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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Temperance

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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for Him around the world we spread love and joy.
00:15 Like colors of the rainbow we're shining bright where we go.
00:20 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Auntie Nana! The boys and girls are here!
00:31 Oh, hi boys and girls! I'm so glad you're here.
00:35 Georgie's glad you're here too, aren't you Georgie?
00:39 And Jesus is so happy that you're here.
00:43 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:48 Jesus loves the children, every one the same.
00:53 Welcome, welcome you are welcome.
00:56 Jesus knows your name.
00:59 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:06 I am happy the boys and girls are here.
01:09 Oh, can you watch Georgie for me?
01:11 I'll see who's on the phone.
01:12 Ok, make sure he's good!
01:14 Hello, this is Auntie Linda!
01:17 Hi, Auntie Linda! This is Jordan.
01:19 Hi Jordan! How are you?
01:21 Good.
01:23 Today we're talking about temperance.
01:26 Can you tell me some ways that you're tempered?
01:29 I never eat sugar and I decided that.
01:34 And I eat a lot of fruit, fruit should be the desert.
01:40 That sounds like a good idea.
01:43 I can see that you are really being tempered, Jordan.
01:47 Bye Auntie Linda!
01:49 Bye bye Jordan!
01:51 That was Jordan Roberts.
01:53 He's really doing a good job, he doesn't eat all that candy
01:56 and that will be good for his teeth too, ha?
01:59 Well, Freddie how are you today?
02:03 You think Freddie's hungry? I think so too.
02:06 You better give him some, Silvia.
02:08 Ah, yes. It's coming, Freddie
02:11 There we go. Eat your food, Freddie!
02:15 I think he's happy.
02:17 Oh, that's kitty cat, it's time to ring our worship bell.
02:22 Yes, it's time for worship.
02:26 Can you ring our bell for us? Yeah.
02:29 Ok, b e good Georgie! Boys and girls you help us sing!
02:32 Worship bell's the sweet, calling us to meet
02:40 with our best friend Jesus.
02:44 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near
02:49 smiling when he sees us.
02:55 You're a good bell ringer, Silvia!
02:58 Thank you!
03:00 Do you know what time it is now? What?
03:02 We get to look at our present box.
03:04 I wonder what's in here.
03:07 We have a letter from Jesus.
03:12 I love it when we get letters from Jesus.
03:16 Let's see what Jesus has to say today.
03:18 He gave us something special in John 10:10.
03:23 Can you say John 10:10?
03:24 John 10:10.
03:26 Good.
03:27 "I have come that they might have life,
03:39 and have it more abundantly. "
03:45 Good!
03:46 Jesus does want us to have a good life, doesn't he?
03:49 He wants us to be healthy and strong.
03:52 Oh, I love Jesus!
03:54 Let's see what else we have.
03:57 Jesus loves us so much, He made good things for us to eat.
04:04 To help our bodies grow big and strong.
04:06 What is that? Do you know what that is?
04:09 Do bunnies like to eat them?
04:12 A carrot. It's a carrot.
04:14 All right!
04:15 Let's see what else Jesus made for us.
04:18 This will help us have a good life, won't it?
04:23 Do you know what this is?
04:25 Celery. Do you eat celery?
04:29 No.
04:30 You don't eat celery? I do, I love celery.
04:34 Ok, we'll set this celery up there.
04:37 Yes, that's a good idea.
04:39 I got something else Jesus made for us.
04:42 Do you know what that is?
04:46 Is that a potato? Yeah.
04:50 Yes, He made us potatoes.
04:53 I have something else. Oh, it's heavy.
04:57 It's a watermelon!
05:00 You know, Jesus made lots of good things.
05:03 We don't need candy and things like that, do we?
05:06 Cause Jesus made this and it's just so good for us.
05:09 Let's just kneel down and thank Jesus
05:11 for the good things He's made. Thank you for helping me.
05:17 I will bend my knees. I will fold my hands.
05:25 I will bow my head. I will close my eyes.
05:31 And very, very quiet be while the prayer's said.
05:39 Dear Jesus, You're so good and kind to us.
05:43 Help us always to eat things that are good for us.
05:46 We love you Jesus. Amen.
05:51 Jesus is so good to us. I love Jesus.
05:55 Don't you, Silvia? Yeah.
05:57 Yes, we love Jesus.
05:58 Boys and girls, it's now time for us to go to the barn.
06:02 So let's get ready and go!
06:09 Well, I'm glad you came on the farm today kids
06:12 cause Miss Jeanie, our neighbor
06:14 is gonna show us a whole lot of different eggs
06:18 and tell us a lot of fun things about them.
06:21 You guys, these eggs all came from some different birds.
06:26 Are they all birds in there?
06:28 They don't all have birds in them.
06:30 The mummy has to sit on them first
06:31 before a bird will come out of them.
06:33 But every single one comes from a different bird?
06:35 Right.
06:36 Wow! Is that a mummy?
06:38 No, that's just an egg.
06:40 But what kind of baby do you think will come out of that egg?
06:43 That's a big egg!
06:45 That's a big baby bird. A big baby?
06:49 Let's talk about this one. Can I touch it?
06:56 Yes, you can't hold it but you can touch it, ok?
07:00 What kind of big bird do you think would come out
07:02 of a big egg like this one?
07:03 A daddy and a mummy. I wanna hold it a while.
07:07 Let's put it down so we don't crack it.
07:09 Ok, you put them down nicely. Thank you.
07:11 Yes, don't hold them, that's what you do.
07:13 This is a goose egg. A goose egg?
07:15 Goose are very big or these are very big.
07:18 And a baby goose would come out of here.
07:22 So that's a big egg because they're big.
07:25 That is a big egg!
07:26 And there are babies in there?
07:27 Well, no. Because the mummy has to sit on them first.
07:29 Before there can be a baby in it.
07:32 Not right now. Yes.
07:33 It could be if we gave it to a mummy to sit on it.
07:36 So we got the great big ones and then...
07:38 Yes, and then we have, what do you think?
07:40 What kind of little biddy bird do you think made that egg?
07:43 Oh, a baby! A baby bird?
07:46 Yes.
07:47 I think farmer Mike has a ton of these birds
07:51 running wild on his farm.
07:54 Were those quails? That's right.
07:57 That one's cracked. That one's cracked, you think?
08:00 Yeah.
08:03 This came from a little quail.
08:05 Those are quail eggs, look at that.
08:07 I'll catch it. They look almost like candy.
08:10 Just touch it, don't hold it. That's shiny.
08:12 Yes, that is. It's pretty and shiny.
08:15 Can I hold one of those?
08:16 Hannah, the reason we can't hold them, they're very easy to break
08:24 I can be careful with them. Just touch them.
08:28 My cousin Charlie told me one time that his mum was bringing
08:32 a bunch of eggs home and they got to bouncing on the way home
08:34 and all they could have when
08:36 they got home was scrambled eggs.
08:38 So you gotta be really careful.
08:40 That's a letter from my cousin Charlie.
08:42 He writes to me sometimes.
08:44 I can do that, I can be careful. Yes, you can be very careful.
08:45 Ok, these eggs are both from the same kind of bird.
08:50 But see this one is green. Yes, it is.
08:53 And this one is white. Look at that.
08:56 What kind of bird do you think they came from?
08:58 I think a big mummy bird. Well, it was a mummy bird.
09:03 You were right. But now, what kind of bird?
09:06 Do you think it was a duck? Or do you think it was a goose?
09:10 Do you think it was a chicken? I think it was a duck.
09:15 You are right. That's very smart.
09:17 This one came from a duck that was either a white Peking duck
09:23 or a duck that had some Peking in it.
09:25 Which is the big ducks, all white ducks.
09:31 And then this one came from a mummy maor duck
09:34 and that's why it's got the green in it.
09:37 All the baby ones. Yes.
09:41 Can you hold that one? Ok, I will. Just a minute.
09:43 And all these eggs came from the same kind of bird.
09:47 What kind of bird do you think they came from?
09:49 What's on almost all farms?
09:52 What kind of bird? Chicken.
09:56 You are right, they did. They came from a chicken.
09:59 This egg is kind of a white color.
10:03 This one is a brown. Chicken can lay white ones.
10:08 And some of them do rainbow colors.
10:12 Rainbow. Some eggs are pink
10:16 and some are blue. They do different ones.
10:18 I saw one on a Barney movie. Did you?
10:21 It was pretty, it was big. Was it a great big one?
10:24 God sure knows what He's doing.
10:26 He made so many different things for us.
10:28 I saw it too, a giant one. You did?
10:30 Well, look at this one. This one's funny shaped because
10:34 it's so long. Look how long.
10:36 Look how tiny these are.
10:40 Why do you think these are so tiny?
10:42 Do you know? I think because the mummy
10:45 had put them in her belly and then she was laying her eggs
10:50 and then it came out to be a baby egg.
10:54 Well, that could be. Pretty good thinking.
10:56 But a lot of times, what happens is when the mummy chicken
11:01 lays either the first egg or the last egg.
11:03 She only has so many eggs in her.
11:05 And when she either lays the first one or the last one
11:08 she's gonna lay, they come out teeny-tiny sometimes.
11:11 Miss Jeanie, I'm afraid Auntie Linda and the kids
11:14 have some other things to gotta do today
11:16 but boy, we thank you
11:17 for showing us all the different eggs.
11:19 Oh, you're welcomed. I'm happy that I could do it.
11:21 We have to do some fun things.
11:24 You have some things to do? Yes, we do.
11:26 Well, let's sing our song!
11:27 Did you guys like the eggs? Yes.
11:28 Let's sing our song for Miss Jeanie.
11:30 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo-moo.
11:34 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack-quack.
11:38 I like to go to the farm. I like to go to the farm.
11:43 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
11:47 Well, thank you so much! You are very welcomed.
11:52 Did you like learning about the eggs?
11:54 Yes. Can you tell Miss Jeanie goodbye
11:56 and farmer Mike? Bye bye!
11:58 You got into some straw. Did you get it out?
12:06 Ok, we'll see you. Bye, bye! Have a good day!
12:16 Hi, kids! We're going on a nature walk.
12:20 Come and join us!
12:22 Shall we go for a walk today? A walk today, a walk today.
12:30 Shall we go for a walk today to see what God has given?
12:39 Grapes! Aren't they beautiful?
12:44 What color are they? Do you wanna eat one?
12:48 Yes.
12:49 You can pull some off and eat it.
12:51 Oops! You'll have to get another one.
12:54 It fell on the ground.
12:55 We don't wanna eat what falls on the ground.
12:56 I got it. You did?
12:58 Tell me if they're good. They're good.
13:02 I love grapes too.
13:04 And, you know, people make grape juice out of them.
13:07 And you know what?
13:08 Jesus took grapes and he made something special, too.
13:14 Only he didn't use grapes, did he?
13:16 He made grape juice but he made it out of water.
13:19 And look, He made it not water.
13:22 Yes. You want another one?
13:24 Pick one. Look, there's the other one.
13:26 There's lots of different grapes Do you like grape jelly?
13:32 Yes.
13:33 And sometimes we can have peanut butter.
13:35 Here's another one, Justin.
13:37 Yes, God made so many delicious grapes for us.
13:41 I'm so glad that He loves us
13:43 and created all the good things for us.
13:45 Here's another one.
13:47 God made the delicious, sweet grapes.
13:52 I know, I know.
13:55 God made the delicious, sweet grapes
13:59 because He loves me so.
14:04 I got different one. That is, isn't it?
14:12 It's story time!
14:15 Julie's here with me and Noah's here with me today.
14:19 We have a story about a man who had five special friends.
14:24 Do you have friends, Noah? Who's your friend?
14:27 Justin, Helen, Jesse.
14:29 They're all your friends? Yes.
14:31 Do you have friends, Julie? Who's your friends?
14:34 Deborah. Deborah?
14:36 Do you like to play with Deborah?
14:38 Well, this man had friends too. He couldn't do anything though.
14:44 He couldn't move his legs.
14:46 Look at him, he couldn't move his arms.
14:48 Do you know why he was so sick?
14:51 Because he loved bad stuff.
14:54 He loved the bad stuff too much, that's right Noah.
14:57 He ate the wrong kinds of foods, he drank alcohol.
15:01 And he did lots of things that weren't good for his body.
15:04 He got really, really sick. And most of all he felt sad
15:08 because he had been naughty and he wanted to be forgiven.
15:12 His friends said...
15:14 Guess what? Jesus is here!
15:16 You wanna go see Jesus? How did that happen?
15:19 I'm gonna tell you. That's a good thing to notice.
15:22 He went to the house where Jesus was
15:25 and his friends put him in a blanket
15:27 and they tied up the corners and they were carrying him.
15:30 When they got there, there were so many people
15:32 they couldn't get in. They tried to push their way in.
15:35 Let me in! Let me in!
15:38 They pushed but the people wouldn't let them in.
15:41 And so they went on top of the roof.
15:44 Can you help me take the tile off the roof?
15:46 Take it off and throw it down on the ground!
15:50 They made a big hole. Then they held on to the rope
15:54 and they lowered him right down to where Jesus was.
15:58 All the people stopped and they looked up
16:02 and they saw the big hole in the ceiling.
16:04 Then they saw the man and he was just laying there,
16:08 he couldn't do anything.
16:10 Jesus looked at him.
16:12 Do you think Jesus could help him?
16:14 Yes.
16:16 Can Jesus help us when we have troubles too?
16:18 Yes. Yes, he can.
16:19 And Jesus said: "Your sins are forgiven. "
16:24 Wasn't that a funny thing to say?
16:27 Yeah. But Jesus knew his heart.
16:30 And he knew that's what he wanted more than anything else.
16:33 Do these men look very happy? No.
16:37 They said: "How can He forgive sins?"
16:41 "Who does He think He is?" He was God.
16:43 There are bad guys and there's more bad guys.
16:46 They came out. That's right.
16:50 Jesus said he was very sorry that they didn't believe
16:57 that he could forgive sins. But he said:
16:59 "Just so you'll know that I have all power from my heaven"
17:03 "and from my Father in heaven. " He said to the man:
17:10 "Rise up and walk and take your bed with you. "
17:11 What happened to the man?
17:14 What's he doing? He stood up and he could walk.
17:19 Do you think he was happy? Yes.
17:22 He was jumping up and down.
17:24 Can you raise your hands like this?
17:26 He was so happy he could move his hands.
17:28 And he could move his feet. He was so happy.
17:32 Cause Jesus had not only made him so he could walk again
17:37 and move his hands but Jesus had made him well inside.
17:43 He had forgiven all his sins.
17:45 And you know who else was happy with the man?
17:48 His five friends were happy too.
17:50 Jesus wants all his children to be happy
17:54 and to be happy inside.
17:56 And you can ask Jesus to forgive your sins and He will.
17:59 Because you know what? Jesus really, really loves you.
18:09 Hi, boys and girls!
18:11 We're helping Miss Cinda make grapefruit juice.
18:14 That's right.
18:15 Do you know why I decided to make juice today?
18:17 Yes.
18:19 I wanted to teach you guys something about temperance.
18:22 Because a lot of juices that you drink in the store
18:26 have sugar in it.
18:27 And so I thought if I got you fresh grapefruit
18:31 right from the tree that you could squeeze
18:36 and have fresh juice cause that's the best.
18:39 Ok, you can start. Yes you may. I'll start.
18:44 This is going to be fun. So we have our juicers.
18:47 You don't open it sweetheart. Put your grapefruit half.
18:51 We cut grapefruits in half, boys and girls.
18:54 Push it way down. Push it hard.
18:57 And now twist it, Jasmine. Good job Jasmine.
19:02 We got some strong guys over here.
19:05 How are you doing, Tyler? We are strong guys over here.
19:10 Hey, are we strong over here? Let's show them we're strong.
19:15 Push down hard!
19:19 But I already pushed down.
19:21 Tyler's strong.
19:24 It fell, didn't it? That's ok.
19:29 You can get a lot of juice out of that one, Justin.
19:36 Ok, keep going. Squeeze as much as you can.
19:41 Keep twisting!
19:44 And you know what? This will taste so good
19:46 we don't have to add any sugar or anything to this.
19:49 And you can do this with oranges.
19:52 He's getting a lot of juice out of this, Miss Cinda.
19:56 Do you want me to help you push way down?
19:58 Push down like this!
20:01 Are you getting some juice? Look down here and see.
20:06 Are we getting some? I wasn't.
20:09 I think there's some more in there.
20:10 Tyler, are you getting juice?
20:16 There's enough for you to try.
20:19 Wanna pour it in your glass and then you could try it?
20:22 Let me help you get some, Tyler. Ok, you try.
20:27 We're getting some. Are we getting some?
20:30 Check it and see! Yeah!
20:35 You all are wearing Miss Cinda out today.
20:40 Jasmine, is it good? Is it good?
20:46 Tyler, you wanna taste yours? Yeah.
20:49 Pour it in your cup and you can taste it.
20:57 Ok, taste it Tyler and see what you think.
21:02 Is that good? What do you think Noah?
21:05 I don't wanna drink it yet.
21:11 Justin, you wanna try yours? Boy Justin, you're really strong!
21:18 You're getting a lot of juice.
21:20 Well, boys and girls if you want a real healthy drink
21:23 you can try getting some fresh fruit
21:25 and squeeze it and make your own juice.
21:28 Just like our kids are doing here.
21:31 And we're having fun. That's right.
21:34 And remember, it's always fun to be in the kitchen.
21:43 Sing time!
21:45 I also have a special verse to share with you.
21:49 I just love what Jesus says in his word.
21:52 And in John 10:10 He says:
21:54 "I have come that they might have life. "
21:59 That's right.
22:00 I like that one. I do, too! I do, too!
22:03 I love Jesus just living in my heart.
22:07 And we're gonna sing a song about that.
22:09 I know a song! What is that, Justin?
22:11 "Castle of my heart. "
22:12 That's the very one I was gonna sing.
22:17 There's a flag flying high over the castle of my heart.
22:22 Over the castle of my heart. Over the castle of my heart.
22:27 There's a flag flying high over the castle of my heart.
22:31 For the King is in residence here.
22:35 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know.
22:40 Let the whole world know. Let the whole world know.
22:44 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know.
22:48 That the King is in residence here.
22:53 Now let's sing it one more time. And you know what?
22:57 Let's see if we can sing louder
22:59 than the boys and girls out there, ok?
23:01 Ok, here we go.
23:03 There's a flag flying high over the castle of my heart.
23:08 Over the castle of my heart. Over the castle of my heart.
23:12 There's a flag flying high over the castle of my heart.
23:16 For the King is in residence here.
23:20 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know.
23:25 Let the whole world know. Let the whole world know.
23:29 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know
23:33 that the King is in residence here.
23:36 You know what? Farmer Mike had a flag.
23:40 He wanted everyone to know he loves Jesus.
23:42 That's right. Let's sing it faster.
23:46 My house is built on a solid rock-Jesus.
23:49 Let's sing about that one. Can you build a house?
23:53 Let's build a house. Here it goes.
23:55 The wise man built his house upon the rock.
24:00 The wise man built his house upon the rock.
24:05 The wise man built his house upon the rock.
24:09 And the rains came tumbling down.
24:13 The rains came down and the floods came up.
24:18 The rains came down and the floods came up.
24:22 The rains came down and the floods came up.
24:26 And the house on the rock stood firm.
24:30 And you were thinking about the foolish man, weren't you?
24:34 Yes, of course. What happened then?
24:36 What happened with the foolish man?
24:38 He built his house where? On the sand.
24:41 That's right. Let's sing about that.
24:44 The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
24:49 The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
24:53 The foolish man built his house upon the sand.
24:57 And the rains came tumbling down.
25:01 The rains came down and the floods came up.
25:06 The rains came down and the floods came up.
25:10 The rains came down and the floods came up.
25:15 And the house on the sand went flat.
25:25 I wanna be careful, what I look at and what I do.
25:29 So that I'll be building my house on the rock.
25:32 Let's sing "Be careful little eyes. "
25:35 Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.
25:40 Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.
25:45 For the Father up above is looking down in love.
25:51 So be careful little eyes what you see.
25:55 "Be careful little ears what you hear. "
25:58 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.
26:02 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.
26:08 For the Father up above is looking down in love.
26:14 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.
26:18 And he also wants us to
26:21 "Be careful little hands what you do. "
26:23 Oh, be careful little hands what you do.
26:28 Oh, be careful little hands what you do.
26:33 For the Father up above is looking down in love.
26:39 so, be careful little hands what you do.
26:43 That's a very important song. That is important.
26:47 Right now we're gonna fold our hands and close our eyes.
26:50 Something good we can do with our hands.
26:52 That's exactly right.
26:54 I'll pray.
26:56 Hannah's gonna have a prayer for us today, ok?
26:58 Dear Jesus, thank you for the babies.
27:02 And thank you for the people. And thank you for the Jesus.
27:06 Amen. Amen.
27:11 Good songs today on SING TIME.
27:13 I loved them. Did you like them?
27:15 Yes. What was your favorite song?
27:17 "A castle over my heart" "A castle over my heart"?
27:20 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:23 That's all the time we have for today, boys and girls.
27:26 Bye bye!
27:35 Our time together is over so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye! Goodbye!
27:45 Remember God loves you.
27:49 Goodbye! Goodbye! Remember God loves you.
27:57 Goodbye!
28:03 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
28:09 We live for him around the world we spread love and joy.
28:14 Like colors of the rainbow we're shining bright where we go.
28:19 We're tiny tots around the world We're God's girls and boys.


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