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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 we're God's girls and boys
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy
00:15 we're cloudy stars of rainbow
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 we're God's girls and boys.
00:30 Oh, that was a fun game. Oh, look who's coming?
00:33 We took Eleanor for a walk. You took Eleanor for a walk.
00:37 Yes. I think Eleanor is taking you for a walk
00:40 that was so kind, come on Eleanor.
00:45 Come on. Eleanor! Eleanor. I, Oh look,
00:50 the boys and girls are here.
00:52 Hi, we are glad you are here boys and girls.
00:58 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:04 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:09 Welcome, welcome you are welcome,
01:12 Jesus knows your name,
01:15 you made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:21 Well, Eleanor you can go now.
01:24 Yes, there is something she wants to chase.
01:26 Oh, it's a squirrel I think, Oh, it's a squirrel!
01:29 Well, let's hurry inside and get the mail.
01:30 We've got lots of fun things planned for today.
01:33 Oh, I can't wait to get started. Okay.
01:37 Hi Miss. Cinda. Hi, Hello! We are gonna have fun today.
01:45 Oh, we have a phone call. Oh, come here Tierra.
01:50 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Hello, Auntie Linda.
01:53 Hello, this is Auntie Linda. Hello, Auntie Linda.
01:55 This is Lauren. Well, hi Lauren.
01:57 Can you think of someone who is kind?
02:00 Jesus is very kind to all.
02:03 You are right and since Jesus is kind
02:07 we should be kind too. Do you do anything that's kind?
02:10 Help Kelly. Who is Kelly? Kelly is my cousin.
02:18 That's sweet of you to help your cousin.
02:20 I'm glad you're kind and I'm sure Jesus is very glad too.
02:24 Well, I have to go now Lauren.
02:27 Bye Auntie Linda. Good bye. That was Lauren Warrenson.
02:33 She was kind to her cousin. Oh, that was nice. Oh!
02:37 Well, I have something that would be kind to Billy Boy.
02:41 Oh, let me get Billy Boy. Come here Billy Boy.
02:45 You know what, it's been a while we've given him a treat.
02:46 Come on. Good boy. You know what Billy Boy likes?
02:50 What? Cheerios! Tierra, do you wanna give him Cheerio?
02:55 Noah, let's do another time. Who likes to eat Cheerios?
02:58 Do you like to eat Cheerios? Sylvia, do you like Cheerios?
03:02 Yeah. Oh, yes. Oh, do you like Cheerios Billy Boy?
03:09 Oh, yeah. Well, I'm going to feed, which I'm going to hold.
03:16 Okay, well you know what I think Billy Boy is
03:20 wanting a drink, so why don't you all go,
03:22 sit down, and I will get Mr. Wiggles.
03:25 Oh! Okay, go sit down and I will get Mr. Wiggles.
03:30 Oh, we love Mr. Wiggles. Okay, Billy Boy.
03:33 Oh, put it in your pocket and you can give it to him
03:35 later. Do you wanna, scoot over Sylvia?
03:38 There you go Billy Boy. Okay. You can ring the bell later.
03:41 Okay. Oh, Mr. Wiggles, the boys and girls are here.
03:47 Come here Mr. Wiggles. Can you just see Mr. Wiggles?
03:49 Yes. Yeah. Oh, look at Mr. Wiggles. Oh, yeah. See.
03:56 Watch that yeah. Can you pat him?
03:57 Oh, Mr. Wiggles likes that. He loves to be patted.
04:03 Oh! Sylvia and Caleb would you like to pat Mr. Wiggles?
04:08 Can you say hi to Mr. Wiggles? Hi, Mr. Wiggles. Yes.
04:13 Oh, do you know, can you see Mr. Wiggles?
04:16 Yes. You know what time it is boys and girls.
04:19 Okay, Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
04:24 Boys and girls you sing along.
04:27 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
04:32 with our best friend Jesus.
04:36 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
04:41 smiling when he sees us. I love worship time.
04:49 I love too. I do too. We've a special letter from Jesus.
04:54 Do you know what this book is? The Bible!
04:59 That's right. Well, can you say Luke 6:35? Luke 6:35.
05:08 He is kind, He's kind to the unthankful, to the unthankful.
05:16 Do you know what that means? No.
05:19 What does that mean Miss Cinda?
05:21 I think it means that when people are unkind to us
05:25 and even if we do something nice for them and they're
05:28 not real thankful that we should still be kind to them.
05:32 That's right. Jesus wants us to be kind.
05:34 I and my brother, rather I'm kind to him, that's good.
05:41 Jesus wants us to be kind to even those that aren't
05:44 kind to us. Auntie Linda can I see this page? Wait.
05:47 Oh, you know, we have some letters today.
05:50 I love letters. Oh, there is a picture.
05:54 Can you hold it up Miss Cinda for the boys and girls to see?
05:59 What do you think the letter says?
06:01 I don't know what it says.
06:02 Oh, let's read it. Dear Auntie Linda,
06:05 it's from Jack Steven Johnson's mommy.
06:09 This is Jack Steven Johnson and I am teaching him
06:12 that Jesus loves him. Every time we sing Jesus loves me
06:16 he claps his hands and giggles with delight.
06:19 Can you clap your hands? Oh!
06:22 Can you say I love you Jesus? I love you Jesus.
06:28 Well, Auntie Linda is gonna have a prayer now.
06:30 Can we close our eyes and fold our hands?
06:33 I am closing my eyes. Thank you.
06:36 Dear Jesus, thank you for being so kind to us.
06:40 We love you and help us to be kind too, amen. Amen!
06:47 Well, you know what time it is boys and girls?
06:49 It's time for us to go to the barn. So, come on let's go.
06:59 Grandpa Chuck, Hi! How are you?
07:01 I am so glad you came to see me today.
07:04 I have a special friend here and look what she has brought.
07:07 Her name is Ms. Eleanor and this is Noah
07:11 and this is Amanda and this is Auntie Linda.
07:15 Hi! Glad to meet you. We have, Miss,
07:18 well it's not Ms. Eleanor, but we have a dog
07:20 on our farm named Eleanor. So we like that name.
07:25 Now this is Lady. Lady! and this is Bow,
07:30 and they are greyhounds. They are racing dogs.
07:34 They race? They used to race yes.
07:37 Oh, I think, and see how, they run really fast,
07:39 they put their ears down and then the wind can go straight
07:43 over their ears and they can run real fast.
07:47 Do you wanna go pat Lady? They like to be patted? No.
07:51 Just wanna look at it from here, ha.
07:53 Yeah, they like to be patted. Amanda!
07:56 I hear you've a coat and a cap that you put on which one?
08:00 Yeah, this is Lady's coat and, oh, when it gets cold,
08:05 do you wanna put that coat on Lady. Do you?
08:09 Okay. I'll help you okay. Here you put this over her head.
08:17 I wear a coat too when I go outside when it's cold.
08:20 Yeah, they have to wear coats because their skin is real,
08:23 real thin. That's a pretty coat. And Lady has the hat.
08:30 Oh, I like the hat. Isn't that cute?
08:34 Would you like a hat like that Noah? And
08:37 Bow has a spaceship coat. Oh, a spaceship!
08:42 See all the, oh you look cute Lady, spaceman on there.
08:48 Do they wear this every time they go
08:49 outside when it's cold? Yes, yeah, in the winter
08:52 they have to. Oh! Do they, they stay warm.
08:57 They don't have enough hair on them to keep them warm.
09:00 Right and their skin is real, real thin.
09:03 Wow! Isn't it wonderful with things God makes for us
09:06 to enjoy? I know Jesus is so good to us. He is.
09:11 Do you like Lady's hat. Yeah. Can you say hi Lady?
09:17 Hi Lady. Can you say hi Bow?
09:20 Hi Bow. Well, he can put this.
09:22 Yes, Amanda said hi to Lady and Bow.
09:26 Can you say it again? Say hi Lady.
09:28 Hi Lady. Say, hi Bow. Hi, Bow.
09:32 Look bow of you. Oh, look at how Bow it does.
09:36 Hi, Bow. This is so nice that you came today,
09:42 I am glad that we came just at the right time
09:45 that we got to meet you and we got to see Bow and Lady.
09:50 I like to go to the farm, where the cows mow, mow.
09:55 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
09:59 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:02 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
10:09 Well, thank you so much that you came today
10:13 and we got to meet you and thank you so much Lady
10:17 that we got to meet you too. I like your hat.
10:20 Oh, yes and I like, let's go,
10:23 I wanna just tell Bow good bye.
10:27 Yes, I am so glad that you came.
10:29 Bye. Yes, thank you. Bye Lady.
10:32 Good bye Grandpa Chuck. Bye, bye. Good bye Ms. Eleanor.
10:35 Bye. Good bye Lady. Goodbye Bow.
10:37 Come and see me again. Can you wave them good bye to them?
10:38 Wave goodbye. Bye, bye.
10:47 Let's see if we can find something that Jesus has made.
10:52 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
11:00 Shall we go for a walk today, to see what God has given.
11:09 Let's see if we can find something that
11:12 Jesus has made. I found some thing. Oh, that's right Noah.
11:15 Tierra you and me will see if you can find some,
11:18 can you bring them over by Auntie Linda?
11:22 What do you have? Something. Hi! Oh, hi
11:24 Ms. Jeanie. Are you for a walk today? We are
11:27 and look what we found Ms. Jeanie?
11:29 Oh, let me see. Can you sit Lady?
11:31 See what we have found. Oh, do you guys know
11:33 what these are? Where did they come from?
11:38 Another. That's right. They came from a tree.
11:42 Here. Doesn't Lady like those? She is looking at them.
11:46 She would like to chew on them,
11:47 but she is not supposed to because she might choke.
11:50 She might choke on them here, let's turnaround this
11:52 way. Oh! She might choke on them, but we don't want
11:54 that to happen. These are seeds that came off of a
11:59 tree. Oh! God made the tree, made these seeds, oho,
12:05 Lady needs to sit. Oh, Lady minds you.
12:08 Yes, pretty good. But, these are seeds that they come
12:11 from a tree, yes, and when the tree when they are done,
12:14 they fall off. Can you see Lady Lucy?
12:16 They fall off and go on to the ground and they need
12:21 water and dirt and if they get down into water
12:25 and the dirt then a little baby tree starts to grow
12:28 and grows into a great big tree from these.
12:31 Isn't that wonderful, these, we have some kind of red
12:34 ones, oh, you found some better, kind of darker brown
12:39 color. Lady is keeping occupied. She kinda likes to
12:43 go on walks. Oh, does, yes, we like to go on walks
12:47 too Lady. She loves to go on walks.
12:49 It's good exercise for her and it's good exercise for me
12:50 too. But, the tree that these came from are really unique
12:54 trees because when they are big they get really pretty
12:58 red blooms upon them. You mean they will grow just
13:02 like Dayton is gonna grow. Yes,
13:04 they will.And Noah you've gotten big too.
13:07 Haven't you? Yes. I am five-years-old.
13:10 Oh, wow, that's. You know what,
13:12 I think these trees have to be a whole lot and may be
13:14 probably older than five before they get their flowers
13:19 on them and when they get the flowers on them
13:20 then the humming birds and the butterflies
13:23 can eat half of the blooms of the tree.
13:26 Isn't that a need thing that a God did? Yes, it is.
13:29 And I got a brother named Davis, who is six year old.
13:33 He is. So, he is getting bigger too. Yes.
13:35 Well you know what, Ms. Jeanie I am so glad that God
13:38 made the Buckeyes for us too. And built her into
13:42 big trees. Yeah. And Lady are you glad too? Yes.
13:54 It's story time boys and girls. Yeah, it's story time.
13:59 Right and we have a good story for you today.
14:02 See the man with the crippled legs.
14:06 Can you see him? Yeah. It's right there. Yes.
14:10 His friends bring him to the temple gate. That's his hat.
14:15 Yes, that's his hat. The lame man cannot walk.
14:19 He cannot work. He will sit all day long at the temple.
14:25 There are birdies. That's right. He can watch the
14:29 birdies, can't he. Yeah. The lame man cannot work.
14:34 He needs money. Can you see the jar of money? Yes.
14:39 They are putting money in it. They are putting money
14:42 in there, walking, walking, see all the people walking.
14:48 Yes. Yes, they are walking. The people give money.
14:53 They share too. They share and that makes Jesus
14:56 happy when they share. Walking, walking,
15:00 many people are walking. They do not stop.
15:04 Does the man look happy, the crippled man? No.
15:08 He looks sad. He is sad and what he says money
15:13 for the poor. Can you say that for the poor man?
15:17 Money for the poor, hold your hands up,
15:21 money for the poor. Oh, money for poor man.
15:25 Yes, that's what he has to say all day. Some people
15:28 do not give him money. They do not stop, poor man.
15:33 Oh, Jonathan is gonna give us something.
15:37 Yes, you are happy today because your daddy
15:40 is here with you. Yes. Looking, looking, can you
15:46 look? Go like this. Looking, looking, he hears steps,
15:51 money for a poor man. Can you shout it?
15:56 Money for a poor man! But the feet do not move
16:01 and no money falls into the jar.
16:04 Look at us the voice says. The lame man looks up.
16:10 The lame man smiles. He sees Peter.
16:16 Do you think Peter will give him some money? No, no,
16:20 and he shakes his hand. That's right Peter says no,
16:23 I have no money. But, I will give you something better.
16:29 Peter smiles. Can you smile like Peter smiles?
16:33 Can you smile? Yes. He holds the lame man's hand.
16:40 Ah, I wonder what he is gonna do?
16:41 What do you think Jonathan?
16:43 He is walking. Peter holds the lame man's hand.
16:47 Peter smiles. In the name of Jesus stand up and walk.
16:53 What happens? He walks. He walks.
16:56 See the man stand up. Can say yeah and clap
16:59 your hands? Yeah. Thank you Jesus. He can jump.
17:06 He is jumping, see the man's smile.
17:10 Can you give another big smile? He is so happy.
17:13 He has strong legs. Can you see his strong legs?
17:17 We can jump, can't we? Do you thank Jesus that you
17:21 can jump? Yes and we can thank the kind Jesus
17:25 for making this man well and Jesus is kind to us.
17:29 Can you say I love you Jesus? I love you Jesus.
17:34 And you know boys and girls I know you love Jesus
17:37 too because he really, really loves you.
17:49 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda and we are
17:50 having fun. Yeah. I wanna ask you kids,
17:58 who likes to have snacks? Me. Like when you are out
18:02 playing and you need some extra energy,
18:05 do you boys and girls like to have snacks? Yeah. I do
18:07 too. And it's so worrying. That's right Tyler because
18:13 you know what boys and girls we need to have
18:15 healthy snacks. So, Miss Cinda has got some healthy
18:18 snacks for you today. But, we are gonna have
18:21 a little fun too, okay. So, what we are gonna do
18:24 is we are gonna take our celery, I just put,
18:27 and we are gonna put some peanut butter on our celery,
18:30 just put little bit on your plate. Here,
18:33 I will put some peanut butter right here on your celery.
18:37 Now spread it around, spread the peanut
18:39 butter around, spread it around, okay Anaya. Okay.
18:42 There you go, Amber. Oh, okay. Spread the peanut
18:45 butter around. Can you take stick? Can you spread
18:47 it all the way around with your knife? I can do it.
18:49 Hold the celery. Spread it over the celery.
18:50 Hold the celery, and I will spread the peanut butter.
18:52 Let me help you. Let me do it. Okay, you can do
18:55 it Anaya. I am just gonna help, take a little bit.
18:58 We are gonna spread our peanut butter around
19:01 boys and girls, good, just like this.
19:03 Do you like to eat peanut butter? Yeah.
19:06 Who likes peanut butter? I do, I do. Oh,
19:09 I love peanut butter. You like peanut butter too?
19:12 Yeah. Okay, now you can put some raisins on your plate,
19:16 put some raisins on your plate, put it all there.
19:18 Do you like? Daniel, do you like peanut butter? Yes.
19:21 Let's put some raisins on your plate. Anaya, here
19:25 are some raisins for you. Oh, give me in my hands,
19:26 and put some raisins all along your celery.
19:30 Daniel, you want me to help you? Did you put it in
19:31 your celery? Put in here. Let me help you.
19:33 Put your peanut here. Okay hold this one like this.
19:36 Put your butter in here. Auntie,
19:37 look around what I am doing? Can you put your
19:39 peanut butter in here? And let's go up there, yes.
19:41 And then you put your raisins on top for all
19:43 these peanut butter on in here, okay.
19:45 Oh, doesn't this look great, boys and girls? Okay.
19:47 Okay now, can you put some more in there? Okay,
19:49 let's put the peanut butter like this.
19:50 Here, put some more in here.
19:51 Auntie Linda will help you with the raisins.
19:52 Well, put some raisins right down the center.
19:54 Put some raisins right down the center.
19:56 Look how Anaya is doing? Very good, Anaya.
20:00 And look you put some raisins on like Anaya. Okay.
20:05 Just like that and then boys and girls,
20:07 when you all done getting the raisins on,
20:09 we have some animal crackers, and put some animal
20:13 crackers down the center. You girls can reach and get
20:16 some, can you want me give you some animal crackers?
20:19 How do if I put them right here. Let me give you a few
20:22 animal crackers, and then you can put the animal
20:25 crackers down. What's your favorite animal?
20:28 My favorite animal is a monkey.
20:32 You like a monkey Sylvia. I want a monkey like.
20:35 Mam' I like cat Okay and then you can put the
20:40 animal crackers; you can stand them up in your celery.
20:42 I want a dog. Oh, you want a dog? Oh,
20:46 I don't know if I have a dog. How about a cat?
20:49 That's a cat. I got broken. Who wants a cat? I do.
20:53 Okay, who wants to taste their celery now? I do.
20:56 Me. I do.Okay, let's taste it. Oh, we can, oh,
21:00 Tyler likes it. He do. I love celery and peanut butter.
21:05 Oh, that's good. You wanna taste yours,
21:09 Amber and you wanna taste yours Daniel?
21:12 Boys and girls, remember that when you have snacks
21:15 at home, do make them healthy snacks.
21:17 How are your, boys and girls, snacks? I like them.
21:22 Are they good? Is that good Daniel? I like, good.
21:25 Let's take a bite, let me see if you like that?
21:29 Noah, that's for you. Is that good? Oh, yeah.
21:32 It's for you. Yeah. You know Jesus loves us a lot,
21:35 doesn't he? And he is kind to us. That's right,
21:38 and Jesus wants us to have healthy food, doesn't he?
21:41 Yes. And remember boys and girls that you need
21:44 to have healthy food too, just like our boys and girls
21:48 here are learning how to have healthy food.
21:50 Is yours good Sylvia? Yeah. No, I ain't any good.
21:54 Yours not because you ate it all! He ate those all.
22:00 I didn't have them. Daniel, has almost got her snack
22:03 done, ha? I intend. Hmm, from the gorgeous too.
22:07 Oh, boy! It's fun cooking with you Miss Cinda.
22:12 That's right. Remember boys and girls
22:14 it's fun to be in the kitchen.
22:22 Yeah, it's sing time. And I love sing time because
22:27 it means it's worship time boys and girls
22:30 and I love to worship Jesus. I do too and you know
22:33 what Auntie Linda, Jesus loves that when we worship
22:36 him too. He does. Do you know where our memory
22:39 verses are found? Luke! Luke. That's right,
22:41 Luke 6:35. Luke 6:35. He is kind to the unthankful.
22:49 That's right. He is kind to the unthankful.
22:52 Do you know what it means? Yes.
22:53 What does it mean Noah? It means when people are not
22:56 nice to you, you still be nice to them. That's right.
23:01 That's right. And when people are bad to you then
23:07 you are still kind that's what I did to my brother.
23:12 That's right. Yes, Jesus wants us to do. Well,
23:15 boys and girls who is Jesus? We are gonna sing a song
23:19 that's gonna help us know who is Jesus? Who is Jesus,
23:23 who is Jesus, he is kind, he is kind, he gave his life to
23:32 save us, he gave his life to save us, worship him;
23:36 worship him. Sing it one more time with us boys and girls.
23:41 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus, he is kind, he is kind,
23:49 he gave his life to save us, he gave his life to save us,
23:54 worship him; worship him. You know when we worship
24:00 Jesus it just makes us so happy. We are gonna sing
24:03 'if you are happy and you know it clap your hands'.
24:06 Oh, I like the song. Do you know that song?
24:07 I know this one. Do you know what boys and girls
24:10 sing along with us?
24:12 If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
24:15 If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
24:19 If you're happy and you know it
24:22 Then your life will surely show it
24:24 If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
24:29 If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet
24:32 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet
24:38 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet
24:42 If you're happy and you know it,
24:44 then your life will surely show it
24:46 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet.
24:52 If you're happy and you know it, say Amen!
24:55 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
24:59 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
25:04 If you're happy and you know it, then
25:06 your life will surely show it
25:08 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
25:13 Boys and girls let's sing that one more time that was
25:15 really fun wasn't it okay are you ready.
25:19 If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
25:36 Are you ready boys and girls If you're happy and
25:38 you know it stomp your feet.
25:40 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet
25:45 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet
25:49 If you're happy and you know it,
25:50 then your life will surely show it
25:53 If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet.
25:58 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
26:02 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
26:07 If you're happy and you know it,
26:08 then your life will surely show it
26:11 If you're happy and you know it, say amen, Amen!
26:16 Oh, look even Jonathan like that song.
26:19 Did you like that song Jonathan? Well you know
26:22 it's Jesus that can keep us kind all the day
26:24 and we are gonna sing a song that will help us remember
26:27 that it's Jesus that makes us kind. Jesus can keep
26:32 little children kind all the day kind all the day.
26:40 Jesus can keep little children kind all the day
26:47 if they pray. Sing it one more time boys and girls.
26:51 Jesus can keep little children kind all the day
26:58 kind all the day. Jesus can keep little children kind
27:05 all the day if they pray. And we are gonna ask Caleb
27:11 to pray for us. So, close your eyes boys and girls
27:14 and bow your heads. Dear Jesus thank you for this day.
27:19 Thank you for all those kids in the whole world,
27:22 in Jesus name Amen. Amen! And I, oh,
27:28 this was a nice worship. I, That's Mr. Rooster.
27:34 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you. Goodbye
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice, we live for him around
28:11 the world, we spread love and joy, like clouds starts
28:16 the rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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