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00:05 We're tiny tots around the world we're God's girls and boys.
00:10 We live for Him around the world We spread love and joy
00:15 We're colors of the rainbow. We're shining bright where we go
00:21 We're tiny tots around the world
00:23 We're God's girls and boys.
00:28 Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda! Did you know Jesus loves you?
00:34 I love you too!
00:36 Oh, I love you too. Jesus loves Eleanor.
00:39 Can you say hi to Eleanor? She's my friend's dog.
00:44 The boys and girls are here.
00:46 Can you say hi to the boys and girls?
00:48 Hi!
00:51 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:57 Jesus loves the children,
01:00 every one the same.
01:02 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows your name.
01:08 You made Jesus happy,
01:11 just because you came.
01:14 We're going to have lots of fun today.
01:17 We're going to learn more about Jesus' love.
01:19 Let's get the mail and go inside
01:21 OK Eleanor you be a good girl. You can chase squirrels.
01:24 We've got to go in.
01:29 Alright, we'll get the mail and go in!
01:34 OK come on! Come on Kaley!
01:37 Miss Cinda!
01:40 Yes?
01:41 Can you show the kids Billy Boy? I have a phone call.
01:44 Oh, sure!
01:45 Thank you, Kaley.
01:47 Hello, this is Auntie Linda.
01:50 Hi Auntie Linda. This is Danielle.
01:53 Well, hi Danielle!
01:55 Do you know who loves you?
01:58 Jesus loves me.
02:00 How do you know Jesus loves you?
02:02 He gives me good things to play with.
02:07 He does give us things to show how much he loves us.
02:10 Well, I have to go. I'll talk to you later!
02:13 Bye bye Auntie Linda.
02:15 Goodbye!
02:18 That was Danielle Babbs. She is so sweet!
02:21 She just wanted everyone to know how much she loves Jesus.
02:24 Oh, Billy boy! How are you?
02:29 Come to Auntie Linda.
02:31 Auntie Linda, look what I brought from the kitchen.
02:34 Who wants to feed him?
02:36 Caleb, come over here.
02:40 OK, hold your hand out.
02:41 Billy Boy would you like a cheerio?
02:44 Look at Billy Boy take the cheerio!
02:46 He likes it!
02:50 He's really eating it! He loves the cheerio!
02:56 He's having a good time!
03:01 Look he's eating the whole thing!
03:03 He's a happy bird. He's making a mess too.
03:15 If you all go sit down, I'm going to get out Mr. Wiggles.
03:19 OK!
03:21 Billy Boy, you can go back in.
03:24 Sierra, do you want to come sit by me?
03:27 You can ring the bell later, Billy Boy.
03:31 We've got to save a place for Auntie Linda!
03:35 Mr. Wiggles, the boys and girls are here!
03:39 They're going to like to see you!
03:45 Look at Mr. Wiggles!
03:46 You can pet him and then I'm going to let Sierra hold him.
03:51 Look Adam! Look at him!
03:56 She loves Mr. Wiggles. Mr. Wiggles makes us stop crying
04:04 Billy Boy, it's time to ring our worship bell.
04:10 You can sing too boys and girls!
04:13 Worship bells so sweet, calling us to meet,
04:18 with our best friend Jesus.
04:22 Come and worship Him.
04:24 Jesus will be near,
04:27 smiling when He sees us.
04:35 We have a letter from Jesus today.
04:37 Can you say John 3:16?
04:40 John 3:16.
04:43 For God so loved the world.
04:49 Do you know Jesus loves you?
04:51 Can you say I love you Jesus?
04:54 I love you Jesus.
04:57 I've got some letters. There are boys and girls
05:01 that write to me.
05:02 They say that Jesus loves them too!
05:06 Let me see who I have today.
05:09 Oh, I have Jadice and Jasmine.
05:15 They are so happy! They love Jesus.
05:19 Can I see?
05:20 Yes, see? Can you see?
05:23 This little dog's name is Sam.
05:29 Sam's mama, Mary Ross and daddy, Don Ross,
05:34 they take good care of Sam.
05:36 Sam loves them, and they love him.
05:38 He's such a special doggie.
05:40 I want to see that monkey.
05:44 You know boys and girls, I want to thank Jesus for loving us.
05:49 Don't you?
05:50 Can you fold you hands and close you eyes?
05:54 You can pray Sylvia. Close your eyes.
05:56 Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for this day.
05:59 Thank you for this wonderful house,
06:05 and for this wonderful Tiny Tots, in Jesus' name amen.
06:11 Amen.
06:13 Jesus loves it when we pray and talk to him.
06:15 Are we done?
06:17 We are. It's time now, boys and girls for us to go to the barn.
06:20 I think Mrs. Cinda's gotta do something in the kitchen.
06:22 I do.
06:24 Come on boys and girls let's go!
06:32 Grandpa Chuck!
06:33 Hey, I was hoping you'd come and see me today!
06:38 This is such a treat.
06:40 I was wondering when you were going to come.
06:44 Leave me room right here.
06:46 We love you Grandpa Chuck.
06:47 I love you too, and I have something special for you today.
06:51 What do you think he has for us?
06:53 Here Jasmine, come over here.
07:01 Look at this!
07:03 Noah, do you think you can hold her without letting her
07:06 pull you over?
07:07 Yes.
07:08 She might just flatten you!
07:12 She's pretty strong.
07:14 She is about ten months old,
07:19 and this is as big as she's going to get.
07:22 Can you imagine that?
07:23 She loves to eat corn.
07:27 What's her name?
07:29 It's Sweet Pea.
07:30 You thought I wasn't going to remember.
07:32 You break off pieces of corn
07:36 in your hand to feed her, and she loves it.
07:42 I think Delmas dropped his.
07:47 There you go.
07:49 Since Delmas is the little one, can he feed her first?
07:52 Sure!
07:53 Here Sweet Pea. Here Sweet Pea.
07:58 Let's see if we can help Sweet Pea come over here so Delmas
08:00 can feed her.
08:09 She likes to play with different animals.
08:11 She likes to play with chickens.
08:13 Does she bite?
08:15 No, not if you keep your hand flat.
08:17 Otherwise, she might taste your finger!
08:25 She's so cute!
08:28 Can I have one more?
08:29 Yes, you can have one more.
08:33 Does she just eat corn?
08:35 No, let me show you something. Can you hold her?
08:38 Hold her right by the collar, Noah.
08:41 Don't let her run away.
08:43 She'll probably pull you right off the bail of hay.
08:46 Oh no!
08:47 I wonder where she'll go. Well, Noah you'll bring her back
08:50 won't you?
08:51 Let me do it.
08:52 She's getting in your garden!
08:56 Bring her back Noah.
08:58 I've got something for her that she loves.
09:01 Oh this is great! Come on Sweet Pea, come on!
09:12 Look, she loves apples.
09:22 She likes apples?
09:23 Yes, she loves apples.
09:28 Come sit down and maybe you'll get a chance.
09:31 Apples!
09:38 She does like the apples!
09:40 Yes!
09:44 Jasmine wanted a turn too.
09:46 Yes
09:52 Delmas wants to see her too.
09:58 Let's see if we can get her to come around.
10:00 Come on Sweet Pea.
10:05 Here, do you want to give her a little piece of apple?
10:08 I'll just keep her right here.
10:14 Yes, Delmas likes them.
10:17 Give her a bite.
10:19 You want to feed her too? Delmas wants to feed her too.
10:23 OK.
10:25 Pick it up and give it to Delmas
10:27 You want to sit down and let Delmas feed her now?
10:29 She's never eating my corn that I have for her.
10:36 Did you hear her say thank you?
10:47 This is for the goat.
10:48 You can't eat this one, Delmas this is for the goat.
10:51 Isn't it fun seeing the animals Jesus made for us to enjoy?
10:55 I sure do like to go to the farm!
10:58 It's so fun to come and see all the animals.
11:02 Let's sing our song to Sweet Pea!
11:03 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo moo.
11:08 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack quack.
11:12 I like to go to the farm. I like to go to the farm.
11:15 I like to go to the farm, and learn of Jesus.
11:23 Thank you Grandpa Chuck.
11:25 Can you tell and Sweet Pea Grandpa Chuck goodbye?
11:28 Bye bye.
11:30 It's time for us to go.
11:31 We've got other things we have to do.
11:33 Bye bye.
11:41 We'll see you again. Bye bye Grandpa Chuck.
11:44 Come on Caleb.
11:57 Hi boys and girls! We're going for a walk.
11:59 Come and join us.
12:02 Shall we go for a walk today
12:05 A walk today, a walk today
12:09 Shall we go for a walk today
12:13 To see what God has given
12:20 Let's see what we can find today that Jesus has made.
12:23 A bird nest!
12:25 A bird's nest?
12:26 And apples!
12:29 Hi Ms. Jeanie. Can you kids wave to Ms. Jeanie?
12:32 You guys are going for a walk today too?
12:35 And you brought Lady?
12:37 Yes I did! I brought my dog Lady.
12:39 She likes to go for a walk too.
12:40 Oh, you found a bird's nest!
12:43 Ms. Jeanie, what kind is that?
12:44 If you guys come around here I'll tell you about it.
12:46 Come over here and sit down so you can look at it.
12:50 Everybody come around and sit down,
12:54 and then we'll look at it.
12:55 Lady was licking her.
12:57 Don't lick! OK, Lady can you sit?
12:59 She's supposed to sit too!
13:01 See she can sit too.
13:05 Let me hold it so it doesn't fall apart.
13:07 It looks like it's made out of mud, Ms. Jeanie.
13:09 It is.
13:11 The mommy bird was a robin.
13:14 She made it out of sticks and grass and mud.
13:20 Isn't it pretty how she did that?
13:22 She had to work pretty hard!
13:23 Yes she did.
13:24 How did she do that?
13:25 I don't know.
13:26 She knows how to do it because God told her how to do it.
13:30 God told her how to make that nest just special for her babies
13:34 She's laying down.
13:35 Yes Lady's laying down.
13:38 But the babies aren't in here.
13:40 The eggs already hatched, and the little birds grew up.
13:43 And they all flew away.
13:45 So, next time we see a robin in our yard maybe it's one of those
13:49 little birdies who have grown up.
13:51 It might be.
13:52 Look.
13:53 Yeah, the mommy made it way up high in the tree.
13:57 Probably the wind or something blew it out.
14:00 Or maybe we had some rain and it made the mud kind-of weak
14:03 and it let it fell out.
14:04 It's a good thing the babies weren't in there, huh?
14:06 Ms. Jeanie, that makes me think. Just like Mrs. Robin made that
14:11 nest for her babies because she loved them, Jesus does things
14:14 for us because he loves us too.
14:16 That's right, He does. Isn't that wonderful?
14:19 When we go to heaven, we get to play with them.
14:25 That's right!
14:27 Aren't you glad Jesus loves us?
14:30 Yes I am. We're so lucky that He loves us.
14:33 You know what boys and girls?
14:34 I'm glad Jesus made all these wonderful things for us to see.
14:47 It's story time boys and girls!
14:50 Yay!
14:53 We have the best story ever today.
14:56 Do you know what our story is about?
14:58 Baby Jesus.
14:59 That's right.
15:01 See Joseph and Mary?
15:03 They've travelled a long way.
15:05 They want to rest, because they are so tired.
15:11 Do you know at church, one time
15:15 I fell asleep on Papa's lap.
15:19 You fell asleep? You were tired too.
15:21 When I was at church, I fell asleep too.
15:25 You got tired too.
15:30 Me and my best friend Matthew were watching Sponge Bob,
15:33 and I almost fell asleep, but then it was over.
15:38 So I went and told my Mommy that I wanted to go to bed.
15:41 So we get tired, don't we?
15:44 Yes.
15:45 Sometimes we go a long way, it's so far away,
15:52 and it's called Tenessee.
15:53 When we were going there it was a very long way.
15:57 I just fell asleep and that made it go quicker.
16:00 That's exactly what happened to Joseph and Mary.
16:04 They had travelled a long way, and they got tired too.
16:07 When I was out camping
16:10 it was really far away.
16:13 I went there with my grandma and grandpa.
16:17 We didn't have any fire.
16:20 You didn't?
16:21 Mary and Joseph didn't have a fire either.
16:24 They were cold.
16:25 We went to Oshkosh,
16:28 and when we came back from Oshkosh I fell asleep.
16:32 You fell asleep.
16:34 Hey that's what I did.
16:36 I fell asleep when I was going there.
16:39 Do you think Mary and Joseph wanted to fall asleep?
16:41 We went to Wisconsin Mills.
16:45 Yes.
16:46 The kind man said, "You can stay in the barn with the animals. "
16:50 Would you like to stay in the barn?
16:53 No.
16:55 I'd like to stay in the house.
16:56 That's right.
16:57 See the animals?
16:59 I do. I see a cow.
17:01 I see a cow and the chickens and goats.
17:06 I see the cow fixing the bed for the baby.
17:11 I see a squirrel.
17:14 Or a kitty cat?
17:21 The hay in the manger is soft.
17:24 It will make a nice bed for the baby.
17:26 I see some chickies.
17:28 That's right.
17:30 The barn will be a good place to stay.
17:31 Soon something happened.
17:36 Who was born?
17:37 Baby Jesus.
17:41 "Let's put our baby on the soft hay in the manger" said Joseph.
17:45 All the animals are looking and looking at the new baby.
17:53 Mother Mary looks at the new baby.
17:56 She touches his curly dark hair and his tiny ears.
18:02 She loves Him so much.
18:04 "Come" said Joseph. "Come and rest. "
18:07 I see a star.
18:10 That's right.
18:11 I see a star shining really big.
18:14 Yes.
18:15 Some shepards watch sheep on a nearby hillside.
18:18 They've heard that Jesus will come to earth.
18:21 "Will He come?" they wonder.
18:23 "Will he come soon? God's word says He will. "
18:27 The shepards see a bright shining star.
18:32 It's very bright!
18:33 "Where did the star come from?" they wonder.
18:36 Suddenly, what appeared before them?
18:40 An angel.
18:43 The angel said, "Do not be afraid. "
18:46 Can you say that?
18:47 Do not be afraid.
18:50 I bring you good news.
18:57 The angel said, "Jesus the Savior is born! "
19:00 Jesus the Savior is born!
19:04 I know the angel's name.
19:06 You do. What was the angel's name?
19:08 Gabriel.
19:09 That's right!
19:10 The angel told them that they would find baby Jesus in a city.
19:14 "Look for the baby lying in the manger " the angel said.
19:19 Many more angels come, so many angels!
19:24 The angels sing a beautiful song
19:28 "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to everyone! "
19:37 The whole sky was lit up with angels.
19:40 "We must go! " said the shepards.
19:42 We must go to the city and look for the baby.
19:47 The shepards knelt beside baby Jesus.
19:52 They said "Thank you God for
19:56 sending your only Son to this earth! "
19:58 Aren't you glad that Jesus came to this earth?
20:02 He's not a baby anymore.
20:04 Now, boys and girls, He's living up in heaven!
20:08 Some day He's going to come and take us home with Him.
20:11 Do you know why?
20:13 Why?
20:14 Because He loves us.
20:15 Can you say I love you Jesus?
20:17 I love you Jesus.
20:20 I know, boys and girls, that you love Jesus too.
20:23 Because Jesus really really loves you!
20:35 We love being in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda,
20:38 because we have lots of fun!
20:40 Yay!
20:43 Auntie Linda has been teaching you all a Bible verse.
20:48 Why don't we say it together?
20:50 John 3:16
20:53 Does anyone know what that verse says?
20:55 So God loves the world.
20:59 That's close!
21:01 For God so loved the world.
21:05 That's right! Can we all say it together?
21:07 Boys and girls, can you say it with us?
21:09 For God so loved the world.
21:13 Do you know what that means?
21:15 Yes.
21:17 God loved the world.
21:19 And that means God loves us. Doesn't He, Nya?
21:22 He loves everybody in the world.
21:24 That's right! God loves all of us.
21:26 Doesn't he Ashley and Caleb?
21:27 I wanted all of you to remember that Jesus loves us.
21:31 So, I'm going to help you make a little magnet.
21:35 You have boys and girls.
21:38 We'll make a little magnet that says...
21:39 Does anybody know what that says?
21:45 Jesus loves me.
21:49 That's right.
21:50 Here's some glue and you have sticks.
21:55 Boys and girls you can get your mommies and daddies to help you
21:59 do something like this, so that you'll remember that
22:02 Jesus loves you.
22:03 How do you kids know that Jesus loves you?
22:07 Does Jesus give us sunshine?
22:12 Yes.
22:13 What are other ways we know Jesus loves us?
22:21 Here sweetheart, put you face on like that.
22:23 Do you kids know ways Jesus loves us?
22:29 Does Jesus love us because He gives us good food?
22:33 Yes.
22:35 And He gives us mommies and daddies to take care of us.
22:38 And grandpas!
22:54 Who's your friend?
22:55 My girl, my friend girl.
22:57 What's her name?
22:59 Zena.
23:00 Let me help you. I think we're getting a little too much glue.
23:06 Let's just put a little bit. You don't want a lot of glue.
23:14 You don't need a lot, because it doesn't take a lot to stick.
23:18 How are you kids doing?
23:21 You can put these on your refrigerator at home, and then
23:26 when you see them what will you remember?
23:28 Jesus loves us.
23:31 That Jesus loves you, right.
23:35 And boys and girls, you can get your mommies and daddies
23:38 to help you make one.
23:39 Even if you can't make one of these,
23:42 you can still remember that Jesus loves you.
23:44 Because, you know what?
23:46 Jesus really does love you.
23:54 Yay, sing time!
23:57 That means, boys and girls, that it's worship time!
24:00 I love worship!
24:02 I do too! Don't you kids?
24:05 I do.
24:07 Do you know where our memory verse is found?
24:11 John.
24:12 That's right! John 3:16.
24:17 Do you know what it says?
24:22 For God so loved the world.
24:25 Very good kids!
24:27 We're going to sing a song now that's going to help us know
24:30 who is Jesus.
24:32 Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus?
24:37 He is love. He is love.
24:41 He gave His life to save us. He gave His life to save us.
24:45 Worship Him. Worship Him.
24:50 Let's try that again boys and girls.
24:53 Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus?
24:57 He is love. He is love.
25:01 He gave His life to save us. He gave His life to save us.
25:05 Worship Him. Worship Him.
25:09 Who loves us more than anybody else?
25:13 Jesus!
25:14 That's right Jesus does.
25:17 Boys and girls, sing along with us.
25:19 We're going to sing "Jesus Loves Me This I Know. "
25:24 Jesus loves me this I know,
25:28 for the Bible tells me so.
25:32 Little ones to Him belong.
25:37 They are weak, but He is strong.
25:42 Yes, Jesus loves me.
25:46 Yes Jesus loves me.
25:50 Yes, Jesus loves me.
25:54 The Bible tells me so.
25:59 You know, Jesus loves all the children in the whole world!
26:04 We're going to sing a song about that.
26:08 Jesus loves the little children
26:13 all the children of the world.
26:17 Red and yellow, black and white all are precious in His sight.
26:22 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
26:27 Let's sing it again, boys and girls!
26:29 Jesus loves the little children
26:33 all the children of the world.
26:38 Red and yellow, black and white all are precious in His sight.
26:43 Jesus loves the little children of the world.
26:48 And He loves the little ones like me, me, me!
26:50 Let's sing that one.
26:53 Jesus love the little ones like me, me, me!
26:58 Jesus love the little ones like me, me, me.
27:02 Like Jonathan!
27:03 Little ones like me sat upon His knee.
27:07 Jesus love the little ones like me, me, me!
27:13 Sylvia, would you have a special prayer for us?
27:16 Boys and girls fold your hands and close your eyes.
27:19 Dear Jesus, we love you. You're kind, amen.
27:26 Amen.
27:28 Jesus is kind to us.
27:31 That's Mr. Rooster!
27:35 Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye!
27:45 Remember God loves you!
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye!
27:52 Remember God loves you!
27:57 Goodbye!


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