntie Linda and your getting your heart rate
06:09 going real fast. Oh! and it feel so good
06:13 and it makes you healthy. Right.
06:17 I wanna be healthy. I do too. Me too.
06:20 You want to be healthy, because you exercise
06:22 with papa on your bicycle. Huh!
06:25 I have got something else in my box Noah.
06:28 This is a little ball, but you can take it
06:31 and you can use it to throw it and run after it,
06:34 then you can be healthy too. Right and you can
06:37 squeeze it too, that's good exercise.
06:38 Let me show you, let me show like this.
06:40 Oh! Yeah. Oh! Yeah that will build
06:42 your arms up and make big muscles for you. Oh! Wow.
06:46 Oh! You can a big muscle like your papa aren't you.
06:48 Let me see your muscle, show papa your muscle.
06:50 Oh Wow! good boy, alright.
06:53 Let's ask Jesus to help us get some good exercise.
06:57 Okay. Noah, will you and your papa pray for us?
06:59 Yeah. Okay. I want, first I want to.
07:02 You want to pray first okay let's fold our hands.
07:04 Close your eyes.
07:06 Dear Jesus. Okay. Thank you for papa
07:10 and Linda, and mom, and dad, and Justin, Haley, and Jessie.
07:16 Okay. And Justin. Alright. Amen. And Amen.
07:23 Amen, good. Let papa pray. Okay.
07:26 Dear Jesus thank you for your blessing to us
07:28 and thank you for fresh air and for sunshine
07:32 and for a good health and I pray not only
07:35 for Noah, but all the boys and girls watching.
07:38 They will only eat good foods and get plenty of fresh air
07:43 and exercise, so we could be happy,
07:45 healthy young boys and girls for Jesus. Amen.
07:49 Amen. Thank you for coming today.
07:52 You're welcome this was fun, Thank you Noah.
07:55 That was fun do you love papa.
07:56 And boys and girls, you get ready
07:58 because we're going to the barn to see farmer Mike.
08:00 Bye bye papa.
08:02 Farmer Mike, we're here. Oh! Hi everybody
08:09 I'm glad you came to the farm.
08:11 Hi Noah, glad you guys came to the farm.
08:13 I want show you what I got today,
08:15 it is really something special.
08:17 Noah what do you think these are Noah?
08:19 Oh, stand back there from the plate, better.
08:21 They are crabs. Oh! he is running away.
08:23 Oh! oh! Thank you for telling me that.
08:25 Crabs are away. They go running
08:27 every where sometimes.
08:29 That one go way. Look at this one see, he's in a shell
08:31 feel that shell Noah, feel that shell,
08:34 can you feel that shell? Yeah.
08:38 And these are special kind of crabs,
08:40 because they're called hermit crabs.
08:42 Hermit crabs. Hermit crabs,
08:45 I think that might be. I am not sure,
08:48 but I think it because they go down in their shell
08:50 and the sleep all alone. Oh! There he goes.
08:52 Uh! Oh! I'll get him, he is okay.
08:55 Yeah, Hermit crabs, so they stay alone
08:58 in their shell. But here is what funny,
09:00 this isn't even their shell, they just a find a shell
09:03 and they crawl inside of it and when they get bigger.
09:07 They have to find bigger shells all the time.
09:11 Okay, well, I'll tell you what. You guys.
09:13 Oh! he's, he got up! I know kneel down
09:15 there we're going to play a trick, kneel down right there.
09:17 Kneel down Jasmine. Kneel down there,
09:18 let's watch him real close and let's see
09:20 when they come out of their shells now.
09:22 Watch this; we'll turn him like this.
09:24 I will turn them like that;
09:26 now see their all in their shell, let see which one
09:28 comes out first. Maybe this one, lookee there.
09:31 Oh! He did it. Now this one,
09:33 there they go crawling off, with the shell on her back.
09:36 It's so cute. Levy did you see this thing?
09:40 Hey Levy did you see that.
09:43 Okay, now don't yell
09:45 because I think you are scaring him,
09:46 but listen and watch Levy, watch Levy.
09:49 Let see if he can see, what you think Levy?
09:51 He doesn't like it.
09:54 There he goes.
09:56 Here comes one, but Levy is not scared.
09:58 He just is looking that like what is that
10:00 trying to crawl on that plate.
10:01 Now let me ask you question.
10:03 It's so cute. Here is the question,
10:05 you guys always ask me. He's looking at you.
10:07 What do you think they eat? He's coming.
10:11 Ohh, he's not going to eat Levi that's for sure,
10:13 we're keeping him over here,
10:16 She said it eats grass. Grass.
10:17 Oh! it probably does some,
10:19 but there is something really special they eat.
10:21 They eat shrimp.
10:24 Shrimp. Do you guys like shrimp.
10:26 I don't ever eat shrimp myself,
10:29 I just don't like it.
10:30 But a lot of people eat Shrimp.
10:33 There is the other one that came out. Right.
10:36 Oh he went back in. Now see how they go back
10:39 here they come again.
10:41 I'll tell you they keep farmer Mike just working
10:43 all the time because they go off over there
10:46 and they go here. They kind of remind me
10:49 of little bit kid's just running all over the place
10:51 and having fun. Oh! Oh! Don't drop him though;
10:53 you didn't hurt him, because the shell protects them.
10:55 Do you think they'd like it if we sang to them? Yeah.
10:58 I don't know I never sang to a hermit crab.
11:00 Hermit crab but let's try. Oh! Okay. Okay.
11:02 Let's sing to them. Here we go.
11:04 "I like to go to farm, where the cows; moo, moo.
11:09 I like to go to farm, where ducks; quack, quack.
11:13 I like to go to farm, I like to go to farm.
11:17 I like to go to farm, we learn of Jesus"
11:22 Well that's a hermit crab, I want to show you.
11:25 Thank you so much, that was really fun.
11:27 Oh! I was glad you guys came to the farm.
11:30 That's right can you tell him good bye?
11:32 Good bye! Bye!
11:34 I'm going to miss you, there you go.
11:36 Okay let's go kids. Bye, bye come back
11:39 to the farm home. Come on Jasmine over here,
11:40 we can see those animals later come on honey,
11:43 come over here Jasmine. Good bye to hermit crabs.
11:46 I did. Come on Noah. No don't want to go.
11:48 Thank you so much. Bye, bye. Right. Bye, bye.
11:52 We're out for a walk come and join
12:00 Justin and Sylvia and I. shall we go for a walk today,
12:06 a walk today, a walk today. Shall we go for a walk today,
12:15 to see what God has given? Oh! Yes that's a hummingbird
12:22 and flowers. And look there is a hummingbird,
12:25 And look. Oh! There is the bee,
12:28 what else do we have? That's that's
12:31 Oh! There is the more, oh! Sylvia.
12:34 Look what Sylvia spotted, oh! I have to tell
12:38 you about this. You would like to hear
12:41 these two boys and girls come over here
12:42 Justin you sit on this side and Sylvia sit
12:44 right over here by me. I better not touch it.
12:47 Probably not, because it's really fragile, look it,
12:51 put all kinds of little things together,
12:54 looks like little grass and things.
12:57 Look at that little nest, do you know what size
13:00 there eggs are? No. They look like little peas,
13:05 do you like peas. No. You don't like to eat peas.
13:09 Do you like peas. No You don't,
13:12 well that's how big there eggs are, red.
13:17 Did you know hummingbirds love the color red?
13:20 Yeah. Like an apple. Like an apple
13:23 and the hummingbirds will fly to a red flower
13:27 and they will put their long little beak in there
13:29 and they will suck all the juice out of that the flower
13:31 isn't that neat. They will no one
13:33 can show suck the juice out of the flower.
13:36 Yes, hummingbirds like that, well you know.
13:39 I am so glad that Jesus made the hummingbirds for us.
13:43 Yep and he got the sharp mouth.
13:45 He does. God made the tiny hummingbirds.
13:51 I know, I know, God made the tiny hummingbirds,
13:59 because he loves me so.
14:09 Yeah, it's Story Time. We have a special story
14:15 for you to today, boys and girls.
14:16 Who is that girl. That girl is about
14:19 our story, her name is Hadassah.
14:21 Who is that man. Who is that man,
14:24 that man is Mordekhai her cousin?
14:28 Little Hadassah, she lost her mommy
14:31 and her daddy and she was all by herself
14:34 and so Mordekhai came to visit her
14:37 and she put her arms up to give him a big hug.
14:40 Do you like to hug, yes we like to hug
14:43 our mommy's and daddies don't we.
14:45 Do you put yours arms up high;
14:46 yes all you want to give him a big hug.
14:49 Well that what's she was doing,
14:51 she had her arms stretched up.
14:52 So that she could hug Mordekhai give him a big hug.
14:55 Mordekhai I loved little Hadassah.
14:59 He said, I taking you to live in my house
15:01 and at his house, he had a big house.
15:05 But Hadassah, she would take a broom
15:08 and she would sweep the floor.
15:10 Can you help sweep, yes how do you...
15:13 Can you sweep? Yes we can sweep the floor,
15:15 can't we and she took out the garbage and
15:19 she washed the dishes. Yes, Mordekhai said
15:24 you're such a good girl, thank you so much
15:28 for bring such a good helper. Every day,
15:32 she would take him his lunch, it's fun to take
15:36 daddy his lunch isn't it. Yes and that become,
15:38 Mordekhai became like a daddy to her
15:40 and she grew up and everyday even though
15:44 she was bigger, she would take the lunch
15:46 to Mordekhai. One day the king said
15:50 all the pretty girls had to come to the palace
15:53 and so Mordekhai took his little star
15:57 to the palace and he said. You're new name
16:00 is going to be not Hadassah anymore, what he did
16:04 he name her? Ester. Ester.
16:08 Can you say Ester? Ester.
16:10 He named her Ester which means a star
16:14 and he said Ester you've been a good little girl
16:19 for God all these years and I want you to be good,
16:23 here in the palace too. And Ester said,
16:26 I'll remember to always do what Jesus wants me to do.
16:30 Do you like to do it Jesus wants you to do?
16:33 What do you do special for Jesus?
16:35 I had do to read a Bible and I have a Bible
16:40 were in my case where I put a Bible.
16:44 You do, well it's good to keep our Bibles in cases,
16:47 because that will keep it nice as long as we take
16:49 it out and read it huh. Well Ester would read her
16:53 scrolls too, because their Bibles were not like our Bibles,
16:56 they're all rolled up like a scroll and she loved to read
16:59 her Bible too. And she read her Bible
17:02 and talked to Jesus, she loved Jesus.
17:04 Do you like to do special things for Jesus?
17:07 What do you like to do Julie? Pray for People.
17:11 You like to pray for people. That's a good thing to do.
17:14 Ester prayed for people too, well one day,
17:18 they took her and then all the maids
17:23 looked out and they said.
17:24 It's going to be your day Ester.
17:26 Well Ester was very good to her mate,
17:30 she made sure they had good food to eat
17:32 and when they were sad. She would pray for her maids,
17:35 wasn't that a good thing to do.
17:37 Yes, it's good to pray for people isn't it,
17:40 do you pray for people Hannah? Yes, I like to pray
17:44 for people too, well she did one then it was her time
17:48 to go before the king. Do you think the king
17:51 was going to make her queen? When she came before him
17:56 he saw the biggest smile on her face,
18:00 see if you can give me a big smile like that?
18:02 She had a big smile. Can you give me big smile?
18:04 yes, she had a big smile on her face and Mordekhai.
18:10 He was just praying and praying,
18:13 when the king saw her, he said that is my queen.
18:17 I want a queen that knows how to smile
18:19 and he has a kind heart and so she was made queen.
18:23 Well, boys and girls, can you remember
18:26 to smile for a Jesus today. Because he really,
18:30 really, loves you.
18:33 Hi, boys and girls. We're helping Ms. Cinda
18:42 makes something special today,
18:44 we are, do you boys want to help me and makes some cookies.
18:47 Yeah. Yeah, okay. Let see Tyler
18:52 you want do the flour. And I will do this.
18:55 Oh! I will add the carob chips in just a minute
18:57 or well good job, okay there is.
19:01 I do this now. You made you a little bit
19:03 of that Florida crystals. I will get it.
19:08 Oh! Good job, Justin. You must help your
19:11 mommy at home. And can you stride up
19:13 really good Tyler, you want to put
19:15 in some of our baking powder. I want too.
19:18 Oh! You want the cinnamon, okay.
19:20 Oh! Your guys are such good helpers.
19:24 And, well about this. Make sure you get it all out.
19:26 What about this. Oh! No we add the
19:29 carob chips at the very last after
19:31 we put in our liquid, okay. Oh! Yeah, oh!
19:34 Yeah put the vanilla and Justin can you stir?
19:37 What? Can you stir for me,
19:38 boys and girls, do you like to help
19:40 you mommies in the kitchen? No.
19:42 Oh! You do too. I hope you do,
19:47 because you can learn lots of things
19:50 when you're helping your mommy in the kitchen.
19:53 Justin how many brothers and sister do you have?
19:55 1, 2, 3. That's right.
20:02 Do you have any brothers and sisters Tyler, you don't.
20:05 I get cousins though. Oh! That's special,
20:09 you're going to put it in. Good job.
20:13 Oh! He got the, he put it on the spoon.
20:15 Yeah, he wants to put it in. Oh! Yeah let I put.
20:18 Pour a little bit, don't put it all Justin.
20:20 Just put little bit, because we may not need
20:22 all the liquid, okay just pour a little bit.
20:26 Okay let's stir it up, Tyler can you stir for us.
20:29 Okay, just wait, he gets it stirred up really good.
20:32 Oh! keep stirring, oh! stir, oh! stir, stir good oh!
20:39 Oh hurry, stir. Do you want to help him stir?
20:45 No. I think Tyler had some good muscles.
20:48 Tyler can you, lets not do any work.
20:49 Tyler can you stir some more, because.
20:52 The last one is this. That the last...
20:54 You know what you both can do that.
20:58 Justin you want to help me stir some more.
21:00 Yeah. Okay you stir and I'll pour
21:03 a little bit more the milk in. No I'll do it.
21:06 Oh! Okay. I'll put a little.
21:09 Aren't they good helpers boys and girls,
21:10 I bet you're good helpers too.
21:12 You know, Jesus wants us to be a good helpers.
21:16 No, we got to wait,
21:17 it's not all stirred up yet.
21:18 Justin's going to stir up for us.
21:20 Oh! Justin has some big muscles.
21:23 Let me put it over here by you Justin, oh! Good job.
21:27 Oh! That's looking good isn't it?
21:30 Oh! Now it's Tyler's turn.
21:32 Oh! Tyler it's your turn to stir. Oh! no, no, not yet.
21:35 We got to put, we got to get it all mixed up.
21:37 Oh! He's gonna make sure that those get in those cookies.
21:40 I think so. Boys and girls, you help him remember.
21:44 Done. That he's got a get all stirred up good.
21:47 Now let the last thing. Oh! Look. Is this?
21:50 Okay, now let see Ms. Cinda will help you.
21:54 Okay boys, I am ready for the carob chips,
21:58 okay you can put them in. Oh!
22:02 These look good, go ahead Justin.
22:07 Here is the spoon, can you get them
22:08 all with this spoon. All done.
22:10 Okay, now. Here we go, want to get
22:12 the rest of them out. Can you get your
22:13 spoon Justin, can you get your little
22:15 blue spoon and I want you take it by spoonfulls.
22:18 Here Tyler. And roll into a ball
22:21 and then put it on the cookie sheet, okay.
22:23 Wow okay. Oh! Bless you. Thank you.
22:29 These are gonna taste good. Yeah, what are we making?
22:33 You're making carob chip cookies, okay.
22:39 Now here you could make them into a ball.
22:43 Good job Tyler. Now me, can you make a cookie
22:48 and put it in the ball. You can put this down
22:50 because we don't need anymore.
22:51 No this suppose be... Good job.
22:54 I would. You can put on the tree
22:55 and make a other one. Justin can you make
22:56 cookie for us now. Yeah. Oh! Make a cookie for us.
23:00 Doing right now. Here he can make it for us.
23:02 Look for Oh! Look what Tyler did, that looks good.
23:05 You can make into a shape if you want.
23:07 Boys and girls, you can also make
23:10 look at all the little shapes you can make.
23:12 The boys are making some. Oh! That's a cute one.
23:15 What it is that? An elephant.
23:19 A elephant, maybe you could make.
23:23 What you making now? What's that gonna be?
23:28 We're not going to use that. Ms. Cinda I'm making a duck.
23:30 Oh! look what Auntie Linda made.
23:33 What you gonna make? Cookies.
23:35 You're going to make cookies, are you gonna shape
23:38 it like something. That's square.
23:40 A square let me see a square;
23:42 you shape one like a square for me.
23:45 But. I wanna make bunny rabbit.
23:47 Oh! and you could hop, and then Aunty Linda
23:51 going to hop like a bunny rabbit. What you guys think?
23:52 Ops! I made a square. Oh! Boys and girls,
23:57 you could make your cookies in all kind of shapes too.
24:01 Always remember, that it is fun to be in the kitchen.
24:04 It is!
24:05 Yeah, It's sing time. I know our memory verse.
24:16 You do. Where is it found. John.
24:21 That's right Third John. Third John.
24:26 And it's Third John and it's verse two.
24:28 Verse two. That's right and Jesus says, I pray.
24:32 I pray. That you prosper. That you prosper.
24:38 And be in health. And be in health.
24:41 You know it's very important that we stay
24:43 in good health, it is. We need to exercise
24:46 boys and girls, can you stand up and we have a song
24:49 that will help you remember. Okay.
24:53 We must do our exercise, exercise, exercise,
25:00 exercise; we must do our exercise every day.
25:07 Let sing one more time. We must do our exercise,
25:12 exercise, exercise, We must do our exercise
25:19 everyday and even the birdies will get their
25:26 exercise everyday.
25:28 They do when they fly or don't. They do. Okay.
25:30 Let's play we are little birdies flying, flying,
25:38 flying, let's play we're little birdies, flying,
25:46 flying, flying. Oh! How about you guys,
25:52 but I got lots of exercise. Flying all over the place.
25:55 Oh! Hannah says she's healthy now.
25:58 Are you happy too? Well let's sing' if you're happy
26:00 and you know clap you hands. I will clap hand.
26:03 Oh! Good. Sit right here Hannah.
26:05 If you're happy and you know it.
26:07 Clap your hands. If you're happy and you know it.
26:16 Then your life was surely show it.
26:17 If you're happy and you know it. Clap your hands.
26:23 You know, what I've like to sing. What. Amen.
26:26 Alright, if you happy and you know it. Say Amen.
26:28 Okay. If you happy and you know it. Say Amen. Amen.
26:33 If you happy and you know it. Say Amen. Amen.
26:38 If you happy and you know it.
26:40 Then your life was surely show it.
26:42 If you happy and you know it. Say Amen. Amen.
26:48 Now let's fold our hands boys and girls
26:50 and close your eyes. We gonna pray to Jesus right now.
26:54 Now let's pray. And we're gonna
26:55 have Sylvia is gonna pray today okay.
26:57 Fold your hands.
26:59 Okay. Thank you, Jesus,
27:02 thank you for this nice day. Please,
27:06 loves us in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. I wanna pray. Okay.
27:11 Jesus thank you for my mom and dad
27:17 in Jesus name. Amen. Amen. Nice good.
27:21 That was good. And there is our friend, the rooster
27:23 That's right,
27:25 that's all the time we've for today boys and girls.
27:26 Okay Bye, bye.
27:36 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:42 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you.
27:49 Good bye, good bye remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're Gods
28:07 girls and boys, we live for Him around the world
28:12 we spend love and joy we're colors of the rainbow
28:17 like shining where we go,
28:20 we're Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17