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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 we're God's girls and, boys, we live here and
00:12 around the world, we spread love and joy,
00:15 We're cloudy stars Of the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're
00:24 God's girls and boys.
00:30 Good girl Eleanor. Tierra can you give her a treat?
00:34 Oh! Good girl. Oh! The boys and girls are here.
00:38 Hi. Let's sing our song.
00:40 We are so glad that you are here.
00:45 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:50 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:56 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:58 Jesus knows your name.
01:01 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:08 Oh, we have lots of fun things planned today.
01:11 Let's get the mail and go inside.
01:13 Eleanor you can chase squirrels or whatever.
01:15 Oh! There she goes. Alright, we'll get the mail.
01:18 We gonna have so much fun today.
01:20 You all are so good.
01:25 Where is a Billy Boy?
01:28 Oh! Yes, Billy Boy we are all here.
01:30 Noah why don't you run to the kitchen
01:32 and get Miss Cinda? She likes to say
01:34 hi to Billy Boy too.
01:35 Miss Cinda
01:36 Oh! Billy Boy.
01:39 Oh, you kids are here.
01:40 Hello, did you come to see Billy Boy?
01:43 Yes. Come here Terra,
01:46 I will get hold you up so you can see him?
01:48 Oh! Wow. Look, he is singing.
01:50 Let's say, hello. Hello.
01:54 Well, let's go say hello to Mr. Wiggles
01:57 because we need to get started with our worship.
02:00 Okay, I love worship.
02:03 Hi, Mr. Wiggles, Hi, Mr. Wiggles.
02:06 Come here Noah let's come over here.
02:08 Okay, Mr. Wiggles. Oh, Let's go sit down
02:14 Mr. Wiggles wants to rest.
02:16 We'll let Mr. Wiggles to rest.
02:18 Yes, I think he is sleeping too.
02:21 Is he sleeping? Yes, He is sleeping.
02:23 Oh! Sylvia, can you skid over? Come here Noah.
02:26 Let Auntie Linda sit there. Come here Noah.
02:28 I want to sit myself.
02:30 Okay, she wants to sit by herself.
02:32 Okay, let's tell Billy Boy.
02:36 Billy Boy, you can ring the worship bell.
02:43 Sing along with us boys and girls.
02:45 Worship bells so sweet, calling us to meet,
02:50 with our best friend Jesus.
02:55 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
03:00 smiling when he sees us
03:07 He is smiling when he see us.
03:10 Jesus loves us when we come and spend time with him.
03:14 Can you say Psalms, Psalm 34: 8, Psalm 34: 8,
03:22 The Lord is good. Noah, How is Jesus good to you?
03:29 He is nice. He gives you good food.
03:38 Yes. Tierra, Jesus good to you.
03:40 Yes. Yes. Do you love Jesus?
03:43 Yes. Kelly, is Jesus good to you?
03:46 What does Jesus gave you?
03:50 Did he give you a good mummy and daddy?
03:52 Yes. How about you, Sylvia?
03:55 I; Jesus takes care of you?
04:02 Yeah, and my mummy and I am glad
04:05 that he gave me a mummy and my daddy
04:08 and my cousin and my brother.
04:11 Yes. And I am happy that he made all of this.
04:16 Is Jesus good to you Kelvin? Yes. I am happy.
04:20 You are happy. Because my brother he plays with me.
04:26 Oh! That's nice. Well, Jesus is so good to us.
04:30 Well, I know there has been kids that write me
04:33 and they tell me what Jesus does for them.
04:36 Let's see who we have today? Do you like letters?
04:41 Yes. I like letters too. I love letters.
04:44 My name is Joel. My mummy is writing this
04:47 because I am only 2-years-old.
04:49 I want everyone to know that I love Jesus. Oh! Oh!
04:56 We want everyone to know we love Jesus, don't we?
04:58 Can we say I love Jesus? I love Jesus.
05:03 Oh! Noah, will you have a prayer just thanking
05:06 Jesus for being good to us.
05:08 Close your eyes and bow your heads.
05:11 Dear Jesus thank you for this day and thank you
05:16 for my mom and dad and Harry, and Jessie,
05:20 and Miss Cinda and Auntie Linda
05:23 and people in the whole world, In Jesus name Amen.
05:27 Amen. Amen!
05:30 Well, it's time now for us to go to the barn,
05:33 so come on kids let's go.
05:40 Grandpa Chuck, Grandpa Chuck
05:43 Oh, Miss Jenny what a surprise,
05:45 hi, and what do you have?
05:47 I have a new pet that I just got.
05:49 He is a blue and golden macaw.
05:52 Can you stay? Oh! Sure.
05:54 The kids should be coming soon
05:55 Oh! Good I would love to.
05:56 Oh! They would love to see you.
05:57 Grandpa Chuck, Grandpa Chuck.
05:59 There they are. Hi, how are you?
06:01 Give me a hug Noah. How are you doing?
06:03 Good to see you. Did you wanna see the parrot?
06:06 It's absolutely beautiful. Isn't it pretty?
06:10 It's really, yes. Oh, my goodness.
06:12 Well, let me sit down here. Let see if his wings
06:14 will weighed down when I sit.
06:15 Dear Amanda, why don't you sit there and Noah,
06:17 you can sit right beside me. There you go.
06:19 Isn't it pretty? He is a parrot and he came from
06:24 from South America. Isn't he beautiful?
06:28 South America is long way from here. Yes it is.
06:32 You think it flew all the way. I don't know.
06:35 I don't think he flew.
06:36 Noah, do you think he is hiding?
06:39 Do you think he is hiding? Yes.
06:41 Do you know what his name is?
06:43 His name is Baloo. Baloo!
06:46 Yes, and I think they probably named him that.
06:49 He was named that when I got him
06:50 because of his colors probably.
06:51 Can you say hello, Baloo? Hello, Baloo.
06:55 Can you say hello back? Hello. Hello.
06:58 He talks, but he probably won't talk now because
07:00 he is in a new place. Hello, Baloo. Yes.
07:04 Hi, Baloo. Look at, look at his,
07:05 can you see his big claws?
07:07 Hi. See his sharp toenails? Are they big?
07:11 And look how big his peak is? Wow!
07:14 He eats peanut. He breaks peanuts open with them.
07:17 I think he is happy.
07:18 You think so, he probably is happy.
07:20 Probably happy to see you. Yeah, that is.
07:23 I eat peanuts too. Me too.
07:26 But you open your peanuts with your feet,
07:29 I mean, with your, not your feet, with your hands.
07:32 He uses his beak. He does it because his beak opens up
07:36 when he eats some. He holds them with his feet
07:38 and then he does it with his beak, and he likes corn.
07:44 Do you like corn, Noah? Oh! I love corn.
07:47 And he likes seeds. Do you like corn Amanda.
07:50 You don't like corn. What color is he?
07:52 Can you tell me what color he is? What color?
07:54 Blue, green, yellow, black, white,
07:56 yes, and white, and green,
08:00 look around his eyes isn't that me with a light,
08:04 yeah. Isn't that pretty? He is looking at us.
08:07 Sometimes he likes to feel things with his tongue.
08:10 See his tongue, can you see it? Oh! Wow!
08:14 See he is feeling my finger. Wow! He has a big tongue.
08:18 Yes, he does. He has a very big tongue.
08:20 Yeah. He is one more beautiful thing God
08:23 has made for us to enjoy, isn't he?
08:26 Yes. Oh, wow. Look his eyes beautiful eyes.
08:30 Oh, I think you're right now.
08:31 I think he is very happy. Yeah, he knows that high.
08:35 Jasmine have you ever seen the bird like Baloo?
08:37 No, Can you see how long his tell is?
08:40 Look how long his tell is?
08:42 Look at. That's a long tail. Isn't that really?
08:47 Do you think it gets in the way
08:49 when he tries to walk around?
08:50 No. No, I don't think so either.
08:52 I think he knows how to use it, does he?
08:54 Yeah. Do they fly up on the trees?
08:56 Yes, they do. In South America where they live
08:58 they fly around and fly up in tress
09:00 and sit in trees all over. Wouldn't it be nice
09:03 to be in a place where all these guys are all over?
09:05 Oh! Wow! Well, I am so glad
09:10 that we came to the farm today, aren't you?
09:13 So, do I. I think Baloo liked too.
09:16 I like to go to the farm,
09:18 where the cows mow, mow.
09:20 I like to go to the farm,
09:22 where ducks quack, quack.
09:24 I like to go to the farm,
09:26 I like to go to the farm,
09:28 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
09:34 Can you tell them bye Baloo?
09:36 Okay, Bye Baloo
09:38 Oh! He is going to pop his feathers.
09:39 Oh! He is pop his feathers, yeah.
09:41 Oh, we have to hurry because we have got
09:44 a lot of things to do.
09:45 Thank you so much.
09:47 Bye, bye Grandpa Chuck bye Miss Jenny,
09:50 good bye Baloo, Bye, Bye, Bye, Bye.
10:02 We are going for walk today boys and girls,
10:04 come and join us. Come on.
10:07 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
10:13 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk today,
10:19 to see what God has given.
10:24 I am excited. We always find something
10:28 wonderful in nature. Yeah.
10:29 Oh! Do you know what those are? No.
10:33 Those are Cicadas. Can you say Cicadas? Cicadas!
10:40 Do you know are those real bugs? No.
10:44 No, they have crawled right out of their skin.
10:49 Let's get down on our hands and knees and crawl
10:53 and see if we can come out of our skins.
10:54 Hey look. Can you crawl?
10:56 Look. There is one out on floor.
10:57 I know, see if you can crawl.
10:59 There is one on the floor. Crawl for Auntie Linda.
11:01 There is one on the floor.
11:03 Oh! Sylvia did and came out of her skin, didn't she?
11:05 Well, the one on apples. that's right.
11:08 And look one on the floor.
11:10 Do you, have you ever heard a cicada? Yeah.
11:13 And there is one on the basket.
11:15 There is one on the basket.
11:17 And one on auburn's floor. That's right.
11:19 Can we touch her? Yes, come over here by Auntie Linda
11:23 and I will let you touch one.
11:25 Can you sit down right here? Huh, Yes.
11:28 Did you ever hear a cicada make noise?
11:31 No. You can sit over here Kelly.
11:33 No. May be pretty on the floor.
11:35 You want to see it. This is a cicada. See it.
11:40 Put on the floor. Okay, would you like to hold it?
11:43 Yeah. But, this is not the cicada bug.
11:44 This is just it's kid. Okay, we will let you know.
11:48 Caleb will hold one first. Can you come over by Noah
11:50 and then I will get you one bug.
11:52 Alright. Can I hold the one which is on the apple?
11:57 Okay, we want this one. I found it on the apple.
12:01 Did you know that when it starts to get night
12:05 that these little cicadas
12:07 these are just like they are close.
12:11 These little cicadas they start making a lot of noise.
12:16 Do you know how they make noise? No.
12:19 Christy, see if you can help me. They go like this.
12:21 They put their wings together and they just make
12:23 lots of noise and when there are a lot of them
12:26 oh it's so loud. There is a whole lot on the tree.
12:31 Let's get them. Well, we can just the leave
12:34 the host, but you know what,
12:36 What. Well, there is a big one.
12:38 This one, yes, this is a big one.
12:40 I don't want to, I never pick it up.
12:44 You know, didn't God make a lot of interesting
12:47 things for us to enjoy. I want to hold this one.
12:51 You want to hold this one. Yeah.
12:53 You know boys and girls I am so glad that God
12:57 made so many wonderful things in nature for us
13:00 like the cicadas, aren't you? Yes. Yes.
13:14 It's story time boys and girls.
13:16 Yeah. It's story time. It's story time.
13:21 And we have a good story today.
13:22 Our story is about baby Moses. Baby Moses,
13:27 cuddles and coos. Baby Moses is happy.
13:31 Mother loves him. Big sister loves him
13:35 and big brother stands guard, sssh.
13:39 Can you all go like this?
13:45 Oh! Baby Moses we all love you.
13:51 Thank you God for baby Moses.
13:52 We can't shout and praise you, but we thank you anyway.
13:57 They have to quite because the soldiers may come.
13:59 Oh! Baby Moses don't cry. Mother is here,
14:06 big sister is here and big brother is watching.
14:12 Nobody must know that a special baby lives here.
14:17 Bad men must not you cry. Soldiers, soldiers
14:22 God will keep baby Moses safe
14:24 and God will keep you safe too.
14:29 Baby Moses was big he can't stay in the house anymore
14:34 and they can't find a place to hide him.
14:37 His mother make a new bed for him.
14:40 A basket boat to float on the water.
14:44 Did you know a baby would have to be in a basket boat?
14:48 No. Just baby Moses. Say big brother.
14:55 The secret boat is almost done, said, sister.
14:59 We won't tell anybody about it.
15:04 Rock, rock gently rock basket boat on the water.
15:10 Mother let's go, but Miriam is watching.
15:14 She is hiding in the basket boat behind those rushes.
15:18 That's right in the rushes. And she is covering here.
15:22 Right. She is hiding the basket there.
15:25 And who is watching? God.
15:29 God is watching and so is Miriam. Thank you God
15:34 for watching baby Moses.
15:36 Thank you God for watching us too.
15:38 Oh! Hi, Miriam, hide someone is coming.
15:43 Oh, who is coming? Baby Moses don't cry.
15:47 The princess is coming.
15:50 Okay, I tell you that story. Mummy and dad
15:53 were seeking and they couldn't find me anywhere,
15:55 so they stopped praying, so I came out.
16:00 And they found you then. Well, baby Moses is hiding,
16:03 Do you think the princess will find him? Yes.
16:06 Oh! Let's see. Oh! Miriam is praying,
16:09 please God keep baby Moses safe.
16:12 Oh! Angels keep him safe.
16:15 See the little Hebrew baby says the princess.
16:20 She had the basket brought to her
16:23 and inside was baby Moses, and she picked him up.
16:28 Is baby Moses afraid? Yeah, yes. Is he afraid?
16:33 Yes, because they forgot to leave this.
16:38 Don't cry little one. Miriam comes running up,
16:41 oh please princess, I will call a Hebrew woman
16:45 to take care of the baby, yes
16:47 yes, said the princess. Who do you think she calls?
16:51 Who do you think she calls? Jochebed,
16:57 She calls Jochebed, the mummy and the mummy comes
17:00 and the princess said, please take care of the baby
17:04 and tell he is a big boy.
17:05 What do you think the mummy said?
17:07 No. She said, yes, I will take care of him.
17:11 Tell he is a big boy. God is so good.
17:15 He takes good care of us and he took,
17:17 just like he took good care of baby Moses.
17:20 He will take good care of you too boys and girls.
17:23 Can you say I love you Jesus?
17:26 I love you Jesus.
17:28 And I know you love Jesus too
17:30 because he really, really loves you.
17:40 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda today
17:42 and we are going to have fun. Yeah.
17:48 Miss Cinda what are we going to do today?
17:51 Oh! Make that one. That's right Noah,
17:53 guess what Grandpa Chuck brought me today.
17:56 Corn, He just pick this from his garden boys and girls.
18:01 Boys and girls have you ever seen an Europe corn
18:05 because this is what a corn looks like right
18:08 when it comes from the garden
18:10 You mean, when we go to this store
18:11 and we buy a bag of corn we get a canna corn.
18:14 It came like, it came from this?
18:16 Huh, this is look like corn you guys. Yes.
18:20 Would you like to just take a bite, Ashley? No.
18:23 Would you boys and girls just like to take a bite
18:26 of this right this? No. No.
18:29 Let me show you I am going to teach you
18:32 how to make this to get your corn.
18:36 What you do boys and girls as you start peeling down
18:40 we call this shucking corn, and so you start peeling
18:44 Noah wait let me show you how
18:46 and we just start peeling down.
18:50 Look what I found. Look what I found.
18:55 Just a minute Noah.
18:58 Does anyone know what this is called.
19:00 He is anxious to get to work.
19:02 Does any know what this is called? No. No.
19:04 This is called silk, and we need to make sure
19:10 that we get all that silk off because other wise
19:13 when you are eating your corn all that silks
19:16 can go in your teeth. Well, that would funny.
19:22 So when you peel the corn you want to make sure
19:25 that you peel down all this like this and we will
19:29 oh you got use muscles and this what a bowl
19:33 sport and muscles and then you want to get
19:37 all this silk off boys and girls
19:39 because you don't want that silk on.
19:42 And now when they take the corn some people
19:45 like to eat the corn. Who likes to eat the corn
19:47 just like this after its cooked.
19:50 Yeah. Called, we called that, what we called this? Corn.
19:54 Corn what? Corn on the cob. Corn on the cob.
19:59 Yes, and then when you see get corn like in bags
20:02 in your freezer section in the grocery store
20:05 or you see like you mummy has corn in the plate
20:08 they cut it of the curb and that's how they get that.
20:11 That how they get the little kernels of corn,
20:14 and then we can break this up and we can get this rest
20:18 of this little edge of like this and then we can
20:22 either cook like this or so actually we cook like this
20:26 and then you can eat the cut it off
20:28 or you can eat it like this.
20:29 Would you all like to do it? Yeah!
20:33 Because I can use the help,
20:34 okay, okay, would you like to help?
20:38 Let's see if you can do and Auntie Linda
20:40 here is one for you. Oh! Thank you.
20:43 Okay, pull all you got use muscles.
20:45 I got more really big muscles.
20:47 Oh! Let me see. Oh! Wow! Caleb, has big muscles.
20:52 Noah, do you have big muscles? Yes.
20:55 Oh! Do you have big muscles too?
20:56 Yes. Hold from the top.
20:59 Hold it like this boys and girls.
21:02 You can hold it like this and pull up from the top,
21:04 see. You know what I think Miss Cinda. What?
21:09 I think Jesus says, really good
21:11 to make a so many wonderful foods to eat.
21:15 Yes, Jesus. He is good to us. Who likes corn?
21:18 Me. I likes too. Do you like corn, Ashley?
21:20 Yes. Do you like corn Tierra?
21:22 Yes. Do you like to eat on the cob or off the cob.
21:26 On, yes. I like both ways boys and girls.
21:34 Start with the top. Ashley you better of it.
21:38 You start it with the top. There you go Tierra,
21:40 just like this here me help you.
21:42 See now get another top one.
21:43 See if you get now pull. Pull hard. Oh! pull hard,
21:46 pull, good girl, pull, good girl, oh! You did that.
21:54 I did. Oh! Yes. I peel some.
21:59 Oh! I just love fresh corn. You can actually buy corn
22:04 like this in the store boys and girls.
22:06 I got it. You got it.
22:09 But it taste so good when it's
22:10 brush out of Grandpa Chuck's garden.
22:12 Right, but if you don't have a garden that has corn
22:15 like this you can buy the corn like this at the store.
22:18 You can ask your mummy and then you could learn
22:21 how to chuck it all, corn just like the boys and girls.
22:25 And you know that boys and girls
22:28 when your mummies and daddies or grandma or Grandpa
22:31 are in the kitchen cooking remember to go in
22:34 and help them because remember boys and girls.
22:36 Oh! That's okay. What is Miss Cinda about the kitchen.
22:41 It's okay to make a mess. That's right.
22:44 We will have fun cleaning it up just like
22:45 we have fun make, didn't we? Don't we?
22:48 That's right and remember boys and girls
22:51 always help at the kitchen.
22:52 Good job, because cooking is fun.
23:05 Yeah, sing time. And that means it's worship time
23:08 boys and girls. I love worship. Oh! I too.
23:13 Do you know what Memory verses found today?
23:15 Psalm. Psalm 34, verse 8.
23:22 The Lord is good. The Lord is good.
23:27 And he really is. He really is.
23:30 Now boys and girls we gonna sing a song
23:32 that's going to help us know who is Jesus.
23:36 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus, He is good, he is good,
23:44 He gave his life to safe us, He gave his life to safe us,
23:48 Worship him, worship him.
23:53 God is so good and we gonna sing a song about that
23:57 God is so good and sing along with us boys and girls
24:01 God is so good, God is so good, God is so good,
24:13 He is so good to me.
24:18 Let's sing it one more time with us.
24:21 God is so good, God is so good, God is so good,
24:33 He is so good to me.
24:38 As he take care of us all boys and girls.
24:41 He is got our whole wide world in his hands.
24:45 Let's sing that song.
24:48 He's got the whole wide world in his hand,
24:53 He's got the whole wide world in his hand,
24:57 He's got the whole wide world in his hand,
25:02 He's got whole world in his hands.
25:05 He's got the little tiny baby
25:08 just like Sophia in his hands.
25:10 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands,
25:15 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands,
25:19 He's got the little tiny baby in his hands,
25:24 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:28 He's got the whole wide world.
25:29 He's got the whole wide world in his hands,
25:34 He's got the whole wide world in his hands,
25:39 He's got the whole wide world in his hands,
25:43 He's got the whole world in his hands.
25:47 Isn't he a wonderful Jesus? Yes.
25:51 We're going to sing about wonderful Jesus, Olivia.
25:55 Wonderful, wonderful yes my Lord is wonderful,
26:02 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
26:07 Eyes have seen, ears have heard,
26:12 it's recorded in God's word,
26:15 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
26:22 We are going to sing it again,
26:24 and Steven you are going to help
26:25 Auntie Linda, aren't you? Yes.
26:28 Wonderful, wonderful yes my Lord is wonderful,
26:34 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
26:40 Eyes have seen, ears have heard,
26:43 it's recorded in God's word,
26:47 Isn't Jesus my Lord wonderful?
26:53 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes boys and girls.
26:56 Dear Jesus you are wonderful. We love you, Amen.
27:01 That's Mr. Rooster.
27:05 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:10 Good bye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:18 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Good bye.
27:34 We are Tiny Tots around the world we're God's girls
27:39 and boys, we live here and around the world we spread
27:43 love and joy, we're cloudy stars of the rainbow
27:47 we're shining like the rainbow,
27:50 we are Tiny Tots around the world
27:53 we are God's girls and boys.


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