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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:08 hears our voice, we live here and around the world
00:13 we spend love and joy like how He start the rainbow
00:18 like shining bright like a rainbow,
00:20 we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:28 Hi Boys and Girls. We're so glad you're here,
00:32 but there is someone else who's really glad
00:34 that you're here and that is Jesus.
00:40 You made Jesus happy just because you came,
00:44 Jesus loves the children everyone the same,
00:50 Welcome, welcome you're welcome.
00:53 Jesus knows yours name, you made Jesus happy
00:58 just because you came.
01:02 Oh, I can hardly wait to get started.
01:04 Oh, Eleanor wants to go out. Noah go ahead and help
01:07 and let Eleanor play and let's get the mail.
01:10 I want to do it. Alright, Sylvia. I want to get the
01:15 key. You want to get the key! Well, we're gonna have
01:17 fun today, aren't we? Oh, we are getting a phone call.
01:23 Oh, you back again Auntie Linda. Oh! Hi, Ms. Cinda.
01:26 You want to show Kelly, Billy Boy, okay. Hello,
01:31 this is Auntie Lind. Hi, Auntie Linda this is Caleb.
01:36 Hi, Caleb! How is Jesus really to you?
01:40 He goes with me wherever I go. That's right.
01:44 He is with us wherever we go. I love Jesus.
01:49 I love Jesus because he loved me for. Jesus does love us
01:54 very much. Well, I have to go now. I'll see you a little
01:57 bit later, okay Caleb. See you later bye, bye.
02:02 He is so sweet. Oh, Ms. Cinda I am glad you needed
02:06 in time. Look. Oh, hi Billy Boy. I want to hold him.
02:11 Come and say hi to Auntie Linda. You want to hold down?
02:14 Yes. Yeah. Well, I don't know. Do you want to hold
02:16 Billy Boy? Hold your arm out, hold your arm out.
02:20 You want to go on her Billy Boy. He is fair, how.
02:23 Oh, Billy Boy. You hold your arm up that.
02:25 You can pat his tummy. He is fair, he is fair.
02:28 Just go like this. Fair. Oh, she wants to pat his back.
02:31 Well, I'll tell you what? Why don't you take
02:33 Ms. Cinda and you all sit in a couch and I'll get
02:36 Mr. Wiggles. Oh, let's go, we get to see Mr. Wiggles,
02:39 kids come on. Sit down. Yes, I can't Billy Boy.
02:43 You've got to get back in your cage, oh let's go sit down,
02:44 you can ring the bell later, and we'll get Mr. Wiggles.
02:47 Oh, I love, okay, we love Mr. Wiggles, don't we?
02:54 Oh, Mr. Wiggles! You look happy today.
02:58 Yes, oh Mr. Wiggles is happy today. Mr. Wiggles
03:06 isn't he cute? Hello Mr. Wiggles. You see Mr. Wiggles.
03:11 He is saying hi to you Noah. Kelly, do you wanna hold
03:15 Mr. Wiggles? Okay, just let him sit right there.
03:18 Okay, Billy Boy we're ready you can ring worship bell.
03:27 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet,
03:32 with our best friend Jesus, come and worship here,
03:39 Jesus will be near, Smiling when he sees us.
03:48 And he is smiling because he always smiles when
03:51 we read his letters. Oh, I love to read the Bible.
03:55 Oh, lets see what we have today. Kelly,
03:57 can you see say Jeremiah 10: 10? Jeremiah 10:10
04:04 That's very good, but the Lord is the true God.
04:08 But, the lord is the true God! And he is the true God,
04:13 boys and girls. He will always hear us when we pray
04:17 to him, and he is building a home for us in heaven.
04:20 That's right. We are gonna have home in heaven. That's
04:24 right. All of us are going to have homes in heaven.
04:29 Isn't that going to be wonderful Boys and Girls? I
04:32 love Jesus. Me too. Oh, I do too. Oh, that reminds me.
04:36 I have some mail and often times Boys and Girls
04:40 write me and tell me they love Jesus.
04:42 Oh, how nice. Oh. Yes, this is Zechariah Bauman,
04:48 and he says he loves Jesus. Let's show the
04:52 boys and girls Sylvia. Oh, he is cute. Oh! He is. You
04:58 know boys and girls, let's thank Jesus for loving us.
05:01 Can you fold your hands? Fold your hands!
05:03 Close your eyes and let's talk to Jesus.
05:07 Dear Jesus thank you for loving us. We love you too,
05:10 amen. Amen. Well I need to get back to work.
05:16 Well, we have to go too. Boys and Girls,
05:18 it's time to go to Barn. Come on let's go.
05:28 Hi, Auntie Linda. Hi kids. I'm so glad you came
05:33 to see me today, what do you have, look what I have.
05:36 Two of you sit by me, what do you have?
05:37 And I'll hold one of these and I'll give the other one
05:41 to Auntie Linda. Oh, let me have Caleb sit down right
05:43 here. Okay. Oh, I've never held a Turkey Grandpa Chuck.
05:48 Aren't they cute? Oh! Aren't they just cute?
05:53 Can you pat him? And look at their color!
05:54 What color are they? All kinds! All kinds. White and
05:59 black. What do you see? White and black.
06:00 You see black and white. You see a little grey.
06:03 Do you see the grey? You can touch that, right there.
06:06 Just pat him, Caleb. They have very soft legs and see
06:08 how soft that is. He likes me too. Isn't that soft?
06:11 Yes, he does. And you know what? You know how
06:13 they get out of their eggs? How they help themselves
06:16 hatched? They cry. They cry. They
06:18 have a special little egg beak when they are tiny
06:23 and that's what they crack the egg open with so that,
06:27 I see, they hatch and then he goes away after
06:30 they start to grow up. He goes away.
06:34 I want to hold it. Oh! Wow, Can I hold it? Wow!
06:39 And you see how it's kind a like we call camouflaged,
06:44 there are little spots on there. Come here.
06:45 Noah come and look at this one. When they are little,
06:48 look he is squeaking, they are marked that way
06:52 so they can hide in the grass. Grandpa Chuck
06:54 is this falling asleep? It could be. Oh, no.
06:59 It's not sleeping. They do take nap so.
07:03 Do they? Yes! Do you kids take naps?
07:06 No, but you can pat that. Yes, I do.
07:08 Can I hold it. Do you take naps? Can I hold it?
07:10 No Auntie Linda will hold it, but you can pat it. Oh!
07:15 She likes. Isn't that cute? Yes, cute. It looks me too.
07:19 What do they eat Grandpa Chuck? They eat grains
07:24 and they eat what's called mash. This is about to sleep.
07:27 and they eat what's called Somewhat like chickens.
07:28 mash. This is about to sleep. Oh, is that corn and stuff.
07:31 No, it's sleeping already. Yes, all mixed. Oh wow!
07:35 Grandpa Chuck, do you have a special place you keep
07:38 these little Turkeys or do they just run around wild?
07:41 Well, these we keep in the brooder and it is a warm light
07:46 that just keeps at the right temperature for them
07:49 and they are saved in there. Oh, if they are in the wild,
07:52 they hide and their mommies take care of them.
07:57 They really don't need their mommies to feed,
08:00 but they mommies stay around and take care of them.
08:04 Oh! He is tiny. I love the way Jesus made
08:07 these little ones. He is tired. He might be tired?
08:12 That's right Noah they like to take naps in the day time
08:16 just like we do. I like naps too Grandpa Chuck.
08:21 Me too. Me too. And it looks like mine is trying to take
08:25 a nap too. I took a nap on the way.
08:28 Did you name out? What did you say Jasmine?
08:30 I took a nap on the way. You took a nap! Well,
08:33 this one sleeping? Oh! What did you named
08:36 him Grandpa Chuck? I haven't named them.
08:39 What shall we name this one? I want to name that one,
08:44 I think we should, we should make them named,
08:46 princess. Princess! We will name this one princess!
08:48 Princess! Okay, boys you name this one.
08:50 This is the King. King, yes. I want to name him, he. Oh,
08:54 he likes me. He likes me. So, what is his name now?
09:00 King! This is King. Okay. Oh, come and sit down
09:04 beside me Noah. Princess and King! Oh, wow.
09:07 Oh, what we got? Well, we have king and princess.
09:09 Do you think king and princess would like us
09:11 to sing to them? I am sure they would.
09:17 I like to go to the farm where the cow moo, moo
09:21 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack
09:25 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
09:29 I like to go to the farm and lord of Jesus.
09:37 Can you tell king good bye? Bye king. Bye king.
09:40 Bye princess. Bye princess. Here we go.
09:44 Thank you Grandpa Chuck. Bye princess.
09:45 Thanks kids. Bye, Grandpa Chuck. Oh! Bye, bye.
09:48 Are you okay Jasmine? Okay,
09:50 come on Ashley. Bye, bye thank you.
10:02 We're going for a walk today boys and girls.
10:04 Come and sing our song with us.
10:10 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today?
10:19 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today to see what
10:24 God has given? I wonder what we'll see today.
10:31 Hi! Hi, guys! Come on. Oh! What do you have Miss Jeanie?
10:38 I have a little surprise. I want to have.
10:42 I want to have. Okay, if you guys will all sit down.
10:44 Okay, we will and oops, alright. Okay.
10:48 Come back over by me Noah. Good one. Good job.
10:52 I want the brown. I want the brown. Okay, now here.
10:53 Turn this way. Okay, just wait a minute,
10:55 which one do you want one Kelly. I want to I'm red
10:59 and brown well you can hold the yellow one.
11:01 Oh, Lady is digging for something. Come here Lady.
11:06 Yeah, can you see him? The Caterpillar are wooly
11:09 worms. Do they tickle when they walk on you? Yes.
11:15 Yes, they are soft aren't they? Can we hold up just
11:19 a little bit so that Boys and Girls out there can see it?
11:23 You see that won't you. We how is he yeah right
11:25 and what else yes he strike done as back what do
11:28 I see yeah what does he feel like Noah?
11:32 He fell like okay take me away alright take away yeah
11:36 ladies lost some heirs didn't she.
11:40 Here you go want to hold it maybe,
11:41 maybe this can be do you want to hard one Tierra
11:44 she does moving by auntie Linda and you can Sylvia
11:47 and you can would you like to hold this one it could
11:49 okay this is Sylvia turn okay turn it I want the brown
11:52 so the Boys and Girls out I want brown turn it round
11:54 he take goals he take goals what.
11:58 What color is that one brown right he is very furry
12:03 isn't he who made them God, God, God made them
12:07 that's right. Is he going to stay a Caterpillar all his
12:10 life? I think he will probably turn into a cocoon
12:13 and then into a Butterfly that's right, one of the
12:17 thing it could be do you know what else he might be.
12:18 I fell who did like we yeah just a minute do you
12:21 know what else it might be. A Caterpillar might
12:23 turn into a Butterfly or what else. That's right,
12:28 a mark turn towards the yellow one me they are turning
12:32 from a pretty warm to a beautiful butterfly
12:36 is that wonderful how Jesus does there.
12:42 See if you crawl right on to Caleb's hands well
12:45 he crawl he could what colors is Noah's he king has a
12:51 different color knows doesn't he.
12:53 What colors he knows? What color is that.
12:57 It's clean to brownish yeah it is Reddis Color.
13:02 Yeah Hold of milk I am so glad that God made so many
13:07 wonderful things for us Boys and Girls.
13:09 Aren't use Sylvia I'm glad God made the brown
13:13 Caterpillar s and the yellow Caterpillars
13:16 and all the Caterpillars for us to enjoy.
13:19 I'm looking forward to when we get to have to playing
13:21 with them oh yes. There the
13:22 beautiful butterfllies everywhere.
13:32 It's story time Boys and Girls yeah. And I'm excited
13:38 because we have Jonathan today and he brought us
13:41 daddy with them. Welcome and we have Sylvia
13:45 and Noah and our story today is about Stevie.
13:50 Stevie was a excited he love going to grandma
13:53 and grandpa's house. His mom and dad were going away
13:55 for the weekend so Stevie and grandpa would
13:58 have the whole farm to themselves grandpa
14:01 let's Stevie feed the chickens and the lambs
14:03 and ride on the tractor on Sabbath grandma and
14:08 grandpa tool him to their tiny little church.
14:10 There was only one other little boy about Stevie
14:12 age and his name was Jason the best part
14:16 was the little old Lady who always had trees highly
14:19 in a big black purse for any boy who can answer
14:23 of Bible question. For Sunday lunch grandma
14:27 let's Stevie make ice cream the old fashion way with
14:30 their ancient ice cream maker they made it with lots
14:34 of ice and cream from the farm cows and fruit
14:37 from the freezer. Grandpa had a nap on Sunday
14:40 afternoon. I guess this side of heaven
14:42 I'm still going to need my beauty sleep, Stevie said.
14:45 Before he settled down, Stevie like the way
14:49 the sun shown and grandpa shining old bald head
14:53 and sparkled in his silvery whiskers.
14:56 Stevie let him rest and he went to garden
14:59 to see Grandma Sylvia Stevie found Caterpillar
15:04 and grandmas' garden creeping about eating leaves
15:09 and grandma showed him a Caterpillar
15:11 turning into a Chrysalis raping itself up and
15:14 sticky thread then they found another Chrysalis
15:18 all finished hanging on a sourly leaf.
15:22 Grandma pour it out, out of the jar and put the
15:24 chrysalis in it and some leafs so Stevie could take
15:27 the chrysalis home. The Chrysalis will turn into a
15:30 butterfly in a few days grandma palmist.
15:34 Stevie try to understand how a Caterpillar a Chrysalis
15:39 in a butterfly where the same creature.
15:42 How could they be the same when they were so different.
15:46 The Chrysalis look like dried up old leaf,
15:50 Stevie felt sure it was dead, but he didn't wanted
15:53 disappoint grandma by telling her so.
15:56 When his mother and dad came to catch him,
15:59 Stevie was tired but he was happy.
16:00 Next time I'll take you swimming in the River,
16:03 Grandpa yield does they to over way.
16:06 Stevie was tired, he was holding his jar
16:09 with the Chrysalis inside and dreaming of riding
16:12 on the tractor. Look at he is watching it.
16:15 Oh, he is waving back. No, he haven't,
16:18 but two days later Stevie watched with his mom
16:20 as the Chrysalis begin to wiggle and split.
16:24 They took the sour leaves out of the jar and set them
16:27 on the garden. Then they said watch for a long time
16:31 while that ugly little brown package opened up
16:34 and a butterfly wiggled then squirm and pulled out
16:39 it swings is crumpled wings then the butterfly
16:43 sets do for a long time on the leaves until its wings
16:47 were dry and it could open up. Wow, look at it,
16:51 and then Stevie saw all the pretty colors
16:54 in the wings he watched as the butterfly spread out
16:57 the wings are wide and it flew into the sky for the first
17:01 time. Stevie thought it was a watching on miracle
17:05 he imagine how much fun it would be if he could be
17:07 a butterfly. Much more fun and creeping around
17:10 like a Caterpillar and eating sour. It's really big,
17:15 I love soury I ate that you do the Stevie set the dried
17:21 up Chrysalis can it was ugly but it was kind of
17:24 interesting and he put it in stretcher box
17:26 with this old bread nest or some of other things
17:29 that he had. A couple of weeks later Stevie's dad
17:32 got a phone call and when he put down in the phone
17:35 his dad was crying real tears he cried and cried
17:39 and he had never seems daddy cry after a while
17:42 his daddy pulled him on the lap and he put his arm
17:44 along mommy and they all were gave each other big hug
17:48 and then by that daddy told them what had happened.
17:51 Grandma had grandpa had been driving the tractor out
17:55 in the farm when he had heart attack and having
17:58 a heart attack means of heart get sick and it just
18:00 as a well properly anymore. Sometimes some people
18:04 of a heart attack and they die. Grandpa died right up
18:07 there in the farm and grandma missed him when he
18:10 didn't come for supper she went to look for him.
18:12 Now Stevie cried and cried he miss Grandpa they had
18:16 lots of fun together, he would miss him so much grandpa
18:20 had promise to take him swimming to river next time
18:23 he visited and now we couldn't do that.
18:25 Grandpa said he would teach him to drive the tractor
18:27 when he was bigger and now we couldn't do that either.
18:30 Most of all Stevie would miss grandpa just because
18:33 he was friendly and hugged and just a happy grandpa.
18:37 Stevie knew he would miss so much.
18:41 That night is he gotten to bed Stevie asked his mom
18:44 what it was like to die and mom thought for a long
18:47 while and then she said well Stevie death is typical
18:50 to understand and talked about but
18:53 it's like this on the earth we're like the Caterpillars
18:56 you found we can do lot do things but not all the excited
18:59 thing wants us to do and since sin came to the world
19:03 our bodies here they don't last very long.
19:06 He is going to bed she is going to bed everything
19:09 it's ill and warn out and eventually dies and it
19:11 said when people die but for the people who love Jesus
19:15 like your Grandpa dyeing as at the end of the story.
19:18 Next week we'll go to Grandpa's funeral and grandpa
19:21 will be buried in the ground I suppose that the build
19:24 like the Caterpillar turns into Chrysalis.
19:26 The Caterpillar sleeps and he doesn't know
19:28 what's happening. Yes, death just like you going sleep,
19:33 but one day what is gonna to happen a Jesus
19:37 going to give him a back life and he is gonna to come
19:43 in the clouds of heaven and he is gonna to take
19:46 all of people just like the Chrysalis and then were
19:50 gonna to come out and they'll be a life again.
19:53 And we will be beautiful and strong and be able
19:56 to fly and we'll go up in the air to meet Jesus
19:58 and we'll be able to go home with him.
20:01 The Caterpillar in the Chrysalis had to wait a long
20:03 while before would change into a butterfly we
20:06 don't know how long it will be tell Jesus comes back but
20:09 we know we will and then grandpa will be strong
20:12 and he'll probably get always here back and then
20:15 he'll be able to take you swimming in heaven.
20:18 Oh Stevie was so excited he said I can't wait
20:23 till Jesus comes to take us home and you know
20:26 Boys and Girls Jesus is going to someday soon and he
20:31 is going to take us home and no one will ever die
20:33 in heaven, but we'll be able to be there for ever
20:36 with Jesus. I love Jesus don't you love Jesus
20:40 yes we do can you just say I love you Jesus
20:43 I love you Jesus. And you know Boys and Girls
20:47 Jesus loves you too.
20:57 We're having fun today in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda
21:00 yeah. Who likes the apples I yeah.
21:07 Hey you like apples boys and girls. yeah well I like
21:10 apples. Well today we're gonna to make an apple salad
21:14 I want to do it. You want to do it.
21:16 Well I will let you Neiah I will let you.
21:20 Okay Sylvia put a little oh let's, let's Sylvia go
21:22 first Sylvia put a little lettuce on plate good girl.
21:28 Well okay you want little more yeah I love salad
21:33 do you like salad? No you don't good I do okay
21:36 let's let Neiah do it I can do it by myself.
21:40 You sure may me too all my you like salad don't you okay
21:46 now let's Noah to have a turn put some on your plate
21:49 Noah looks like Salad do you like Salad.
21:51 Noah oh do you got home made okay put some
21:55 apples on your plate Sylvia all the good things
21:58 in your recipe eat Neiah put some add little bit of apple
21:59 on your plate. Okay then, then good okay
22:03 auntie Linda can you have Daniel and Tyler
22:06 I wish he say yes Tyler who made of the good
22:08 things for us to eat. It has oh it is really need his
22:13 grandma how can we. Auntie Linda okay mom and
22:16 dad Jesus made all the good things for us to eat.
22:20 Okay boys and girls we're doesn't miss and glad
22:23 Kelly is there yes you put the apples on top of your
22:26 lettuce and put the apples on top just put as much
22:29 as you want to eat you know what Sylvia is first
22:32 we've got some of the corns there Ms. Cinda toasted
22:35 wow well you want put some Pecans on first.
22:38 Okay let's first take some Pecans okay we did out sweaty
22:41 and let's break the pecans in half see,
22:43 it's work right them and half and put on your salad.
22:46 You want some good job Noah. Ms. Cinda look how
22:48 much Tyler has, oh Tyler I think he is Hebrew,
22:51 don't you boys and girls. Okay, Tyler you want
22:55 put some apples on yours and Daniel you want
22:57 to put some apples on yours. I need this and then
23:01 did you break some Pecans okay Tyler and then put
23:07 some Pecans on yours Tyler. I I'm done,
23:08 your done and then you can take a little poppies seat
23:09 dressing and drizzle little over the top And then you
23:11 could start eating it. You almost ready to eat it okay,
23:16 Ms. Cinda, you want to eat yours and we'll let,
23:19 Sylvia you have some addressee. Ms. Cinda,
23:20 Neiah told us that she her momma cooks she
23:24 helps her momma cook. You help your mommy cook
23:27 what do you I many cook. You make Pancakes what
23:31 else do you make. Alright, I am done Oh you are all
23:35 done would you like to eat it. Oh this looks so good
23:38 doesn't it. Done, okay you may eat it now.
23:41 Let's set Jessie oh here Neiah use your use this
23:43 for it there you go. Doesn't look so good boys and girls
23:47 oh we'll having so much fun in the kitchen.
23:52 Oh is that great, Was there ready dressing set enough.
23:54 Boys and girls we too remember when your mommies
23:56 and daddies in the kitchen go help
23:58 because cooking is fun. Yeah
24:07 sing time, I love worship time boys and girls
24:13 I love worship too. Me too I do too.
24:17 Okay do you where I mean verses found I know
24:21 Jeremiah 10:10 that's right. Jeremiah 10:10 right
24:27 Sylvia Jeremiah 10:10 yes Noah.
24:29 But the Lord is the true God, but the Lord is the
24:33 true God. And you know Jesus is real.
24:38 He is really real and he will be right with us
24:41 and boys and girls if you don't know who Jesus
24:43 is I know we're singing a song that will you know
24:47 who Jesus is. Who is Jesus, who is Jesus?
24:54 He is real, he is real. He gave us life to save us,
24:59 He gave us life to save us. Worship him, worship him.
25:06 Well that's not the way honey do.
25:07 Oh now but we can fold your hands when
25:10 we worship can't we. There is different ways to fold
25:12 your hands you can fold your hands like this
25:15 boys and girls or like this. That's true yes.
25:18 Well Ms. Cinda that our song is about our great
25:21 big God and I know so would you teach it to us.
25:25 Okay, can get ready now, now kids when we say
25:29 great we're gonna to do our God is so great
25:32 then you can jump up and auntie Linda will jump up
25:35 too okay. Our God is so great so strong and so
25:42 mighty there is nothing our God cannot do for you
25:48 take and jump up. My God is so great so strong
25:53 and so mighty. There is nothing our God
25:57 cannot do for you. The mountains are his the rivers
26:05 are his the stars are his and he were too.
26:11 Get ready my God is great so strong and so mighty
26:17 there is nothing my God cannot do for you.
26:23 Now I love that song I too. I want to sing it again,
26:28 alright one more time. Okay get ready.
26:32 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty.
26:38 There is nothing my God cannot do for you.
26:42 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty.
26:48 There is nothing my God cannot do for you.
26:54 The mountains are his the river are his the stars
27:00 are his and they were too. Get ready,
27:05 my God is so great, so strong and so mighty.
27:09 There is nothing my God cannot do for you.
27:16 Well boys and girls he is right and that's why we
27:18 can talk to him so let's fold our hands and close
27:21 our eyes and auntie Linda will pray.
27:23 Dear Jesus you are so great and we love you amen,
27:28 amen. That's Mr. rooster that's all the time we have
27:32 for today boys and girls. I time to together is over
27:46 so we'll have to go good bye, good bye remember
27:47 God loves you. Good bye, good bye
27:52 remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:07 hears our voice, we live here and around the world
28:12 we spend love and joy like how He start the rainbow
28:16 like shining bright like a rainbow,
28:19 we are Tiny Tots around the world
28:22 where God hears our voice.


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