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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:08 where God hears our voice,
00:10 we live here and around the world
00:13 we spread love and joy
00:15 like how He start the rainbow
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow,
00:21 we are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice
00:29 That makes Jesus so happy when we are kind to our pets
00:33 and I know Eleanor likes that.
00:35 Oh! Look the boys and girls are here. Oh! Hi.
00:40 We are glad you are here, but so is Jesus.
00:47 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
00:52 Jesus loves the children everyone the same.
00:57 Welcome, welcome you are welcome
01:00 Jesus knows your name.
01:03 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:10 Well, let's get started we have a lot of fun things.
01:13 Kayla can you unhook Eleanor and let it go play.
01:16 What about this, what about this.
01:17 Oh! You can just leave it on the porch.
01:18 Come on let's get our mail and go in. I will do it.
01:21 Oh! We are gonna have fun today.
01:23 Okay, you can. We will take turn.
01:26 I got the bigger key. Oh! What a happy day.
01:31 Noah, you can put Aunty Linda's mail by the phone.
01:35 And we are going to say, hello to belly boy.
01:38 Hi belly. Hi belly. Hi, belly boy.
01:41 Come on you can come out of your cage and say,
01:43 hi, oh! look at belly boy. He is, he is so happy today.
01:49 Yes. I hear joy for good. Hi! Hi!
01:53 Yes. Someone's at the door. Thank you Noah.
01:57 It's Miss Brenda from Kids Time.
02:00 It's Miss Brenda, yeah. Noah, how are you?
02:04 Look, I haven't met him till today Aunty Linda? Oh!
02:06 I have Kalie. Her mom asked me if I would
02:09 bring her by today, so she could see your bird and I,
02:12 what is the bird's name? Belly boy.
02:14 Belly boy. How beautiful. Belly boy is beautiful
02:17 and you know we have something else
02:19 to show you today Miss Brenda. You do.
02:21 Can you go show Miss Brenda, where to sit
02:22 and I'll show her Mr. Wiggles.
02:24 Miss Brenda sit down, sit here right here.
02:28 What is on. Do you know the name of this
02:30 what we are gonna see? What's the name?
02:32 Mr. Wiggles. Wiggle. Who is Mr. Wiggles?
02:35 Is Mr. Wiggles real Wiggly? No.
02:38 No. And is Mr. Wiggles really tall? No.
02:43 No, I can't imagine. He is in garden.
02:46 Oh! Mr. Wiggle is a bunny. You see Mr. Wiggles.
02:51 Oh! How beautiful. Sylvia would you run
02:54 and get Miss Cinda, she loves it
02:56 when I get Mr. Wiggles out.
02:57 Oh! There he go, so cute.
03:02 Oh! Sylvia thanks for getting me.
03:06 Miss Cinda, hi, Hi, Miss Brenda
03:07 Sylvia thanks for getting me.
03:09 Oh! Come sit here Sylvia. Hello. Oh!
03:12 Oh! Look how you cute Mr. Wiggles Belly boy,
03:15 you can ring our bell now.
03:17 It's time to sing our worship song.
03:19 I love the worship song.
03:21 You can sing too boys and girls.
03:22 Worship bell so sweet, calling us to meet,
03:27 with our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here,
03:34 Jesus will be near, smiling when he sees us.
03:43 Now, it's the time Miss Brenda
03:45 when we see what Jesus has for us.
03:46 He sends us a special letter everyday.
03:49 Yes, he does. And today it's found in Nehemiah 8:10.
03:54 Can you say Nehemiah, Nehemiah 8:10.
03:58 That's right. Very good. It says the joy of the Lord.
04:02 The joy of the Lord.
04:04 Is yours dream Is yours dream
04:08 Miss Brenda what do you think of when you think of joy.
04:11 Well, what I think of joy is when kids write to me
04:14 and tell me how they share Jesus and when they write
04:17 and tell me how they share Jesus
04:19 it fills my heart with lots of joy.
04:23 Well that reminds me we have some letters.
04:26 You do. Yes.
04:28 Here's one to Aunty Linda.
04:29 Let's see. Who is writing to us?
04:34 Oh! You've have a picture.
04:37 Yes, can you hold that Sylvia. Yeah.
04:40 And we will see who it is? Here we go.
04:43 And we have a letter in as. Dear Aunty Linda,
04:48 my name is Ovan Dedes. I am three. I like alligators
04:55 and in the summer I went an alligator farm
04:57 and I fed the alligator some dog food. Wow!
05:01 I rode on a swap boat and saw an alligator's nest
05:04 and my daddy says that the alligator is one of
05:07 God's most favorite animals.
05:09 I love Jesus. Oh! I love Jesus too.
05:14 We love Jesus. Don't we boys? Yes. Yes.
05:18 Sylvia would you have a little prayer for us
05:20 thanking Jesus for loving us? Yeah.
05:23 "Our heavenly father thank you for this day
05:27 and thank you for coming with us in Jesus name, Amen"
05:31 Amen. Thank you Sylvia.
05:35 I probably better be going now.
05:37 I have lots of letters, I need to start reading too.
05:39 And I need to go to the kitchen.
05:42 And boys and girls it's time for us to go the barn
05:45 and see grandpa Chuck. Come on let's go.
05:54 Grandpa Chuck, grandpa Chuck.
05:56 Oh! Hi.
05:58 Miss Cinda sent these charts what are they for.
06:00 Yes, I'm going to show you what they are for,
06:02 something very, very special. Oh! Okay.
06:05 Yes. We are going to do that. We are going to do that.
06:09 See I have already dug up. Can you kneel down, Noah?
06:12 A potato for you, well for me,
06:14 and I have dug up a potato for you. Oh!
06:18 Hold it right there. You might want to put
06:20 your jar down and hold up a potato for you. Okay.
06:24 And we're gonna dig one more.
06:26 Can you go over by the other side of Caleb?
06:27 So, that it will be little bit more room.
06:29 We are gonna dig one more. Oh! There it is.
06:31 Thank you Sylvia. There it is Sylvia.
06:33 Okay. Is that your potato?
06:35 Yes, it is. Now can you see this? Wow!
06:41 Look at that. Can you see the roots?
06:44 Yes. See the roots. Wow! And it's just in water
06:48 and look what's happening above the water.
06:50 And that, That's the plant. can make a beautiful plant
06:54 to put in your house. Grandpa Chuck is this
06:57 what they are gonna get to do today.
06:59 Yes, it is. And here are the toothpicks.
07:02 Can we put them in on it? Sure, sure.
07:07 Now I got a, I've got to get this just right.
07:10 There is four toothpicks. What are those for? See.
07:14 Where are the toothpicks? Oh! You poke them
07:17 in the sweet potato. So can you do that?
07:19 Can you do that with your sweet potato? For what?
07:22 To make a plant, to make it grow.
07:24 We are gonna put it in the jar with water
07:27 and it's gonna make it grow.
07:29 You got to hold on to those.
07:30 Don't lose them baby. Here's, here's Noah.
07:35 Miss Linda Can help. Alright.
07:37 Here is toothpicks and here is toothpicks.
07:44 Alright, how I can poke it in. You're doing it Noah.
07:48 I help you. I help you. Can you poke it in?
07:50 See there is a sharp end right there.
07:52 Poke it in right there. Goes in now let's go on
07:54 the opposite side. Oh! Good job Noah, put in.
07:58 And poke right there, okay right there.
08:00 Alright. The sharp end right there
08:04 and we got one to go. It almost looks
08:07 like a satellite, doesn't it?
08:08 Umm! Umm! It almost looks like a spaceship.
08:12 A spaceship and then Do you need help Noah.
08:15 when you get home you fill that up with water.
08:19 I did it. And that's going to end up looking just like,
08:22 I did it, I did it, you did that, looks great.
08:24 Can you put this. I did too. Wow! Noah good job.
08:27 Yes, good job. I did it. I did it.
08:30 Good job and that's gonna be so fun when it starts
08:33 to grow and it's gonna look just like that.
08:37 Now grandpa, where do we put these?
08:38 Do we set them by the window or on our kitchen table?
08:42 Sure, at home we put things like this
08:45 by the kitchen window. Oh! Oh! Grandpa Chuck.
08:48 And grandma D loves to watch up grow.
08:50 Grandpa Chuck, can I, can I wet them.
08:53 She keeps some water? Is there any other plants
08:54 we can do like this? There is avocados. Oh!
08:58 They will make a tree.
08:59 I have two of them at home.
09:01 One of them is already 6 feet tall
09:03 and the other one is 4 feet tall.
09:05 Do you know what avocados are? No.
09:07 Does anybody know? No. Yes. What are they?
09:11 They are circle and one point is out and one points out.
09:16 That's' cool. Okay and they are green aren't they. Yes.
09:18 And they have a hard shell.
09:19 But when you get inside that shell either
09:22 you like avocados or you don't. I don't
09:24 That's kind like with sweet potatoes.
09:27 Either you like sweet potatoes or you don't.
09:29 You like sweet potatoes? Yes.
09:31 I love sweet potatoes. Well, good I like it too.
09:34 Grandma D fixes these for me and
09:35 I'll tell you it's a feast. Well. It really it. Woh!
09:38 But they make a beautiful plant.
09:40 They do. And that is so much again
09:44 an example of what God does for us for our enjoyment.
09:49 Oh! Yes. He makes things grow.
09:51 He makes us grow and he makes plants grow.
09:56 If we planted seeds in this garden
09:57 before he makes them grow.
09:59 And you know all the things that Jesus has made for us
10:02 just makes me so happy. I know.
10:04 When I think about Jesus my heart just fills with joy.
10:07 That's true. It does.
10:09 Well, I am so glad that we got to come to the farm today.
10:16 I like to go to the farm, where the cows mow, mow.
10:20 I like to go to the farm, where ducks quack, quack.
10:24 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:28 I like to go to the farm and learn up Jesus.
10:35 Well thank you so much Grandpa Chuck.
10:38 I'll give that one to you. Oh thank you, I got one too,
10:41 well I'll go share with Miss Cinda. Okay.
10:43 She'll like this. Okay can you get your jars
10:46 and let's go. Thank you Grandpa Chuck.
10:49 Bye. Bye bye. Bye bye.
10:51 Oh! You got to get your jar. You got to get your jar,
10:54 common Noah, got up boy. Thank you. Bye.
10:57 It's like a sluggish fish. Bye.
11:06 Come and join us we're going for a walk.
11:10 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today, a walk today,
11:19 Shall we go for a walk today, and see what God has given.
11:28 Let's see if we can find something that Jesus made.
11:31 Oh don't touch the nest. I fell. I fell.
11:35 Oh Miss Jeannie. Hi.
11:38 I see you found a nest and a bunch of feathers.
11:43 Oh, Hi lady. Can you say hi to lady, hi lady, hi lady.
11:49 She likes, she likes to go for walk with me. Danny.
11:52 Look at you find a nest. Does anybody know,
11:57 let's see if Miss Jeannie knows what kind of this,
11:59 should we guess or see if we can guess.
12:01 What kind do you think it is? Is anybody. What kind.
12:05 Aaaaaaaa, I forgot. How about a Pheasant.
12:10 Yes, yes, yes. It's a Pheasant nest.
12:15 Ohhhhhh!. The mommy laid her eggs out here
12:18 and she will lay some until she lays as many
12:21 as she wants and then she'll comeback
12:23 and she will start sitting on them and then.
12:25 How many it can come out.
12:27 Well it just depends one comes out at a time
12:30 and she can lay, she can fill the whole nest up
12:33 if she wants to. But she can't, she has to make it,
12:37 where she just has enough to sit on if she has some
12:39 that she can't sit on then those eggs won't hatch.
12:43 And do you know what you have in your hand.
12:45 Feather. This, yes, do you know what kind.
12:47 This came lot. I know, I know. Okay what kind.
12:50 A daddy tail. That's right.
12:53 That's right. That's a daddy feather.
12:57 That's the daddy's. You are right.
12:59 And see what color that is. And this little feather here
13:03 came from a daddy too. Ahhhh.
13:07 Do you know how I know that? How?
13:09 By the color. See this one came from a mummy one.
13:14 Ohhhh. So did this one.
13:16 Yes that one came from a mommy too.
13:18 Each one look the same. Right. Because see how,
13:21 see how much brighter the colors are.
13:23 This one. Oh.
13:25 This one. I gave this to the mommy.
13:27 Yes, I think you're right Noah.
13:28 I do think that's a daddy one.
13:30 When are they going to grow up?
13:32 Well the mommy has to sit on them.
13:35 For the mommy has to sit on them
13:36 for days and days. Your dog is asleep.
13:39 Yeah! Lady is taking a nap.
13:41 That was a long walk and lady needed rest.
13:44 She needs to rest. Doesn't she? Yeah.
13:46 But the mommy has to sit on those for a longtime
13:50 for days and days before they can hatch.
13:53 And if you find a nest like this
13:55 you should never touch anything you just leave it
13:57 all alone, so that coz if you, if it smells like
14:00 people then the mommy and daddy might be scared
14:02 and not want to come back to it. Oh!
14:04 So, we will never touch it. So the eggs would
14:06 never hatch. Will we?
14:07 So we don't want to touch it.
14:08 Now, we can look at it, but we don't wanna touch it.
14:11 I am so glad that God made that little baby pheasants
14:17 and the mommy and daddy pheasants.
14:19 I just love Jesus. Do you love Jesus.
14:22 I love Jesus.
14:32 Its story time boys and girls. Yeah.
14:36 We have a good story today.
14:38 Our story is about captain Neiman.
14:41 Little maid is far, far from home.
14:45 God has a happy helper at Neiman's house.
14:47 Little maid is God's happy helper.
14:50 She helps captain Neiman because she loves God.
14:54 Captain and Mrs. Neiman see how well she works
14:57 and how happy she is. They see that little maid
15:00 praise to God. Do you pray to Jesus. I do.
15:03 You do. When do you pray? Do you pray at meal times?
15:08 Yeah. I pray at meal times.
15:10 And I pray a meal time and bed time.
15:15 And when you get up. I pray my daddy
15:18 and my mummy and daddy prays with me every time
15:24 when I go to bed and when I go to church and I eat.
15:31 And you know boys and girls you can have
15:33 your mommy's and daddy's pray with you too.
15:36 Mrs. Neiman is sad. Oh! Don't cry Mrs. Neiman,
15:41 God will help you why do you think she is so sad.
15:45 Because. Lady Neiman. Because he has some white stuff,
15:53 it's called leprosy isn't. But Mrs. Neiman can't stop
15:57 crying can you cry. Lu huh u hu. Can you cry Noah.
16:03 Yes. Mrs. Neiman is crying because captain Neiman
16:06 has leprosy. He has big sores all over his skin.
16:11 Lu huh u hu. He will have to go far away from everyday.
16:16 Lu huh u hu. Don't be sad captain Neiman,
16:20 smile Mrs. Neiman. Little maid says.
16:23 He can't feel anything. What is that.
16:27 They are looking because little maid says
16:29 if you will go to the prophet Elijah,
16:32 he can make you well.
16:34 Oh! God can heal you captain Neiman, said where is god?
16:38 The servant, God can make your skin well.
16:41 Then do you know what he told,
16:42 the prophet servant told him to do.
16:45 Go wash in the Jordon river and
16:49 go under the water seven times.
16:52 Was that because water. It's a dirty water.
16:57 Did you know the Jordon river was so dirty,
16:59 lots of mud. See captain Neiman in the water.
17:03 The water is muddy brown. See the sores on him.
17:09 Captain Neiman dips under the water.
17:12 He has to go seven times can you count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
17:20 6, 7. The sores are gone.
17:27 Let's clap. Yeah. Oh! Captain Neiman's men
17:33 clap because God, the great God of Israel
17:37 has made him well.
17:38 They thank God for making him well. They are so happy.
17:44 They got so step far. They are joyful.
17:46 And you know Jesus loves to give his children joy
17:50 and he loves to make us well.
17:52 Because you know what Jesus really loves us,
17:54 can you say I love you Jesus. I love you Jesus.
18:00 Let's see if we can say it louder. I love you Jesus.
18:06 And boys and girls always remember
18:09 that Jesus loves you too.
18:18 We're here in the kitchen with Ms. Cinda
18:20 and we are gonna have fun. Yeah.
18:26 I'm really glad that you boys and girls have come
18:29 to help me today because you know
18:30 why we are going to do something for someone else.
18:35 Ahhhhh, that's why we gonna have fun. That's right.
18:39 We are making, everything for making soup.
18:43 That's right. Boys and girls do you like to do stuff
18:46 for other people. Yes.
18:48 You know what Pastor John told me
18:51 there has been several people in his church
18:54 that are sick and they can't cook.
18:57 So we're going to make soup in a jar.
19:02 Oh! And we're gonna give all these jars to pastor John
19:06 and Ms. Angie and we're gonna have him take them
19:09 to those sick people and that will make him feel
19:12 better don't you think. And since they can't cook
19:14 then somebody can just put that in a pot for them
19:17 and make it. That's right.
19:19 So, boys and girls you can watch
19:21 what we're doing and then you can get your mommies
19:23 and daddy's to help you and you know
19:25 what it really makes Jesus happy
19:27 when we help others doesn't it.
19:29 Yeah. Yes. But we're gonna have fun helping others.
19:33 So everybody get your jar and put it right in front
19:36 of you okay and then see my layers we're gonna
19:40 start first with barley. Alright, here up this
19:43 one is barley. So you can pour it in this one,
19:45 very good Olivia, which ones barley Caleb,
19:48 there you go. Set forward in your jar.
19:50 Pour in your jar. Olivia can you pour the barley
19:53 in your jars. Sure. Sure. Good job.
19:57 Miss Cinda what's next, can you kind go like this. Caleb
20:00 don't put your hand in it, anyway we will shake it,
20:01 everyone touch it. Just kind a go like this.
20:04 Can you shake it? Just to level it off.
20:06 Okay and what's on next layer. Let's see.
20:10 What's our next layer? Oh! The spilt peas,
20:13 spilt peas, lets find our spilt peas. Olivia can
20:15 you find split peas and put them in there.
20:18 I got them. There you go.
20:19 Okay, put them in to your. Can you find your split peas
20:21 and put them in. Right here.
20:23 Right here Olivia. Let's see one.
20:26 And just kind of real jelly, Caleb shake it.
20:28 Shake it up a little bit. What are you doing Olivia,
20:29 Oh! Very good job. Very fun.
20:34 Okay just real jelly. Okay, what's our next
20:37 one boys and girls. Help us what's our next one.
20:40 Rice. Where is our rice? Tia where is your rice,
20:43 I don't know. Right there. Put it in.
20:45 Where is your rice Olivia. Good job Caleb.
20:47 The last one. Let's make little more.
20:50 Very good. Good job. Good job Olivia.
20:53 And we have one more, we have our lentils.
20:56 I did it already. Oh! You already did it.
20:58 Can you, did you do your Olivia, do yours.
21:01 Good job Tia. Good job.
21:06 Oh! You guys are such helpers.
21:09 I think this is gonna make those people feel better.
21:11 We got to put one more thing in good job.
21:13 Oh that's okay Ashley. Yeah. Okay now, Miss Cinda
21:16 has already put the spices in some plastic jar,
21:20 so take your spice bag and put it on the very top, here
21:24 Olivia, here's yours. Okay. Take it and put it on the
21:27 very top. And then take your lid, no, no don't
21:31 I'm doing it. Just put it on the top. Just put it
21:33 on the top, Caleb don't want do it.
21:35 There boys and girls you put it on the top, now put
21:39 your lid on. Can you put your lid on and we will
21:44 tie it tight. Can you screw it?
21:47 Good job Olivia. Can you do that Caleb.
21:51 Look at Tia, she is, we might have to take
21:53 some of your lentils out Caleb, we got lot of lentils
21:57 Miss Cinda, Tia is up, got hers on all by herself.
21:58 Tia very good Okay can you put your.
22:03 Oh! oh! we got this spice, oh! good job.
22:05 Now okay Caleb put your lid on.
22:06 Let's tie it like this we will see if it work.
22:08 Okay, put screw the lid on real tight.
22:10 Miss. Cinda, Ah! Ah! Oh! Its okay,
22:13 put Aunty Linda can you help Ashley.
22:16 Oh! I would love to help Ashley. Okay, Noah
22:18 can you, can you screw and tighten it.
22:21 Very good. Okay you know what Miss Cinda has already
22:26 got the directions printed on a little piece of paper,
22:29 so they will know how to cook this. So take your
22:32 pipe cleaner. And you put it through the star hole
22:36 that I have cut in the directions okay.
22:38 I got that. Just like that. Can you do that Olivia.
22:40 Can you do that Caleb. Good job Tia.
22:44 How about Ashley and Noah get here up.
22:46 And when you have that okay. Now see how, put this
22:50 on, put your fabric on can you hold that fabric for me
22:53 Olivia. Hold it with both hands and then take your
22:57 pipe cleaner and put it around like this and we'll
23:01 tighten it. Oh! We got to hold the fabric Olivia, can
23:05 you tighten it. Can you hold the fabric.
23:07 Wrap it around. Good, oh that's perfect.
23:10 Keep holding it. Keep holding it good job Tia.
23:15 And then boys and girls You will just twist that
23:19 look how nice. Caleb do you have yours.
23:23 Okay hold it tight with both hands and
23:25 Miss Cinda will help you. Good job Caleb.
23:29 That look so nice. And this is going
23:32 to make all those sick people happy isn't it.
23:36 It will make Jesus happy too because he is our real
23:38 friend. That's right. And boys and girls
23:40 Jesus loves it when you do things for other people.
23:43 And that means helping your mom and daddy
23:46 in the kitchen too and always remember when
23:49 they are in the kitchen help them because cooking is fun.
23:53 Yes. Yeah! Sing time.
24:03 I love worship time. I love worship too.
24:07 I love worship too. Me too.
24:10 Do you know where our Bible verse
24:12 has come for today. Nehemiah 8:10.
24:14 That's right. Nehemiah 8:10.
24:17 Can you say Nehemiah, Nehemiah 8:10. 8:10.
24:21 The joy of the Lord, the joy of the Lord
24:26 is your strength, is your strength. Jesus is joy.
24:31 Boys and girls, if you don't know who Jesus is,
24:34 we have a little song that will help you learn
24:36 who is Jesus, who is Jesus,
24:42 who is Jesus, he is joy, he is joy,
24:47 he gave his life to save us, he gave his life to save us
24:51 worship him, worship him. Sing it again with us boys
24:57 and girls. Who is Jesus,
25:00 who is Jesus he is joy, he is joy
25:06 he gave his life to save us, he gave his
25:09 life to save us worship him, worship him.
25:15 And when we worship Jesus, we have the joy,
25:18 joy, joy, right down in our hearts.
25:20 Oh! I love this song. Sing with us.
25:22 I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where
25:28 down in my heart, where down in my heart
25:33 I have the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart, where
25:38 down in my heart to stand. And then we're happy.
25:42 And I am so happy, so very happy,
25:47 I have the Lord that Jesus is in my heart. And I'm so
25:53 happy, so very happy, I have the lord that
26:00 Jesus in my heart. Well you know Jesus
26:05 gave us hands that clap for joy, let's sing that.
26:10 I have hands that clap for joy I have hands that clap for joy
26:17 I have hands that clap for joy Joyful hands for Jesus.
26:26 Let's sing it one more time. I have hands that clap for joy
26:31 I have hands that clap for joy. I have hands that clap for joy.
26:40 Joyful hands for Jesus. Do you know boys and girls,
26:46 we also have hands that can fold in prayer and we can
26:49 talk to Jesus so wherever you are right now fold your
26:52 hands and close your eyes and we are gonna ask Sylvia
26:55 to have a prayer for us. Dear Jesus, we love you
27:01 and you are kind in me and we say thanks to you
27:05 and you shall feel with us. Amen. Amen. Jesus does
27:13 share with us. Doesn't he? And you know what Jesus is
27:16 really happy when we sing songs to him we pray to him.
27:20 Yes. Yeah and here he is saying, he listens to our
27:23 prayers doesn't he? That's right. He listens to
27:26 us. That's Mr. Rooster and he says that's all the
27:32 time we have for today. A time together is over,
27:37 so we will have to go. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:45 Remember God loves you. Goodbye, goodbye.
27:52 Remember God loves you. Good bye.
28:04 We are Tiny Tots around The world where God
28:07 Hears our voice, we live here And around the world
28:11 We spread love and joy Like how he start
28:15 The rainbow like shining Like the rainbow.
28:19 We are Tiny Tots around The world where God
28:23 Hears our Voice.


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