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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Rest

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:11 we live for him around the world
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like how he started the rainbow
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow, we are
00:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.
00:31 Oh! Hi, boys and girls Hannah, Hannah, the
00:36 boys and girls are here. Hi, boys and girls.
00:39 Hannah was just taking a little rest while
00:41 she was waiting for you to come.
00:42 We're really glad you are here.
00:44 But Jesus is really glad that you're here too.
00:50 You make Jesus happy, just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
01:01 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:03 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus happy,
01:09 just because you came.
01:14 I am so glad you got some good breath.
01:16 Oh! Can you help, keep Georgie quite.
01:21 Okay. Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
01:24 Hi, Aunty Linda, this is Katie.
01:28 Well, hi Katie. We are talking
01:31 today about rest. Do you like to rest?
01:35 After I play with my brothers,
01:38 then I get tired and I rest.
01:42 Oh! When you play with your brothers
01:44 you then you have to go get rest,
01:46 well, that's good, Katie.
01:47 Our bodies need lots of rest.
01:50 So we can grow big and strong.
01:53 Oh! Wait it's about time for me
01:54 to feed Freddie now. So, I'll have to go.
01:57 Thank you for calling. Bye Aunty Linda,
02:00 I love you. I love you too.
02:03 That was Katie Gary. I'm so glad that
02:06 she called us. Aren't you old,
02:08 Freddie. He is splashing around
02:12 in his fishy house, isn't he?
02:14 You want to give him just a little
02:15 plaque of food. There we go.
02:19 There you go Freddie. You are going to get
02:22 some food. Eat it up.
02:26 I think he was resting too, wasn't he? Yes.
02:29 He's resting like me. Yeah. He is so too.
02:31 Oh! Kitty cat. You know, kitty cat says
02:35 it's time to ring our worship bell.
02:37 Thank you for reminding Aunty.
02:40 Would you like to ring it Hannah?
02:41 Yeah. I love it. Alright.
02:43 I love worship. I do too.
02:46 I know you do too boys and girls.
02:49 Worship bell so sweet, calling us to meet,
02:54 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:01 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:10 Thank you Hannah. You did a good job.
03:14 It's time now to see what's in our present box.
03:18 Oh! Let's see. Oh! We've got a letter from Jesus.
03:26 I always like to get letters from Jesus.
03:28 Don't you? Let's see what Jesus says today,
03:31 Okay. Oh! He has something for us
03:34 in Genesis 49:15. Can you say
03:38 Genesis 49:15? Genesis 49:15.
03:43 He saw, he saw, that rest was good,
03:48 that rest was good.
03:51 Jesus wants us to get good rest.
03:53 You had some rest today. Didn't you?
03:55 Well, I was sleepy. Yes, you were.
03:59 Oh! There is something else in our box today.
04:02 Come here honey. It's a little baby.
04:06 Babies have to have to lots of rest.
04:08 Don't they? Yes, if they're going to grow
04:10 up big and strong. They have to have rest.
04:12 and when you have to have rest,
04:15 and boys and girls you need rest too.
04:17 When you are running, when you are playing
04:19 and you get tired. Then it's time
04:21 to take a little nap. Aunt Linda.
04:24 My nieces said, they have a box just
04:28 like yours and they have a baby too.
04:33 They do and does their baby get lots of rest.
04:35 Uh-uh. Yes, we all need rest,
04:38 even mommies and daddies.
04:40 When you know Hannah? Let's just thank Jesus
04:43 so much for being so good and kind to us
04:47 Okay. Can you lay the little baby down
04:49 on the couch here. And Georgie can watch
04:52 and then we are going to kneel down,
04:53 and boys and girls if you could
04:55 kneel too like Hannah and I do.
05:00 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:06 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:12 and very, very quiet
05:15 be while our prayer is said.
05:21 Lord, you give him the heaven angels
05:23 you send down from heaven.
05:24 Thank you for the food and thank you
05:27 for the nap I had.
05:29 Thank you for everything you have given me.
05:32 Amen. Amen.
05:36 Oh! Hannah. I just love Jesus. Don't you?
05:39 Jesus is so good and kind to us.
05:42 Boys and girls, it's now time for us
05:45 to go to see what Farmer Mike has for us at the barn.
05:48 So come on. Let's go.
05:58 Bob White, Bob White. Farmer Mike
06:01 Oh! Hi, everybody. Hi
06:03 Hi, I am glad you came to the farm.
06:05 You got a gift for me there. What did
06:07 We gathered some feathers on the way over.
06:09 What? They're beautiful feathers.
06:11 You find feathers on the farm sometime.
06:13 I got feathers. Thank you.
06:15 Let's go over here. I want to show you
06:16 what I've got here. Oh! I can't wait.
06:18 Oh! This is. It's a little bit of surprise.
06:20 I'll save these feather, I'll save these feathers.
06:23 Thank you very much. And I will save those
06:26 and I want to show you what I've got
06:27 That's got feathers too. What is that?
06:30 This pretty bird has feathers.
06:33 Feather. Yeah.
06:34 Could we pet him? Yes, you can pet him
06:36 a little bit. Just upon top nice up there.
06:39 Nice and easy like this. It was pretty fabulous.
06:42 He has wings.
06:43 And he, do you know what kind of bird he is?
06:47 Oh! Look. His mouth is going up and down,
06:49 isn't it? He is what they call a Bobwhite quail.
06:52 He started moving. Oh! Look his mouth can shut.
06:56 Yeah. Did you hear what his name is?
06:59 He is a Bobwhite quail. Can you say that Justin?
07:02 Bobwhite quail. Bobwhite quail.
07:05 Why do you wonder? Why would they call him
07:08 a Bobwhite quail? Why would they call him that?
07:12 Because we got to say it. You know why?
07:15 Why do you think, Justin?
07:17 Because when he make a whistle,
07:19 guess what he sounds like he goes.
07:22 Bobwhite, Bobwhite. Can you say that?
07:24 Bobwhite. Bobwhite.
07:28 That's what he sounds like.
07:30 Yeah, he sound like.
07:33 He hides out in the field, in the grasses
07:36 and he loves to live out there.
07:38 And sometimes if you listen,
07:39 you'll hear him going bobwhite, bobwhite.
07:42 And that's how you know they're out there.
07:44 Don't you like his colors? Look at his head.
07:47 Look how pretty around his..
07:48 He will peck. Yeah.
07:49 Will he peck on you?
07:51 Well, he might if you bother him too much.
07:52 But just a little bit.
07:54 Now see this white around here.
07:55 Oh! He is beautiful.
07:56 He has white color in his mouth.
07:58 That's look like a mask. Let's show the
08:00 boys and girls at home right here.
08:01 Oh! See that looks like a mask around his eyes.
08:05 Oh! Look at, it's beautiful.
08:07 Oh! And it's, what color is its eyes.
08:11 Brown. And when he is outside he likes
08:13 to eat berries and he eats corn
08:15 when he is out in the field.
08:16 Oh! I love corn. I love corn.
08:18 And I love corn. You ought to see him
08:21 when he hold a little piece of corn
08:22 on the cub right here with his cubs, he goes.
08:24 No. You knew I was joking.
08:27 He just picks something from the farm
08:30 and he eats a little piece.
08:32 That's right. And that's what he does.
08:34 Do you like corn and berries too?
08:36 I like corn the best,
08:38 it is the best food at the farm.
08:40 And they lay little bitty small white eggs.
08:44 Have you ever seen eggs like
08:45 in candy store they have this little eggs,
08:47 little white chocolates. His eggs look like those
08:51 In her eggs. Well, does he have
08:53 baby in her egg. Not always.
08:56 Sometimes they're just little bitty eggs
08:58 and sometimes they probably have
09:00 babies in their eggs. Yeah.
09:02 And they're more two.
09:04 He is got more like here too see,
09:05 it's got some claws.
09:07 Oh! See those claws right there.
09:08 There's one right there. Now they fly real low.
09:11 They don't fly way up in the sky.
09:13 They stay pretty close to the earth.
09:14 Not like birdies. Right, they don't fly
09:16 those birds you see way up high.
09:18 They're birds too but they fly down
09:20 low of kind just up above the grass
09:22 on the fields and they just fly short distances.
09:24 Yeah. Right. Just like this.
09:28 Like this. Yeah. You know what.
09:30 Did you ever look out in field and the grass
09:32 is about that high? Well,
09:33 these birds would fly just above the grass.
09:35 Like this. Uh-huh.
09:37 That's how they look when they're flying.
09:38 Do they eat bugs? They like little insects
09:40 and stuff like that too. And they're very frail
09:44 and so they're not real good to keep for pets
09:48 and things, but you see a lot of them
09:50 on the farms. I see a lot of quails
09:52 even when you drive down the road.
09:54 He's shutting his eyes. Yeah.
09:55 He is shutting his eyes.
09:57 When you riding the car with your mommy
09:59 or your daddy, look out the window sometimes.
10:02 Like that one is moving.
10:03 And out in the country you might see a quail.
10:05 Do you think that quail
10:06 would like us to sing to it?
10:07 I think he would like our song about our farm,
10:09 you remember it. Let's sing it to him.
10:12 Let's sing it to him, Justin, Okay.
10:15 I like to go to farm where the cows; moo moo
10:18 I like to go to farm where ducks quack, quack
10:23 I like to go to farm, I like to go to farm,
10:26 I like to go to farm and learn of Jesus.
10:32 What a special day on the farm today to see our
10:34 little quail, the Bobwhite.
10:36 I am glad you guys came to today.
10:38 Well, we are going to go for walk over there.
10:41 Let's take off kids and thank you so much.
10:44 Okay, You're welcome.
10:45 Bye. Bye, bye. Bye.
10:47 Bye, bye, come back of course. It was a quail.
10:55 Noah and I are out for a walk.
10:57 Come and join us boys and girls.
11:00 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:05 a walk today, a walk today,
11:09 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:13 to see what God has given.
11:17 Oh! The garden looks good. What did you find?
11:21 A caterpillar. A caterpillar.
11:25 Oh! What color is he? Black.
11:27 Can you pick him up? Yeah.
11:30 Put him in my hand. Can you put him in my hand?
11:34 It slipped. Okay,
11:36 let's me see if I can get him. Oh! It's
11:38 I can hold him. You wanna hold him?
11:40 Yeah. Okay.
11:42 Let's take him in. What does he feel like?
11:45 It tickles. It tickles Yeah. He is so sweet.
11:48 He is fuzzy. He is a fuzzy. Isn't he?
11:53 You know he eats a lot and lots of plants.
11:55 That's probably why he is in the garden.
11:58 He loves to eat plants.
11:59 He eat so much plants and then he gets
12:01 like a little cocoon. You know what a cocoon is?
12:04 Its just like a little blinking, you know,
12:06 how he is going to come out of that?
12:07 Hey, he is moving. He is moving and there.
12:10 I made him move. You made him move.
12:13 And then when he comes out of the cocoon
12:15 he is either a butterfly or a moth.
12:18 I think this one's gonna be a moth though.
12:21 I think he's gonna be a butterfly.
12:23 You think so, well when he comes out
12:25 we'll be able to tell, won't we.
12:27 Oh! He really does feel freaky; Doesn't he?
12:32 Does he tickle Noah?
12:35 Why is he moving? He is moving, isn't he?
12:39 Yeah. Oh! Look at he is starting to crawl.
12:42 I am so glad that God made the
12:45 little caterpillars aren 't you.
12:47 He is tickling me.
12:48 Made the little caterpillars
12:54 I know, I know.
12:58 God made the little caterpillars
13:01 Because he loves me so.
13:05 Hey, he's moving. Well, take it off from me.
13:16 Yeah. It's story time.
13:19 Hannah is with me today and Noah.
13:22 I am glad you are here too because
13:23 we have a special story about baby Jesus.
13:26 He didn't say wave.
13:28 Oh! Noah wants to wave to you.
13:30 Can you wave to Noah too?
13:32 See Joseph and Mary, they've traveled
13:35 a long way. Who is this Hannah?
13:40 Is that the innkeeper?
13:42 What else is in the picture?
13:43 A donkey. A donkey.
13:45 What does the donkey say?
13:47 Heehaw, heehaw. Yes,
13:51 Oh! The innkeeper said,
13:52 there is no room in my house for you.
13:55 But my wife is going to have a baby.
13:58 Well, said the man, you can stay in my barn.
14:01 Oh! What was in the barn? Some animals.
14:06 Cows. What do the cows say? Moo, moo.
14:11 And what did the kitty say? Meow, meow
14:14 And what about the chickens?
14:15 What are they say? Buck, buck, buck, buck.
14:18 And the donkey. What does he say?
14:20 Heehaw, heehaw What's this?
14:24 That's a goat. Bah, bah, bah.
14:27 And a sheep. Baa, baa.
14:32 Look at this is a.. What's this say?
14:34 The goat? Yeah. What do you think the goat says?
14:36 Bah. This is where the baby is gonna stay.
14:40 That's where the baby is. That's called a manger?
14:42 Soon baby Jesus will be born.
14:44 Oh! Baby Jesus. Do you see him?
14:47 Yeah. Oh! Isn't he sweet? What now?
14:51 They put him on a manger.
14:52 You should rest said Joseph to Mary.
14:56 Yes, that's what Mary did.
14:58 She touched his forehead and said,
15:00 oh! What a sweet baby.
15:03 Some shepherds were watching their sheep
15:05 on the hill side. What do they see in this sky?
15:08 A star for Jesus. Can you find
15:10 the bright star? Was it a star?
15:12 Yes. The shepherd saw it,
15:15 and as it came closer and closer to them,
15:18 what was it? Angel. Angel.
15:21 It was so bright. It was so bright.
15:24 Don't be afraid says the angel.
15:26 I bring you good tidings. Jesus, your savior is
15:30 born. You will find him in the city.
15:32 Look for the baby lying in a manger.
15:36 Oh! Many more angels came.
15:41 Can you see all of the angels.
15:42 That's right. They were singing a beautiful song.
15:46 I can see. See the angels.
15:48 Can you say, glory to God?
15:49 Glory. Glory to God.
15:52 I can't see. In the highest.
15:55 Okay. You can't see, but if you opened your eyes.
15:59 You would able to see big boy Noah.
16:00 I can't open my eyes either.
16:04 You can't. Glory to God in the highest, and on
16:08 earth peace to everyone. We must go the
16:10 shepherds say. We must go to the city and find
16:13 the baby. Oh! They found the baby.
16:17 Is the baby smiling? Baby Jesus was glad
16:20 to see them. Thank you God, the shepherd said.
16:23 Thank you for sending your son to this earth.
16:25 Thank you for sending Jesus to be our savior.
16:28 We must tell everyone about him.
16:30 We can thank God too. Thank you Jesus for
16:34 coming down to save us from our sins.
16:38 We love you Jesus. Can you say I love Jesus?
16:40 I love Jesus. Do you love Jesus, boys and girls?
16:45 He really, really does love you too.
16:54 Hi, boys and girls. We are having fun today
16:58 in the kitchen with Miss Cinda.
16:59 We are. Do you kids know what we are making today?
17:04 We are making veggie meatballs
17:07 and you know what?
17:09 I only eat. We are going to have
17:10 a lots of fun, okay. We are going to
17:12 I want do that too. You wanna help do it,
17:14 okay. Noah, do you think you could put
17:17 our tofu in. Yeah.
17:18 Because tofu is very healthy for us, isn't it?
17:21 I will do that. Okay.
17:22 You do that. Can I do the milk next.
17:24 You can do the milk but we have to
17:26 shake the milk up. I did tofu.
17:29 Just dump it all in, and go ahead Justin.
17:32 Oh! Wow! It was a lot.
17:40 Okay, let's let Justin. You can put it back on
17:43 the plate. Let's let Justin put somthing in.
17:46 Hey Justin, you want to put your the
17:48 the crumbs and the nuts in.
17:50 Put the bread crumbs and the nuts in.
17:52 I will do the nuts. Okay, you can.
17:55 I want to do it. You can just dump
17:56 all the crumbs in if you want Justin.
17:59 I want one thing. I did the bigger tofu.
18:06 You did, did you?
18:07 You made a big noise when you dropped it in.
18:09 How about if you get up on your knees.
18:10 I will put the bowl here. Noah, can you get up
18:14 on your knees and put stuff in.
18:16 Yeah. Why Miss Cinda?
18:17 Oh, is that enough milk Miss Cinda.
18:19 Oh! That's the. Good job. What?
18:22 Here Taylor put this in because we have
18:24 enough milk now. Good job, Noah. Okay.
18:27 You know what you kids are getting to be
18:30 such good cooks. I'll bet you could make some
18:32 help your mommy and may be you could
18:34 surprise her and make her a meal.
18:37 Who is going to shake the seasonings in?
18:38 I want to. Oh! Well how about
18:40 you put this in and Noah
18:42 can you put the seasonings in.
18:44 Yeah. Well, have about if we
18:46 I tried to catch that. Fully opened this.
18:49 You know, Miss Cinda, I don't think anybody
18:51 has more fun in the kitchen.
18:55 Yes, you may. You know what boys and girls,
18:58 it's so much fun. I think that anytime you see
19:03 your mommies in the kitchen you need to run
19:06 in and say, can I help, can I help,
19:09 because look at how much fun we're all having.
19:12 Oh! You could share.
19:13 Oh! Noah, I'm so proud of you.
19:15 I got the lid. Yes can you put some
19:18 bread crumbs in now?
19:20 Put your bread crumbs in. Okay.
19:21 Can you put some more Justin?
19:22 Yeah. I'll get this one.
19:24 Are you guys gonna help your mommies
19:26 in the kitchen? Yeah.
19:27 What do you help your mommy cook?
19:32 This. Oh! You help her cook bread crumbs.
19:35 Okay, and I'm done. It's all gone.
19:40 Oh! My, here Noah, that's going to be quite,
19:43 you could put some more of this in.
19:44 Meatballs, that's that's.
19:45 I think I need a towel. I'll tell you what.
19:49 My hands are already dirty. Let's see
19:52 Oh! Noah you can't reach. How about Noah if I help.
19:57 Here Noah. Come over here and
19:58 I will help you. Take your bowl here, there
20:03 Now you are going to have to hold
20:04 your bowl 'cause I'm holding you
20:05 Can you reach it? You got it.
20:07 Oh! You've got lots of helpers and Jasmine.
20:11 I need some more.
20:12 Yeah. You can get that bowl and put that in.
20:15 Oh! That's good Taylor. Can you stir it up
20:18 really good. Yeah.
20:19 And now you want to break the tofu up.
20:21 You can't leave it in one big chunk.
20:23 It's all gone. Are you all, okay.
20:26 Let's put it back over here.
20:28 You can wipe your hands on Miss Cinda's towel,
20:30 Okay. Good job.
20:33 Now you can break the tofu up with that.
20:34 Okay, okay. Now, I'll do that. Okay.
20:39 I'll, it's all gone. I think we are.
20:42 That's all gone. And you know
20:45 what let's I want to stir, you know after all this Miss Cinda
20:47 we are going to need all need some rest.
20:49 I want a spoon, I want a spoon you have two.
20:53 Okay. How about if I bring you back over here.
20:56 That's right. Aunt Linda has been talking about
20:58 rest and I think we are all going to need rest.
21:00 I want a spoon. But you know what, I love being
21:04 You caught me. It got you.
21:05 Oh! I like being in the kitchen so much.
21:08 I got me gun. This is just so much fun.
21:11 I got me gun. Why do you keep doing that.
21:18 Oh! Okay, once more.
21:21 Do you guys have it almost? Jasmine,
21:23 do you have a, I need some milk.
21:24 Here, how about it? Do you want some milk?
21:26 Jasmine, I thinks she needs a little more milk
21:28 Aunty Linda, you want to stir too Jasmine
21:31 You don't want to stir. Oh! I want to.
21:34 You take the big spoon. I need a towel.
21:37 I'm gonna need some more milk.
21:38 You too. Just put a little bit in here.
21:41 Pour a little bit in here.
21:44 Okay, Jasmine. Jasmine is good cook.
21:46 She thinks it needs a little more milk.
21:48 Can you share? Yes, we can share,
21:50 and you know what? It's my turn.
21:52 No, my turn, my turn. No, you're stirring
21:54 I want some more milk, I want milk in here.
21:57 Okay, and you know what pretty soon.
21:59 I want some more milk.
22:00 Put some milk in the bowl.
22:02 We will take all this.
22:04 Oh! I thinks it's a little too soupy now guys.
22:08 I need some milk. You know what.
22:09 Let's give him some. Okay, you could put
22:12 that little drop in. There you go.
22:14 Oh, Aunty Linda thinks it needs
22:15 a little bit more. I think so.
22:16 Alright, boys and girls, can have fun
22:21 helping their moms. I bet you would
22:22 boys and girls. So remember when
22:24 your mommies are in the kitchen,
22:26 You run and say I want to help you mummy
22:29 'cause cooking is fun.
22:37 Yeah, sing time. sing time.
22:42 What is our memory verse today.
22:43 I know, I don't know It's Genesis.
22:45 That's right, it's about the Genesis 49:15,
22:50 and it says, he saw that rest was good.
22:53 He saw that rest was good.
22:57 That's right. And the birdies know
23:00 that rest is good for them too.
23:02 We are going to sing about that.
23:05 Up, up in the sky, the little birds fly,
23:11 Down, down in the nest, the little birds rest.
23:18 With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right,
23:24 We'll let the dear birdies rest all the long night.
23:31 That what it was fun. Let's try it again.
23:35 Up, up in the sky, the little birds fly,
23:40 Down, down in the nest, the little birds rest.
23:47 With a wing on the left, and a wing on the right,
23:52 we'll let the dear birdies rest
23:59 all the long night. It was sweet. Yes, and when we are
24:04 resting, Jesus sends the angels to watch over us.
24:07 That's right. Yes, it is.
24:11 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels,
24:15 Jesus sends the angels to watch me
24:18 while I'm sleeping.
24:21 Sing it again with us, boys and girls.
24:24 Jesus sends the angels, angels, angels,
24:29 Jesus sends the angels to watch me
24:32 while I'm sleeping.
24:36 And we know that angels are watching over us.
24:38 We are going to sing about that.
24:42 Angels are watching over me,
24:46 I am glad, I am glad,
24:51 Angels are watching over me,
24:55 Thank God for angels bright.
24:59 And they watch over us all night and all day.
25:03 That's right.
25:05 All night, all day,
25:10 Angels watching over me, my Lord
25:15 All night, all day,
25:19 Angels watching over me.
25:23 You sang good. You know Aunty Linda
25:25 you were doing some hand motions to that.
25:26 Yes. All night, all day,
25:32 Angels watching over me, my Lord.
25:36 All night, all day,
25:40 Angels watching over me.
25:44 Let's try that again.
25:45 You got that, let's do that,
25:46 let's do that, here we go.
25:48 All night, all day,
25:53 Angels watching over me, my Lord.
25:58 All night, all day,
26:03 Angels watching over me.
26:08 And you know, why God sends
26:09 the angels don't you, Farmer Mike.
26:13 Well, to watch over us but something else too.
26:16 Because he loves us.
26:17 That's right, because he loves us.
26:20 We are going to sing Jesus loves me, this I know.
26:25 Jesus loves me! This I know,
26:28 For the Bible tells me so.
26:33 Little ones to him belong;
26:36 They are weak, but he is strong.
26:40 Yes, Jesus loves me! Yes, Jesus loves me!
26:48 Yes, Jesus loves me! The Bible tells me so.
26:57 Let's be really quite and fold our hands
27:00 and close our eyes and Sylvia is going
27:02 to have our prayer for us.
27:04 Okay. Thank you, Jesus
27:06 Thank you for this nice day.
27:09 Please bless us, in Jesus name, Amen.
27:12 Amen. Amen.
27:15 Thank you. That was a very nice prayer.
27:17 And we want to say our prayers
27:18 before we go to sleep too, don't we?
27:22 We need to say our prayers to just like Daniel did
27:24 That's right. Oh! That's the rooster.
27:25 That's the rooster. That's all the time
27:27 we have for today boys and girls.
27:29 Okay, Bye. Bye, Bye.
27:38 Our time together is over, So we will have to go.
27:44 Good bye, good bye, Remember God loves you.
27:52 Good bye, good bye
27:56 Remember God loves you. Good bye.


Revised 2014-12-17