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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Trust

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:09 we live here and around the world
00:12 we spend love and joy
00:14 like how He start the rainbow
00:17 like shining bright like a rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.
00:28 You're doing a good job Slyvia.
00:30 Oh! Hi, boys and girls. Oh! Slyvia,
00:34 the boys and girls are here.
00:36 Let's put a dust right itself.
00:40 Alright so glad you come Georgia
00:42 really gald that you are here too.
00:44 Wave to the boys and girls and Jesus is glad
00:47 that you are here too.
00:51 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:55 Jesus love the children everyone the same
01:00 welcome welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your
01:05 name you made Jesus happy just because you
01:11 came. Jesus is happy isn't he?
01:15 loves to and we have taught the boys and
01:17 girls. Oh! I got a phone call. Can you keep
01:20 Georgia quite for me? Yeah.
01:21 Okay. Hellp, This is Aunty Linda.
01:25 Hi, Aunty Linda. This is Anthony.
01:28 Oh! Hi, Anthony. I'm glad you called.
01:32 We are talking today about trust in Jesus.
01:35 Have you ever lost anything?
01:37 One day, I lost my kitty in the garden
01:42 and I prayed to Jesus about it, when we went
01:46 went down there I just found it
01:48 Jesus helped me. Oh! I'm glad you
01:52 found your kitty, and I'm glad that you
01:55 trusted Jesus enough to ask him to help you.
01:58 He just helped me find that and so on.
02:02 And, I believing in a Jesus.
02:04 Oh! I believe in Jesus too. He is our best
02:08 friend. Well, it's time for us to feed ready
02:11 now. So, ahead better go. Bye Aunty Linda.
02:15 Bye. That was Anthony Eison see.
02:19 I'm so glad he called today. Oh!
02:22 That's Freddie. Freddie are you hungry?
02:25 Do you like to give Freddie a little
02:28 like a food. Oh! You wanna feeding
02:30 too much because we know, want him to get
02:32 sick. There he go Freddie, enjoy your food.
02:36 There you go Freddie. Oh! That's kiddy cat.
02:41 Well, Slyvia we better go and it's time to have
02:45 worship. Kiddy cat saying, it's time to
02:47 ring our worship bell. Thank you, Kiddy for
02:50 telling us. Yes, you are such a good Kiddy cat.
02:53 There we go. Boys and girls help us sing.
02:57 Worship bells are sweet calling us to me with our
03:04 best friend Jesus come and worship him.
03:09 Jesus will be here smiling when he sees us.
03:21 Now, it's a special time, you wanna put our
03:23 bell up. Oh! It's time to seeks with an our
03:27 present, right. I wonder words any
03:29 year today. Oh! We got a letter from
03:34 Jesus. I love letter from Jesus. Oh! Let's see what
03:39 Jesus has to say today. Oh! It's Some's 56:3.
03:46 Can you say Some's 56:3? Can you say that Sylvia?
03:50 Say Some's. Some's. 56.
03:53 56. 3. 3. Whenever.
03:58 Whenever. I'm afraid. I'm afraid.
04:02 I'll trust in you. I'll trust in you.
04:06 Oh! That's a wonderful message that Jesus gave
04:10 us. Oh! Let's see what else in our box.
04:16 Oh! We have a special picture. Who is this?
04:22 Umm! Who is this? Jesus. That's Jesus,
04:26 and does he love the little children? Yeah.
04:29 Yes, do you boys and girls that when I was
04:34 little. And he loves this boy. He loves that boy
04:37 too because Jesus love everyone doesn't he?
04:39 Yeah. Yes, Jesus does. Well, when I was little,
04:42 we didn't have any food in the house and so were
04:45 afraid, but the mummy said, we need to pray
04:48 to Jesus. So, we pray to Jesus and you know, what?
04:52 What? There was a knock at the door and someone
04:55 brought us lots and lots of food. Jesus is so good
05:00 to us, isn't he? Well, you know, Slyvia
05:03 let's ask Jesus to always help us to trust in him,
05:09 okay. Can you bend your knees?
05:13 Yeah, I'll be in my knees, I'll fold my
05:20 hands, I'll close my eyes, I'll bow my head
05:27 and then we they required be well the pray he said.
05:35 To your Jesus, help us all we used to trust in
05:40 you. We love you Jesus, Amen.
05:47 I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus?
05:50 Yeah. Oh! Yes. Well, boys and girls,
05:53 I know, you love Jesus too. Well,
05:56 right now, it's time to go see Farmer Mike,
05:59 come on, let's go.
06:07 Well, well I got that. Farmer Mike,
06:10 Farmer Mike. There is no past, give me
06:13 a hug, Oh! Give me, give me a hug.
06:16 Come on, here Justin, jumping aren't you?
06:17 Yeah. But we are all these so excited to see
06:20 here. Oh! Wonderful, Jene. I bounce something,
06:22 I'm so glad that you guys are here, I want to share
06:24 with you. What did you find
06:25 Ms. Tany. Dale with cutting some trees
06:28 down and one of the trees had some baby squirrels
06:32 in it. Oh! Look it there. Are they so cute.
06:38 Oh! Well, can we sit down and can you brought for
06:41 something card, I mean work it.
06:42 Let's sit down. Okay, let's sit down
06:45 every body. So, we can these squirrel.
06:48 That squirrels are great. Alright. Yes,
06:51 a cup wanted tray. Okay, now.
06:54 They come out for me. Yeah, come on,
06:55 come on you sit my knee, you sit me, look and see.
06:57 Right there. Sitting over just here,
06:59 okay, there alright. here has, so we can all.
07:01 There are two different kind. This little guy here
07:05 is a great squirrel. Okay. Oh! He is.
07:09 creasing that sound. Did you. What is that?
07:13 That's his tale. He has a very, very long
07:15 tale. Can you hold him over here to, so we can
07:17 see you. Can you see it?
07:19 Oh! Yeah. This is a little,
07:21 no, no put in your by you, he might bite
07:24 you, even though he is a baby. I touched the
07:26 tale. Oh! That's okay, if you touched it, yeah
07:28 that's fine. If you are to find one
07:31 of these add in the wild, you sitting a
07:33 bother, you used to tell your mom or your daddy
07:34 or an adult that you found it. Because even
07:37 they look like they're little and they would
07:39 make the good pet, they don't and they could
07:41 actually bite you and hurt you, hurt you.
07:43 And, they're just really trying to defend ourself.
07:46 That's right. They're just trying to take care
07:48 of themselves. Wow! These guys are little
07:50 that grace. You found two?
07:51 Yes, and they're not from the same letter
07:54 they're of different kind. Oh! Oh! He got
07:56 a big tales. So, they would just like friends
07:59 in that creature. Well, they'll cut down
08:01 a cup of tree. So, they might have
08:02 been grab a trees. Okay. Okay.
08:04 Okay, lying on three. I'm going to stay in
08:07 there, so don't worry now, okay.
08:08 Look at this one. See this one has a
08:09 red on him, this one is a fox squirrel,
08:12 and, and this squirrel even though, they're
08:15 the same size, this little one is younger.
08:17 Well, there his tale looks like a foxes tale.
08:20 Yes. Is there, we called a fox tale. Yes, yes
08:21 that's right, yeah. And because of the
08:23 red coloring. He is beautiful.
08:25 Like he is, yes he got. He is wanting to come
08:30 out. Yes, he is. A lot of people, see
08:32 a lot of squirrels you know, run an allover,
08:33 but I think, this is a closest, is this a closes
08:36 you ever been to a squirrel. Yeah.
08:38 Yeah, me too I think. Now, he is so beautiful.
08:41 And, he see very good. Yes, he can see very
08:43 well. He is younger than the other one, even
08:48 though they're about the same size. The fox
08:50 squirrel is bigger than the gray squirrel.
08:53 The gray squirrels are smaller. Are they afraid
08:55 of us? Yes, they're. So, they're very.
08:57 To some extint. Now, some of them live.
08:59 What honey? Some of them live in
09:01 trees in parks and then are if there, what do
09:06 they eat? They eat nuts.
09:07 Yes, you're right they do eat nuts.
09:10 How did in the trees? But these guys are
09:12 so little, they still need you know from
09:15 their mummy. So, we need to take
09:16 them few, I'm going to take them to them
09:18 to the rehab lady. I just want that you
09:20 guys to see them, and I'm going to take them.
09:22 They are very young. Yes. They still need to
09:24 know up from the mummy and they need
09:25 to go to do somebody who, if how to feed them.
09:28 They are still. And, Ms. Tuny,
09:30 where is there is one town that absolutely
09:33 fact, I know about a town where all the
09:36 squirrels in the town are quite. There is also
09:40 ones too. Oh! Black ones too.
09:42 Yes. Every squirrel in this town is white
09:45 and they, it's in Olney Elanoy and they
09:48 them the white squirrel. I'm not sure but I think
09:52 animal widely with the white ones are.
09:53 Oh! Okay. Hannahbelle misery
09:55 hannahbelle misery. Umm! Umm!
09:56 Well, my name is Hennah. Yeah, your name is Hennah,
09:59 but this name is Hannahbelle, Hannahbelle misery.
10:02 Oh! Yeah. Well have they got names Jacques,
10:04 sometime you know, babies. No, these guys
10:07 don't have names, their mummy might have names
10:08 then we didn't. Let's name and then we
10:10 have a so much fun, in fact to the meaningful.
10:12 I would he name Ross Plato. Ross Plato.
10:16 And live like of squirrel. What that
10:19 there squirrel. What that they're
10:22 enrolls have all. And, what would you name
10:24 him. Those are different names. What would
10:26 you name him. I would like that the.
10:27 About people out they coulkd think of names
10:30 point. I bet you boys and girls can think a
10:34 names too. Yeah. Umm! Umm!
10:35 I like to doing seized of them, alright.
10:39 Oh! Yeah. Lovely go to because you. Too.
10:41 Do you wanna that's in there. Yes.
10:43 Which one would name Ross pet. And, that ones,
10:47 who is going to name that one. Which one is
10:48 Ross plato along with their red or the other
10:50 one. Which one. This one in the gray
10:53 squirrel, you're gonna call Ross plato.
10:54 Now, let's do some for them. Okay.
10:58 Let's sing our sing and see how the squirrel
10:59 black. Through went your hand. Yes, here we go.
11:02 Here we go. Must sing.
11:03 I like to go the farm, where is the cows move,
11:07 move, I like to go to the farm, where the duck
11:11 quack, quack, I like to go to the farm,
11:14 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
11:16 I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
11:19 So many different animal, thanking come for bring
11:24 here and hold Ms. Lenin. Thank you Ms. Lenin.
11:27 Oh! Welcome, really welcome, I'm so glad,
11:28 you guys were here when we got. You got leaven.
11:30 We have to leave say Bye, bye, to the
11:32 squirrels. They might bite, so you go wanna.
11:36 Maybe when it comeback all bigger with them,
11:38 see him again. Bye, bye squirrel.
11:39 Bye, bye. Come on here.
11:40 Bye guys. Bye, bye.
11:42 Come on Steven, Justine. Come back
11:43 to the fun. They were wonderful.
11:50 Sylvia and I out walk for a walk,
11:51 come and join us.
11:55 shall we go for a walk today,
11:58 a walk today, a walk today,
12:02 shall we go for a walk today
12:06 to see what God has given,
12:10 Oh! I like, apples are pretty out there.
12:16 I workout the things that Jesus made for us.
12:19 Oh! What a ounces there for us to see.
12:22 I want to lend our leg.
12:23 Oh! What is it? A bird.
12:31 We will bother it though because, it's
12:36 mother made the little nest in a
12:39 flower pot. I got that's nice for the birdies
12:43 Oh! Look at and she work so hard to make
12:47 that little nest. I think the mama is
12:50 watching us somewhere, don't you think?
12:52 Ha, she probably us keeping an eye on her
12:54 baby, I'm sure and getting some food for
12:57 them Oh! They're so sweet. Do you like
13:00 baby birds. I do too. I'm so glad God made
13:04 this sweet baby birds for us to inch away
13:07 and to you. God made this sweet
13:12 baby bird and he is, I know, I know,
13:17 God made this sweet baby birdies
13:21 because he loves me so.
13:33 It's story time boys and girls and we have a good
13:36 story for you today Dudley Taylor.
13:38 Our story is about Jericho, the city of
13:43 Jericho. Ahh! Taylor, there is lot's of walls
13:47 around the city of Jericho and there is
13:49 somebody there, who is this?
13:51 A soldier. That's a soldier.
13:55 And, what do you think he is doing on the wall
13:58 they're? Guarding He is guarding, does
14:00 he think the enemies gonna come?
14:02 Yes. Alright, he thinks that too.
14:05 Well, and you know, the walls of Jericho were
14:10 so strong, the people when they're said,
14:13 Ah! No one can get into our city. Let them try
14:17 if we want, but they won't knock our
14:20 walls down because very strong.
14:23 Are you too strong. So, I don't think
14:27 guns so strong, but either, but they thought
14:29 their walls were so strong that they were
14:31 save. Do you think that they were save?
14:34 No, then he said, where are those
14:38 Israelites, all there, all those people across
14:41 the Jorden, I know they think, they're
14:45 gonna take our city, but ha, ha ha, they will
14:47 never take our city. Then one day, one of
14:51 people were looking out the window and they
14:54 said, Ha, Oh! Someone is coming and they heard
14:57 the watchman say, someone is coming
15:01 and army is coming. The people lying upon
15:04 the walls, the soldiers to a ready forum.
15:06 They had their spears ready, but all those
15:11 Israelistes did? Well, it's a mark surround
15:14 their city and then they just went home,
15:18 they didn't say anything, they just marched.
15:21 Now, that's a pretty funny way to fight.
15:25 Don't you think? Well, but next day,
15:28 they said, the watchman said, they're coming,
15:31 the enemies coming again, everbody got
15:35 ready, they got their spears ready, they
15:37 were ready to get up, but what I think do,
15:39 they just marched around to the home,
15:43 and then they went home. Well, now that's
15:47 a funny way to fight a war, don't you think?
15:50 boys and girls. Well, the people
15:53 thought so they do that the next day and third
15:56 day, they did at the fourth day, they did
15:57 at the fifth day, and the sixth day, the people
16:00 were so used to them just marching around
16:03 their city and going home, they felt those
16:07 crazy Israelites, they don't even know, what
16:11 they are doing, we are so save, let them do
16:14 what they want, we've God supporting
16:16 here anyone just didn't worried about it.
16:18 Did they have something to worry about Taylor?
16:21 Do you think God's with those Israelistes?
16:24 I think, we'll find out. Let see, what happened?
16:29 The seventh day, they came and they marched
16:32 around the city like they usually did and
16:34 all the people thought, they are probably go
16:37 home, no big deal. But instead, they marched
16:41 around again, the second time people say,
16:44 this is strange, they didn't do that yesterday
16:47 then they marched around that their time, then
16:51 they marched around the fourth time, they
16:54 marched around the fifth time, they marched
16:55 around the sixth time and everybody was lying
16:58 to now, when they were saying, Oh! Dear
16:59 what do you think is wrong, what do you
17:01 think is gonna happen? Ha, then the seventh
17:04 time, they marched around then they took their
17:09 trumpets, can you take your trumpet?
17:11 Bow your trumpet. And, then they shouted
17:17 really loud and all at once, look what's
17:23 happening, what's happening. The walls
17:25 were falling down. The walls were falling
17:28 down. Well, it's just a little part of the wall
17:30 falling down. All are they.
17:33 All are they was coming crumbling to the ground
17:35 and they hadn't even raise their spear,
17:38 all they did what, what God told them to do.
17:41 Was marched around the city and blow
17:44 that trumpets and shout and God gave them a
17:47 great victory and they took the city of Jericho.
17:51 Oh! God is pretty powerful isnt't he?
17:54 I wanted to what God says, don't you tiredly?
17:57 Yeah. Yes, and I know, you do too boys and
18:01 and girls, but we have an awesome God.
18:03 He is almighty awesome God and you know,
18:06 he will take care of you like he take care of
18:09 the Israelites, he will fight your battles too.
18:12 You could depend on Jesus because he
18:15 really, really loves you.
18:23 Hi, boys and girls. We are in the kitchen
18:26 day with Ms. Cinda and we are gonna have fun.
18:29 All the cooking boys Taylor said,
18:32 That's right. I will.
18:35 Boys, do you know, what Ms. Cinda is gonna have
18:38 you help me make today. Me. Have you ever had
18:43 a Haystak. No. Well, I asked farmer
18:46 Mike to bring me some Haystak.
18:48 Oh! Oh! I don't wanna a Haystak, is
18:49 that right, you put hay down and then the
18:51 cows coming and eat. Oh! Do you think that
18:55 what's we are gonna do? You think? Do you think
18:57 farmer Mike brought Miss and hay.
18:58 And, no he didn't. We have some corn
19:05 chips. Umm! And, then we put
19:07 beans on it, and we put soy cheese, and then
19:12 you put lettuce and tomatoes and olives
19:15 Is I say good? I could like
19:17 tomatoes. Oh! You don't have to put them
19:19 if you don't them we don't put chips first
19:22 I don't like olives too. They make me choke Oh,
19:26 well we don't want tapped in. Well, boys and girls
19:28 you can get your mummies to help you make a
19:30 Haystak. Gonna watch, we are doing that here.
19:33 Okay, boys put some, put some corn chips
19:36 on your plate. Let some corn chips
19:38 on your plate. You didn't put as
19:40 many as you want to eat.
19:42 Do you know, what I say, listen to says that
19:46 only put on your plates, where it's gonna eat.
19:49 And, that way, you don't waste your food.
19:52 Taylor you want beans. You know, Taylor and
19:54 no working have, you don't want beans
19:56 on you as Taylor. Well, that's do you wanna
19:58 nears. I getting lot bean. You don't want
20:00 beans either. Yeah. I want cheese.
20:02 Okay, that's a soye cheese and you know,
20:04 swiss cheese is so much better for you.
20:06 Well, we need to, time with you,
20:08 you have your mummy and daddy took your
20:10 home. It's good for you. And I like so.
20:12 Do you hope your mummy and daddy
20:13 cook a home, you do. You do. Umm!
20:15 I like soya too. Taylor what do you
20:17 cook at home? Okaty. Do you help
20:23 make cooking? Oh! Okay. What do you
20:28 have to cook at home? Ahh! You hope to
20:33 cookies. Take the spoon. Do you guys ever help
20:36 do the dishes. I do a dishes.
20:42 You do? Well, you know, where you could do.
20:44 You could surprise your mummy and say, after
20:47 you done it and say, Oh! mummy thank you for
20:50 the delicious meal and I'll help you do with
20:53 the dishes. That would be fun.
20:56 Do you think, she would like that?
20:57 Yeah. Oh! I think she would like that.
21:00 Who wants some lettuce on there. I don't.
21:02 I don't. What, you pledge me to behalf
21:05 and did you know, lettuce is very good for
21:07 you. I think you and I get the latus today.
21:09 Do you want me olives on yours.
21:11 I don't, I don't like that. I know, you didn't.
21:15 I'll just check them. You like black olives
21:18 Taylor, do you like black olives. Both the
21:22 Tylors, we have two Taylors today, did you
21:24 right know that. What? We have two
21:26 Tylors today. And both the Tylors
21:29 like back olives. Is it good Taylor?
21:30 It is? Try and Steve is good. I know.
21:34 Is is good? What's your taste like?
21:36 Cheese. Do you want some beans Taylor?
21:41 No, or this has been fine today Ms. Cinda.
21:45 Do you boys like be in the kitchen. Yes, it's
21:49 cooking fun. Yeah and it is eating fun.
21:52 Oh! boys and girls, when your mummies are
21:58 in the kitchen, go and help them.
22:00 And, remember to help clean up too and
22:03 remember that being in the kitchen
22:04 is so much fun.
22:13 Yes, it's sing time. That's right.
22:16 I love to sing. I do too.
22:19 I love sing. I do too, and I love to
22:21 read the Bible, do you know, what I'm gonna
22:23 read today. Umm! Songs.
22:29 Do you know, don't to see them.
22:30 Songs 56 verse 3. Verse 3.
22:33 Whenever I'm afraid. Whenever I'm afraid.
22:37 I'll trust in you. I'll trust in you.
22:41 Even though little spells trust in Jesus.
22:44 And, we are gonna sing abou that. Good.
22:47 God sees the little sparrow fall, It meets
22:54 His tender view; If God so loves the little
22:59 birds, I know He loves me, too.
23:03 He loves me, too, He loves me, too,
23:08 I know He loves me, too! Because He loves the
23:15 things, I know He loves me, too.
23:20 Hobly Steven meant that and he was saying, he
23:23 knew that God loves him too. I'm gonna like this.
23:26 You are somewhat and pat near foot
23:28 right. Because that's the way.
23:30 Jesus does love us, he can loves the so
23:31 much, he has got the whole world in his hand.
23:33 Yeah, that's a good song. Let's ready abou that.
23:35 He's got the whole world in His hands,
23:40 He's got the whole world in His hands,
23:45 He's got the whole world in His hands,
23:49 He's got the whole world in His hands,
23:52 He's got the little tiny baby. He's got the little
23:56 tiny baby in his hands. He's got the little tiny
24:00 baby in his hands. He's got the little tiny
24:05 baby in his hands. He's got the whole world
24:09 in his hands. He's got the whole world
24:17 in his hands. He's got the whole world
24:22 in his hands. He's got the whole world
24:25 in his hands. Good. And, it's a
24:29 love as just a deep, deep, deep as the sea.
24:32 Oh! Justin and I like this song too.
24:34 Okay, get ready. Sing a with us boys and girls.
24:38 Deep, deep, deep as the sea. High, high, high as
24:46 the sky. Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue.
24:51 Is Jesus loves for you and me, it's just as
24:56 deep, deep, deep as the sea. High, high, high as
25:02 the sky. Wide, wide, wide as the ocean blue.
25:07 Is Jesus loves for you. That's right.
25:13 Let's sing that one again. Wow! Alright.
25:15 Come on Justine, you can sing now aloud.
25:17 Yeah. Okay.
25:18 Deep, deep, deep as the sea. High, high, high as
25:24 the sky. the sky. Wide, wide, wide
25:28 as the ocean blue. Is Jesus loves for you
25:33 and me as the deep, deep, deep as the sea.
25:37 High, high, high as the sky. Wide, wide, wide
25:45 as the ocean blue. Is Jesus love for you.
25:51 Yes, he loves you too Justine. He just, he
25:56 loves the song. Let's sing, Jesus loves
25:59 the little ones like me, me, me. Hetchell, I was
26:01 thinking about that. You were thinking
26:03 about that song too. Let's sing there.
26:04 Alright. And, you know, that one. Kenney you
26:07 know it. Jesus loves the little
26:09 ones like me, me, me. Jesus loves the little
26:14 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:16 Little ones like me, sat upon his knee.
26:21 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me.
26:26 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:29 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:33 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:38 Little ones like you sat upon his knee.
26:43 Jesus loves the little ones like you, you, you.
26:47 Well, if loves me and he loves you, he must
26:52 loves everybody. He does farmer Mike.
26:54 I think so. He loves everyone.
26:55 Hennah, which you just have a special prayer
26:58 for us right now. Oh! I love you.
27:01 That's close our eyes and hold our hands.
27:03 Dear, Jesus thank you for all of things that
27:09 you have given us and thank you for the flowers
27:11 and the sun. And, Jesus Amen, me.
27:14 Amen. Amen.
27:17 It's an important to be thankful to Jesus
27:19 forever you thank. Yes, it is.
27:20 That's a Mr. Rooster and that's all the
27:24 time we have for the day, Comeback and see us.
27:27 Good bye to everybody.
27:28 Our time together is over so, we will have to go
27:41 good bye, good bye, remember god loves you
27:48 good bye, good bye, remember god loves you
27:55 Good bye.


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