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Jesus Is The Good Shepherd

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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:07 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live for him around the world,
00:13 we spread love and joy,
00:15 like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:20 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:29 Hi, boys and girls. Noah and Caleb bring Eleanor
00:32 over here, the boys and girls are here.
00:36 We are so glad you've come today.
00:40 Eleanor is glad you're here too.
00:46 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:51 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:57 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
00:59 Jesus knows your name,
01:02 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:09 And we are gonna have fun today.
01:11 Let's let Eleanor go play, okay. Eleanor,
01:14 okay you take care of her and I will
01:17 get the mail. Caleb are you ready to go in?
01:20 Here we go. I got the key.
01:24 Come on in Tierra, it's time to go.
01:26 I got the bigger key. Billy Boy, look who is here.
01:31 Hi, Billy Boy. Say don't worry.
01:37 No, can you say hi?
01:38 Oh! Noah, did Eleanor get away?
01:41 Did she, is she running out there?
01:43 Yes. She eat full and running.
01:46 She is, she can run fast. Would you like
01:50 to feed Billy Boy some cheerios?
01:52 Let's call Miss Cinda. Miss Cinda.
01:56 We want some cheerios. Oh all right, come here.
01:59 Oh I got them, I got cheerios,
02:02 here is a cheerio. You're a little cheerio.
02:07 Oh! Billy Boy likes that. Oh, that was mine Noah.
02:12 Okay. Does Billy Boy want them?
02:16 Oh! You got to eat the whole thing Billy Boy.
02:21 Okay, give him yours Kelly. Give that cheerio.
02:26 Careful, careful. Oh, look. Oh! He took it.
02:34 Okay, let's put Billy Boy back and I want you to
02:37 go say hi to Mr. Wiggles. Let's go say hi.
02:41 Tierra wants to give him hand.
02:42 Oh, Tierra you want to give him yours? Okay.
02:45 Me too. Alright, there you go Billy Boy.
02:48 Thank you. Okay, Kelly is saying hi to Mr. Wiggles.
02:52 I'll put some more, I'll put some more in my pocket,
02:54 who wants to see Mr. Wiggles.
02:56 Me. Here we go Billy Boy. Oh, careful.
02:59 He is cute wasn't he.
03:00 Come here Kelly and I'll hold you,
03:02 so you can see him better. Let me just pull him up
03:04 or you can just see him? see him.
03:06 Oh Mr. Wiggles. Tierra can you see honey?
03:11 Come here Mr. Wiggles. See Mr. Wiggles.
03:15 Hi. I'll pat him.
03:18 Come in you can pat him, come in darling. Oh no.
03:22 Oh yeah, see Mr. Wiggles he is so sweet,
03:29 okay its time to go sit in our chairs.
03:31 It's time for our worship. Come on.
03:33 let's go have worship. Alright.
03:36 Do you know what I love worship.
03:38 It's my favorite time. I will pray with you.
03:41 Okay. Can I? Alright boy.
03:45 Let's say Miss, can you all say with me
03:48 ring the bell Billy Boy? Say it.
03:50 Right the bell Billy Boy.
03:56 Okay, boys and girls sing with us.
03:58 Worship bells so sweet, calling us to meet,
04:03 with our best friend Jesus.
04:07 Come and worship here, Jesus will be near,
04:12 smiling when he sees us.
04:18 And Jesus does smile when we come and worship him.
04:21 Oh, Auntie Linda could you read
04:23 us a letter from Jesus?
04:25 Oh, I would love to. Kelly, you wanna come
04:27 and help me hold the Bible. Alright.
04:31 Oh, thank you Sylvia.
04:33 Okay you can come and sit next to Auntie Linda.
04:35 Can you say Psalms 23? Psalms 23.
04:41 Verse 1 Verse 1.
04:44 The lord is my shepherd. The lord is my shepherd.
04:51 Do you know little lamb got away from the shepherd
04:55 and he got caught in a picker bush and
04:57 he was gone, can you make that noise
05:05 and the good shepherd heard him and the good
05:08 shepherd went and he took him out of the
05:10 picker bush and held him real close like this
05:14 and then little lamb went...
05:17 Can you do that.
05:22 Don't you love the way Jesus takes care of us,
05:25 he is the good shepherd. He certainly is.
05:31 When Jesus comes back then we get to see him.
05:36 That's right. Well let's bow our heads
05:40 and close our eyes and we'll let Sylvia
05:45 say a short prayer, okay. Okay, let's bow our heads
05:48 and hold our hands. Okay, can you close your eyes?
05:53 The heavenly Father, thank you for this day.
05:57 Thank you for my mommy and my daddy
06:01 and this program. In Jesus name, Amen. Amen.
06:07 Well, I have to go back to the kitchen.
06:10 I got some things, I have to make
06:12 and we have something to do too.
06:14 It's time now boys and girls to go to the barn,
06:16 so come on let's go.
06:25 Grandpa Chuck, I am so excited that
06:27 we got here just in time today.
06:29 I know I was very sure you're gonna make it
06:32 and I wanted you to be here because Miss Jeanie
06:34 has got something special for us today.
06:36 Yes, I've been so excited to come here
06:38 and show you guys. These birds are called
06:41 Gouldian Finches? Gouldian Finches?
06:44 One is the boy and one is the girl.
06:47 Okay, I think not sure, but I think the one
06:51 with the read head is the boy.
06:54 The one with the black is the girl because
06:58 I borrowed them from a man that has them
07:00 because I wanted to learn more about the
07:03 beautiful and wonderful gifts that God gives us.
07:06 The birds are so beautiful.
07:07 You said the black head.
07:09 Yes, I think the one with the black head
07:11 is the girl because the man that had that owns
07:14 them told me that on their chest the brighter
07:18 colors are the boys and the not so bright colors
07:22 are the girls. And her chest is not as bright
07:26 as his purple, hers is kind of a more of a mild
07:29 lavender color, so I think that's a girl.
07:33 One that is going around?
07:34 I think this one among on top is a boy.
07:36 The one with th red head, I'm here,
07:38 see all those beautiful colors.
07:40 These guys came from Africa,
07:41 they fly around over there.
07:43 What colors do they see? That one has the big nails.
07:46 Yes they do. Where are they from Miss Jeanie.
07:48 They are from Africa. Africa.
07:51 Yes, that's a long way away from here.
07:53 I see blue on the tail, I see black on the tail,
07:54 I see green. I see yellow, I see blue, I see red.
07:59 And would they sing, they sing a little bit
08:01 they are not little loud birds.
08:03 They are pretty quite, they make some
08:04 chirping noises, but they don't sing real loud like
08:06 a canaria or anything would.
08:08 And if you guys see I don't know if everybody
08:11 can see, but on the tips of their beak they have
08:14 colors like he has some red on his and
08:16 she kind of has lavender isn't that neat.
08:19 Yeah, I saw.
08:21 Yeah, and sometimes, different times that
08:24 cover gets brighter and then sometimes it kind
08:27 of fades out. Right now, its kind of faded out,
08:29 its not real bright right now.
08:30 What do they eat?
08:31 They eat all kinds of stuff they eat bugs,
08:34 they eat seeds, they like little when seed
08:39 starts sprouted up, you know how they do
08:41 in the garden when the little, little seed
08:43 start turning into a plant. They like to eat
08:45 that and they like lettuce,
08:47 how many you guys like lettuce.
08:49 Oh, a lot. You can kneel down
08:51 if you want to see them better
08:52 and they like, they like, little spinach,
08:55 young spinach, who likes spinach.
08:57 I like spinach. I like spinach.
08:59 Yes, they like spinach too. I do. Yeah. I don't
09:02 You don't like spinach?
09:03 Some people don't these guys do.
09:05 These kind of birds like young spinach
09:08 if they are little leaves they like them,
09:09 if they are too big they can't eat them.
09:11 Do they lay eggs?
09:12 Yes, they lay eggs, they usually lay
09:15 four to nine eggs at a time and they,
09:19 they have to be very little I've never
09:20 seen one, but I'm sure they would have
09:22 to be very, very little because the birds
09:23 are so little. And then the mommy sits on them
09:26 and it takes 15 days for her sitting on them
09:30 and keeping them more and then little
09:32 baby birds hatch out of the eggs.
09:33 How big are the eggs?
09:35 I don't know they have to be very small
09:37 though because the birds are so small.
09:41 Because the birds are small. Right.
09:44 They are so beautiful. And they grow up very fast.
09:48 They have my favorite color red.
09:51 Red is your favorite color. Mine is black.
09:53 And yours is black.
09:54 And who makes their colors? God. That's right.
09:58 He is our Jesus. Yes. For us to enjoy.
10:01 Well you know I think these birdies
10:03 would like it if we would sing to him,
10:05 Delmas would you like to sing to them.
10:07 Let's sing a song. Let's sing to the birdies.
10:10 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:14 I like to go to the farm
10:15 where the ducks quack, quack,
10:18 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:22 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:28 Can you say good bye to the birdies.
10:30 Bye, bye birdies. Bye birdies. Bye birdies.
10:33 Well thank you Grandpa Chuck, thank you
10:35 Miss Jeanie. Alright Kids. Bye, bye. Bye birdies.
10:41 Come on kids, come on lets go. Auntie. Come on Noah.
10:50 Oh, we're so excited we are going
10:52 for a walk come and join us. Come on.
10:55 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:00 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:06 to see what God has given.
11:12 Are you hungry? Yes.
11:15 Let's see if Grandpa Chuck has picked any
11:18 apples yet. Apples.
11:20 Do you think he, oh there are some apples.
11:22 Oh, I love the apples. Oh, they look so good,
11:28 do you want to pick some. Oh, there are some
11:30 over here and oh! I found something.
11:34 What? Oh! Look what I found.
11:40 Is that a boon? This is from a deer.
11:44 We'll have to ask Miss Jeanie when we
11:47 see her sometime and see if it's
11:48 from a daddy deer or a mommy deer?
11:52 Look at there where is eyes. Can I eat them?
11:54 Yes you can. Can I eat apple?
11:56 Yes, have you ever seen a deer in the yard.
11:59 Can I eat apple? Oh, yes I did.
12:02 You did? I saw three deer's.
12:09 Can I eat it? Yes.
12:12 You know what one time I had a
12:14 pet deer and it came up to my house.
12:17 It has juice in it. That's right.
12:20 And you know what the deer did?
12:23 I give him some spaghetti and he ate
12:26 the spaghetti. Did you know deer's likes spaghetti?
12:29 No. Well my deer did and sometimes my deer
12:34 would just be in the yard and our dog
12:37 would go over and it would sit by our deer
12:40 and our deer liked our dog.
12:42 And they were friends. Do you have friends?
12:46 Noah and me are me friends.
12:48 Noah and you are friends.
12:50 Oh, Noah, we are twin brothers.
12:52 No, I have a brother. Him and him
12:54 and Daniel and daddy and mommy and
13:01 you are my best friend.
13:02 Well you know deer like to be together
13:05 that's why he probably liked my dog.
13:07 They like to run together and be together.
13:09 I don't like this one. I have a friend too,
13:11 do you know what my friends name is.
13:13 I don't like this one. You don't like that one.
13:16 Is that a little sour? Yeah.
13:18 I like sour ones. I will eat it,
13:21 you can have this one.
13:23 You can eat on that side. Oh, nice sharing.
13:25 Oh, that is nice sharing. Oh, that taste bitter.
13:28 But can you guess who my best friend is?
13:30 No. Who is my friend? Jesus. I mean Jesus.
13:35 Jesus. Yes, I love Miss Cinda too.
13:38 You know what boys and girls,
13:40 I am so glad that God made all the
13:44 wonderful things in nature and the deer
13:46 and I am glad that he made apples too.
13:56 It's story time boys and girls. Yes.
14:02 And I am excited because Jonathan brought
14:05 his mommy today. Welcome to story time.
14:07 Thank you. We have really good story today.
14:12 See little David. Yeah. Do you see him?
14:16 See David's sheep? Yeah.
14:18 Do you see the new little lamb in David's arms? Yes.
14:22 David shows love to his little lamb, he pats
14:26 his little lamb. Do you have a pet at home.
14:29 Yeah, I have one. I have a dog.
14:33 You have a dog,
14:34 do you take good care of your doggy.
14:35 Yes. I have two cats. You have two cats?
14:38 I have real cats. I have one cat.
14:40 You have one cat. Are you kind to your cats.
14:43 Yeah. I don't know I don't have a cat
14:44 You don't, But that's my brother's cat and he shares
14:47 I have a dog named Tina. Tina is your dog's name?
14:51 Mine is Nita. Nita?
14:54 My two cats are the old one but and I don't know
15:01 the others one name. We didn't name yet,
15:04 but I know the other ones name
15:07 yeah I already named it Felix.
15:09 Felix, okay. Well David loved his little
15:14 lambs and I'm sure he named his too.
15:16 I have named. Come sheep, can you call
15:18 David sheep? Say come sheep. Come sheep.
15:23 David calls the sheep see the sheep
15:26 coming to David. The sheep come to David
15:29 he shows love to them. Little David shows
15:33 love to his sheep he leads them by the pool
15:36 of water. That sheep drink water.
15:40 Can you drink water?
15:43 Just see the little sheep are licking
15:45 up the water. He is so happy.
15:48 I didn't know that he could drink water.
15:49 You didn't know it, well little lambs love water.
15:52 I drink water, I think.
15:55 Yes, David thanks Jesus, he says thank you God.
16:00 We drink water with cups.
16:03 You drink with cups, but the sheep they can
16:04 just get right down in the little river.
16:07 Little David shows love to his sheep,
16:10 he finds good grass.
16:12 You're mommy fixed. Does she fix you good food Noah?
16:15 Yes. Your mommy too Caleb. And me?
16:19 And Amanda too. And Sylvia your mummy
16:22 does too and I am sure Jonathan's mummy
16:24 fixes him good, good food right Jonathan.
16:28 The sheep eat the good grass they think
16:32 its yummy, can you pretend to eat grass.
16:36 Is it yummy? The sheep think so.
16:39 Little David plays his harp, the sheep
16:42 like to hear music. Look out David
16:46 a lion is coming, can you go roar.
16:52 The lion is hungry, shu lion, David chases
16:56 the lion. David shows love for his sheep
17:01 and he protects them. Look out David
17:03 a bear is coming can you go gurr.
17:09 Shu bear, can you say shu bear? Shu bear.
17:13 Little David chases the bear, David shows love
17:16 for the sheep. He keeps them safe.
17:20 Come sheep, can you call the sheeps,
17:21 say come sheep. Come sheep.
17:23 David calls them, the sheep follow him,
17:26 they love David. Yeah.
17:28 He helps them find grass and he shows
17:31 love for his sheep. We can show love too,
17:35 we can show love when we take care of our pets
17:37 and we can show love to others when we are
17:40 kind to them. You know Jesus is our good shepherd,
17:44 just like David was a good shepherd to his sheep.
17:46 Jesus loves us can we tell Jesus that we love him?
17:52 Say I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus.
17:57 And you know boys and girls Jesus loves you too.
18:08 Yeah cooking. We are in the kitchen with Miss Cinda
18:13 and we are going to have fun today.
18:16 We are you know why, Grandpa Chuck brought me
18:21 something from the garden can you
18:23 girls and boys tell me
18:25 what did Grandpa Chuck bring me?
18:27 Green beans. Well not exactly, what?
18:36 Peas. That's it. That's right.
18:38 He brought me peas and do you know what
18:41 we are gonna do with it Olivia. I am gonna show
18:44 you how to get the little peas out, okay.
18:49 So here is what you do and boys and girls
18:51 if your mommies or daddy's have a garden
18:53 you can help them just like they are helping
18:56 Miss Cinda. Okay you take a little tip like this,
19:00 let's get everybody some. You wanna give
19:02 Olivia and Noah you want to get some in your bowl.
19:04 Put them in your bowl. Now you're doing good.
19:07 Do you wanna put, well you know what let's
19:09 put the peas in your bowl and put some of these on.
19:14 Oh, I love garden fresh peas.
19:17 Do you boys and girls. Good job.
19:19 Okay, what you'll do, I'll start with another
19:21 one so you can see this one.
19:22 You'll take the tip like this, I think I know,
19:25 and then you'll snap it down, see like this.
19:29 I snapped the top and then you'll pull
19:31 the string and then let's open it.
19:34 I stringed it. See if I can open it up this way,
19:39 so you can see and look what's inside,
19:42 boys and girls. Look. Pea.
19:46 That's peas and then you'll take your peas and dump
19:50 them in your bowl like that and then
19:53 we'll put this, all that you,
19:56 the outside of it let's put on the side, okay.
20:00 How are you doing Tyler? I am very good.
20:02 You are very good.
20:03 How are you doing Nayah, breaking them.
20:06 Oh good, but you know what if you pull
20:09 the string like Miss Cinda showed you see look,
20:12 pull the string all the way down and then
20:15 you can go like this and open it up
20:17 and then you can get them all out at the same time.
20:20 Do you know, Tina who made the peas for us?
20:24 Who made the peas for us Olivia? God.
20:28 Did Jesus make the peas? Because he loves us.
20:31 And look at you know what I love.
20:36 How many have a garden? Who has a garden?
20:38 My momma. Your momma has a garden?
20:42 What did she grow in her garden?
20:43 She grow tomatoes? Do you like tomatoes?
20:48 Not very much so. No, not very much,
20:51 does she grow something you like? Yeah.
20:54 What does she grow that you like. Cake.
20:57 She grows cake. She grows carrots
21:02 and then she makes carrot cake.
21:04 Is that what she does? Do you have a garden?
21:07 Yeah, no? I mean yes.
21:08 What do you grow in your garden?
21:12 Tomatoes, you do. I grow flowers in mine.
21:16 I got flowers too.
21:19 You do. I love flower gardens too.
21:22 They are beautiful.
21:23 Yeah, in the garden big, big flowers.
21:28 Oh! What color is it? Yellow.
21:31 Boys and girls do you have a garden?
21:34 And I have pink flowers.
21:35 And if you don't you can have your
21:36 mommies and daddy's help you make
21:38 a garden and you could make them
21:40 like in a little bucket or something.
21:42 And that would really fun. I got mine.
21:46 You do. You got yours.
21:47 You know what Miss Cinda is gonna
21:49 cook these peas. Who likes to eat peas?
21:52 Me, I do. Oh, I love peas.
21:54 Tyler loves peas, Olivia do you like peas?
21:57 No, not very much.
22:01 Why don't you put that one Tyler?
22:03 Olivia said not very much.
22:05 Oh you don't, have you eaten like this?
22:07 There is some more.
22:08 I like to eat them like this, try it.
22:10 Green Beans yeah, but you can eat these
22:12 like that too try it see if you like it. Is it good?
22:17 Yeah. How is yours? Very tasty.
22:23 Do you want, you taste one. Oh, thank you.
22:26 Ok you taste one. Is that good and Jesus put
22:30 lots of good vitamins in here for us.
22:33 Do you know why Jesus did that?
22:35 Because Jesus loves us.
22:36 And you know peas you can eat raw
22:40 like this or you can eat them cooked.
22:42 Here is some more.
22:44 Well boys and girls I hope that you get to
22:46 help your mommies and daddies with things
22:48 in the garden too. But always remember
22:51 what does Miss Cinda say cooking is fun.
23:01 Yeah. Sing Time.
23:05 And that means it's worship time and
23:07 I love worship time. I love worship too.
23:12 Do you remember, where our memory verse is found.
23:14 Psalms 23: 1 That's right.
23:18 The Lord is our shepherd. The Lord is my shepherd.
23:24 That's right. That's why I said.
23:25 Very good. Can you say that phrase.
23:27 The Lord is my Shepard. That's good. That's right.
23:31 well you know boys and girls you maybe wondering
23:33 who is Jesus, but we are going to...
23:36 Our shepherd. He is our shepherd,
23:37 we're gonna sing a song that's
23:39 gonna help you know who is Jesus.
23:43 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus.
23:47 He is our shepherd. He is our shepherd.
23:50 He gave his life to save us.
23:53 He gave his life to save us.
23:55 Worship him, worship him.
24:00 Now David was a little boy in the Bible
24:03 who loved Jesus so much and he took care
24:06 of his sheep just like Jesus takes care of us
24:10 and that's why we call him our shepherd
24:11 and we're gonna sing a song about David.
24:16 Only a boy named David Only a little sling
24:22 Only a boy named David But he could pray and sing
24:28 Only a boy named David Only a rippling brook
24:34 Only a boy named David
24:37 But five little stones he took.
24:40 And one little stone went in the sling
24:44 And the sling went round and round
24:47 And one little stone went in the sling
24:50 And the sling went round and round
24:53 And round and round And round and round
24:56 And round and round and round
24:58 And one little stone went up in the air
25:01 And the giant came tumbling down.
25:10 That one was a fun one wasn't it?
25:13 Let's sing a song now about a little sheep.
25:16 Can you make sheep like this boys and girls.
25:18 Okay. I know this one.
25:20 And we're gonna sing, I just wanna be
25:21 a sheep baa, baa, baa.
25:22 I know this one. Because Jesus
25:23 is the shepherd and he takes care of
25:25 all the little sheep I know this one. Good.
25:28 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa
25:33 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa
25:36 I pray the Lord my soul to keep
25:41 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa.
25:45 Sing it with us again okay. Jonathan likes this song.
25:49 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa
25:54 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa
25:58 I pray the Lord my soul to keep
26:02 I just wanna be a sheep Baa, baa, baa, baa.
26:06 Oh, I just love that song. He likes that.
26:10 He likes that song, let's sing Jesus,
26:13 yes Jesus loves me. Okay.
26:15 I know this one.
26:17 Yes, Jesus loves me.
26:21 Yes, Jesus loves me and you and you.
26:25 Yes, Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so.
26:35 And Jesus does love us a lot doesn't he.
26:38 Let's sing it one more time okay and
26:40 let's really sing it out.
26:41 You sing with us boys and girls.
26:43 Yes, Jesus loves me. Yes, Jesus loves me.
26:51 Yes, Jesus loves me the Bible tells me so.
27:01 Well let's bow our heads and close our eyes
27:04 and fold our hands and Noah
27:06 would you have a prayer for us?
27:09 Dear Jesus, thank your for this day.
27:12 Thank you for the people on the whole world
27:15 And thank you for the kids in the whole world
27:19 And thank you for the toys in Jesus name Amen.
27:21 Amen. Amen.
27:24 Jesus loves to hear us pray doesn't he.
27:26 Jesus likes it when we thank him for things.
27:31 That's Mr. Rooster and that's all
27:33 the time we have for today.
27:34 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:41 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:48 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:56 Goodbye. Goodbye, Goodbye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:07 where God hears our voice,
28:09 we live for him around the world,
28:12 we spread love and joy,
28:14 like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:17 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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