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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world where
00:24 God hears our voice.
00:33 I am sorry I didn't mean to. It's okay I forgive you
00:37 Oh, Jesus forgives us too well Hi,
00:42 boys and girls we are so glad you are here.
00:49 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:55 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
01:00 Welcome, welcome you are welcome Jesus knows
01:06 your name, you made Jesus happy just because
01:09 you came. Well it's time to go inside I guess Eleanor
01:14 is chasing the squalls again let's get our mail.
01:18 I will get it, can you reach it Oh, almost from
01:21 Auntie Linda help you there you go you can hang
01:24 on to it alright. I will get the key out for you.
01:28 Oh, Billy Boy look who is here Oh, thank you Noah,
01:32 for getting the door Oh, can you all say Hi, to Billy Boy
01:36 Hi, Billy Boy Come here Billy Boy Oh,
01:42 yes you got to come out and say Hi, to everyone
01:46 Hi, Billy Boy! Yes, oh, he is talking to you.
01:51 He wants to bite my finger. He is just he is trying
01:54 to kiss you okay Billy Boy you can go back in and
02:01 when it's time you can ring our worship bell
02:02 we are goanna say hi, to Mr. Wiggles okay.
02:05 He might love me. He might love you, yes.
02:07 We will say hi to Mr. Wiggles. Hi, Mr. Wiggles.
02:11 Hi, Mr. Wiggles. Where can I go?
02:15 You can come right here and say hi to Mr. Wiggles.
02:17 Hi, Mr. Wiggles! Hi, Mr. Wiggles!
02:21 Oh, isn't he sweet? Oh, now let's go and sit in
02:26 living room and we will call Miss Cinda when we
02:29 are all sitting down, okay. Okay.
02:32 Alright, Kelly you can sit right up here.
02:37 Yes. Okay, can you say 1,2,3, call Miss Cinda, 1,2,3.
02:45 Miss Cinda! Oh! Oh, thank you.
02:49 Oh, it's time for our worship already.
02:52 Yes, it's time. You must have been making something?
02:55 I was. I can smell it. You can smell it!
03:00 It smells good? Yeah. Well, Miss Cinda is here,
03:04 so okay Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell.
03:11 Sing with us. Worship bells are sweet calling us
03:16 to meet with our best friend Jesus.
03:22 Come and worship here Jesus will be near smiling
03:29 when he sees us. Well, I wonder who
03:35 we have a letter from, do you know who we have
03:37 a letter from today? Jesus! Jesus.
03:41 And he put all his letters in the special book
03:43 and what is this called? A Bible!
03:46 The Bible! Can you say Luke 6:37? Luke 6:37
03:55 Forgive, Forgive, And you, And you,
04:00 Will be forgiven, Will be forgiven,
04:05 Okay say that one more time. Forgive, Forgive
04:09 And you will be forgiven, and you will be forgiven,
04:15 Very good. I like that. Isn't that nice?
04:20 Do you know little Jimmy's, little Jimmy's sister
04:24 knocked down his blocks and he felt so bad,
04:29 and you know his little sister was standing there
04:34 and she was looking kind sad and he said, oh, that's
04:37 okay. I forgive you for knocking down the blocks.
04:41 Do you think that made Jesus happy? Yes.
04:45 Do you forgive people when they do things to you? Yeah.
04:50 Yes. I forgive my brother for taking away my stuff.
04:56 You do! That's good. My brother too.
05:01 That's good. Do you forgive Kelly?
05:04 Oh, Jesus wants us to forgive. And my mother.
05:06 You forgive your mother.
05:08 Well, let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
05:11 Can I say a prayer Miss Linda?
05:13 Yes, you can say a prayer.
05:16 The heavenly father thank you for this day and
05:19 thank you for taking us close to every tiny tots;
05:27 thank you for this tiny tots in Jesus name, amen. Amen!
05:34 Well, it's time now boys and girls for us to go
05:36 to the barn, so come on let's go. Grandpa
05:46 Chuck. Hi, Ms. Jeanie. Hi, how are you today?
05:49 I am good. It's so good to see you. Good.
05:51 What do you have? I have a little dog
05:53 that I am dog sitting for a little while.
05:55 Are the kids going to come soon?
05:57 I am sure they will, oh good, and they would love
05:59 to see you. Good, I was hoping they would
06:00 get to see him. Grandpa Chuck! Grandpa Chuck!
06:02 There they are! Hi, Hi, how are you?
06:05 Oh, Hi, Ms. Jeanie. It's good to see you.
06:07 I am so glad you came today.
06:10 Hello, how are you Linda? Come on boys.
06:11 We are doing good. And Ms. Jeanie brought her
06:12 little dog for us to enjoy and she is goanna tell us
06:16 all about it. I am sorry. That's fine,
06:18 so we just sit down kinda fast. This is Willie.
06:24 Come here Kate and you can sit right here by me,
06:26 he is a little pug dog, you want just kneel sit down
06:27 on the floor like that? And he belongs to a lady
06:29 that I know. She got him animal control,
06:34 goes and tries to take care of dogs and watch
06:37 out for dogs and kitties and all kinds of animals
06:40 and they found Willie in a ditch. Somebody left him
06:45 in a ditch, which was kind of a mean thing to do,
06:47 but Willie is very forgiving and he even though
06:51 people left him in a ditch and were kind of mean
06:53 to him, he still likes people, ah!,
06:56 and you can pat him, do you like to pat him?
06:59 Yes. You know Ms. Jeanie, Jesus is like that.
07:01 He is forgiving when we do naughty things too.
07:03 Yes, he is very forgiving. He has one eye.
07:04 You are right. He does have one eye.
07:07 Ashley, you wanna pat the doggie?
07:08 When I found him in the ditch, his eye was gone.
07:11 They don't know what happened to him.
07:13 The lady that I know that has him that his owner
07:16 has only heading for about 10 months,
07:18 Can you go sit by Ms. Jeanie Ashley then you can pat him?
07:21 They think he is five or six-years-old,
07:24 but she is only having for short time 10 months
07:27 and when they found him his eye was gone and it's
07:31 been so shut because the eye is gone.
07:34 Yeah, he has only one eye.
07:36 Yes he does. He only has one eye.
07:37 I wanna pat him. You want to pat him?
07:38 I am goanna, see his right eye.
07:41 Okay, walk around this way, yes but he still has,
07:43 so you won't get in front of the dog,
07:44 he still has one eye left and he still sees with that one
07:46 eye, and if you don't think somebody just go by
07:49 around there. Cover one of your eyes and see if you can
07:50 still see. Can you still see?
07:52 That would be hard to live by. Oh!
07:54 Yes, I can still see. Oh! Yeah, you can still see,
07:57 but it's kind of hard isn't it? Let see.
08:00 Now for you, you don't think it's hard?
08:02 You can wink and close your eye.
08:05 I have one eye. Very good, yeah, you can close one eye
08:08 and not covered up can you? Look at mine.
08:10 That's kind of what he looks like, isn't it? Yes,
08:12 you are doing very good that's kind of what
08:14 he looks like. Oh, he likes to be patted,
08:19 doesn't he? He does he loves people.
08:21 Is he sick? No, he is not sick.
08:23 Oh, isn't he a sweet dog Katelyn?
08:25 He is not sick. Yeah. His new owner takes
08:27 very good care of him and even puts eye drops
08:32 very good care of him and even puts eye
08:33 drops in his good eye so that the eye that
08:34 he has stays healthy and he can see very good
08:37 with that. He puts eye drops in.
08:39 Do your mom and daddy ever put eye drops
08:40 in your eyes? Yeah. Yeah, sometimes,
08:44 if you get something in it, washes them out.
08:46 Well, his good eye doesn't make tears
08:48 very good. So, his new owner washes it
08:51 out a lot with that with eye drops so that he
08:53 can see better. So, she is a nice owner.
08:58 She works for an veterinarian office.
08:59 Who knows what a veterinarian is?
09:00 It's an animal doctor? That's right.
09:03 That's right. That's right. So, he gets even better
09:06 care since his owner works for the animal
09:08 doctor probably. What did you say his
09:10 name was? His name is Willie.
09:12 Willie! Hi, Willie. How are you Willie?
09:17 We are glad you came to the farm today, Willie.
09:21 I think he is glad too. Oh! I think he likes playing
09:23 with the kids. He likes all the attention.
09:26 Do you think Willie would like us to sing to him kids?
09:29 Yes. Alright. Look, he is happy.
09:33 He is happy yes. I like to go to the farm,
09:37 where the cows mow, mow.
09:40 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
09:43 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
09:47 I like to go to the farm and learn of Jesus.
09:54 Oh, thank you Miss Jeanie for showing us Willie.
09:58 Oh, you were very welcome.
09:59 Thank you Grandpa Chuck, it was good to see again too.
10:02 Come again. Now we got to hurry.
10:04 We got things to do. Come on kids, bye Willie.
10:07 Bye, bye. Bye Ms. Jeanie.
10:09 Bye Grandpa Chuck. Bye, bye. Bye.
10:21 Come in join us boys and girls we are going
10:23 for a walk. Come on. Come on.
10:25 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
10:30 a walk today, Shall we go for a walk today,
10:36 to see what God has given.
10:42 I wonder what we are going to find today
10:44 boys and girls. A tree fell down,
10:47 Oh, A tree fell down. Hey look I got a tree.
10:50 You are very strong Noah. Oh, come over here
10:54 Noah look at the storm blew it down.
10:59 Can you jump over here for me? Okay. Alright.
11:02 Auntie Linda, Big, big boy. Auntie Linda, Auntie Linda,
11:08 Jesus was in river and then he had a storm there.
11:14 He did! Caleb, can you jump over and sit by up
11:17 Linda? I wanna show you something. That's right.
11:22 Do you remember what Sylvia is talking about?
11:24 How there was a storm and where the waves
11:27 going real high. Yeah and then when all
11:32 those were on the temple, we hear there was a big
11:37 loud storm, a big loud storm and we were
11:42 running to the house. Oh, so you know just like
11:47 Jesus in the storm with the disciples.
11:49 He will be with you too wouldn't he?
11:51 One is running near house. One is,
11:55 Just a minute. I live off the tower and he,
11:58 and he saw the same thing.
11:59 He saw the same thing and what did you say Caleb?
12:04 When there is rain, then we will go in your car
12:07 or your homes. You are safe.
12:10 Yes. Like give it to tornado and has a big storm in it.
12:17 Yes, and we need to ask mommy and daddy
12:20 where the best place usually in the basement, ha!
12:23 And sometimes my mom calls it we are going there.
12:28 You do sometimes. And sometimes,
12:31 I go in my good hiding spot. In good hiding spot.
12:35 Right, behind our rocking chair.
12:37 Right behind your rocking chair!
12:39 Oh, that's funny. That's a good hiding place.
12:44 And my brother, when we were having my brother's
12:48 birthday party there was basketball one.
12:52 It was? Yeah. Well, do you know in this storm,
12:56 and then, this tree fell down.
12:57 Do you know what kind of tree it is?
12:58 It's a heart one? Yeah. That's right it's
13:02 called red bud tree because it's leaves are shaped
13:09 like a heart. Auntie. Can you see how the heart
13:11 is shaped on here? Yes. Auntie Linda feel this.
13:14 It's a star. That's right, and it's sticky.
13:18 These is the roots that's right, can you see the roots?
13:23 Who struck it down? It was in the ground but
13:26 the storm came and blew it down.
13:29 Now can you tell me who will be with us
13:31 in the storm? Jesus. Jesus will and you know
13:35 boys and girls Jesus will be with you in the storm too
13:48 It's story time boys and girls. Yeah, story time!
13:54 And we have a special story. Do you like horses?
14:00 Yes. Do you have a horse? Or you know what
14:04 Jimmy had his very own horse and he called
14:08 it Blackie because it had black on it's main
14:12 and it was such a nice horse and he had so much
14:17 fun with his horse. Do you like to ride horses?
14:20 I do. I like to ride little horses.
14:23 You like to ride little ones.
14:25 I like to ride baby horses.
14:27 Baby ones. Yes. I never like horses.
14:30 Do you like to ride big horses?
14:31 I do. I don't like to ride big horses.
14:36 Not big ones? I don't like to ride.
14:38 Well, Jimmy's horse was special.
14:40 And I like Billy Gram. You do.
14:42 And you know what? You do. I have got a big horse.
14:51 She has got a big one Blackie was special boys.
14:54 I have some horses. You do. Yes.
14:58 Well, you know what Blackie like to eat more
15:00 than anything? She love carrots.
15:03 Oh, where is my carrots? Oh, do we have a carrot?
15:09 No. Let me see Noah, do you have a carrot for me.
15:11 I already got one. You do, Blackie love carrots but
15:18 Jimmy went out to the barn and he said put
15:23 that horse up here let's see if he will eat it carrot
15:28 okay you wanna feed him a carrot see
15:30 if you can feed the horse a carrot he loved
15:33 and he wanted to teach him to open the gate
15:36 and so he would put the carrot just a little bit
15:38 further way and the horse would go over little bit
15:41 further and he put it right by the latch and Blackie
15:44 would lift the latch up and then he would let him
15:46 eat that carrot just then he saw Jack
15:49 and he said his brother Jack, and he said jack,
15:52 jack, come here Jack come quick jack came over
15:56 and he says look at I want to show you what
15:57 Blackie can do and he did it again he had him over
16:01 by the latch and pulled it and just as he got
16:03 the latch up he gave him the carrot and
16:06 Jack said Oh, you can teach him tricks,
16:10 that's not momma said don't teach those tricks
16:14 to and she took his carrot, that made him so mad.
16:21 Jimmy was so mad. He said you come back here
16:24 I want my carrot and he went running into the
16:26 house and momma said boys wash up
16:28 it's time to eat. Jimmy was mad. He was made because
16:32 Jack took his carrot and now he couldn't feed
16:36 his horse anymore. They were sitting at the table
16:39 Jack said, mom jimmy was teaching Blackie
16:45 one of those tricks that you told him not to teach
16:48 and mommy and daddy looked at Jimmy
16:51 and said no you mustn't teach him those tricks
16:56 and jimmy said, but he likes it and he will do
17:01 anything for a carrot he could have shared but
17:07 we have to listen to our mommies when they say
17:10 things well Jimmy was mad and even when
17:13 they went on the walk he was still mad at Jack
17:15 and the next day he said mommy can I have another
17:19 carrot and so mommy said okay I will give you a carrot
17:25 and she said but don't feed this carrot to Blackie Jimmy
17:32 said well you mean I cant give it to him
17:36 and she said you can give it to him but
17:39 don't feed it to him by the barn gate because
17:41 then he wants to open the gate and he said
17:44 well okay but then he thought I will teach him
17:48 to open another gate mommy didn't say
17:50 he couldn't open the big gate and so he took the carrot
17:54 and he let him over to the gate and first of all he
17:59 looked to see if his brother Jack was around because
18:02 he don't want him to take the carrot again taught him
18:06 to open the big gate and Blackie just lifted up
18:09 his little face and he went he, he, he, he, he,
18:13 he, he as he was so proud of it can you hear like
18:15 a horse can you make a noise. He, he.
18:17 He was so proud of himself.
18:21 Well, guess who was coming for dinner on Sabbath?
18:28 The preacher was coming for dinner and Friday
18:31 he helped momma get ready and they fixed everything
18:35 up nice and they made a apple pie do you like apple pie.
18:39 Yes I do. Do you does your momma fix something
18:42 nice for treat him after church? Yes.
18:46 But my mommy and daddy use to cook a macaroni cheese.
18:53 They did. I love macaroni, yeah that's so good
18:56 with cheese. Oh, you know what Jimmy loved apple
19:01 pie he just loved it now he forgot all about
19:05 Blackie and he just put him in his little pan
19:08 and he thought Blackie would adjust his just barn,
19:12 and so they went to church and after the church
19:15 the pastor and them they drove behind them
19:17 and they drove home. Can you drive the car?
19:19 Park the car. Okay. And they got out and the door
19:31 was open on the house and mommy said daddy,
19:34 did you shut the kitchen door? And daddy said,
19:37 Oh, yes I shut the door. They said well it's open
19:42 and the pastor and his wife got out and they all
19:45 went up to the door and they opened the door
19:48 and mommy went, oh, and there in the kitchen was
19:55 Blackie, Blackie was eating the last of the apple Pie
20:02 and he had knocked mommas bread on the floor
20:05 and he stomped on it all the food was on the floor
20:10 that was a big mess and Jack went like this
20:14 then Jimmy went like this and dad went like this
20:17 and mommy just went oh and the pastor looked
20:22 at it and once he started going can you laugh,
20:28 and then daddy started laughing and mommy
20:35 and they all laugh and they had a really good dinner
20:38 and after they left Jimmy came over to daddy
20:42 and he is sad daddy and mommy I am so sorry
20:47 I didn't listen to you I am sorry I taught Blackie
20:51 a trick to open the gates please forgive me
20:55 and daddy said I forgive you and then he went over
20:58 to his brother Jack and he said I am sorry
21:01 I was mad when you took my carrot and jack said
21:04 I forgive you and then jack said Jimmy I am so sorry
21:08 that I took your carrot and then daddy said
21:11 you know there is someone else we need to ask
21:14 to forgive us who do we need to ask to forgive us
21:17 Jesus, Jesus and Jimmy said yes he nodded because
21:23 he knew his friend Jesus would forgive him
21:25 and you know boys and girls when you do things
21:28 that you shouldn't Jesus will forgive you too Jesus
21:31 will forgive us wouldn't he do you know why because
21:36 Jesus really loves you, do you know I love Jesus.
21:41 I love Jesus. Should we tell him right now
21:45 that we love him? Yeah. I love you Jesus
21:50 and Jesus loves you too boys and girls
21:54 don't ever forget it.
22:03 We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda today
22:05 and we are having so much fun. Yeah.
22:11 What are we doing today Miss Cinda?
22:14 I have something special because Auntie Linda
22:17 you have been teaching the kids the bible verse.
22:19 Do you kids remember the bible verse?
22:23 Luke 6:37. Can you all say that together?
22:28 Luke 6:37, and do you know what that text says
22:33 forgive and you will be forgiven so I wanted you
22:38 to remember that so we are going to make crosses
22:42 with little lamb on him and it says the lamb of God
22:46 who takes away the sin of the world who
22:50 is the lamb of God? Jesus!
22:53 That's right and you know what if we asked Jesus
22:56 to forgive us is he goanna forgive us. Yes.
22:59 That's right. That's right Olivia, so you can get
23:03 your glue and you can glue this on Oh,
23:08 Auntie Linda will help you.
23:10 Yes. Okay and be really careful you know what?
23:12 That's yours put the glue there.
23:14 Let's put it upside down like this and put some
23:17 glue right on here not unlike. You Olivia,
23:22 Olivia, can you put some glue right down here?
23:23 You know what Miss Cinda? What?
23:25 Just like Jesus forgives us he wants us to forgive
23:28 other people when they meet us what ever.
23:31 Yes, he does. Do you kids forgive when someone's
23:34 been mean to you? Yeah.
23:37 Yes and do you tell other kids that you are sorry
23:45 you can glue this when you are mean to other kids.
23:48 Sometimes, I say sorry and when somebody did
23:52 say sorry at school. Oh, well you know what,
23:54 we should, if we, even if we, you know what Tyler
23:59 even if we accidentally do something that would hurt
24:02 someone we should always say what?
24:06 Miss Cinda I'm done. I am sorry. That's right.
24:08 Right. Oh, my God! We should always say
24:13 we are sorry. Because you know what,
24:15 Jesus wants us to forgive doesn't he?
24:19 Does Jesus want us to forgive Olivia? Yes.
24:21 Yes he does and boys and girls Jesus wants you
24:25 to forgive too and remember that Jesus loves you
24:30 very much and Jesus will forgive you if you just
24:33 ask him. That's right. That's right.
24:35 We do like Jesus and Jesus really does love you.
24:50 Yeah sing time and that means it's worship time
24:55 boys and girls and I love worship time.
24:58 Oh, I do too. Me too! Do you know where our
25:01 memory verse is found? Luke!
25:02 That's right Luke 6:37. Luke 6:37.
25:07 Forgive, Forgive, And you will be forgiven,
25:13 and you will be forgiven,
25:15 That's right boys and girls.
25:18 I don't know what that means?
25:19 You don't know what that means?
25:22 I know may be if somebody is knotty to forgive
25:30 him about it When we forgive others that means
25:33 that Jesus will forgive us boys and girls. Right.
25:36 That's right. Good Olivia. And when people's
25:39 are not nice, but I am still kind.
25:42 That's right and you know Jesus that's what Jesus
25:46 says. He is someone who forgives,
25:47 but to help us know who is Jesus we can sing a song.
25:51 He is kind. We are goanna sing a song.
25:52 Olivia we are going to sing a song! He forgives.
25:55 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus, he forgive he forgives,
26:03 he gave his life to save us he gave his life to save us
26:07 worship him worship him. Now boys and girls
26:13 Zacchaeus, he asked Jesus to forgive him and Jesus
26:17 came to his house. We are goanna sing a little song
26:19 that help us remember about forgiveness and you make
26:22 a little man, I do that. Zacchaeus was a wee,
26:26 little man And a wee, little man was he
26:31 He climbed up in a sycamore tree
26:35 For the Lord he wanted to see
26:39 And as the Savior passed that way
26:42 He looked up in the tree And he said,
26:47 " Zacchaeus, you come down"
26:51 For I'm going to your house today,
26:55 For I'm going to your house today,
26:59 And Zacchaeus had Jesus in his heart and we are
27:02 always happy when we have Jesus in our hearts
27:05 boys and girls, let's just fold our hands and ask
27:08 Jesus into our hearts. Sylvia will you pray?
27:12 Dear heavenly father you are kind and we love
27:17 you and you are in our heart, amen. Amen!
27:32 That's Mr. Rooster. Our time together is over,
27:38 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you. Good bye, good bye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Good bye
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:07 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts
28:15 the rainbow, we're shining like the rainbow.
28:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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