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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:09 hears our voice, we live here and around the world
00:13 we spend love and joy like how He start
00:17 the rainbow like shining bright like
00:20 a rainbow, we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:24 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Oh! That was fun. Yeah. I thinks even Eleanor
00:33 had fun. Did you guys have too?
00:36 Yes. Oh! Look the boys and girls are here.
00:40 Hi. You made Jesus happy,
00:49 just because you came.
00:51 Jesus loves the children, everyone the same.
00:57 Welcome, welcome, you are welcome,
01:00 Jesus knows your name. You made Jesus happy,
01:05 just because you came. Well, Let's let Eleanor
01:11 go get some exercise and chicken flakes.
01:13 Okay, I get. Can you get it?
01:14 Thank you. You want to put this one pots.
01:15 We get a lot of fun things to do.
01:17 Come in boys and girls. I want to get them now.
01:20 Okay, so we are. I want too. Alright, Well, let's
01:23 Sylvia this time. We gonna let Sylvia
01:25 will take turns. Okay, let's go in. Come on Caleb.
01:30 Oh! Miss Cindy, the kids are here.
01:33 Oh! Hi, kids. You can show them belly boy
01:36 I have to get the phone.
01:37 Okay, come on. Hello, this is Aunty Linda.
01:44 Hi, Aunty Linda. This is Ashley.
01:48 It's good to hear from you Ashley.
01:51 Do you know something that Jesus wants us to do?
01:54 He has always feels my truth. That's right likes for us to
02:00 tell the truth. How do you think Jesus feels
02:03 when you tell the truth? Make me some happy.
02:08 He does make him happy when we tell the truth.
02:10 Well, I have to go now. Okay. I will talk to you later.
02:14 Bye. Bye. Oh! That was Ashley,
02:21 and she was telling me how she tells the truth.
02:23 Oh! That's good. We like this. We used to tell the truth.
02:26 Let's see hi to Mr. Wiggles, now, okay.
02:30 That's right we don't. Can we say, hi Mr. Wiggles.
02:33 Oh! hi, Mr. Wiggles, hi, Mr. Wiggles,
02:38 Oh! Mr. Wiggles, you can say, hi, Say
02:42 Can I hold on? Can you say? Well, we
02:44 will leave him for a little bit because we are
02:46 just were on her way to worship and Mr. Wiggles,
02:48 once to finish eating. So, let's go sit down, okay.
02:52 Oh! I love worship. Do you kids love worship?
02:55 Yeah. Oh! I love worship too.
02:58 Good job. You want to sit here right here.
03:02 Can you move over little bit Sylvia
03:03 And will put Caleb, right here by Aunty Linda.
03:06 I want here. Alright. Come on Noah.
03:09 Alright. Let's sing, let's sing.
03:11 Can I say bye Aunty Linda? Well, when you, yes
03:14 come another day. Well, kids we will take turns
03:16 what we got. Yes, and Jesus wants us to take turns.
03:19 Well, now its time for worship. Okay, bell boy,
03:22 you can ring the bell. And you can sing with
03:26 this boys and girls. Worship bells are sweet
03:30 calling us to me with our best friend Jesus come
03:39 and worship him. Jesus will be here
03:43 smiling when he sees us. I have special letter and
03:52 who is this letter from? Jesus.
03:55 That's right. Can you say Psalms?
03:58 Psalms. A 119, A 119, A 160, A 160,
04:07 Your word is truth Your word is truth
04:11 That reminds me of Bobby when he took
04:15 something that didn't belong to him and his
04:17 mummy said, did you take that? And Bobby
04:20 said, yes, I did mummy. And he had taken some
04:25 grapes when mummy told him not to
04:27 eat any grapes between meals.
04:29 And he said, I am sorry mummy, and that made
04:32 Jesus happy because he told the truth.
04:35 Jesus wants us to tell the truth.
04:37 He always wants us to tell the truth.
04:39 Let's just holds our eyes and hold our
04:42 hands in can I pray, can I pray. Yes, will let Caleb
04:46 this time, okay. Okay, Caleb. Yes,
04:51 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.
04:55 Thank you for everybody that has some
04:57 toys to play with in Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
05:03 Well, it's time now for us to go boys and girls.
05:07 We are going to go grandpa Chuck, so come on let's go.
05:18 Hi, Eko. Can you talk to me? Hi, Grandpa Chuck.
05:21 Look kids be real quiet. Oh! Come with me.
05:23 And come carefully, so you don't scar her.
05:26 I got the neighbor to bring it over.
05:28 So, we could all see here because she is so pretty.
05:33 Oh! Thank you so much grandpa Chuck.
05:36 She is called an African grey. Well, what is her name?
05:40 Eko. Eko. Eko, and she does talk, but the
05:45 neighbor said, she probably won't talk
05:47 today because she is in a new place.
05:49 That isn't she pretty? She is so pretty. God makes
05:54 such beautiful things for us to enjoy.
05:56 Oh! It does. Delma look at that birdie. Can you say Eko?
06:01 Eko. Eko. Say Eko. Eko. What color is she ?
06:06 Grey and white black and red.
06:09 Where is the red? Red on the tail.
06:12 On tail. On her tail And what other
06:15 colors are on the tail? There is black isn't that
06:17 pretty how it's black and red.
06:21 And she is looking at you right. Now she is
06:23 looking at you and she is looking at you.
06:26 Oh! is biting that. What is she like
06:29 to eat grandpa Chuck. She likes to eat peanuts.
06:33 Umm! I do too. I like peanuts.
06:37 And she likes other nuts and she can crack them open.
06:41 Does she fly? Yes, she flies. Oh! Woh! But, they have
06:47 she is tame, she is a pet. So she stays close to home.
06:54 But, yet she can fly. They can fly high upon a tree.
07:00 When down in the native country the
07:01 trees are full of them. Can you imagine what
07:04 that would be like? To be walking through the
07:07 jungle and you hear them talk and you see him fly.
07:14 That would be fun. I would like to hear.
07:16 That would be awesome. I have seen a lot of them
07:19 thereby my house. Have you really? Yes.
07:21 I saw one in my house too. And you saw one a near house.
07:24 I have seen every kind. I have seen those birds,
07:30 those blue birds and red birds.
07:33 Blue birds and red birds. They are pretty.
07:36 I have just. Who made all the birds?
07:38 God. God. He sure did. Noah, do you wish you
07:43 had a pet like that? What would you do
07:46 with it, it did ? I give him food.
07:49 You give him food, and water. And water.
07:52 And then she gave little water and food.
07:59 Water and food. You think he takes an app.
08:02 You think she sleeps. When do you think he sleeps?
08:08 Night in the cage. In the cage, in the cage
08:11 at night time. We have a, we have a dog house.
08:16 Yeah. You think he would live in the dog house?
08:19 Yeah. He will sleep in there, I don't, I don't, He could.
08:22 I don't have a one for my dog.
08:25 You don't. I have a pillow that may be we can put
08:28 in the dog house to see when one night, Eko will come and
08:33 sleep in the dog house. Well, that would be great.
08:38 You think Eko would stay there with the dog.
08:41 No. Might. I think Delma would like Eko for a pet.
08:47 Oh! He is preening his feathers like he
08:49 stretching his wing. Oh! Is that Pretty?
08:53 Grandpa Chuck, Caleb said, that he has a dog.
08:57 Really. What kind? Do you won't you.
09:00 What kind of dog? And I have one.
09:02 I have two cats. A big one or little one.
09:04 Two cats. And I have one cat.
09:06 You have one cat. I have one cat.
09:09 You want my kitty name is? Kitty.
09:12 He said, 12 years old and it's
09:14 that how big is it Caleb. This big.
09:16 It's big. He has a dog 12 years old.
09:18 Oh! Oh! This has been so fun to get see Eko and
09:22 be on the farm. I know. I just to love seeing all
09:24 the things God has made. Sing.
09:29 "I like to go to farm, where the cows; mow, mow.
09:33 I like to go to farm, where duck; quack, quack.
09:36 I like to go to farm, I like to go to farm.
09:41 I like to go to farm, we learn at Jesus"
09:47 Say, Good bye to Eko Well, thank you grandpa Chuck
09:49 Bye. It's been so much fun. But we have to go
09:52 because we have some other things to do.
09:54 Well, come and see me again. Good bye grandpa Chuck.
09:57 Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye grandpa, Chuck Bye, bye, bye.
10:15 Let's see if we can find
10:16 something that Jesus has made.
10:19 "Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
10:25 a walk today? Shall we go for a walk today
10:31 to see what God has given?"
10:36 Let's see if we can find something
10:38 that Jesus has made. I found. I found one.
10:41 Oh! What is it? I know what is it?
10:44 Well, hi guys. Well, hi Miss Jeannie.
10:46 I saw some out here.
10:51 You saw some here. Look that we found Miss Jeannie.
10:54 Oh! Minnie. There is some fruit of them. Yeah.
10:59 Look at that. Do you guys know what these are?
11:01 I found these things at my back yard
11:04 You have in your back yard. Yeah. I saw some of my
11:09 friends house. Who will? Let's come back.
11:12 That's lady like it. Come over here.
11:14 Well, I don't think the lady likes them.
11:17 These are spiky. Yes, they are.
11:20 And not pine cones. No, But, pine cones is a good.
11:23 Is it good thing they might be. Here let's turn
11:26 this way so everybody can see them, okay.
11:29 Oh! Lady wants to see too. Yeah, sure lady wants to
11:32 see everything. Can you guys do me a favor?
11:34 I think lady wants to see, doesn't she?
11:36 Yes, they are very spiky so you have
11:38 to be careful with them. Like pine cones are
11:41 Yes, they are. Here see you have to be very
11:45 careful because they are spiky.
11:47 See the little spikes on them.
11:49 Yeah. But so they are so hollow there Miss Jeannie.
11:52 That's where seeds came from.
11:53 These fell out of a tree. They grew up on a tree
11:57 and fell out of a tree. Like, Yeah, kind a like the
12:01 tree behind us. I saw like somebody sees a worm
12:04 You know, I saw some seed now. Right yeah.
12:08 What else do you find? Apple.
12:09 Apples came from the tree too. You are right.
12:12 The apples came from the tree.
12:14 Apples from a tree. You are right.
12:15 They did come from the tree. But, what are those
12:17 called Miss Jeannie These are gumballs.
12:19 They come from a sweet gumball tree.
12:21 Gumballs. Can you guys, can you say gumballs?
12:23 Gumballs. Very good. I don't know what.
12:26 I know what they were. You know what they were?
12:28 Yeah. I don't know why they are called that?
12:30 Gumballs, gumball are like if your,
12:32 it's like gum or something. No, it's not like gum.
12:36 You would want to chew on this.
12:37 This would really hurt you if you would to chew on this.
12:39 But this is a way for the tree to grow.
12:42 I know where yummy kind of gumballs.
12:44 Are they candy likes. Oh! Candy kinds.
12:46 Right, right, right, Yes, the candy kind.
12:47 Opps, I am sorry Sylvia. But you said, these are
12:49 little seeds and then they grow in the ground.
12:51 Yes. See their head, they have little,
12:53 I don't know if the other boys and girls can see,
12:55 but there is little openings inside of them.
12:58 I can see. There is a little inside the little
13:00 prickly part is little openings.
13:02 And inside those little openings are little
13:06 bit seeds and these fall out and dry off.
13:10 And when they dry off those little spots open up,
13:14 little seeds come out and go on to the door.
13:16 I can't see it by doing this. Right here honey.
13:18 See right there. Well, right there.
13:20 And then little seeds come out of those little holes
13:23 and then a big tree grows and we have shade
13:29 and birds have houses and squirrels have houses.
13:33 Well, thank you. So that's kind of neat way
13:35 God give us to get trees. Well, that's a neat
13:38 just like we have apple trees.
13:41 We have gumball trees. I'm so glad that God made
13:44 the Gumballs. And he made the flowers.
13:54 It's story time, boys and girls.
13:57 Yeah. And we have a good story today.
14:02 I am really excited because today Tidus
14:05 and Trinity brought their mother with them.
14:07 And I am so glad that you are here today
14:10 because I am sure that your mom help picks
14:13 good food for you and I'm gonna tell you
14:15 a story about a special mummy too.
14:18 Well, do you boys and girls,
14:21 do you like it when mummy fixes you a nice big dinner?
14:25 Yes. I like carrots, yam. You like carrots.
14:30 Me too. I do too. Well, Tommy didn't like carrots.
14:37 But his brother Johnny loved carrots.
14:41 He would eat them all the time.
14:43 Well, when they came to the table,
14:45 mummy had mash potatoes and gravy.
14:50 Do you like mash potatoes? Yeah. I like.
14:53 I like mash potatoes with gravy on it.
14:57 And they had green beans. I like peanut.
15:01 I like green beans Do you like green beans?
15:03 I like green bean. And fatty meatballs,
15:07 yum, and carrots. I like, I like spaghetti with
15:13 meatballs. You do. I like spaghetti with meatballs.
15:16 Yeah, I love meatballs. Well, Tommy looked at
15:18 his plate and mummy said, we need to thank Jesus
15:23 for our food, but Tommy didn't feel like thank in
15:26 Jesus for carrots because he didn't like carrots.
15:30 But he folded his hands and when they said
15:33 the blessing all he could think about was those
15:36 awful carrots. And when they said,
15:39 Amen, mummy had given him some mash potatoes
15:43 and gravy and veggie meatballs and some
15:45 green beans and carrots and when she put it
15:48 in front of him she said, now when you are
15:51 through eating. I have a tree for you.
15:54 And you will get to have something special.
15:57 But Tommy thought I don't like carrots.
16:00 I don't care if I have a tree and so eat his
16:03 mash potatoes and his green beans,
16:07 and is what else did he eat?
16:09 His veggie meatballs and mash potatoes.
16:12 He had eaten mash potatoes and he saw his carrots
16:15 and he push them to the side of his plate.
16:18 And his brother Johnny, he had eaten all his food
16:21 even his carrots and the phone rang.
16:24 Can you go ding-ling-ling. Ding-ling-ling.
16:28 And daddy got up and he was talking on the phone.
16:31 And mommy got up and she went to go get
16:33 the desert and Tommy looked and they
16:36 were all busy. So he took the carrots and
16:39 he put it in his hand. And then he looked
16:41 everywhere and his brother was watching and he took
16:44 the carrots and he put under his pocket.
16:48 And then momma came back and she said,
16:51 Oh! Tommy you ate all your food even your carrots.
16:57 Now I have something special for you.
16:59 Here you can have a strawberry cup cake.
17:02 Yum. And so he took the strawberry cup cake.
17:06 And Johnny took that cup cake and Johnny
17:10 ate his cup cake and Tommy started to eat his
17:12 and he thought about his friend Jesus.
17:15 His friend Jesus was always truthful
17:17 and he wasn't, is he telling the truth
17:20 about his carrots that he had eaten his carrots?
17:22 No. Did he tell a lie? Yes. And mummy said,
17:28 well, Tommy go ahead and eat your cup cake,
17:31 it's good. Then he said, mommy, I didn't eat
17:36 my carrots and she said, well, should you did?
17:39 Where are they? And he opened up his
17:42 pocket and he said, they are in my pocket.
17:47 And mommy said, Oh! And daddy came back to
17:50 the table and he said, Oh! And then Tommy took
17:55 his cup cake and he handed it back to mummy
17:58 and he said, mommy I didn't tell the truth.
18:02 Please forgive me. I want to be truthful
18:04 like my friend Jesus. And mommy put her arm
18:08 around him and she hugged him and she said that
18:11 makes Jesus happy and you know what Tommy
18:14 didn't eat his carrots, but he didn't eat his
18:16 cup cake either. But he was happy inside
18:18 because he had told the truth.
18:21 Can you boys and girls remember to tell the truth
18:23 when your mommy and daddy has get to do something.
18:26 Yes, we want to tell the truth always.
18:28 And you know what boys and girls your friend Jesus
18:31 want you to tell the truth too because you know
18:34 what Jesus really, really, really loves you.
18:38 Can you say, I love you Jesus.
18:41 I love you Jesus.
18:46 Jesus love us when we tell him that.
18:55 We are in the Kitchen with Miss Cinda
18:57 and we are having fun. Well, you know,
19:03 what Aunty Linda has been teaching you a Bible
19:06 Verse and let's practice it again, okay,
19:09 so we can learn it because it's very important boys
19:12 and girls that we learnt that text out of the Bible.
19:16 So this one is Psalms 119:160
19:22 Psalms 119:160. And you know,
19:29 what that Verse says, No. No.
19:32 Your word is truth. Your word is truth.
19:38 That's right. Your word is truth.
19:41 Do you know what that means? No.
19:42 That means that Jesus keeps his promises
19:46 and so that you would remember boys and girls
19:50 I have a rainbow here that I am going to have
19:54 you help you make. And this is a magnet
19:57 that you can put upon on the refrigerator
20:00 and when you see it, you remember that
20:02 Jesus keeps his promises just like he put a rainbow
20:05 in the sky. Where is that thing with the magnet.
20:08 Oh! I will help you. And you know,
20:10 Miss Cinda, that's what we did for Noah
20:12 when they came out at the Arch to tell them
20:14 they would never be another flood,
20:16 he put a beautiful rainbow in the sky.
20:18 That's right. Okay, boys and girls,
20:21 take in some glue, you will need to
20:24 take your stick. And you just put a little glue,
20:28 that glue, on here and then put like that.
20:31 Oh! Let me get you a stick.
20:34 I got one. Oh! You got one, okay.
20:36 And put the glue all the way around here.
20:37 And be very careful, so you don't drip the glue.
20:40 No, no, no, no, bring this over here like that
20:45 and just spread it out. Boys and girls
20:48 you can get your mummies and daddies to help
20:50 you make a rainbow. You can cut it out of
20:53 pretty paper and then you remember
20:58 just like God gave a rainbow to Noah.
21:01 Obviously. You know, for us. See look, okay.
21:04 Oh! It will dry, you have to wait for it to dry,
21:07 spread it all over the place, okay,
21:08 so now do a green one. This one. Aha! Aha!
21:11 Can you do it Some more glue.
21:13 How are you doing Noah? I am making one.
21:17 Here is your green now what is next.
21:19 Oh! Here is your stick. These aren't is beautiful.
21:23 Okay. Has anybody ever seen a rainbow?
21:26 I have, I have. Do you like them?
21:31 Yes. They are beautiful. I feel rainbows are
21:34 beautiful. When do you see a rainbow?
21:39 I saw rainbow in our TV. Oh! You did.
21:43 Well, outside though when you see a real rainbow.
21:45 Do you boys and girls know? I know.
21:47 Do you see it at night when the moon is out?
21:49 No. When do you see a rainbow in the sky?
21:53 What is next? Umm! Yellow. When, when, is anyone know
21:58 when you look for a rainbow in the sky?
22:01 I do. Right, Aunty Linda. When it's raining
22:05 and the sun is shining at the same time.
22:08 Umm! Umm! Or sometime just after it's rained.
22:12 And you can look in the sky and do you know
22:15 why Jesus put a rainbow there?
22:17 Yes. Why? He loves us? That's right.
22:21 But he wanted to show us that he would never
22:25 flood the earth again. Orange is next.
22:28 Orange is next. And so next time it rains
22:32 you need to look out at your window and see
22:36 if you can see a rainbow.
22:37 Want to put that down. Put it down here.
22:39 Here is a red one for you. And boys and girls
22:41 when it rains you can look out at your window too.
22:44 And if you see a rainbow all there so pretty
22:48 colors what colors, what colors are in a rainbow.
22:50 This one is here. This one is here's.
22:51 Do you know what colors are in rainbow kids?
22:53 Me, I knew. What colors? Purple and blue, green,
23:01 and yellow, orange, and, red. That's right.
23:06 And we can put this right there.
23:08 Noah, do you know what colors are in the rainbow?
23:11 It's, it's red, purple, That's right.
23:16 Ashley what are the colors?
23:21 Yellow. Yes. Does you, do you all have favorite colors.
23:27 Yes. I, mine is pink. Yours is pink. I too.
23:31 Mine is pink and purple. I got two favorites.
23:35 Oh! I will get towel for you. Okay.
23:38 You know, there are so many beautiful colors
23:41 in the rainbow and I love them all.
23:44 Boys and girls you can get you mummies and
23:48 daddies to help you make a rainbow.
23:49 Well, I will help you Noah.
23:51 And you can remember always that God
23:54 does keep his promises. He does.
24:04 Yeah. It's sing time. And it's also worship time
24:09 boys and girls and I'm excited because
24:11 I love worship time. I love worship too.
24:15 Me too. You love worship too. You like in worship too.
24:17 Do you know what our neighbors found today.
24:20 Psalm. Psalm and Jonathan is helping me today.
24:25 Psalm 119 Psalm 119:160, that's right. 160
24:34 That's right. That's right you say,
24:36 Here it is, your word is truth.
24:39 Your word is truth. Your word is truth.
24:43 That's right. Jesus word is truth.
24:46 Well, who is Jesus. Well, we are gonna sing a song
24:49 that is going to help us know who is Jesus,
24:52 he is kind. Who is Jesus, Who is Jesus, He is truth,
25:00 He is truth, He came and trying to save us
25:05 He came and trying to save us
25:07 Worship him, worship him. Worship him, worship him
25:11 And one way that we can know
25:13 who Jesus is by reading our Bibles
25:16 and praying everyday. It's right.
25:19 So let's sing, read your Bible, pray everyday.
25:25 Read your Bibles Pray everyday
25:29 Pray everyday Pray everyday
25:34 Read your Bibles Pray everyday
25:38 and you'll grow, grow, grow
25:43 and you'll grow, grow, grow
25:47 and you'll grow, grow, grow
25:52 Read your Bible pray everyday
25:56 and you'll grow, grow, grow
26:00 And we will grow if you read our Bibles everyday.
26:04 Let's sing that again boys and girls, okay.
26:07 Read your Bibles Pray everyday
26:12 Pray everyday Pray everyday
26:16 Read your Bible Pray everyday
26:20 and you'll grow, grow, grow
26:25 and you'll grow, grow, grow
26:29 and you'll grow, grow, grow
26:34 Read your Bible pray everyday
26:38 and you'll grow, grow, grow
26:44 And that's what we read our Bibles
26:46 and we pray everyday. We will really come to
26:49 know who Jesus is. Well, boys and girls
26:52 we want to take sometimes now just to talk to Jesus,
26:55 wherever you are just fold your hands like
26:59 Jonathan and I are doing and close your eyes
27:02 and we are going to ask Caleb to pray for us.
27:07 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day.
27:10 Thank you for all the people in the whole world
27:13 and that all of the kids in Jesus name, Amen.
27:18 Amen. Amen. Jesus really likes it
27:21 when we pray and sing, doesn't he? Yes.
27:24 He does. He loves to hear us talk to him.
27:28 Do you talk to Jesus, Gloria. Yes.
27:33 That's Mr. Rooster. Time together is over,
27:38 So we will have to go. Good bye, good bye,
27:46 Remember God loves you. Good bye, good bye,
27:53 Remember God loves you. Good bye, Good bye.
28:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:08 where God hears our voice,
28:10 we live here and around the world
28:13 we spread love and joy
28:15 like how He start the rainbow
28:18 like shining bright like a rainbow, we are
28:21 Tiny Tots around the world where God hears our voice.


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