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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Water

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's
00:08 girls and boys, we live here and
00:12 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We're Tiny Tots around the world, we're
00:24 God's girls and boys.
00:27 Justin would you like a cracker? Yes please.
00:32 Oh! Hi boys and girls. I am so glad that you're
00:35 here Justin and I were waiting for you.
00:39 You know Georgie is glad that you are here too.
00:41 But, there is someone else that's really happy
00:43 that you're here and that is Jesus.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children, everyone the
00:58 same, welcome, welcome, you are
01:02 welcome, Jesus knows your name,
01:05 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:12 And we are gonna have fun today. Aren't we Justin?
01:15 Oh! Georgie we have a phone call.
01:17 Can you hold Georgie for me?
01:19 Be a good boy Georgie.
01:23 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:26 Hi Auntie Linda, I am Zachariah Balman.
01:30 Well, hi Zachariah Balman. Today we are talking
01:34 about fresh water, do you like to drink water.
01:37 I would drink too much of water,
01:39 you like to drink water. Well, I like to drink
01:42 water too. Water is one of Jesus special gift to us.
01:47 I have to go now, bye, bye. Good bye Zachariah.
01:52 Oh! no he is, he is falling down.
01:55 He is falling down. Do you know someone
01:57 else that likes water? Fishy. Yes.
02:01 Fishies do, and Freddie likes water too.
02:04 I think he's hungry, look at him.
02:06 Would you like to give him a little fishy food?
02:08 Okay, just give him a little bit. We don't want
02:11 to make him sick. Is that a little bit? Yeah,
02:13 that's a little bit. Oh! Now Freddie will
02:17 be happy. There you go Freddie.
02:21 Oh! That's kitty cat. Thank you for
02:23 reminding us kitty that it's time to ring our
02:26 worship bell. Let's go sit on the couch okay.
02:30 Would you like to ring the bell today?
02:32 Yeah. Okay, come on Georgie you can sit
02:35 with Auntie Linda. Boys and Girls
02:37 you want to sing with us.
02:41 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet
02:46 with our best friend Jesus, come and worship
02:52 here Jesus will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:02 You're a big helper Justin. Okay, you can put the
03:05 bell down. Now we get to see what is in our
03:09 present box. Wonder what it is?
03:14 Oh! We have a letter from Jesus.
03:18 Let's see what Jesus says today.
03:21 A book, yes it's a Bible. Say Second Kings.
03:26 Second Kings. 5. 5. 10. 10. Go and wash. Go and wash.
03:34 and you. and you. Shall be clean. Shall be clean.
03:41 Let's see what's in our box? Oh! We have some water.
03:49 Oh! I am so sorry Auntie Linda.
03:51 I didn't mean to interrupt your worship.
03:53 I was just so thirsty and hot.
03:56 No, you didn't interrupt. Come on sit down with
03:58 us and have worship with us.
04:00 I've been picking vegetables in the garden.
04:03 What we are just talking about God's gift
04:06 to us, the fresh water. Oh! I'm so hot and thirsty.
04:09 Well, we'll just give her a drink.
04:11 Ah! Oh! That looks so good.
04:15 There we go Ms. Cinda. Oh! Thank you.
04:23 She was thirsty. Yeah, she was.
04:27 Would you like to drink too?
04:30 Alright, we will give Justin the rest of it.
04:32 Well, we were just talking about God's gift
04:36 to us is fresh water. Oh! It certainly is a
04:39 good gift. But I think it's not only to drink,
04:42 mine is cool. It is, isn't it?
04:45 It makes you cool down. But water is also good
04:50 for us because we need to take a bath to get clean.
04:54 What some other things we use water for Justin.
04:56 For hiccups. I know, what? We swim.
05:02 Yeah. And also the flowers need, need it
05:09 and you wouldn't have fresh
05:10 vegetables if they didn't rain.
05:13 That's right. Let's thank Jesus
05:16 for giving us fresh water. Oh! That's a good idea.
05:19 Justin will you pray for us today.
05:21 Yeah. And thank Jesus for the fresh water.
05:23 Yeah. Okay, boys and girls can you kneel with us.
05:30 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
05:37 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
05:43 and very, very quite be while the prayer is said.
05:52 Thank you Jesus, thank you for giving us water,
05:56 dear Jesus. Amen. Amen.
06:00 I love Jesus. I do too and I am going to take
06:04 my water and I've got to get to work in the kitchen.
06:07 Bye, see you later. Right now it's time for
06:11 us to go see farmer Mike come on let's go.
06:19 Farmer Mike, oh! Look who's here.
06:24 Oh! Come and sit down I've got to show
06:26 you something today you won't believe.
06:28 This is amazing. Come here Auntie Linda.
06:31 What do you have? Yes, what I've got
06:33 here Auntie Linda. I am not so sure
06:36 about that farmer Mike. Oh! You want to hold
06:38 It's a snake; this Auntie Linda.
06:39 he looks really nice right here is.
06:41 Really, you don't oh! Okay. Can he bite?
06:44 Well, this is a baby python, called a
06:48 ball python look how small you can touch
06:51 him like that. Just touch him really easy,
06:53 here you go, Steven is not afraid.
06:56 Can we touch, yeah? Let's sit down so we
06:58 won't scare him. oh! oh! Sorry Steven,
07:01 I may have knocked you down.
07:02 I may have knocked you down.
07:03 Where does his mommy go? Well, his mommy has
07:06 crawled off to our neighbor's farm and
07:10 I get him see to stay at our farm.
07:13 So, I can feed him and watch him grow up
07:16 and get bigger. I think, what do you say?
07:20 It's right here. You like to feel him, don't you?
07:23 What does he feel like? Auntie Linda, do you
07:24 want to feel him? Come on Auntie Linda.
07:26 Oh! That's just fine, he is baby,
07:28 he looks really nice, he is a baby but look.
07:32 He is baby and he will curl down your finger
07:34 like this oh! That's nice. Look at his tongue.
07:38 Can you guys see his tongue.
07:40 Alright. I can't. Well, now if you ever gonna
07:44 wanna a snake for a pet he would make a
07:47 perfect first pet. Can I hold?
07:50 Can we touch his? Actually, yes I wouldn't touch
07:55 there, but actually it's okay because this kind
07:58 of little baby snake won't bite you.
08:00 This is called a constrictor, that means
08:02 they'll wrap around you like that but they
08:04 don't bite you. No. See, I wouldn't hold him if
08:07 he bit like that or if he was dangerous.
08:10 But, you guys let me tell what you better do,
08:12 anytime you see a snake always get your
08:14 mommy and daddy. That's a good idea.
08:17 Don't just walk up and pet it, because some of
08:19 them are dangerous and some of them are safe.
08:21 But always go to your mom and daddy and
08:23 say I saw a snake come and look it.
08:26 That way you'll be safe, Okay, good.
08:29 Now, let's see I've gotta tell you some other
08:31 things, they can live, believe this or not,
08:34 they can live up to 40 years I think it was.
08:39 40 years, 40 years, yeah believe I read that.
08:42 40 years or somebody told me.
08:44 How old is this snake? Now this snake is just a
08:47 baby, so it's got a long time to live yet see
08:51 and then let me tell you something else they are
08:53 shy, isn't that something. Look it has a big tail.
08:56 He doesn't look very shy to me.
08:58 No, he is really is? But I think he
08:59 likes the kids here. This is a big tail.
09:01 And he likes the farm so he is feeling
09:04 pretty good today. What does he like to eat?
09:06 Well, let's see he eats, what would you guess?
09:09 You guys sit here and guess.
09:10 Sit down here and guess.
09:12 Let's make a game out of this.
09:14 Sit here. Oh! We can share.
09:16 Yeah we can share. Well, you want to sit
09:18 right here with me with farmer Mike.
09:20 Yeah come here. Alright. Now, we're
09:21 going to guess what he likes to eat.
09:22 What do you think Steven? What would you guess?
09:26 I guess is a, what can you, can you guess.
09:31 What do you think he likes to eat?
09:32 He eats, can you hear, does he eat lettuce,
09:38 he eats lettuce and he eats some,
09:42 does he like fruit. No, actually he like frogs,
09:48 those are good guesses and mice, and mice?
09:51 You guessed it Steven, that's what he likes,
09:53 is little mice, yeah. Isn't that amazing,
09:57 he can have all the mice in my house.
09:59 Well, if I was a mouse, I don't think I want him
10:02 coming up to me would you? No, now let's see
10:04 if we can see, it looks. Stand real still, oh
10:06 he jumped didn't he? Let's see if you can see
10:08 his tongue right there hold real still now.
10:10 Oh! I saw it farmer Mike. I saw it. Can you guys
10:13 take stick your tongue here, stick your tongue at him.
10:19 Now, I don't know if he likes music but you
10:21 know we always do when you come to the
10:22 farm don't you. And when I have a special
10:26 friend to show you. Okay everybody let's sing.
10:29 Alright. Steven is hissing.
10:33 I like to go to the farm, where the cows
10:36 moo, moo. I like to go to the farm,
10:39 where ducks quack, quack. I like to go to the farm,
10:44 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
10:47 and learn of Jesus. Well Jesus gave us all
10:53 kinds of animals and today, he is so good to us.
10:56 Today we have got to meet the baby ball python.
10:59 Well, thank you. We have to go.
11:02 Bye, bye, bye, bye, come back.
11:04 We're gonna go look for mice.
11:06 Okay, so bye, bye. Bye, bye.
11:09 There lucky there, let's go see
11:11 if we could find some mice.
11:18 Olivia and I are out for a walk come and join us.
11:23 Shall we go for a walk today,
11:28 a walk today, a walk today, Shall we go for a
11:34 walk today, to see what God has given.
11:42 Oh! Yes, we have some water.
11:45 I think the plants are thirsty, are you thirsty?
11:48 Would you like a drink. Yeah. Hold your cup.
11:51 Oh! Can you hold it for Auntie Linda.
11:54 I'll give you a little water, then you can
11:57 have a drink too. Water is so good for us,
12:01 can you have a drink. Take a little drink.
12:05 Yes, oh! The grass is thirsty too.
12:10 Hmm! I'll have some too. I want some more.
12:14 I love water. Okay, I think that garden is thirsty.
12:19 You know that garden needs lots of water,
12:22 can you water the tomato plants.
12:25 Yes, let's water them because they'll all dry
12:28 up if they don't get water you know water
12:31 is so good for us we use it to take baths.
12:34 Do you take a bath? No. You don't take a bath?
12:38 Does your mommy give you a bath?
12:39 Yes. Oh! And your mommy uses water to cook with.
12:45 Can you make the carrots happy and give
12:48 them some water. Can you say carrots? Carrots.
12:51 Carrots. Water the carrots. Oh! She is gonna water
12:56 some new seeds. Can you water the
12:58 cantaloupe. You say cantaloupe, cantaloupe.
13:02 I am so glad that God made water for us.
13:06 He made the cool fresh water.
13:10 God made the cool fresh water, I know,
13:16 I know God made the cool fresh water
13:21 because he loves us so. Good job Olivia.
13:34 It's story time. Yeah. Sylvia is here and
13:39 Noah is here, and I am glad you are here too
13:42 because we have a good story today.
13:45 Boy, girl, girl that's right boy, girl, girl,
13:50 we do have, that's good Noah.
13:53 Our story today is about a girl with a kind heart.
13:57 What's happening here, what are these?
14:01 Camels, camels, they are camels and they
14:06 have lots of stuff on them, they are going on a trip.
14:09 The camels are all loaded up to go.
14:12 Because Abraham said, Eliezer my servant I want
14:17 to you to find a wife for Isaac, so you've got
14:20 to go to a far away land 'cause I want a girl that
14:23 loves God. So, he waved bye; can you wave bye.
14:26 Bye, bye. Hugs, hugs, hugs. Okay, we're on our way,
14:33 they are walking and walking and Eliezer
14:36 prayed; he prayed to God.
14:39 Can, do you pray to God Noah.
14:42 Yes, that's right. He prayed and he said God
14:46 please give me the right girl.
14:48 No one is on that camel. No it's packed with
14:51 their things, they walked, and walked
14:54 and at last they came, do you know what this is Noah?
14:58 That was a well, where there is water.
15:01 What does that girl have on her head? Water.
15:04 She has an empty jug. Doesn't she.
15:06 She is coming to the well. One girl came to the well
15:10 and she came up to Eliezer and she said
15:13 your camels looks so thirsty can I feed,
15:17 can I give water to your camels and Eliezer
15:20 said that would be nice. Can you help me water
15:23 the camels? Take some water, we're gonna get
15:25 it out of the well, let's put it in the water bucket.
15:28 Oh! More, the camels keep drinking let's give
15:31 them more water and more water and more water.
15:36 Can you be a camel and drink?
15:42 They're drinking all the water, give them more
15:44 water, oh! More water and more water,
15:47 and more water, be a camel and drink,
15:52 they were so thirsty. They drank all the
15:56 water and then she gave them a drink and
15:58 you know what Eliezer said. That was the answer to
16:01 my prayer. Oh! That's what I was praying for,
16:05 now I know that God has given me the right
16:08 girl 'cause you're the right girl for Isaac.
16:13 Look at the camels and how they're drinking.
16:16 He has his head way in the water, do you think
16:19 the camels like the water. Yeah. Yes.
16:22 And God blessed because, they're all thirsty. Yes,
16:26 they are all thirsty, well; I think these
16:28 camels will need some water too won't they.
16:31 Well, you know God blessed because
16:33 her name was Rebecca and she was known as
16:36 the girl with the kind heart.
16:38 That's Eliezer and he gave her presents and
16:41 he took her back home with him and she
16:43 became Isaac's wife. Yes, that camel has a
16:48 lot on his back doesn't he? He has clothes and all
16:52 kinds of things because it was a long, long
16:54 journey and Isaac was so happy when he saw
16:58 Rebecca, he is very happy isn't he.
17:02 There's Isaac and there is the camels and who
17:06 is coming to see him. Can you say Rebecca? Rebecca.
17:10 Rebecca and Rebecca became his wife.
17:13 Isn't that a special story, Jesus wants us boys
17:18 and girls to do things for other people too.
17:20 Oh! I love you, I love you too. He wants us to
17:24 have a kind heart. Well, its time for us
17:27 to go now boys and girls. But, I want you to
17:30 remember that Jesus loves you.
17:39 Hi boys and girls, we are gonna have so
17:43 much fun today aren't we Ms. Cinda. We are.
17:46 Today Auntie Linda has being talking to
17:49 about a gift Jesus has given us.
17:52 A very special gift, does anybody
17:54 remember what it is, it's water. That's right.
18:00 And we can use water in lots of ways.
18:02 Hannah, do you like to use water? Yeah.
18:05 You do, and do you like to wash your
18:08 vegetables and foods, and fruits in water?
18:10 Yeah. Yeah. You are gonna tell me
18:13 something in French you just learned.
18:16 De L'eau potable. That's right.
18:21 Do you boys like water? I like water too.
18:25 Do you like water Jadus? Well, you know what
18:28 farmer Mike. It makes you healthy.
18:30 That's right it does make you healthy.
18:33 Well, Tyler what do I have here.
18:35 Green beans. Green beans, do you like green beans?
18:38 Yeah. You know what I love green beans
18:42 boys and girls. And farmer Mike just
18:44 picked me some green beans from the garden
18:47 so we can cook them in our kitchen, that's a
18:49 lot of work but does anybody know what do
18:53 we do before we can eat green beans.
18:56 Does anybody know how to take care of green beans.
18:59 Wash them. That's right. So, I've already
19:04 washed them for you. But, now you know
19:07 what we have to do, I don't really
19:09 like to eat this end. Because that's
19:14 the part that, this is where it was growing
19:16 on the wine and where farmer might picked them.
19:19 So, you just peel it off or pick them off.
19:23 That's right. You snap it off, boys and girls
19:26 do you like to help your mommies and
19:27 daddies in the kitchen. Yeah. Do you like to
19:30 help like Tyler likes to help. Well, when you
19:32 help them with green beans you can tell them
19:35 that you know how to do green beans.
19:37 You will just take the top like this and you
19:40 just snap it right off. Oh that looks easy,
19:41 can we do some. I don't know are you guys
19:45 big enough to help me. Yeah, well I do have a
19:48 lot of green beans. So, why don't you all help me?
19:52 Grab some, put some green, could you hear now,
19:54 let me put some on the plate.
19:56 And Tyler you can reach it. And we can put the
19:59 snapping stuff there, there, right there in the plate.
20:02 Yeah you can just put it right in the plate and
20:04 the ones you finish you can put in your bowls.
20:06 Let me help you Tyler. Do you want it whole
20:07 or do you want them broken half.
20:09 Ah! Let's leave them whole. Alright.
20:11 Ah! Let's leave them whole. Alright.
20:12 Here Tyler let's help you. See you go like this
20:13 and just snap. Okay. No, we don't
20:17 want to eat that, Ms. Cinda I saw Jack
20:19 swimming in water and he was having lots of fun.
20:22 How many like to swim? Does anyone like to swim?
20:26 Jadus and Hannah. Noah, do you like to swim?
20:29 Tyler, do you like to swim? I swim in a swimming pool.
20:32 Well, you know what I am thinking of
20:36 something else we do in the water.
20:38 It's not swimming exactly. Diving. No.
20:45 I will help you let me show you. See look,
20:48 you take this end like this and
20:50 just break it up like that. Yeah. Isn't that easy.
20:54 Okay, you guys didn't guess my, guess my,
20:56 what I'm doing. What I'm thinking of,
20:59 there is something you do in the water and its
21:02 kind of like swimming but its not really swimming.
21:05 Do you boys and girls know, I know, do you get
21:09 clean when you do it? You get clean. Yeah.
21:13 You want to break this. What do I do in the
21:16 water that helps me to get clean? Take a bath.
21:18 Yes, we can take baths with our water.
21:24 You know Jesus was really thinking about us
21:27 when he gave us water wasn't he.
21:29 I like to drink it, lots of water.
21:32 Does anyone know should we drink lots
21:34 of water everyday. Yes, we should
21:38 because drinking water is very, very good for us.
21:41 It's easy to help for me. Good job Noah, I am
21:44 doing really good. You're doing really good
21:46 you got the good ones. Yeah. Has anybody
21:49 have every tasted a green bean.
21:51 You know I like to eat them like this.
21:53 And I would eat them like this.
21:55 Tyler, you want to taste one? Yeah.
21:58 Taste it. Is that good Tyler?
22:04 What's it taste like? Green bean.
22:11 Noah, you wanna taste yours, you can, you can
22:15 cook them or you can eat them off.
22:17 And sometimes I like to put them on a
22:19 vegetable tray and with dip, and you dip them
22:22 in the dip and then munch on them,
22:24 did you try it Hannah. I'm so proud of you,
22:27 was it good? You liked it? You can help your
22:32 mom now can't you? Yeah, and you boys
22:37 and girls can help your mommies too.
22:39 You and I hope you always remember that
22:43 anytime you're in the kitchen cooking is fun.
22:52 Yeah, singing time. And its time to see if
22:58 you remember what our memory verse is found.
22:59 I know, I know where? It's Kings.
23:03 That's right it's Second Kings 5 verse 10.
23:11 Go and wash, go and wash and you shall be
23:15 clean, and you shall be clean.
23:18 God gave us his gift of water, do you like water?
23:21 Oh! Yeah. I like water. Drink water or we can
23:24 use it to get clean with.
23:26 Let's pretend we're drinking.
23:28 Drink your water; drink your water everyday,
23:34 everyday. If you would be healthy,
23:39 if you would be healthy, everyday, everyday.
23:45 And that's important to remember isn't it.
23:47 Right, very important for drinking water everyday.
23:50 I was drinking water, you are.
23:53 That's good. Drinking water there is also like
23:56 the ocean and that's right. Did you hear what
23:59 Farmer Mike said? I have got a bottle of water.
24:01 He's got a bottle of water. Well, Farmer Mike was
24:05 talking about some water too.
24:07 There is the ocean too. Let's sing about that,
24:10 its pretty deep isn't it. Deep and wide,
24:16 deep and wide there is a fountain
24:20 Flowing deep and wide. Deep and wide,
24:26 deep and wide there is a fountain
24:30 Flowing deep and wide.
24:34 Let's start. That's talking about Jesus
24:36 love for us. Yes, it is. It seems like the ocean
24:39 but it's really about how much Jesus loves
24:41 us deep from our heart. I thought you are going
24:42 to sing wide, wide as the oceans
24:44 so I was all ready for that.
24:45 Oh! That's right there is that song too.
24:47 I forgot about that. Well, let's sing I've got
24:50 peace like a river. Oh! Yes, yes, yes.
24:53 You like that one. Okay, let's sing that one.
24:56 I got peace like a river, I got peace like a river,
25:03 I got peace like a river, in my soul
25:10 I got peace like a river, I got peace like a river,
25:17 I got peace like a river in my soul,
25:23 I've got love like an ocean, oh! there you go
25:27 I've got love like an ocean,
25:31 I've got love like an ocean,
25:34 I've got love like an ocean in my soul
25:41 I've got love like an ocean,
25:44 I've got love like an ocean,
25:48 I've got love like an ocean in my soul
25:54 I've got joy like a fountain and we'll just
25:57 make our fountain go like this.
25:58 That's good too. Okay. Okay, we're ready, you ready?
26:03 I've got joy like a fountain;
26:07 I've got joy like a fountain,
26:11 I've got joy like a fountain in my soul
26:18 I've got joy like a fountain;
26:22 I've got joy like a fountain,
26:25 I've got joy like a fountain in my soul
26:33 And Jesus also sends water to water the earth
26:36 with, and we are gonna sing the Raindrops fall
26:38 with a Pitter, Patter, Pit. Oh! I like this song.
26:42 The Raindrops fall with a Pitter, Patter, Pit
26:46 a Pitter, Patter, Pit, a Pitter, Patter, Pit
26:50 The Raindrops fall with a Pitter, Patter, Pit,
26:54 showing God's great love.
26:58 Ms. Cinda, will you have our prayer for us.
27:01 Okay. Dear Jesus, I thank you so much that
27:06 you sent us water and that it can help us not
27:10 only make us healthy, but make our plants
27:13 and flowers grow. I love you dear Jesus.
27:17 Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen.
27:22 I am thankful for the water that Jesus gave us.
27:25 Is Mr. Rooster, that's Mr. Rooster that's all the
27:28 time we have for today boys and girls. That's it.
27:37 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:44 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:51 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 we're God's girls and boys,
28:10 we live here and around the world
28:13 we spread love and joy,
28:16 we're cloudy stars of rainbow,
28:18 we're shining like the rainbow, we're
28:21 Tiny Tots around the world
28:23 we're God's girls and boys.


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