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Jesus' Gift To Me Is Good Food

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00:01 We are Tiny Tots around The world where God
00:08 Hears our voice, we live here
00:11 around the world We spend love and joy
00:15 Like how he start The rainbow we're shining
00:19 Like the rainbow. We are Tiny Tots around
00:22 The world where God Hears our Voice.
00:29 I love going to the garden. I love carrot.
00:32 I do too. Oh! Look, look, look, the boys and girls are
00:36 here can you wave to them.
00:39 Can you wave to them? George is happy that you
00:42 are here too. And Jesus is happy
00:45 that you are here.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:53 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:58 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus
01:02 knows your name. You made Jesus happy
01:06 just because you came.
01:11 I am so excited about the things we have
01:14 planed today. Come on let's get started.
01:16 That's right now we want to get started.
01:22 Oh! We are getting a phone call Noah.
01:23 You had to take my carrot too, thank you.
01:27 Time for this and this and this.
01:31 Hi, this is Aunty Linda. Hi, Aunty Linda.
01:34 Oh! Hi! Messy can you tell me what do you like to
01:39 eat? I like apple, I like banana.
01:47 I like apples and bananas too, they tastes
01:49 so good. Jesus gave us so many good things
01:53 to eat. Well, I better go now it's time for me
01:56 to feed Freddy. Thank you for calling.
01:59 Bye aunty Linda. Good bye Messy.
02:03 That was Messy Shelton.
02:05 Oh! Time for to feed. Oh! Some water is gone
02:10 Yes, it is time for us to feed Freddy, yes
02:12 it was, thank you. And he is splashing around in
02:15 his fishy house. Oh! Tiny bit.
02:18 Tiny bit, that's right. That's a good, yes.
02:21 I have got breaking half. Alright, there you go.
02:25 Well just give him a little bit, that's right.
02:27 We don't want to make him sick.
02:30 Oh, time to go out and get worship.
02:33 It's time for workship, thank you Kitty for
02:37 reminding us. Now, I'm going to do this.
02:40 You can ring it? I want to know, it's
02:42 ringing it and boys and girls you can sing along
02:44 with us, okay.
02:46 Worship bells are swing Calling us to meet with
02:51 our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here
02:57 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:06 Thank you Noah, you welcome you're gonna to be really
03:10 big. What the time is it now?
03:13 That's right. It's time to see what's in our
03:16 present box. Wonder what is in there today?
03:20 Let's see. I see a bible.
03:23 We do, we have a letter from Jesus.
03:26 Now let's see. Let's see what Jesus is
03:28 going to say? Oh! Yes say proverbs.
03:34 Proverbs? Eight.
03:36 Proverb 8:19, Proverb 8:19. It says my fruit is better.
03:43 Okay, proverb 8:19, my fruit is better
03:48 than gold, than gold.
03:52 That's right! My fruit is better than gold.
03:55 That was a wonderful message from Jesus.
03:58 Oh! I think there is something there again.
04:01 You think so? Well, let me see. Oh! there is,
04:06 there is something for you.
04:08 That's an apple. That's right,
04:10 Jesus made it for you. I think there is another
04:12 one. Oh! And there is an orange.
04:15 Oh! Jesus has two gifts for you today.
04:18 Wow!. He gave us carrots
04:21 that we picked in the garden and apples
04:24 and oranges. Do you want to take
04:25 a bite of the apple? Yeah!
04:26 Well, let Georgie hold the orange okay.
04:29 Is it good? Umm!
04:31 Did Jesus make it good for us? Umm!
04:33 What other food did Jesus give us?
04:35 Ah, bananas. Bananas and watermelon.
04:41 And pineapple. And pineapple and
04:44 grapes. And, ah!
04:49 Potatoes. Potatoes
04:51 and, and, mash potatoes. You like mash potatoes
04:57 don't you? Well, Jesus gave us so
05:00 many wonderful things to eat.
05:01 I am just so thankful that Jesus made all the
05:05 food for us and the food helps us grow big and
05:08 strong. Do we get big and strong boys and girls
05:12 when we eat candy?
05:15 No, but when we eat like Noah is eating then
05:18 we can grow up to be big and strong right
05:21 Noah. Aha!
05:23 Alright, we are gonna thank Jesus for giving
05:26 us so much good food. Do you want to set your
05:28 apple right here? Ah!
05:30 And Aunty Linda will have a little prayer.
05:32 Umm!. And we will thank Jesus
05:35 for all the good things that he has given us to
05:39 eat. Now Noah is enjoying apples and
05:41 I think you will too.
05:42 Can you bend your knees?
05:44 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
05:49 I will bow my head I will close my eyes
05:55 And very, very quite be while the prayer is in.
06:04 Dear Jesus thank you for giving us all the
06:07 good food to eat, we would love you
06:10 in Jesus name Amen.
06:15 I love Jesus don't you, don't you?
06:17 Apple. Yes, you can have your apple.
06:19 And orange? And an orange.
06:21 Now boy's, I tasted, that's right, it's now time Noah for
06:26 us to see farmer Mike. So, come on boys and girls
06:29 let's go to the barn.
06:36 Farmer Mike! Oh! Welcome.
06:39 I'm glad you guys, came to the farm.
06:42 Glad to see u. Thank you for coming
06:43 today. Oh! So you have
06:45 anything special for us today?
06:47 Yeah. Hanna. Oh! Hanna would
06:49 you come and sit by me please.
06:50 I like you too, I like to sit by you guys.
06:53 Well, that's a nice pretty box
06:54 is that what you wanted to show us?
06:56 I get to do this, still. No, no here is what we
06:58 got today. What? You know my next door
07:00 neighbor, Ms. Gene? Yes.
07:03 She said that she had something today.
07:05 She is gonna come and bring for surprise.
07:07 Surprise. Here she is!
07:08 She is here. Wonder what she brought.
07:10 Dale and I were out looking for some rocks
07:12 to do some landscaping. Right.
07:14 At the creek and we found something
07:16 I thought you guys might like to see.
07:18 Wow! Wow!
07:19 They are crayfish. There is a little bit
07:22 water. Aha.
07:24 Don't put your fingers in there until I tell
07:25 you about them. Okay. Sally wants to see.
07:26 Very good. Okay.
07:28 Those are Crayfish. From here you can see.
07:31 Can you stoop down a little bit?
07:32 Yeah! That is awesome. And sometime they are
07:34 called crawdads and they are related.
07:38 There is another one. Yeah. They are kind of in
07:40 the same family. Oh! You can touch them?
07:42 Yes and I'm gonna show you how.
07:44 You want to make sure that you hold them
07:47 by the back in between. Will they pinch?
07:49 Yes, see these things here these are pinchers
07:52 and they can pinch you and that's how they
07:54 catch their food and have defend themselves.
07:58 So, you want to make sure that you hold them
07:59 behind the pinchers, so that they can't get you.
08:02 Where do they live? I wonder about that.
08:04 Do they live in the sea? No, they live in streams
08:08 and they swim around in streams and water
08:12 and then they make holes in the dirt and
08:14 they pile up the dirt will hide.
08:17 I have seen that. Yeah, they may those
08:19 and they live in there. Right.
08:20 This is one and he must have been in a fight with
08:25 something because see he only has one pincher.
08:28 Oh! He has lost one of them.
08:30 Well, they look so much like shrimp and lobster
08:32 that's right. They are in the same
08:34 family. And he lost the other pinch
08:37 Yeah! He did. Can you take one?
08:39 Yeah! I want to pick this one up.
08:40 They are in the same family as shrimp and lobster.
08:42 Those are their eyes and mouth
08:44 Yeah! See their mouth. Oh! His mouth is open.
08:46 And they have a mustache. Yes, they are kind of
08:49 different mustache you are right.
08:50 Yeah! they have too. And their eyes
08:51 can you see sweetheart? Oh! What makes them
08:53 different in the lobsters for instance?
08:55 The lobster and the shrimp they are all in
08:57 the same family, but the lobster and shrimp
08:59 live in salt water. Oh! like the oceans.
09:01 Yes, in the ocean and these guys live in fresh
09:04 water, which would be your streams and puddles
09:07 and ponds around us. Right, on the farms
09:10 like we live on. Right.
09:12 They must like rocks. Yes, they kind like to
09:14 crawl on the rocks. What do they eat?
09:15 Ah! They eat little bugs and little fishes
09:18 and little things like that.
09:19 Fish? And something neat about
09:22 them is they hatch out of eggs.
09:24 They do? Yes, isn't that kind
09:26 of neat? But.. Parrot has eggs too..
09:29 You are right, they can... He can go to rocks too...
09:32 But the birds puts their eggs in a nest and the
09:35 crayfish, the mommy one carries them
09:38 underneath her tail. Wow!
09:40 She takes them everywhere she goes.
09:41 Oh! And she carries them up
09:42 underneath her tail. Neat.
09:44 Yeah! That's kind of a neat until they get ready
09:46 to hatch out... And then they swim around.
09:48 I don't have a baby one. These ones are probably
09:50 young ones because they actually get pretty big.
09:53 Oh! Wow!
09:54 That was trying to get out. Didn't you tell me,
09:56 didn't you tell me, you told me when you were a little girl
09:58 something happened from the crayfish?
10:00 When I was little I didn't know what they
10:02 look like and my mommy and daddy said...
10:05 Listen her story this is fun.
10:07 My mommy and daddy said you could go fish
10:09 in farm, so there was a hole in our yard and
10:12 they took bacon and tied bacon on a big kind
10:14 of string and put it down in there and I could feel
10:17 that thing in the hole biting at that bacon, so
10:21 I hold it up little by little...
10:22 When she was little. Yeah, I was little like
10:25 Hannah and I didn't know what I was fishing for
10:27 and I kept pulling it up, pulling it up and he
10:29 kept biting on the bacon and when he came out
10:32 of the hole and I saw he look like that I
10:34 started screaming and all the neighbors came
10:38 outside to see what was wrong.
10:39 That's what I call. They thought somebody
10:41 had me; I was so scared because it was...
10:43 Bigger than that? Yes. They get much bigger.
10:46 And now you are not afraid them anymore.
10:47 No, now I am not afraid of them, but when
10:48 I saw that come out of that hole I was scared.
10:50 I didn't know what it was.
10:52 Again, again if children see one they should
10:54 ask their mom and daddy help them pick them
10:56 up, yes, yes because they could pinch them.
10:58 Yeah, you should have your mom and dad help
11:00 you with them because they could pinch you.
11:02 Well, Miss Gene, thank you for coming
11:03 to the Farm, showing these guys.
11:05 Oh! you are very well Anything else we should
11:07 know you quit before they have to go?
11:11 Let's see that's about the most important
11:12 things I can. Because they have got
11:13 so much to do today, can we?
11:15 Sing a song. Let's sing a song.
11:17 Come on come on, let's sing a song.
11:19 let's sing a song. Here we go.
11:21 I like to go to the farm, where the cows
11:23 bray, bray. I like to go to the farm,
11:26 where ducks quack, quack. I like to go to the farm,
11:30 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm
11:34 and learn up Jesus.
11:39 Great, that is nice. Oh! Thank you so
11:41 much Ms Gene. I'm so glad you guys
11:43 that worked out just right.
11:44 That was fun. You guys could
11:46 come see him. Hey, kids lets good bye.
11:48 Bye, bye. Good bye.
11:49 Bye, bye, bye. Good bye.
12:01 Olivia and Sylvia and I are on the way
12:03 to the garden, come along boys and girls.
12:08 We are going to have fun aren't we?
12:09 Shall we go for a walk today.
12:11 A walk today, a walk today
12:17 Shall we go for a walk today.
12:20 To see what God has given.
12:23 Carrots. Oh! Looks like Jesus has made
12:28 lot's of good food for us. What do you see?
12:31 Carrots. Carrots.
12:35 Sylvia what's your favorite vegetable?
12:39 Umm! Watermelon. Watermelon!
12:42 That's a good fruit isn't it?
12:43 Do you like cantaloupe? Yeah!
12:46 Can you say cantaloupe? Cantaloupe.
12:48 Cantaloupe. And Olivia can you say watermelon?
12:52 Ah! And what is this?
12:54 Carrot. Carrot. Oh! Do you know
12:59 what these are? Can you pull one up?
13:02 I bet Miss Cinda would like to cook
13:04 with that. What is that? Onion.
13:08 It's an onion isn't a green onion?
13:13 Oh! They are so good. I love onions.
13:18 Do they have some dirt on them?
13:19 Yeah! They grow in a dirt don't they?
13:21 Aren't you glad God made the green onions
13:24 for us to enjoy. No.
13:27 Yes, I am so glad God made the green onions.
13:30 Oh! Can you pick some more green onions?
13:33 God made the fresh green onions,
13:36 I know, I know. God made the fresh green
13:43 onions because he loves me so.
13:49 You are good helpers. Thank you Olivia.
13:52 Looking nice. Story time.
14:00 You are just in time boys and girls.
14:01 Tyler and I are ready to read another
14:03 exciting story from the bible. Come and join us.
14:08 We have a story today about the
14:09 Israelites; they are getting ready to leave
14:13 Egypt. Why do you think they are so
14:15 excited to pack up and leave Egypt, Tyler?
14:18 I don't know. Could it be because they
14:21 were slaves for so many years?
14:22 Umm!. I think so, ha.
14:25 They had to work so hard in fact all their
14:30 daddy's are right now getting paid from all
14:34 the task masters, who made them work
14:36 so long, so many years without money.
14:38 As they are ready to leave Egypt.
14:41 They are packing their things. What's mom doing?
14:46 Umm!. I don't know. Does it look like food
14:49 there? She is packing up food because
14:52 they are going on a long journey to the land
14:54 of Canaan. They are packing up their
14:57 barrels and even their animals are
15:01 looking aren't they?
15:02 Do you think they will take the animals with them?
15:04 Yup. Yes, they are gonna take their cows
15:07 and their donkeys and their sheep
15:09 and even their cats with them. And then ducks
15:13 Yes, they will probably take that too.
15:16 They were so excited, as the kids
15:19 were going out of Egypt,
15:21 they said good bye, good bye.
15:23 We are excited. They were excited.
15:26 Do get excited when daddy takes you on a trip
15:28 somewhere or mommy when you get to go
15:31 bye, bye somewhere?
15:33 Oh! I do I get so excited,
15:36 these kids were excited too.
15:39 But they walked and walked and they came up to
15:42 what is this? Is that water? Sea.
15:48 It's a sea. They came up to the sea
15:51 and there was no way to go across the sea.
15:55 Oh! No what would they do? What did Moses do?
16:01 Umm! He asked God to make the waves go up
16:05 as well so they crossed. That's right.
16:09 And did he hold the staff out and then did all
16:12 the people what are they doing? Crossing.
16:16 They walked right through the sea didn't they?
16:20 The wall of water was on this side
16:22 and a wall of water on this side and they walked
16:25 through, did the little kids walk through,
16:28 were they afraid? No, they weren't afraid.
16:32 They walked right through the red sea
16:36 and God did a wonderful miracle for them,
16:39 but then the day came when they ran out of food
16:42 and they didn't have anymore food
16:45 and they were walking and walking in the desert
16:47 to get to the land of Canaan and what did
16:49 God do for them? Gave them food.
16:52 Food. Do you know what do they called that food?
16:55 What did they call it? I forgot. Manna. Yup.
17:00 Yes, he called it Manna and everyday they went up
17:03 and they picked up manna except on the
17:07 Seventh-Day, there was no manna on the ground.
17:09 Was there only on the six days
17:12 and they had to pick up enough food on the
17:14 sixth day for the seventh day.
17:17 Do you know what the manna tasted like?
17:20 The children thought it tasted like honey.
17:23 I bet they thought it tasted like cookies, ha.
17:25 I think it tasted like mannies.
17:29 Mannies, do you like mannies?
17:32 No. Well, I think it tasted like honey
17:35 and it was really good.
17:37 They had to wash all their clothes in just
17:42 a little spring and they were to hollered
17:44 up by their tents and then they washed their
17:46 clothes and they would be had to take a bath,
17:48 because God said I want you to get really clean.
17:53 Because I got something I want
17:55 to share with you and Moses went up into the
17:58 mountain and God talked to him. Because he
18:03 had a message for all his people, didn't he?
18:05 Look at all the people waiting to see
18:07 what God would tell them.
18:11 They waited and even the sheep were looking
18:13 and looking and when Moses came down,
18:16 he had the ten. What is this called?
18:19 Ten Commandments. That's right.
18:22 The Ten Commandments and God gave those
18:25 to us because you know God really loves us,
18:28 boys and girls. And he gave us those rules,
18:31 those Ten Commandments to protect us
18:33 and take care of us.
18:35 I want you to always remember that
18:38 God really, really loves you
18:42 and he loves Tyler too doesn't he? Yes.
18:50 Hi, boys and girls. We are making
18:54 salad today with Miss Cinda.
18:56 We are and you know what I wanted to do?
18:59 What? I wanted you to see some of the
19:01 wonderful delicious vegetables that Jesus
19:04 made for us. So I ask farmer Mike
19:07 if he would go and pick us some.
19:09 Look what he brought us. A big tomatoes.
19:13 That was so nice of farmer Mike.
19:15 That's right. He got tomatoes. Tomatoes.
19:18 I wanted to see farmer Mike.
19:19 Well, you did, well you know what may be some
19:22 time we will ask him to pop in the kitchen
19:25 and you'll get to go on the barn and go.
19:27 When you visit aunty, go with Aunty Linda
19:30 and visit the barn you will get to see
19:31 farmer Mike okay. Alright,
19:35 we have great tomatoes? Who likes tomatoes.
19:38 Oh! I do too. Who likes carrots?
19:41 Me. I do too. Oh! I like carrots.
19:44 I just like it always Cinda. I like those.
19:46 You like the soy cheese. You want to get
19:48 some lettuce? Yes.
19:49 Oh! What's in that, what is that? Cabbage
19:52 What kind of cabbage? Red cabbage.
19:54 That's right, that's red cabbage. Red cabbage.
19:57 Would you like to put some tomatoes
19:59 in your bowl Jasmine? What would you
20:00 like in your bowl; you want some
20:02 lettuce in your bowl? Oh! you want
20:04 some soy cheese. Alright. Sylvia will pass the soy
20:08 cheese to you as soon as she is finished, okay.
20:12 Alright. You know I saw some apples
20:13 on an apple tree Miss Cinda.
20:14 Do you know boys and girls I like to put
20:17 a slice depose in my salad? Do you got,
20:20 Oh! thank you Sylvia.
20:21 I'm glad that Jesus made so many
20:23 different kinds of foods for us.
20:25 Okay, let's Sylvia have some lettuce.
20:27 Alright. And I don't want.
20:29 You want to put little soy cheese in your bowl?
20:31 I want tomatoes.
20:33 Oh! You want some tomatoes.
20:34 I like these cute; these are a little
20:36 great tomato. Oh! I love them, they are so good.
20:39 I love tomatoes. Oh! and they are so petty
20:43 in your salad aren't they?
20:44 I don't want salad Miss Linda.
20:46 And do you know that tomatoes
20:47 are very good for you? You don't want salad?
20:49 Yeah! Sylvia would you like some tomatoes?
20:54 No. No, would you like some cucumbers?
20:56 And she is Jasmine, and they do it absolutely.
20:59 Do you guys have favorite vegetables that you like?
21:02 Well, I don't like. Oh! I love these,
21:05 these are snap peas and you know what,
21:08 look inside of them.
21:09 Do you ever see what's inside over these?
21:11 Okay. Look you snap them open
21:13 and look, look at inside? Oh! Peas.
21:18 You want to taste it? A little pea,
21:22 you gonna taste a little pea?
21:25 I want one. You want one.
21:27 No, you don't want one. Yeh! I want one.
21:30 Let me have them in my salad.
21:32 Oh! They are so good.
21:34 Katie would you like some cucumber?
21:35 I even like the shells. I like this.
21:37 Would you like cucumbers? Aren't those good Hanna?
21:39 Not right now. Did you pop it open Sylvia?
21:41 Where is the fork? Yeah. Is it good?
21:44 Umm! Umm! Oh! Good you want some
21:45 in your salad? I don't want. Where is the fork?
21:48 Oh! You got a fork right there.
21:50 Oh! You can just use your hands and put that
21:52 in there because we lost our fork.
21:55 Oh! Here it is, I'm sorry. Here it is.
21:56 You want cucumbers. Oh! Yes.
22:00 Oh! Yes. Boys and girls when your mom is making
22:03 a salad you can ask her to put in your favorite
22:06 vegetable and sometimes fruit because you know
22:08 what I like little oranges in my salad
22:10 too sometimes. Umm...!
22:12 And I even like to sprinkle nuts on my
22:14 salad sometimes because they are very healthy
22:16 for you too. You know Jesus gave us.
22:19 Carrots. The carrots, yes.
22:21 Jesus gave us so many wonderful vegetables.
22:25 Didn't he? Yeah, it's impeccably.
22:27 Isn't Jesus wonderful?
22:29 We are having fun today Miss Cinda.
22:31 Who likes to be in the kitchen?
22:35 You like to be in the kitchen? I do, I do.
22:38 I love to be in the kitchen
22:39 and boys and girls remember to help your
22:42 mommies in the kitchen because cooking is fun.
22:45 It is. Yeah!
22:52 Yeah! Sing time.
22:56 Does anyone know where the verses found?
22:58 I know, I know. You do Hannah.
22:59 Proverbs. That's right. Proverbs.
23:02 Proverbs 8:19. Proverbs 8:19.
23:06 And it says my fruit. My fruit
23:08 is better than gold, is better than gold.
23:13 What is some fruit that Jesus made for us?
23:16 Apples and bananas and oranges. That's right.
23:19 And they made tomatoes.
23:22 You know tomato is a fruit.
23:23 Actually it is, yes, that's right.
23:25 That's right. Good Hannah. Good Hannah.
23:27 Strawberries are. Yeah, you like
23:28 strawberries too. And you know what
23:30 fruit is so healthy for us;
23:32 we should have fruit everyday, everyday.
23:34 I have to remember I eat fruit. Yes, we do.
23:38 Let's sing a song about picking apples, okay.
23:42 I like to eat an apple picked from tree.
23:45 Peaches, cherries, I am still think about fruits.
23:47 Are we going sing a song. Okay.
23:49 I like to eat an apple picked
23:52 from the apple tree.
23:55 Dear Jesus sends the sun and rain
23:58 to make them grown for me.
24:01 I like to eat bananas. Ready.
24:03 I like to eat bananas pick from the banana tree,
24:10 Dear Jesus sends the sun and rain
24:13 to make them grow for me.
24:15 I like to eat oranges. That's right Liana,
24:18 but sing about the oranges. Okay.
24:20 I like to eat oranges pick from the orange tree.
24:27 Dear Jesus sends the sun and rain
24:30 to make them grow for me.
24:34 My Dad brings for me. He does.
24:36 You know why I like bananas?
24:38 Because they appeal to me.
24:42 And cherries too. And cherries.
24:44 Do watermelons grow on trees?
24:46 Yes. No, they don't. No. Ah. Our Farmer Mike
24:51 That's right, has some in his garden.
24:52 That's right; I forgot they don't grow on trees.
24:55 You know when, they grow on the ground,
24:58 we eat all the fruits and vegetables
24:59 that Jesus gave us then will grow.
25:01 Bless you. Bless you.
25:02 Let's all get down now and let's pretend,
25:05 we are gonna grow, we are gonna say
25:06 eat your vegetables and fruits everyday,
25:09 fruits everyday, fruits everyday,
25:11 and you will grow, grow, grow.
25:13 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday,
25:18 fruits everyday, fruits everyday.
25:22 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday
25:25 and you will grow, grow, grow.
25:29 And you will grow, grow, grow.
25:32 Oh! And you will grow, grow, grow.
25:38 Eat your vegetables and fruits everyday
25:40 and you will grow, grow, grow.
25:46 You better eat more vegetables.
25:47 Are you okay. Yeah! She is okay.
25:50 You better eat more vegetables.
25:52 You know, when we eat our vegetables
25:55 and fruits we are strong and we have
25:57 hands and I can go clap, clap, clap.
25:59 Alright. Okay.
26:01 I have hands that clap, clap, clap.
26:12 They were made by Jesus.
26:16 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:19 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:23 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:27 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:30 They were made by Jesus.
26:34 Let's sing about the fingers again. Okay.
26:36 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:39 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
26:43 I have fingers that wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
26:46 They were made by Jesus.
26:52 Oh! Jesus is so good to us.
26:54 Noah will you have a prayer for us right now.
26:56 Yeah. Let's close our eyes and fold our hands.
26:59 Dear Jesus, thank you for us,
27:02 thanks you for mom and dad,
27:05 and Henry, Justine, and Farmer Mike,
27:07 and you Jesus. Amen. Amen.
27:12 Thank you saying Farmer Mike too. Thank you.
27:15 Well, without Farmer Mike we wouldn't have
27:17 all the fruits and vegetables.
27:19 That's right, he works very hard.
27:21 And other farmers too.
27:22 That's right, other farmers too.
27:24 That's Mr. Roster. That's all the time
27:27 we have for today. Boys and girls bye, bye
27:37 Our time together is over So we will have to go
27:43 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you.
27:51 Good bye, good bye Remember God loves you.
27:59 Good Bye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around The world we're God
28:08 girls and boys, we live for Him around the world
28:13 We spead love and joy Like colors of the rainbow
28:17 We're shining bright where we go
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around The world where God
28:24 We're God's girls and boys.


Revised 2014-12-17