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00:05 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
00:13 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
00:18 we're shining like the rainbow.
00:21 We are Tiny Tots around the world
00:23 where God hears our voice.
00:29 Eleanor you are such a faithful dog such a
00:34 good doggie yes. Auntie Linda.
00:38 Boys and girls are here. Oh! Hi boys and girls.
00:43 We are so glad you are here. And Jesus is glad
00:47 that you are here too. You made Jesus happy
00:53 just because you came Jesus wants the children
00:58 everyone the same Welcome, welcome,
01:02 you are welcome Jesus knows your name
01:06 You made Jesus happy just because you came.
01:14 I can't wait, we have got so many things planned
01:16 today, Eleanor, I think Eleanor might take a nap.
01:19 Oh! No, go ahead and let her loose and then
01:22 let's go in. I'll get the mail, no I get the mail,
01:26 okay here we go. And you can hold it for me?
01:29 Are you coming come on Sylvia,
01:33 come one Caleb, okay, it's time to go in.
01:39 Oh! We are getting a phone call, you kids can talk
01:41 to Billy Boy while I get the phone okay. Hi Billy Boy.
01:46 Hello this is Auntie Linda. Hi Auntie Linda
01:49 this is Mannick. Well, hi Mannick,
01:53 did you know that Jesus is always faithful. Yes.
01:57 Can you think of the way that he is faithful?
02:01 He is making a home for me. You are right, he is making
02:08 a home in heaven for us. Because he loves us,
02:12 do you love Jesus? I love Jesus, bye Auntie Linda.
02:18 Bye Mannick. It was good talking to you.
02:23 That was Mannick and she loves Jesus.
02:25 Auntie Linda, we were feeding him.
02:27 Oh! Billy Boy do you love Jesus, yes.
02:32 Well, let's go say hi to Mr. Wiggles okay. Okay,
02:37 Noah you wanna put my mail right by the phone, okay,
02:39 thank you. And Caleb why don't you go get Miss Cinda
02:43 and we will take Mr. Wiggles to worship with us
02:45 today okay. Oh, Miss Cinda.
02:49 Oh, Caleb, I'm so glad you came and got me,
02:52 worship is my favorite time of the day.
02:55 Mine too, mine too, yours too.
02:58 Okay Noah you wanna call, tell Billy Boy.
03:03 Billy Boy you can ring the worship bell now.
03:08 Sing along with us boys and girls.
03:11 Worship bells are sweet, calling us to meet with
03:16 our best friend Jesus. Come and worship here Jesus
03:24 will be near smiling when he sees us.
03:32 And Jesus is always smiling when he sees us.
03:35 Noah would hand Auntie Linda her Bible.
03:40 This is a special letter from whom?
03:43 Jesus, Jesus, the Bible. It's say first Corinthians 1:9.
03:49 First Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful,
03:55 God is faithful, Can you think some ways that
03:59 God is faithful. I know, what is that Noah?
04:04 He is very nice, he is very nice and he is very
04:08 good to us isn't. When he comes at,
04:13 we are going up to heaven when he comes back.
04:17 Yes he promised and he will keep his promises. Yes.
04:21 Do you know when he is faithful to you?
04:23 Yes, when? When the angels pick us up and go
04:29 to heaven. He faithfully gives us the angels
04:34 doesn't he? Well, I just love Jesus,
04:36 do you love Jesus? Yes. Well Miss Cinda could you
04:40 hand me my mail. You got some more letters right.
04:46 And I will let Noah hold my Bible right here.
04:49 Okay, let's see what we have today, hmm,
04:51 I have this one, let you hold this one.
04:59 Can I hold that? Well let Miss Cinda hold this one.
05:01 Okay, Caleb can help me. Yeah Caleb can help.
05:04 This one says hi Auntie Linda my name is Katelyn
05:08 and I'm 4 years old. I love Jesus very much and I talk
05:13 to him everyday, love you Katelyn Gary.
05:19 Oh! Isn't that sweet. And she is such a pretty girl.
05:23 I love Jesus too. Let's just bow our heads and close
05:27 our eyes and fold our hands and Caleb
05:29 will you have the prayer? Yes, dear Jesus thank you
05:33 for this day, thank you for Jesus and thank you
05:39 for all Kids in Jesus name Amen.
05:43 Amen, Amen. Well, it's now time for us to go the Barn,
05:47 so come on kids lets go.
05:57 Grandpa Chuck. Oh! Hi Miss Jeanie
05:59 what did you bring today. I brought you some fish
06:02 for your aquarium, I know that you like different fish
06:04 and I found these, so I thought you might like them.
06:07 Thank you let's put them right here, okay, you know,
06:10 the kids should be coming pretty quick. Good.
06:13 And they will love this. Grandpa Chuck. Hi kids,
06:17 well hi Miss Jeanie, I told Miss Jeanie you were coming,
06:19 I'm so glad you came. Good to see you.
06:22 Can we have a place to sit, just find a place to sit
06:24 over right there. Oh! Wow, okay that's perfect.
06:27 Okay, you want to sit on my lap or you sit on,
06:31 okay sit on grandpa. Right there. That will work.
06:34 You guys see those fishes? Yeah.
06:36 Well what kind of fish are these?
06:38 These are African Cichlids. They came from Africa.
06:43 They originate in Africa. They live in fresh water
06:46 not salt water. They are very colorful.
06:52 Can you guys see what color are they? Oh!
06:54 He is gonna sink his fish. He is got his fish sinking,
06:56 his fish can go swimming. Yeah. Can you guys see
06:59 what color it is. That's Delmas' pet fish.
07:02 Oh! He is gonna get wet. This one is like a gold
07:04 fish isn't it. He looks like a gold fish.
07:06 He is one of those of African Cichlids,
07:10 but he does look like they come in yellow and can you
07:13 see what color that one is? What color is he?
07:17 Can you see? What do you see?
07:18 What color is, Noah can you see him?
07:20 What color? The blue ones.
07:24 Yeah, the blue one, what is the blue one. Look at it,
07:27 can you go there and see, squat down and look at it.
07:29 What is the blue one, can you see?
07:31 A cat fish. No, he is blue and what color?
07:37 No he is blue and black. Oh, he is striped. He is striped.
07:43 When these were in the aquarium and they have
07:45 the special line on, yes, which shines down through
07:48 the water and the fish do these have a special
07:50 color when they, when they light on them.
07:53 It would probably make their colors just stand out
07:55 little bit more, just a little brighter, yeah probably.
07:56 Are they good mommy and daddies.
07:58 They are wonderful mommy and daddies.
08:00 They don't have, Caleb come over her
08:02 by Auntie Linda. They don't have live babies like puppies
08:05 and kitties, but they get down in the bottom
08:08 in the rocks and they make a little spot in the rocks
08:10 and they lay eggs. And they stay around and they
08:14 watch the eggs. And Noah you could kneel down too.
08:16 But, I don't do you think they look like chicken eggs,
08:18 I don't think they look like chicken eggs no. But,
08:20 they lay eggs like chickens do and then they watch
08:23 him and then a little baby start to hatch out of
08:27 those eggs. They stay around and they feed them
08:30 and they protect them and they keep mean things
08:32 away from them. So, they are very faithful parents.
08:37 Jesus is faithful too. Yes, Jesus is very faithful.
08:41 Oh Delmas wants me to feel the water,
08:42 oh, kind a warm isn't. Oh! look at they are so cute.
08:48 See and they come up, sometimes they come up
08:51 to the top and sometimes they stay at the bottom.
08:53 They have fishy food that they eat.
08:56 But, you just have to give him a little bit of fishy food
08:59 because if that they eat too much then they will
09:01 get sick and if they don't eat all of it and some of us
09:03 stays in there, then it makes the water not right
09:06 for them and it makes him sick too.
09:09 So, you have to be very careful about how you take
09:11 So, you have to be very careful about how you
09:12 take care of the fish. Will Jesus takes care of us too.
09:14 At once I feed in my fish Schrack and I feed it
09:20 too much and he died. Oh, oh, see you have to be
09:24 very careful, don't we. What you said Jasmine,
09:26 you said. She feed too much and it died.
09:28 You feed your fishy too much. Ha ha. Oh!
09:30 You fed your fishy too much.
09:32 It was a little one and it was dead.
09:37 What was his name Jasmine? Schrack.
09:39 Schrack that was your fishy name?
09:42 I got him from a movie. Oh, yeah.
09:46 What's the other fishes name it's in movies?
09:48 Is it what is it? Is it well you know Nemo.
09:54 Is that his name, yes, Nemo. He kind looks like a Nemo
09:58 doesn't he? You know what I'm so blessed that
10:02 we were here today. Spongebob and Patrick
10:11 kill Spongebob. And Patrick lives at my house.
10:14 Oh really, well you know what these fishes
10:16 are kind a mean. So, that's why they had to be in big
10:20 aquariums whether is lots of room because they
10:22 kind of fight with each other. So, we don't want him
10:25 fight and that's why I have him in two aquariums.
10:27 Well let's sing a song for the fishes okay.
10:29 I think I would like that. Let's sing a song
10:30 can you help me.
10:32 I like to go to the farm where the cows moo, moo,
10:36 I like to go to the farm where the ducks quack, quack,
10:40 I like to go to the farm, I like to go to the farm,
10:44 I like to go to the farm, And learn of Jesus.
10:52 Well, we had a fun time at the farm.
10:54 Good yes. And Delmas you got to have your fishy
10:57 have a swim too. Oh! Thanks for coming kids.
11:02 Say goodbye we got to go kids. Bye bye. Bye bye.
11:04 Goodbye Noah, goodbye Jasmine.
11:09 Bye, bye, are you going with them, I didn't do anything,
11:15 put this one to you, okay, come on Noah. Bye guys.
11:27 Boys and girls, we are going for a walk come
11:30 and sing a song with us. Come on, come on.
11:34 Shall we go for a walk today, a walk today,
11:41 a walk today, shall we go for a walk today,
11:47 to see what God has given.
11:52 Well, I'm excited we are gonna see something.
11:57 I found something. I found something.
11:58 Oh! Come back behind here and we will take a look at it.
12:01 Alright, what did you think that is? Eggs, eggs.
12:07 Don't get real close. Okay, what do you think it is?
12:09 Eggs, eggs. What kind of eggs?
12:12 White, they are white eggs. There are something
12:16 that lives in a shell and they crawl on the ground.
12:21 Can you think of it? Turtle.
12:24 That's right the turtle eggs and they are land turtles.
12:28 Umm! Must be a box turtle because
12:31 I think they like to do those on land.
12:33 But, you know what the sea turtles that are in the
12:37 sea they come up on land and they bury their eggs
12:42 in the sand and when the little turtles hatch out
12:46 of them you know what they do? No.
12:49 They go crawling way for the sea because
12:52 God put it him them to know that they are sea turtles
12:55 and they are not land turtles. And they jump into
12:57 the ocean, they crawl into the ocean,
12:59 and they go swimming the little turtles.
13:02 But, these little turtles have crawled away
13:04 somewhere and they crawled out and they can
13:07 go wherever. There is none in there.
13:14 There is none in there because they crawled away.
13:17 How many do you think that is?
13:19 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
13:28 Why did you count all of them here, 16, 17,
13:33 various eggs. It's a lot isn't?
13:35 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25.
13:41 Would you say that God made lots and lots of turtles.
13:45 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, that's right 8, 9, 10, 11, 12,
13:48 13, 14, 15, 16. Don't touch it.
13:52 Well you know boys and girls, I'm so glad that God made
13:56 the sea turtles and the land turtles and all the
13:59 wonderful things for us to enjoy.
14:10 It's story time boys and girls. Yeah.
14:16 And today we have Robby, who brought us
14:20 Aunt Melody. We're glad you came today Robby
14:23 and we are glad Aunt Melody came.
14:25 Well our story today is about Paul. Do you know
14:29 Paul in the Bible. Marching, marching soldiers
14:35 march to their boat. The soldiers take Pastor Paul
14:39 to the big boat. Dr. Luke and his friends go to,
14:43 goodbye Pastor Paul, can you wave goodbye to Paul,
14:46 goodbye Paul. Goodbye Pastor Paul have a safe trip.
14:56 Rocking, rocking, see the boat rocking in the water,
15:01 can you rock, lets rock, rocking, rocking that's right.
15:06 See the sails, the soldiers take Pastor Paul
15:09 into the boat. Well, thank you Amanda
15:13 that was sweet of you to get Robby's toy.
15:15 Yes, they are boarding the boat.
15:18 Pastor Paul gets in the boat, Dr. Luke and his friends
15:21 go on boat. That's right the soldier goes on the boat.
15:26 This boat is going to Rome. The soldiers shouts can
15:30 you say this boat say going to Rome.
15:31 Going to Rome. Going to Rome.
15:37 That's good set the sails raise the anchor.
15:40 Don't go Pastor Paul warns a storm is coming.
15:45 But, the captain does not listen, cover your ears.
15:49 He does not listen the captain does not listen
15:52 he says no, no, we must go to Rome.
15:56 He says so sailors take up the anchor.
15:59 Sailors set the sails and the boat sails away.
16:02 He is going to, he is covering his ears.
16:09 He was covering his ears. He would not listen to
16:11 Pastor Paul. Pitter Pat, rain is failing hard,
16:17 can you make the rainfall hard. It's falling hard,
16:21 oh it's falling hard, ooosh, wild winds shake the ship,
16:25 big waves break over the boat.
16:27 But, he is praying. Pastor Paul is praying every one
16:32 gets wet. Pastor Paul holds on tight.
16:34 Dear God help us he prays, Dr. Luke prays too.
16:40 Do you pray when you are in trouble? Yes.
16:46 Don't worry Pastor Paul says God's Angel is here the
16:51 ship will not sink, but you will be saved.
16:55 Pastor Paul eat some food and Dr. Luke eat some food,
17:00 and the soldiers and the sailors eat food too.
17:06 Crash, bang, the storm drives the boat into the rocks
17:11 and the ship breaks apart, pieces of the ship float
17:15 in the water. People hold on to floating pieces, yes see,
17:19 see them holding on to the boards. Pastor Paul
17:23 and Dr. Luke float on the water they float on the
17:27 safe water. Pastor Paul comes out of the water and
17:33 Dr. Luke helps him walk to huge fire.
17:38 They are going to get up because their boat drove.
17:43 That's right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Pastor Paul counts
17:48 all the people and he thanks God for his care.
17:52 Pastor Paul tells the soldiers and sailors about Jesus.
17:57 That's right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and they are all saved.
18:03 Can you tell others about Jesus? 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
18:09 Yes everyone was saved, Jesus is faithful and he keep
18:13 us safe. Can you say I love you Jesus? I love you Jesus.
18:20 You know Jesus is faithful and he will take care of us.
18:24 Always remember boys and girls that Jesus really,
18:27 really loves you. We are
18:36 having fun in the kitchen today with Miss Cinda.
18:40 Yeah. What are we making Miss Cinda.
18:44 I thought we would do something special.
18:48 You all love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches right?
18:51 Yeah. Who likes to watch butterflies?
18:56 Me, me, I do, well I decide, did you like butterflies
19:00 Olivia? Yes. I like butterflies. You do love.
19:04 My friend Jesus made them.
19:06 Jesus did, I've seen one, I've seen two.
19:10 I have, would you know what I thought I would do today
19:12 just for a little fun. I saw lots of butterflies
19:20 at my house. You did, I a saw a big one like the
19:25 big butterfly. Oh! Wow! Well boys and girls
19:31 you might like to do what we are going to do.
19:33 I thought it would be fine if we made our sandwiches
19:36 kind a look like a butterfly. So, go ahead and put some
19:40 peanut butter on your bread and Linda can help Noah
19:44 and Olivia and Nayah and I will help Daniel and Caleb.
19:50 Can you put, oh put your bread like that, oh okay Caleb
19:55 is a big boy. Put peanut butter on your bread.
19:57 Oh, I hold the bowl how about that.
20:02 Do you help me. You are a good girl Daniel.
20:05 You are doing a good job. You just spread it like that.
20:09 These are gonna be just as pretty, it's a butterfly ha.
20:13 What are you doing Olivia, let me help you.
20:17 These are fun to make with your friends.
20:20 Who has friends? Me. I do, you do,
20:24 do you have lots of friends. Who is your best friend?
20:28 Put some peanut butter. My best friend is Jesus.
20:31 Oh! My best friend is Jesus and the one who is on my
20:35 same too and my best friend is Caleb.
20:38 Oh! Do you have the best friend Noah? Umm Umm.
20:42 Who is your best friend? The animals.
20:47 The animals are your friends, Wow!
20:50 Olivia do you have a best friend.
20:53 My friend is my daddy.
20:58 Oh! Your daddy is your best friend.
21:03 I want peanut butter. Oh, put a lot of peanut butter
21:05 on your bread Noah. And then after,
21:07 oh very good Caleb. You got a butter this side
21:10 of the wing. Put some peanut butter on the other
21:13 side of your wing. I want peanut butter.
21:15 And then you got jelly. This could be the skin.
21:20 Okay help her to put some peanut butter on this side
21:23 Daniel. Let's put a little bit more here.
21:25 And then we will put this top right over like that okay,
21:28 you don't need help Caleb? No. Are you a big boy, yes.
21:33 I'm a big girl too. You are big girl,
21:35 yes you are and you are doing a very good job.
21:38 How are you guys doing down there.
21:40 Well we are coming. How are you doing Noah?
21:44 Fine. How you doing? Good. Okay, now you know what,
21:49 you can put your wing on top, put peanut butter
21:50 on top of your jelly. Olivia said she is doing
21:53 fine Miss Cinda. Okay, there, now you got to put
21:58 some jelly on that side. Now you want jelly?
22:00 No, I don't want jelly. You don't any jelly.
22:05 This is look like fun boys and girls. I like jelly.
22:06 Are you kids having fun? You need help. I'm having fun.
22:09 Okay, I'll help you. Okay, we will share because
22:12 our best friend Jesus wants us to share doesn't he?
22:14 Yeah. Now how would you like to put some jelly there,
22:15 put some jelly on that side. You want some jelly?
22:17 My best friend is Jesus. My friend is daddy. Yes,
22:19 okay you can have a little bit. That's okay you spread
22:23 that around with your knife and let know,
22:25 I have a little bit now. Oh, I think you like jelly,
22:28 put it down, we are gonna make a, how about put your
22:30 other wing on. Put your other wing on.
22:33 We are ready for a piece of celery Miss Cinda.
22:35 There you go Olivia. Oh, Olivia is gonna her butterfly
22:39 done, hurry up guys. Right here, okay,
22:44 we need some carrots now. Okay Caleb put your wings
22:46 together. Let's get Daniel put your wings together
22:50 and as soon as you get your butterfly made you can
22:52 you eat it. Oh nice, very nice.
22:57 Miss Cinda can you pass us some carrots please.
23:00 How are doing Olivia? Good.
23:03 I don't need, we need too. Can you get two,
23:05 we put one right here and one right there.
23:09 Olivia prepares for you okay Caleb.
23:11 Let me to eat the carrots, yes, okay.
23:13 Put your other wing on. And let's put on of these.
23:17 Okay you gonna put your wing on,
23:21 put one of these, put it right there good.
23:22 You put it on there, you go Daniel. Miss Cinda
23:24 look at Olivia stand she has her butterfly all made.
23:28 Oh! You wanna show that boys and girls Olivia.
23:30 Hold it up and show the boys and girls.
23:33 Boys and girls doesn't that look beautiful. Oh, wow.
23:38 You wanna to eat it now Olivia? You can eat it now.
23:41 Oh, I forgot, I forgot. You can eat yours,
23:44 now yes you may. You wanna eat yours Caleb,
23:47 you want some celery, more jelly are you almost ready
23:50 to put it together, you want some celery.
23:54 I'm gonna put some carrots, this is gonna be.
23:55 Well, when you have your friends over you can tell them
24:00 that Miss Cinda told you how to make butterfly
24:01 sandwiches can't you. That's right boys and girls
24:05 when your mommies and daddies are in the kitchen
24:07 remember to run and help because cooking is fun.
24:19 Yeah singing time. I love worship time.
24:24 I love worship too. Me too.
24:27 Do you know, where our Bible text is found?
24:31 I know, it's Corinthians, That's right,
24:34 first Corinthians 1:9, 1:9 and Jonathon is helping me
24:39 and it says God is faithful. God is faithful.
24:44 God is faithful. That's right he is faithful.
24:47 But, boys and girls if you are wondering who is Jesus
24:50 we have a little song that will help you get to
24:53 know Jesus. Okay you can sing too Jonathon.
24:57 Who is Jesus, who is Jesus, he is faithful, faithful.
25:04 He gave his life to save us, he gave his life to save us.
25:09 Worship him, worship him.
25:14 Well Jesus is faithful and we are gonna sing a song
25:18 about Jesus is faithful. He is faithful, faithful.
25:25 I know he is faithful, I know my Lord is faithful
25:31 to carry me thru. You sing it.
25:36 He is faithful, faithful. I know he is faithful,
25:44 I know my Lord is faithful to carry me thru.
25:52 He healed the broken hearted and he set the captives free,
26:00 He made the lame to walk again and caused the blind
26:05 to see; That's why he is faithful,
26:09 he is faithful I know he is faithful,
26:16 I know my Lord is faithful to carry me thru.
26:24 But, Jesus is faithful and I love Jesus,
26:27 let's sings yes I love Jesus. Yes, I love Jesus,
26:33 clap your hands. Yes I love Jesus,
26:39 yes I love Jesus and Bible tells me so.
26:49 Well, you know, boys and girls Jesus loves us so much.
26:52 Let's just talk to him right now, let's fold our hands
26:55 and close our eyes and we gonna ask Caleb
26:57 to have a prayer for us.
26:58 Dear Jesus thank you for this day.
27:02 prayer for us. Thank you for all the kids and all the
27:05 world, and all of the people in the whole lot of world
27:10 and thank for Noah and thank you for everybody
27:15 in Jesus name Amen. Amen.
27:21 I'm thankful for my friends too Caleb.
27:22 I'm too. I'm thankful for Tiny Tots.
27:25 Oh, and Kids Time. That's Mr. Rooster
27:30 and he says that's all the time we have for today.
27:33 Our time together is over, so we will have to go.
27:40 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:47 Goodbye, goodbye. Remember God loves you.
27:55 Goodbye. Goodbye
28:03 We are Tiny Tots around the world where God
28:06 hears our voice, we live for him around the world,
28:11 we spread love and joy, like clouds starts the rainbow,
28:15 we're shining like the rainbow.
28:18 We are Tiny Tots around
28:20 the world where God hears our voice.


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